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EatSmart ESKS-01  Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale, Silver
Easy to use multifunction home scale - Perfect for cooks, dieters and familiesMax weight 11lbs; Displays ounces/lbs/grams/kgs; Graduation .05 oz / 1 gramIncludes FREE EatSmart Calorie Factors guide - Portion control and calorie counting made easy!Tare feature eliminates the weight of a plate; 3 Minute Auto-Shutoff lets you prepare ingredients while maintaining battery life2 AAA batteries included; 100% EatSmart Guaranteed Satisfaction
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92 Reddit comments about EatSmart ESKS-01 Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale, Silver:

u/davedawg2000 · 124 pointsr/loseit

$25: Digital food scale from Amazon. You think you know what a portion size is until you actually weigh it out :)

This thing is absolutely indispensable.

u/raptoricus · 16 pointsr/askgaybros

You're worried that you don't have a right to care about what he eats, but this is a potentially-long-haul relationship, right? You do have a vested and legit interest in him staying healthy so you two can live a long, healthy, and active life together.

You go to the gym, right? Or go for runs? Just invite him to work out with you (doesn't have to be every one of your workouts, but at least reasonably often). Also, start counting calories together using MyFitnessPal and a food scale (I use this one). You don't even have to nag him about his daily goals - if he sees he's regularly ingesting 3500 calories, that'll spur him to action, at least to cut out whatever junk food he's eating.

Approaching health and fitness as a thing you do together is going to make it easier for you guys to keep each other accountable without coming across as nagging. Good luck!

u/ExcellentToEachOther · 14 pointsr/BuyItForLife

In my experience there are two things to look for, taring and resolution. Most kitchen scales can tare (zeroing out what is on it) however not all digital scales have the same resolution.

I have bought this twice already, it goes down to 1 gram of resolution, which is nice if you have OCD. I had to buy another because I was dumb the first one. I spilled soy sauce in it during a move and got the buttons sticky, however it still worked properly after I opened it up and cleaned out the circuitry. Then a year later, a liqueur bottle fell on it from 4 feet up and cracked it. If anything were to happen to my new one, I would probably buy another one again.

u/I_FUCK_UP_RECIPES · 14 pointsr/AskMen

Fuck dem kids who say they can't help you. If I can't help you it's because you're not willing to do what I say.


  • You're balding? Shave your head. Completely. Wax it. Embrace it, and free yourself from the toilet bowl.
  • Join and tell it you are sedentary, then enter ALL exercise manually. Set it to lose 2lb/week and DO NOT EAT MORE THAN YOUR DAILY ALLOWANCE.
  • Buy this and use it to weigh everything before eating and logging it:
  • Join a gym. Download this app:
    Follow its routine consistently.
  • Go to a big and tall store, and ask for help. A lot of help. Get clothes that fit you and are flattering now. In six months, go again, and get new clothes. Look at yourself in your old clothes, then in your new.


  • Separate your debts into categories, based on the interest rate. Pay the highest first.
  • Downsize your apartment. I don't care how small it already is. Go smaller. Sell the shit that has upkeep which you don't need. Get your lifestyle down to a level where you can apply a sizable portion of your income to your humongous debts. Be sure enough is left that you have some joy in life. Focus on that.
  • Get a roommate. This helps you socially, too.


  • When at that gym I told you to join, go up to the biggest guy there. Tell him you want to change your life. Tell him you are there to learn to do the lifts in your routine safely. Ask him to teach you. He might be a jackass. If so, go to the second biggest guy there. This is an exercise in mental conditioning about meeting scary new people (and a way to ensure you do the physical stuff right), not just a way to make friends. You WILL find someone who is willing to help. When he's done teaching you, thank him.
  • Get that roommate. Advertise yourself as a nice person who is looking to make more friends. You'll meet people who are like you. You're NOT alone.
  • Go on, and join groups that do things that interest you. Attend events. Don't be bitter at those events. Drinking and socialization often follows them and you'll get invited if you are pleasant.


  • Accept that for the forseeable future you do need to work this job that you hate. Accept that most people hate their job. Make the most of it.
  • Volunteer for tasks outside your hated 'area of specialty' that don't sound totally awful. My wife is a technical writer who is about to be made proposal manager because she volunteered to work proposals when someone left. She did it for a long time. Then she became the expert. Now she's getting the job, and it's much more in line with what she wants.
  • Attend training courses offered by your employer to build skillsets that actually do appeal to you. As well as the boring ones that don't--the social ones called 'Leading BLAH BLAH BLAH' and 'Time Management'. These will give you ideas for improving your life that I haven't thought of because I'm not a professional.
  • Talk to your boss. Tell him you'd like to get more education in a different area from your specialty in support of these tasks you've been volunteering to do. Find out what your company can/will pay for. Take 100% of that money and educate yourself.
  • Stop focusing on that dream of owning your own business and start focusing on the dream of doing things that give you some satisfaction.

    If you do all this you won't have time to masturbate to porn all night like I know you are doing right now. It'll be worth it.

    I didn't include a dating category because if you do all of this you're going to meet a woman eventually. It won't be immediate; it might not be until you are 200lb lighter. But you will eventually meet someone who appreciates your drive to improve yourself.

    You might be 30 before this pays off in ways that you consider valuable right now, but by the time you're 27.5, you'll be appreciating how it has changed you.
u/failsafe0 · 12 pointsr/xxfitness

I second the food scale specifically, the one I have and has worked for 5 years is this one and get a foam roller with the remainder. This foam roller is $13.51 and is the same style that my gym has.

That said, this food scale is only 11 bucks with the same rating as mine, so I would recommend buying that one! The most important thing to me for a food scale is idle time -- if I leave it for 2 minutes, will it turn off? I don't want it to, sometimes I am mid-weight and still chopping and want it to remain "on".

u/Timmmah · 11 pointsr/Fitness

Not exactly at your desk, but I've manged to drop 20+ pounds just making some basic changes at work.

Taking stairs to my floor (16 flights), utilizing a treadmill desk (walking) 2x a day for 30 min each time, packing a decent lunch 3x a week instead of eating out 5x a week (knowing Friday is my cheat day helps).

In regards to lunch buying a scale like this for kitchen use helps immensely with portion control. Typical lunch would be a deli sandwich, apple, diet pop. Sometimes subbing chips for an apple.

u/neverfails · 10 pointsr/Fitness

my guess is that you're not tracking your food intake correctly. It's good that you've made healthier choises...but a calorie is a calorie...and if you eat too many of them it'll hinder your progress.

get yourself a food scale and start weighing in your food.

u/Angelsrflamabl · 9 pointsr/fatlogic

You are trying to save your own life right now. It will take a few dollars and a lot of dedication (maybe some tears)

that is the food scale i have (have maintained a 50 lbs weight loss for over a year now I am 5'10 165lbs M)

I use myfitnesspal

create your profile, put your life as sedentary. Do not EVER log what you do as your normal day as exercise. Dont eat back the calories. Myfitnesspal is great, but it overestimates workout calories (in my experience)

my stepdad has used myfitnesspal and lost about 30 lbs for over a year now. He has never been able to keep it down until i showed him that site. He does eat back the calories, but only on days he goes for his 4 mile walk. It usually nets him a dessert.

Throw away your condiments that have calories... become good friends with yellow mustard, horseradish, hot sauce and pepper. Become great friends with grilled chicken, broccoli, eggs and water. I swear condiments were my own personal "secret eaters" episode.

I drink a lot of water It helps me nix my cravings.

join /r/loseit the community is really nice, and helpful.

people who really love you want you to LIVE. Sometimes that means tough love.

edit: once the weight is off you set myfitnesspal to maintenance and then get some of your cake with steak... just now it will be 1 slice instead of teehee size.

u/gregny2002 · 8 pointsr/science

The MyFitnessPal app is very helpful, as the other response said. That alone got me on the right track. Most food scales you purchase, I use this one, will come with a calorie guide. It will have a list of foods (vegetables, pastas, breads, fruits, meats, dairy and common preparations) each with a number next to it; you multiply the weight of the food by that number to get the calorie count in that serving.

u/enkrypt0r · 6 pointsr/Silverbugs

For me, I've found the best value in having two scales. I have this one for smaller items. It goes to the nearest tenth of a gram, so that's good enough for me for smaller quantities. This is good for jewelery, small coins, etc.

For weighing a whole stack or something, I also have one of these. It's only accurate to the nearest gram, so the small one is better for small quantities, but this one supports up to eleven pounds and is definitely the best you'll find for the price. I also measure stuff other than my stack on it as well, so this is a decent multipurpose scale.

u/teholbugg · 6 pointsr/Coffee

one of these:

makes things much easier, and the batteries last a good year or so with occasional use. 15g seems to be what many people use per cup of coffee.

you'll find more things to use it for as well, like weighing postage :)

u/Fuck_Cilantro · 6 pointsr/army

Practice your fork put-downs fatty.

To lose 6-8 pounds in a short period of time, go see /r/keto and sign up for for MyFitnessPal. Buy a food scale and be brutally honest with your portion sizes.

What is your current height and weight?

u/fishandchipocrite · 5 pointsr/loseit

This is the one I have. It's really good!

u/Kaidavis · 5 pointsr/leangains

Howdy OP,

Welcome to /r/leangains! Congratulations on taking control of your health. I have a few questions and a few bits of feedback for you:


  • How much do you want to weigh? How much weight do you want to lose?


    To lose 1lb, you need to 'burn' 3,500 calories. The easiest way to do that? Eat at a caloric deficit and, over a week, run a ~3,500 - 4,000 calorie deficit.

    What's that look like? Let's say your Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE) is ~2,000 calories. That means in a week you'll consumer (2,000 * 7 =) ~14,000 calories. If you want to lose 1lb/week, you'll need to run a 3,500 calorie deficit in a week. That means eating 10,500 calories in a week or 1,500 calories/day.

    That's a 'cut' (or a 'diet'). What can you do to succeed in your cut?

  • Identify a specific goal that you're working towards. We all want abs, but a specific, quantifiable goal like 'Weigh 175lbs' or 'Have 11% Body Fat' is easily attainable. 'Soft' or 'fuzzy' goals like 'Look sexy' are wonderful to identify, but are crap for setting a goal.

    So? What's your specific, quantifiable goal?

  • Calculate your Total Daily Energy Expenditure using this calculator. Note: Set the exercise level as 'No Exercise (Desk Job)

  • What gets measured gets managed - so start measuring your caloric intake. Use the app 'My Fitness Pal' to log your calories. Buy a simple digital kitchen scale to weigh your food. Log everything you eat.

  • Eat at a weekly deficit! Log your weight every 2-3 days. Keep at it for ~4 weeks and check in on your progress. If you've lost ~4lbs, you're on target! If you're losing less than expected, adjust your daily calories down by ~50-100.

    Good luck!
u/sufferingcubsfan · 5 pointsr/Homebrewing

No idea why you ended up with bananas in your scale searches.

I love this one for measuring hops, priming sugar, etc (i.e. accurate to one gram): digital kitchen scale

For water chemistry (i.e accurate to .01 gram), I love this one: precision digital scale

Can heartily recommend both.

u/airemyn · 3 pointsr/xxfitness

[This] ( is the one I have. It's easy to use, accurate, and comes with a little reference guide to get you started. I'm kind of obsessed with it.

u/DubTrollz · 3 pointsr/Fitness

I bought this one last week. So far I have no complaints, it had plenty of good reviews on amazon as well. It seems accurate, I'd say it does the job fine.

u/MootchieFox · 3 pointsr/keto

This is the one I've had since 2013. Accurate, takes up little counter space, clear display in grams, ounces, kilograms, or pounds and I've only had to replace the battery once in the last 3 years. Eatsmart also makes this awesome bathroom scale, which I also have.

u/hojoseph99 · 3 pointsr/1200isplenty

I've always liked this scale but haven't really tried anything else. It works pretty well. I bought a new one recently because the one I have that's a couple years old has been acting a little finicky (I'm assuming from getting splashed w/ water or food). I looked at the Ozeri one the other person posted but was dissuaded by a few of the negative reviews.

u/Elafacwen · 3 pointsr/loseit

Hello! I, too, am a female in my early 20's, have always been a fat kid, and came from a family who didn't give a shit about fitness and food. My heaviest weight was over 270lbs, and I have lost a total of 62 pounds since October by simply counting calories. That's all that is really too it.

  1. Join MyFitnessPal It is free and wonderful, and add me as a friend! My Reddit name is the same as my username.

  2. Buy a food scale on Amazon. This is the one I use.

  3. Dig out your measuring cups and spoons.

  4. Start out by MEASURING EVERYTHING you would normally eat using said food scale and measuring spoons. LOG EVERYTHING in MyFitnessPal. This will give you an idea of how many calories you are consuming with your typical food choices and serving size.

  5. Experience second reality check.

  6. Change.

    Start slow, make gradual changes, and stick with it. Once you have a set calorie goal (myfitnesspal will help you with that) you will realize that your current food choices are no longer keeping you satiated and under your calorie goal, and you will soon learn that healthy foods will keep you going longer and keep you under your calorie limit. And allow yourself one cheat day a week!

    Expect hunger pains and cravings for the first few weeks as you start to settle into your new, healthy routine. Once you get actual good food into your system and cut out all the junk, these cravings will diminish. However, be aware that once you eat 'junk food', you will find yourself craving it for a few days afterwards.

    A few awesome things:

    Water-Drink a lot. Coffee (watch the cream serving size and sugar!) helps control hunger when you are starting to shrink your stomach.

    Veggies-Steamed or raw, have them EVERYDAY.

    Non-Processed foods-learn to cook!

    Eggs-Awesome source of protein to keep you going.

    Lean Cuisine Dinners-With a steamed veggie on the side, perfect for a busy or lazy day.

    Don't buy trigger foods-Those bag of chips look good? How about all of those cookie choices? DON'T BUY THEM. If it isn't in the house, you are not going to cheat or binge on it.

    FIND WHAT WORKS FOR YOU! Experiment, change things up. What works for one person won't always fit the next person.
u/patternfall · 3 pointsr/1200isplenty

EatSmart Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale, Silver

I've beat the shit out of mine. Still good. Still accurate.

u/Simula_crumb · 3 pointsr/diabetes

>Question everything you can - don't take no for an answer, have it explained to you step by step. Learn to count carbs, learn what to look for, question every bit of advice you get and make sure it's completely accurate.

This, 1000 times over.

Some more practical advice (assuming you're in the States):

  • Order a food scale on Amazon tonight so it will be waiting for you when you get out of the hospital. It doesn't need to be anything fancy. Something like this is fine.

  • This is a good starting list of carb factors and an explanation of how to use them. Learning this method will help you have a more normal life as soon as you're home from the hospital, and it is is crucial for pumping.

  • Ask for a Multiclix lancet. It is by far the easiest and most pain-free lancet for kids.

  • Tomorrow, call your local JDRF and ask that they send you a "Bag of Hope." Inside will be a great book on Type 1, a stuffed bear your son can give shots to, and the most accurate BG meter as well as another Multiclix

  • Order this book. While the ones already suggested by others are great, this is the best book specifically for children, IMO. The older edition is just as good, and less expensive, but is lacking some updated research citations and pump info.

    edited to add: if you have other children, ask for them to be enrolled in Trialnet
u/Banner_Free · 3 pointsr/Fitness

Background: I was in a similar situation last year, albeit a bit lighter. 5'6" 175lbs, 27 years old, hadn't exercised at all since a weight training class in high school. I'm now a regular solo gym-goer ... still nowhere near being a fitness expert, but I do know some things and I did go through the "noob" phase very recently.


I can't emphasize enough the importance of good eating habits. In your current situation, losing fat is a major priority, and therefore it is absolutely essential that you adjust your eating habits accordingly. All the exercise your body can handle (at least, in its current state) can't make up for eating at a major calorie surplus every day. (Anecdote: I once lost thirty pounds in four months by maintaining a calorie deficit, and no exercise beyond walking 1mi twice a day.)

Use a TDEE calculator to find out how many calories your body is using, and multiply that number by 0.8 to find out how many you should be eating. Some say subtract 500 instead; you can experiment a bit and figure out what works for you, but the important part is to settle into a healthy and sustainable calorie deficit.

It can be a huge, gigantic, unbelievable pain in the ass to count calories, estimate calories, and deny yourself treats because they have too many calories, but ultimately none of us can escape physics: To lose weight, calories-in must be less than calories-out. It definitely gets easier with time, as what are now strange and inconvenient methods become almost instinctive processes.

Keep a special eye out for liquid calories - it's okay to have some, but make sure they're counted! Coffee with cream and sugar, juice, and alcohol are the three big issues I've seen with people who claim to be counting calories perfectly, setting a healthy deficit, and still not losing weight. It also doesn't help that getting drunk makes it really easy to eat a lot of junk food.

If you don't cook, start cooking. If you do cook, start cooking healthy things with known calorie quantities. A simple $20 kitchen scale is incredibly helpful in putting together meals to target calorie goals.


Hiring a personal trainer was incredibly helpful for me. If you can afford it, do it. If you can't afford it, ask if your gym offers any complimentary or discounted "intro" sessions. When I got back into the gym, I had no idea what to do, and I was afraid that whatever I might do, I would get get wrong. Having a professional helping me out made all the difference in getting me started and establishing the right habits. I used to have the same issues you did - not knowing what to do, not being confident that I could do it right, etc. - and I now work out three times a week on my own with full confidence that I'm "doing it right."

You should definitely decide on a routine and stick with it. The getting started section of the wiki has links to some good programs. I highly recommend either Starting Strength or Stronglifts 5x5. I'm doing SL5x5 now and I really enjoy both the simplicity and the results.

As for needing a spotter: Well, it's helpful, but it's not strictly necessary. Let's use SL as an example. It has five exercises: squat, deadlift, overhead press, bench press, row. If you can't make it through a rep of deadlift, row, or OHP, you can just put the weight back down. If you can't make it through a rep of squat, let the bar sit on the rack and crawl out from underneath. If you can't make it through a rep of bench press, considering the low weights you'll be starting with, just lower the bar to your chest, and roll it down and off your body. (I'm mostly parroting the SL5x5 site right now. It describes this all in much better detail.)

It's also worth noting that you'll be starting at very low weights and gradually increasing them. This will help you develop a sense of when to go for one more rep and how to recognize that your body can't handle another one.

As for your girlfriend's ability to spot you: You'd be surprised. Until you get up to really high weights, a spotter won't have to do a ton of work to help you through a rep you can't finish. Let's say you're trying to do a set of five bench presses at 100 lbs. You make it through four reps but are struggling with the fifth one. At that point, you're still probably capable of pressing something like 80-90 lbs, so she'll just have to help you with the last 10-20 lbs. And of course, if you need your spotter to help you finish a rep, that means the set is over.

Best of luck with your fitness journey, and please feel free to PM me if you have any questions.

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/gainit

I got one, and it makes it so much easier to get the correct amounts of things. I got a scale to weigh myself and a scale to weigh my food from Amazon. I always weigh my pasta and shake ingredients (unless I can easily measure by volume). So for example, it's super easy to say, okay I need 500 calories from my pasta. Pasta is 100 calories per ounce, so I just measure 5 ounces instead of guessing.

u/eXquared · 2 pointsr/treecomics
u/TheTrickIsNothing · 2 pointsr/loseit

You have to start mixing and matching to your own tastes. Chicken, ground turkey, rice, pasta,fish. Figure out your macros here and dont put anything into your body unless you know whats in it (calories: protein, carbs, fats). Buy a food scale.

Use this calculator:

Buy this scale and weigh all your food. Using pretty simple math you can find out the macros of anything.

u/TrandaBear · 2 pointsr/leangains

Warning Wall of Text.

Personally, I freaking love it. Of all the "diets" I've tried, it has been the easiest to transition into a long term habit. Its also one of the more laid back/forgiving ones despite the numbers. As long as I get 190g protein/day and am reasonable about my carb/fat split, I don't stress. I have definitely strayed and didn't feel a shred of guilt about it. I have seen consistent weight lost with minimal strength reduction on my -30/-10 intake with a 25/75-75/25 macro split. My exercises are a bit different because I'm actually doing this P90X knockoff, but hey if it's working, don't knock it. I don't vocalize my routine often because this sub can be unkind to differences.

I don't know if its my routine or a direct effect of the program, but here are some things that I have noticed. My alcohol tolerance is shit but I sober up quicker. It takes all of two good beers (or four bud lights) per hour to get me drunk and about 1.5 to sober up once I'm at full steam. Mind you, this is a notch above buzzed drunk and not blackout, shitfaced, drunk. The hangovers aren't are non-existent if I chug water before bed. I also have more energy to get up in the mornings. I used to struggle to get up at 8:30a for my 10am job. Now I snap awake before my 7am alarm and do a fasted workout. Again, not sure if routine or direct effect.

As I've progressed, I've seemed to have fallen in a positive feedback loop. I lose a bit of weight, gain self-esteem, which gives me extra energy/willpower to work out harder or muscle through a fast, which helps me lose a more weight. The one thing about LG I want to stress is each macro split has its own set of goals. Since I'm on a cut, am not expecting to make any significant, short term gains in strength. I'm not trying to get swole or push my max, there will be time for that later. I'm simply trying to get rid of all this body fat.

The dietary restrictions have taught me the value of forethought and planning. If I know I'm going to go out, I tend to pad my protein intake with a shake or two, because everything else is usually fat and carbs. But again, if I miscalculate, tomorrow's another day. I've also learned a helluva lot of ways to cook chicken breasts. Link to an earlier post with my favorite chicken recipes. Oh, you'll also want to invest in a decent kitchen scale. I've had this one for over a year and it's still accurate to 5 grams (test it by weighing a nickle).

Eating/Diet Tips:

  • Count net carbs (subtract fiber)
  • Visit /r/keto for great rest day recipes and ideas. Just use leaner cuts
  • They recommend you not drink your calories, but fruit and veggie smoothies make damn tasty and quick carbs.
  • Fresh, baby spinach can go in damn near anything. Even smoothies.

    I'm tired of typing. If you have any additional questions, I'll be glad to answer. Progress pics are coming. I'm hitting the gym to lift heavy shit soon.

    Best of luck, friend.
u/enrichmentonly · 2 pointsr/loseit

I use this scale which takes 2 AAA batteries. I use rechargeable batteries and I've only had to recharge them once in three years of use:

u/Heeper · 2 pointsr/HealthyFood
u/tr1ppn · 2 pointsr/loseit

MFP also has a website, in addition to the app. I like the app for the pie graph of what I ate today, the site for, well, everything else. For each their own.

I had an ankle surgery, so I TOTALLY get "hurts to run". Can you walk at least? If so, go with that. The body is an amazing thing. My ankle was a total mess, but the more I moved it and worked the muscles in the area to make up for the lack of ligament, it wasn't so bad. Might be something to try once you've taken off some weight.

I don't have a kitchen scale right now because poor, but I found this one on Amazon and put it in my wishlist. It's $25 and has a 5* review.

Swimming is an EXCELLENT exercise to do since it works everything. I am an EXTREMELY poor swimmer (childhood trauma), but I know plenty of people who were in the best shape of their lives because of it.

If you're looking for recipes, check out /r/fitmeals. I've found some pretty tasty things there. Otherwise just poke around on the google, or recipe websites. They usually have good things listed. Most spices/seasonings have no-low calories, so flavoring isn't an issue. The cooking method can be, though.

It sounds to me like you're taking a serious look at yourself and want to change. This is WONDERFUL. There's such a huge mental portion of losing weight that being in the wrong mindset can ruin everything.

Take it one step at a time. Today's lunch was 700 calories. Tomorrow you can aim for 350. Drink a lot of water. It will help you feel full/reduce cravings.

It's going to be REALLY tough for the first few days/weeks. It's well worth it though. I'm about a month in of being serious about my weight, and it's just second nature at this point.

Check out the MFP friends thread for some support, and feel free to message me here or on MFP (I'm tr1ppn_ because some jerk stole my regular username).

u/cran · 2 pointsr/Fitness

Workouts won't help you as much as diet. Get good scales; for you and for your food. I love these two:

u/Opticks1704 · 2 pointsr/leangains

owning a rice cooker and food scale will make LG 9999x easier and enjoyable:


put in 2 cups of uncooked white rice (or more, it's the cheap stuff in big bags), fill to the correct line with water, press power, then press white rice . . . when it finishes it will beep and then start to keep the rice warm until you get to it


i use this for everything, calculating macros is almost effortless.

u/doctapeppa · 2 pointsr/leangains

I use this one and I love it.

u/Nora_Oie · 2 pointsr/xxketo

My scale cost $20 from Amazon and it changes between grams (and kg) and ounces (lbs). It's the bomb. My husband doesn't think twice about it now, and I've gotten really good about using it.

It's this one.

It came with batteries but immediately needed new ones is my only complaint about it. It's unobtrusive on the counter.

u/firingallcylinders · 2 pointsr/loseit

I have this one. It's fantastic.

u/kooldrew · 2 pointsr/naturalbodybuilding

This is a good starting point: The Complete Guide To Setting Up Your Diet

Calorie requirements are going to vary depending on the individual so calculations should simply to be used as starting points and adjusted as needed to hit your target weight loss/gain. If you have gained more fat than wanted it may be a good idea to cut until your down to 10-12% BF before beginning a gaining phase as well. Some rationale as to why is here.

> And whats is a basic way to keep track of them?

Myfitnesspal (iOS/Android/Web) is the most convenient and widely used method to track intake. Just make sure yoou are cross checking foods with the actual nutrition labels to ensure accuracy as most foods are mainly by users and may have errors as a result.

Some other resources if what you're eating doesn't have a label and you're unsure of the accuracy of MFP.

  1. Google - Seriously, just google banana nutrition and you'll get USDA sourced nutrition info, for example.

    For accuracy, buy a kitchen scale. It's far more accurate than volume measurements and fairly inexpensive. The model linked is the one I use but there are tons of options.
u/Cheese-Its_Christ · 2 pointsr/Homebrewing

NEVER use the pre-measured amounts that they give you in the kits. Do yourself a favor: get a cheap kitchen scale like this, check out an online priming sugar calculator like this, and do the measuring for yourself.

Also, try to keep them in the 70ish degree range to ensure that the sugar will be eaten.

u/leroy_twiggles · 2 pointsr/BuyItForLife

This one gets absurdly good reviews - 2679 five-star reviews as of now. I've given two of them as gifts, with no complaints.

u/philipmat · 2 pointsr/fountainpens

Yeah, looks like [my kitchen scale](EatSmart ESKS-01 Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale, Silver is only accurate to the gram. At $6-8 I might just buy one like yours.

u/sun-eyed_girl · 2 pointsr/loseit

I use this one multiple times every single day, and I love it (so much so that I bought the same one for my mom). I've used it for well over a year with no problems or dead batteries.

u/rewthex · 2 pointsr/Fitness

I seriously cannot recommend this one enough. I've had it for a few years and have been quite rough with it. The other day I accidentally left it on the stove top while baking something in the oven leaving it a bit warped but still working like a charm lol

u/liatris · 2 pointsr/keto

Have you tried FatSecret? They tend to have pretty accurate listings. You could use it as a backup.

These are two really good scales.

OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Food Scale with Pull-Out Display $50 this one was rated highly by Cook's Illustrated Measures in 1/8-ounce (imperial) and 1-gram (metric) increments up to 11 lbs.

EatSmart Precision Pro - Multifunction Digital Kitchen Scale w/ Extra Large LCD and 11 Lb. Capacity $25 - this one is half the price but it a great scale. It measures grams, kg, oz, and pounds. It weights up to 11 lbs and is recise to .05 ounce / 1 gram increments.

u/anteaterhighonants · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I have this one and it works pretty well

u/terberter6669 · 2 pointsr/bodybuilding

I'm not sure why your scale would need a timer either. I got a decent digital scale that can measure in grams, ounces, and pounds from Amazon here:

u/stormhunter1 · 2 pointsr/Fitness

Dude, seriously, wall of text.

That said, your problem isn't just working out or eating right or portion control.

It seems your problem is the LACK of a REALISTIC PLAN. Warrior fasting? Not drinking water because you are afraid of water weight? 1000 calorie days? If you continue to do these things, you will end up in a fucking hospital. I may sound a bit dramatic, but I am dead SERIOUS.

If you really want to lose weight, it starts in the kitchen.

You also stated that if you miss a day, you start over, both of these things are kinda part of the problem. I was similar to you in that aspect, I kept trying to do p90X/P90, and I had those days where I couldn't drag myself to workout, and started over, furthest I got was 2 weeks, frustrating isn't it?

So then, that said, lets make a plan, a simple one. Everything I am going to tell you is listed in the FAQ on the right-hand side of the subreddit, to make referencing easier.

  • First: We need to approximate your TDEE, thats your Total Daily Energy Expenditure, here is a calculator for ya. It is very simple, just enter the relevant info.
  • Step 2: Take the number you got for maintenance, and subtract 500 calories from it, or just use the number listed for fat loss. From now on, you can eat how you like, but you cannot go over that number, if you are having trouble counting calories, use myfitnesspal, a food scale, and google.
  • Step 3: Incorporate a workout routine, making it a habit isn't easy, so you DO NOT want/need to workout everyday. Otherwise you will burn yourself out unnecessarily. I am doing Starting Strength, which requires me to workout 3 times a week, every other day.
  • NOTE: I DO NOT workout on the in between days, as the rest days are too important towards making any real progress. If you do not like the gym, there are body-weight exercises (such as: calisthenics, yoga, pushups, sit ups, etc) as an option
  • Step 4: DOCUMENT EVERYTHING. You don't need anything fancy, get a $1-2 notebook and a pen. Make separate sections for your nutrition/diet needs and your workout progress. Writing that shit down helps a lot as it tends to help reinforce what you are doing and what you did, since you are trying to lose weight.
  • Step 5: You also want to note down your weight on a daily basis, make sure you do this at the same time everyday, most people tend to do so in the morning, around wake-up time.
  • Step 6: Repeat Steps 3-4. Repeat step 1-2 every few weeks with your updated information from your notebook.

    SPECIAL NOTE: You should be getting most of your nutrition from your food, seeing as how you can actually cook, this should be a walk in the park. You can still take a multi to balance things out though. Protein powder can help too. The only things I see as unnecessary are the fat burners and the creatine, as I know little on fat burners, and creatine helps increase water weight.

    FINAL NOTE: If you are looking for motivation and encouragement, check out /r/getmotivated, print out some of that shit and stick it on your walls, put up some nike just do it posters. Talk to your GF, get her to help you stay on track. As for your friends, I don't know them, so I will say nothing, but I will say this, you have to put your health first, you only get one body, and you are in a position to take better care of it before any permanent damage sets in.

    OP, good luck, I really hope you read this, and as for others here, feel free to correct me.
u/bigshrimping · 2 pointsr/EatCheapAndHealthy

Looks like I'm a little late to the game, but one thing I never really realized was how large of portions I was eating. I recently bought a digital food scale that has really helped me figure out how to eat correct portions of food. Other than that, I use an app called My Fitness Pal. I'll put in every bit of food/drink that I have throughout the day and it will total it all up. This really helped me realize how much crap food I was eating and helped me pick foods that were healthier. I understand the app isn't necessarily 100% accurate, but it's close enough to realize how awful you're eating.

u/Penguin_Dreams · 2 pointsr/loseit

I got this one over a year ago and it's been great. It's inexpensive, very lightweight and compact, comes in a variety of colors, and the battery is still going strong even with daily use for my cat's food, baking, and dieting.

u/Jenjenmi · 2 pointsr/PointsPlus

I used to have a $15 analog scale from Bed Bath and Beyond.

Now I have this one:
It was worth it to spend a few more $ for the nicer digital unit. And it's nice when I make myself something like red potatoes, that I can properly record how many points I am eating. Only downside is that when you put a dinner plate on it, you have to perch it towards the back to read the scale.

u/BadAdviceBot · 2 pointsr/loseit

Don't listen to this guy, he's trying to get you addicted to something else. Try this food scale, it's great: scale

u/Excuses__excuses · 1 pointr/loseit

Kann45's advice is pretty solid so in addition:

From what it looks like, your carb intake is high relative to your protein and fat. I struggle to keep them all in check as well. I suggest going to the supermarket and staying away from anything pre-made. Buy ingredients rather than meals; this way, you get to control how much salt/fat is in your food. MFP has a "My Recipe" section that will break down calories per serving as long as you punch in ingredients. I know we all have to eat out sometimes, but if you bagged a lunch, you wouldn't be at the mercy of all the extra crap a company mashes into their food.

Try to bag a lunch, bring deli meats and cheese, but not bread. You'll be able to get a lot more meat in and you'll be satisfied longer.

To help you stay on track with MFP, buy a digital food scale. Nothing crazy, but enough to measure what exactly, for example, does 300 grams of cherries looks like?

I always have a bit of no-cal sweetener in my bag or at my desk incase of a craving, but if you need the cola taste, Coke Zero is better than the regular stuff.

Up your water consumption to about 8 cups a day. I don't know what you do from day to day, but a big glass of ice water on hand helps me say no to all the snacky foods I might eat in place of it. I'm really happy that you're taking these steps to get healthier. Any more questions, ask away!

u/xaffinityx · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Exactly 25!! Or there are other things on my WL that you could choose :) I want the scale so I can measure ingredients for cookies and such, as well as trying to control my portions!!


u/lasae · 1 pointr/bodybuilding

Glad I could help, this is the scale I got.

u/JasonMaloney101 · 1 pointr/keto

Add this to a public Amazon wishlist (with a valid address attached privately to the list) and post the wishlist link here.

u/Nero920 · 1 pointr/Fitness

I've been using this scale for the past 2 months and I've been pretty happy with it.

The only downside is that it's hard to read when you have a bigger plate sitting on top of it. But it's just an annoyance, not a deal breaker.

u/frodo_faggins · 1 pointr/keto

Well, he is what works for me.

  1. I do IF and usually only eat once a day. This really kind of came about naturally. I would go longer and longer without eating without really meaning to, and then eventually I only started to get hungry about 7:00 PM, so I started only eating a large dinner. Now I will basically add in a little more protein for breakfast because I stared heavy lifting, but the idea is still the same. It is really hard to actually over eat if you are only eating one real meal a day.

  2. I bought a food scale. I use this one. It is fairly inexpensive, goes up to like 12 pounds (way more than I need) and down to 1 gram. It takes guess work out of my measurements. I mainly use it for carby type stuff, like ranch dressing. I just basically put a container on it, tare the scale, and pour my ranch or whatever in the container until I get within a couple grams of the serving size. I also now use it for meats just so I know my food logging is correct.

  3. Once I got the scale, I started premaking my servings of meat. Different sizes for different things obviously. But what I did was put each individual serving in a small non zipper type sandwich bag, then put all the bags in a large freezer bag. Then I just grab the smaller bags out for a meal, and put the freezer bag back in my freezer. I do about 4 ounce patties for ground beef. For one meal, I will probably eat 2 patties. But having them in 4 oz servings gives me the option to eat less. Plus eating 2 patties even if they are smaller makes me feel like I'm eating more. I do about 5-6 oz for non ground beef. A whole breast for chicken breast. About 4 oz or so of sausage, etc.

  4. I don't precook the food before I freeze it. Why? Two reasons really. For one, I think it tastes better if I cook it right before I eat it, whether that is on the stove, or oven or whatever. To me, that tastes better than cooking it weeks before, then microwaving it later. For two, it takes longer. I know that seems counter intuitive. But think about it: it is just enough of a hassle that I don't feel the urge to just eat all the time. It takes me just enough time that it isn't worth doing over and over. So, after I finish my meal, I don't really want to go back and cook more. If it is as simple as remove from freezer and place in microwave, it is simply too easy to have a second or third dinner every night. It still saves me a lot of time by freezing, but the main thing is everything is already portioned out. All I have to do is add in some veggies or cheese or bacon or something and I have a meal.

  5. Log all your food. Everything. It makes you consciously think about what you are eating. And that is what will stick with you forever even if you go back to regular eating.

  6. Some various mental tricks I have used: Use a smaller plate to make you think you are getting more food. Drink a bottle or two of water IMMEDIATELY before eating anything. Eat a larger salad (without a lot of dressing) before your meal. Exercise about 30 minutes before your meal.
u/aireyell · 1 pointr/xxfitness

Over eight months you've been on a deficit and haven't seen results? That isn't right. Entropy cannot fail.

I think you're calculating your calories wrong. If you've only been counting for a week, that seems like it may be the issue. Do you have a food scale? Do you measure out what you're eating? Do that. With only one rest day a week, at 5'8", that amount of calories does seem like a deficit. I understand the thinking that comes along with an eating disorder-- believe me, I am no stranger to them. I won't discuss it further because I don't want to trigger anything inside of you, that would be awful, but since I've counted my macronutrients, calories, eaten more protein, and gotten stronger, everything has seemed to fall into place. I don't mean to advise you to do anything. Take everything you read from a stranger with a grain of salt, including what I say, but I can read the frustration in your post, and frankly, I think that it's because you need to start strictly counting your calories. I know that it seems counter intuitive to your past problem, but it may actually solve it.

Food scale; calorie calculator (I set mine to lightly active, working out about 5 days a week, strength training and HIIT for 15 minutes each session, and lost weight much faster than this website told me I would).

u/IguanaBob · 1 pointr/Coffee

Yeah I know you're trying to save money but getting a digital scale for $25 ( will help you make a more consistent cup of coffee and minimize your bean-waste.

u/RiggenBlaque · 1 pointr/Homebrewing

And here is the scale you should buy. It has incredible battery life and is super durable

u/SomethingNicer · 1 pointr/Soap

Hi! Welcome!

Well you probably don't need cold process AND melt and pour samplers. If you're a hands on kinda person (like me), you're gonna love cold process soap making, and (IMO) melt and pour almost feels like cheating at that point :).

You didn't mention equipment, so I'll go over that

  1. you'll need a stainless (preferably) pot with high enough sides to not splash. Something like this although you could probably go smaller (depending on how large of batches you want to make. I prefer my pots on the large side because it gives me more room to be sloppy when I mix.

  2. Pick up a hand mixer like this. This isn't 100% necessary, but sooooo worth it. I picked mine up at a flea market for 5 bucks. Check goodwill or salvation army. Having one of these turns 30-40 minutes of stirring into 3 minutes of blending.

  3. For cold process, pick yourself up a couple of good wine and beer thermometers. These are nice because they measure in 2 degree increments. You can use any other food thermometer, this is just my preference.

  4. Make sure you go to the grocery and pick up some good thick gloves and some safety goggles. Lye is an amazing chemical, but can burn the hell out of you if you're not careful. better safe than sorry.

  5. When you get ready to pour your soap into the mold, you're gonna want to have it lined with some freezer paper. Don't use wax paper. If you use wax paper, you're gonna have a bad time.

  6. It is very important to pick up a scale. Everything in soap-making is measured in weight, not volume. I'll repeat that, EVERYTHING IS MEASURED IN WEIGHT. If you find a scaled that weighs in lbs and oz, you'll have to a lot fewer conversions in your head.

    That being said, don't let that list scare you, like I said, I picked up most of my gear from thrift stores and flea markets. Soap making is fascinating and well worth the effort. Enjoy!
u/DiannaPatron · 1 pointr/AskCulinary

Excellent idea. Taco seasoning you make is 10x better than that pre-blended stuff. I will be using your idea, as I sell a spice blend where profits go to charity, and people from last year want the recipe. It'll also give an excuse to finally purchase [one of these] ( Btw, not to get too off topic here, this company makes the best scales for home use, I have a digital bathroom scale by them and it's as accurate as the fancy schmancy one at my new Dr's office.

u/alargefox · 1 pointr/Fitness

I use this one

Realistically it doesn't really matter. Just check to see if it has different measurement settings (g, oz, lb, etc) and that the warranty is solid in case it craps out on you down the road.

u/iRLife · 1 pointr/Fitness

I picked up this one last year, I still use it all the time. Pair it up with fitday and you are set.

u/LayneLabsOfficial · 1 pointr/ballpython

Something like this kitchen scale may be something to have as well. They're pretty cheap and can help you double check if you are unsure once you get home from the store.

u/Silver_kitty · 1 pointr/loseit

I've got this one from Amazon. It's a huge help in knowing the weight of the chicken that I'm making, as well as keeping me true to one serving when I do have cereal or chips.

u/TheMediocreMachine · 1 pointr/Frugal

I purchased this food scale a while ago and I use it every day. Totally worth it, it works perfectly.

I think we paid the same price ($1.19/lb) as well and we bought a pretty big one. It seemed like a good deal but after removing bones and things, it ending up being like $3 or $4 per pound of actual edible chicken.

u/jewrassicpark · 1 pointr/keto

I like this one... I have one in my home and I keep one in my office, too.

u/intelix · 1 pointr/loseit

You can use this to add in your recipes easily

My fitness pal also has a easy to use recipe calculator as well. If your not using a website recipe the easiest thing to do is just write everything out in notepad then hit "enter recipe manually" on that page. Then it will bring up a text box that you can paste everything into and you can adjust from there.

As far as knowing how many grams are in a cup of whatever your using I would suggest this scale. Its cheap and easy to use.

u/AmericanPaleAle · 1 pointr/keto

This one is mine. I love it, it is precise enough that if I urinate I can track the difference before and after. Awesome reviews on amazon.

The other food scale was also that EatSmart brand, only reason I felt comfortable about buying no name is because of the reviews about the company replacing the device no questions asked. Below was that food scale.

u/Erinescence · 1 pointr/loseit

I use:


MapMyRun (just began this week, so not sure if I will stick with it)

[EatSmart scale] ( I've had it for 4 years and it's been great! It's not connected to MFP though.

[EatSmart Food Scale] ( HAve also had this for 4 years and it's also great!

I have seen people on MFP rave about their Arias and Withings, but I haven't had a need to buy a new scale so haven't tried them.

u/BabyFelcher · 1 pointr/Dallas

Or you can save your money and buy this.

Also, get this. It takes a huge amount of guess work out of counting calories.

The MyFitnessPal food database can be helpful, but it can also be infuriating.

You don't need an account. You don't really need to go back three weeks and see that you ate half a serving of McDonald's french fries. All you need to do is make sure that you don't go over your limit on calories every day. There's no reason to overcomplicate it.

The simplest and most straight-forward way is with that pedometer, that scale, a piece of paper, a calculator, and a pen.

The scale comes with a booklet gives you "calorie factors", which are just constants by which you multiply the mass of the food, in grams, to get the number of calories. If you get into the habit of doing this, you'll actually start to have a feel for the calorie density of various foods. It'll help you estimate when you have to estimate. MyFitnessPal doesn't give you this.

The booklet also has a some blank lines in the back where you can keep foods you frequently eat along with their calorie factors. Eventually you'll just memorize everything to the point where you just throw somthing on the scale, multiply its mass times the number you've memorized, and bam: calories. No looking anything up or searching any database and trying to figure out whose calorie estimates are right.

Losing weight isn't easy, but it's really damn simple. Spending more money on expensive gadgets or looking for special applications, websites, or other gimmicks isn't going to make success any more likely.

Just buy those things I linked, find a nice park near your house, focus on your calorie balance, and that's it. Enjoy the journey.

u/vllewella · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

How about this food scale It looks nice and would be very helpful in a weight loss journey.

u/justsayno2carbs · 1 pointr/keto

Use MyFitnessPal and calculate the nutrition information. That is the only way you will know if it's keto friendly. I highly recommend buying a food scale, it's more accurate and much more helpful when measuring how much you're consuming and tracking your food.

u/cheezerman · 1 pointr/promos
u/yuseffuhler · 1 pointr/loseit

I really do wish the best of luck to you. I know it's not easy, but the beautiful thing about weight loss is that it's simple. All you have to do is burn more than you eat.

I'm a parent with 2 kids now, still in my 20's with no health problems, and I can't imagine going through cancer on top of anything else. If you ever need someone to talk to or vent, hit me up. Random internet strangers can be nice.

Also, EatSmart Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale, Silver excellent food scale here.

u/barryspencer · 1 pointr/WildernessBackpacking

With little kitchen scales it can be difficult to weigh big items like (empty) backpacks because the item obscures the LED screen. The trick is to stack a big item on top of some spacer object to lift the item up so you can see the LED screen under it. Place the spacer on the scale, zero out the weight of the spacer, then weigh the item.

I bought this scale for $20, but there are cheaper ones.

u/Ketotik · 1 pointr/keto

If you do end up getting a scale, be sure to get a good one! Some of them are just absolute crap (I know this after recently shopping for one!).
The one I ended up with is called EatSmart Precision Pro -- a digital scale that goes for about 25bucks on Amazon. Link is here: (this link does not benefit me nor anyone else monetarily, just FYI).

u/LocalAmazonBot · 1 pointr/PointsPlus

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u/loseitbetty · 1 pointr/loseit

That honestly sounds pretty healthy. Definitely try MyFitnessPal, that would probably help you a lot. This is the food scale I have and it's lasted far longer than any other scales I've had in the past.

u/IIWIIM8 · 1 pointr/todayilearned
u/ophelia917 · 0 pointsr/Fitness

I bought this scale from and love it. I also have their bathroom scale. Both are great quality and work just fine.

u/whenthepawn · -1 pointsr/Cheap_Meals

I can't live without my garlic press, Victorinox chef's knife, food scale (if you cook by weight or are counting calories), measuring spoons/cups that have raised or indented numbers (otherwise they just rub off), kitchen shears (chop herbs with them in a tall narrow glass), cutting board, and food processor. At least get a small food chopper if you don't have the room/money for a larger food processor. And/or get hand blender