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LEATHERMAN, Skeletool Lightweight Multitool with Combo Knife and Bottle Opener, Stainless Steel
EVERYTHING YOU NEED: A compact 5-ounce multitool with a combo knife, bit driver, pliers and more; Light enough to use as your everyday carry, strong enough to tackle tough jobs7 TOOLS IN 1: Includes a knife, pliers, a large exchangeable bit driver, wire-cutters and a carabiner/bottle opener; Includes an extra bit stored right in the handleOUR GUARANTEE: We’re proud to stand behind every product that leaves our factory in Portland, Oregon; That’s why we offer our 25-year warranty, so you can be confident your Leatherman lasts a lifetimeONE-HAND ACCESS. Skeletool only requires one hand to open and use all the tools, even the ones that aren't accessible from the outside; And with a locking blade, you can cut with confidenceALWAYS ON HAND: The Skeletool weighs just 5 ounces and is equipped with a removable pocket clip so it's always within reach and ready to work
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59 Reddit comments about LEATHERMAN, Skeletool Lightweight Multitool with Combo Knife and Bottle Opener, Stainless Steel:

u/ThisIsWhatICarry · 153 pointsr/AskMen

I'll interpret "guy stuff" as "EDC stuff".

u/AlphaMoose67 · 74 pointsr/AskMen



Bert’s Bees

Pocket Knife

Multitool (When clothing allows)

A good ink pen

Mini composition book for random notes and stuff

And a small “boo-boo” kit, NOT a full first aid kit, (mostly a few different sizes of bandaids, burn ointment, triple antibiotic ointment, Benadryl, and Ibuprofen.)

E:words and stuff

u/whiteyonthemoon · 24 pointsr/gadgets
u/Gereshes · 23 pointsr/EngineeringStudents

Going through undergrad commencement this weekend had me thinking about my time in undergrad and more specifically, those things I chose to carry with me almost every day.

Starting from the upper right hand corner and working my way around in clockwise direction.

Pens – 3 Disposable Bic pens – When it comes to pens I leave them everywhere. I leave them in class, the lab, the machine shop, etc. Because of this I buy them in bulk and then just carry a bunch of disposable pens with me. They are cheap so if I lose one or someone asks to borrow one I don’t worry about getting them back. I like these pens because I find they are comfortable to write with, wont break from me carrying them around or treating them like shit, and have a pen cap to prevent them from making a mess in my pocket. Why no pencils?  I haven’t found a mechanical pencil that is both cheap and will survive in my pocket. If you know of one that fits those two requirements let me know in the comments!

Highlighter – Used for marking up academic papers I am reading. I’ll usually carry one or two with me but I keep several different colors at home for heavy markup. The colors I like carrying on me are odd colors, not yellow, like green and pink because they let my markups stand out from other peoples markups.

Sharpie – Used for marking up things that pens and highlighters can’t like metal, ceramics, and sleeping lab mates.

USB Drive – I don’t use it all that often thanks to free services like Google Drive and Dropbox but  everyone in a while when you don’t have access to other options these can really save you. For example like when you need to print out a final report that’s due in 15 minutes and the internet is down. (That example definitely hasn’t happened to me)

Letherman Skeletool – The Skeletool is a good all around multi-tool. It has a knife, pliers, wire cutters,/strippers, screwdriver (both flat an Philips), and a bottle opener.  It’s slim so its easy to carry without giving up a lot of functionality.

Timex Weekender Chrono – Useful for telling time if durring both meetings and tests when you cant check your phone. Taking a peek at your watch durring a meeting is unnoticeable unlike when you check your phone which can be considered rude.

TI-84 – The second most useful tool in my entire engineering education after a pen. I’ll often use the calculator instead of Matlab or Wolfram Alpha for doing homework that require simple computations just because I’m so familiar with it that I can operate it extremely quickly just from muscle memory.

Planner –  It’s useful for writing down assignment due dates and meetings. Everyone has a different way of organizing events/work an I find havving a written copy helps me visualize where everything is.

Muji Recycle Paper Bind Notebook – Useful for taking notes in meetings and they can fit in my back pocket

Allett Slim Bifold Wallet – It’s an ultra thin bifold wallet that I love. It’s so thin I never even notice it in my pocket. I can sit on it all day without being uncomfortable. My last one became worn out after two years and I bought another one immediately. I highly recommend them!

Keys –  For opening doors/stuff. Note: I just grabbed some unused keys for this pic and put them on a carabiner.

Google  Pixel – It’s taking the photo. Lately its mostly been used for snap chat

u/Muniosi_returns · 17 pointsr/EDC

It's currently $29 on Amazon too.

u/EineBeBoP · 12 pointsr/BuyItForLife

Leatherman Skeletool

There are several different versions with different tools, but i love that it has a built in clip to attach to a belt loop. Makes it easy to carry and pull out. I've used mine heavily for 2 years, and its still 100% functional. (worn paint, had to sharpen knife finally)

There is also this set with a scissors/file.

u/[deleted] · 12 pointsr/AskReddit

The coolest things that I have personally bought (under $50 individually) are:

$43 4Sevens Preon Revo - single AAA flashlight(!), 82 lumens(!), excellent construction.

$12 Split Pea Lighter - world's smallest lighter.

$35 Leatherman Skeletool - lightweight, functional, stylish multitool. (Technically when I bought it a couple years ago it was $65. Still worth it!)

That's all I can think of for now. Can you tell that I was a Boy Scout? Also I like tiny things.

u/TheCapn · 9 pointsr/TheBrewery

Leatherman Skeletool for about $60 and a Pelican 023500-0000-110 flashlight for about $30. It should be noted that those are prices for responsible people who don't lose them. I think I've bought the same leatherman 3 times now.

u/GnashRoxtar · 8 pointsr/EDC

So in my mind, the basics of an EDC are a knife, a flashlight, a pen, and a notebook. Depending on your preference/level of preparedness, though, multitools are great, a gun is convenient if you're in a dangerous place with any regularity, and a first-aid kit can literally be a lifesaver.

So for the basics I'd recommend:
Knife: a Kershaw Leek or Scrambler. The Leek is smaller, more discreet, very light, and razor sharp. The Scrambler is considerably more robust, has a longer blade (3.5" vs. 3"), but weighs more as well. Both can be found in Kershaw's "Blackwash" finish, which I like both for the feel and for the added rust and scratch resistance. Both are also spring-assisted, which is legal in a lot of places, but check your local laws before carrying either in public. If you can't carry them, take a look at the Cold Steel Voyager. It comes in several lengths, is legal in California, and is very durable, if not super comfortable.

Flashlights: Oh my god, the flashlights. LEDs have become so cheap and so bright over the last few years that it's actually pretty hard to go wrong. Nitecore is currently my favorite brand, but Fenix has some options as well. I would urge you not to buy a surefire; they are undeniably great lights, but unless you expect to encounter truly extraordinary circumstances on a regular basis (any chance your light could fall under a tank or a bulldozer? maybe surefire is for you), they tend to be somewhat more pricey per lumen than a number of other companies. For EDC, the Fenix PD35 2014 edition is almost unmatched. Almost a thousand lumens, takes rechargeable batteries, and small enough to drop into the front pocket of your jeans, if you don't want to use the included clip or holster. If you'd like something more keychain sized, the Nitecore SENS series comes in several sizes and battery types, and automatically adjusts the brightness of the beam based on the light's orientation. Aim it at your feet and you get a soft glow; aim it off into the woods and it grows steadily brighter.

Let's be honest, a pen is going to get lost. The best pen is one you like enough to keep track of, but one you won't miss too terribly should some co-worker walk off with it. I like the Zebra F-301. Writes smooth, classic stainless steel good looks, and comes in RGB & Black. Notebooks depend entirely on personal preference too, but the smallest Moleskine is easily pocketable and has 32 lined pages.

In my mind, there is only one name in multitools. Leatherman has a kick-ass reputation, a 25-year warranty, and a plethora of tools to suit any need. For the casual EDC, I'd go with what I believe is the second-lightest full size tool, the Skeletool. 7 functions include a knife that opens while the rest of the tool is closed, the ubiquitous pliers/wirecutters, two double-sided bits and a driver; and it looks so. freakin. cool.

I dunno much about guns except that of all the things I've listed, a pistol should be the one you consider most carefully, especially whether you need it or not. It's a big investment and a bit of a lifestyle adjustment if you decide to go CCW. I've always heard 9mm and up, so use that as a jumping-off point.

First aid kits are useless unless they're both small enough to be carried anywhere and large enough to contain anything you might need. Making your own is a good idea because you have the best knowledge of your environment, but I found a couple on Amazon which seem to have most of the basics without too much fluff or bulk. The first could be stuffed in a jacket pocket, whereas the second would be useful in a car.

I hope I helped. Good luck!

[Kershaw Scrambler] (

[Kershaw Leek] (

[Cold Steel Voyager, 3 inch] (

[Fenix PD35 2014] (

[Nitecore SENS AA version]

Zebra F-301

[Moleskine "Cahier" Notebook, pack of 3] (

[Leatherman Skeletool] (

[Small bag or pocket first aid kit] (

Larger car first aid kit

EDIT: aspace

u/VillainTricks · 7 pointsr/EDC
u/j000p · 6 pointsr/EDC

Phone: iPhone 5c + cheap Spigen case

Watch: Seiko SKX007 + Super Oyster II Bracelet

Wallet: Radix One

Keychain: Remove Before Flight tag, Sandisk Ultra Fit, Dollar Store Carabiner

Keychain Multitool: Victorinox Classic OR Leatherman Micra

Multitool: Leatherman Skeletool

Flashlight: Streamlight Microstream

Pen: Fisher Space Pen OR Modded Zebra 701

Yoyo: The Sage (for now)

First post, any questions or suggestions please feel free. Thanks guys!

u/bbenson · 6 pointsr/backpacking

I'm a big fan of the Leatherman Skeletool.

You can get it relatively cheaply if you look around online a bit.

It's not full of stuff you will never use. It's got a nice sized blade, reliable pliers, and a solid carabiner clip (that's also a bottle opener) to keep it from going anywhere.

u/jsmayne · 5 pointsr/AdviceAnimals

wallet in front pocket leatherman in back pocket

funny enough the leatherman is usually worth more than the cash I'm carrying

u/FreedomPullo · 5 pointsr/Knife_Swap

Leatherman - Skeletool® Multi-Tool, Stainless Steel
Still $41.25 without Prime.
Your account doesn't really matter as long as its flaired but this is the first time a knifeswapper has been concerned about doxxing.... Also sort of a red flag? I would probably keep the worry about Internet enemies quiet :)

u/EatinPussynKickinAss · 3 pointsr/EDC

List of gear:

u/GaynalPleasures · 3 pointsr/uwotm8
u/Mr_Ected · 3 pointsr/bicycling

I'd also carry a normal multi-tool (I carry a Leatherman Skeletool). They do come in handy, especially for pulling out stubborn pokey things that work themselves into your tires. The knife and screwdriver can be handy as well at times.

u/MountainDewFountain · 3 pointsr/AskEngineers

Wife got me a leatherman Skeletool with a carabiner clip a few years ago. I wear it every single day on my belt loop. Best multi-tool I have ever owned and it's been my go to gitf for secret Santa for years.

u/gtNonja · 3 pointsr/BuyItForLife

I purchased the Leatherman Skeletool for my groomsmen. In retrospect, I'm not sure if they all use them since some of them live out of town, but I bought myself the Leatherman Skeletool CX and carry it daily. I think it makes a great pocketknife replacement since it's small, and having the added tools is very handy. I did have the pliers break on me, but Leatherman replaced the entire unit through their lifetime warranty. Fill out a form and send it in; I didn't have to provide proof of purchase.

If you go the Zippo route, it might be nice to have them engraved with the groomsmen's name and a short note. My wife did something similar for me as part of gift one year.

I think a Leatherman is a good pick, and I'd get the same thing for everyone. A personalized item for each person is nice too (i.e. each person gets something completely different), but that makes the selection process longer. So it depends on how much work you want to put into it.

u/Darkcheops · 3 pointsr/EDC

My two most used items I got off amazon.

Kingston Datatraveler: The most solidly built flash drive I've been able to find for the money so far. They have a 3.0 version now but it looks like the key chain is made out of plastic.

Leatherman Skeletool: Good multitool that is versatile without being cumbersome.

u/yasec · 3 pointsr/EDC

Leatherman Skeletool is a great item, which you should be able to get in that range. I got the upgraded Skeletool CX for under that from r/knife_swap.

If you want smaller try the Leatherman Style or Gerber Dime . The Style comes with scissor main tool or pliers.

Full size I’d suggest the Leatherman Wingman .

u/aje14700 · 3 pointsr/knives

For EDC, consider a Skeletool for your next purchase. Honestly it's one of my most used tools, and I love it. I have the CX version which looks slightly cooler and has slightly better steel, but the normal version is still awesome (aparently they jumped in price on amazon though...).

u/SwiebelKuchen · 3 pointsr/Survival

Really nice multitools they are around $30-40, it's kind of the perfect gift. Try the Leatherman skeletool

u/Gator_Stubby · 3 pointsr/Knife_Raffle

My friend this tool can be bought @ amazon for $41 brand new.

I am not sure where you keep getting the prices from! You will need to adjust it down to atleast this price. Ideally a little under.

u/AnotherButtHole · 3 pointsr/gadgets

I'm a Jr. Sysadmin / tech support person where I work and this is what I use. The skeletool is pretty handy just to carry around on a daily basis. The ifixit toolkit has bits that helped me work on all sorts of stuff including Apple products. Hell, I even found a bit to tighten a screw on my office chair. The magnetic bowl is definitely worth it if your company pays for it! :)

Leatherman Skeletool +
ifixit tool kit + Magnet bowl

u/lepfrog · 2 pointsr/Tools

a little bit of both. you can often see when a brick and mortar store lowers their prices on some items on their website amazon will drop their price to match. for example when homedepot has blackfriday sales on the leatherman skeletool for $29 then the amazon price the past 2 years magically became $29 (as shown by camelcamelcamel it was $29.88 in December.) I am sure both companies heavily monitor each other's pricing.

u/yonil9 · 2 pointsr/EDC

Casio Men's WV58A-1AV
(cheap watch that auto sets because I'm lazy)

Samsung Galaxy S4
(beaten up and abused but still works)

LEATHERMAN Skeltool Multi-Tool
by Leatherman:
(out of school carry just got it today)

Columbia Men's Extra Capacity Slimfold Wallet
(small easily accessible)

Edit: added descriptions

u/flyinglotus1983 · 2 pointsr/EDC

> Multi-tool always seem too heavy for what they offer

  • Leatherman Style PS @ 44 grams
  • Leatherman Style CS @ 44 grams
  • Leatherman Skeletool @ 141 grams (5 ounces)
  • Leatherman Skeletool CX @ 141 grams (5 ounces).

    That's not heavy if you ask me. I think the Style is perfect for every-day on-person EDC, and the Skeletool for either on-person or in an EDC bag. The Skeletool is missing some features compared to a full-up Charge TTi (8 ounces) or similar, but for an EDC, it's better than not carrrying a multitool at all.
u/acidburnz_EU · 2 pointsr/AskMen

This is one is considered pretty good.
You didn't specify price range but these tools are usually used for all kinds of things. They are sturdy and will yield decades of usage.
If you look for something cheaper, try the Swiss army knifes. Also good enough but quality does have a price.

u/TheophilusOmega · 2 pointsr/CampingGear

I"m assuming that you will be going soon, say the next month or so, time of year counts, but I'll assume it's soon.

Your tent is a little "meh." it'll work but it might not last so long; especially take core of the poles, they beak easily. Also the cheapo tent stakes that come with the tent are going to bend and you will curse them every time you set up your tent. Pick up some like these and they will serve you well. (Personally I hate using tents; they are hassles to set up and take down, and generally not pleasant to sleep in. If you can help it try sleeping under the stars and see if that suits you.)

You might find your sleeping bag to be a bit chilly, I'd recommend a 20 degree bag with a hood. I know it won't get that cold but the degree ratings are quite exaggerated so 20 degrees is really more suitable for 50 degrees. If you don't want to spend more money on a bag, make sure you have warm clothes and a good fitting beanie.

Air mattresses are fine, just take care to feel out for thorns or anything that might puncture it. Also you might want a blanket or something in between you and the mattress because it will suck out the heat from underneath you if you don't have some insulation.

You should have a tarp or footprint to put your tent on to protect it and the air mattress from punctures, it's worth it. The tarp you have should be fine (maybe doubled over if its thin), but a footprint will be more convenient.

For $15 that stove is a great deal, buy it if it still works fine. It runs off of white gas AKA "camp fuel", which you can find at many grocery stores, gas stations, any place with a sporting goods section, and many stores near popular camping areas. Finding white gas is not really an issue.

Don't buy matches, just get 2 or 3 Bic lighters. Really you should learn to make a fire using only your lighter, make that your goal each night. In a pinch my favorite fire starter is one you can make at home before your trip. Get an old egg carton and stuff each cup with cotton balls or dryer lint. then pour melted candle wax into each cup until about 90% full. Let the carton harden then pack it away. To use it rip off one cup and light the cardboard edge, you will have a strong flame for about 15 minutes.

Don't buy a filter. Water will be easy to come by at most campsites, but not all of them have a tap so make sure to bring along a few extra gallons just in case.

Lanterns produce almost no usable light, save your money and stick with the headlamp. Also that headlamp is excellent I highly recommend it. Protip: leave it around your neck like a necklace when you sleep then it's easy to find in the middle of the night.

I have a lot of experience with wilderness medicine and those pre-made kits are mostly worthless, you are much better off making your own kit.

I Recommend:

  • 2-3 Rolls Athletic Tape - This works for making bandages and splints, covering blisters, cuts, burns, ect.
  • Small Bottle of Ibuprofen (Advil) - Pain reliever, and muscle relaxant that aids in the recovery and prevention of injuries
  • 1-2 Ace bandages - Makes bandages, splints, and slings
  • Duct Tape - General purpose item
  • Roll Gauze - For major injuries with significant bleeding
  • Individually Wrapped Antihistamine (Benadryl) Tablets - Optional if you don't have allergies
  • Bic Lighter - Sterilizes metal instruments
  • Mini Swiss Army Knife - Excellent scissors and tweezers for minor injuries, sterilize with a flame before each use
  • Sunscreen - Don't want to get burned
  • Triple Antibiotic (Neosporin) - Ward off infection of open wounds, do not apply directly to the cut but rather around like a defensive wall
  • Alcohol Prep Pads - Cleans and sterilizes open wounds before dressing
  • Add Any Prescription Meds / Regularly Taken Medicines - Inhaler, insulin, Epi-Pen, ect.
  • Add Anything That Makes You Feel Better Knowing You Have It - eg snake bite kits, aspirin, SAM splint, burn gel

    Chair looks comfy, get one you like with at least 1 cupholder

    A good knife makes a great survival tool and is just generally a useful item, check here every few days for a good deal on high quality knives. Multi tools are great to have around camp but an inexpensive set of tools would be much better for your situation. If you want a true multi-tool this one is good quality and a fair price.

u/toxiclimeade · 2 pointsr/knives

If he had been carrying a Swiss Army knife that's probably the style he prefers, Opinel makes single bladed knives that open in the same way his old SAK did, and leatherman makes amazing multitools, I would recommend checking all these brands out.

Opinel knives are usually extremely cheap and run about 20$/£, their most popular knife is the No. 8 for about 12$/£, it comes in other colors and wood types as well. No. 8 is a bigger model and it might be a little bulky for someone use to a SAK, the small the number in the name ex. No. 7, No.6, get smaller as their number designation does. I have the No. 8 Trekking knife in slate and its a pretty great knife for its price (18$/£).

If he likes Swill Army Knives, there are quite a few more options to look at, they can get a little pricey for their size at times, I own the Tinker, this was my first knife and I have found that looking at the tools on these knives would behoove you. I do not need an awl in the knife I carry every day for instance. There are many many options to chose from, and through a little sifting you may find one that you feel suits him best. Victorinox (the brand that makes swiss army knives) also makes knives that are a little closer to the opinels I mentioned earlier, a few of their models (like this one) are simply one or two blades. I would look into local laws however, I know some places do not allow blades that can be opened with one hand like the one I linked you to.

Leatherman makes wonderful multitools and a few pocket knives. Nearly everything they make have blades that lock as a safety feature, although very few can be flicked open, so I would check the specifics of this law, I doubt a multi-tool is illegal. This is the Micra, it appears to be a smaller version of a leatherman I own that I cannot find on their site. This one has a blade that opens in a way that is legal for sure, its blade does not lock either. If you find that some locking blades are allowed, the Skeletool is a favorite of mine, it may look a little outlandish but it has always had the best combination of essential tools out of any of my multi-tools, and it is one of my favorites. The Style is a smaller version with slightly different tools ( I don't think it has screwdrivers), but it's blade does not lock. The skeletool is about 70$/£ I think, and their smaller tools like the micra and style are under 30$/£, this brand has quite a bit more I didn't touch on, if you think he would like something like this I would check out site, I hope you find something that works, I know I'm always thrilled when my girlfriend gets me a new knife.

u/crick2000 · 2 pointsr/EDC

Skeletool has multiple variants. I am talking about this one

There is a 80+ bucks CX model as well.

u/beley · 2 pointsr/knifeclub

I have at least three "knives" in my truck. In the middle console I keep a Leatherman Skeletool and an EOD Breacher Bar. The breacher bar would be great for breaking a window, using as a pry bar, make shift shovel, I've even used it to mix concrete for a post hole when I couldn't find anything else.

In my GHB in the "trunk" (Honda Ridgeline), I also have a Gerber Bear Grylls fixed blade I got on clearance at Wally World.

I almost always also have a knife on me as well, usually a locking folder but sometimes a swiss army.

u/Roeh · 2 pointsr/santashelpers
($39.91 at the time this was posted)

I already have one, and I'd still love to get one of these!

If any of these four guys do anything with their hands, this -will- come in handy. I carry the Skeletool CX model every day.

Leatherman also offers a 25 year warranty on all of their products.

I hope this helps!

u/teh_i · 2 pointsr/japanlife

I carry my Leatherman Skeletool in my bag at all times, unless I am going to an airport or such.

Japanese laws say that the max size you can have for a pocket knife is 6cm

Note, that won't stop the police from getting angry if you have a knife and are in some kind of trouble already. If they can imply intent you would still be in trouble. I could carry the multitool in my belt, or in my pocket - yet I always have it in my bag in a small pocket unless I am out hiking/camping.

u/ProfessorLX · 2 pointsr/EDC
u/PancakeEater101 · 2 pointsr/EDC

Thats the normal price, they have been around there almost since they came out. $41 on Amazon and Here is the price history

u/sauceLegs · 2 pointsr/EDC

I think you can't go wrong with a Leatherman Skeletool or SAK Camper if you just want a simple, solid, low profile multitool


SAK Camper


u/Joywalking · 2 pointsr/AskReddit

Something practical depends very much on what sort of things he does. Really good shaving cream is not practical if he doesn't shave, for example. A multitool is wonderful, but may not be useful if he wouldn't carry it.

Care to tell us a bit more about him?

u/boththings · 1 pointr/EDC
u/Identify_the_feel · 1 pointr/EDC

The Leatherman Skeletool is your best bet. It wont hold water/other liquids, as it is a skeleton frame, has a large carabiner/lanyard hoop, and you can buy a Leatherman Wave sheath that has a huge grommit in the bottom for better drainage.

This fits each of your criteria and more, and is way less than 50 USD. I would always recommend a Juice of some kind, and of course the Wave, but those dont have the drainage, and one is WAY out of your price range.

u/Teerlys · 1 pointr/EDC

I used to carry a swiss army knife, and the blade was fine for really simple things like opening boxes, slicing fruit, or cutting string, but after one of them came apart in my hands when I had to put some pressure on an item I was cutting and another one partially closed on my hand (no blood, but there easily could have been) I had to let them go.

I moved to a string of regular pocket knives for a good decade or so, but recently I replaced them with a Leatherman. My fiance picked me up a Skeletool a couple of Christmases ago, and the locking blade is solid enough for most of what I would use a non-fixed blade knife for with the most handy tools possible for every day use. The only bad I'd have to say about it is that if it had to be used for self defense it would be functional, but would be far from my first choice.

EDIT: Also, I'm not sure what knife carry laws are in NYC, but you'd probably be more likely to get away with carrying a general 'Tool' that happened to include a blade rather than a blade alone if they are anything like what I remember the knife laws are in Philadephia.

u/oosickness · 1 pointr/EDC
u/TheHeatWaver · 1 pointr/EDC

These are great for EDC. Plus this model is on sale.

u/fenrisulvur · 1 pointr/AskReddit

iPhone 4 32gb


Dosh Desmopan Wallet

Leatherman Skeletool

u/NatesYourMate · 1 pointr/AskReddit

Either this or this. Every man should have one. You should also always have a leatherman, because they are cool and useful. A rare combination. Here is another. And lastly, a cool lighter, (sorry about the gold, I know it looks dumb but the silver looks pretty slick) even if you don't smoke, which you should stop if you do, because it's terrible for you.

u/Parallelcircuit · 1 pointr/EDC

Victorinox Swisstool. Hands down the beefiest multi-tool I've ever owned.

Mind you, I've got nothing against Leathermans, in fact the Skeletool in particular is a great pocket knife as well as a good multi-tool - something that's hard to find these days. (Although the fact that it only has three tools means it can never be a great multi-tool.) But, the Swisstool is large and in charge; with mine - which I have owned for over ten years now - I have cut down a 3'' diameter tree with the saw, opened many a can, built close to a mile of fence when I still lived on a farm, and generally used and abused every single tool on that thing and never found any of them lacking. In all that time, I've maybe sharpened the blades two dozen times; the "serrated" blade (really more of a reverse scalloped blade) holds an edge through a ridiculous amount of cutting.

Basically, if you get a Leatherman, you'll be happy with it. But if you decide to go for the Swisstool I think you'll agree it's worth the extra weight on your hip.

TL;DR, The Swisstool is 10 ounces of mean tool.

u/lendmeyourbeard · 1 pointr/GiftIdeas

Maybe a pocket watch for the architect? They vary in styles, and range from fairly inexpensive to pricey, depending on the money pulled together from the office. Here is a unique wrist watch option for the engineer.

Here is a multi-usb charger that either of them might like and use.

This keys mart 2.0 might appeal to their architect and engineer sense.

Do either of them have an appreciation for liquors? Here is a set of unique whiskey glasses.

I've heard many people rave about Leatherman pocket tools if anyone in the office is certain neither of them own one already.

Hope this helps give you some ideas. Good luck!

u/jh828 · 1 pointr/TwoXChromosomes

Might be late, but I would suggest getting the 18yo an Arduino kit (linked below), especially if she's going into CS. The Arduinos are easy to use micro-controllers that can be built into robots, automatic door openers, etc,, and there are plenty of tutorials online to get started. Can be used to self teach basic circuits/programming.

Alternatively, I would suggest getting her a good Leatherman multi-tool (Linked below): Incredibly useful tool that finds itself used again and again in daily life, and will last forever. I carry mine with me everyday and cannot count the number of times it's gotten me out a jam.

u/jabawocki · 1 pointr/hockey

leatherman skeletool is great, and I had SOG one that was awesome.

u/5hif7y · 1 pointr/multitools

Little on the smaller/pocket size but a great tool non the less is the leatherman juice. The S2 has a good selection of tools, the blade is uk legal if that bothers you, and there in your price range at about £55

Alternatively theres the leatherman wingman. Its one of the cheaper made leatherman tools but still decent with outside opening tools(blae not UK legal). in your price range.

Or for something more minimal theres the skeletool which is in your price range and a rather cool tool.

OR you could pick my fav the rebar. No outside tools but a solid tool with everything you should need.

u/antoinebugleboy · 1 pointr/EDC

I highly recommend the Leatherman Skeletool, which falls right into your price range:

Actually, I very highly recommend spending a little bit more and getting the Leatherman Skeletool CX, which is a bit lighter and has a better metal for the blade:

Neither comes with scissors, but neither does it have fifteen tools you never use. Just pliers, wire cutter/stripper, knife, bitdriver (big/small phillips and flathead - you can buy a set of other bits but I hardly use them), and a bottle opener and carabiner. My Skeletool CX clips right into my back pocket and I never even know it's there until I need it, and it's like it magically just appears in my hand.

I've never read a review from someone who owns one who has had anything but glowing things to say about it.

u/driftingphotog · 1 pointr/knives

Starts at $40 for the cheaper version

Up to $58 for the version with 154CM steel on the blade.