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u/nophoney · 6 pointsr/TheRedPill

Daniel Rose - The Sex God Method


The first technique to manhandle your girl is called the door
slam. When your girl is standing with her back towards a
door, grab her and slam her back into it. Press yourself
against her and start making out with her aggressively. This
can also work with a wall, but works much better with a
door. A door will have a some give to it, and the force of the
blow will be distributed across her back. You can slam her
fairly hard without causing her too much pain. In addition, a
door will make a loud noise when you slam her into it,
adding to the exciting Element of Dominance. A wall will
cause her more pain and will not make as much noise, but
can do in a pinch.

The second is ripping her clothes off. Literally. This works best
with her panties. When she’s particularly turned on and you
notice she’s wearing old panties, put your hand inside them
and twist them around your hand to make the ripping easier.
Then, anchor her down to the bed with one hand, and pull
HARD to rip her panties off with the other. Be sure you put
some strength into it, as it will take more force to rip them
off than you think. Also, pull to the side so that the force of
the rip goes into her hip, not her sensitive anal and vaginal
areas. Like the door slam, this creates the impression of
Dominance without excessive pain.

Another way to establish Dominance is by pulling her hair.
To do this, grab her hair as close to the roots as possible and
pull her head wherever you want. This works well when
you’re behind her, sucking on her neck. Hold her by the hair
while you do this and she’ll love it. This also works well
when you’re making her look at you while you’re fucking her
(a great way to increase Emotion, as discussed in the next
section). Holding her by the hair to force her to look at you
packs a powerful one-two punch of Dominance and Emotion.
Finally, spanking your girl is always a great way of
manhandling her. If you two start play-fighting with each
other, wrestle her so that she is face down beneath you and
pull her pants down. Then, throw her over your knee and
spank her naked ass. Spank her HARD – this area of the body
has a lot of muscle and fat cushioning, and can take
considerable punishment before it hurts too much. If you do
it right, the pain won’t be excessive, but it will be very loud
and dramatic. Combine spanking with dirty talk to make it
even more powerful. Tell her “You’re a bad little girl, and
bad little girls have to get punished” as you spank her. If she’s
more comfortable with you, kick the dirty talk up a notch.
Say something like “you’re a dirty little slut, you’ve been
thinking about getting fucked all day. Look at how wet your
pussy is…you need to be punished for being such a whore.”
Spank her a few times, then take the rest of her clothes off
and fuck her hard and deep.

You can also spank her when you’re already fucking her. The
more aroused she is, the more effective spanking is. This is
because as she gets more turned on, spanking isn’t a threat to
her Immersion, so she can fully enjoy the increased
Dominance that it provides. Spank her while you’re having
sex with her on top of you, or in any position where her ass
is exposed. A favorite of many girls is to be spanked while
you are fucking them doggy style.

u/ysef95 · 6 pointsr/seduction

read the sex god method by daniel rose sexual arousal for women is much more about physchological arousal than physical technique and this book helped me get my head around it.


u/DevonAero · 6 pointsr/socialskills

What are you interests? [Meetups] (, are a good way to start making friends.

Getting a girlfriend isn't as hard as it seems. It really boils down to your confidence level, but it's also a numbers game. (ie; the more girls you talk to, the higher your chances are) Check out /r/seduction and read the sidebar and top posts. Also, read [Models by Mark Manson] ( and [the Sex God Method] ( Another book is [Unshakable Swagger] (, I just bought it, but I haven't read it yet. I heard good things though.

Also read [Practicing the Power of Now] ( It's a book on mediation and it'll help you relax and be at ease. Ted talks, [RSDJulien] (, and [RSDTyler] ( are amazing sources for motivation and other self improvemnt and development.

That's pretty much it OP, have fun and get to work! PM me if you have questions.

u/W_O_M_B_A_T · 5 pointsr/relationship_advice

Why? Are those other guys dating her too?

If not, then you have something they'll never have. You're literally better than them, you know that don't you?

Stop mentally masturbating about just how inferior you think you are. Literally scratching your ass is a better use of your time, energy and thought than indulging in self-loathing and self-pity.

Read the Sex God Method by Daniel rose

u/Cloud_Riverdale · 4 pointsr/relationship_advice

Dude, you are incredibly lucky that she is willing to tell you this. If you want a quick run down of what she's asking for, try these links:

When you parse out what they're describing... None of this is actually about being "Bad" or "mean" to people. It's about having self confidence and standing up for yourself.

Here are some book recommendations:
No more Mr Nice Guy:

Models: Attract women through honesty:

What women want when they test men:

The last one is "Sex God Method" by Daniel Rose. You have to pirate it, because on amazon it goes for $750.

Of all the books, Sex God Method is life changing if you're willing to apply it. This book completely changed my life.

It's not that she wants you to literally be mean, she wants you to stand up to her and stand up for yourself.

She is doing you SUCH a favor by being so honest and up front with you. Seriously. Many guys in your situation just get cheated on, or dumped, or both. Yes, you read that right.

u/D_Trius100 · 2 pointsr/asktrp

LMAOOO! Can't stop laughing at these comments.

But with all seriousness, just read Daniel Roses's Sex God Method

u/Nahtanos · 2 pointsr/sex


She basically wants you to lead, because it's the ultimate manifestation of man

u/down_with_whomever · 2 pointsr/TheRedPill

>Are there any RP guides on fucking specifically?

I've heard other RP people talk about this book as being essential TRP material but I've never read it and I don't know what's in it.

>I know there's guys out there that can own a girl entirely off their dick game, how can I move in this direction?

I don't personally recommend it. I recommend using every tool in your arsenal. If a lot of people want to know my sex method I can write another post about it, but the short answer is that experience is valuable. Practice, mix it up and take note of her reactions, of what works and what doesn't.

u/logger1234 · 2 pointsr/marriedredpill

> ould actually like a second chance at her. He stayed hot and got hotter. My wife got an impressive degree, but doesn't make that much bank, and certainly didn't stay as hot as she was in college. In almost every tangible alpha way, her ex is superior to me. My wife has had a lot of exes; that's the only one where she ever said the sex was amazing.
> All this said, I think there is a lesson here for you, OP.
> Are you bringing the dominance in your relationship? Tie her the fuck down, whip her, and fuck her hard. You better be taking goddamn notes.

Honest advice. Read GSM by Daniel Rose and DO IT YOURSELF TO HER.

u/SexistFlyingPig · 1 pointr/askMRP

You are changing the course of your ship. So I'd say "Steady as she goes, Cap'n."

I have a 6 year old daughter. She and I differ on opinion on many things. She thinks that potato chips make a great healthy meal. I do not. We don't "fight" over this topic. I make dinner and we both eat it. She can voice her preferences for a bowl of sugar with a cherry on top, but we are having chicken with rice instead. My daughter respects me and accepts what I decide.

Fighting with my daughter, even if I win, hurts my position of respect. If a fight is inevitable and unavoidable, then I face it full on and I make damn sure I win, but I don't go seeking out the fight.

From your description it sounds like you are honestly on the path to a life of happiness. You're not there yet, since sex isn't plentiful yet, but you're moving in the right direction.

Recommended readings include:

u/Rufio-Rufio-RUFIO · 1 pointr/sexpertslounge

the key things that seem to unavoidably fade in long term relationships are tension and variety. there's a school of thought that postulates that we evolved to lose sexual interest after prolonged monogamy...the body's way of encouraging genetic diversity.

but if you do want to keep at this and try to relight the fire, may I recommend:

sounds cheesy I know, but if you do look into it, I'd like to know what you think.


u/WillyFistergasch · 1 pointr/TheRedPill

You can find pdfs with a quick Google search.

u/Valreddit99 · 1 pointr/TheRedPill

"TL;DR - Fuck her well and good and she'll want you more than she even thought she could."

This is a good read.

u/Squidward_On_Drugs · -1 pointsr/firstworldproblems

You should give him this.

u/Fucty_Artsy · -13 pointsr/sex

Niceguy2014, please don't do this. Give her a good pounding here and there, especially when she ovuluates. Many women won't admit it but they just need to be taken. Men going all caveman and having no reservations following their basic instinct are a huge turn on. If you don't provide it they'll probably going to get it from someone other. Read and . Also try being less of a nice guy and see how you're doing.