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u/emilcrafter · 126 pointsr/Showerthoughts
u/bitcrunch · 6 pointsr/blog

The second time I met Victoria (/u/chooter), she recommended Ready Player One and The Room to me. I'm not sure exactly what that says about her, but it's something good, I think :)

u/video_descriptionbot · 4 pointsr/Badfaketexts

Title | You're Tearing Me Apart, Lisa! - The Room (2003) - 4K (HD) Scene Clip
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u/sykilik101 · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Imagine a movie where the script makes no sense, whatsoever. Imagine a film where you're certain that they picked the actors off the street at random to play the roles. Imagine that some of the lines are so bad, so nonsensical, so bizarre that you wonder what the director was thinking when writing this. Imagine that there are scenes that literally serve no purpose to the movie. Imagine awkward twists, plot devices that are brought up and then instantly dropped seconds after they're presented, and an actor change mid-film, with no hint at it whatsoever, leaving you to wonder who the random guy in the film is. Imagine realizing that you could hire some of the best minds in Hollywood to purposely create a god-awful movie, and their best attempts couldn't match it. Imagine, as vividly as you can, being infuriated at the notion that you spent nearly 100 minutes of your life watching what you earnestly believe was the worst piece of garbage to ever be captured on film.

Then, imagine your realization that not only does its horribleness compel you to watch it again, but you are now among the surprisingly large group of individuals who are fans of what many consider to be the greatest worst movie of all time. The Room.

EDIT: Also, just surprise me if you pick me. :D

u/CummyBot2000 · 2 pointsr/copypasta

Sono Heya is a kind of obscure anime that came out in 2003 by an independent studio. It is a romantic tragedy anime about a banker, named Jounni, who has a perfect life with his fiancee in San Francisco. I think it might be the first anime to take place there. He has many friends, earns a lot of money, and has a fiancee, Risa, that loves him, or so he thinks. One day, while Jounni is at work, some NTR stuff goes on with Jounni's best friend Maruku. As the movie goes on, Jounni's life gets worse and worse. Several dark themes are brought up, like cancer, gang violence, drugs, and even suicide that really broke new ground. You can tell how carefully the director and the VAs were when making this. You can tell how enthusiastic and how much effort was put into this. The actors, they show emotion. The best scene, in my opinion, is when Jounni has to deal with false accusations of abuse, and finds his sanity deteriorating. It also has multiple uncensored sex scenes that are about en par with the sex scenes in Devilman: Crybaby. I wasn't really sure what the demographic was, since it's just such a masterpiece, until I read a book about how this was made called Saigai Geijutsuka. It follows the two main Voice Actors, the ones for Jounni and Maruku, who are best friends in real life and have been living together since the late 90's. I also found out from this book that Jounni's VA not only acted, but directed, wrote, and produced the film as well. His name is Tommi Wishiou. Despite the anime being critically acclaimed, it never did very well financially, and Tommi wasn't really hired for anything. So, I encourage you to buy the DVD from this site, since it's not on Crunchyroll.

If anyone else has seen this anime, let me know because I'd really like some suggestions for similar anime.

u/rachelrad · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Uhm, I LOVE that sweater!

For me, either these glasses, this movie, or this 100 trillion dollar bill. lol.

u/BillohRly · 2 pointsr/Documentaries

I thought the thumbnail was the cover for "The Room".

u/raddit-bot · 2 pointsr/FullMoviesOnline

| | |
|title|The Room|
|runtime|1 h 39 min|
|director|Tommy Wiseau|
|writer|Tommy Wiseau|
|actors|Tommy Wiseau, Juliette Danielle, Greg Sestero, Philip Haldiman|
|plot|A happy-go-lucky banker sees his world fall apart when his friends begin to betray him one-by-one.|
|imdb|link to imdb|
|consensus|A bona fide classic of midnight cinema, Tommy Wiseau's misguided masterpiece subverts the rules of filmmaking with a boundless enthusiasm that renders such mundanities as acting, screenwriting, and cinematography utterly irrelevant. You will never see a football the same way again.|
|DVD|DVD on amazon|
|youtube playcount|4,339|

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u/KingTheSon · 2 pointsr/gtaonline
u/sunchops · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Oh boy, scene from my favorite movie... Too many movies to count. Movies and music are my thing, I'm going to university for them. Anyway, I'd have to say that as of right now the most memorable scene from a movie that I've watched has to be in a French film called "The Science of Sleep."

In the particular scene I am thinking of, the main character is shaving and cuts himself. He then throws his electric razor and it comes alive, and "crawls" a little bit. He then appears at work with oversized hands working on illustrations as papers begin to fly around the office as if there is a wind. He then fights his coworkers, runs into his bosses office to confront him where he catches him having an affair with an employee. The boss stands up and yells at the main character, the main character reaches into his pocket and pulls out the razor from before, it has turned into a spider which he immediately drops and it runs over to the boss causing him to fall out of his seat. He then falls out of the office window. The main character runs over to the window only to see everything outside is in a quaint artsy craftsy style, with toy cars and pop up book style buildings. He then takes over the office and has an affair with the employee. He jumps out the window and begins to swim through the air as if he is under water. He then wakes up. All of it was just a dream.

That's just a rough memory of the scene, but I think I got most of it. This movie is brilliant, and that scene has stuck with me more so than any other scene from any other film I've ever watched. I don't know quite why, I guess its the sort of surreal feel of the scene, and well the movie as a whole. I've always enjoyed the things that are bizarre, and fresh. This movie is just a really unique idea. I just found it thoroughly enjoyable. I'd suggest giving it a look if you get a chance.

This is what I would enjoy very much if I were to win. I know it is an awfully done movie, but I can't help but laugh everytime I watch it. It's so funny, especially when watching with friends.

u/brahbocop · 1 pointr/movies

Tommy is pretty insistent that people watch it in groups. He doesn't sell it digitally. You'd have to buy a DVD on Amazon. It's worth every penny.

u/JiliK · 1 pointr/ireland

You can order it direct from Amazon US. €17.12 including shipping.

u/dustinjwcook · 1 pointr/funny

For my money it doesn't get better than <a href="">The Room</a>

u/IguanaGrrl · 0 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

(Though The Room is definitely a close third, hahah.)