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u/giedosst · 15 pointsr/Bass

Try the D’Addario ETB92 nylon wrapped flatwounds. They are a fantastic string with a nice mid range, normal gauge and lower tension then most flats. I have a 5 string set on my fretless gwb-35 they are wonderful. These strings are my sound!

D’Addario ETB92

u/giubaloo · 8 pointsr/Bass

What absolutely horrible advice. A MIM jazz is absolutely a huge step up from a GSR200. Upgrading from a beginner Ibanez to a MIA jazz bass is like upgrading from an old Honda Accord to a Maserati.

OP, get a MIM jazz bass. Or, if you want to experiment, try a Squier VM Jazz Bass and upgrade the tuning pegs and put some quarter pounders in it. And while you're at it I'd recommend trying these strings. They are inexpensive, sound pretty good and will do just fine for standard or Drop D tuning.

u/strolls · 5 pointsr/technology

I guess it depends what they're selling. If you wanted to set up as a specialist selling, say, guitar strings you'd be disadvantaged against Amazon. It gives Amazon a 7% advantage against the mall or retail in general. And there may be other online merchants who are based in SC but who were not big enough to attract such an exemption, or who were founded there so were never "headhunted" with tax breaks.

u/becomearobot · 5 pointsr/Guitar

So the bad news is all that shit you did to the bridge probably fucked up the intonation pretty bad. You might want to run through setting the guitar up as if it had just come from the factory. Or take it into a shop and have them do it which will cost some money.

The good news is you probably just need a lighter gauge of string. Something like this will set you straight

u/Fattitude · 5 pointsr/rocksmith
u/Rogerwilco1974 · 5 pointsr/rocksmith

I have had two sets of DR Neon 10-46 on my beloved PRS SE245 and they match the colours on the game strings. As a musically challenged nerd, I love that!

I've had 2 sets of them, because I think they look awesome! I still suck, however, but that's down to me, not the strings ;)

u/silence-speaks · 5 pointsr/Guitar

Amazon has D'Addario EXL 10 pack for $20.

Guitar Center has the acoustic 12 pack for $25.

u/alkanetexe · 4 pointsr/Bass

Standard gauge is made for E-standard tuning, so dropping to D with a standard set of strings will leave you with a slightly-looser-than-normal lowest string.

Moving one gauge up for the lowest string (e.g. from 105 up to 110 as /u/ir1dium mentioned) will give you standard tension when tuned to D, and slightly tighter tension when tuned up to E.

Personally, I really like Ernie Ball Slinkies, excellent tone-to-price ratio in my experience. The Hybrid Slinkies are my favorite for normal tuning and the occasional drop-D jamming, but if you really want that .110, you can order a custom gauge set through Bass Strings Online (a highly reputable site run by a well-known face over at

EDIT: So I meant to make the point earlier, that string gauge is pretty much up to your preference of how much tension you want on the lowest string. Also, /u/glubaloo mentioned trying the D'Addarios, which are also really good strings, and tend to come a bit cheaper than EB Slinkies.

u/Bohnanza · 4 pointsr/Guitar

A good setup will help. You can do this yourself, and it will help you "bond" with the guitar.

Personally, I think Strats are best with 9s. I feel like Ernie Ball Super Slinkies are pretty much the perfect match. A set is like 5 bucks so it is cheap to try.

I am not sure what to say about the pickups, but really the Signature Strat Sound is from single-coils

u/servingjuryduty · 4 pointsr/rocksmith

Here's something that'll be a great stocking stuffer that most people don't know about: Guitar strings that are the same colors as those in the game. They work great:

u/MBAH2017 · 3 pointsr/Guitar

Have you tried coated strings? Elixer makes strings with a polymer coating that does a pretty good job of isolating them from the ravages of the elements. They don't sound worse, and last a good amount longer.

u/KeepSwinging · 3 pointsr/Guitar

It is a classical guitar. They use a mix of nylon and wound(metal) strings so don't be alarmed. If you go into a music shop just ask for classical guitar strings and get something reasonably priced and decent, here's some good ones. You can pay a shop to change the strings for you, usually goes for around 20 bucks, or you can try it yourself by following a video like this

u/[deleted] · 3 pointsr/Bass

Went through this whole dilemma this past week. I'm not the most experienced but I learned that the strings are definitely going to go with what you want to play.

The three kinds of strings you have are: round, half-round, and flat. They'll all give you different tones. Flat strings will give you a warmer and more mellow tone and round will give you a cooler and more traditional tone.

Since you're playing the following sitations

  • Jazz band, pep, and the pit for school
  • Your youth group
  • Your band

    I'd recommend going with round or half-round as you have a diversity to play. I've only played with rounds and flats, so I can't speak for the half. You'll also want to decide on a material, but just to be safe: choose nickel. It's common and you can't go wrong with it.

    So I'll give you something good, but just take it as a recommendation, not a law or anything. Get these. They're cheap, but damn good. They'll get the job done. Just remember that the genre you play influences what strings you should get. I'm learning all this. Playing with some of my first flatwounds, and it's interesting. Best of luck to you!
u/coohkie · 3 pointsr/EdSheeran
u/pandablunt · 3 pointsr/Bass

Roundwounds for sure. Brand is all about your preference really. Some of those bands use drop tunings (D/Db) so you may want to consider a slightly thicker gauge for the low E. Just keep in mind that thicker gauge generally equals harder to play but gives you a thicker tone. Personally I'm a fan of D'Addario and would suggest These.

You can toggle between some of the different gauges on there if you don't like those.

Best of luck!

u/thepensivepoet · 3 pointsr/Guitar

The thickest gauge string in your set is for your low E string.

This video will have all the information you need on how to remove the bridge pin and replacing the string.

It's worth pointing out that the strings you have there are intended to be used on an electric guitar. You can put them on an acoustic but they're going to be a bit lighter/thinner than an acoustic guitar set and lacking a bit of the volume and color that a set of strings designed for acoustic guitars would have.

These are the basic acoustic strings from the same manufacturer.

u/snowball_in_hell · 3 pointsr/Guitar

D'Addario EJ16 are crisp and sparkly on my Yamaha APX500.

u/bovinitysupreme · 3 pointsr/Guitar
u/franktheguy · 3 pointsr/pics

I don't mean to nitpick here, but these are the silk and steel strings I am familiar with:

They are intended for use on a regular steel-string acoustic guitar. According to the manufacturer, they are made with tin-plated steel core wire and silver-plated copper compound wrap wire.

Classical strings are quite different.

Strings 6, 5, & 4 are silver (or bronze) wound around a fiberous core, with strings 3, 2, & 1 in clear nylon.

u/I_SHAVDMYBALLS_4THIS · 3 pointsr/Bass

And they're cheap. AND apparently you can set them up as a recurring purchase on Amazon! Oh amazon, how I love you.

u/DPSnacks · 3 pointsr/Guitar

Anywhere haha, Amazon / / Guitar Center

u/Nullkek · 3 pointsr/Guitar

Try these. I used D'Addarios on my acoustic for years and years, and then finally made the switch to these. They last a lot longer and make your guitar sound a few hundred dollars more expensive, at least.

u/magikker · 3 pointsr/Bass

20 - Fender's take on it.

30 - Rotosound's

30 - D'Addario's

25 + S&H - GHS's

45 - LaBella

u/ChuckEye · 3 pointsr/Guitar

I put a set of Rev. Willy's .008's on one of my guitars recently. It's…interesting. I'd thought about buying their .007's, but didn't have the guts.

But overall I'm liking the 8's well enough. Just took a little getting used to playing with a lighter touch. (Not so much that I'll put them on all my guitars just yet, but it was an interesting and inexpensive experiment to try.)

u/toymachinesh · 3 pointsr/rocksmith I've heard the colour wears off pretty quickly

u/dan1361 · 3 pointsr/Bass

I have never been as attached to a set of flats as I have these. They last quite the while for $40.

u/dumbcollegekid · 2 pointsr/AcousticGuitar

Take everything with a grain of salt, including this. But here's what I would tell "beginner me" if I could go back in time.

Technical Information: I think this is too often overlooked in beginner lessons.

  • Use light gauge strings 12-53 (example). Even after 4 years, medium gauge is hard for me to play on. It will hurt your fingers a lot.
  • Learn how to change strings properly.
  • Tune your guitar with an app before you play, almost every time.
  • Get a capo (example). You will encounter songs that are unplayable without one, and it's also easier to play with a capo on because it brings the strings closer to the fretboard.

    Music Stuff: Videos, videos, videos

  • Youtube will have everything. Watch "beginner" lessons, choose whichever you are most interested in.
  • Be super patient. It will be worth it, but acoustic guitar is kind of difficult to play. Nothing changes overnight, but you do get a rush every time you get part of a song right.
  • Learn how to read tabs. It's easy, and there's a million of them.

    Have fun!
u/derb · 2 pointsr/Epiphone

They are colour coded to the string colours in Rocksmith 2014 as I'm using that to learn how to play.

u/C11H17N2O2SNa · 2 pointsr/rocksmith

If you have a guitar you don't mind having colorful strings on, these DR strings ( have the same color scheme as rocksmith.

u/SergeantMyst · 2 pointsr/classicalguitar

Sorry for replying so late. Haven't been at my PC so I couldn't link the strings easily. I usually play on the EJ46C's ( but if you're more of a beginner I'd recommend learning on something like EJ45's ( They have a lower tension which makes it easier to play clearly.

u/larsskynyrd79 · 2 pointsr/Bass

For the DI, I use the standard one. It's ridiculous how much of a difference it makes in your tone. You can get a huge range of different tones on it. I can even make my 4003 w/ flats on it sound insanely funky if I play with the bridge pickup with the tone all the way up, and the treble/high-mids boosted on my amp and DI. I always suspected I needed one but put it off for a while due to the price. Once I finally coughed up the money for one, I called myself an idiot for not having bought it any sooner.

And right now I actually have a pair of old D'Addario flats on my ric, but I plan to buy some TI's pretty soon. I'm not exactly sure what flats are the absolute "best" for the ric, but I've seen people recommend these quite often so I'm excited to get some in and deaden them up soon.

u/BionicSammich · 2 pointsr/guitars

Lol, thanks. My advice is to try a few sets of strings over time and decide what ones you like best. D'Addario, ErnieBall, Gibson, Fender etc. All of those are great brands. I use ErnieBall Cobalt regular 10s on my Gibsons. They are a little bit expensive, but they seem to last the longest for me. Take a look at these and the strings /u/Pokegamer posted. Those are probably the two most popular sets. You can also get both in a 9 gauge too if you want something thinner.

u/DavidMakesTunes · 2 pointsr/Guitar

The same 10-pack at Sam Ash is being sold for $40 and usually goes for $50+ at brick-and-mortar locations. Definitely shop around and make the bulk purchase work for you.

Here is what I bought today for under $30.

u/Gomets51 · 2 pointsr/cuba

The guitarists there play almost exclusively classical or Spanish-style acoustic guitars. I wasn't sure before I went, so I brought some metal and some nylon strings. The nylon ones were far and away more appreciated, as most of the musicians who I encountered didn't have much use for the metal strings (what most strumming guitarists in Western music use). You'll want to look for sets labeled "tie end", as "ball end" strings didn't seem to be as common (though they can still be used). Here are a few options on Amazon:




There are some more options at varying price levels, but those are for sure safe bets. If you have a Guitar Center or local music shop nearby there will absolutely be somebody knowledgeable there who can help you if you're still stuck. I promise that whatever you bring will be much appreciated!

u/dr150 · 2 pointsr/Guitar

Use the D'addario 11-56--SPECIFICALLY marketed for D Standard.

I use this on my D Standard LP and works out great as promised. Very highly reviewed by drop tuners:

u/MyLittleEye · 2 pointsr/rocksmith

I also invested in slightly heavier gauge, (medium) DR NEON Hi-Def MULTI-COLOR Medium · Electric Guitar Strings. They've really helped starting out, particularly since, after much umming and aahhing I decided to invert the strings in Rocksmith to better match with the tab I'm also teaching myself with. I also believe the medium gauge strings deliver a stronger signal to the pickups and hold their pitch better as I grapple and squeeze too hard at unfamiliar chords. Sure they might be slightly harder to bend but they're still featherweight compared to even the light strings I'm using to teaching myself elsewhere on my Gretsch Jim Dandy Acoustic. The Neon strings are a bit gaudy, must be said and I think, once I get around to changing them again they'll have served their purpose and I'll get some Elixirs perhaps.

u/ylph · 2 pointsr/Guitar

There are a bunch of manufacturers selling 0.007 single strings that you can use to make your own set, for example D'Addario

Dunlop even has a whole 7-38 set, quite cheap too.

u/the_fake_banksy · 2 pointsr/videos

These are the exact strings he uses.

u/IWannaCuddleUrButt · 2 pointsr/BassStrings

Yeh they make big fat 52-110 ones too.

I feel like those would turn my bass into a bow and arrow tho.

u/Rougarou423 · 2 pointsr/rocksmith

There's always these.

I intended to purchase these for my first string change but after three weeks I don't hesitate on what color = what string. as /u/Aircommando12 said, it might be easier for me since i'm a wet-behind-the-ears newbie.

u/TheStonedImmaculate · 2 pointsr/rocksmith

Looks like they are on sale on amazon for about 9 dollars a pack.

u/IllBeBocc · 2 pointsr/AcousticGuitar

I don't own a seagull, although it's the next guitar on my list. I always like Elixer Lights, polyweb coating. I love the way they feel. I'll link them if you need it. Link

u/anteaterhighonants · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

happy pumpkin day, the_cakema!


u/P0rtable_Panda · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Only doing Akeleie's demands because I know it annoys her.

Most geeky - Hylian Shield - On figures and geeky stuff WL

Item which would most help a goal - Guitar strings so I can finally try to teach myself to play. - On default WL

Best item to bring to a deserted island - portal gun...duh - On figures and geeky stuff WL

I don't actually want any of that stuff cos it's expensive, I only entered to annoy /u/Akeleie

u/EGOtyst · 2 pointsr/guitarlessons

Honestly it barely matters...

People have their brand loyalty, etc, but for a beginner, there is little difference. I'd go with light strings, because it's a bit easier on your fingers when starting out. Here are a few selections from three top brands.

Also, don't let restringing them be daunting. You tube has around a million tutorials for it, and it really isn't that hard.

You can download easy apps for free on your smartphone to use as a tuner, too.

Happy pickin

Martin strings

Ernie ball (6 sets)

D'addario 3 pack (super popular brand)

u/tsomwaifenba · 2 pointsr/Guitar

Okay, If the top of the guitar(headstock) looks like this:


It's A nylon string. If it looks like this:


You've got yourself a steel string guitar.

If you've got nylon strings, then your best bet is to buy nylon strings:


...and if steel string, then something like this:


This is all on the assumption that your Franciscan has a big hole under the strings.
If it's solid, then go for electric guitar strings. As for the sixth string, the sixth string is the thinnest string in the pack. Although it would be worth replacing them all as the strings will probably be a bit old and tatty anyway.

u/Kalzenith · 2 pointsr/Guitar

I don't really remember but I'm fairly sure it was these Daddario 80/20's

u/Gearward · 1 pointr/Entrepreneur

Is guitar strings an example of a product, or the one you plan on selling? Because just a quick google search, that looks like a brutal market to compete in. Made in USA strings on Amazon for less than $4.

Not to mention, assuming even a massive profit margin of $3.90 per $4 set of strings, you'd still need to sell 1,000 units a month to maintain a middle class lifestyle. And that's a lot of units for a semi-durable product with lots of competition.

u/Adeno · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Oh I hope things would get better for you :O Try to relax a little bit I hope, too much stress and worrying will just make things worse X_X

A little pack of guitar strings would be useful for when I'd have to replace the old strings on my guitar :D

Here's Godzilla Junior aka Minya :D

Here's an overly joyful turtle eating a strawberry lol :D I want my own turtle now so we could munch on strawberries together :D

u/Jurss · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

omfg candroth

It's a new experience, you might like it, you probably will :D


u/GS4UCE · 1 pointr/Bass

I've been using these Flatwounds for a year and a half and love them.

u/rlee0001 · 1 pointr/guitarlessons

Guitar, Amp, Instrument Cable, Headphones, Auto-Tuner, Metronome, Capo, Picks, Strings, Stand, Strap, Bag, String Winder, Polish & Cloth

Don't make them spend more than ~$200 on this. Consider pitching on for some of the accessories at least (though be aware that some of them are quite necessary right off the bat, such as a tuner).

You won't be able to appreciate the difference between a $100 guitar and a $5000 guitar by sound for at least a year and just to get started you need a bunch of supplies (see list above) and the cost adds up quick.

The guitar won't break unless you abuse it. Squier instruments are decent. In fact, you could even get something like a First Act at Walmart for under $100 and still not be able to appreciate the difference for quite a while.

u/Kiyiko · 1 pointr/Guitar

It's not for every product, but many will give you a 15% discount to subscribe to auto purchase of strings every X months

u/gfragozo · 1 pointr/guitarlessons

Ddario make very good stings, additionally if you have a smartphone they have tuner apps. I use gStrings for android. Try out different picks, they all have differences, I use Dunlop nylons .73, they are soft enough for fast strumming and still strong for solos plus they are very durable. I only had to buy some more because They get lost easily.

u/FatFingerHelperBot · 1 pointr/cuba

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I will extend those so they're easier for our sausage fingers to click!

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u/SaveLivesGetLaid · 1 pointr/Guitar

I use these on my acoustic. 12's are pretty standard (even though it's labeled as "light") and Daddario is a pretty reputable company although there are others too if you want to shop around. And the price is right.

As you learn more, later on if you want to go heavier/lighter or whatever you can, but I would start here.

u/No_Hands_55 · 1 pointr/Bass

would you choose these over the Rotosound?

and does heavy just mean lower tones, and light means brighter?

does stainless steel vs nickel make a difference?

u/PinkFloydJoe · 1 pointr/pinkfloyd

Yeah, I'm using D'Addario EXP16 Strings. Some of those whole step bends in the opening solo are pretty tough!

u/bverde536 · 1 pointr/Guitar

Phosphor bronze strings are pretty much the standard acoustic sound. Make sure you buy the same gauge of string that your guitar is set up for (probably light gauge). I use D'Addario EXP Lights.

u/b0jangles · 1 pointr/Guitar

The high e on that is probably a 12. Any set of light gauge acoustic strings (12s) would work fine. I like D'Addario. Change all of the strings at the same time. If you only change one it'll sound weird because they mellow over time and you'll have one really bright sounding string.

u/tmwrnj · 1 pointr/Guitar

Leave your pickups alone and buy a bulk pack of strings. Guitar strings need changing after just a few weeks of playing. Strings become very dull-sounding as they accumulate dirt and corrosion. They lose the ability to intonate properly as they stretch unevenly and flat spots develop where the string meets the fret. Regular string changes are absolutely crucial if you want your guitar to play well and sound good.

If you can't be bothered with frequent string changes, buy some coated strings - they're more expensive, but they last for months rather than weeks.

u/SilverEyepatch · 1 pointr/Guitar

So as a beginner at acoustic guitar with the strings in the link you sent me, which ones would you recommend, the light, or the medium? :)

u/shark1337 · 1 pointr/Guitar

Thanks! Is this the set of strings you meant?

u/Krogan911 · 1 pointr/rocksmith

Should I change the stock stings? Do these.look alright -- Ernie Ball 2221 Regular Slinky Nickel Wound Set (10 - 46)

u/nijoli · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I am having a fantastic day because my foster dog (who has bad emotional problems) FINALLY let me give him a bath without thrashing around and trying to bite me. He was so brave!

At least you've got Mitch. What does it mean??

I would really like these guitar strings that have free shipping and are under $4. They are a NEED and a want, as well. Thanks for the contest!

oh, shoot. those are an add on. How about these sticks

u/foggyepigraph · 1 pointr/Guitar

One string set you might want to consider is the EXP Coated Phosphor Bronze. Here are links to the 11's, 12's, and 13's on Amazon. The coating helps with string life, and it also helps the strings not go through that overly bright period when you first put them on. The EXP's are more expensive, but the lifetime really makes it worth it, so if you tend to not change your strings every month, these are great.

Note that the 11's are called "custom light" by D'Addario, the 12's are "light", and the 13's are "medium". The 11's and 12's would be more for fingerstyle (though there are some fingerstyle players who go really heavy) and the 12's and 13's would be more for flatpicking (again, there are exceptions). The 11's and 12's should sound great on your Yamaha for a variety of styles. Good luck!

u/guttermonkey · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

As an aspiring Rockstar myself (not really, I haven't even touched my equipment in months) I could use some new guitar strings for the beat up acoustic.

u/tacoenthusiast23 · 1 pointr/Bass

So you have a fender p bass with the standard roundwound strings. Based on what you've said about your physical abilities, this might be the worst combination for you and it's what I was afraid you were going to say tbh. A precision bass has a thicker neck and a wider width near the nut than many other basses. Not only that but you're playing a full scale bass with no offset body on high tension roundwounds. If you've had it for a week, it might still be possible to return it from where you bought it and look into a short scale, but anyway, I'm going to link you some products to look into. Starting with strings and working into different guitars that might be a better fit for you. If you have a squier P, I'm assuming you don't have a huge budget, so we're going to keep it relatively affordable. Keep in mind a luthier could also help you set the action and stuff on your bass to make it easier to play.

First some different strings. These nylon strings have a lower tension than roundwounds and offer an old school thumpy sound. The best part is that unless you break a string, you will never need to replace a string and these will get better with age.

D'Addario ETB92 Tapewound Bass Guitar Strings, Medium, 50-105, Long Scale

Now I'm going to show you some basses. Most of these will be available at guitar center or a similar music store and I'll give you some quick bits to help you out.

If you want to soldier on with full scale I'd recommend at least getting something with a smaller neck that will be easier for your hands to handle. Jazz basses have smaller necks, and typically any of their PJ basses and jaguars do too. This might make it easier and is worth a shot

Now we're going to get into short scales.

The bronco bass is one of the cheapest new basses you can buy, but they sound pretty good and have pretty decent build quality for the price. It's possible to upgrade the factory pickup with a blade stole guitar pickup. It's cheap, looks good and plays well too. Most importantly, it's short.

The squier Jaguar short scale is the next step up. Two pickups, really killer looks, a more contoured body, a skinny neck and a short scale. These are pretty rad but I don't know if they still make them, you might have to buy a used one.

The hofner violin bass is known for being used by Paul McCartney, but what's really important here is that this bass has a small body, a short scale and a teeny tiny neck. Idk if you've seen paul but he's just a really tiny dude making that bass look normal sized. I'm fairly certain very young kids could play it comfortably. They sound really cool. It's a little pricy but they are much cheaper used, and rogue makes their own version that's very affordable and decent. They sound killer with flats.

Gretsch isn't a brand I'm super familiar with but I've never picked one up and thought it felt like a cheap piece of shit. They're very nice instruments all around with their own unique sound. Plus their short scale has a really awesome distinct tone and it looks fantastic. I'm seeing these used for less than 200 bucks all over the place.

Edit: forgot to add the kala u bass. I've heard tons of great things about these. They sound awesome and they're tons of fun to play. And they're tiny. They actually are the size of a ukulele but with the sound of a big boy bass. I had a blast with one when I tried it and playing them is so easy.

Anyway, go to your local big music store and see what they have, and ask about these specific guitars. I don't want you to give up on this, especially since the first week is the hardest part anyway. I spent my first week playing "come as you are" over and over and telling myself I was cool. You're already off to a great start. As far as playing comfortably, my other advice is to make sure to have your thumb on the back of the neck, not on top, and to try to keep your wrist perpendicular to the fretboard instead of at a weird angle. If you do decide to take lessons, it's very possible that your teacher will work with you adjusting your technique to your body's limitations. But until then, look at some short scales and stuff, have fun and don't hurt yourself.

u/jeffrrw · 1 pointr/AmItheAsshole

ESH but in reality the worst offenders are the parents ... OP cut up her bras and we cannot assume that they were high dollar value custom fits bras from /r/ABraThatFits. A casual amazon search yields a pack of 3 sports bras for ~$10. That's approximately $25 in bras at a minimum. Looking at acoustic guitar strings on amazon yields a pack at $14. On a monetary aspect, he is definitely more to blame and OP you are an asshole for that.

Now here is why the parents are the worst offenders... Who in their right mind allows conflict where they are destroying one another's property? If she is coming in and barking up and down that he needs to stop playing without politely asking, she sounds incredibly entitled, no? When she didn't apologize, this allowed his anger to fester and being younger he got home earlier and lashed out? A 17 year old, where women mature faster than men, should not be destroying property, whining to her parents etc... They both should be able to communicate their anger and frustration in a constructive manner and all of this leads to poor parenting because they were not taught how to.

Then the over reaction without any penalization on the daughters part for attacking OP in lieu of calmly talking about it show they are the worst offenders. Further enabling this behavior on both parts.

u/browsingtheproduce · 1 pointr/guitars

It would really help to have pictures and brand/model information. This probably isn't a big deal you can almost definitely save it and you can probably do so without spending more than $60. The idea that it's bad to store a guitar without strings is really only true of older acoustic guitars. Electric guitars are built to be adjustable. As long as there weren't heavy boxes stacked on top of it, sitting in a closet won't have caused any lasting damage.

My advice would be to share a few pictures of it here so someone can verify that there's not any obvious damage and then take it to a guitar store (most non-Guitar Center shops also do repairs or can refer you to a repair shop) and let them know it's been sitting in a closet for 8 years and ask them to string and set it up. They'll clean it, string and intonate (make sure all of the fretted notes are in tune) it, and adjust the neck and string height. Basically make it as playable as possible. You'll get it back in a couple days and be good to go. Most shops charge $40-60 for a set up.


Alternately, Just buy a pack of strings, find a "how to string a guitar" tutorial on YouTube, get the Boss Tuner app on your phone, and go nuts. You can screw around with it to see if you want to play and then invest some money in getting a professional set up if it seems like something you might want to pursue.

u/remembertosmilebot · 1 pointr/guitars

Did you know Amazon will donate a portion of every purchase if you shop by going to instead? Over $50,000,000 has been raised for charity - all you need to do is change the URL!

Here are your smile-ified links:


^^i'm ^^a ^^friendly bot

u/Mental33 · 1 pointr/Guitar

If you are looking for steel strings. Check out a set of Martin Silk and Steel.

u/unforgiven60 · 1 pointr/Guitar

Like others have said, try to find the heaviest gauge you can.

If you have other guitars, it is better to down tune that low on a guitar with a longer scale length.

These might work

u/DanLer · 1 pointr/Guitar

I use these for my E-standard tuned guitar:

You can go even thinner with the Extra Slinkys if you want, but the Super Slinkys are already quite easy on the fingers.

u/Urquhart96 · 1 pointr/Guitar

I’m an idiot my bad...
Yes that is the right guitar. I was thinking might cause some issues, too much tension etc.
These are the strings I’m looking at.

D'Addario EXL148 XL Nickel Wound Extra Heavy (.012-.060) Electric Guitar Strings

u/bazoid · 1 pointr/translator

I am trying to buy some guitar strings on Amazon and I found this image on this product page. I had been trying to figure out what the difference is between the two types of strings pictured, and this image appears to explain, but it's in Japanese. If someone could translate it would be really helpful - thanks!

u/giggidywarlock · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon


I love being able to portray certain characters. What I would love to do is be able to have a full Doctor Who cosplay of a Cyberman, or a Tron cosplay of Sam Flynn with the full LEDs and whatnot.

The ultimate costume, though, would be an Iron Man suit, considering that he is my favorite super hero.

I could use some new strings for my guitar considering that the ones I've had are starting to wear down.

u/sangandongo · 1 pointr/Vintageguitars

Buy this: - Line it up with the points in the F-holes, roughly.

And buy a set of these:

String them up to tension. It doesn't have to be perfect, but it needs to counter the tension the truss rod is exerting on the neck from the inside. I don't know whether it's been warped or bowed without inspecting it personally, but you could take a ruler or another straight edge and lay its center over the 12th fret (the one with double dots). If it rocks or has a big gap underneath, like a bridge, you know there's tension from the truss.

Try it again after the guitar has been strung up. You would need to use the thin edge of the ruler and place it between the strings once you've strung it up to know.

Good luck. Feel free to PM me or reply to this if you have more questions. I can help and am happy to do so in the spirit of keeping vintage instruments in good shape.

u/winkelschleifer · 1 pointr/Bass

Thomastik Infeld are among the more expensive but IMHO the finest flatwound strings around. Silky smooth, they last forever. Great old school vibe in my view.

check out the product and the reviews at the bottom of the page:

u/Soiledmahpants · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I need this so I can play/sing you a song when I get it!


u/trapped_in_jonhamm · 1 pointr/guitarlessons

I got these and it made a huge difference in sound quality. Restringing is simple to do yourself (use youtube), so don't pay someone at guitar center to do it for you.

I just started playing myself about four months ago, so I know the feeling of being totally lost.

edit: used is also a good avenue to look at. as for what to look for in a used guitar, I am not entirely sure :p

u/Crozzzy · 1 pointr/Guitar

Well, I'm a bit late replying, but I suppose it's better late than never.

In the video Pete is using both a micro guitar and hilariously thing strings (7-38
So realistically, unless you're gonna use both of them, I don't see it happening on a full size guitar sadly.

u/Hunterlanier03 · 1 pointr/Guitar

a lot of those bands use guitars like Les Pauls and SGs with a HH pick up configuration. i personally would point you toward the epiphone Les Paul or SG. They are made from mahogany which will give you a darker sound for heaver stuff. this is an epiphone SG that would kick ass for your first guitar or a cheaper one here that would work alright, on the les paul side here is a great one
but for a cheaper one i would recommend this one . however, the same guitar comes with a bundle with an amp and everything to get you started for 200$ here . also because your going to be getting into guitars im going to point you to some places for you to learn how to to play and reliable places to buy stuff from

for lessons

for guitar tabs

to learn how to read a tab

places to buy stuff <it works but i would not use it as my primary for guitar stuff

also try to stay away from guitar center until you have a good knowledge base or they might just rip you off. Sam ash is a good store and any localy owned shop will probably do you good. if you live in the Atlanta GA area i highly recommend Ken Stanton Music but they only have 5 stores :(

oh yeah also your going to need to replace guitar strings when you do buy one (well you don't need to but i would do it) so here is a video on how to do that . now your going to have to buy new strings at some point. The 2 brands i highly recommend is daddario and erine ball (i personally like daddario) a pack of string from them is like 5-6$. now strings come in different sizes for beginners i would recommend a set of 9s like these or these . just follow the video on how to replace strings and you will be good.

you will need a tuner also. for a beginner i would get on that clips on the head stock like this one also with that you need to learn what notes to tune a guitar to E standard tuning is EADGBE (Eddie Ate Dynamite Good Bye Eddie) but with your music taste you are going to need to learn E flat and Drop D aswell. E flat is (Eb,Ab,Db,Gb,Bb,Eb) and drop D is just E standard with the 6th string tuned down to D (DADGBE). any way that should be enough to push you in the right direction for learning guitar. hope it works out for you. if you have questions you can just PM me or something.

u/ihabtom · 1 pointr/metalguitar

I use 10-52's for Drop C#, so just a half stop down the rest of the strings.

If you're tuning do D Standard, check these out. I'm ordering a few pair this week to try out for Drop B.

u/stabsthedrama · 1 pointr/7String

I don't think I've had a string break on me in probably 5 or 6 years with any brand, and even then it was wayyyy after they should have been changed. I play a LOT too, and strum aggressively. I don't get how people have it happen to be honest, except for the occasional fluke/bad string maybe?

Anyway, yes - D'addario's hold their tone the longest, and best. DR's have nice tone but don't last worth a shit, elixirs just have a weird fake feel to them and subsequent weird fake sounding tone, and Ernie balls are just kinda there - not too bad not too great,but a cheap option that is available anywhere.

I use exl 117's - they're an add-on item but are crazy cheap, but you can also choose music123 as the seller (or others) and they're still under $5 with free shipping. I then just add a .066 for my 7th string (drop G) that I buy like 5 of at a time from I personally don't like too much of a difference between the top 3 and bottom 3, and this set gives you a nice transition between all of them, instead of having a sharp dropoff between the bottom and top 3 like with some other sets (skinny top heavy bottom type sets)

u/markedConundrum · 1 pointr/guitars

Tell them you'll string the guitar, and that you just want the fretwork. Ask them for a detailed description of what they're going to do to your guitar's fretboard (say it's because you're curious or whatever, just get them to humor you). The key is to understand enough about the service that you can learn more about it on your own time. My guess is that they're overcharging you by trying to do more to your guitar than you asked for.

If it sounds like you could do it yourself and you're confident, then proceed to do it yourself with internet guidance -- you'll absolutely learn something. If it doesn't, come back and tell us what they told you. I'm gonna guess that they're looking to do unnecessary work on your starter guitar. Hell, I'd just buy a new guitar (without accessories) for that cost and try doing repairs on the old one by myself. You should definitely try to string the guitar yourself; that's not too hard to do. It should take you maybe a few hours on your first stringing; buy two packs of strings (I'd recommend light D'Addario's, (but experiment!) like so:

You shouldn't have to lie to a guy to get him to give you proper service. New players are worthy of respect, too.

u/Nubadopolis · 0 pointsr/Guitar

FWIW, when I strictly played acoustic, I would swear by Elixir Polywebs. They have a very smooth feel to them & they sound very good IMO.

Give them a shot. I think you'll dig them.

u/ejrado · 0 pointsr/rocksmith

I recently changed my strings to Ernie Ball 09 ( and that seems to make my bends better.

u/flowm3ga · -2 pointsr/Guitar

Get a set of these. They won't instantly make fretting painless, but it'll feel a whole lot better and the strings last longer. Best of luck!