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u/DinkaAnimalLover · 46 pointsr/Rabbits

OMG what wonderful kind people you are!!! Thank you for rescuing him! Who could have kept that sweet face locked up in a shed?!

How long have you had him for now?

In case you are a new bunny parent and need any tips or ideas take a look at the little guide on care I assembled below - it is a it long but quite thorough. I really tried to include all the info a new bunny parent might want into this guide...


Poor sweetheart look a little sad... I am so happy he has you now! Try to spend a lot of time on the floor with him if you can. You don't have to drop everything and be with him, just see if you can do some of the things you usually do on the floor.. he will love the company and it will make him feel happier and less lonely.

I am guessing his situation was far from ideal and he is understandably unsure and weary of people. But with some patience, the right approach and diligence you can change that. :)

What works best with bunnies is always always letting them come to you instead of you going to them... silly as it is, that is what makes them feel most secure around anyone who is trying to bond with them. The best way to encourage them to do this is another silly thing - get on the floor. Literally just sprawl out and do your own thing and wait for him to come and explore you (I promise he will if you are patient). On the floor you are on his own level and you feel both safe and curious for them explore.

I would honestly suggest trying to really focus for the next few week on spending lots of time on the floor with him when you are home. Anything you usually do just do it on the floor. The floor is their level and where they feel the safest and that is best for bonding. Sprawl out and let him hop all over you. Watch TV on the floor and lean against the sofa for comfort or even when you are on your laptop. Basically just make a real effort to spend lots of time with him on the floor for a couple weeks and see if that makes a difference I think it will. :) Always let him come to you on his own terms when he feels safe, don't reach for him if you feel like he is not feeling safe in that moment (kind of anticipate his feelings)... some greens will help make you feel more inviting and attractive, and over time you will be able to pet him while he is eating, and then he will learn that humans mean yummies and they are safe and he will pop by for pets from you more often. :)

Watch a couple videos below: - great video - another good video

It's really about the amount of time you spend around and with your bunny on his level (the floor) - the more the better.. The food is not a way to bond, but something that initially helps lure him to you to learn more about you and what to expect from - this of it this way… To bond with the bunny, grab some treats (I suggest cilantro or small pieces of dried apple) and sit on the floor in the same room as the bunny. Spend lots of time on the ground with it in spaced out sessions. Just read or watch Netflix, and wait for the bun to come to you. Eventually, he will probably come up and sniff you all over. Sit still and let him do that, then he'll hop away. The next time he comes, offer him treats from your hand. Repeat several times, just sitting and waiting for him to come get treats. When he's comfortable with that, and maybe flopping or binkying in your presence and close to you, reach out and pet his head as he is eating a treat. Almost all rabbits love having their heads pet/massaged. If you're lucky, after a while He'll be coming to you and asking for it by putting his head near your hand.


He might also really like some things to explore and play with in his space. I'll share my favorites below:

Bunnies like exporting type toys - a tunnel, cardboard houses, willow and hay balls, chews, and treat puzzles . The two thread below have examples:


Also a couple suggestions below that are my personal favorites and all buns tend to enjoy:

Treat/pellets ball - feed pellets in it vs a bowl

Nesting cups - hide little treat bits between stacked cups, I have not met a bun who doesn't love these

Plastic slinky - most buns love these

Play house

Dig box

Also try homemade things - the best I found was an empty egg carton stuffed with favorite greens for him to figure out how to open. :)

Or something like this


Or a homemade castle like this person did - she has instructions on how to make one, send her a message.


Lastly try teaching him tricks like here - which is fun and a great way to bond with him.

u/speakstruth · 12 pointsr/Rabbits
u/SoonHexica · 11 pointsr/hamsters

Hamsters along with other rodents have teeth which continue to grow as they age. In the wild there teeth wear down over time from chewing through tough materials, so having teeth that continue to grow is beneficial. However, in captivity this can prove to be quite uncomfortable for the animal if not cared for properly.
I recommend you buy your hamster some specialist chew toys for their inclosure.

Perhaps something like this:

u/Karlzzons · 10 pointsr/Rabbits

Picked it up at my local pet store but it’s sold on various places online, here’s a link to one on Amazon:

Trixie Snack Board

u/Solleret · 7 pointsr/Rabbits

As someone who spent too much money on fancy toys, I have to say our bun most loves to play Cup, Tube, Egg Carton, Phone Book, Bag, and Box.

He will ignore almost any toy that costs actual money.

I think the only store-bought thing he actually likes is the Teach and Treat, but I tend to leave it out without its lid on… so sometimes it's just the "Treat."

They also love having areas to feel safe in or "in charge of" their habitat: large concrete form tubes for tunnels, boxes with windows, and bridges / ramps are all awesome additions to a rabbit's home.

u/BabylonLiaison · 7 pointsr/cockatiel
u/[deleted] · 6 pointsr/Rabbits

Cardboard boxes with shredded paper, pieces of cardboard, paper towel rolls, and some hay stuffed inside with a tunnel attached is by far my buns' favorite toys. They love going in and ripping everything apart and finding hay/treats to eat. Bunnies love cardboard boxes in general. They'll rip them apart and move them around, chew on 'em, make hidey holes, climb on them. I'll even cut out some holes on the side of the boxes and stuff cardboard tubes frayed at the ends/stuffed with hay for them to have fun with.

Tunnels rank at number 2 favorite toy. Their favorite is the crinkley cat tunnels which have holes throughout them they can dart out. They like the crinkle noise too.

They love manipulating objects, hard plastic slinkies (not metal ones!) are fun for them ... and to watch, haha. Hard plastic baby rattles, baby keys, etc. Just no gel/soft plastic as it would be easy for them to bite and ingest. This has an awesome list of toys and also places to buy bun toys. I've bought cottontail cottages, activity tables, rosewood activity trees, etc--buns love them all! But they are expensive for sure. The activity tables last forever but it would definitely be cheaper to build one !

Oh, also--I would recommend games like the Teach N Treat for mental stimulation as well:

There are tons of dog and cat games like that too that buns will love:

Also they love moving around these treat balls when you stuff em with pellets:

They love games that have anything to do with eating/end result being eating. :P CAT TREES! Build your own if you want! Make sure if you buy one to cover any non-safe bun material.

I also got them one of these: Stack cups! Put treats between them and watch them knock them over and nom the treats. :) They also like knocking these off. These things! This makes eating hay a bit more fun for them. :)

My boys love rolling around and destroying these:

Bunnies really enjoy long-term projects, which is why they like the dig boxes I described in the first paragraph so much. They dig and rearrange the boxes foreeever until I make a new one for them.

u/csmith2019 · 5 pointsr/ferrets


Jalousie 12 Pack Dog Squeaky Toys...

UEETEK Squeaky Dog Toys for Small...

Marshall Ferret Sport Balls Asst, 2-Pack

Marshall Ferret Fun-N-Games Blanket

Kaytee FerreTrail Flex-E...

Marshall Ferret Bed Bug Play Center

Marshall Ferret Krackle Sack,...

Marshall Ferret Octo-Play

Marshall Pet Turtle Tunnel

KONG - Plush, Low Stuffing Squeak...

EocuSun Kids Ball Pit Large Pop...

Click N' Play Pack of 200... x3

D.Y. TOY Weazel Ball - The Weasel Rolls with Ball

Bonka Bird Toys 1745 Chandelier...

ZippyPaws Burrow Squeaky Hide and...

ZippyPaws - Zippy Burrow Interactive Squeaky Hide and Seek Plush Dog Toy - Unicorns in Rainbow

JW Pet Good Cuz Rubber Dog Toy (2...

3Pack Molar Clean Teeth Rubber Toy, Bagvhandbagro Clean Teeth Rubber Pacifier Chew Toy, Bell Chewing Playing Training Toys, for Pet Puppy Dog Cat (Color Random)

just disclaimer some of these toys should only be played with under your supervision so use your best judgement. Check any rubber or stuffed/fabric toys daily for wear and if you see it starting to come apart throw it away as any loose pieces can be swallowed and cause a blockage. My ferrets aren’t chewers they just like to have toys to stash so I’m not as worried but everyone’s ferrets are different so be careful. Also you could make a dig box with rice (never instant) or dried pasta which is a lot of fun for them. They love tunnels, they love to dig, and they love to steal and stash small objects so the toys meet that criteria they’ll be happy lol

u/EmmaAlreadyReddit · 5 pointsr/Rabbits

Buy a bundle of these little straw type play balls for your bun and put some of their favourite treats inside.

I just thought of the idea there and Roger is having the time of his life, he's so determined!!

Edit: I'll attach a link for those of you that are interested.

u/celloandbow · 5 pointsr/guineapigs

Mine refuse to eat strawberries, as in, eating their own feces rather than the juicy strawberries. Oh well.

I've found cilantro to be a favorite for my guinea pigs. It could be that your piggies get bored with the same food for too many days. I have found that my two particularly enjoy eating apples if they are on a treat chew stick. I just take off the wooden blocks and skewer the vegetables on it.

u/CheesyChips · 5 pointsr/hamsters

Wooden platform (they easily bolt onto the cage wires)




Wooden log


Arch made of sticks: I have three of these in Max's cage and pens, they're great for hiding under and climbing over. If you wedge some small seeds in between the sticks it will encourage scratching.]


Wooden wheel: these are good because it's the constant rubbing of the claws through running that gets them and keeps them a nice length


Wooden rainbow: you can get one with colours as well


Wooden seesaw


You can use a wooden ramp or ladder. If you use it between the ground and a shelf or two shelves



Other accessories: again squashing little seeds in between the woven parts should encourage scratching to get it out

Twisted grass

Grass ball

Wooden hut


u/_ataraxia · 4 pointsr/chinchilla

this is the most useful thing i've ever put in my chinchilla cages. i have a box full of various wood sticks/blocks/coins, pumice stones, etc, with holes drilled in them so i can string them on the ka-bobs as needed. i also keep a lot of pumice/wood ledges all over the cages, which are useful as perches and as chew toys. and, of course, there's an endless supply of loose cardboard pieces for them to shred.

u/caffeinatedecologist · 4 pointsr/RATS

spiral bird rope

bendy bird rope

wooden bridge

Sputnik/space pod

foraging toy

wooden climbing platforms

2-pack lava ledges

foraging wheel

Also a good idea might be to look up some rat safe treat recipes and make a little ratty goodie bag for them (banana chips, oats, dried pasta, certain seeds, etc.)

u/borgchupacabras · 3 pointsr/Rabbits

I wanted to make a hay dispenser that I could fill every few days and not daily. The crate I got from Michaels for 10$. I removed one of the wood bars and hammered it to the bar above so that the one of the buns doesn't go in and poop in the hay. For the lid I used this wood sign board from Michaels to place on top. It has little attachments on the bottom so that it doesn't slide off. Unfortunately my Krampy is a little shit angel who figured out how to flip the lid off completely. So I placed the heavy Kaytee tropical fiddle sticks on top as a bridge for them to walk on.

u/Swtcherrypie · 3 pointsr/RATS

The cage looks plenty big enough, but it does look a little bare. They are very likely just getting bored at night.

Space Pods are a big hit with almost all of my rats and are relatively cheap. Also cardboard boxes are fun for them too. They love shredding them and sleeping in them. You can also build little ratty condos out of cardboard boxes. My boys also love tissue paper, kleenex, paper towels, toilet paper, etc. Sometimes I buy a box of kleenex (remove the little plastic stuff around the opening) and shove the whole thing in there and let them go to town with it. They love decorating their own cage, making their own little nests with the tissue. Another thing I do it string cheerios from a wire hanging somewhere high in their cage so they have to figure out how to get to it and work for their treats. I also save empty paper towel and toilet paper rolls and stuff them with treats then hot glue the ends closed so they have to work for the treats inside. I also sometimes buy these Willow Branch Balls and stuff them with treats so they have to figure out how to get the treats out. I rearrange their cage once a week to keep them stimulated and interested in exploring their cage each week. When I rearrange their cage, I hide treats throughout the cage to excite them and make them want to explore every nook of the cage.

u/HedwigMalfoy · 3 pointsr/hamsters

Does she have a wooden chew toy? I have a wood chew that hangs from my hamster's cage bars and she chomped on it pretty regularly. Also some apple wood sticks from the pet store. Mine eventually stopped chewing them as well and started biting the bars of his cage. I did research and learned that Hamsters can get bored with their old things.
When he got bored with the wood chews he had, I bought him this log from the pet store. He chewed it like crazy down to almost nothing and seemed to love it. When the old one was almost used up I bought him another one and to my surprise he has not touched the new one. They like to change up their things from time to time.
Try a different chew or some new toys for a change of pace for your hamster. Here are the links to things that my Syrian has enjoyed in the past:

Applewood Sticks
Seed Log
Colored Wood Sticks
Hanging Wood Chew
The links are just to where I found them on the Internet most quickly. You can find these things at most local pet stores or order them from wherever.

u/ZeligCromwell · 3 pointsr/Rabbits

It's [living world] ( 3-in-1 interactive and educative toy, if I translate roughly from my language.

u/sierramarie3992 · 3 pointsr/guineapigs

You could try hiding bits of veggie in things (like a toilet paper tube with the ends folded in) and let them try to get it out. Or something like this the guinea pig has to lift the top off with his/her mouth to get the veggie or treat out. This one requires the pig to push the lids off around the circle to get the treat. I haven't tried these yet but I really want to! From my experience, guinea pigs are only motivated to do things if food is involved lol.

u/llamalena · 3 pointsr/RATS

One of my favorite thing to put out in the rat room has been this toy: It's a learning toy with three different levels of difficulty for them to master finding treats in! Some rats will get all 3 levels right away, while others will struggle at even the basic level. It's both fun for them to improve their problem solving skills and fun for you to watch!

I also create nesting spots and hang hammocks around the room, so they can go lounge wherever. If you plan to give them long periods of time in the room with the cage open, it might also be a good idea to get a litter box for a corner or two.

They also make rat-sized ball pits. Some rats seem to love playing in them, while others are indifferent or afraid, so YMMV. Worst case scenario, the plastic balls can make for a good game of fetch. For a more DIY-approach, you can buy PVC tubing from a hardware store to create mazes and tunnels around for them to run through and hide in.

u/BonchiFox · 3 pointsr/cockatiel

Sometimes it can take time ( normally weeks) for them to get use to new toys.

Here are a couple I personally used:
A) Foraging wheel. Super popular among all parrot owners.

B) Probably my tiels' first foraging toy I got them.. They love to chew up the seagrass and I would hide seed balls in the 'flowers'. The seagrass mat won't last long but I did keep the bulbs to use continuously.

C) This is a tad trickier foraging toys. You can first make it easier by taking out the wooden blocks and balls. Then slowly add it after they get use to it There are also paper strips that they will probably love to take.

D) Foraging clear ball

E) Another one of the 'first' foraging thing I would do for my tiels is this millet holder. This is super easier to set up. I would especially do this for longer trips out of the house. I would throw in millet and hang it and they would go to town on it. A couple other option is stuff it with veggies or seed balls with paper in between.

F) If you don't wish to put too money down at first, you can use a shoe box and shredded paper. Here is my flock using a slow feeder bowl with rock decor

G) You can put paper over their food bowl. At first your bird will knock it off. Then you can put a rubber band and poke huge holes. Then you bird will do little work to tear through the paper. Later make the holes smaller and smaller until you stop making holes. Then your tiel will have to tear through the paper to get to her/his food.
H)This tippler toy A tad harder toy for your tiel to figure out. You will have to fill it up a lot and probably tip it a couple times for him to see.

H) This clear, drawer toy Anotehr challenging one. You will have to leave it open at first then over time close it. Your tiel will learn to open drawer by himself eventually :D

Here are some pictures of my flock using these toys I mentioned.
I covered their play stand with paper so they will have to forage through it
My conure with the tippler toy
My tiels with the millet holders
Shoebox example with my flock
Millet with seedballs and paper
The put paper over their food bowl example
I used my late dog's slow feeder and rock decor for them to forage
Clear drawer toy
Example of C foraging toy

Good luck! :D

u/bruxbuddies · 3 pointsr/PetMice

Oh, great! Surprisingly it is not any harder to clean. I separated the two areas using this bendy bridge ( I clean the paper area about once a week, and to do that I take the toys/hides out and then use a dustbin to scoop out the dirty bedding, and then replace with clean bedding. It takes about the same amount of time. For the EcoEarth part, I spray it liberally with a 50/50 mix of water/vinegar, then mix everything up (btw there's also terrarium moss in there). The vinegar gets rid of any ammonia, freshens the smell, and is safe for them. Then about every 2 weeks I take everything out and replace with entirely new. I always return their nests intact, though.

It's actually not that much work, and after a week the paper side of the cage actually smells worse! The EcoEarth comes in a dry brick and rehydrates very wet at first, but that hasn't been a problem.


u/reenajo · 3 pointsr/Rabbits

I suggest getting her large things to chew. Some buns don't like small chew toys because they move too easily and they want something that feels steady to gnaw on. Cardboard boxes can work well -- if you cut holes in them and turn them over they become chewable tunnels or hidey houses. But the best ever is a nice gnarly tree branch; apple, willow and citrus are examples of woods that are safe for rabbits. Get one from your yard or a neighbor, clean it and let it dry.

You can also give her daily pellet ration in a treat ball like this one instead of a bowl. Dried rosemary leaves or chamomile flowers are other good fillings.


u/saraetle · 2 pointsr/Rabbits

No, but he wishes! It's this toy from Amazon.

u/Beckawww · 2 pointsr/guineapigs

So sorry for your lost, maybe he can get a new friend soon :) my piggies love to be able to run through things, I but them this tunnel for their cage and they love it! Hope this helps.

u/specialgreenonion · 2 pointsr/RATS

I bought a lot of it off zooplus but you can find pretty much all of it on Amazon! Here's the links:

Carrot treat holder/boredom breaker

Hanging boredom breaker

Boredom breaker net

Wooden stairs/platform - this one isnt exactly the same as the one I have but very close

Wooden bridge #1

Wooden bridge #2

Grass mat

Bird perches or lava ledges, whichever your prefer.

Wooden cabin #1

Wooden cabin #2

Wooden cabin #3

Hanging bridge/ladder

Boredom breaker garland

Silver and pink sputniks but they seem to be unavailable at the moment - keep checking back

Pink and purple sputniks on zooplus

The triple purple/pink hammock I made myself with some fleece and cotton. If you search "diy honeycomb hammock", you'll find lots of easy tutorials on how to make them! It's definitely a bit too small, it was my first attempt. Go bigger than you think you should is my advice lol

This is the fleece I use as bedding

And this

Anytime I get new fabrics, I wash them, dry them, then freeze them for 24-48 hours. I also freeze any new wooden toys, products etc. Prevents a mites problem!

Sputniks are a bit hard to find on amazon, they only come in the smaller sizes it seems like. Zooplus only ships across the EU but Im sending the link anyway in case youre in Europe!

Also it took me around 4 months to build up a collection of this stuff, dont feel pressured to make your cage look pretty or to have lots of stuff all at once! All that matters is your ratties have what they need, and then you can build up from there :)

u/PlantElle · 2 pointsr/gerbil

I've read before that corner digging is a learned behaviour and is related to stress (apparently it's common from gerbils brought from pet shops as they are often overcrowded). I had a gerbil who used to do that. I got her to stop by really going to town on enrichment. I would recommend getting a load of things to chew on, try blocking the corners with hanging chew toys and driftwood. I'll drop a few links below of things I found actually helpful, I've wasted a lot of money over the years on toys that they don't like so these are just the ones I recommend.

Here are some things that my gerbils go crazy for;

  1. chew toys (this material in general they love, they also love wood with bark, avoid plain wood and fruit/coloured chews, never known a gerbil show interest in them and they end up getting tossed out with bedding) - I'd remove the bell personally

  2. boredom breakers

  3. This wheel (22cm) can easily be suspended from their ceiling with some metal wire and is a must have because it's so quiet. Couldn't recommend it enough.

    Hope that helps!

    If some corner scratching persists, don't worry, sometimes that just happens. Hopefully they'll grow out of it!
u/selveyyyy · 2 pointsr/hamsters

Mine isn’t really a chewer but she really likes these, so it’s what I recommend!

u/corey0512 · 2 pointsr/RATS

The company is named Rosewood Pet. The first link are the chews I I referred to in the post, but there are two other things she bought too. The chews did not look like the ones in the picture, they looked almost artificial now that I think about it...I don't know why I didn't speak up, I should have said something.

u/LandoSora · 2 pointsr/RATS

I found it at PetSmart. Couldn't find it on their website though so here's an amazon link I have the medium sized one.

u/Zaphy1415926 · 2 pointsr/guineapigs

My pigs like a specific kind of willow stick. I thought it was just willow that they liked (they don't care for apple) but I switched brands on them once and they never touched the new ones. They like this kind.

I got em a woven grass bed a while ago too, and they seemed to like that quite a bit! They got bored of it after a while though, so I'll take it out for a few days before putting it back in to keep it seeming new and exciting to them.

Seems like pigs are just very picky :) Just keep trying different things, eventually he should find something he likes. In the meantime, keep him supplied with plenty of hay- I've always understood that's the thing that keeps their teeth worn down the most.

u/iliketobake · 2 pointsr/Rabbits

Bunnies are pretty easy to please. My bugs also love toilet paper rolls (stuffed with hay!) or just about anything else they can destroy. You don't have to spend a lot of money to make your little bunny happy!

I get something similar to these from my local rabbit rescue and the buggers DEVOUR it! I also buy plain, untreated apple wood blocks/branches at my local farmer's market later on in the season. They sell it for making fires, but I buy it for them to eat.

u/Zombeaver24 · 2 pointsr/RATS

I don’t know about bird toys but this puzzle feeder is supposed to be quite challenging for rats ( If your rat’s super smart tho, I’m not sure how long it’ll keep her interested XD

u/murkylotus · 2 pointsr/Rabbits
u/BlueJeansAndPearls · 2 pointsr/Rabbits

Is she chewing the cardboard or actually eating it? If she insists on consuming her toys, I'd say the best bet is to get hay based toys, or something she can't eat, like plastic jingle balls. Since she is digging at the carpet, it sounds to me like she might be a bunny who prefers digging toys. You could try a cardboard box filled with hay, like on its side so she can dig in it, and extra hay is good for her. I was going to recommend paper in the dig box, but since it seems she might be eating it, not a good idea. Try it with the hay. Hard plastic toys, should be pretty safe.

Also, I had a super picky hay eater, who used to get bouts of GI stasis frequently. It mainly had to do with her not eating enough hay I think, and she also gets into everything(so not sure). However, since I switched her hay around by better quality, offered more variety of hay, and just overwhelmed hay volume, we haven't had any trouble since with stasis. My Bugs is also a voracious chewer/shredder, and digger, and one thing I realized was she was so smart she needed more stimulation. Maybe your bunny would prefer some interactive toys that you and him could play together? I have all of the plastic toys below for her, ironically the dumb jingle ball is her one of her favorite. She pushes it all over the house. Sorry for all the giant links, just trying to give you an idea. Hope this helps!

u/caffeineassisted · 2 pointsr/Rabbits

Sorry for the TL;DR, but here is some advice that I have read and/or figured out during the last 9 months of owning bonded 1.5 year old English Spots.

I second the adult rabbits needing homes. Our local Animal Shelter charges $5 for the adoption fee and $20 for the spay/neuter fee. However, someone had already adopted the pair of rabbits we got and returned them, so they paid the $20 spay/neuter fee each. We got our awesome companion rabbits for only $5 each. We also put our savings into their cage and some awesome toys. I recommend the Teach N' Treat They absolutely love it! At some point I will take a video of them playing with it and post it on here.

Other things I am not sure if I have seen on this subreddit yet or not are (I am rather new here):

One thing that is also useful is buying a medium sized Sterilite plastic container to hold a few weeks supply of food, and put the bag in the closet well-closed so that the bag of pellets can stay fresh longer (since your not exposing it to air everyday) We have a solo cup with a line that marks 1/8 per rabbit that we leave in the Sterilite container. Also, only buy like a 3 month supply of pellets or else it loses nutrients.

Also, the internet and free shipping is your friend. We use drsfosterandsmith because we buy like 50 lbs of Oxbow Timothy hay at a time and 3- 10 lb bags of rabbit food and hay cubes (they lovvvvvve those too.) Shipping is free because it is over $49. Our rabbits are very picky and waste a lot of hay, but we don't live near a farm to get good hay cheap, so $75 for 50 lbs of hay is a steal for us. I think (though r/rabbits correct me if I am wrong) don't buy more hay that you can use in 9-12 months. Also, store it open so it doesn't get mildewy/moldy.

Also, we use a cube constructed from 5 panels of those wire storage cubes to put their hay in and they grab at it from the sides. We did this because they would urinate and poop all over the hay and not eat it again, plus made cleaning the cage harder. As an added bonus, the cube of hay especially entertains our girl bunny because she is the wire grabber/carpet digger/chewer and she thinks they are little vines that need pruning. This was the 5th attempt at finding something to contain the massive amounts of hay two rabbits can go through in one day, but it has worked the best.

Also we have still not found a good vacuum that picks up hay without clogging, so we do most of that by hand or with a stiff broom, then a once over with a vacuum with all the big stuff picked up. The Versa Stick Vac works well especially to get hair/poops and some smaller bits of hay in the crevice between the wall and carpet. Still not perfect though.

I second others saying vinegar is basically a miracle cleaner because rabbits are sensitive to most chemicals, and the vinegar cleans everything up like magic. We have a low pile rug and a piece of vinyl (keep them from chewing the edges because they will) as the bottom of their cage so they have some traction, but also the vinyl stays a bit cooler, and we put their water dish and hay to make clean up easier. We have an x-pen and some of those wire cube panels around the wall to keep them from chewing the walls.

Rabbits are awesome little furballs, and patience is definitely the number one thing. Just when we think we have fixed something to keep them from chewing/digging/eating something, they prove us wrong and we have to start over again. We are on cage design number 4 but this one is actually working a lot longer/better than the others.

Good luck!

u/lo-lee-ta · 2 pointsr/Rabbits

Does she gnaw because she wants out, or because she's bored? My bunny will shake her cage in the morning to be let out, and in general because we let her out on the bed once and now she always want to go on the bed. Sadly the playpen blocks her way and we don't want her on the bed :p

Do you have hanging chew toys to kind of distract her from the areas of the pen she usually gnaws at?

Cat toys work well for buns. I use this or this. I don't necessarily like loading her up with treats so I just pour some of her dinner pellets into these.

u/sandhouse · 2 pointsr/hamsters

This is the "fence". You can do all kinds of shapes with it. It is made with flexible wire.

u/triggerscold · 2 pointsr/Rabbits

my bun pretty much doesnt like anything. baby keys, tp tubes, cardboard, slinky etcetc. we have tried them all. when we give her wicker balls they are destroyed in under 5 min. when we give her the stimulation puzzles or cups shes done with it in under 30 seconds.

what has been working to get our bun playing around is:

a cardboard box filled about half way with shredded paper. we sprinkle in a few pellets and she will dig around for a while.

a drink carrier with a few pellets sprinkled into it. makes her work for them.

a cardboard tunnel maze setup that was easy enough to build and she will play in it for longer than 5 minutes.


bamboo has worked well at getting our bun to chew without letting her chew on things she shouldnt be eating.

our bun is only motivated by food she doesnt play for the sake of play most of the time. other than the maze which she has recently just taken to chilling inside.

u/ecofriend94 · 2 pointsr/Rabbits

Indoor/outdoor mats are good. Can get them from fleet farm or Home Depot :)

Edit: getting some more toys and chewables would be good idea too. even a dig box for when you are supervising. Examples below:

Treat/pellets ball - use it to give pellets vs a bowl, they love it!!! Niteangel Treat Ball, Snack Ball for Small Animals (Small, Yellow)

Stackable baby cups - put little bits of treat or pellets between the stacked cups!

Hay tunnels and willow balls are good to chew on as well. :)

Example dig box:

u/meangrampa · 1 pointr/AskReddit You could make one of these soap box derby style.

u/Steel_Sieve · 1 pointr/Rabbits

This is, paws down, my rabbit's favorite toy:

She also enjoys wrecking this and yanking the sticks out of our hands if we dare to pick one up:

For home made toys she also loves it when we let her chew cardboard boxes and take the paper tube from toilet paper/paper towel and stuff them full of hay.

u/Hobbs4Lyfe · 1 pointr/hamsters

Hiya! Stacked bins won’t do her much good, especially if she is a chewer, Syrians are notorious for chewing through bin cages. I highly recommend switching to a detolf if you have the space, they are about 5 foot long and 16 inches wide by 16 inches tall. I had my male Syrian in a 40 gallon breeder and he was so bored even with all the toys he had. It was as if he had no real reason to walk around. Now, the length of his detolf makes him so much more active. I highly recommend you refrain from the plastic tunnel since your girl is a biter. If you have a play pen and supervise her it will be safe, just don’t leave it unsupervised in her cage.

As for toys, I highly recommend puzzle toys, boredom’s breakers, anything that can hold treats (wicker balls are great examples. Just stuff them with a few sunflower seeds and she will be entertained for hours. Here are some toys I have for my male Syrian along with a YouTube link to some easy DIY boredom breakers. (the corrugated cardboard will come with an Ikea (or target) cube base to put the detolf on, so win win.

Hamster Toys,Wooden Scaling Ladder Rainbow Seesaw Swing Hanging Ladder Bridge for Hamsters,Fun Play Toy for Pet (Pack of 2) (Hamster Toy)

Habitrail OVO Tree House Carboad Hamster Maze

Hkim Hamster Maze, Meago Natural Wood Toy with Acrylic Cover Dwarf Mouse Cage Tubes Gerbil Maze for Small Furry Animals (Wood Maze)

(I have this for my Syrian because he is super slim. If your girl is chonky don’t buy it)
Dwarf Hamster House Durable Odorless Non-Toxic Deluxe Two Layers Wooden Hut for Hamster Toys Hamster House Natural Living Wooden Castle, Small Animal Playground Chew Toy (1castle Set)

Sleep 'n' Play Cheese - Hamster & Small Animal Toy

(Put a small pile of hay in this and she will go nuts) Kaytee Nut Knot Knibbler

Hamster Toys,Wooden Scaling Ladder Rainbow Seesaw Swing Hanging Ladder Bridge for Hamsters,Fun Play Toy for Small Animals

Kaytee Carousel Chew Toy Carrot, Large

TeDUnaxxme Toy Cute Small Animal Pet Hamster Sleeping House Cabin Cage Ladder Nest Castle

u/karatechick2114 · 1 pointr/RATS

We have 2 girls in a single critter nation with a situation similar to yours. One of our girls has bare front legs, as in she groomed off all the hair on the top of her front legs. We were worried about it to, but it hasn't increased. So I would say as long as it doesn't spread to her belly or anywhere else you should be ok. As well as looking out if it gets red or irritated looking.

My advice would be to get them some more things to play with, they don't have to be store bought, although they make plenty of those. Even if they have things to chew, they might just want to play with something or destroy something. Our girls rarely chew on the wood blocks we provided them. We got them this. They have since destroyed it and pulled all of the bars apart. They like to move them every night "upstairs" and every evening when we give them veggies we move them back "downstairs." It gives them something to do.

I would suggest some toys like these that they can move around or some leftover boxes they can fit into. I have also found that mine love the smaller paper bags they put wine/liquor in at some of the grocery stores. My one girl will tear it apart to shreds.

I hope this helps!

u/Megalonyx · 1 pointr/RATS

This thing seems to be hard to immediately destroy, due to its design. But reading comments, your mileage may vary, as I assume mine are just not as addicted to chewing stuff up as some.

u/pookatdino · 1 pointr/RATS

It helps keep them from making a big mess because it contains the food to one area so probably XD They are a kaytee brand treat kabob and they aren't too expensive:

u/osmosian · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I'm sorry for your loss! I'd vote for the first photo, and a trip to the groomers.

Here's one of my new baby buns. Three of my does gave birth!

My ratties would love one of these

u/CactusMouse · 1 pointr/Hedgehog

Mine likes to run up and down the plastic steps of those little plastic barns that you get for small rodent cages. He also gets in it and scoots it around the cage. I have one like this

Note: When he was smaller, the top of this would have been too high, but now that he is full grown, he can safely climb all over it.

u/DarkQueen83 · 1 pointr/Rabbits

Hmm, my idea would be the get a wood chew ball like this and try putting treats inside it so Rabbitface has to chew through it to get the treats. Love that name by the way!

u/DiggyBun · 1 pointr/Rabbits

My rabbit’s favorite hard chew toys are:

bamboo chew sticks: BWOGUE 100g Pet Snacks Sweet Bamboo Chew Toy for Squirrel Rabbits Guinea Pigs Chinchilla Hamster (About 10-14 Sticks)

Stick ball: Ware Manufacturing Willow Branch...

And Timothy hay chew cubes: Kaytee Timothy Hay Blend Cubes 1...

u/raindropsandroses · 1 pointr/RandomActsForPets

Thank you for having this contest! I know you don't have prime but maybe you can get one of these new/used items for 1.22 + shipping to have it end up for under 5?

u/jarchack · 1 pointr/Rabbits

I had 2 of those and neither bun would go near them, they'd rather chew everything else. I did have some success with this though.

u/vgr1 · 1 pointr/Rabbits

Heyoz sent my two the Living World Teach N Treat Toy with the last exchange. Girl took 10 seconds to figure it out... still waiting on the boy to get it :)

u/goldbat · 1 pointr/Rabbits

Teach And Treat is REALLY cool. I have 2 buns who are both really food motivated and this has 3 "levels" or variations of puzzle for them to solve. It's really interesting how our older boy who's a little 4 pounder "politely" removes each cup and puts it neatly to the side then eats the treats. Our 1 year old 8 pound girl picks the whole thing up with her teeth, "makes it rain," and then proceeds to bonk and toss the little cups.

Snack Ball is cool too. It's not available at that link, but it's the only good pic I can find of it. I got ours at a House Rabbit fundraiser. They REALLY get good at it - we have a wood floor so it's NICE AND LOUD. It's also a good way to feed pellets - makes them exercise for them.

u/ThatFilthyMonkey · 1 pointr/Rabbits

Our bunny just lost his partner and is grieving for her so I'm probably being overly preachy, sorry.

One thing they enjoyed was this puzzle:

They solved the first level in minutes but the others took them a while to figure out. They had lots of fun with it.

u/MrsEdus · 1 pointr/ferrets
u/firethatwillcatchyou · 1 pointr/Rabbits

My rabbits love this treat board and also Bundora's Box, who also donates a toy to an animal shelter for every order.

u/gdenofa · 1 pointr/PetMice
u/Nistune · 1 pointr/hamsters

Nah they don't eat it, they kind of rub it on their face and also use it to pee in sometimes.

The Carolina storm wheel is pretty good for Syrians, it's 10.5 inches and really quiet, but you can only get it online.

A really good option for tunnels is the bendy bridges and there is this, which is kinda big but you could just not expand all of it.

I had my last hamster in the UK and it was so much easier to get Syrian sized tubes and stuff :c I wish more eu sites did us shipping.

u/eatthebankers · 0 pointsr/politics

He is. No Pudding for YOU! The Wall.. Oh gosh, I need Louie Armstrong, it's a wonderful world! So, let's enjoy.. oh my! Yet all I find is Hamster cars... All is lost.. :/ ROTFL, ugh