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Brother HL-2270DW Compact Laser Printer with Wireless Networking and Duplex
Prints upto 27ppmBuilt-in wireless and Ethernet network interfacesAutomatic duplex printing for two-sided documentsAdjustable, 250-sheet capacity paper tray32MB memory standard
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u/l80 · 114 pointsr/AdviceAnimals

Yes! I can't stress this enough. After dealing with shitty cheap printers (with absurdly priced ink cartridges that would print only three pages including one that was a 'test' comprising of an advertisement for itself), I finally realized that an $99 laser printer is a deal (I like one with auto duplexing - which means it prints both sides of a page. Automatically). Especially when you can buy a high capacity toner cartridge.

Listen people, I'm writing a book. I print out hundreds of pages in drafts and ideas and crap in addition to normal printer stuff. I bought my laser printer (B/W) over a year ago. I replaced the toner once (the included one with a high capacity one).

It just fucking works. Sometimes, I put a plate on top of it and probably spill some crumbs up in there.

New printer don't care. New printer don't give a fuck. New printer just prints whenever I ask it to.

Edit: I'm semi-convinced that I read somewhere it's NOT ok to promote products or brands on reddit. So for those who really want to know, please PM me and I will link you. Also, if someone can refute my strong conviction that this is against some rule I at some point read, please do. For everyone else who has responded, I will PM you. :)

Second edit: updating price - I misremembered what I initially paid. I thought I paid $80, it was actually $99.

Third edit: One person reassured me there is no rule against this, so hopefully they are correct. I got the brother HL-2270DW. It stacks up well against other products / brands, it's pretty easy to set up and network (wireless is nice!) and the auto duplexing is a HUGE bonus. Also, it's still reasonably priced on amazon. I don't give a fuck that it isn't color. Don't need it to be.

The high yield toner cartridge is also a great buy.

Edit four: Found the HP Inkology videos. on Amazon. This is what ultimately enraged me enough to buy a laser printer in the first place. It's also hilarious. Enjoy!

u/FlyingPhotog · 54 pointsr/delusionalcraigslist

I PM'd them for the model number and then sent them an Amazon link to the new printer. That's when they changed the "retail price" from $700 to $1. Completely delusional. Plus, the newer models of these regularly sell for $80-100 new, even the ones with wireless and full duplex.

u/Suhail24 · 15 pointsr/AdviceAnimals

Yup, pick up one of these and you're golden. This has lasted me that last two years of university so far and there still plenty of ink left! I was lucky to get one of those for $50..but amazon has deals on these so very often.

u/akashik · 14 pointsr/tech

> They are universally garbage

Buy a Brother printer. Sturdy printers with cheap ink.

I've had their infamously great Brother HL-2270DW black and white laser printer for two and a half years and it's never skipped a beat.

I haven't own an inkjet of theirs but they all seem well rated at Amazon.

u/Dyan654 · 13 pointsr/AdviceAnimals

Hey everybody, buy one of these: Amazon (BW Laser)

It is, and I can not stress this enough because I have thought about it quite a lot, the best purchase I have ever made!

For an easy $100 dollars, you will never have an error, paper jam, or even run out of toner, the lazer printers version of ink (for around 4 months). Seriously, I just printed out a printer diagnostic report and after a couple thousand prints I have had 3 errors, all my fault.

Plus, you can flawlessly print wirelessly, double-sided, and incredibly quickly.

Please, if you want to call yourself a redditor, you must own a laser printer.

u/SSChicken · 9 pointsr/Frugal

I picked up a cheapo brother laser I saw on the front page of slickdeals a few years back, never even had to change a setting and it just kept on printing until pages came out white. I've since replaced it with a high yield cartridge and I couldn't recommend this printer more for anyone who wants a no frills (seriously, it has one single button apart from on/off) cheap laser.

u/pnpbios · 9 pointsr/gadgets

I have heard good things about Brother.

Ink jet printers blow chunks. If you use them a lot, you run out of ink, if you don't use them a lot, the heads dry out.

u/Jdban · 8 pointsr/gadgets

That printer regularly goes on sale for cheaper. Right now its $90 on amazon:

u/2Cuil4School · 6 pointsr/gadgets

It's worth noting that Amazon is selling that very same printer for $90!

u/THINNINGnotBald · 3 pointsr/AskReddit

I have a similar laser printer to the link above. There is trick to save on toner. The toner in mine is measured by a laser (found this out by reading a review on amazon, which got tons of replies saying Thank you to the guy who shared this info). If you put electrical tape by the place where the laser reads it, it will think that it's full. When I got the laser b&w printer from craigslist BRAND NEW for $80, the toner was new as well (unlocked) it said on it that this was a "starter" toner and would give me about 1500 pages. Printed out 10 pages and the damn light came on. Applied the trick and it's been 1 year and it's still going strong. Literally I am printing Ebooks. Also got 10 reams of paper from CL for cheap and if you do this, you are set for document printing, especially if you got kids going to school.

I know I came Late to the printing party but hey, at least I shared this with you guys. Typying this much on an iTouch is a bitch. Thanks for reading and go save some money. in printing.

Found the correct one:

I have the above one. Make sure you take some black electrical tape and put it over the opening either on the right or the left side of the toner, if it ever runs out that is, then put it back in and print a test page. There should be at least 500 more pages in there.

u/greydrop · 3 pointsr/LifeProTips

I bought a Brother Laser Printer and got 342 pages printed out of the toner cartidge that it came with. That lasted me an entire school year of printing. Was cheaper than printing at the college's labs and was more convenient.

u/cortmanbencortman · 2 pointsr/BuyItForLife

If you don't need color printing, this one or the more current model:


Been going about 5 years, only just used up the SAMPLE toner cartridge. Ridiculously reliable and cheap.

u/odd_affiliate_link · 2 pointsr/AskReddit

I have this Brother laser printer and swear by it. Have several friends/family who have purchased it on my suggestion and no one has had a problem. That printer + a high yield toner cartridge = print forever.

It does duplexing (double sided printing), has wireless, and is easy to set up (my father who is a complete technophobe was able to set his up by himself). Also easy to print to from Ubuntu if you care.

u/haikuginger · 2 pointsr/techsupport
u/Jessie_James · 2 pointsr/Frugal

You should consider a laser printer if you can. Brother makes some great printers, and if you only print B&W the toner will last you years and years.

Plus, it's magnitudes less expensive. I picked up my printer for $99 on sale, which is the current price on Amazon as of today:

It is wireless and prints in duplex, and is fast!

The "starter" toner (like 1/3 full?) it came with lasted for something like 3 years. I replaced it with a "full" toner cartridge and have been using it for another 3 years just fine.

Plus, if you go into the manual, there is a setting in the printer which you can disable which will allow the printer to keep printing even if the toner is low, unlike inkjet printers:

> Here is how you override this:

> Go into the printer control page for the printer on your network via a web browser. This will be whatever IP address your printer is on, for e.g. 192.168.1.x where x is the ip assigned by your network. Just type it into your address bar. For example, mine is

> Once in, choose "printer settings" - it will ask you for a user name and password, and Brother tells you on the page to use "user" and "access". If you cannot get in, use the "administrator access" and the password of "admin" and password "access".

> Then go down to where it says Replace Toner - right down at the bottom. Change the bullet from "stop" to "continue". Press the "submit" button. Exit from the whole thing.... and off you go, printing away merrily again.

u/sc4s2cg · 2 pointsr/androidapps

I have a brother printer set up to print via Ethernet on my network. That way Ethernet pcs can print and WiFi devices can print too.

I use the official app to print from my phone. If you have marshmallow you can download the brother plugin and print from any app via that. It's very convenient. Plus its a laser printer which means it's a bit more expensive but it will last and last.

I have the 2270dw model which I got for $110 at the time. This model has off brand timbers available that are only $10 and last for 2-3 months.

u/2wire870 · 2 pointsr/Frugal

I bought a Brother laser printer B&W new through Craiglist for $50. It's the older model of this. So far they have been pretty reliable and it's been almost two years now and I'm still on my original toner. I use it mostly for school stuff.

u/crunchyfrog_yyz · 2 pointsr/GoodValue

I prefer this one-hl2270dw
comes with wireless networking for the same price

u/squidboots · 2 pointsr/Etsy

I have a Brother HL-2270DW I picked up a few years ago for $80 and I adore it, but they don't make it anymore so they're much more expensive to buy now. According to Amazon it's been replaced by the HL-L2300DW. If you don't need the wireless connectivity the HL-L2300D is MUCH less expensive!

For toner, I buy the EPS high-yield cartridges for my printer (the HL-L2300 printers I linked to you take a different cartridge size than the HL-2270 printer I have.) I like EPS because they offer a lifetime warranty so if I get a dud refill they replace it for no charge. They are about 1/3 the price of the OEM Brother cartridges.

u/AssPennies · 2 pointsr/videos

HL-2270DW: wireless/ethernet/usb connectivity, with duplex feature, and best part is Brother provides Linux drivers on their site (and available in arch AUR too).

u/Artesian · 2 pointsr/techsupport

Definitely going to be getting a Brother printer soon... the numbers on page output are just ridiculous.

Any specific model number suggestions?

I was thinking: This.

u/just_an_ordinary_guy · 2 pointsr/BuyItForLife

The toner cartridge will be the more common replacement. The drum also needs replaced occasionally, but will last much longer.

I just recently got this.. I recommend the high yield toner cartridge because it is a lower cost per page of print. This high yield toner cartridge is expected to yield 2600 pages. The drum for this printer is expected to do 12,000 pages.

Laser printers will be a bit more expensive. A color laser printer even more so. However, it's lifetime cost will be substantially lower.

I don't have enough experience with laser printers to say which are better or worse. Brother seems to have a pretty good reputation. As far as using unbranded toner cartridges, I would do the research with the specific printer you are looking at and various manufacturers just to be sure. It doesn't appear to be a major issue.

u/Jack21222 · 2 pointsr/Flipping

It's a low cost, low quality printer. Like most things in life, you get what you pay for.

Compare the specs of my printer, to the one you linked,

The Brother one can be connected via wifi, has a higher resolution, and prints about 50% faster. But, you're paying an extra 50 bucks for it.

So, it's all up to you. I'm sure the canon will be fine. The brother will be better.

u/shark_puke · 1 pointr/AskReddit

$99 Brother black and white laser printer. Doesn't do color but damned if I didn't get through 2 years of college with that thing. 1 cartridge, ZERO fuckups and WIRELESS

Brother HL-2270DW Compact Laser Printer with Wireless Networking and Duplex

u/stoaster · 1 pointr/Frugal

I did a bit yeah. In another discussion on here(I forget which subreddit) this printer was highly recommended by several people, some of which said they only had to change the toner every couple years. If anyone is interested, it was $10 cheaper on Amazon yesterday.

I wanted the scanner/copier functionality so I did a bit more research and ended up buying this one which had similarly good reviews on Amazon and some other pages, though I didn't see it specifically mentioned on reddit. If anyone is interested, this printer was $20 more yesterday when I checked Amazon, but the OfficeDepot nearby had it for $130.

I could have kept my old all-in-one ink-jet for the scanner/copier and saved the $30, but I don't really have a good place for two printers and I can probably sell my old one to a co-worker for $20 or so anyway. My office uses an electronic bulletin board where the thousand of employees in the area buy and sell stuff cheaply on a regular basis.

u/tryax · 1 pointr/BitMarket

Sorry to burst your bubble, but is it this one?

Not sure if the luxury of not using fiat currency is worth an extra 40% premium.

u/daturkel · 1 pointr/Design

For non-design, everyday work, I really love brother laser printers (b+w). I really recommend the HL-2270DW and I personally use the HL-2280DW (same but with a copier/scanner on top). They're black and white, wireless capable, toner lasts a really long time, overall a joy (though the wireless setup can occasionally be a pain). The links in the post are affiliate links—if you'd rather not use them, just search the product numbers on amazon.

u/endpaper · 1 pointr/Flipping

You don't want to spend any money on ink! You want to spend money on toner!

Buy a laser printer. If you want solely black and white, I recommend the [Brother HL-2270DW] ( If you want to print color pages, go with the [HP LaserJet Pro 200] ( I've had a color HP LaserJet for years and I love it. My labels and packing slips look great. It's nice to print out good quality color photos for personal use as well. The laser printer is a 4 cartridge (black, magenta, yellow, cyan) consumer, whereas the black and white requires only one toner cartridge.

Avoid inkjets. They smudge. They blow through ink. They will make you angry.

Don't worry about the printer effecting your profit margins too much. You will have to sink some cash into your business to get it started. You will save time and money by printing your postage at home. Buy a [good scale] ( while you're at it.

u/das7002 · 1 pointr/technology

I have a MFC-J410W and a HL-2270DW. Both of them are absolutely fantastically reliable prints that do their job and do it well... Ink prices aren't bad either. I've also been using brother MFC's for years, they have been excellent for ages and it wouldn't make sense for them to suddenly change that...

u/bothunter · 1 pointr/techsupport

Nifty. I just assumed it was another Walmart special inkjet printer. It looks like Brother has improved quite a bit since I last had to work with printers.

Edit: Here's a network version for not much more. Very handy when you have a laptop:

u/spid3y · 1 pointr/AskReddit

Thirded. I bought this:

about a year ago and have been really happy with it. It duplexes, it's wireless and the included toner cartridge lasts for quite a while. The high-yield cartridge lasts forever. Best of all: toner, unlike ink, doesn't dry out if you don't use the printer for a while.

u/I_NEED_YOUR_MONEY · 1 pointr/assholedesign

you need one of these:

drivers are pre-installed (or install automatically, either way you don't have to think about it) on windows 7, windows 10, linux, mac. absolutely no extra features, no color, no scanner, no bullshit. cartridges are reasonably cheap. it just prints stuff, without being stupid. i didn't if it is possible to actually like a printer, but this one is somehow okay.

If you need to print color, send it off to a print shop.

u/gr8whitehype · 1 pointr/AdviceAnimals

Yeah, I got a Brother Printer a few years ago. It was slightly more expensive than a comparable inkjet, but I was able to use the sample toner that was included with the printer for over a year and a half.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/AskReddit

I agree with jacques45 on avoiding the all in one stuff. Particularly if you're a heavy user such as a college student.

That said I would look at Brother personal laser printers. They've got a nice little wireless one here:

u/douglasr007 · 1 pointr/Frugal

I know one of them was a Brother laser printer. Seems the top review (which is one of the best reviews I've seen on a product with Amazon) says 12,000 pages.

u/ipedders · 1 pointr/hardware

As a student who was looking for a similar feature set, I got this one:
It's black and white, but so far I'm happy with it.

u/a1blank · 1 pointr/GoodValue

I have the Brother HL-2270DW. It supports duplex, has a very quick page per minute print speed, and toner lasts forever (I used the included toner for over a year printing a ton for school, probably over 50 pages per week). This is the aftermarket toner that I use and it has been exactly as good as the oem toner. I highly recommend it.

u/laidbackpk · 1 pointr/applehelp

This seems to be a decent printer, I don't own one, but I usually put a lot of stock in amazon reviews.

So that leaves $1,100 for the laptop.

refurbished and only $999.00

That leaves a $200 gap for taxes, which even at 8% sales tax you are only paying $1078.92 for the computer.

so 1,178.92 is where that leaves you, so you could even pick up a case or some paper and stay under $1,200 for both.

Actually this is the same MBP that I have, and I am never disappointed with its performance.

u/Dahvied · 1 pointr/Flipping

This one is amazing

Right now it's listed at $99 but it frequently goes on sale, either on Amazon, Office Depot, etc., for $49-79.

You can buy the toner on Amazon for ~$10-15 and it lasts 2000+ prints.

I bought it for school because I'm in grad school and print a metricfuckton of handouts and it has not once had a problem for me. I've had HP's, Canons, Epson, and all the others, but this Brother is awesome. However, don't ever buy a Brother inkjet printer, those are terrible except as paper weights.

u/jmdbcool · 1 pointr/tipofmytongue

Tech support guy here. Not the thread, but, if you want a solid long-lasting B/W printer for everyday use, you can't beat a Brother laser printer. Actually, looking at what richmondody linked to, those people recommended Brother as well.

That one connects to your wi-fi so you can stick it anywhere in your house and everyone can print to it.

u/meer · 1 pointr/sysadmin

This is the one I use the most for prescription printing,

But like I said, it sounds like the issue is with your prescription paper. I've ordered from a bunch of different places, and quality(and price) seem to vary quite a bit.

u/obscure_robot · 1 pointr/occult

Grab one of these and a box of binder clips.

The trick with binder clips is that you need to remove the shiny metal handles from the black clip. Use two for a thin stack of pages, three for a thicker stack.