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u/kingofstyyyyle · 99 pointsr/politics

Steal This Book (1971) is divided into three sections, "Survive!", "Fight!" and "Liberate!". Each section has several sub-chapters.

The section "Fight!" includes chapters on starting an underground press, guerrilla radio, guerrilla television, what to bring to a demonstration that’s expected to be violent, how to make an assortment of home-made bombs, first aid for street fighters, legal advice, how to seek political asylum, guerrilla warfare, gun laws, and identification papers. This section also includes advice on such topics as growing cannabis, living in a commune, and obtaining a free buffalo from the Department of the Interior.

Available here for cheap, or steal it from wherever.

u/OriginalStomper · 7 pointsr/funny

Early learner's version of "Steal This Book."

u/whyamisosoftinthemid · 3 pointsr/answers

Ages ago there was a book called "Steal this Book". I want to say it was by Abbie Hoffman.

Found it, but I'm not sure it's what you're looking for.

u/Moxie1 · 3 pointsr/occupywallstreet

If I could magically bring back three people to aid us in our time of trouble it would be (in no particular order):

George Carlin

Abbie Hoffman

Sam Kinison

With George telling the story, Sam providing inspiration, and Abbie showing us the way, we'd roll these rich cocksuckers up like a flophouse blanket.

u/SNBCJ · 2 pointsr/overclocking

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u/zoeypayne · 2 pointsr/movies

That album was a nod to Abbie Hoffman's 1970 book... Steal This Book

u/OrcaWhail · 1 pointr/Jokes

My library listed this book as "on shelf". Needless to say it was not.

u/pessimist_stick · 1 pointr/Music

OP, I'm pretty sure it was a direct homage to this book:

Hoffman was a revolutionary during the 60s and 70s. So yes, they were hoping that you would do just what you did. I did the same, and also was very glad, but that was like....1999 I think when I did it.