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u/derped · 6 pointsr/hockey
u/SFSCaptain · 3 pointsr/Target

Apparently... And some of the prices seem a bit low...

I don't drink, myself, but I wonder what the catch is. Maybe that "usually ships in 1-2 months" (emphasis added) on the super-low priced items...?

u/thejacobnator1 · 3 pointsr/drunk

It's the same price for 12 bottles as well!

u/Bakers4pack · 2 pointsr/Costco

I have had them deliver beer before 10 am on a Sunday. Don't judge me, I was smoking a brisket. ;) Here is a link to some voodoo ranger on prime now: prime now beer hope link works

u/trains77 · 2 pointsr/Hamilton

Legality of shipping alcohol aside, if you're shipping beer please be sure to secure it properly! Place it in a durable ziploc freezer bag to prevent leaks if it does become damaged, generously wrap the can/bottle in bubble wrap, and make sure it won't move around inside the shipping box itself.

Highly recommend Fairweather Brewing in the west end. Great people and some of the best beer you'll find in Ontario. They have their "Silky" porter available in bottles which should suit your needs.

I have a GoT beer chalice (similar to this ) if you want it. The brewery that sells this glass is from New York state and also brews the GoT inspired beers found at the LCBO.

u/Zewsey · 2 pointsr/pics

I don't know why it's so low on Amazon. But I just checked the link again for Corona and it's out of stock now. Heres the screenshots of the prices they had listed. Target employee verified on her phone.

u/shrederick · 2 pointsr/Mariners

Here's the link. Let me know if it lets you check out.

u/coopsiee · 1 pointr/amazon

I'm trying to buy beer in the grocery department, but when I go to checkout an error message such as, "Sorry, this item can't be shipped to your selected address. Learn more. You may either change the shipping address or delete the item from your order" pops up, not allowing me to complete the transaction. Are there restrictions on certain states? If so, which? Also worth noting that I tried to ship to an Amazon locker and I got a similar error.

Specific listing I'm trying:

u/Thom_Kokenge · 1 pointr/NoMansSkyTheGame

Or on the west coast you could try Space Dust IPA

u/piltdownman7 · 1 pointr/vancouver

In Seattle Amazon Fresh is comparable to the grocery story. Take a 6-Pack if Reuben’s Crikey IPA (a popular local craft beer). It’s $10.74 with Amazon Fresh. From recent personal experience it’s $11 at Safeway. And it’s $8.99 from Total Wine. Also for Drizley, the company in the article, it’s $10.99.

Edit: my rule of thumb for buying beer in Seattle is that Grocery store is the baseline; Total Wine will be $1-2 less; and PCC, Drug Stores and Gas Stations are $1-2 more.