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u/nicoleisrad · 13 pointsr/LuLaNo

You should know better. The Frenchie polymailers are not from the Lularoe brand at all. They're purchased separately by Lula consultants.

u/mtgbuyer · 12 pointsr/mtgfinance

First class mail package/thick envelope works absolutely fine with 4x8 bubble mailers. It costs about $2.67 if you purchase the postage through eBay, and you get the added bonus of free tracking and delivery confirmation. When you're shipping more valuable cards, you might want to spring for insurance (pay out of your own pocket if the buyer didn't request it specifically). It's pretty cheap and is a good way to play it safe.

Here's the method I've used for shipping hundreds of cards on eBay, with absolutely no problems whatsoever. You'll need the following supplies:

#000 4x8 Bubble Mailer
Penny sleeve
Team bag
Scotch tape
Packing tape


  1. Place the card you want to ship upside down in the penny sleeve, then fold the excess bit of plastic back up from the open end of the sleeve. This will keep the card from sliding out of the penny sleeve.

  2. Slide the penny-sleeved card into the toploader, starting with the folded end of the penny sleeve. Be sure to keep the penny sleeve folded while you do this. It might be a bit tricky to get the card into the toploader, but it won't fall out of the penny sleeve once you do.

  3. Tap the bottom of the toploader against a hard surface a couple times if need be to make sure the card is all the way inside and level. Then, tape a piece of scotch tape and tape up the open end of the toploader. Make sure to use a bit longer piece of tape than you need, and fold on end over itself to make a tab on one side of the toploader. This will ensure that the card won't fall out of the toploader during shipping while making it easier for your buyer to get the card out.

  4. Place top toploader inside a team bag and seal it. In the event that your bubble mailer gets wet, this should ensure the card remains undamaged.

  5. Print out the order invoice, fold it up, and place it inside the bubble mailer along with the toploader. Seal the bubble mailer, then place a piece of packing tape over the flap of the bubble mailer to ensure it stays shut.

  6. Print out your postage. You can use a regular piece of printer paper if need be, but I'd definitely recommend going with an adhesive address label. Better yet, if you'll be shipping in volume I'd recommend getting a thermal printer (I've got a Dymo LabelWriter 4XL that's awesome), because then you don't have to worry about smudging, even if the address label gets damp.

  7. Apply the postage to the outside of the bubble mailer. If you're using regular printer paper, be sure to tape all edges with packing tape to ensure it stays in place. Then place a piece of packing tape over the addresses. Again, this step is unnecessary if you invest in a thermal printer.

    Hope this information helps anyone looking for a worry-free way to ship cards!
u/morales1212 · 10 pointsr/Entrepreneur

I sell through amazon and this is my Storefront

I keep it nice and simple:

  • Stamps subscription per month: 15.99 (I should probably cancel and go to the post office. I am not sure about the cost benefit of it.

  • Amazon subscription: 39.99

  • supplies (1000 cases): ~400 bucks

  • actual shipping: .92 each

  • selling price: 5 a pop


    5k-400= 4600

    3 months of amazon prime and stamps= 40x3 and 15x3= 165

    4600-165= 4435

    actual price of shipping for 1k cases is 920

    4435-920= 3515.

    referal fee varies i say .50x1000=500


    grand total of 3515, assuming you sell everything in 3 months and assuming you are starting new without clientelle


    If anyone is curious as to why my prices are .01 each is because of sales and shipping. Since business is REALLY slow right now (maybe iphone 4 cases are too saturated in the status quo), i only sell ~30 cases a month. So upgrading my sellers account is not worth it. When I sold ~100+ it was definitely worth the upgrade. I can no longer be a featured seller and I can no longer manipulate my shipping cost w/o upgrade, this means at .01 + 4.99 shipping I can still sell them at 5 a pop and save 40 dollars a month.
u/_Anthropophobiac_ · 6 pointsr/gameswap

For all of you looking for a steal on bubble mailers, [look no further] ( 100 sturdy bubble envelopes for less than 20 dollars! These bad boys are big enough to fit 2 xbox game cases in comfortably. If you've ever traded with me, these are the ones I use.

And also, shipping via paypal is ~1.73 for me, and that's just using Media Mail* (See edit). First class is more expensive than that.

And I posted this on the other thread, but since you're asking for feedback here as well, I'll say it here too:

Also, love the new theme guys. The sub seems more clean, the tabs up top aren't intrusive which is nice, especially when browsing from my mobile browser. The only thing I think would suggest is to maybe use a pastel color rather than the shade of red you used in the sidebar. I really like that shade of red, but it doesn't quite fit in with the theme and kind of clashes with the blue. Any other options for color schemes? In my experience, pastel colors tend to blend in better with light themes. However, this is solely my opinion, and honestly I usually opt for darker themes. Have you guys considered moving away from a lighter white theme towards a darker theme?

I also noticed that when using headers in comments, they are no longer colored.




Is there any way to change that back to how it was?


EDIT: Concerning my usage of media mail, use at your own risk. It's for "educational purposes", according to the USPS, and if they suspect what you are shipping isn't for educational purposes apparently they will open it up, and then RTS and charge you the difference. It's never happened with me, and I will continue to use it until they do and just risk it, since it is much cheaper than first class mail. Use at your own risk.

EDITx2: Concerning your note that labels only print in IE, that is incorrect. I print using Chrome on both my Mac and PC and it works fine for me.

u/ganeagla · 5 pointsr/Flipping

um no, i'm talking about these Poly Mailers you buy in bulk on Amazon. Poly is plastic. They were recommended by /u/FredWampy in his guide to selling on Amazon - on the sidebar.

u/ThisZone · 4 pointsr/Flipping

Those mailers for disc only, I put all disc only orders on my main account in a slim case (you can normally get them 100 for $5 at a thrift store or 100 for $10-15 on facebook or craigslist, heck I think they are $25 for a new pack of $100 at some stores.

ebay branded mailers/6x9 mailers for ones with cases. Normal 6x9 I believe are a quarter each in bulk, I just get them for free with my Ebay store subscription.


On a $5 dvd, case or not, I make $1.16 before COGS, and that is normally around 15 cents, meaning I make $1 per. Is one dvd sale worth it? No, in the long run it is not. I have a process where if a dvd does not need to be resurfaced it takes 5 minutes from pictures to finishing the listing. If it needs to be resurfaced add another 2 or 3 minutes. That means I can do, say, 10 listings per hour of dvds. That's $10 when they all sell. Still not amazing but better than $1. The thing is, most dvds won't be $5. Heck, most dvds are under $5, but that is a whole other thing.

Most dvds I sell are between $10 and $15, meaning after fees I get between $5 and $10. Let's say I normally get $7 per dvd, and can list 10 per hour. $70 is, you know, much better than the $1 from beforehand.

That and I have somebody else list ones worth under $5 that they ship without tracking on a second account, not amazing but that is what I do with "worthless" dvds.

u/Burn-O-Matic · 4 pointsr/BurningMan

I think this is great. I hope to run across one in the future. So I thought about how I would go about this for maximum ease of return.


  • Cameras (this style kind of important to my plan)
  • Plastic Mailer Bags
  • Film Canisters
  • Printable Postage Stamps
  • Cord/twine/string, Sharpie, small drill/pointy object, zip ties, and booze (for yourself and/or helpers)


    Weigh the camera and one plastic mailer with your drug kitchen scale. Use that weight and the farthest US city from you (contiguous US only?) to calculate a maximum shipping cost with the USPS. Enter all that info into and print out the required number of printable stamps (don't forget to select the option for irregular or non-machinable item to include $.22 surcharge). Self address the mailer bags and write instructions on the outside of the film canisters. Poke or drill out small hole in top and bottom of the film canister. Thread string through and tie knot at end of string on bottom. Lay one postage label against inside canister wall and pack mailer bag inside. Close top and knot again to hold lid securely on. Strap a zip tie around camera between bump outs for lens and camera roll and between button and counter. Tie film canister package to camera using the zip tie.
u/_frankiee_ · 4 pointsr/Indiemakeupandmore

I get them on amazon. These are small, but fit 98% of the things I sell on imam. 50 for $6 with free shipping

u/Vintagejosh · 4 pointsr/ipad

A good cheap case is the large yellow padded envelopes.

u/newname66666 · 3 pointsr/Flipping

USPS first class in a padded envelope. Rockstar flipper has a video about shipping. He buys the padded mailers below bulk. One of his biggest sellers is video games.

u/DreamOfKittehs · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

OOOH OOH I HAVE TO ENTER THIS BECAUSE I HAVE THE WORLD'S BEST BIG BROTHER. I am the child of Indian immigrants. My big brother is 6 years older than me and we both grew up here. So, there is a huge cultural gap between us and our parents. I can't tell you how good it is to have an older sibling when dealing with that. I have no idea how he went through it all basically alone. When he was a teenager dealing with American teen things and Indian parents who didn't understand, I was just a little kid. When I was going through it, he had my back. He has always had my back. I have always been able to talk to him about everything. Even gross girly stuff and talking to him about crushes I've had on boys. He wasn't jealous or scared of me being born shortly after he turned 6. He was excited and he loved me and played with me all the time. He has always taken care of me. I know true unconditional love is what I get from my brother. He would still love me if I was a homicidal maniac. And I don't think I can live without him.

now I'm too busy thinking about how awesome my brother is to go through my wishlist so if I must post something from it I supposed I'll do that later.

EDIT: pics :D (ps I have no idea what that third image is or how it got there. I don't know how to imgur...)

I can't tell if you already picked a winner but I forgot to post what I wanted so here. Those bubble mailers will help me with my business because I'm going to launch soon and I'm offering free shipping foreverrrrr. But yeah, I really want this jewelry business to work out and this would help :D

u/DiscStore · 3 pointsr/ultimate

Where are you located and how many do you need? We designed our own box that fits an Ultimate disc perfectly and have them manufactured at a local box company. You can have some if you happen to be close enough to pick them up.

For shipping USPS will be cheapest. I hadn't heard of shipping a disc without packaging, but sounds awesome, ha! If you're not worried about bending I'd recommend at least put a poly bag around them to avoid scuffing. USPS can be pretty rough with packages, so we always ship a disc in a box. Some postal workers like to try to jam discs in mailboxes, so if you go the poly bag route, at least write "Do Not Bend" on the package.

u/[deleted] · 3 pointsr/knitting

I would not use a box if it's just a beanie you're sending. Use the plastic envelope thingy or...I get shipments from and they always arrive in some sort of plastic bags. I don't know where you would get such a thing but I bet it is probably cheaper than sending something in a box (I live overseas and have ordered from bernat, Caron, herrschners, WEBS, as well as a couple of UK places, and WEBS has been the cheapest shipping-wise).

I think they are these:

or something similar.

edit: Also my family sends me packages about 2-3 times a year. The first year I lived overseas they sent stuff in boxes but switched to envelopes after that. They say it's cheaper. They always ship USPS.

Before I moved here, my husband was here for 6 months by himself, and I once sent him a package for his birthday via FedEx. Biggest mistake ever. That sucker cost me close to $250 to send. I think it weighed maybe 2 or 3 pounds. Don't ship with FedEX >_>

u/beingontimeislate · 2 pointsr/Flipping

I come to learn that some people have some serious work related discounts with Fedex, USPS and what not so shipping costs to them is pennies to none. Others have higher tier accounts which allows them to ship at a cheaper rate. That may be the case for some, but there are some sellers that are clueless and do not understand their profits until they are at the register overpaying for shipping.

Keep in mind first class shipping is cheaper if it weighs less than 1 lb. For these items I use a poly mail envelope.

I get these from work but if you need to buy them here is the link:

u/staircar · 2 pointsr/Flipping

I use these!

Also--I use flat padded envelopes and small/medium boxes for other things. You can order them for FREE on USPS

u/damacus1 · 2 pointsr/Silverbugs

Wow, that's a badass deal for someone doing a lot of selling. Bookmarked in case I need it in the future. Shipping of those does add up.

Quoted a #000 and a #2 shipment, with shipping came to 5.8 cents per #000 and 14.1 cents per #2.

For reference, I bought this and this shipped free using Amazon prime.

Works out to 7.5 cents per #000 and 32 cents per #2. Still have plenty of both left. Putting this up there as a less up-front cost alternative for someone doing less shipping.

Thanks again for the link though. Good info.

u/the_acid_queen · 2 pointsr/AsianBeauty

I use these guys and they're great!

u/Broadwell · 2 pointsr/mechmarket

PMK sets hold their value quite well, you could get 80 for base set (97 msrp) (strangely, a set for $50 from 16 days ago hasn't sold or information hasn't updated). Pro mods probably 35 (52 msrp). Pro mods are harder to sell since only some people need them.

For shipping, use paypal ship now if you are shipping to conus from conus. Would recommend a cheap pack of small bubble mailers like this one or something from walmart.

u/Slotnicka · 2 pointsr/KeyforgeGame


You can get a 50 pack of bubble mailers on amazon. These perfectly fit one deck in the original box. Ship via USPS first class for $3.50-4! Profit.

Edit:50 not $50 😂

u/edwwsw · 2 pointsr/philately

It depends.

For things over 10 dollars I want tracking. So I use eBay's USPS postage for packages up to 13 ounces. 1 to 3 ounce packages costs 1.93 and this included tracking. I use a rigid envelope like these

For larger stuff I use padded envelopes like these

For stuff under $10, I use 9 x 6 envelopes and place rigid cards in them to prevent bending. I then use the rigid letter rate of 91 cents.

For the stamps themselves I usually use both a glassine envelope and a plastic bag of some sort. The plastics bag will provide some protection if the envelope gets wet.

u/TilDeth666 · 2 pointsr/Silverbugs

Most people on here mail with PMs in a bubble mailer. I linked to it below.

As far as shipping goes, it would be more to ship to the U.S.(/u/gordie44 probably would be better than me to answer this), but I know there's a couple active silverbugs that are also from Canada, so international shipping might not be an issue.

Then the other highly recommended option is getting a tracking number on the shipment, but that can be something you and the buyer discuss


u/goldragon · 2 pointsr/wicked_edge

> The sign said that they have 50 boxes each. So that's 10,000 of each version.

Holy schnikes Batman! Lol, well that's awesome that you went back and got the other scents. If you use USPS for shipping you can get free boxes if you ship Priority Mail. I would suggest the Small Flat Rate box which is $5.85 at the counter or $5.15 if you pay/print from their website. Postage might be a bit cheaper if you used large bubble-lined envelopes but then you'd have to pay for the envelopes and the tubes wouldn't be as well protected as they would be in the box.

Let's assume you pay the counter price for USPS small flat rate box of $5.85. The tubes of ToOBS and DRH shave cream I have are both 75mL/2.5oz so yours are 2/3rd that size and they retail for $14 and $11 respectively. I would sell six-tube sets for $12 each, maybe $10 if you're feeling generous. Remember that if you take payment via Paypal you will lose some in fees and also it will take some time to get these packed and labeled and shipped. That's why I would sell only sets with one tube in each scent, no custom orders which would take more time/labor to organize, pack, and ship. Getting a set for $10-12 is enough of a bargain that many people should be willing to buy one (I'm definitely in myself) but not lead to you losing money/time on this endeavor.

u/OldTownPress · 2 pointsr/SCREENPRINTING

These are the ones I bought - 10x13. I'm sure you can get anything similar and they'll work fine (read the reviews, if going with a different seller). I've been able to fit up to 3 or 4, depending on the shirt size. More than 2, though, and you're generally above the max USPS first class weight limit.

u/tabascoswag · 2 pointsr/Flipping

I just started looking into flipping. I decided to do Amazon Trade-In for a couple of my old video games. When i send the package through UPS, can I pack it in a mailer envelope bag with bubble wrap or do I have to use a box?

u/pant33g1rl · 2 pointsr/SellerCircleStage

I put my sealed panties in these: 100 12x15.5 WHITE POLY MAILERS ENVELOPES BAGS 12 x 15.5

Then put that inside a priority envelope that's free at the post office

u/tinyplasticmeat · 2 pointsr/knitting

I bought these ( for less than $10 with prime shipping. That's 100 bags! I fit 10 hats in each one when I was shipping for Hats for Sailors, and it cost about $4-6 to go from Pennsylvania to California. One hat should be closer to $2 or $3 depending on how far it's going. If you're worried about it getting wet, stick it in a ziploc before putting it in the bag.

u/lemmedemonstr8 · 2 pointsr/comicswap

I prefer #5 mailers as it leaves enough room for cardboard that is larger than the comics. A lot of people try to use the mailers that are just big enough to fit the comics but then you end up with damaged corners. its worth the few extra pennies in my opinion.
Amazon Link
Walmart has a decent price if you need a few in a pinch. they will match the online price in store.

u/meriendaselgato · 2 pointsr/Indiemakeupandmore

For anyone who ships small things a lot (MUE/IMAM swaps and such), the same shipping envelopes can be found on amazon for a lot cheaper. These are the ones I bought.

u/MightyMackinac · 2 pointsr/homelab
u/dreammarauder · 2 pointsr/antiMLM

I'm super late but they're just from amazon, out of stock right now though. Huns must've bought them all up

u/Heremeow · 2 pointsr/Toreba

If you sell them I wouldn’t worry about boxes. They’re plush so I recommend these envelopes:

100 12x15.5 WHITE POLY MAILERS...

u/bugmochi · 1 pointr/Flipping

Use [salecalc] ( calculate profits and fees.

Calculate shipping by weighing item + plus packing materials. You will need either a shipping scale or kitchen scale to determine weight. Choose "calculated shipping" when listing using the item's weight with packaging and it's dimensions. If you are going to sell clothing I recommend buying some [poly mailers] ( since they are lightweight, cheap, and great for mailing clothing items. I also recommend ordering some FREE padded flat rate envelopes and some A2 boxes from for shipping items Priority Mail that are greater than 1 pound.

u/markrichtsspraytan · 1 pointr/poshmark

I don't think it's really necessary to use padded mailers for most clothing. I use these polymailers and buy bulk tissue paper from eBay or Amazon. You can buy cuter, printed polymailers if you care about package appearance a lot, but they're more expensive. I fold the item and use a light blue tissue paper to wrap it, then use colorful paper for thank you notes to make it look nice since those are inexpensive. Also stickers from the dollar store to make it cuter at a low cost.

The polymailers like the ones I linked are also a lot easier to slip into a USPS drop box since they aren't as bulky as padded mailers and far less expensive.

u/Nephelophyte · 1 pointr/webdev

I lug around a big BUBM Bag around to airports and the like. Domestic flights in Thailand charge extra for the extra bag. Airports are not delicate with the bag and I'm surprised nothing other than various parts of the case are broken. On the international flight I use instapaks to protect the insides as much as I can. On domestic flights I just pray for the best. My monitor is a massive 27 inch Asus regular montor. I had a ROG Swift 165hz monitor that an airline trashed a year ago; havent had the heart to buy it again.

Only tips I can give is have only a bit of clothes and get insurance whenever you can. Triple wrap with bubble wrap whenever you can too.

Here's a pic of my setup atm. Excuse the jankiness lol.

Oh and for specs:

GTX 1080ti


1TB Samsung EVO SSD

z270 Taichi motherboard

16GB G Skill 3200MHz ram

u/codon · 1 pointr/Flipping

Note you don't even need a bubble mailer. We use these when shipping a shirt:

u/poxteeth · 1 pointr/Etsy

How large are the blankets? Are they small enough to use poly mailers? Whenever I buy clothes online they usually come in these. You might even be able to save on shipping. If not, putting them inside small, clear trash bags (the kind for offices with no tabs/drawstring) with the ends neatly folded, then inside your normal packaging, would also be fine. Black or white bags are the ones I associate with garbage.

u/Cabanaman · 1 pointr/Flipping

Here is what I do, and I ship things for very cheap.

When I get a bundle of free boxes, I will put aside a few to use as backers for first class packages. I divide up the box (usually the prefolded sides are finely sized for it) and cut them out. I will take the DVD, wrap in 2 layers of bubble wrap (not much) and place one of these sheets of cardboard on each side and tape them together. Then they go inside these cheap poly mailers.

I have sold hundreds of DVD sized items and never had one break this way.

u/acn9 · 1 pointr/startups

Try using this. It's not a box but people and some clothing companies just ship clothes in these.

u/garthvh · 1 pointr/3Dprinting

I did 8-12 a month for the first nine months or so with revenue after fees between $120-250. June and July were super slow and I was on vacation for a couple of weeks.

Things have really taken off since December for whatever reason, I have been averaging about 20 orders a month and revenue has jumped as I have had 3 orders over $150 (thank you rey's quarterstaff) and two $600 orders, so about $2500 of the $4000 I have made has been since December.

Shipping helps and is super easy and cheap too, I buy these and can ship most stuff people order within the US for less than $3. A project that takes a whole spool of material and pays $200 ships for about $6

u/maria_ivanovna · 1 pointr/Etsy
u/AshBashBoBash · 1 pointr/Etsy

I buy bubble mailers on amazon, they come out to be about to be about $.08/each and I ship USPS first class package which only cost about $3. Not sure how many ounces your packages are though so the cost for you might be a little bit higher. As far as hay/straw for decorative mindful that some people are allergic.

u/SSII · 1 pointr/Ultralight

Bubble Mailer. Amazon

u/IAmGeranimo · 1 pointr/buildapc


Pull your GPU, use one of these. Took a 13 1/2 hour drive with this in the back of a u haul, because I didn't have anywhere else to put my PC. Worked absolutely perfectly.

u/evanhuttonfc · 1 pointr/Flipping
u/ronnevee · 1 pointr/Etsy

Looks like Amazon is the best price on those. HBlife 4x8 Inches Kraft Bubble Mailers Self Seal Padded Envelopes, Pack of 50

u/GraduateStudent · 1 pointr/roasting

Thanks again. Priority Mail sounds way too expensive -- another 33% of the $15 I'd charge. But $2.56 isn't so bad. So I just put it in an envelope (I have a ton of these), take it to the Post Office and say I want USPS Parcel Select? One thing I found said you can only buy that kind of shipping online.

u/Cellophane_Girl · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

100 padded mailers for $20.95 it's on my "Art Stuffs" list and it's been there over a YEAR!

I should not get this because then I would be able to send more random packages to people and that would cause me to just spend money on other people, and waste lot of time making special gifts and writing letters to people. And that might make the people who get the packages so excited when they open it that they might like, pass out and hit their head and go into a coma or something. And THAT is why I should not be allowed to EVER have those nice padded envelopes.

Plus I might spend so much time making crafts and gifts for others to fill the packages that I might lose myself in the crafting and forget my sadness and troubles and might actually get happy for a while. If I get happy tat might make the world totally implode. These bubble mailers may just be the most dangerous things to ever exist. And if I buy things to put in the mailers then I might end up not paying my bills and then I will end up with only the mailers to my name and I will have to build a house out of them, and clothes out of them, and then people might accidentally try to mail me and I would end up in some strange place only wearing bubble mailers.

It's not prime but it's free shipping. Does that count? I hope so because I have a really good reason that I should definitely not have those mailers. Also I hate writing letters and sending packages to people, and like making people handmade gifts is the worst. Those mailer would just lead to the misery of 100 people probably.

u/dylanweber · 1 pointr/Purdue

Some PC builders used to put large expanding-foam bags inside already built systems (with graphics card and cooler installed) which would fill all the spaces and prevent anything from moving. Supposedly it was very successful, or so I've heard.

EDIT: Something like this:

u/Knoxisawesome · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Not sure if I'm doing this right.
8. (A lot of people seem to hate it.)

u/dinahsaurus · 1 pointr/ABraThatFits

I use polymailers (I bought a stack of 100 a few years ago, still tons left - I think they're even cheaper on ebay). I have a kitchen scale that I use to weigh (include packaging), and then I just go through paypal's shipping service and put the weight from the scale plus one oz just in case of rounding error. Delivery confirmation is automatically added on, and then you can just dump it in any blue mailbox on the street.

International is different, though I still use the polymailer, I double up on it because customs is rough! If doing a mix, I'd still do the US ones at home and only go to the post office for international - it will be cheaper that way.

Make sure you only ever send to an authorized address. If you send to an unauthorized address on paypal, then you do not get seller protection and can be scammed. Along those same lines, I would caution sending a large amount of anything internationally if you are doing it through paypal - tracking can sometimes cost up to $30 and if you don't have tracking, you're not protected.

u/Myriadtail · 1 pointr/magicTCG

22$ for a case of 250 seems like a reasonable price, and judging by what I have this would work out the best. Now to just set up a deckbox for reddit and look to ebay for some profit.

u/Harlodchiang · 1 pointr/buildapc

If you can, you should ship it with only the case, PSU, SSD/HDDs, and motherboard with only CPU in inside the box the case came in.

The GPU and RAM are notorious for falling out and damaging the inside of the case during shipping. The CPU cooler can also break the motherboard during shipping.

Finally, a great step in protecting the parts is to use a expanding foam like this one too help keep the parts left in the PC from falling around.

u/cgsf · 1 pointr/crochet

I've only had to spend about $3 to ship across the country (not counting envelope, but I bought a set of 100 mailers for like $8 on amazon so I don't have to purchase packaging anymore). Domestic should be about $6 with tracking/insurance. Canada, $10.

u/fezha · 0 pointsr/Entrepreneur

Shopify is a good volume store.

Weebly is for small startups and mid-sized. Simply open an account, transfer your domain and done. You don't have to pay a monthly fee.
You'll have a branding on the bottom, but you can remove by buying Weebly Pro (which is cheap).

If you want Logos, designs or anything graphics on the cheap, check out

For shipping materials, I suggest you use mailers.

To keep your shipping cost low, use USPS First Class Mail.

If you need to market, send small sized companies around you a sample and tell them you can supply it to them. I'm guessing an IT business will do well or even a gas stsation. You need wholesale pricing. This is where you'll make your money. Think of places that will buy in volume. A school, a community college, an office, maybe even a police station. Cal them. Send samples. You never know till you get your feet wet.

There is more to say but thats the gist of it.

You can also market with Google Ads, or Facebook Ads. It's up to you. You could also sell to

u/laidbackpk · -1 pointsr/Flipping

and with the money that you spend on the food saver bags, you could just buy these

$13 for 100 bags! How much does the foodsaver bag cost per item?

also with the food saver, you risk the buyer damaging the item while cutting the vacuum bag open

u/n0tcreatlve · -6 pointsr/mtgfinance

May I ask what you mean by repacks?

Every booster box is original and sealed. I never once mess with packs or booster boxes.

Thats quite the accusation to have when you don't understand what is meant by "My assistant randomizes booster boxes".

I have limited quantity of newer boxes, such as TEAMUP and Lost THunder.... for which, i have more boxes of slightly older booster boxes (less than 2-3 months old, still highly sought after booster boxes).

I have her place SEALED BOOSTER BOXES in indistinguishable poly bags / packages.... such as This. This allows me to COMPLETELY RANDOMIZE whom i sell each booster box too So please... the next time you try and slander my product and name...make sure you know what the fuck your talking about.

If I "repacked" anything, I wouldn't have the following i currently have on here and other platforms.