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u/DirtyMexican87 · 26 pointsr/oddlysatisfying

I've actually found the perfect pen for lefties. It's called the uniball deluxe fine point pen. I bought a pack at Walmart for $7 and tried it out and fell in love. The ink dries super quick so it doesn't smear onto the hand, its light and looks good. After all these years and years of smeared ink with fine point pens, this one is the absolute best.

u/wishful_cynic · 12 pointsr/space

They look pretty slick, too. Probably my favorite behind the Tornado, which is the best-writing pen I've ever used for its price point. The only reason I don't still use the Tornado is because I received a very nice pen as a gift that I otherwise would not be able to justify buying, and it does write incredibly smooth.

u/gmcg_abidesII · 11 pointsr/law

The correct answer to this question--scotch--already has been given.

But if that's off the table for any reason, may I suggest a quality rollerball pen such as this one.

u/BitcoinBoo · 8 pointsr/EDC

Let me offer an alternative:

I owned it and it was great. I snapped the clip when I caught it on something and used my body weight hard. I was sad.

u/ranger7000 · 7 pointsr/streetwear

You know what, I think I may have actually done it with a ballpoint pen like this. It's been such a long time.

u/dbgt616 · 7 pointsr/HelpMeFind

Looks really similar to the Uni-ball Vision Elite BLX. Here is an image of it. Looks like you can buy them on amazon too.

u/simcaster · 5 pointsr/EDC

You can't go wrong with a Pilot Precise V5.

u/SuperHighDeas · 5 pointsr/pens

I like the pilot precise V7 but the V5 is a .5mm and it comes in a retractable version as well, here is what seems to be your brands next version of your pen though. however these are my workhorses even though they may be pricey, the ink is so consistent and smooth it is almost orgasmic to put my signature down with

u/MichaelDRennie · 5 pointsr/LifeProTips

Pilot Precision V5

They're cheap pens, but the ink comes out really smooth. They've been making this pen for a long time, since I was a young kid anyway,

u/darksier · 5 pointsr/rpg

I have 3 players who take meticulous notes. They just used the simple notebooks...oh one does use a cool Moleskine notebook just like his GM!

And we all share the same sorta note taking techniques...which is...there is no order other than Left to Right, page after page. But here's something that's common and useful across all our hand written notes.

Use ALL CAPS for your titles and headers - it's just easier to see when you are flipping. Put a title on your page right at the center top. And Draw pictures! Something that I've realized with handwritten notes rather than digital notes (I also use OneNote for game prep) is that when I or my players flip through our notebooks, we KNOW where things are. Your brain makes connections to your handwritten notes. The words, the doodles, the scratchwork, even the tactile feel of the pages all work together to keep you organized with your notebook.

So go get yourself a nice notebook. My favorite are these Moleskines. Very heavy lineless paper. My friend uses an Insight notebook and it's pretty sweet too. And don't neglect your pens! The sweetest notebook cries loudest when paired with a cheap bic. New favorite lineup of pens is uniball vision elite. Used to be the pilot precise, but I've had bad luck my last two batches. Tried out these uniballs and I like how they feel a bit more.

Short version: Best organization for a notebook is left to right, all caps titles, and lots of drawings. Don't skimp out on the pens.

u/SDMasterYoda · 5 pointsr/OutOfTheLoop

I have to go with the Pilot Precise V5

u/[deleted] · 4 pointsr/fountainpens
u/ImmovableMover · 4 pointsr/pens

Okay, so my recommendations are going to be based heavily on my personal experiences.

My two favorite "non-fountain pen" pens:

Best disposable gel pen:

Best disposable rollerball:

Now, I usually use fountain pens, because they're the best writing instrument. ;) So, how do you feel about starting to use fountain pens? They have so many advantages over traditional ballpoint/gel/rollerball pens. Let me know if you're interested and I can send over some starting recommendations.

And how do you feel about needlepoint pens like the two I linked above? I like them because they feel more precise on paper, and I also like the needle tip aesthetically over the traditional conical tip.

If you're not willing to purchase from an online retailer (No affiliation with Jetpens! Just a happy customer), I would suggest a Pilot Precise V5 or a Uniball Signo 207, both of which can be found for relatively cheap at Walmart and the like. The V5 is a solid rollerball that's super popular, for good reason. It's dependable, super smooth, and a buttery writer. The Uniball is very similar to the G2, but I find it to be much smoother. So maybe you can give either of these a shot?

Other people may recommend a Parker Jotter or a Fischer Space Pen, but I HATE ballpoint pens. But if that's your thing, give it a shot. These two are more permanent pens which you'll refill.

u/stateinspector · 4 pointsr/pens

Parker IM rollerball sounds like a perfect fit.

u/myhandleonreddit · 4 pointsr/Earwolf

The pens they got (last product photo is identical to the one on Twitter, so the design has updated since the first 5 were taken):

u/reluctantbadass · 4 pointsr/Professors

Communication studies and Uniball BLX in Purple/Black. One pen does the trick: It's easy to spot against black type, works for habdwritten because it's easily distinguishable from blue AND black, so I only need one pen, and I can write a quick note on the last page without it being a hard-to-read red-on-white mess.

10/10 would let the taxpayers buy them for me again.

u/dramallamadrama · 4 pointsr/pens $2.25 US each with int. shipping.

Amazon 12 pack $28.47 US from Amazon (Taber) with what appears to be $10 shipping to Canada.

u/metal_or · 3 pointsr/EDC

Got a box of these a while back and haven't needed anything else.

u/argleblather · 3 pointsr/writing

I have two favorite kinds of pens.

Pentel RSVP Fine It's a ballpoint, writes smoothly, comfortable to hold, last a long time. Also you can get tiny adorable ones with keyrings on them. And colors. It's my favorite for writing on paper.

Pilot Precise V-5, Extra Fine Ink pens, I use these mostly for drawing, but they're unfailingly smooth and write nicely too. I usually buy them a dozen at a time. I got hooked on them at my last job.

u/GaiusAurus · 3 pointsr/EngineeringStudents

I always keep a Uniball Vision in my pocket

u/Scarecrow398 · 3 pointsr/EDC
u/Sleestaks · 3 pointsr/AskReddit
u/Rosze · 3 pointsr/Radiology

A nice pen like a Dr. Gray retro tornado retro tornado

u/FNLjournal · 3 pointsr/Journaling
u/Vitamin_DC · 3 pointsr/Art

Thanks. It's all just a black fine point rolling ball pen around the paint. I think it helps bring the colors out when watercolors can get muddy and lack contrast.

u/-buff · 2 pointsr/fountainpens

Hi! I've been wanting to get a decent fountain pen for a while but I always get kind of scared away by all the different things (how to pick a nib, a pen, what kind of refill strategy to use, etc). I'm hoping someone can recommend me everything I need.

Here's everything I can think to mention to help:

  • I really do not like plastic. I would like a pen that reduces my plastic usage as much as possible. I do not know if there are refill options that avoid plastic, but this is actually a huge motivation for switching to fountain pens.

  • I'm just going to be using normal paper. I use Moleskine journals for personal stuff, and write class notes in the B5 notebooks from Muji.

  • I've only used black Pilot Precise V5 pens for about 15 years? And I would appreciate something similar to this, specifically in the way it writes on paper. I imagine that means a fine or extra fine nib?

  • I am not terribly concerned with having access to a thousand kinds of inks, but writing in more than blue or black might be interesting. I don't mind buying extra equipment to avoid plastic or to be cheaper in the long term.

  • I write very quickly and I want to continue to be able to write very quickly. So, an ink that dries quickly would be nice.

  • I don't want to spend a crazy amount on my first pen, but I also recognize I am probably asking for more than what a $20 pen can get me.

    Thanks to anyone that can help me out!
u/timetobehappy · 2 pointsr/PenmanshipPorn

These Pilot v7 fine points are amaaazing

u/stainedglasshouse · 2 pointsr/pens

I have been using this as of late and I love it as a lefty.

u/anhamilton · 2 pointsr/Art

I have two types of pens that I use. The first is the Pilot V5 which is a gel ball point pen

The second type is Sakura Micron pens which an assorted set can be found here

Hope this helps and good luck!

u/TheSeventhCircle · 2 pointsr/CasualConversation

I really like pilot precise v5 pens. They're really high-quality and come in colors for when I take notes and don't feel like finding my highlighters.

Edit: Amazon link. Not quite $13 though sadly!

u/RMFTerry · 2 pointsr/medicalschool

Post its, legal pads, pens (these and maybe these), coffee. a clipboard, index cards, highlighters, tums, clif bars, chewing gum, scrubs, epocrates

u/arithehurricane · 2 pointsr/AskMen

Guitar picks and pens. I have a great, inexpensive pen so when my friends try it out and get jealous I just give it to them and buy a new one. Seriously though, this pen is the shizz. Cheap, writes comfortably and no smudge. It dries immediately. Looks kinda fancy too.

u/TaterSalad55 · 2 pointsr/fountainpens

A Pilot G-2, it's an excellent pen, very smooth. One thing you can do is turn it into a Montblanc ballpoint by buying the MontBlanc ballpoint refills. They slide right in!

Another one is the Pilot Precise V5, not a ballpoint, but a rollerball. Basically a fountain pen without the nice nib, and without the cleaning. I think they come in various sizes but the one I have is in EF

u/worker_RX · 2 pointsr/fountainpens

Hey Guys want a FP recommendations:

Left Handed/Hand Dragger

Occupation Pharmacist: Quick Notes, Verbal Scripts, fast fluid motions, etc

Current Pen: Precise V7

What I want in the new pen (i.e. what I like about my current pen), The liquid Ink Free flowing style/feel, Solid lines without break or thinning, deep color saturation.

Being a lefty, short burst writing, free flow writing style... Would you reccomend a FP in the first place? and if so... Which do you think would be a good fit based on what I like about my V7s?

Price range = sub $50

u/ageofinnosence · 2 pointsr/todayilearned

I've got a couple of nice pens - a fountain pen and a nice cartridge pen - but I get more use out of the Pilot Precise V5 extra fine rollerball pens. I love those pens more than just about any other pen I've used.

u/FriedPi · 2 pointsr/EDC

Jetpens may have something you like, 100's to choose from, the metal pens start off around $60. Here's a cool carbon fiber for $38:

And Here's Retro's matte black stainless:

u/Drunk_Panda_456 · 2 pointsr/EDC

EDC List:

Sherpa Pen Uni-ball Vision Elite

Bushnell Pro 100 Lumens Flashlight
Going to replace this with a Thrunite TI5 NW

ChapStick Green Apple

Fitbit Zip

Lava Bead Bracelet

Not pictured because it is in repair...
Victorinox Spartan II

Also not pictured... Mighty Wallet

u/HHH_624 · 2 pointsr/weddingplanning

We ended up getting silver envelopes and had to try 4 different kinds of pens. Take yours to a store and test the inside of the envelope with a few. We ended up just using these plain old rollerball pens on ours and wrote every address twice to smooth out the lines

u/MasterTotoro · 2 pointsr/pens
u/pyotrthegreat · 2 pointsr/pens

Any sort of price range or style that you are looking for? Does she prefer gels or ballpoints or rollerballs? Any information you know can help narrow your options.
In general with the information given, I would look at the retro 51 Tornado line, they are very sturdy, and come in a plethora of color and design options including this appropriate looking one.

u/sheshka0 · 2 pointsr/fountainpens

Turns out the US availability isn't quite what I expected, sorry to get your hopes up :(

Not sure what Goulet shipping is like (I'm UK based), so the $13 here might work out cheaper:

I'd recommend checking eBay for the metal rollerballs, but looks like they're about $30 + whatever shipping is charged to get it to the US. Someone else US based might have an idea where else you might be able to get them, though!

u/deloreantrails · 2 pointsr/pens

Not quite all metal, but I think the Lamy 2000 Rollerball is one of the best pens money can buy. I own both the fountain pen and rollerball versions. It is 'buy it for life' build quality. The Makrolon is extremely hard wearing and has a lovely warm feel to it. Takes any G2 gel/hybrid style refill with a spacer. I use Jetstream refills in mine. It's perfectly balanced in the hand posted or unposted. The cap has a wonderfully satisfying click to it.

It's currently $53 on Amazon which is a total steal.

u/TranceMonsta · 2 pointsr/BuyItForLife

I have to say the Pilot Precise V5 is my go to pen. Does not skip, writes smoothly, don't have to press, doesn't run, and is precise. It's perfect.

u/Sve7en · 2 pointsr/EDC

I love my Precise V5s, but they're not refillable. What kind of pen were you looking for? (Gel/Ballpoint/Rollerball)

u/JakWote · 2 pointsr/Handwriting

Quit squeezing your pen so hard. Really focus on not holding it so tightly.

Try using liquid ink pens (fountain pens are good for this, so are pens like this and experiment with writing without putting pressure on the paper or squeezing the pen. Try holding it [like this.(

u/rabidbasher · 2 pointsr/PenmanshipPorn

Oh, nice! I've had pretty good experience with Microns, though they don't come cheap.

I've been in love with the Foray Rolle 0.7mm's for the last few years, though my handwriting isn't much to look at it's such a satisfying feeling pen. Tactile bliss.

u/seitgeist · 2 pointsr/Switzerland

I'm mobile so I'm not sure how the link is displayed. I order them from the American amazon.

u/rvis · 2 pointsr/AskReddit

Uniball Deluxe Micro

Straight barrel, fine point, instantly dry, super light. A close second is a Uniball Vision Micro.

I also keep a Lamy Fountain Pen around for signatures and generally being a douche in meetings. It's a decent fountain pen, regardless of my affectations and functional enough for extended writing. It is a bit large, though, so don't expect to be carting it around.

u/OSCgal · 1 pointr/fountainpens

Oh, gotcha. You mean a rollerball pen that takes fountain pen ink? The only thing I could find was this one from J. Herbin.

u/MossyStump · 1 pointr/gamedev

I can't do gel pens. I always rock this badboy, my faithful v7

u/HerbaciousTea · 1 pointr/todayilearned

I'm not even a pen snob, but I stole a uni-ball pen from a friend years ago, and it was life changing. I buy maybe a pack of 12 every year for ~$15 and they are godly. Like, good enough to get a high school kid to find out what kind of pen they'd filched and keep using them for the next decade.

Specifically these guys.

u/BradburyMan · 1 pointr/mildlyinteresting

Search no longer.

You can buy them in 4 black, 2 blue, or a red, black, blue, and green pack.

And for you Engineering types, Uniballs!

u/foxyflina · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

out of breath

Cute :)

Admittedly when it was all three of them going down, particularly the fisherman, I found myself holding my breath out of anxiety. Nice cinematography though, pretty and clean. The sfx when the explosion happened and the snake dude got in his suit seemed low tech, but otherwise it was a pleasure to watch. Those didn't even affect my viewing I just figured we were giving notes!


u/DrWonton · 1 pointr/doodles


The ones that have a few different things on each page I used Micron 01 and 03 pens.

The gator and the...teeth guy I used just a uniball vision micro. And an old Ticonderoga soft pencil because that's what I had lying around. Nothing fancy here haha.

u/B4DB1TB0J4CK · 1 pointr/functionalprint

Thanks for the guild! I uploaded the model to thingiverse, both with the holes I used for my tools and a version without them so you can modify it for your needs! (if you have the right roll of tape that is!)





Glue stick is from a 3 pack that was at my local dollar store

Flashlight I got at walmart 2 years ago

Scraper is a 2 inch paint scraper that's been floating around the house for years

edit: formatting

u/Newbosterone · 1 pointr/EDC

What makes a pen EDC?

I like the feel of the Uni-Ball Signo 207 and Signo RT in my hand, and they lay down ink nicely. At ~$1.25, I don't fret when I lose one. I alternate those with a 4 1/2" by 3/8" pen that a vendor gave me. It's clipless, has a magnetic cap with a spongy stylus tip, and takes Parker jotter refills. If I could find it, I'd buy it in brass and other finishes.

I've got a couple of chrome Cross Classic pen and pencil sets I used to carry. Again, I like the feel, and they popular enough that you can get refills in several ink types. Those were just expensive enough that I worried about losing them. I didn't want to carry them loose in my pocket, but wasn't ready for a pen case, since I use them 1-2 day at most.

As usable works of art, someone just turned me on to Retro 1951, and I'm adding the glow-in-the-dark Dr Gray to my wishlist.

u/motivates_you · 1 pointr/Handwriting

I can do that!
I use three pens primarily.
Lamy Safari fountain w/Lamy ink--practicing or formal letters
UniBall Micro--work/journal
Zebra F301 gel if you can find it--work/journal

I feel like regular pens get a bad rap, but I love the uniBall and the F301 for a lot of reasons. The primary one is that they write very well!

u/iovulca · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I'm a pen and ink artist, and [these] ( are my weapon of choice, they are perfect. Also [these] ( are amazing for mixed media drawings on gesso, I could show you some things I've done with each if you're interested.

Do you have pictures of your stuff? I'm drawing something up for you now!

u/oalxmxt · 1 pointr/learnart

I'm from Brazil, but i already found another one that is refillable, but i can't find it in a local shop.
This one

u/xNoL1m1tZx · 1 pointr/EngineeringStudents

I do everything on my surface now, but the few times I need real ink cant go wrong with these

u/Ritz527 · 1 pointr/pens

I second the Retro51 pens. They come in a variety of styles, even some that might appeal to new doctors.

For example. The Dr. Gray pen references Henry Gray, an anatomist and surgeon. Your medical school friend might appreciate it. It also comes in a pen and pencil set.

u/grammarxcore · 1 pointr/fountainpens

That's a great question! I originally used a Fodderstack XL with a couple of different pens, all of which got thoroughly dinged up in the process. A case like the leather ones protects the pens a bit more. Also, it's bulkier than a pen by itself, which means I tend to a) remove it more or b) take a bit more care with my posture and pocket position (which is a weird thing to say; not sure how to explain it). Both are different from when I used to carry Vision Elites; those pens were always in my pocket and cracked, broke, scratched, everything. For me, the case means I'm cognizant of the pen. You might be different, so you might be fine without.

I'll swap out my pens tonight and get you some photos in the Thursday thread.

u/KTR2 · 1 pointr/EDC

I was carrying one of these until I lost it last week:

Though, I got mine for cheaper (like $12 I think). I've had that since 2006/2007 I think? Prior to that, I carried one of these:

I had that since 2003/2004 and then this asshole stole it from me. Again I didn't spend $40 on it. A Cross rep gave it to me for free.

Now I'm considering a tactical pen, or maybe another Parker. Whatever I do, I know I'll be going with a rollerball. Nothing else writes so well.

u/LizMEF · 1 pointr/fountainpens

I'm not sure one would. (Afraid I disagree with u/mwgrover - but that's a great link he gave.) The micro is really fine. I used them for years before I switched to regular uni-ball simply because the micro felt rough on US paper. Then I switched to fountain pens and FP paper. Sec, I'll go get one... OK, the box says .2mm - assuming we're talking about this guy:

OK, writing with it, it looks roughly the same as a Sailor ProGear F nib, so a western EF (depending on the brand, wetness, ink, and paper) is going to be closest. (I used HP 24lb laser paper for this test.)

u/mchughr · 1 pointr/pens

Not a clicky or capped pen, but I would recommend the tornado rollerball pen. They come in a bunch of colors and open/close with a 1/4 turn of the top.

u/GimmeTheGunKaren · 1 pointr/NoStupidQuestions

Practice! Muscle memory is a real thing. Also a better than average pen makes a difference. For a non-fancy recommendation, I love these:

PILOT Precise V5 Stick Liquid Ink Rolling Ball Stick Pens, Extra Fine Point, Black Ink, Dozen Box (35334)

u/TRY_TO_UNDERSTAND · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

look at the butt.

you okay?


u/accessiblearchives · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Goal 1-My goal is to become a professor in Sociology and inspire students to make the world a better place for all of us.
I am applying for PhD positions at the moment, which focus on health and illness and hopefully I will get a position and start (or, I guess continue) my path!

Goal 2- Another goal of mine is to start a family. Looking for a husband, on the market at the moment, gentleman :)

Wish list item: Here are the ball-point pens I ran out of to start writing my personal statement!

u/lizzirdtoo · 1 pointr/AskWomen

I love pens! I got hooked on the Lamy Safari thanks to the folks over at /r/penmanship, and it's really a lovely tool to write with. When I need something that travels a little better, I have one of the classic Montblanc Meisterstück ballpoints, though it took me a while to get used to the weirdly short pen tip. For everyday scribbles, I'm fond of the uni-ball vision with a fine tip and those Pilot G2 gel pens, also with a fine tip.

u/Ethikos · 1 pointr/EDC
u/classiccriminal5805 · 1 pointr/CasualConversation

My favorite pen is the Pilot V5. It's a rollerball pen with an extra fine point (.5mm). I like how it writes and it comes in seven different colors. I've only ever bought a 5 pack from Target, but now that I know there's a seven pack I'm gonna buy that as soon as I need more.

u/BehavioralSink · 1 pointr/nba

Made the mistake of getting back in to the NBA while writing my MS thesis. Do yourself a favor and disconnect yourself from the internet.

p.s. These are still my favorite.

u/mimafo · 0 pointsr/fountainpens

I know you said fountain pens, but I feel the need to also mention the Retro 51 Deluxe Stealth Tornado... it's very cool, even if it is a rollerball.

u/Legin_666 · 0 pointsr/firstworldanarchists


Instead, carry one of these,

Some of these,

and a pair of pliers.

Lockpicks are a felony to possess in a lot of the US


The clip on the pen becomes the tension wrench. The pin becomes the pick, and the pliers bend the two into the desired shape.

u/dneyn · 0 pointsr/fountainpens

Looks like it's a uni-ball Vision Elite

u/GVSU__Nate · 0 pointsr/GVSU

A fellow pen connoisseur?!

I'm extremely partial to the Uni-Ball "Vision". Link

.7MM fine point roller ball pens

If you have to do a ton of writing (business, pre-law, etc), these pens are unbeatable.

If I'm ever in a situation where I don't have one with me and thus am forced to use another just...feels so wrong.

u/whittlingcanbefatal · 0 pointsr/dubai

You could easily make your own. Buy a cheap Platinum Preppy fountain pen. They are about $5 US. Or you can get a J Herbin rollerball for about $14. Then fill it with a mixture of lemon juice and water. This link can give you some ideas.