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u/king14 · 23 pointsr/everymanshouldknow

This sounds about like what you are looking for. A little expensive but there are other options on amazon and im sure other places too.

u/ALetterFromHome · 10 pointsr/everymanshouldknow

OP you would probably be better off asking in /r/MMA or /r/boxing for some better answers.

It sounds like you will be fine with a regular free-standing punching bag like this. Your downstairs neighbors won't be too crazy about it, but unless youre planning to do full 30-60 min training sessions every day I wouldn't worry too much. Just don't decide to go beast on it at 3am.

Do you have a balcony? You might be able to buy a bag + stand and put it on your balcony if there is enough room. However, this can also be quite noisey, but again, if you just want it to just beat up for a few minutes out of the day I really wouldn't worry. Thing is, you might really get into it and want to start training, but cross that bridge when you get to it.

Be sure to have some wrist/hand protection. I've fucked up my wrists a good few time taking naked fury hailmakers into heavy bags.

u/scotty8911 · 10 pointsr/trollfitness

Not sure what "troll fitness" is.. Stumbled across this post. But I've tried quite a few combinations, and these two together do the best job of anything I've found so far.

Everlast Professional Hand Wraps, 180-Inch, Black

Everlast Mixed Martial Arts Heavy Bag Gloves (L/XL)

u/RSquared · 10 pointsr/martialarts

Boxing exercises off the top of my head for working avoidance:

  • Stand with your back foot to the wall in stance, with your hands behind your back. Partner throws light contact at your head, work your head movement, bob/weave and slipping - NO FOOT MOVEMENT. If you're flinching/closing your eyes, this is a good exercise to work on that.
  • Counter drills. Like sparring, but A can only throw one punch (typically his jab) and B can only throw three punch counter combos (A and B can both block and avoid strikes). If you're not responding to the initial strike well enough to immediately counter, you're doing it wrong.
  • Padwork with counters - the pad partner can return one strike after a combo, usually his straight or a hook. Not every time, but often enough for the striker to be more careful inside.

    For power, squats and cleans on the legs, bench and military press on the arms, plus heavy bag work using something like Bas' system. There's no shortcut to strength.
u/Aetra · 10 pointsr/JUSTNOMIL

I think you need to get yourself one of these for Christmas

u/sylkworm · 8 pointsr/martialarts

If you want to actually throw power punches, I would recommend you both take boxing classes and get a heavy bag and at least some hand wraps. Otherwise, you're likely to mess up your hands and wrists. The downside with that solution is that it would cost money and time, both of which you've said that you don't want to invest in.

There are other alternatives like stand-up bags, but that's also costly and you would be able to easily knock them down unless you're a very small or weak puncher.

You could possibly wall mounted bag but that's inadvisable unless you have a strong brick/cement wall or you have a place where you don't mind shaking off pieces of the drywall.

Your original solution with hand-held pads might still work if you're willing to take a few boxing pointers, but most people don't know how to hold pads or punch properly.

u/CorinneLovesDogs · 8 pointsr/JUSTNOMIL

Just a note, but my self defense instructor, as well as the cop who volunteered his time to assist with the class, was very adamant that you should NEVER take a weapon that you can't use/completely control into a fight. If you can't use it properly, it's better not to use it at all because an attacked can take it from you and use it against you.

My class was a national program that I HIGHLY recommend. It's called Rape Aggression Defense, and while it covers home invasion and safety tips, as well as basic self defense, it also teaches you how to get an attacker off of you if they're between your legs, trying to get on top of you, etc... It is women-only (my instructor specified that trans women and trans men were allowed), and there are other classes for men and for children.

I took the class with my best friend, who had only just realized that her then-fiancé had raped her a few months previously (she was sexually abused as a child and had an Ndad and a crack addict possibly-N mom. She had a shattered, possibly nonexistent normal meter before she met me), and going through that class at the time was one of the major reasons she decided to leave him, despite everyone in her "family" telling her that it wasn't reeeeeally rape since they were engaged. The class helped open her eyes to his abuse, and gave her the courage to get out. During one class, we learned how to kick hard enough to knock over a 200lb martial arts dummy. After she knocked it over, she ran up to me, a huge grin on her face and happy tears in her eyes, and told me, "I just imagined it was [Fiancé's] face!" That class let her stop feeling like a victim, and made her realize that she was in control of her life.

Most of the women in that class were survivors of sexual assault, and every one of them had a similar experience that she did. One woman just broke down sobbing during one class because she no longer felt helpless or damaged. The class had a full lesson on consent and how assault is never the fault of the victim.

Basically, what I'm trying to say is that self defense classes, especially like RAD, give you more than just the physical tools and muscle memory to protect yourself; they teach you to use your voice (literally, in this case. The teacher told us to STOP letting society tell us to be meek and quiet while being abused, and to scream "NO!!" if we need to), and how to trust your instincts. They help to fix your broken normal meter.

u/dishie · 7 pointsr/DIY

Or maybe install a mailbox in one of these.

u/demosthenes83 · 6 pointsr/martialarts

What are you trying to do?

Generally speaking, get a hanging bag. There's a reason it's what's you'll find in any professional MMA or Boxing gym. They allow you to work on power and technique much better than a Bob will.

Now, Bob is nice in that you can practice targeting, but you can do almost everything on a heavy bag that you can do on a Bob, and you can't work a lot of things on a Bob. So if you can only get one, don't get the Bob.

Freestanding bags well known for their inability to stay in place for a workout. I also am usually annoyed by their large base and inability do clinch work or other in close strikes.

If you can't hang anything there are freestanding bases for heavy bags. Not the best, but look into something like this:

u/OmarTheTerror · 6 pointsr/hockeyplayers

I'm a big fan of vodka.

I mean for cleaning (but also for drinking, but not at the same time).

I would get a big bucket where you'll be able to submerge all your gear and weight it down so none of it would float above the waterline.

Get the cheapest vodka you can find (usually a handle or two) and pour it over the gear. I actually pour it through the gloves so it gets in all the fingers and maybe even just do a small bucket just for the gloves. After you dump all the vodka in, weigh down your gear and fill with water to just over your gear.

Let it soak overnight, then take it out and rinse. The alcohol kills the smell and bacteria and vodka generally dries without a smell.

After you rinse and dry it, you could spritz it with some febreeze or hang it with dryer sheets.

I try to do this once a season, but it really helped get the funk out of most of my gear and now i am pretty religious about taking gear out of the bag after games and drying/spraying it down.

Also, I use these for my gloves.

u/Xasora · 5 pointsr/MandelaEffect

The picture shows them as Sockem. You are not wrong!!

u/rickg3 · 5 pointsr/Fitness
  1. Cut two small holes opposite each other and insert a dowel rod with about a half inch on either side.

  2. Drill a small hole in the exposed ends of the dowels as close to the sides of the containers as possible and insert a large headed nut and bolt it to the dowel rod.

  3. Cut the screw top off the jug so you can fit your hands inside and grip the dowels.

  4. Wrap the entire outside of the jug with 10 to 15 layers of bubble wrap and tape into place. More is more, in this scenario.

  5. Congratulations. You have now made your own Soccer Boppers. Have fun with your friends.
u/jezreeljay · 5 pointsr/Fitness

Going HAM on a heavy bag, especially for a beginner, is a very bad idea. YOU WILL FUCK UP YOUR SHOULDERS. With poor technique, you will also break your wrists / hands.

There's zero benefit, motivation or otherwise, to tracking punching force. If anything, it's a vanity stat.

/end rant

But to try and be helpful, here are some really good boxing / martial arts resources for someone trying to do it solo:

u/GFTRGC · 4 pointsr/bjj

Sanabul makes pretty solid products and they're cheap and plain, I own one of their gis and love it.

Also, ebay typically has some decent deals

u/Lourido · 4 pointsr/amateur_boxing

I highly recommend a spider mount. They’re pricey, but the damage you could cause by hanging from a single joist is significantly more...

Firstlaw Fitness Spider Mount 140 - Heavy Punching Bag Hanger - For Heavy Bags up to 140 LBS - Made in the USA

Using chain-less bags, there’s virtually no sound from the bag outside of impact. I bought a 3/4 piece of plywood and cut it so I could span three joists, and then mounted this mount to the plywood. Painted it all black and it looks slick (my gym ceiling is black). Can provide pictures if you would like.

u/Praesentius · 4 pointsr/pcmasterrace

Holy shit! They have alien BOB kicking bags!

How do I make this happen in real life!??

u/Iisterine · 4 pointsr/MuayThai

i was super skeptical with this purchase, but decided for the price i bought my new gloves vs the price of this, it was worth a shot.


Totally worth the investment, I've been using this for the last 3-4 months and the freshness of both the gloves and the deodorizer is still there. I literally just leave the deodorizer in the glove after training and it absorbs the sweat / leaves a VERY nice smell in my gloves.

u/flamingguts · 4 pointsr/LifeProTips

I have these nice inserts for my boxing gloves that might work for you:

They smell super strong at first, but they work. It's amazing, because my fight gear get gross really quick. I'm going to get a second set for my shin pads as well. Maybe even one to just keep in my gym bag after use (sweaty gis make my bag horrible).

u/angelninja · 4 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Yup Bask in their awesomeness

u/HedonisticFrog · 3 pointsr/amateur_boxing

These are what I use for bag and pad work. They absorb impacts very well and are holding up very well after three months and I hit hard at 230lb. The only sign of wear is the red rubbing off onto the white palm a little bit.

These are what I use for sparring. They were a little tight at first and hard to make a fist for the first couple of uses but they feel very comfortable now. They also show no signs of wear but they haven't been used as much. I also got them on sale for $50 so if you're patient you can wait until they go on sale again.

I'd recommend getting bag gloves and sparring gloves since the soft foam of sparring gloves will break down faster on a heavy bag and bag gloves are pretty hard for sparring.

u/david-w-144 · 3 pointsr/homegym
u/thesnakeinthegarden · 3 pointsr/MMA

There are some issues in how to practice these sorts of techniques. In more violent times, these techniques were used by soldiers, who might have actually gotten opportunities to poke eyes out of there sockets. Nowadays, that isn't so practical, but we train for accuracy and hard resistance a lot of the time. I actually use eye gouging techniques on a bob which might not let me work on the finer points of eyes scooping (i guess that's what it would be called) but as we've seen in numerous mma fights, you don't have to poke an eye hard to hurt a guy and it's easy enough that you can do it by accident. I have yet to break my fingers on any work on eye striking but I also, and I'm thankful for this, actually, don't really know how effective it would be in an actual fight since I've never done in an actual fight. I did break my finger doing a single leg takedown before. And i savagely sprained my wrist on a savage right cross that I threw from too far away. The possibility of injury due to a poorly done strike or sub is present in most martial techniques and should not be too big of a guideline in choosing a techniques value.

u/Spear99 · 3 pointsr/martialarts

I haven't been downvoting you for the most part. Just your initial comment. Since then I've upvoted you on everything just because you're willing to discuss this and didn't turtle the way most people do.

I appreciate the sentiment in regards to my Sensei. It was quite the blow the community since he was a well known figure and role model.

I always enjoy conversations on Reddit. My main concern is that I truly believe that unless you're doing some hardcore sparring to complement your eye gouges and groin kicks, I'm legitimately concerned for your safety, because you are simply not as prepared as you think you are.

Referring to eye gouges from grappling, this gets even more nasty. If you don't grapple consistently, you're going to have a rough time. I'd recommend you have some randori with a BJJ player or a Judoka if the opportunity ever arises. An essential aspect of grappling for them is grip fighting, so you won't likely have a "free hand" so to speak to gouge with. It's incredibly hard to grapple effectively against someone who knows what they are doing.

You're right that against an untrained opponent, absolutely a great deal of techniques will work, including techniques that wouldn't work in the ring, but ask yourself this: Do you want to train to fight the bare minimum? Or would you rather be over prepared for the common dweeb who gets drunk and picks a fight in case you ever run into one of the hardened criminals who has picked up how to fight from years of fighting from when he was very young and is a legitimately good brawler? It's totally fine to say "well most untrained assailants won't be able to guard effectively against a kick, but as you say yourself:

>if I ever find myself fighting a trained opponent in a no-rules, life or death situation, and he is effectively blocking groin strikes, then I am in serious trouble and I need to reevaluate the life decisions that got me there.

I'd prefer to train to fight the competent dude, so that if I find myself in that same no-rules situation, I don't need to reconsider my life decisions. A pretty common saying is "you need to understand the rules before you can break them". And the same applies for fighting. A punch or a kick is following the rules, and both are very effective, but you need to become very competent with them before you focus in on illegal techniques because if and when illegal techniques fail, you need a foundation to fall back on that will serve you well.

In regards to one step sparring and katas. They are useful, but only so far as you practice them in sparring. My Sensei would routinely choose a kata that we would study, learn the bunkai (application) of the kata, and then start practicing that kata in full contact sparring. For nasty moves, we would break them down into their parts and practice them. Using an eye gouge for example. The actual motion of an eye gouge is exactly the same as a punch. Only difference is what your fingers are doing at the end of your arm. So we would practice punching the snot out of each other in sparring so we knew that regardless of what our hand is doing, we can still reach the face. Then on a lifelike training dummy such as bob we could practice the actual action of gouging the eye.

u/OPs_Mom_and_Dad · 3 pointsr/P90X

Hey there, P90X and Insanity grad who lost his body about two years ago after work/marriage/children. I've made it a mission to get my weight/health back on track since the beginning of the year, and like you, only have 30 minutes a day. Unlike you, I'm much more cardio focused, but lifting has been a huge help for me. So that said, I've been doing Max:30 since the beginning of the year, along with the lifting workouts from P90X3, and a few other programs sprinkled in as well.

Anyways, that's my backstory. I have sort of a ramble of thoughts that I figured would give you some food for thought on all of this. Also I've added headers, because this got super out of control.

Thoughts on T25 and Max:30

First, I've done T25 (just individual workouts, not the whole program) and Max:30, and I've gotta say, I was super disappointed with T25. This is actually the one I dreaded, which is a word I saw mentioned, it was truly painful to want to hit play because it's not a very intense program at all. On the flip side, of every BeachBody program I've done (I've done a lot of them) Max:30 is truly the best one I've ever done. Like, it's absolutely perfect. It's 30 minutes, no frills, you get straight to business and after 30 minutes you're done.

Like you're thinking, though, 80%+ of Max:30 is cardio. The remaining 20% is a lot of body exercises, and those are mainly bundled into the Tuesday/Thursday workouts from the program. Ironically, those were my least favorite workouts in the whole program (and a few other Max:30 grads I've spoken with have agreed).

For that final reason, on my second round of Max:30 (currently on Week 2 of that program) I've completely swapped out the Max:30 body-weight routines for P90X3 lifting ones. So far I'm super happy with the switch.

The best program to gain muscle mass

As far as gaining mass goes, the single best program is Body Beast. There's just no comparison. I did this one back in 2012 and my upper body has never looked better. It's a truly amazing program. This is the program I want to do the most, I'm super itching to get back into it, but I need to focus on cardio for another 30 lbs and don't want to start that program until I've hit the weight goal.

The problem with Body Beast is the DVD lengths. They're all over the place as far as time goes. All under an hour, but in the first block just barely. BUT, in the second block, the bulking block, which is actually the longest of the three blocks, all of the DVDs are around 30 minutes (the longest is Bulk Legs at 38 minutes).

My approach to 30 minutes

So, looking at all of that info, and a ton of info I haven't mentioned about many other home workout programs, I decided a while back that I just need to write my own programs using combinations of BB programs. Between the Insanity, P90X, P90X3, and Body Beast workout schedules, you can start to see a symmetry to them, and from there it's pretty easy to figure out how to write your own programs based on the outlines of these programs and your specific goals. Mainly I stick to P90X (M, W, F are lifting, one day of stretch in the middle, one of rest at the end, and the rest cardio) outline, but right now I'm doing a modification based on the Max:30 schedule.

I swear I'm getting to a point here

Anyways, after this long ass ramble, I wanted to let you know I wrote out a mass gaining program for myself that I'm planning to start in June. I'm basically using the Body Beast schedule, but I've swapped out the cardio workouts for Max:30 workouts, and for the lifting workouts that are excessively longer than 30 minutes I'm using P90X3 substitutes (ie. Body Beast Chest/Back is close to an hour, so I'm using P90X3 The Challenge on that day). If you have BB On Demand, or just happen to have a ton of BB DVDs lying around, you can easily put together a program like this on your own.

Bonus thought

Alright, one final thing because I love to preach about it. Kenpo X and MMX get a lot of flack because they may or may not be intense enough for people. I'll leave my comments as to why that is aside, but I like to share my only non-BeachBody program: The Bas Rutten CDs (Amazon Link for those interested). I found these on an MMA training forum many years ago when I was trying to spice up Kenpo X. Basically, this is Bas Rutten (old MMA fighter) calling out combos, and you deliver them. That's it. He does 10 2 minutes rounds or 7 3 minutes rounds, and the set includes CDs for Boxing, Kickboxing and MMA. Hands down, this is the single best marital arts cardio workout I've done. I come out soaked every single time, even when I shadow box it (it can be done on a bag or shadow boxed, your choice). Here's a video of a guy doing the MMA CD on a bag, to give you some idea of what I'm talking about. For those unsure, 1 = jab, 2 = jab/cross, 3 = jab/cross/hook, and 4 = jab/cross/hook/cross (or uppercut on the fourth). And Defense (only seen in the MMA one) is a sprawl or burpee.

I cannot express my love for these CDs enough. And especially, I love that the boxing one (though all of them, really) is a cardio workout that uses arms, not legs. This is an excellent way to get some extra shoulder work in while also getting cardio.

Anyways, that's my ridiculous ramble. Good luck out there fellow dad!

u/Admiral_Cylon · 3 pointsr/pics

Reminds me of these inflatable boxing glove things my friend and I had as kids. We used to absolutely beat the shit out of each other with them. Until one day we suddenly saw blood all over them and found out we were now strong enough to bloody each other with them.

Edit: These:

u/sinigang-gang · 3 pointsr/amateur_boxing
u/[deleted] · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I would have to say this punching bag would change my life the most. It is great for fitness and it would really help with getting some stress/anger out.

u/Precocious_Kid · 3 pointsr/amateur_boxing

Vinegar. Pour a tablespoon into your washing machine when washing your clothes. Create a vinegar/water solution and spray in your gloves. You could also get some glove deoderizers from Amazon.

u/Platfizzle · 3 pointsr/amateur_boxing

Updated everything with current prices/etc, this should be all you need for a proper home setup, minus maybe a full length mirror to check form.

Bag Stand $156
Heavy Bag $34
Speed Bag $25
Proper Swivel $18
Proper Bag Gloves $40-60
Hand Wraps $12
Medicine Ball $32
Jump Rope $7

u/Cuntrover · 2 pointsr/ebikes

Nice man. They make these things too
Mountain Bar Mitts, Small/Medium, Black

u/Mekire · 2 pointsr/taekwondo

I quite like the BOB bags if I have to choose one and have limited space. They make really nice targets for round kicks and hook kicks. The wavemaster type standing bags are quite nice too but not particularly versatile. You can use them for assorted drills but best for round kicks in my opinion.

If you want something with more variety you could consider one of the multi station things like this too. In all honesty when I had one I usually preferred to use my other bags rather than it, but it might be to some people's taste if you have limited space.

Honestly I find sidekicks and back-kicks are often better trained with a partner holding a blocking shield (who knows how to move in order to absorb impact), but that might just be my personal taste.

I don't much care for hanging bags honestly.

I think if you have a partner available a set of slap paddles and a blocking shield will go really far.

u/com2kid · 2 pointsr/kravmaga

I went from SL to Krav, and got my arse kicked.

You want to do something that mimics the activity you want to get better at. I love Bas Rutten's training CDs, they will get you conditioned very quickly. They are essentially a heavy bag workout, do either the boxing or all-around fighting workout 3x a week and within a month or two you'll have no problems keeping up (and going way past) everyone else.

u/Ravenswind · 2 pointsr/oculus

Ceiling/beam mount. With some heavy duty carabiner clips.

u/E1Diabl0 · 2 pointsr/bodyweightfitness

Bas rutten also has some excellent workout CDs:
Good cardio, and general mobility stuff.

u/woodowl · 2 pointsr/everymanshouldknow

There are also free-standing bags

u/gorchitza · 2 pointsr/amateur_boxing
u/BluestreakBTHR · 2 pointsr/amateur_boxing

Glove deodorizers are key. Rollers not so much.

Meister Glove Deodorizers for Boxing and All Sports - Absorbs Stink and Leaves Gloves Fresh - Fresh Linen

I also use reclaimed foam rubber from old gloves to pad my fingers & knuckles when wrapping.

u/d0v14 · 2 pointsr/amateur_boxing

Any thoughts on TITLE Leather Training Gloves as first gloves?

For bag work and some sparring. The reviews are great and they are recommended in some 'best budget gloves' lists, should I get them?

Also what weight should I go for? I am 80kg/180cm or 175lbs/5'11" is 16oz okay?

u/HungTaoChoyMei · 2 pointsr/kungfu

Body Opponent Bag aka B.O.B.

u/lego_monkey · 2 pointsr/MuayThai

In general you don't want to use the same gloves for heavy bag work and for sparring because you will compress the material over time and risk injuring a partner. For heavy bag gloves I would go with 14-16oz for your size and as far as brand, a bit depends on your body type and preference.

Some people like harder gloves that have less give and others prefer ones that may be softer and less responsive but easier on your hands. Also, I would recommend that no matter which gloves you get, make sure they have adequate wrist support (thicker wrist straps made of leather instead of elastic and straps that double back will be the most secure).The brands you named all have quality gloves but there are two others I would recommend:

Title Gel Bag gloves $99:
These are fantastic gloves that will hold up and can take a beating. They have great wrist support and are really easy on your hands.

RDX Bag Gloves $69: These are a bit more dense and have a more snug fit but if you prefer harder gloves these are a good option. Wrist support is good and once you break them in they really form to your hands.

u/masquerade_wolf · 2 pointsr/JUSTNOMIL
u/Saurolophus · 2 pointsr/funny

I do the same thing. I've got some fancy Star Wars leggings (I also got a pair with C-3PO and R2D2, and a pair with Han and Chewie!) and I regularly steal one of my SO's TNG shirts for lounging. I've done this before, and it's just a double-dose of awesome! Don't be jealous of our sweet taste in loungewear!

u/Batman5991 · 2 pointsr/Fitness

The Bas Rutten MMA workout. You have 2 and 3 minute rounds of boxing, 2 and 3 minute rounds of thai boxing, 2 and 3 minute rounds of all around fighting and 2 all around workouts. In particular the "all around fighting" CD's are good for cardio, he'll have you do a lot of sprawls in between the combinations.

u/KimuraSwanson · 2 pointsr/MMA

$20. They work great. I have several pairs and do nogi grappling in them almost daily. Several people I train with have bought them too and have similar opinions.

u/CorduroyMagic · 2 pointsr/pics

reminds me of these

u/int_wanderlust · 2 pointsr/90daysgoal

Music: I've really been jamming to Hot Right Now and Take Me on the Floor (once again all thanks to Dino's suggestions!)

Holiday Music I really, really love Coventry Carol, even though it's a bit minor and dark. It's just gorgeous sung by a choir. Second would have to be "O Holy Night". It's sometimes overdone, but when it's done by a competent tenor, it's really quite amazing.

My holiday plans are going home to spend a few days with family (caroling, fireplaces, hot cocoa, Christmas baking, tree decorating!) and then going skiing in Whistler for New Year's! Woo! I've never been, so I'm super excited. I hear it's beautiful.

I am so excited to give my White Elephant gift at my office party. It is an original Bozo the Clown Bop Bag. I really, really hope that whoever gets it is close to my desk area so that I can go by and smack it when I get frustrated. :-D

Something I'm super excited about is definitely going to Whistler! I hear it's a giant mountain with a ton of trails, so I may only end up skiing half the day and hot cocoaing/apres skiing for the rest of the day. :-) Either way, should be amazing!!

u/vicious_armbar · 2 pointsr/asktrp

If you want to learn how to properly strike so you can fight then your best bet is to find a boxing or Thai boxing coach at a boxing gym or mma school to teach you the basics.

Most MMA schools let people pay a "mat fee" [a cash payment at the door] instead of buying a membership. This is much cheaper if you just want to work on one aspect [striking for instance], or won't be able to come to the gym that often. Talk with the owners of local boxing/mma gyms around your area. In my experience they're always willing to work something out with you.

If you only want to hit the bag for fitness, and don't care as much about fighting or proper technique then you should download the Bas Rutten MMA Workout. Bas is a famous mma fighter, who crossed over from kickboxing to MMA. He goes over how to properly punch and kick; then he has 4 different workouts that you can use on the heavy bag [Boxing, Thai Boxing, All-Round Fighting, and the All-Round Workout].

Here's some reviews for it:

Here's a torrent where he explains how to properly strike. If you're only interested in the striking part you can just download those video files and skip the others to make the download go faster:

Here's a torrent his workout routines:

Remember to seed the torrents!

As another poster said you're going to want to get some non-elastic hand wraps and some bag gloves. If you repeatedly hit the heavy bag with any kind of force without these items you're eventually going to injure your hands.

If you want to mix it up you can practice striking on the ground. I've been doing this drill:

After 4 rounds at 5 minutes each you'll be pretty tired.

u/NoImNotYourDaddy · 2 pointsr/amateur_boxing

Are these gloves serviceable for use on a 70 lb bag? They came in the kit I bought. Ill be using it on my first bag and thought 70lb would be good to practice my form on and etc before moving on up heavier. If it matters I am 210lbs.

u/artfuldodger8 · 2 pointsr/Boxing

Mctoon gave you some good suggestions, and the ringside IMF pro are a popular pair. (Though I recommend 16oz if you're only going to get one pair, as your sparring partners won't appreciate getting hit with small gloves.)

If you aren't patient enough to wait for sales, I'd recommend looking at Title boxing. They sell a very decent pair of real leather gloves for about $40, which I used for about a year before upgrading to a pair of Hayabusa Tokushus.

From my experience, title and ringside are both very solid for relatively inexpensive gloves. I prefer boxing-specific gear (as opposed to MMA gear) as pure boxing gloves tend to have more padding in the knuckle area which I generally strike with. Stay away from Everlast, at least for their cheaper gear.

Edit: here's a link:

u/Jendosh · 2 pointsr/bikecommuting

St. Louis has been having cold mornings and warm afternoons. Sucks having to pull all my layers off.

For winter my biggest change is putting on my handlebar mitts

u/davy_jones_locket · 2 pointsr/MuayThai

They make steel heavy bag stands. I have one in my garage.

u/sc2sick · 2 pointsr/bjj

Rash guard and shorts that aren't going to fall off. Preferably without pockets.

I use some cheap rashguards most of the time like or you can go long sleeved. I'm about 60/40 long sleeve at this point. I dislike long sleeved shirts generally.. I don't even notice the long sleeved rash guards other than not getting scratches on my arms from people defending chokes. some good, inexpensive, shorts are nice to have too. They're worth having.

Basically what I'm getting at here is: put on a t shirt and some basketball shorts and try out shrimping. You may notice your shorts start to sag and that your t-shirt collar starts to annoy you.

These things aren't 100% necessary but there's a reason most practitioners wear it.

If the place you're checking out does primarily gi jiujitsu talk with them and see if they sell gis. Sometimes they're inexpensive through the schools or will come as part of a membership package.

u/Anubis77 · 2 pointsr/Fitness

Everlast sells a pretty good heavy bag stand with speed bag attachment. I bought one from Sports Authority for a little under $300 for the stand and bag. It uses steel tubing and it holds up pretty well against punches and kicks -- Here you go

u/Can_I_Read · 2 pointsr/tifu

No, Bozo, this guy

u/ElDuderin-O · 2 pointsr/OculusQuest

I have Everlast bag gloves, entry model, that I usually use for mitts and when traveling. You can orient the controllers however(ring up on thumb or down under pinky), I prefer this way for a realistic block and punch deflection. Just be sure to calibrate your gloves in game and you're good to go.

These are probably closest to my old school ones that Everlast makes now. Title boxing still makes traditional leather ones if you're willing to pay a little more for the quality.

u/Anthony_Grina · 2 pointsr/amateur_boxing

quality wraps are cheap- you can get a 3 pack for $5+ on amazon: ..... But honestly, if the stink is your biggest problem, the wraps will not do too much to prevent your hands from becoming smelly. Get yourself a pair of gloves and also these glove-deodorizers: ...When you get home , you can also use a blowdryer (on cool) to dry out your gloves a bit.

u/Shocktroop214 · 2 pointsr/weightlifting

I have an 11 year old that plays ice hockey so here's what I know works cause hockey gear smells like shit.

Get these-
In your shoes when done.
They're made for hockey/boxing gloves but work great in shoes too.

u/avisiongrotesque · 1 pointr/martialarts
u/Sercavfer · 1 pointr/CFB

Just found out where we got out our left tackle from: pretty good bargain

u/actiongroup · 1 pointr/MMA

Here is a link to the box set

This is a must have. Bas breaks down the techniques really well. Also the CD workouts are intense and will definitely have you ready to start working out in a gym. We used to start our workouts with the all-around fighting track back when I was training seriously.

Edit: I'll add one thing that I think is important. Training too much on a heavy bag can lead to pushing your punches. It's good to alternate between shadow boxing and bag training.

u/ShrinkingElaine · 1 pointr/90daysgoal

Like this. Whatever you would call that :P

u/mechitgood · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

one of the best investments was when i got my husband a punching bag. All in all it was about $175. its a regular punching bag and it comes with a stand like this. We got it with the stand because we rent and know we're going to be moving sooner rather than later. its substantially cheaper if you can just hang it and get one of these. I got a cheaper pair of gloves and googled "punching bag workout". I started doing a quick circuit that takes about 10 minutes but it works out every muscle in my body. I do that and do weights too. You dont have to start off buying something big. I got a kettle bell for $8 from marshalls, a jump rope for like $3, and hand weights for $5 at target. So you can start off with something inexpensive like that. Less than $20 and you already spent less than you wouldve for a month at the gym.

u/crimsin1 · 1 pointr/electronic_cigarette

Yeah I'm ready..ready to be mad as hell if the FDA wins. Might have to buy one of these with a rotating collection of face shot pictures of the senators who pass this shit.

u/zanonymous · 1 pointr/MMA

Bob XL, the only free-standing bag worth having. It's even worth having one if you have hanging bags.

Also, depending on how much space you have, you can get a heavy bag stand.

u/TheSliceman · 1 pointr/TheRedPill

Okay, well first order of business is getting the bag up. Do that asap.

Gloves and wraps I would buy off amazon.



And wrap your hands Thai style, inbetween fingers.

u/hdbham · 1 pointr/trees

This gives a whole new meaning to 'socker' boppers.

u/This_Fuggin_Guy · 1 pointr/MuayThai

I also use a glove deodorizers along with dryer sheets as an extra measure. So far so good, BUT I will have to try some tea bags.

u/Ibex-rioT · 1 pointr/MandelaEffect

Amazon with a picture showing "sock'em boppers" but calling them soccer boppers.

u/lurker4lyfe6969 · 1 pointr/sports

o shit! That armless rubber guy put up a better defense than this guy.

u/brotherbock · 1 pointr/running

> my plan was to bite his face off Cape Fear style

Nice! I never taught the face bite in self-defense classes. Primarily because it's just hard to practice. You go through those BOB dummy bags pretty quickly.

I love Canadian Bacon. I think a lot of Michael Moore's political stuff gets preachy (and deceptive at times), but that movie is hilarious. Steven Wright as the Mountie is great, and Rip Torn saying "If this were a decent, God-fearing country, I'd be allowed to beat the two of you to death" is one of my all time favorite movie lines.

u/CaneloAlvarez25 · 1 pointr/anime

like everyone said it’s all about your diet and eating 4-5 small portion meals.Replace sugar with stevia and try to stay active as possible.I say get rid of the treadmill and get yourself a good Jumprope, which I feel is a much better exercise, really anything where you are using every part of your body.I have a big basement so over the years I have been able to add different exercise equipment(barbells,dumbells,punching bags etc)

since you have limited space,I suggest saving up and getting


wavemaster pro

shamrock triple gym

you already doing good with swimming so continue with that

love that everyone is suggestion ippo since that is what got me motivated to stay fit and try boxing/martial ain’t gonna find that anywhere legally to stream so you’re going to have to use torrents and other sites.

u/stultus_respectant · 1 pointr/WingChun

I'm not sure what you're referring to. Did you mean something like the B.O.B. dummies?

I would say anything freestanding on a base you fill with water/sand would fill your needs, and dampen the sound, and beyond that you have choices on what you'd want to be hitting. And yes, anything that gives you targets you can focus on can help.

u/8mismo · 1 pointr/wma

I use Meister MMA Glove Deodorizers. I put them in my SPES heavies after every practice. It really helps to cut down on the build-up of smelly bacteria. I originally used them with my boxing gloves and they work great for that too. It's a scented desiccant that pulls moisture out of the glove when you aren't' using them. they also keep your gloves together in your bag.

u/unnamedstripper45 · 1 pointr/amateur_boxing

Been adding Heavy Bag into HIIT workouts and after a couple weeks decided I'd like to break the bank for some proper wraps and bag gloves. Haven't been able to find a good store nearby, but online selection is pretty good: they have about 3-4 different sets each from TITLE, Ringside, Hayabusa, Venum and Cleto Reyes. Was wondering if I could get some recommendations for those brands.

-8.7'' wrist, looking for 16oz gloves

-Flexible for price, $150/1100rmb max

-6in1ft, weigh about 210 pounds (hence the workout!)

-Training/bag only going 2-3 times a week.

Based on some research/recommendations been looking at this set in particular:

Hayabusa Tokushu

Also choosing between these wraps, not really sure what to look for other than 180 inch.





Thanks in advance!

u/RasputinPlaysTheTuba · 1 pointr/Purdue

I would not attempt biking this until at least March or the snow/ice has cleared. The current state of the roads indicated are slick and riddled with patches of black ice. The wind chill is also pretty bad right now. It's very much a winter slip n' slide death trap.

Bike commuting right now requires this and a set of these

Source: I bike.. a lot.

u/kizzzzurt · 1 pointr/MMA

I actually like the punching bags shaped like a guy. The one with legs especially.

u/jayrot · 1 pointr/amateur_boxing

Did this myself not all that long ago. First things first. You need to go into a ceiling joist, not just in the drywall. (

So here's what you do -- if your ceiling joists are exposed, great, but if not you'll need to find them. You can use a studfinder or just drill some small pilot holes until you find wood. Joists are almost always spaced at 16"oc.

Cut a 2x4 and using large lag screws, attach it to 2 joists to distribute the load a little bit.

I bought this hanger and screwed it into the center of the 2x4, between the joists. Pretty damn solid.

u/benallfree · 1 pointr/P90X
u/torpedo_lagoon · 1 pointr/amateur_boxing

I am new to boxing and want to get my own gloves. I am unsure what to get. They will be used for heavy bag and pad work. I am considering Title Gel World Bag Gloves and Ring to Cage C17. Which should I get? (Other suggestions welcome)

u/keepTHISondaDL · 1 pointr/amateur_boxing

sup everybody. I start my first boxing lessons next friday.

So i need advice on two boxing gloves.

First are the Hayabusa Tokushu Regenesis Boxing Gloves:


I save a few bucks on the title gloves. I mainly will need them for mits and the heavy bag. I don't want to buy 2 pair of gloves out the gate, so i was wondering if either of these will give me that 2 for 1. Thanks guys!!

u/whocaresthough · 1 pointr/amateur_boxing

Is this the one you're talking about?

Firstlaw Fitness Spider Mount 140 - Heavy Punching Bag Hanger - For Heavy Bags up to 140 LBS - Made in the USA

This just might work!

u/snowboardracer · 1 pointr/bikecommuting

Some great suggestions in the thread already. Consider Bar Mitts for winter riding--your fingers will thank you. They have drop bar and flat bar variants.

u/bernie16wb · 1 pointr/Fitness

If you're interested in a fun, exhausting workout that can help you with punching a bit I'd suggest Bas Rutten's MMA Workout. He was the UFC heavyweight champ so he knows a thing or two about punching stuff.

I really enjoy it. You can probably find it...elsewhere if you look around but Bas is good people so I'd buy it if you like it.

u/BigClitorisDick · 1 pointr/MuayThai

Heavy bag or tear drop bag.

Water bag.

Jump rope.




u/Elpakaroita · 1 pointr/amateur_boxing

Im currently using these
And to be honest the smell they emit is even too much so if you get them i'd recommend you to not leave the gloves with these things inside the bag otherwise they will get their smell all over the stuff in the bag

u/cbrndn90 · 1 pointr/amateur_boxing

Hey everyone -- I picked up some sweet Hayabusa Tokushu Regeneses off Amazon (on sale from their usual $130) earlier this week. Pretty stoked. I did a lot of research beforehand and read a few reviews that stated cutting the thumb strap was preferable over leaving it in place. Wanted to test the waters and see if anyone else had these, and would recommend one way or the other?

u/TheShowmaker · 1 pointr/amateur_boxing

I have this

If you talk to and order directly from outslayer, they can modify it for you, including adding a ring or whatever to the bottom.

Source, this is what I did.

u/wittyid2016 · 1 pointr/homegym

I'm in the very early stages of finishing my basement...the center piece of which will be a home gym. I'm in the process of framing it out. I'm on the hunt for tips on long-lead things to consider. What I have so far is:

  • Wiring for built-in speakers in the ceiling
  • Wiring for TV
  • Anchor for heavy bag
  • Anchor for TRX
  • Lots of electrical outlets for the cardio equipment (tread mill, bike, rower)

    What else should I be thinking about now? Any anchors in the walls for bar racks or equipment? My ceiling is only 8' so I'm not going to be able to do pull-up bars I don't think. Thanks!
u/powercow · 0 pointsr/offbeat

UMMMMM kay.. ok so I'm an idiot.. so i dont get it.. went right over my was early am and no coffee.
I guess you mean just teh name "chamber of secrets"
sorry if i thought it might had been something real.
and dint find the idea of an imaginary product called the "chamber of secrets" as funny as a very real vibrating broom stick.
at any rate it helps if your not a douchebag and just explain your joke.

ok for a real product.. if you want to make boys smile.
get them a sockem bopper.. the only difference between this an a blow up sheep.. is the shape.

sorry if i find this very real product funnier than some inside joke about how 'chamber of secrets" can be a double entendre for pussy.

u/TalShar · 0 pointsr/everymanshouldknow

These guys are being flaming assholes. Some people vent through physical exertion. It is necessary to learn to control your anger to the point where you will not physically lash out at something or someone that doesn't deserve it. However, it seems to me that's exactly what you're trying to do here. If you aren't at a place yet where you can just suppress the destructive urge when you're angry, you're at least at a place where you can understand when you're calm that wrecking shit isn't okay.

To that end, a [](standing punching bag) might be helpful to you. They can be a bit on the expensive side, though. Failing that, keep in mind your pillow could always use an aggressive fluffing.

All that said, this should ideally be a temporary measure until you get to the point where you can suppress your desire to destroy things even when you're angry. If your anger is bad enough that you're not able to stop yourself from doing things you'll regret later, sooner or later that's going to come back to bite you in a big way. There are classes for that kind of thing, and they're not the farce the memes and movies make them out to be.

Good luck on your journey of self-improvement. Don't listen to the obnoxious dicks that want to bring you down just because you're not finished yet.

u/GWindborn · -1 pointsr/funny