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Kitchen Safe : Time Locking Container (White Lid + 5.5
BUILD GOOD HABITS - Creating or changing a habit requires significant willpower. Kitchen Safe is a powerful tool to build good habits. Put any temptation in the container and set the timer. The safe will remain locked until the timer reaches zero.SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN - Kitchen Safe uses methodology backed by M.I.T., Princeton, Harvard, Stanford, and Yale to turn healthy habits into a lifestyle. Their research shows that precommitment is the ultimate way to beat temptation.HOW IT WORKS - The interface takes seconds to learn. Simply place the item in the container, turn the dial for your desired lock time (between 1 minute to 10 days), and press the dial down to lock the lid. Batteries last up to 6 monthsLOCK AWAY TEMPTATIONS - Our Medium size is the most popular, perfect to lock away temptations such as snacks, cell phones (iPhone XS, XS Max, XR & Galaxy S10, S10e, S10+) cigarettes, keys, and more. It measures at 5.5" tall with a base of 5.5" x 5.5"RAVE REVIEWS - Kitchen Safe is the original habit-building time locking container as seen on Shark Tank, USA Today, TIME magazine, The Today Show, Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, HGTV, and more. The results from our customers have been amazing
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32 Reddit comments about Kitchen Safe : Time Locking Container (White Lid + 5.5" Clear Base), As Seen on Shark Tank:

u/jbrown101st · 45 pointsr/trees

Its a timed lock box. You set the time and its locked until then. No override. Feel free to ask if you have any questions about it!

u/Honesty_Addict · 32 pointsr/trees

I found mine on Amazon.

Not a shill, just a big fan of this thing.

Edit, more detail: I ordered the box on a whim one day. I was smoking very regularly at this point, most days, and starting to see my productivity slip. I'm a writer, so I'm my own boss, but I could definitely see myself losing whole days when I could have been working.

When the box arrived I was excited, but nervous. I wasn't sure how I would feel once I hit the button and locked the case. I set it for 10 minute bursts the first night, using the box to help regulate my intake. I found it far easier to focus on other things now that I wasn't having to constantly be thinking about whether I should take another hit or not. There's no killswitch on the box, no way to unlock it without destroying it (and even that would take a fair effort), so I just forgot about it every time until the box slid open ten minutes later.

At the end of that night I set it to open the next evening. I was worried that would be harder, but it barely affected me all day. That night I set it for the end of the work week. I spent a whole week with only mild cravings, but most of the time it just wasn't on my mind.

So that's my pattern now. It's surprisingly easy to deal with psychologically. It's been invaluable in the process of me improving my relationship with weed. Couldn't recommend it enough.

u/ChubHench · 9 pointsr/Fitness

If you find that you eat the whole pack of something, i.e. multipacks of candy bars, this can be an amazing training device:

You can lock it for any period of time that you choose, from one minute to 30 days. There is literally no way to open it, other than to break it, once the timer is set.

It makes discipline easy. Take a portion out, lock the rest away for 24hrs. It literally removes the ability to be tempted.

u/nikizzard · 6 pointsr/ambien

I posted this before but one time I took my entire 30 day script in one night! I wish I had this at the time. Time Locking Container

u/The_Rick_Sanchez · 5 pointsr/naturalbodybuilding

This right here. Also kitchen safes are a thing.

Put junk food in it, set a timer for the next morning and there's no way to unlock it before the timer goes off.

u/bestpantiesthrowaway · 4 pointsr/SissyChastity

This is what you're looking for. It's called a ksafe. It's a time locking container - and doesn't unlock until the time you set has elapsed. If you ABSOLUTELY need the keys - you could smash it - but if you do, you're out $50. It's not so much that you'll be destitute, but it's enough to be a pretty big deterrent.

u/diOpAnonMu · 4 pointsr/researchchemicals

Measure out as much as you're going to allow yourself for the day and put the rest in the safe with a 12 or whatever hour timer.

u/Helena_Wren · 3 pointsr/loseit

Nuts are very healthy for you, your issue doesn’t seem to be what you’re eating, but portion control. Have your nuts, but measure out an acceptable amount for that fits into the amount of calories you’re eating that day. You can get a box of snack sized baggies at the dollar store. Only allow yourself to eat your allotted amount of baggies. You can even lock up the rest of your supply with a food safe so you’re not able to binge on nuts once you use up your daily allotment.

u/mrelevenoutoften · 3 pointsr/uktrees

exactly same issue as you, sometimes I find myself rolling/loading my vape on autopilot

that is the lazy but efficient option. Just make sure you are disciplined in using it

u/tlahwm · 3 pointsr/SissificationAcademy

Get yourself a kitchen safe if you can't make it through without unlocking. You can set a time where it can't be opened beforehand without breaking it, days / weeks whatever.

Honestly once you get past 48 hours, you barely notice it. Just make sure you're properly lubricated. Vaseline works best, as it doesn't dry out or become grossly sticky. And then once you've a hit a week, you wonder if you're ever going to care about being unlocked again. It becomes a fun game, and it's very easy to forget you have it on in the first place.

Source: been in chastity for 3+ years, this is what works

u/Fuskers · 3 pointsr/benzodiazepines

I bought one of these. Just dose, throw your benzos in there, and set the timer for as long as you feel necessary.

u/revmamacrystal · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

This Kitchen Safe was just recommended to keep kids away from electronics. I'm game.

u/bondage247 · 2 pointsr/chastity

Kitchen Safe: Time Locking Container (White Lid + Clear Base) - 5.5" Height

for the money i would buy

iKeyp Pro Smart Safe

remote unlock vis app

u/pop-otter · 2 pointsr/eldertrees

I got one of these:

Kitchen Safe: Time Locking Container (White Lid + Clear Base) - 5.5" Height

I put my stash in there on Sunday morning and set the timer for 5 days 6 hours, so it doesn't unlock until Friday afternoon. Has been very effective for me.

u/Secksiignurd · 2 pointsr/trees

Buy yourself a kitchen safe. They work wonders if you're weak in the knees, so to speak.

I own the solid white with blue lid. So fly....

u/tomorrowistomato · 2 pointsr/Trichsters

I actually have another strategy. I use this thing called the Ksafe to lock up my tweezers for 1-2 days. Then I allow myself to groom my face/eyebrows and lock them back up immediately so there's no temptation to go overboard and start attacking my eyelashes. I think I made a post about the safe a while ago but I never followed up because it wasn't really helping much. But I think having the visual reminder on my mirror plus the promise of a reward is what's keeping me motivated this time.

Sorry to hear you're struggling and slipping. Trich is a very, very difficult thing to manage.

u/Anondude1317 · 2 pointsr/Femdom

Kitchen Safe: Time Locking Container (White Lid + Clear Base) - 5.5" Height

u/khal_Jayams · 1 pointr/Petioles

Kitchen Safe: Time Locking Container (White Lid + Clear Base) - 5.5" Height

There's the link. Not a bad price considering you don't want it to be TOO cheap. Cause you'll think twice about breaking it.

u/greyrocks1 · 1 pointr/nosurf

Buy a ksafe and lock your phone in it. Probably the easiest way to go about it for you.

u/g8rman05 · 1 pointr/DarkNetMarkets

Use a Kitchen Safe ( It's a time lock with no way to open it until that time you set it for is up. I'll take a low dose orally in the morning and lock the rest away for the rest of the day. No redosing =)

u/onlyshecums · 1 pointr/chastity

If I was self-locking, I would buy a Kitchen Safe. I would set it for 24 hours or so, which would allow me to unlock my cage, shower, re-lock, and re-set the safe for the next day. If you feel like you might not be able to behave yourself, you can always take a very cold shower. :)

u/jamesbrownscrackpipe · 1 pointr/kratom

Here you go. Awesome contraption that was specifically made for moderating food, cigarettes, etc., but works perfect fro kratom as well.

Anyways, I have a pretty large stash saved up over the years in case of a ban, so obviously I can't fit it all in that little thing. We have a hall closet with it's own deadbolt/ key, and I'll lock the closet door with all my kratom, then put the key in the container and set the timer for however long I want. Once it's in there and the timer is set, there is no way to open it until the time is up. It def. keeps me in check because if the kratom is accessible when I'm trying to quit, I'll ALWAYS find ways to justify it. When it's locked up though and I know I'm not getting any, the cravings are manageable.

YES, you can easily break the container with a hammer or whatever. That's the thing though, this is kratom not heroin or crack. I'm not pulling out my hair wanting some when I'm quitting, it's really not that bad. I just need that liiiiitttle extra for my willpower and this method works great!

u/Hans_Brickface · 1 pointr/self

The most obvious thing would be to get rid of your game consoles. But if you don't want to quit altogether, just get one of these and put your game controllers in there for a period of time:

(Of course, if you're a PC gamer, this advice doesn't really apply, esp. if you play with a keyboard and mouse.)

u/DarciDrake · 1 pointr/fatlogic

I haven't seen this suggested yet, buy a Kitchen Safe! Seriously everyone I've recommended this to LOVES it. I can have Oreos and chocolate chips and almond butter in the house without any worries of overeating because as soon as I take my planned portion out, I close the safe for 5 or 10 or whatever # of hours and bam! It's locked and there's nothing I can do about it.

u/lockedinside98 · 1 pointr/chastity

You could get one of these. It’s what I use to self regulate. You could always break it of course. However I find it hard to justify doing that because then it’ll hit me in the wallet. There are more expensive timed locks but I find that this one is enough of a deterrent for me.

u/Mamachaos46 · 0 pointsr/AmItheAsshole

NTA. You are stressed, you were looking forward to something that you told him you were saving. But, people forget, or plan to replace something, or...whatever. It is still just a bag of chips. This may help you going forward.