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u/lkantra · 176 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

From top, egg roll in a bowl except we made it with boiled chicken instead, Cajun turkey meatloaf (not really a recipe I found, just some random creation I've progressively changed until I really liked it) with mashed potatoes and okra, and turkey rollups with spinach and aged white cheddar served with nuts for him and roasted chickpeas for me, carrots, celery, and grapes (ranch not pictured)

The containers I use are these. They are reusable and dishwasher and microwave safe. I love them.

u/inkyysquid · 135 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

Total cost was almost exactly 100 dollars, so 25 per person - that includes the lunches here as well as enough leftovers for everyone's dinners and snacks - this week we filled half cup containers with grapes, chopped carrots, chopped celery, and also got some pita for extra hummus from the wraps, chips and salsa, and like 20 cups of yogurt!! We also got a few apples and bananas to eat for breakfast.

From left to right:

  • Paninis with teriyaki sweet potatoes

  • Pasta w/ lemon, herbs, and shaved Parmesan and green beans

  • Wrap bowls (these can be constructed into wrap form in advance but we always make them the morning of w/ some red pepper hummus, it's super good) with strawberries

  • Taco bowls (same idea as the wraps but with salsa instead of hummus) with roasted corn

  • "Take-out" style noodles w/ chicken with cucumber salad with ginger/garlic/soy sauce

    A quick note that applies to both pasta recipes is double the sauce! For the take-out noodles we took only four servings (like half) of the cooked pasta and mixed it with the doubled sauce and it was still only just enough.

    One of our roommates is a vegetarian, so we try to make meat and vegetarian protein options for all the dishes - this made great vegetarian meatballs but you can also just cook the mix and throw it into wraps/onto sandwiches or salads. We also have tofu "chorizo" as the alternative for the taco bowls.

    These are our containers! They're microwave and dishwasher safe, but not totally leakproof (they're fine for brothy/saucey stuff but I wouldn't put soup in them).

    We use a mix of these and a cheap bulk pack we got at Fiesta for leftovers. The rubbermaids are expensive but they don't stain and are actually leakproof which is nice!! We also have three of those lunchblox sandwich kits and we use the half cup containers that come with those to portion out snacks in advance (fruits and cut veggies mostly).
u/justasque · 63 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

Keeping wet things separate from dry things helps. I have a variety of small Sistema containers; I would probably simply put each item into a different container. They also make a nice container with a compartment at one end for, say, hummus, and a long section for, say, carrots or sliced peppers to dip into the hummus.

This one, the Snack Attack Duo, is nice - there's space for a couple of different kinds of things.

I have this one ("Salad To Go") for salads - I am amazed at how long the salads remain fresh in it.

This is a smaller one, with two sections.

I use the Dressing Containers for salad dressing; they also make several larger sizes that would work for small amounts of fruit or nuts.

The Triple Split has more room for larger amounts, and comes with a container which can be used for yogurt, hummus, cottage cheese, or fruit like watermelon.

The Sistema stuff is well-made. I put mine in the dishwasher with care, and it has held up very well. I've had no problem with leakage, and food seems to last longer in the Sistema than in other containers. (I have no stake in the company; I just love the products!)

u/deosama · 55 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

I use these containers

I use reusable containers. I really like doing all the meal prep, and cleaning on Sunday. Then during the week I don't have to cook, or do any dishes. I put my empty containers in the dishwasher and do 2 loads during the week before Sunday. Super simple, and a time saver. :)

u/jbrown101st · 45 pointsr/trees

Its a timed lock box. You set the time and its locked until then. No override. Feel free to ask if you have any questions about it!

u/Scurvy-Jones · 43 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

I just bought those same containers the other day!

$10 for 20 of them on Amazon right now!

EDIT: [OP commin in clutch with the link] ( while I was distracted by the NFL Draft. Good lookin out /u/Ikantra

u/NineteenthJester · 41 pointsr/1200isplenty

Sistema also sells those tiny containers separately! I saw them at World Market before, but I don't think they have them anymore.

u/Honesty_Addict · 32 pointsr/trees

I found mine on Amazon.

Not a shill, just a big fan of this thing.

Edit, more detail: I ordered the box on a whim one day. I was smoking very regularly at this point, most days, and starting to see my productivity slip. I'm a writer, so I'm my own boss, but I could definitely see myself losing whole days when I could have been working.

When the box arrived I was excited, but nervous. I wasn't sure how I would feel once I hit the button and locked the case. I set it for 10 minute bursts the first night, using the box to help regulate my intake. I found it far easier to focus on other things now that I wasn't having to constantly be thinking about whether I should take another hit or not. There's no killswitch on the box, no way to unlock it without destroying it (and even that would take a fair effort), so I just forgot about it every time until the box slid open ten minutes later.

At the end of that night I set it to open the next evening. I was worried that would be harder, but it barely affected me all day. That night I set it for the end of the work week. I spent a whole week with only mild cravings, but most of the time it just wasn't on my mind.

So that's my pattern now. It's surprisingly easy to deal with psychologically. It's been invaluable in the process of me improving my relationship with weed. Couldn't recommend it enough.

u/az116 · 28 pointsr/sousvide

Doing like that it in a cooler might save you .25 cents in energy costs for a 24 hour cook while looking terrible and not allowing you to see what's going on. It's not really keeping things much more consistent.


Rubbermaid Commercial Products Plastic Space Saving Square Food Storage Container for Kitchen/Sous Vide/Food Prep, 12 Quart

And this:

Collapsible Hinged Sous Vide Container Lid

And you have pretty much a perfect setup in my opinion for only $25. If you really are concerned about it not being insulated, you could use towels or get a sleeve for ~$20. But then you can't see in it again. And you would need to use it for almost 2000 hours to recoup your energy costs.

u/MarrusAstarte · 26 pointsr/sousvide

> a better way to do it—short of cutting a device-shaped-hole in the lid—is to use Ping-Pong balls.

Cutting a device-shaped-hole in a lid is actually quite easy for some kinds of lids.

Ping pong balls are cheap but so are these lids and the containers that go with them.

u/pronounced_eyegor · 25 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

Amazon. These are my preferred choice

u/Pocket_Monster · 20 pointsr/Cooking

Can he get a good quality thermos? If so, he can bring a hearty soup, a lighter soup with side sandwich, rice with some grilled chicken, fried rice, stir fried noodles, some pastas etc... pretty much anything that is on the denser side or anything that will retain heat pretty well. It won't be piping hot, but with a good thermos it should be warm for many hours. I wouldn't store it overnight in a fridge, but before leaving for the day, you can pop whatever is for lunch in the microwave and then place it in the thermos.

u/tigrovna · 18 pointsr/antiMLM

I got these ones because I like having one compartment and because the came in a pack of 7 as opposed to 15-20 like a lot of the other choices

There are some nice glass options that I would have preferred but I was worried about people stealing them from the work fridge. I ended up switch to intermittent fasting so I don't even take a lunch to work anymore so I'm kind of glad I didn't spend more for the glass lol

u/BAWLS_Life · 17 pointsr/trees

Please tell me you are not smoking in your god damn dorm?

If you are; go the fuck outside, you are in fucking college. Toking in your dorm isn't cool or edgy. It is more disrespectful than anything, not everyone wants to smell it. Be the considerate toker.

If you are not; quit being a dirty ass toker smelling like weed everywhere you go. Again, be considerate and not a stereotype.

If it is simply because of the weed you have on you; get a tightvac from Amazon. Zero smell. I have that 6oz one. Holds my grinder, pipe, 1/8th and two lighters easy.

I bought a second one recently for edibles. No smell at all from either tightvac.

They have bigger and smaller ones for whatever your needs are.

Be smart! These flowers are not worth fucking up your life.

u/shiccy · 17 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

We bought a few packs of these for lunches and storage we've since converted to the glass ones bc the plastic etches, however the small ones are PERFECT for the type of storage you are looking at, but they're reusable and washable. With the amount we toss into landfills, I'm pretty unwavering in how important it is to reuse things like this.

u/Idontlikeredditors6 · 17 pointsr/cigars

Lets start before Cubans, and I'll assume you know nothing about cigars and just start from the beginning.

Okay, as far as humidors go, there are a bunch of options. The quickest and easiest way is to buy a tupperware container that seals well and a few boveda packets (you can get either on amazon). I'd recommend 65% if you're using a "tupperdor" (69% for a wooden humidor...of course depending on the climate where you live etc...). Rough rule of thumb is to use one 60 gram packets for every 25 cigars the container can fit. We'll get more into wood humidors later.

The next thing you'll want to have is a digital hygrometer. You can snag one for 15-20 bucks on amazon. If you're using multiple tupperdors, I wouldn't worry about having one in each, just switch the meter to a different container every week or so to make sure they're staying good. With boveda packets, you shouldn't have a problem. Anyway, when you get your hygrometer, you want to calibrate it. The packaging or instructions may say that it is calibrated at the factory and does not need to be tested. Ignore that. Get a bottle cap, fill it about 2/3 up with table salt, and a few drops of water. Put the cap in an airtight container (a zip lock bag will do) with the hygrometer. Wait a day, and see what the hygrometer says. If it says 75%, you're good. If it doesn't, adjust it until it does, and then leave it in the bag a few more hours to make sure it stays there. You will find that you may develop your own preference for the Relative Humidity (RH) of your cigars, but it your container is reading in the mid sixties to the low seventies, you're around where you want to be. Keep an eye on the temperature, too. I like to keep mine below 70 degrees F. If they get into the high seventies, your cigars may literally begin hatching beetles.

Now onto wooden humidors: these are much more of a pain in the ass than tupperdors, in terms of setting it up. As far as a specific model, there are a ton and it depends on too many things to specify from the information you gave. Personally, I'd recommend a humidor that can hold more cigars than you plan on needing. My first humidor holds fifty cigars. I now have another 25 count (although, that was free and I didn't need it until I figured "fuck it, might as well fill it"), a 100 count, and two tupperdors. So as far as picking one out, I'd recommend again going bigger than you think you need, make sure it is at least lined with spanish cedar, and just check reviews to see how it seals. Every humidor will have bad reviews because a lot of people don't know how to season them, so look for reviews from people who seem to know what they're doing. And I'd personally stay away from anything with a glass top, it's just another place it can lose a seal.

Speaking of seasoning, you have to season a wooden humidor, which means to sort of saturate the wood to the correct humidity level. If you don't, the wood will eat up the humidity being released by your humidifying thingamajig instead of it being all for your sticks. There's a couple ways to do this: you can get distilled water (or a premade solution of distilled water and propylene glycol, it really doesn't matter) and wipe the wood down with it, with a barely damp cloth or sponge. If you get the wood too wet, it will warp and the humidor won't seal. Then leave a bowl or shot glass filled with the distilled water in the humidor and let it sit a few days. Note that the water being distilled is not optional, do not use any other water, no tap, no spring water. Only distilled water. You want nothing in the humidor except spanish cedar, cigars, and moisture.

The easier way to season a humidor is to buy boveda seasoning packets. They regulate the environment in the humidor to 84%. Buy the same amount you'd need if they were regular bovedas, one per 25 cigar capacity. Put them in the humidor, close the humidor, come back 14 days later and take the packets out. Replace them with (I'd recommend) 69% packets. Put cigars in over the course of a few days (you don't want to add them all at once, it will swing RH levels).

I'd recommend this for a tupperdor, in the largest size:

I have this humidor, I like it:

I also have this smaller humidor which I'm still seasoning, but it seems to seal well enough:

Seasoning packets:

Packets to regulate RH (pick whatever RH you'd prefer, I like 69 for wood and 65 for tupperdor):

Distilled water/propylene glycol if you want to go that route:

Hygrometer (I like round ones because a lot of humidors will have a cutout for the shitty analog hygro they all come with and the round ones will fit there):

Someone let me know if I missed anything.

Edit: I didn't mention beads, the "soak this weird thing in distilled water" humidifier or kitty litter because I really don't think there's a good reason to steer someone towards them, but I really haven't ever used any of it so if someone wants to add something about those, please do.

u/flongo · 16 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

They're called Cambro containers. I use them for making bread

Camwear Polycarbonate Square Food Storage container, 12 Quart

u/BluWake · 16 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

Fitpacker on Amazon

28 Oz. Microwavable and Top Rack Dishwasher Safe

I've frozen a few, seem to hold up just fine.

u/fifey157 · 16 pointsr/EatCheapAndHealthy

I started freezing my leftovers a few months ago in these two compartment containers from Amazon. These containers stack and are dishwasher safe. I have broken a few lids from trying to open them while frozen and found some cracks in the bottom of the containers; just try to be gentle with them, but they are cheap and easy to replace. I like to use these 16 or 32 oz containers to freeze soup and stock.

Here are some of our favorite recipes now. I reheat most everything by doing 50% power in the microwave for 5 minutes and then nuking and stirring 1 minute at a time until the temperature I like. I usually cook an additional 3 minutes.

Black Bean Chili with a side of cornbread – this is my favorite one. It’s around 500 calories for the chili and cornbread. Very filling and warm.

African Peanut Stew with a side of white rice – if you love peanut butter, you’ll love this stew. It’s very filling and less than 400 calories for the stew and rice. Bonus, it’s vegan, but I never feel like I’m missing meat when I eat this. If you like a thick stew, make sure that you smash enough of the sweet potatoes before adding the collard greens to get a good consistency.

Chicken Taco bowl with a side of white rice – my husband like this one a lot. The flavor is really dependent on your salsa, so make sure you pick your favorite. I’ve been using my Instant Pot instead of slow cooker for this one; 15 minutes on high pressure works great. This one is around 500 calories.

Lentil and Vegetable Soup – another vegan recipe that very low calorie, around 200. I usually freeze this one in a soup container and serve with a side of fresh bread.

Freezer (not) refried bean and cheese burritos – another great one for the husband. I make Budget Bytes (not) refried beans (which I haven’t tried in the Instant Pot yet, but I’m sure would work great). For one flour tortilla (100 cal), I do ¼ cup beans (~75 cal) and 1/8 cup shredded cheese (~30 cal), roll them up and wrap them in plastic wrap, and freeze in a large freeze Ziploc bag. I eat them with hot sauce and it’s around 200 calories per burrito; they are pretty filling, but not the healthiest.

Penne pasta with ground turkey and marinara – pasta freezes better than I expected. I love Serious Eats slow cooked tomato sauce. I like to make a batch and freeze the sauce in 4 containers to use for later marinara recipes. For this freezer meal, I’ll use one portion of the sauce with ½ lb of ground turkey that I cooked and crumbled on the stove. I will portion it out over the pasta and freeze; it’s less than 500 calories per serving.

Shredded chicken – portioned into Ziploc bags for an easy way to add meat to a recipe. I recently started cooking a large (~5 lb) package of chicken breasts in my Instant Pot for 15 minutes on manual high with 1 cup of chicken stock. I shred the chicken and let it cool overnight in the fridge. After it’s completely cool, I will portion the chicken into about 2 cups per ziplock bag and place those bags into another larger freezer Ziploc bag. I have used this shredded chicken to add to soups or pot pie.

u/celticchrys · 15 pointsr/BuyItForLife

I've been using GlassLock for years now. Reheating in a glass dish is healthier for you than plastic, and does not stain, etc.

u/bluelily216 · 15 pointsr/Fitness

Glass snapware can be a little more expensive but it's definitely worth it. I like the brand Luminarc.

u/acciowhimsy · 14 pointsr/1200isplenty

These locking containers are stupid expensive; I delayed buying it for a couple of months because who really needs a locking container to not eat, just exercise your will power, right?

Well... I finally came to terms with the fact that I have no will power. I bought it and it's one of my favorite investments for my habits to date. I take out a few of what I want when I'm having my post-lunch sweet tooth and immediately lock it again for 24 hours so that I can't dig back into it minutes later (which I'm super guilty of doing).

It's not the biggest thing so you have to be picky with what you want to store in it and see how much you can fit, but ultimately, such a good purchase and highly recommend!

u/huntergrauch · 13 pointsr/trees
u/kindasfck · 13 pointsr/rosin

Boveda sucks up water soluble terps. It's a horrible thing to use, but it's got all the mind share.

The best technique I've found is using a salad saver, and putting just about 10 ml of distilled water in the bottom chamber. Put in a dark cool spot for 12 to 24 hours. Also seal the salad saver itself.

The idea is to find the right amount of water, so that it's all evaporated by the time you get the RH that you want.

I got in to growing just so I could press at peak freshness. Now I'm breeding the best pressing strains that I've found and making my own hybrids.

Shameless IG plug.

u/unibrow4o9 · 13 pointsr/sousvide

I bought this container with this lid, really glad I did. Perfect size, fits the Anova perfectly, and keeps the water/heat in.

u/bvo29 · 12 pointsr/sousvide

Cambro makes polycarbonate containers as well. I wouldn't go lower than 12qt for SV. I guess 8qt wouldn't be too bad if cooking for just 1 or 2 people.


u/hleehowon · 12 pointsr/consulting

this dealie works real well

you do get sick of things, tho

u/swroasting · 12 pointsr/Coffee

Planetary Design Airscape cannisters are nice. 2 sizes, nice colors, dual lid design with inner air displacement lid and upper one-way valve lid.

u/updog357 · 12 pointsr/cigars

Would you consider a Tupperdor?

Sistema 1870: $20

  • Check locally, Target or Home Goods might have this for less.
  • Any of the Sistema containers are good options. They have clamps and a gasket in the lid to make sure the container stays airtight. Choose the one that fits your needs or a similar product. The 1870 will hold around 80 cigars.

    Boveda Packs: $17

  • Choose the pack that is right for you. Personally I like 65%.
  • If you go with a different size container, you might need to adjust how many packs you get. Remember to get the number of packs per the capacity of the container, not how many cigars are currently in the container. This page will help you determine how many packs you will need.

    Digital Hygrometer: HygroSet II - $14 or Caliber IV - $24

  • Any correctly callibrated digital hygrometer will work.
  • I have both of the above and they are good options

    Spanish Cedar Trays: $13

  • These are not needed, however work well for organization
  • Plastic trays will also work.
  • If you choose a different container, make sure the trays fit.
u/Twisky · 12 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

If you search 'container' on this subreddit, you will find several threads per week on the subject.

Most people use mismatched tupperware containers or purchase a set online.

I've personally been using these from Amazon for the last seven months.

u/Cecibustballs · 11 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

I use Isobag's reusable containers and I've had them for over 2 years. It looks like that people are using reusable to me.Amazon containers

u/powerdeamon · 11 pointsr/sousvide

I was mistaken, it ends up being ~ $35, but I've been using this set up for over a year and it's never given me an issue.

12 qt cambro

corner cut-out lid for 12 qt cambro.

Not previously mentioned I rest my set-up on one of these dish drying mats to insulate (protect) the stone counter top from heat damage (expansion). Still, $40 beats whatever the cost is of the annova setup!

u/Jake_68 · 11 pointsr/Coffee

Use this. It'll keep your coffee fresh for far longer and it really is airtight.

u/krdshrk · 11 pointsr/cigars

Sistema Klip It. Price is high on it right now - usually it's $12.99.

u/BigB_117 · 10 pointsr/cigars

A few bovida packs to control the humidity:

And any airtight tupperware container. Even one from the kitchen will do the trick. I like these:

For long term storage you may want a hygrometer to monitor the humidity:

And if you want to get fancy and organize with cedar trays, two of these work perfectly stacked in the container above.

Then store it in a cool part of your house.

u/RosesSpins · 10 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

Is that salad pre-dressed? Might want to invest in some small containers like this for dressing and sauces otherwise your salads are going to be inedible.
These are reusable and these are disposable.

u/dual_dabs · 10 pointsr/Petioles

If you need to lock out completely, get a K Safe and set timers to make yourself wait.

If you want to keep yourself under control, portion out a zip in 4 Pill Organizers

Edit: Grammar Nazi

u/hxcjosh23 · 10 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

[Meal Prep Containers] (

Liners are in the aisle with ziplock bags and such.

u/JohnnyBrillcream · 10 pointsr/EatCheapAndHealthy

I almost never go out for lunch, cost and tired of the options. And sorry for the wall of text in advance.

I cook my lunch meals on Sunday and use this type of container. Keeps the amount of food you can eat in check(1 to 2 cups), safe(BPA and stuff) and store well due to the stack ability. Dishwasher safe as well as durable. I actually got mine from a place called My Fit Foods and reused them, we're talking 5 years. That's durable.

As a chef I'm sure you can get flavors out of food it's a matter of making the food "edible" when re-heated. I eat a ton of chicken, it's cheap, versatile, healthy and truth be told I like it. I'm also not adverse to eating some of the same meals more than once a week. My meals consist of a protein, starch and veggies.

Most think chicken doesn't reheat well, it doesn't if it's you use standard grill to table methods. You're a chef, you can probably put out some damn tasty chicken in no time flat but heated the next day. Meh.

Here is a post I made a few days ago

The idea is to cook the chicken to a point where it's just cooked, maybe even short since it's still releasing juices. I think mine is probably a bit underdone, I don't know since I can't slice it. When you seal it in to cool all those juice are reabsorbed as well as putting the final touches on the cooking process. After reheating mine you still have juices flowing out of the chicken. Moist and tender.

I'll marinate or season 3 breasts three different ways and cook them. Once the process I describe is done I slice the chicken.

I will grill a batch of mixed veggies, asparagus or even some fresh corn. Just getting a bit of a char on it for flavor but still crunchy. When you reheat they'll get a bit more tender.

I will make one starch or a few. Some flavored rice, maybe even a processed box type (sorry!!). Roast some potatoes in a variety of seasons or make some pasta. these are all cooked through and tend to reheat well.

I portion my meals with a scale, I'm a little OCD that way. I'll put 10 grains of rice form one container to another so it they are all 12.7 ounces. What I have is 5 good meals, at times all the same, others maybe up to 3 varieties. Pop them in the microwave for 2 minutes and have a nice hot meal where the ingredients aren't overcooked.

Think the same way, season some protein for fajitas, cook and slice it, add some Mexican/Spanish rice with grilled veggies throw in a few tortillas and you got Cinco De Mayo in September!!

I pin the crap out of stuff in Pinterest, I use it exclusively for recipes. Really, meal planning is key.

With winter approaching, that is if you're in the Northern Hem, think soups and stews. Here is a freezing post I made. I'll make a batch of Gumbo, Chili or a Creole and freeze portions. If you follow this method no burn.

u/velvetscooby · 10 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

Sure! Here they are on Amazon. There are probably some cheaper ones but that brand seemed reliable.

u/donduck2 · 9 pointsr/ketorecipes

I use the IP (Instant Pot) brand, I have an older version of this one:

Works well and I've never had any problems using it. Depending on if you are making for yourself or multiple people will depend on how big of a pot or tub you will need. I actually have an old cooler that has a plastic insert that I've used when I am making more than a couple steaks at a time.

You can get pretty decent size tubs for not too much:

Wider is definitely better than taller when it comes to the tub you use depending on what you are cooking. Sous vide is also great for cooking egg bites and lots of other tasty things. I use a vacuum sealer but you can also just submerse a zip lock into water pushing all the air out and then seal it, that works fine too but won't help infuse any marinade or seasonings into the meat as much.

u/messijoez · 9 pointsr/Cooking

My wife got one of these thermoses. Comes with a folding spoon inside the cap and keeps whatever's inside hot for hours.

When we use it, we'll do things like curries (indian/thai/japanese) or soups, and then she'll bring a small tupperware of rice or some bread. Also good for soups, fried rice, porridge, really anything that needs to be kept hot, but it works best for saucy items. One thing I've wanted to try but haven't is something like a tupperware of cold pasta and cheese, and fill up this thing with hot spaghetti sauce and meatballs.

Another option for a "nicer" but less flexible system would be a bento box thermos like this one. What I don't like about these is that they're meant to be used in a specific way; i.e. a hot soup/sauce, a warm side (typically starch like pasta or rice), and a cold salad. It basically slowly leaks heat everywhere, and I prefer to have one really hot dish, and will just deal with having a cold starch if needed.

u/misanthropic_niceguy · 9 pointsr/Fitness

A thermos? Sorry, can't quite see why this isn't an option. Heat your food in the mwave at home, transfer to one of these ( and you're set.

Use this for warm chicken and veg on rice and you've got weight loss, warm belly and a re-useable lunchbox. Bingo!

u/---YNWA--- · 9 pointsr/cigars

Hey! I'll offer up some noob advice since I just started a couple months ago myself and had these same questions. Firstly, welcome to the sub and to the cigar world in general. Hopefully you'll really enjoy your first few smokes and become a BOTL (brother of the leaf)! So here's the good news - a "starter kit" like you are asking about is actually so good that it can be a "lifetime kit." Many people here who have been in to cigars for many years still use this system. A humidor is very nice, but the cheaper ones aren't that great, and even the more expensive ones are truly not necessary. You can keep cigars in just as good condition in the setup I'm about to tell you as any that are kept in expensive humidors, generally. So what you want is nicknamed a tupperdor. Just like it sounds, it's tupperware made to be a humidor. The key is that it has to be airtight. So your basic glad snap lid things aren't usually good enough, but the ones that are airtight are still cheap, they just have snap tight latches and usually a rubber seal around the lip. This one is what I am currently using. Actually many people here use it as well. If you scroll down on that page you will see the "other people bought" suggestions are for a Spanish cedar cigar tray and a digital hygrometer, so you can see many people buy these for this purpose. [This is another option as well.] ( This one has the cedar lining in it already but holds fewer cigars and displays differently,
your call. Then you will need a humidity pack like this one from Boveda. They are cheap and this size works for up to 25 cigars I think. Anyway, you simply put it inside the tupperdor with your cigars and close the lid, that's it! The Boveda packs will maintain the humidity int he box at 69%. There are other levels you can get like 72%, and that's more of a personal preference I think. I found that 69% was very common so I went with that and it's been working well for me so far. Also, you don't actually NEED the cedar tray, but it does have some benefits for long term storage of cigars. I actually grabbed some thin Spanish cedar sheets out of a used cigar box and laid them on the bottom of my box for now. Works fine. As for the hygrometer, it's also not required for your needs. I still don't have one. The Boveda packs do their job very reliably. So there you have it, an inexpensive and very reliable way to store cigars for the short term while you test out the cigar world, and it will work long term if you like it and decide to keep smoking. Certainly others with more experience than me will chime in here if I made a mistake or three, this sub community is pretty great. Anyway, enjoy and if you have more questions fire away!

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X-post from r/trees. This was in the comments there but I'll post it here too: Here's a link to a Dropbox with the schematic. It was made in Autodesk Inventor and I'm not sure if any other 3D CAD program can run it. The overall diameter of the part is slightly bigger than the tube it went in (link to Amazon), so it required some sanding and rolling on a hot skillet to mold it perfectly. Also, it took a while to cut off the base that the printer puts down before it actually prints the part. It took 2 hours to print and about 4 hours of refining afterwards to get it perfect.

u/[deleted] · 9 pointsr/DrugStashes

Kitchen Safe: Time Locking Container (White Lid + White Base) - 5.5" Height

Nothing will keep a bartard out but this thing, only way in is to break it.

u/ChubHench · 9 pointsr/Fitness

If you find that you eat the whole pack of something, i.e. multipacks of candy bars, this can be an amazing training device:

You can lock it for any period of time that you choose, from one minute to 30 days. There is literally no way to open it, other than to break it, once the timer is set.

It makes discipline easy. Take a portion out, lock the rest away for 24hrs. It literally removes the ability to be tempted.

u/neodymiumex · 9 pointsr/EatCheapAndHealthy

I've been cooking chicken yellow curry a lot lately:

  • 1 lb chicken thighs cut into bite size pieces
  • 1 zucchini squash cut into bite size pieces
  • 1 red bell pepper cut into bite size pieces
  • 1-2 carrots cut into bite size pieces
  • 1 bottle of Trader Joe's yellow curry sauce
  • 3 cups of uncooked white rice
  • a bit of oil to saute it all in

    I throw the rice into the rice cooker. While that's cooking I cut up all the ingredients and then heat some oil over medium in a large skillet and throw the carrots in. After about 5 minutes I add the chicken, after a few more minutes I add the bell pepper and zucchini, after a few minutes more I add the sauce to simmer for a few minutes and then portion it all out into 4 meals over the rice. You can make this cheaper by making your own yellow curry but honestly it doesn't feel that much cheaper than buying the bottle at TJs and it dirties another pan so I don't typically bother. You can change this up pretty dramatically by just changing the sauce. Trader Joe's has a couple of different ones that are pretty good, Kroger has this one which is good:

    Burrito bowl recipe that I make every once and a while:

  • 1 pound chicken breast cut into bite sized pieces
  • 1 diced yellow onion
  • 1 green bell pepper cut into bite size pieces
  • 1 diced jalapeno pepper
  • 1 cup of uncooked long grain rice
  • 1 14.5 oz can of crushed tomatoes
  • 1 15oz can of black beans, drained and rinsed
  • 1/2 teaspoon of garlic powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon of chili powder
  • 1 teaspoon of cumin
  • ~2 cups of low-sodium chicken broth
  • 1 cup of shredded cheese (I generally use mexican blend)
  • salt and pepper
  • oil to saute in

    Saute the onion in the oil until soft, then add the peppers. After a few minutes add the chicken along with salt and pepper. After a few minutes add the rice, tomatoes, beans, and spices. Mix it up and then add the chicken stock (I normally add slightly less than 2 cups, if the dish looks too dry near the end you can always add more). Bring it to a simmer, then cover the pan and reduce the heat to low. Simmer until the rice is done, which typically takes 30-35 minutes. When it's done stir in the cheese.

    I store my meals in these: and then reheat it at the office in the microwave.
u/dreamer7 · 9 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

The containers are reusable ones I bought off of Amazon that are marketed specifically for meal prep. They're kind of like the containers you would get a Chinese food entree in. I expect these to keep for about a week and a half or so, and I will be reheating in the microwave.

u/Frummagem · 8 pointsr/BingeEatingDisorder

This thing changed my life -

I don't keep binge food in the house. The second I start thinking about going out and buying some, I lock my wallet up in here until the stores are closed.

u/combatcookies · 8 pointsr/gardening

They have clear containers that only open on a timer for things like people taking medication too often. Maybe we should put our succulents in there :P

u/christophurr · 8 pointsr/cocaine

Gotta pace yourself. Get one of those timer based cookie jars. Set it for every 30 min.


u/mcyaco · 8 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

The pyrex snapware are nice, they are something like this I believe.

I have the Pyrex no leak, the lids take some getting used to. However the nice thing is you can buy the lids separate, since they are far more likely to break before the glass does. I am not sure if you can buy just the lids for other brands.

Ikea has some pretty good glass Tupperware as well, a lot like what I linked earlier. They're sold individually, so you can get just as many as you need. I have a couple of these. I have also seen pretty good deals on glass tupperware at Marshall's.

u/total_looser · 8 pointsr/Cooking
u/disgustipated · 8 pointsr/slowcooking

I live alone and use a 6-quart cooker. Add these to your shopping cart, and you'll have a freezer full of delicious dinners in no time.

u/mnpharmer · 8 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

Freshware 15-Pack 3 Compartment Bento Lunch Boxes with Lids - Stackable, Reusable, Microwave, Dishwasher & Freezer Safe - Meal Prep, Portion Control,

LIFT Certified BPA-Free Reusable Microwavable Meal Prep Containers with Lids, 28-Ounce, 7 Pack (Includes Ebook)

u/sophroll · 8 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

Yup! On amazon there’s a ton

Here’s one kind but you’ll find more from there.

[5 Pack] Glass Meal Prep Containers Glass 2 Compartment - Glass Food Storage Containers - Glass Storage Containers with Lids - Divided Glass Lunch Containers Food Container - Glass Food Containers

u/thinkforaminute · 8 pointsr/keto

You mean the vegetable rot accelerator? Get this and this. They really work!

u/Metasheep · 8 pointsr/sousvide

This is the setup that I use:

u/freelancer799 · 8 pointsr/slowcooking
u/future_weasley · 8 pointsr/Cooking

I recently bought a thermos to keep food warm. I get to work between 8:30 and 9 and the food is still just as warm at lunch as it was when I put it in there in the morning. Great for microwaving leftovers at home.
amazon link

u/CrazyManInCincy · 8 pointsr/cigars

Prestige Import Group Acrylic Cigar Jar

Sistema Klip It Collection Rectangle Food Storage Container, 29 Cup

IRIS 74 Quart WEATHERTIGHT Storage Box, Clear

Caliber IV Digital Hygromter by Western Humidor

Spanish Cedar Cigar Tray

Boveda 65-Percent RH Retail Cube Humidifier/Dehumidifier, 60gm, 12-Pack

u/sdracerr1 · 8 pointsr/cigars

New too. Unless you’re compulsive and tend to go all out, I would say get a tupperdor. That’s what I did (see recent post).

Container -

Hygrometer -

Cedar tray -

u/helixflush · 7 pointsr/sousvide

or you could have got this lid and this container instead of hacking yours together which already has the hole cut for specific devices

u/recchiap · 7 pointsr/Coffee

I use an Airscape. Probably the best solution if you only have one type of bean at a time. It uses a one way valve you can open and close to keep them fresh for much longer than usual.

Seattle coffee gear has a video comparing that storage to using the bag.

u/nicknameisnub · 7 pointsr/cigars

Here is a good setup that doesn't cost much at all, right around $40. The next thing you need are cigars.

Sistema Tupperware

Boveda 65% rh 4 pack

u/Puckfan21 · 7 pointsr/cigars

Tupperware Though this has been cheaper at Target. Ship to store there might be worth it to you.

Hygrometer 1 or 2 depedning on what you like.

Boveda You will need two per container you get. They also have 4 packs. I would suggest 65% RH with a tupperdor.

u/RollCakeTroll · 7 pointsr/cigars

Hey there, welcome!

I do want to warn you, there are a lot of Cuban Cigar (CC) fakes out there. Likely if you bought from a shop and they aren't Cohibas, you're probably fine, but you may want to check out (looks like their standard map is down however) and see if the map isn't there.

That said, CCs aren't terribly hard to get in the US and there's a few sites that ship them by the box to the states. We have regular box splits on here (one person buys a box and ships it out at cost to other people in smaller batches, say 5 cigars each), and there's plenty of folks on /r/CigarMarket that will provide you some CCs if you search, or you can check out /r/cubancigars too. Funny enough they're usually much cheaper than what you paid in Canada because basically no taxes.

Honestly, I don't think there is much "working up" needed to smoke a CC. They're relatively mild compared to Dominican or Nicaraguan tobacco (in the grand scheme of things... of course there's bold Cuban and mild Dominican). Now, if we were talking about a Padron or a La Flor Dominicana, then yes, I'd say you'd need to smoke for a few months before you can be sure that the nicotine won't make you literally sick (rare but it can happen). Cubans? Nah, totally great for a newbie to smoke.

Also if you're new to cigars, don't let those things sit out. Get yourself a tupperware container and a boveda pack: and

If you don't store the cigars in an airtight container with humidification, they'll dry out and not be the tasty smokes you were expecting.

Now, if you do want to keep your first CCs as a special smoke, I totally understand. Do keep them humidified though. Without humidification they will wither and eventually the oils will dry out and they won't be recoverable at that point (years without humidification but that isn't out of the question when you buy them and save them) But overall, they're not hard to get, smoke great, and are totally fine for a beginner to smoke. I say light 'em up! You can replace CCs easily enough.

u/zero00kelvin · 7 pointsr/sissyology

time lock safe

Put your key inside. Set the timer and it's not up to you anymore.

u/Falschnachricht · 7 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

"Is it worth it?" is always such a personal question, so I'm sorry if my answer isn't as decisive as you're looking for. I'll try to tailor my response to your budget concern.

Short answer: plastic containers will get the job done cheaper than glass in the short-term.

Your first purchase of plastic containers will be available for much cheaper than glass (e.g. [$11 for 7 containers] ( vs $5/pc for glass. You'll also be able to get much more variety and specialization for your dollar in plastic containers: rectangular, round, multi-compartment, etc. That means you'll have more options when planning your food, which should help vary your diet while still eating cheap.

You get what you pay for, however, and this is where the debate of plastic vs glass really turns into an investment in my opinion. Plastic will eventually scratch, retain odors, stain, warp, leak, and some people still have concerns about negative health impacts from ingesting plastics. Anecdotally, most people I know cycle through their plastic containers every six months

So now for your second purchase of meal prep containers, you'll either spend another $11 on plastic containers, or you'll look at glass. It's heavier, when it breaks it shatters, and it's much more expensive per piece. BUT, take care of it and it'll last much longer. The grommet will seal much better than plastic containers. You're no longer limited to cold foods and microwave heating because they're also oven-safe. I now use the IKEA glassware linked above and the glass doesn't have any indications of damage. The lid may wear out over time, but two years in mine are still going strong!

Call it $20 on plastic containers every year, or $30 up front that may need lid replacements every few years - your budget should make this decision for you.

u/dilfman6912 · 7 pointsr/1200isplenty

[5-Pack] Glass Meal Prep Containers 3 Compartment - Bento Box Containers Glass Food Storage Containers with Lids - Food Prep Containers Glass Storage Containers with lids Lunch Containers

First time using them this week, excited about it.

u/bansheeofbedlam · 7 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

Those baggies will get expensive! If you want to do this for the long run, invest in some glass tupperware from Amazon. I've been really happy with these, but they also make one with more compartments. Mine don't collect smells and they've carried some pretty stinky stuff.

Also might want to pack the tzatziki separately. Not sure if it will make your salad soggy. Great start though! Hope it works out for you.

u/lo_pope · 7 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

Agreed! I ordered these in the photo (10-pack) and a few even got holes from hot food. They definitely leak so keep flat when transporting.

I just donated my remaining plastic ones locally and purchased these as replacements. I prefer the glass for a number of reasons and I prefer the smaller size/2-compartment better than the larger ones. Makes the meal feel bigger :)

u/kikocat · 7 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

I got these . It’s only my first time using them, but so far it seems like they seal pretty well and they have a lot of good reviews so I’m hoping they’ll transport well!

u/naazrael · 6 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

Several different brands on amazon. I have used redditainer, and currently using a different brand:
Seem a bit more durable so far

u/bunsworth814 · 6 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

Thanks! I think someone actually shared the link on here awhile back, but they're from Amazon.

u/robotneedsbeer · 6 pointsr/AskCulinary

I'd suggest getting a ~12qt/L plastic container too (cambro or rubbermaid ) with a lid. Cut a hole in the lid to size for the unit, the cover reduces evaporation (and reduces energy use somewhat). The 12L size is perfect for doing many things up to small roasts or a pork belly or a chicken.

It's nice if the container is foodsafe, but it's not the end of the world if not. You're cooking in bags anyway. Transparent is really nice though, it allows you to see what's in the unit easily.

u/adm_halsey · 6 pointsr/EatCheapAndHealthy

Maybe consider using a thermos -- something like this. Crockpot stuff. Beef Stew.

u/KestrelLowing · 6 pointsr/LifeProTips

Here are some of my staples:

  • Get a thermos. This one in particular is awesome - I've never had it leak, and it keeps food warm for ~5 hours (more if it's mostly liquid). I'll take half a can of soup (usually something like chunky campbells) and then in a tupperware container I'll also take some crackers, or if I've got it a roll of bread.
  • When I'm feeling lazy, I just take a small jar of peanut butter and tupperware of ritz crackers
  • Summer sausage, cheese, and crackers. When you get summer sausage, slice it up, slice up some cheese, put them in separate baggies or tupperware, throw a blue ice into your lunchbag (lunchbags are definitely needed for just about everything)
  • Salad. I have one of these containers that helps me get the correct portions for salad, and also has a handy little dressing container as well as a blue ice. It's nice and compact. All I do it get one of those premade lettuce mixes, usually throw in some spinach as well, and then in the top portion, I put some croutons (or something crunchy) and either cut up fruit (apples, strawberries) or cooked chicken (usually from a rotisserie chicken).
  • Apples are fantastic, as are bananas
  • I'd suggest getting some twist top tupperware if you want to bring more liquidy things (cut up watermelon springs to mind). I've found that the twist top tends to do better than the standard snap on.
u/BitterGrace · 6 pointsr/ketorecipes

This thermos is seriously fantastic. It keeps food warm by 1PM for me easily (I leave for school at six). So, you may want to give one a whirl.

With a cooking investment:

  • Low carb chili - can also toss in a can of black soybeans if you eat soy
  • Low carb kielbasa soup
  • Shredded chicken thighs and a veg (garlic zucchini, sauteed eggplant, bacon-sauteed green beans, etc).
  • Muffin-sized meatloaf!
  • Muffin-sized quiches
  • I also make meatballs and eat them on salad. Yes - I am a weirdo, but it's good.

    No cooking keto bento boxes! I do this a couple times a week. You can include:

  • Boiled eggs
  • Dark leafy greens
  • sugar-free pickles
  • pepperoni
  • cheese chunks
  • olives
  • nuts
  • pickled veggies
  • rolled up turkey slices (I roast a turkey breast, these aren't from the deli)
  • chicken/tuna/egg salad
  • cottage cheese and fresh strawberries
  • a few pork rinds or nut crackers
  • a piece or two of dark chocolate, etc.
  • deviled eggs
  • bacon-wrapped cantaloupe: wrap a chunk or two in bacon for dessert - delish!

    The possibilities here are endless. Another easier option is to simply cook an extra portion during dinner and just pack it the next day.

    Edit: the formatting was beaten until its morale improved.
u/Cogs76 · 6 pointsr/cigars

You can also try putting some distilled water around the lip of the lid to see if that helps. It will swell up some and may seal better. It could just be leaky and letting your RH out. 63% is still a good RH to store them at. A lot here do 62-65%.

Did you check the hygrometer is a sealed bag with a boveda to be sure its reading right? It may need calibrated. Put it in with 72% pack and be sure it read right around 72% after 24 hrs.

A sealed Tupperware may work better. This is a popular choice.

u/heykidzimacomputer · 6 pointsr/cigars
u/pickboy87 · 6 pointsr/cigars

Here's my advice since I literally just started a few weeks ago. This is exactly what I wished I knew before I spent money on random cigars from various sites.

  1. Depending on how many sticks you plan on getting at a time, invest in a tuppedor. Don't waste your time with a wooden humidor (at least right now). I picked up these from amazon and all my ~40-50 sticks sit comfortably in there.
  • Plastic "humidor"
  • Hygrometer
  • Boveda Packs, although I might lean towards the 65% next time. Also, you only need 1 pack in a tuppedor, 2 is overkill. They can also be recharged, so don't throw them away when they dry out.

  1. If you have a nice brick and mortar tobacco store (not a hole in the wall place that caters only to e-cigs and accessories) near you, visit them and ask questions. If they are worth their salt, they should be fairly knowledgeable about cigars. They will point you in the right direction. I stupidly didn't do this and just kind of bought random shit online and have had mixed results with what I bought. The stuff I've bought at the store has been much, much fresher too. However, you will be spending 30-40% above what you'll pay online. I found it worth it for how much time and effort the staff spent helping me, but it is quite a bit more expensive.

  2. If that's not an option, look for sampler packs online. You can find cheap options that include a bunch of different sticks so you can sample a variety. I would suggest looking at smallbatch mixes find a price you're comfortable with spending (30 to 40 should be plenty, maybe buy 2 of the $30 to $40 packs so you end with ~10 cigars) and in the comment section of your order mention that you're brand new to cigars. He should be able to make an excellent mix for a new smoker. Use code "rcigars" for 10% off (without the "", not sure if valid for the mix).

  3. Also, if you don't come from a background of smoking cigarettes, stick with the mild to medium strength cigars. I smoked a few full strength ones from the samplers I got and they kicked my ass. It was unpleasant to say the least. If you DO plan on smoking a full strength cigar, smoke on a full stomach and drink something sweet with it. Sweet tea or a pop of some sort works well to quell the nicotine content.

  4. Accessories. All you really need is a decent cutter and a torch lighter and you're all set.
  • A cutter
  • A butane lighter
  • Fuel [Note, you can use cheaper fuel, but your lighter may get clogged with shitty zippo butane fuel.]
  • Some sort of ashtray. You don't realize how nice it is to have one until you don't have one and have no place to rest your cigar.

  1. If you do find a cigar you enjoy, try buying a 5 pack of it. Let it rest for a week or so and try them out over the course of a month or several months and see if you enjoy them as much as you did the first time. See if they get better with age. I have far too many 1 offs that I enjoyed, but would I still enjoy them a month from now? 2 months from now?

  2. Oh, and generally stay away from infused cigars. They use shittier tobacco since they can mask it with flavors. The girlfriend still likes these, but I think she's starting to come around to a natural sweetness/chocolate taste instead of an artificially infused one. Plus they stink up your humidor and can potentially ruin the taste of your other cigars in them if they are in close contact.

  3. Online sites that I've enjoyed purchasing from and ship quickly:
  1. Look up retrohaling. You'll taste more of your cigar this way. Warning, it does burn the hell out of your nose the first handful of times you do it. Start with a mild cigar instead of a full strength one like I stupidly decided to do. :P

    Hopefully this helps.

    Edit: Many edits to fix errors and add additional info.
u/nicktav · 6 pointsr/cigars

Tupperware and trays, you can also get bovedas from Amazon or most places that sell cigars.

The pupperdor is a gofund business with the following timeline "As we start to approach our fixed goal - production will begin!" They are currently at 3.6% so would be faster to buy your own parts.

u/NothingISayIsReal · 6 pointsr/MakeupAddiction

Those little asian soy sauce containers 0: Really, sauce containers in general like Sistema 21470 Hangsell Dressing Pot, 4-Pack

u/nikizzard · 6 pointsr/ambien

I posted this before but one time I took my entire 30 day script in one night! I wish I had this at the time. Time Locking Container

u/Realtime_Ruga · 6 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

It's these. Just a heads up, I ordered some of these a long time ago and was putting them in the freezer and the black plastic cracked around the lip on almost every single one.

u/beyhan03 · 6 pointsr/bodybuilding

I have these and they are pretty good. They are on sale right now on Amazon, 7 containers for $9.77. Can't beat that

u/WillowWagner · 6 pointsr/keto

Bacon and eggs.

Cook a steak or chop in a skillet, steam a veggie in the microwave at the same time. Add butter to everything. Make a sauce from your drippings with sour cream or heavy cream.

Visit Caveman Keto. He's got lots of casseroles that are easy to make on a day off, then package in meal prep boxes and freeze till you need them. It doesn't really take much time to do, and it makes your weekday meals almost instant. Make two or three recipes on a Sunday (while you're studying... it can be done) and you'll have lunches and dinners for a couple of weeks. I think has some of those recipes, too.

Start there and ask more questions as they come up. Be sure to read through the FAQ, and make a note about the amounts of electrolytes recommended. You don't need keto flu while you're studying. Plenty of salt. A little potassium and magnesium. Mostly salt.

u/ngroat89 · 6 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

Freshware Meal Prep Containers [15 Pack] 3 Compartment with Lids, Food Containers, Lunch Box | BPA Free | Stackable | Bento Box, Microwave/Dishwasher/Freezer Safe, Portion Control, 21 day fix (32 oz)


Evolutionize Healthy Meal Prep Containers - Certified BPA-free - Reusable, Washable, Microwavable Food Containers/Bento Box with Lids (7 Pack, Single Compartment, 28 Ounce)

u/rubadub_dubs · 6 pointsr/MealPrepSunday


There are roughly 4 billion options! These have worked well for me the last couple months.

u/growing · 6 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

These are the ones I picked up. I purchased two sets and have been very happy with them.

u/The_Rum_Pirate · 5 pointsr/cigars

Two of these cigar trays fit into this Tupperware perfectly, throw in a Boveda and a hygrometer and you've got everything you need shipped to your door from Amazon


u/Jennynot · 5 pointsr/100DaysofKeto

A summary for those who don't want to watch

  • key: be prepared for temptation
  • keep your water bottle with you all the time
  • drink water before eating (to quell hunger, your body may be interpreting thirst as hunger and it helps keep you full anyway)
  • crystal lite/mio + lite salt added to water really help with electrolytes - you need 2-3g sodium and 2-3g potassium daily
  • babybels are great for keto-snacks which are low calorie (I personally love these!)
  • salty snacks (eg nuts) are really helpful - beware of portions! Portion in ziplock bags before hand. (I personally use these)
  • roasted seaweed snacks (trader joes/costco/amazon) help to replace the crunch you may be missing from crisps. Need to like seaweed though! Good for potassium and vitamins too :)
  • beef jerky sticks help for snacking, as do atkins bars (and other low-sugar snack bars) but beware of sugar alcohols
  • plan ahead! but don't worry if you eat something that's not keto once and a while, it's not the end of the world!
u/squeezylemon · 5 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

I frankly don't understand the popularity of the divided containers, but %90 of my prepped meals are all in one bowl.

I'm pretty cheap, so I just have several of these bowls. They aren't amazing quality, but I've had one set for over a year and use them pretty much weekly, and they're still holding up fine. I don't believe they're dishwasher safe, but I don't put them in the dishwasher anyway.

I also have this set, which is also over a year old and is also in pretty good shape. My mother bought that set about five years ago for typical leftover usage and hers is still going strong as well. The variety of sizes gives me more options for when I don't want to just have "a bowl of stuff" for lunch. I do like that a number of the lids are interchangeable, so you get the flexibility of differing volumes while only having to keep track of three different lid types.

People seem pretty happy with pyrex, so maybe I'll upgrade to that eventually, but what I have works fine for me right now.

u/The_Rick_Sanchez · 5 pointsr/naturalbodybuilding

This right here. Also kitchen safes are a thing.

Put junk food in it, set a timer for the next morning and there's no way to unlock it before the timer goes off.

u/submarine4pirate · 5 pointsr/bdsm

This box would work:

Put the key in and set the timer. She won't be able to get the key until the timer runs out.
In an emergency you can still smash the container, but then you'll need to buy a new one.

u/roland00 · 5 pointsr/ADHD

> I'm afraid to talk to my neurologist about the addiction, because I don't know what her reaction would be.

I am not trying to be critical here, but think about these words if you heard them from someone's elses mouth and not yours. You can't control your behavior but you are not willing to talk about your behavior with an expert, who has your best interests at heart, for you are afraid of what would happen. You can't handle it by yourself by your own admission, but you are afraid of getting possible help. You need to get help from someone and stop trying to do this on your own. This doctor is probably one of the best people in your life to help you get help.

Please be willing to talk this over with your doctor. There are stimulant formulations that are harder to abuse (such as the vyvanse you are currently on, but there are other options such as daytrana). Furthermore there are things you can do to make sure you don't abuse your medication. Get one of these amazon link. Put your medication in there, and you can't open it until the timer goes off. If you still don't trust yourself to take 1 and only 1 when the timer goes off you can give your medication to someone else and they will keep you on a schedule.



This is simplifying the science, but Strattera and the Stimulants work differently. Strattera blocks the NET transporter, NET is called the Norepinephrine Reuptake Transporter but it does not just reuptake Norepinephrine but also other neurotransmitters such as Dopamine. In some parts of the brain Dopamine is reuptaked by the DAT transporter, the Dopamine Reuptake Transporter, and in other parts of the brain NET is used to reuptake dopamine.

Look at this picture from wikipedia This is a picture of the 2 places Dopamine Start and the 4 places Dopamine ends up at.

Stimulants increase the dopamine level in all 4 places. The nucleus accumbens is your reward center, and the striatum is the place where you have the highest cluster of dopamine receptors and reuptake transporters.


Strattera increases norepinephrine in a lot of places, but it only increases dopamine in the frontal lobe. Why does it only increase dopamine in the frontal lobe? Because in this part of the brain you use the NET transporter to reuptake dopamine. This dopamine pathway in the frontal lobe is called the mesocortical pathway.

Thus switching to strattera will allow you to get the benefits of ADHD treatment with the frontal lobe while allowing the other parts of your brain to decrease with dopamine tolerance.

Yes you can keep yourself on the wellbutrin combine with strattera if you need to. Yes you can mix strattera with stimulants but your doctor will be careful about doing this for the more meds you mix the more interactions you will have. Your neurologist though will know all this.


Another option your neurologist may want to do is try other ADHD drugs such as Intuniv or the Wakeful Agents. Intuniv works completely different than Strattera and the Stimulants. It will help your ADHD and it can be combine with other medicines.

The Wakeful Agents such as Modafinil do have addictive potential. We do not know enough to say it is more or less addictive than the stimulants, but most likely it is less addictive. The wakeful agents may be another ADHD treatment you want to pursue.

Good Luck but please talk to your doctor.

u/EllaCOfficial · 5 pointsr/xxfitness

Ooooh! /u/Kytoaster!!! I found this kitchen safe on Amazon awhile ago! It's kind of pricey, but you can put in the foods you eat (like peanut butter, I get it, I will often indulge on 2-3 spoonfuls of peanut butter straight out of the jar lol) while you're sleep walking before bed, and then set the time for when you wake up. That way there is no way your sleepwalking self can get into the peanut butter because it's all based on time, there's no key involved!

u/PeshMG · 5 pointsr/BDSMGW

Reviews look horrible, and rather expensive. You can make something that works the same for about five dollars with an old shampoo bottle, two lengths of small link chain, . And a couple padlocks.

Or if you want something more precise, try this:

u/BetulaPendulaPanda · 5 pointsr/keto

Would paper containers work? Like these or these(note: UK), or even these. If you are going to go disposable, then you might as well go recyclable/biodegradable.

I am personally a fan of glass containers, like GlassLock: I can hold my nose as I empty it down the drain/into the trashbag, and my dishwasher will wash it with scalding water. I prefer them over plastic ones.

u/bits-and-bytes · 5 pointsr/Fitness

Sup sup.

I'm a senior in college now, about to graduate this May. I'm an engineering major. I've got a few extra-curriculars and yada yada. Point is, I don't have much time. I started doing meal prep back in sophomore year.

So here's whatcha do:

  1. Let's say you eat four times a day, aye? pick up two sets of these guys
  2. Buy a slow cooker. Doesn't matter which one. I just picked up an 8qt. slow cooker for about $30
  3. Buy a rice cooker
  4. Have 2-3 baking sheets.
  5. find an oven

    That's all the equipment you really need.

    At 5'9" I'm going to assume you're going to eat around 2500-3000 calories a day to clean bulk. I could be wrong. Doesn't really matter.

    My favorite meal prep meal is a burrito bowl. Why?

  • easy as hell to mass produce
  • low fat
  • can easily tweak parameters to make it high or low cal
  • high protein
  • keeps well

    Here's how I make mine per-bowl (I love bullet-points. Sue me):

  • 8 oz. chicken breast (baked, cooked on stove, whatever)
  • 1 cup brown rice
  • 2 tbsp sour cream
  • 1/2 cup black beanz
  • hot sauce (franks is GOAT)
  • onion
  • jalapeno
  • cilantro
  • lime
  • cheese

    That will level out to about 1,200 calories. 1,400 if you use dark(er) meat.

    Alan Thrall has a pretty good episode on meal prep here.

    besides that, you've got /r/MealPrepSunday for plenty more info.

    Oh, and pick up an insulated lunch box or cooler to carry around or keep in your car.
u/INTP36 · 5 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

LIFT Certified BPA-Free Reusable Microwavable Meal Prep Containers with Lids, 28-Ounce, 7 Pack

u/KSW_Creativity · 5 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

I got them off of amazon, I actually saw them from someone else’s post.

Prep Naturals Glass Meal Prep...

u/darksier · 5 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

Yup I'll usually cook several pounds of food then pack it up in microwavable containers for lunches. I usually use the 2 compartment containers, so I'll have the meat on one side maybe on some rice. And on the other I'll put my frozen vegetables (generally broccoli or spinach). These are similar to the containers I use. Pack em up and fridge/freeze them.

u/meredithftw · 5 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

These! They have held up really well. No discoloration or damage. I’m not sure how leakproof they are, but I haven’t had any issues! Sometimes I wish I would have gone with a divided container — there are a few divided options from the same manufacturer. They also photograph beautifully!

u/pizza_cheesecake · 5 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

I have these and I love them! [5-Pack,29oz] Glass Meal Prep Containers - Food Prep Containers with Lids Meal Prep - Food Storage Containers Airtight - Lunch Containers Portion Control Containers - BPA Free Container

u/jak80 · 5 pointsr/steak

Nice. You are going to love it. If you are only ever doing 1 or 2 steaks a bigger pot should work out fine for your sous vide. I needed to cook up to 6 steaks at once and opted for a [cambro-like container] ( and [lid] (

That helps whenever I want/need to use my Anova. Some people use a cooler and I understand that line of thinking, especially if you are using it for long periods of time as it is more energy efficient. I just could not find a cooler that I would have been able to attach the Anova to so I went the route that I did.

u/miketo3 · 5 pointsr/sousvide

I use these 2 together.



u/skisoccer13 · 5 pointsr/Coffee
u/mysecondaccount02 · 5 pointsr/recipes

Not what you asked, but I send my son with one of these to lunch. Keeps the food hot until lunch time and has a neat foldable spoon in the lid. I send non-gourmet things like top ramen and macaroni but any stew/soup is fine.

u/TheOneGuyFromNowhere · 5 pointsr/cigars

I haven't purchased a lot from TNT, but I think you'd probably be better served buying some name brand sticks you'll be able to get in the future. TNT isn't really well known for high quality cigars. If it's between those two options, definitely grab some sticks from Shad. Lots of other good places as well, with name brand sticks.

As for the Humidor, honestly, wood Humidors are more trouble than theyre worth. Grab a gasketed Tupperware like this as well as some 65% Boveda packs and you'll be in great shape. These will keep your cigars in perfect shape, with the least amount of maintenance.

u/FireHawk3636 · 5 pointsr/cigars
u/katmaipinnacles · 5 pointsr/cigars - the 65% version

That's the easy and practical way. It's also a great long term overflow if you do end up getting something fancy down the road.

u/aahrg · 4 pointsr/sousvide

It's rated for 15-19 quarts, but you can stretch it a bit by using a better container. I think your 40 quart is probably a bit too big, especially since it's cheap and won't have super good thermal insulation.

I'm not sure how well your brick idea will work. I think you'd probably have to deal with huge preheating times as the anova slowly brings the bricks up to temp. You should probably be fine once it's up to temp though.

Coleman makes a 25 quart "party stacker" cooler that lots of people tend to like. The lid is fully removable so you can make the same modifications as you had planned with your big cooler.

There's also some smaller rubbermaid plastic tubs that people like to use. You can cover it with plastic wrap to stop evaporation if you want.

u/EFenn1 · 4 pointsr/sousvide

Rubbermaid Commercial Space Saving Food Storage Container, 12 Quart, FG631200

EVERIE Collapsible Hinged Sous Vide Container Lid for Anova Culinary Precision Cookers, Fits 12,18,22 Quart Rubbermaid Container (Corner Mount)

u/aimless_ly · 4 pointsr/sousvide

Here is the BPA-free version if you plan to also use it in food-contact applications, The traditional Cambro's still use a BPA polycarbonate, while Rubbermaid Commercial's version is their proprietary​ BPA-free CarbX plastic. I've​ switched to exclusively use the Rubbermaid over the Cambro's, and they are just as solid as product and actually hold up a little better.

u/vegasflavordave · 4 pointsr/sousvide

I use this as container:

And this as lid:

They work fine for me, and the price is good. I guess the lid could be a little thicker if I had to pick something but really I'm satisfied with my setup.

I lock the zipper part of my bag under the edge of the lid so I don't have to fish it out of the water.

u/anuhn · 4 pointsr/steak

Yep, with this container

and this divider

u/pshankstar · 4 pointsr/roasting

Where do you buy your green beans from? I know Sweet Maria’s has bags with the one way valve in half and full pound size bags. They also offer a container with the valve too. This is assuming you need the beans to still off gas.

If you’re looking for a container after the beans have off gassed, I like the Airscape (link below). Good luck!

Airscape Coffee Container

u/lalib · 4 pointsr/BuyItForLife

Get a wide thermos, there are several designed as bowls. I don't know about their bifl, quality. But so long as you don't dent it or put it in the dishwasher, the vacuum should hold.

The one I linked to even includes a telescoping spoon.

u/ChopNC93 · 4 pointsr/cigars

To that point, make sure the container has an actual seal in the lid and isn't just a snap on.

I use a Sistema container, similar to this:

u/Eldridge33 · 4 pointsr/cigars

There are essentially two companies selling cedar trays on Amazon. After reading through reviews one company has a bunch of "mold" reviews, wherein the trays ARRIVED with mold already on them. Mold will obviously destroy your cigar habitat. The trays listed below are ones I purchased and came in great condition.

  1. Cigar Oasis Caliber IV Hygrometer
  2. 2 Cedar Trays
  3. 1 Sistema 1870 Klip It
  4. 2 Boveda 69% (60g)

u/--fix · 4 pointsr/cigars

TO ALL NOOBS looking to build a tupperdore. Or seasoned guys looking to build yet another: [Here is a great piece of tupperware](] on amazon. I recently got it and I couldn't be happier. Great size, great seal, and even has a moisture tray (I just put my boveda packs under that).

Here's a great Humidity/temp gauge

For humidity, Boveda packs are the way to go. A lot of the guys here suggest 65% humidity. Mine is at 69% but I may cut back, we'll see.

Also smoke a Drew Estate - Undercrown. Medium bodied cigar with great flavors and a really nice sweet taste throughout. (Sorry if you've seen me say this many times, it's a great cigar haha)

EDIT Here's another, cheaper tupperware option suggested by /u/nicknameisnub

u/Colloquial_Bloke · 4 pointsr/cigars

Do a tupperdor!

Sistema KLIP IT Rectangular Collection Food Storage Container,236 Oz

Mantello Solid Spanish Cedar Cigar Tray, Adjustable Divider, Fits Large Humidors, 12.5"x7.5"x2.25"

Under $30 for one of the most effective and low maintenance setups you're gonna find. Holds 50 cigars easily.

Use either the 65% or 69% (boveda recommends 69% for tupperdors) packs and you're good to go. 2 60g packs will be more than sufficient for this container.

u/rmikevt523 · 4 pointsr/cigars

Get one of these: Spanish Cedar Cigar Tray,...

One of these: Sistema 1870 Klip It Collection Rectangle Food Storage Container, 236 Ounce

And some Boveda 72 packs and you will be golden. Cheap, effective and low maintenance.

u/FuguSandwich · 4 pointsr/cigars

I can't speak highly enough about the Sistema containers:

They have an actual gasket in the lid rather than just relying on plastic to plastic contact. Also have locks on all 4 sides rather than just 2. Provides an absolute air tight lock.

u/BklynMoonshiner · 4 pointsr/cigars

Search "Tupperdor" on Amazon. Should get a few hits.

This Sistema Tupperware Box fits two of these Cedar Trays

Add a Hygrometer and some Boveda Packs and you're good to go...

u/siacn · 4 pointsr/cigars

This right here works great. I'm not now using a mixture of of a couple of containers off amazon and I just rinse them out with some baking soda with a little water then let them air out a bit.

I'm using these and these and they both work great. I really like the little ones for singles because it's a perfect shape.

u/elemay2013 · 4 pointsr/EatCheapAndHealthy

I got this Rubbermaid 42-piece set for only $15 on Amazon: Lots of containers in all different sizes and such a good price.

u/diOpAnonMu · 4 pointsr/researchchemicals

Measure out as much as you're going to allow yourself for the day and put the rest in the safe with a 12 or whatever hour timer.

u/bestpantiesthrowaway · 4 pointsr/SissyChastity

This is what you're looking for. It's called a ksafe. It's a time locking container - and doesn't unlock until the time you set has elapsed. If you ABSOLUTELY need the keys - you could smash it - but if you do, you're out $50. It's not so much that you'll be destitute, but it's enough to be a pretty big deterrent.

u/gracesway · 4 pointsr/adderall

Get a programmable container that only opens once a day. Like this:

You’ve got this!

u/alexb8095 · 4 pointsr/ketogains

Naw man not a problem. That's why I post this. The meal prep containers that I have are microwaveable.

But I want the containers to last as long as possible. I put it on a plate and heat it up in the microwave for 2 or so min. If I'm out and about I seriously have no problem eating it cold. Maybe it's the military in me. Lol

Alex -

u/ryanaklein · 4 pointsr/MealPrepSunday
u/xoPurple · 4 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

I live in Canada, and personally found it difficult to find decent containers (still on the hunt) that are not overly expensive since I need to buy at least 10.

I currently use a mix of these plastic containers which probably wont last as long as the glass containers from ikea. They seem like they are good enough thus far lasting through microwaves and dishwashers. IMO, they are a pretty decent size - at least for my needs... for my basic meal prep it fit 1 cup cooked rice, 112g of chicken breast and a bunch of broccoli.

If I was American I'd probably go for these containers

I'm not a pro at this as I just started MPS recently, but I've learned it's best to get containers that are freezer/microwave/dishwasher safe, BPA free. Hopefully others can chime in with their experience!

Finally, I get my inspo from:

u/Escarole_Soup · 4 pointsr/AskWomen

Probably these food containers. Living by myself and trying to eat more healthy, prepping my food ahead of time in larger batches tends to be the best way to stay on track. So I bought these and a few round containers a few months ago and I've been using the hound out of them. I like those containers in particular because of the two compartments and how little room they take up in my cabinets. They're pretty sturdy, too, for the price. But because they're so cheap if one does crack or something it's no big deal to throw away. Or, you know, if I accidentally leave the container in my lunch bag over the weekend and it's too gross to open. Not that I would do that...

u/Seber · 4 pointsr/declutter

You could ditch them and invest in something like these. You should not that they are not leak proof but awesome to prepare a week's lunch.

Also, I'm on mobile and posted the first link I found. If you're interested, do some research an find the best offer. The keyword is "meal prep containers".

u/silksmybaby · 4 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

I loathe the plastic ones because they leak. Got these off amazon, 5 for $30. Much prefer glass

u/fly03 · 4 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

These look just like mine. They do stack, but not inside of one-another.

u/hendrickstoniclimez · 3 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

Amazon! [5-Pack] Glass Meal Prep Containers 3 Compartment - Bento Box Containers Glass Food Storage Containers with Lids - Food Prep Containers Glass Storage Containers with lids Lunch Containers

u/Tmoss88 · 3 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

I use these from amazon they are pretty good and they are oven and microwave safe. Although I haven’t try to freeze anything in it to use it in the oven yet so I can’t really vouch for that yet.

u/Bford11 · 3 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

I just searched glass divided containers on Amazon. The specific ones are linked.

3 compartment:

2 compartment:

Edit to add: I’ve had them for a few months and they’ve held up very well!

u/omn0mnoms · 3 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

Pesto Recipe: HERE. Tortellini's and asparagus were from Costco. Glassware was from Amazon.

u/eperdu · 3 pointsr/xxketo4u2

Last week I made LowCarbYum's Cheeseburger Casserole. It's "old faithful" in terms of the meal prep rotation. I make it frequently.

This week I had planned to make a mushroom burger thing and ended up deciding to make wraps instead. I did pick up some great meal prep containers though, instead of the yucky plastic ones I've been using.

Food wise, last night's dinner was an easy pan cooked chicken breast topped with prosciutto and provolone and broiled in the oven plus one of the Costco mediterranean salad kits. I've got a Turkish Kebab on deck for later in the week. I love this recipe but it'll be served with carbs (rice pilaf and lavash). The kebabs themselves are good and low-carb. I have forgotten what else I have on the menu this week ...

u/PMmeyourcrochet · 3 pointsr/MealPrepSunday
u/jillface15 · 3 pointsr/mealprep

I use these: Prep Naturals Glass Meal Prep Containers - Food Prep Containers with Lids Meal Prep - Food Storage Containers Airtight - Lunch Containers Portion Control Containers Bpa-Free (5 Pack,30 Ounce)

They come in a set of 5, but they have lots of other shapes/combinations so I think you might be able to find what you’re looking for.

u/jmmaldonado · 3 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

I really like these 2 compartment and these 3 compartment ones.

u/Super-Saiyan-Potato · 3 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

Amazon, I haven't had them long but I've got no complaints so far:

[5-Pack] Glass Meal Prep Containers 3 Compartment - Bento Box Containers Glass Food Storage Containers with Lids - Food Prep Containers Glass Storage Containers with lids Lunch Containers

u/hungry20s · 3 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

These are my favorite! 2 compartment glass containers. I believe they have 3 compartments as well.

Glass Meal Prep Containers Glass 2 Compartment

u/saigonk · 3 pointsr/food

I dont know that it had a huge impact to be honest, fat makes flavor right?
Deer for me doesnt taste gamey, neither does moose so I always wonder if i am just used to how it tastes after all these years compared to beef.

I put it in to my pot, it held the heat very well, only went up or down by .1 degree the entire 70 minutes.
I only had a gallon or so of water in it, didnt need much for the size steak i was cooking.

I picked up a 12 quart container to cook bigger items like the ham i plan to do next weekend and a moose chuck roast after that.

u/MrMajors · 3 pointsr/sousvide

A bit deep to reach minimum water level unless you are cooking massive pieces of meat...
Save your Homer bucket for outdoor projects.

12 qt Cambro polycarbonate container with lid.

Best all around container IMHO

u/sterexx · 3 pointsr/Rabbits

For completeness: he also gets regular pellet food twice a day. Greens are usually after, basically whenever we get around to pulling them out of the fridge. We have a very useful container for the greens, basically this.

u/vl06 · 3 pointsr/Frugal

I waste a lot less vegetables and salad greens now that I bought a couple of these "lettuce keepers", which also led to me eating more of those instead of buying other stuff.

u/vomitCow · 3 pointsr/sousvide

I know a lot of people go for Cambro containers, but I've had no problem with this Rubbermaid container.

I don't use a rack, but someone posted a few days ago using this from Ikea.

u/RacingBillTaft · 3 pointsr/washingtondc

If you are really into it I would recommend making your own. Get a cheap food storage container like this and some nut milk bags and you can make concentrate with whatever beans you like most.

It's way less expensive too.

u/fourme · 3 pointsr/sousvide

Another user here of the 3 gallon/ (12 quart) rubbermaid container and lid. I cut a very small hole in the lid for my anova to fit into and it hardly loses any water even on >24 hr cooks. Plus the lid is flexible enough to just lift one or two corners and position bags. you can also use it to keep a zip top bag in place instead of clips or vacuum bags.

I also use this ikea pot lid organizer to help separate bags or weigh down food that just keeps wanting to float. It is pretty nice because you can turn it around and remove pegs to customize the shape for what you are cooking.

Something else that is nice to use is a pair of tongs with silicone tips so that they don't rip your bags but still grip your food for removal or changing the placement of food, because you don't want to stick your hands in hot water!

u/wwb_99 · 3 pointsr/AskCulinary

I use a 12 quarter like w/ a lid that fits around my Annova.

u/oldmanshakey · 3 pointsr/exmormon

After a year of Starbucks on my walk to work (and adding it up and shaking my head), I reached out to a high school friend and mega coffee nerd, and ultimately went with his recommendation for "best entry level" brew at home set up. It's been great. A little spendy to get into it, but it paid for itself quickly, and I've loved experimenting with different roasts of whole beans and doing the grinding myself.



Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder



Breville BDC450BSS Precision Brewer Thermal Coffee Maker


Storing Beans:

Airscape Coffee Canister


Good luck, and happy brewing!


Edit: Formatting

u/aBoglehead · 3 pointsr/BuyItForLife

For liquid-heavy lunches you need a thermos or other metal container such as this one.

u/Mikedownbytheriver · 3 pointsr/vandwellers

Guaranteed. I would get a wide mouth thermos like this one for ease of cleaning.

You can also make steel cut oats by boiling water + oats and throwing in the thermos. They will be warm come morning however I could never hop on board. Way to much prep work and cleaning and instead I eat cereal primarily.

Also you can look into thermos cooking which is pretty cool however I think a electric pressure cooker would be more practical. However you will need an electrical system which can handle 1000watts for a short period of time.

u/paint-can · 3 pointsr/1200isplenty

My SO doesn't have a microwave at his work anymore so I got him a food thermos and it works great. I sometimes do the "pre-heat" thing (pour hot water in & put the lid on for a few minutes before adding heated up food in it) but he says it doesn't matter. I pack it between 6:30-8am and he eats some around 11 and the rest by 1 and it's always steamy. I think the Thermos brand advertises that food will stay hot for up to 7 hours. He uses it for stews/soups, pasta and rice dishes. I add a little water to the rice dishes because he said they dry out.

The past two weeks, I've been making a veggie/chicken broth thing and throwing in whatever veggies are on sale. Cabbage is great in soup! At home I'll do an "egg drop" soup using egg beaters for extra protein (I don't see why this wouldn'tbe okay in a thermos but I haven't tried it). Also, beans are great to throw in. I cook up half a bag of great northern beans on Sundays and throw them in any/everything for added protein. You could put pasta in or cooked chicken too. On the extra cold days, I stir in pepper flakes &/orhot sauce!

u/cursethedarkness · 3 pointsr/bifl

I use this thermos for hot food like soup, stews, and some pastas for my husband's lunch. I've been very happy with it. Food safety is only an issue if you don't follow the directions (use boiling water to sterilize and heat it first, make sure the food is hot enough, etc). You can find several sources online that cover the food safety aspect.

For cold stuff, he uses this Coleman cooler. I had to link to eBay because apparently it isn't made anymore. He's been using it since the early 90s, so the older ones are definitely BIFL. I have no idea about the newer ones. I use ice packs to keep cold food cold.

u/MCHammerCurls · 3 pointsr/xxfitness

They make ones called food jars that are a bit easier to eat from than the ones for drinks. I have this one.

u/dvandriesen · 3 pointsr/cigars

I have 2 of these

They fit 2 cedar trays perfect. Looking for something a little bigger. Yours looks like a great option. How big a boveda do you need for yours? 320g

u/etakmit · 3 pointsr/cigars

AHA I see the confusion now.

No it's rare that anyone uses your simple "leftovers" type tupperware since they're small.

I have two of these in the 232oz size and one in the 168oz size.

So generally you can get them holding similar amounts to what you'd get a humidor for. Really for me Humidors are all about looks/presentation. And that doesn't matter for my purposes so I went cheaper/easier with the tupperdors :)

u/ZMan941 · 3 pointsr/cigars

To chime in with the other people suggesting food storage or travel humidor type products:

Food storage is cheap and offers lots of sizes. My personal favorite is the Sistema Klip It as they have separate hinges (as opposed to molded in "living hinges") and a gasket that can be removed for cleaning.

The downside to any food storage option is durability and how secure the cigars are inside. Unlike dedicated cigar products, they won't have the grooved foam to help secure your cigars in the lateral direction.

Travel humidors are basically hard plastic cases. One brand used to be owned by OtterBox, if that gives you a sense for the material. Many of them look like Pelican cases, but they tend not to have the pressure relief system or be of the same quality plastic as a Pelican. Some common brands are Cigar Caddy and Herfador. They are certainly more rugged than food storage but are more expensive for their storage space. However Field Supply has fairly regular sales on some similar cases.

[Here](] is an example of the 40-count travel humidor they sell. It went on sale for $20 instead of the $32 it is normally at a bit back, but at the time I decided that I didn't need another travel humidor, so I bought the Two-Pistol Case instead. If you notice, they are the exact same case, just with different foam. It's a nice case, although I will say that the material is not up to the same level durability of a Pelican/SKB/ect level of case, but it was also about 1/3 to 1/4 of the cost.

Just keep in mind that while travel humidors give a listed number of cigars, that only holds true for a certain ring gauge and below. Larger cigars will take up more space and you'll lose capacity.

u/I_Am_Coopa · 3 pointsr/cigars

Tray +

Obviously the capacity is dependent on the size of the 'gars, but I'll probably keep it to 25 max as that's the recommended limit for one large boveda pack.

u/taylor314gh · 3 pointsr/cigars

Sistema 1870 Klip It Collection Rectangle Food Storage Container, 236 Ounce

Spanish Cedar Cigar Tray, Adjustable Divider, Fits Large Humidors, Made with Solid Spanish Cedar, by Quality Importers X2

Boveda 65% RH 2-Way Humidity Control for Cubans, Oily Wrapper Cigars & Wooden Humidors, 4 Count 60-Gram Packets (Humidifier/Dehumidifier)-by Boveda Inc

Inkbird ITH-10 Digital Thermometer and Hygrometer Temperature Humidity Monitor

That should do it, cedar trays are optional but I found that they helped keep things organized

u/thedogsbollies · 3 pointsr/cigars

When starting out always go for the tupperdor route. It doesnt matter what the environment is the cigars remain the same rh.

​ The default setup for a new cigar smoker is this: Systema container | cedar tray | Boveda 65 | Hygrometer. You could get away with not buying the hygrometer as long as you use the Boveda's but It's always good to know the rh. Other recommendations: The Cuban Crafters Perfect Cutter and another great tool to have is the PerfecDraw, not cheap but worth every penny.

u/dosnglenn · 3 pointsr/cigars

Sistema 1870 Klip It Collection Rectangle Food Storage Container, 236 Ounce

u/soloz2 · 3 pointsr/cigars

Here's what I use. Saw some recommendations here, and skimmed the Amazon reviews to see lots of people using this setup too.
Spanish Cedar Trays
And two 65% Bovedas

This setup will easily hold 50+ cigars. You can fit two of the trays, and the Bovedas fit on each end. I haven't had more than 27 cigars at a time in it yet, but they all fit in the top tray along with my hydrometer with some room for a few more. Right now, the bottom tray has air packets to help regulate humidity by reducing empty space.
Here's a pic:

u/Bentwookiee838 · 3 pointsr/cigars

You do not want to use regular cedar. Reason spanish cedar is used on cigars is because it is mold resistant and second aroma. That being said you could get away with an old cigar box or pieces of one but it's not really necessary in a tupperdore. A lot of people including myself are using the below container with the below trays. I will caution you it is hit or miss with the trays. Half will arrive either broken or covered with a dust that looks like mold. I usually order twice what I meet and return the defective ones. As far as hygrometers I suggest not going cheap although with tupperdores it's not even really necessary as long as your container is tight and boveda not expired. I just like being able to look in and see because of my ocd.

u/curved09 · 3 pointsr/cigars

As u/DavisEcho mentioned, Sistema + spanish cedar trays are very efficient,

Sistema 1870 Klip It Collection Rectangle Food Storage Container, 232 Ounce

Spanish Cedar Cigar Tray, Adjustable Divider, Fits Large Humidors, Made with Solid Spanish Cedar, by Quality Importers

  • you can fit 2 trays in one Sistema 1870

  • have you looked at some Wineadors as an option?
u/jtread4 · 3 pointsr/cigars

Most will recommend the Sistema 1870.

You can optionally get a Spanish Cedar Drawer for organization.

You will need a hygrometer.

And finally Boveda. Most people will recommend 62% or 65% for a tupperdor setup.

u/splat313 · 3 pointsr/cigars

Like the other commenter said, tupperware containers provide very good seals. You want one with a gasket.

Sistema KLIP IT Rectangular Collection Food Storage Container,236 Oz are pretty popular and they almost exactly fit two spanish cedar trays that you can also find on Amazon. The trays arent required, but look and smell nice. That will fit two boxes of cigars, so say 30-50 loose ones

Boveda packs are little packets that absorb or release moisture to bring the air to its stated humidity level. They are very widely used in humidors, especially tuperware. A 65% pack or two and you're good to go.

For like 20-30 bucks you can have a setup that will preserve cigars for years. Just keep it in a cool area of your house like the basement. I think 65-70 degrees is ideal.

Hygrometers will report the temp and humidty. You can get an electronic one off amazon for like 10 dollars. Its not required as I've never heard a boveda pack failing.

u/pjstar34 · 3 pointsr/cigars

Check out this post of mine. $7 at Walmart and will hold 20-25 sticks depending on size. If you need more space later, you can order this container and this cedar tray both from Amazon.

u/simplecocktails · 3 pointsr/cigars

Yup. If you need specific recommendations, I started with a Sistema 236 oz, which will hold 2-4 boxes and a ton of singles, then pretty quick I moved to a Container Store 46 qt, which will likely hold 15+ boxes.

u/reddit_affiliate · 3 pointsr/CigarMarket

Would you consider a trade for this Dunhill Rhodium Lucite Humidor? HMU!

u/JamesSch35 · 3 pointsr/cigars

For a humidor, I would get a Sistema Container and a couple of these trays. This setup has worked great for a number of people, myself included. It seals very well.

u/AztexLA · 3 pointsr/cigars

Hey fellow Angelino welcome! That's not a bad buy for that price especially for a starter set. The sticks are just to help you get your feet wet there are a few in there that are decent for beginners. I can't say much about the humidor but usually when they combine them in a cheap set like that they aren't the best quality. If you don't care for aesthetics I would recommend getting a tupperdor and throwing in there some 65 RH bovedas. You just stick the cigars in there and a boveda or two and you are golden! Also check out r/cigarmarket for future buys it's a great place if you are looking to get samplers at a great price people will help hook you up!

Hope you enjoy your stay!

P.S. What school do you go to?

u/showtimeradon · 3 pointsr/cigars

I just set up my first tupperdor. Here's the Tupperware box I bought. Looks plenty big for 50 cigars.

u/Adwinistrator · 3 pointsr/cigars

I can fit 2 of these trays in this Sistema 7.4 qt.


cc: u/eldude


edit in case these disappear from Amazon: The tray is called "F.e.s.s. Fess Storage versatility Cedar Tray with Adjustable Divider"

u/otacian · 3 pointsr/cigars

When I was looking for tupperware on amazon this showed up with the cedar tray often purchased with it. About 30 cigars in it now, guessing it will hold 60 to 100 depending on width. Cost me $27.

u/IronGut73 · 3 pointsr/cigars

These are the trays I'm using:

There was a thread somewhere (that I can't find right now) that highly suggested these and that 2 of them will fit almost perfectly in the tupperware I bought for the project (

u/noodles_seldoon · 3 pointsr/saplings

Tightvac - 1 oz to 6 ounce Airtight Multi-Use Vacuum Seal Portable Storage Container for Dry Goods, Food, and Herbs - Black Cap & Body

This works really well.

u/homebrew_Emu · 3 pointsr/Coffee

I'm assuming you're taking about bean storage, not brewed coffee. In which case, look into the Tightpac vacuum sealed containers, they appear to be available in various sizes and might be just what you're looking for.

u/shadowshea · 3 pointsr/saplings

I have something similar to this. Just a small, vacuum sealed container. Holds like, a quarter and is small and compact and zero smell. I can have it packed full of green, but no smell comes from it at all. I've had friends sniff it and were shocked to see weed in it.

Tightvac - 1 oz to 6 ounce Airtight Multi-Use Vacuum Seal Portable Storage Container for Dry Goods, Food, and Herbs - Black Cap & Body

u/Gassess · 3 pointsr/trees

Put the smell-proof bag inside one of these:

I'm pretty sure you'll get 0 smell. Just be careful when and where you smoke. Have fun, frient :)

u/kimau97 · 3 pointsr/xxfitness

I have these. They leak occasionally (only when I put chimichurri in them weirdly enough) but work well.

u/carrotminty · 3 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

I’ve used these religiously for my salad dressing/sauces

u/DefinitelyCaligula · 3 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

I have these little containers from Wegmans. They're supposed to be for packing dressings and wet salad ingredients together so you don't have a soggy, macerated mess of lettuce when you go to eat lunch, but they're the perfect size for a short trip's worth of product and not so big that you'd feel silly taking it somewhere for just a night. They come in a pack of four and the lids are different colors, which is good when you have four identical-looking white lotiony products to pack. Cold cream, moisturizer, the lotion I'm using to treat my KP, and either sunblock (if it's just a night or two, any longer and I would just bring the whole bottle) or body lotion. They fit perfectly into an Ipsy bag. Wham. Since they're for dressing you could probably put oil in them without it leaking everywhere, but I haven't personally tried it.

Edit: Here are the containers. They're really expensive on Amazon for some reason. I think I paid $3 or $4 for mine.

u/aes628 · 3 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

I like these ones. I use them got salad dressing, veggie dips, etc. They never leak, and fit nicely in other containers.

u/booreetoe · 3 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

A lot of people on here like those cheap black plastic containers that look like what you get from Chinese fast food restaurants. I have tried them, and they are too flimsy for my taste. I've had these containers for years, and they are as cheap or cheaper than the black ones. They do have issues if you microwave tomato based sauces (like most plastic), but they seal well, are very durable, machine washable, and very cheap.

Edit: They also nest really well for storage, and the lids match several different sized bases so you aren't always hunting for the right lid.

u/bacon_music_love · 3 pointsr/xxfitness

I almost bought myself this Easy Find Lid Rubbermaid set since it was on sale (not anymore unfortunately). I wanted a variety of sizes, especially the tiny ones for salad dressing! It has 21 containers with lids, and the larger lids fit multiple sizes. Plus it looks like the lids and containers snap together when stacked.

Another option is this Rubbermaid TakeAlong set, made of much thinner/less rigid plastic. These ones are designed to potentially be disposable (you wouldn't be devastated if you left them behind).

Both sets are BPA-free and microwave, freezer, and dishwasher safe.

u/spleefqueef · 3 pointsr/MealPrepSunday hopefully the link works. Someone on here actually suggested this 42 piece Rubbermaid set from Amazon awhile back. Been pretty pleased with it thus far and a great deal.

u/Fexxination · 3 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

We use the containers from the link below. Had the same sets (we bought 2) for years and haven't had any issues.

u/Knotsme · 3 pointsr/self_bondage

I would not fund this. The product already exists. I have one and it works great for self bondage.

u/CluelessTiger · 3 pointsr/sports

> What’s there to prevent or learn for her?

One mediation might be a lockbox with a timer on it. After reading these Ambien stories, I will definitely have one around if there is any risk of amnesia with a medication.

u/justinherass99 · 3 pointsr/researchchemicals

> Has anyone used those small, timed lockboxes to supplement self-control with any success?

YES. This shit is fucking amazing:


    Honestly, this should be part of harm-reduction 101. IMO, it's as important as having a milligram scale when dealing with potent addictive substances.

    It's not perfect, but it helps so much. It's saved me countless times from redosing addictive benzos and stimulants. I've got my entire stash locked up right now... (8 hours remaining).

    At first you get pissed off, "why the FUCK did I lock it for so long?", then the next day you're like, "thank god I didn't keep redosing".

    You get used to it. Just make a habit of always locking it up after dosing, even if you think you don't need to.

    I was thinking about making a detailed post about my experiences using one of these things. I might do it later. Anyways, I highly recommended these boxes.

    Edit: One hexen-specific tip is to weigh out your dose, lock it up, and THEN take your dose. Because it's a lot harder get yourself to lock that shit up after you're high and immediately fiending for more. Or if you do plan on redosing, lock it for 90 minutes or whatever your desired redose interval is.
u/Sparkly__rainbows · 3 pointsr/1200isplenty

It is!! It was kind of pricey, but definitely worth it. We initially bought it to wean ourselves off weed, since that was not only expensive but also led to eating a ton of cookies (and like...other things). Now that we no longer need it for that, we just use it for the cookies :p
Link to the one we have:
Kitchen Safe: Time Locking Container (White Lid + White Base) - 5.5" Height

u/Fuskers · 3 pointsr/benzodiazepines

I bought one of these. Just dose, throw your benzos in there, and set the timer for as long as you feel necessary.

u/tlahwm · 3 pointsr/SissificationAcademy

Get yourself a kitchen safe if you can't make it through without unlocking. You can set a time where it can't be opened beforehand without breaking it, days / weeks whatever.

Honestly once you get past 48 hours, you barely notice it. Just make sure you're properly lubricated. Vaseline works best, as it doesn't dry out or become grossly sticky. And then once you've a hit a week, you wonder if you're ever going to care about being unlocked again. It becomes a fun game, and it's very easy to forget you have it on in the first place.

Source: been in chastity for 3+ years, this is what works

u/mrelevenoutoften · 3 pointsr/uktrees

exactly same issue as you, sometimes I find myself rolling/loading my vape on autopilot

that is the lazy but efficient option. Just make sure you are disciplined in using it

u/Helena_Wren · 3 pointsr/loseit

Nuts are very healthy for you, your issue doesn’t seem to be what you’re eating, but portion control. Have your nuts, but measure out an acceptable amount for that fits into the amount of calories you’re eating that day. You can get a box of snack sized baggies at the dollar store. Only allow yourself to eat your allotted amount of baggies. You can even lock up the rest of your supply with a food safe so you’re not able to binge on nuts once you use up your daily allotment.

u/spike9012 · 3 pointsr/chastity

I use one of these

It lets you lock it for anywhere between 1 minute and 10 days.

u/ElGuapoPinata · 3 pointsr/researchchemicals

I know this is a bit late, but here you go:

Fuckin' brilliant invention.

u/valjean913 · 3 pointsr/asktrp

OP I'm going to give you the best advice I can because I struggled with video games & other time sinks for years.

First, it takes 20 seconds to change a habit. Want to play less video games? Make it 20 seconds harder to get to them. Put your XBOX controller down in the basement (and put the box of cookies with it). Want to workout more? Make it 20 seconds easier & lay your workout clothes out next to your bed.

I had a problem with screwing around on cell phone games too long to. I bought one of these things and dropped the fucker in there for 4 hours. It's like having a whole extra day of productivity.

u/mehunno · 3 pointsr/weddingplanning

We registered at Amazon for the selection and convenience. We could find just about anything on amazon, and could add anything else through the universal registry feature. Guests shipped most gifts to our home, which was great since we live across the country from where we were married. I'd heard the return policy was rough, but luckily we didn't have any duplicate purchases. Amazon's registry was perfect for our needs.

Some of the most-used items we received:

u/xstrex · 3 pointsr/ZeroWaste

Here’s a few options I’ve had good luck with.
I personally eat mostly paleo, and rarely go out, so everything is cooked from scratch, every week.
Weck Jars: great glass (and rubber) jars for storing just about anything. I like these for storing portions, and sauces/dips:

Larger glass containers, I use these for larger portions of just about everything. Air tight, reusable, etc. I personally use the ikea brand, but same concept:

Stasher brand bags, made of silicon, heat/freeze proof, reusable, etc. make for a great plastic bag replacement:

Another option is always mason jars. They’ve been around for ever! Are relatively inexpensive, reusable, dishwasher safe, freezer safe, etc. Can also be vacuum sealed! I use these to store most of my raw ingredients, flours, nuts, powders, etc. I would recommend sticking with either wide-mouth or regular, but not both. Combining the two, gets old, when you have a few dozen!

Hope some of this stuff helps!

u/hinyancat · 3 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

it's about $10 for a medium glass one here. it will last forever. I think that's alright. sometimes there's good sales you can get it for about $4.

edit: $35 for 18pcs are not bad for something you will be using daily for the next 3- 5 years at least.

Amazon listing


u/PeacefuIIy · 3 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

Sorry, my first reply was only about the jar, the containers are also from amazon, and they come with a lot of small containers which sometimes are useful, but a lot of them just sit there.

Please don't ask why I ordered from two different brands with almost identical products, I don't even know why I did. After using them both, they feel identical to me.

u/JimGerm · 3 pointsr/keto

You have landed in the exact right spot. Congrats on getting all that other shit in your life sorted, and now you're sorting out weight. You should be crazy proud of yourself for getting this far.

I'm on lazy keto. Basically that means I only count carbs, nothing else. IT IS CRAZY EASY. I try to stay under 20-30 carbs a day. I sounds like it would be hard, but it's really not. The best tip I can provide is get rid of EVERYTHING in your house you can no longer eat. Just get rid of all of it. I have an issue with throwing away food (I just can't do it), so this was crazy hard for me. Keto is so much easier (and more effective) when there is nothing in the house to temp you that you shouldn't be eating.

After about a week, your carb cravings will just go away. This was both my and my wife's experience anyway. Eat meat, cheese, veggies (the rights ones), and a few other things and the weight will just melt off. I found this website to be VERY helpful when I started.

So I strongly suggest you do the following tonight (why wait? GET TO IT!):

  • Go home and gather everything you can't eat. I suspect this will almost empty your pantry and fridge (it did mine). Donate to a food bank if you wish, but it's got to go.
  • Go to the store and buy some bacon, steaks, cabbage, pork chops, green beans, bacon, zucchini, hamburger patties, various cheeses, bacon, almonds, bacon, and some bacon. If you have a Costco membership, that have huge bags of frozen veggies (beans, broccoli, and cauliflower specifically) that are cost effective and fantastic. They also have the best meat (near me anyway). The best thing about keto is that the food you can eat is CRAZY delicious. It was also kind of a shock to me to realize that real food is a lot more expensive than the garbage I was eating. Don't let this bother you. If there was a pill you could take that did what Keto does, you'd probably spend a lot of money on that, so just pay the real food premium and accept it as an investment in yourself.
  • At some point, go to amazon and get some FitPackers. Make several meals at once so you always have something to eat when you're hungry. In my experience, if you have nothing to eat and are tired, you're more likely to cheat because you're just too tired to do things right. If you meal prep, meals become easy AND keep you on target.
  • Watch the lbs melt off. My wife has lost 10 lbs a month doing nothing but eating what I make (I'm the cook, she can't boil water). I always keep a few different things in the fridge made via meal prepping, that way she has a little variety and can stay on target. She's lost 40 lbs in four months. In fact, she hit her target goal of 140 (139.6) THIS MORNING, and the smile on her face was worth a million bucks.

    So you can do this, but you HAVE TO DO THIS. You have to actually get started. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? YOUR NEW LIFE IS WAITING FOR YOU. We'll all be here anytime you need. Feel free to PM me if you have any specific food questions. I'm no expert but what I'm doing is working really well and is fantastically easy.

    Enjoy your new life!
u/Moizyyy · 3 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

I bought these

Fitpacker Meal Prep Containers - Plastic Microwavable Stackable Reusable (28oz - Set of 16)

Kind of disappointed because the weight I put on them in the freezer made the lids crack :'(

Which ones did you get?

u/WineoSK · 3 pointsr/xxketo

I prep the toppings separately in smaller containers so they don't get the greens soggy then mix when ready to eat. Depending on the state of your office fridge, you could make a weeks worth of toppings in one container and then just bring in a container of greens each day and mix it there.... or bring two containers in each day (plus dressing).

Sometimes I mix the dressing in with the toppings to keep things simple, but that's up to you.

As far as the containers themselves, I use the cheap meal prep containers from Amazon [here] (, but there are tons of different ones depending on what you're looking for.

Best of luck to you and your husband! I fantasize daily about getting out of this job and striking it out on my own. That's really brave and kudos to both of you on that huge decision.

u/Reiterated · 3 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

Hey there! I've been meal prepping for quite a while, and this sub has been great for helping me get ideas. I can't take all the credit for any of these recipes, but I did make them into things that I like. I do freeze the food in the black containers, and take one out and thaw in the fridge the day prior. This prep was for 10 total chicken thighs, cauliflower mash for 10 containers, and then mixed vegetables. The salads I keep in the fridge. Containers are the Fit Packer containers, which I purchased from Amazon. I am actively trying to lose weight (12 pounds gone!) and meal prepping has really helped me stick with my goals. Because of this, I included the calorie information from MFP for those of you who would like that.

Roasted Chicken

10 5oz(ish) chicken thighs (these have bones/skin)

Rosemary (like 4-5 sprigs)

Lemon Juice (about a quarter cup)

Preheat your oven to 400 Fahrenheit and take your chicken out of the package.

In a large bowl, put a quarter of the lemon juice at the bottom with one sprig of rosemary

Layer in your chicken thighs, making sure each has some lemon juice, and rosemary sprigs.

Allow to marinate for about 20 minutes, or until the oven is preheated (You can also marinate overnight, the lemon is VERY strong when you do this though.)

Bake for 45-60 minutes depending on your oven (Side note for this, I like to use those aluminum disposable pans for this from the dollar store. They're $1 for two and the acidity of the lemon killed my metal pan...)

Let cool for about 10 minutes before putting into meal prep containers.

Cauliflower Mash
I got this recipe from, and followed it pretty much exactly. I doubled it, then divided it by 10 so each container has about 100 grams of the mash. (MFP says that each serving is 110-ish calories for 8 servings. I kept this calorie count even though I divided it by 10 to account for any mistakes in counting.)

I do buy frozen, steam-in-bag veggies. These are super cheap and easy to prep, and I haven't had any issues with cooking them and then re-freezing them and having them be mushy or gross at all.

Nutrition Info

With the Green Beans:

  • Calories - 353

  • Protein - 34.5g

  • Carbs - 24.2g

  • Fat - 14.9g

    With the Mixed Veggies:

  • Calories - 363

  • Protein - 34.5g

  • Carbs - 25.2g

  • Fat - 14.9g

    Mason Jar Salads
    This is not my idea at all, and you can totally put whatever veggies you want in this. The idea here is to layer your dressing, then hearty veggies, then less hearty veggies, then lettuce at the top. This particular week I didn't do dressing at the bottom (I like to choose my dressing in the morning before work) Here's what I did!

  • Tomatos (Sunbursts) - 148g

  • Mushrooms (sliced) - 60g

  • Chick Peas - 85g

  • Lettuce - fill the rest of the jar (it's about 85g)

    Nutrition Info

  • Calories - 190

  • Protein - 12g

  • Carbs - 37g

  • Fat - 1g


    In the pictures I have some veggies and hummus. My trick with these is to cut them up and pre package them, just like with the food. Each plastic bag is about 1/2 a red pepper, and I write the total in grams on the bag to make it easy to track. They range from 85-100g per bag. The celery ends up being pretty consistent at 115-120. The hummus I do pre-portion, and that is exactly 28g, or one serving at 60 calories.

    I didn't picture it here, but I also do this with snacks I buy (veggie sticks, mini rice cakes, etc). I find it easy to grab things in the morning this way when everything is prepackaged, but then I don't have to pay for individual packages at the grocery store.

    All in all, this is a fair amount of work (probably 2 hours.) I do this about once every other week. For breakfasts I either do plain rice cakes with peanut butter, or cereal depending on my work schedule. Dinner I usually leave open, but I keep large quantities of salmon and meatballs in the freezer to make easy meals.

    If you have any questions, let me know!
u/Primathon · 3 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

What do I call it? I dunno :) good luck in the kitchen, though.

The containers are 28oz, they're made by a company called Fitpacker, and they're only ~$20 for 16 of em. They make all sorts of sizes. Check it out.

Is it a lot of food for a meal? Yes. Eating one of these in a single sitting will definitely leave you full. But that's by intention...

u/DangerousTides · 3 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

I ordered a 16-piece (plus one free) set of containers for $19 from a brand on amazon called fitpacker. They're awesome. Link if you're interested.

u/Wotnsleepdeprivation · 3 pointsr/mealprep

Step 1: buy lunchbox with a freezer pack in it. PackIt Freezable Lunch Bag with Zip Closure, Black

Step 2: buy meal prep containers. btw these meal prep containers fit in the lunchbox I linked you and to give you an idea of the size of the lunchbox, that's the only thing that will fit in there. Meal Prep Haven 3 Compartment Food Containers with Airtight Lid, Bento Box, Fitness Lunch Box for Meal Prep, 21 Day Fix and Portion Control, Set of 7

Step 3: buy food. You say you don't want to do any prepping which is fine but if that's the case buy applegate chicken breast. Not very high in sodium but not very low either. If you have the energy for just a litttttle bit of prep, try a rotisserie chicken. You will have to cut it up initially when you get it but once it's done, it's done for the whole week. You can eat this cold too if you don't have access to a microwave. Get canned vegetables. Rinse them off, it will lower the sodium content. Get fruit and vegetable platters that people get for parties, they are pre cut already. Other sides that do not need to be prepared can include string cheese, yogurt, mixed nuts (unsalted), granola bars, protein bars, veggie chips, boiled eggs, guacamole, hummus (this hummus company has their hummus paired with like pretzel chips on the bottom it's really just an open and eat thing).

Step 4: distribute into your meal prep containers

u/88sporty · 3 pointsr/ketorecipes

They're on Amazon but a word to the wise, as I also use them, they aren't the highest quality. I've used mine since December and I'm down to 5 that are usable and even those have broken bits and some minor cracks. That's with heavy use (I meal prep all of my lunches every week in them). I would recommend them because they're relatively inexpensive and very useful but just be warned they can be kind of brittle.

u/obscureyetrevealing · 3 pointsr/fitmeals

I used to buy these

But this kind of container leaks pretty easily and after awhile knife cuts would sever it open.

Check out snapware.

u/SubjectiveHat · 3 pointsr/fitmeals

reusable containers, measure cups, measuring spoons, and a food scale. /r/mealprepsunday

u/thedonik · 3 pointsr/hookah

I buy these:

holds about 350g comfortably, you could probably get 4-450g in there if you packed it above the rim. Dishwasher safe, and work good for your lunches too.

plus they're cheap. :)

u/MotherofSalsa · 3 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

Do not buy these containers. They're fine for a few weeks and washings but they crack and shatter super easily. I'll never buy them again.

I also own these and these hard ones. The single compartment ones I've ordered over and over (they're plastic, they start to show wear and tear and break down after a while. Also I just like fresh containers lol. I buy new ones evey 3 months or so) because they're so great. Never had one break on me and they're a great size. The hard plastic ones are also amazing. The Plastic is thick and not flimsy at all. They're smaller but I've had no problems with them either.

I just bought a Jaxx FitPack luchbox yesterday on Amazon. It comes with it's own containers and ice pack. A coworker has one and I've messed around with her containers to see what they're like and they seem pretty sturdy too IMO. It'll be here tomorrow so if you're interested I can update you on them when I actually have them in my hands.

u/matatasmatatas · 2 pointsr/cigars

Yup! It's what I use for my cigar boxes and for aging. I love selecting a cigar from a nice wooden humidor, so my active rotation is in one that's been doing ok so far, but you can't beat a tupperdor for precision.

Any large plastic container with a hermetic seal works; for loose cigars, people love the sistema klip it with cedar trays, they apparently fit together well.

u/Opforty · 2 pointsr/cigars

These hold about 80-90 sticks each

Get more space than you need.

u/thirdguess · 2 pointsr/cigars

I've got questions!
What Spanish cedar tray is that?
What's the model/make on the Tupperware? How many sticks do you estimate your setup will hold?
I ask because I'm not super crazy about my setup, and I may change up a bit. I like the look!

I searched Amazon for "Spanish cedar tray" immediately after paying that and the first two results were these:

Are those the ones lol?

u/cmdr_andrew_dermott · 2 pointsr/cigars

Sistema Klip It:

29 cup model will hold around 50 cigars.

Amazon has a Spanish cedar tray in the "frequently bought together" section. You can fit two of those, plus Boveda packs and hygrometer between the trays and the Tupper. Be sure to check the trays for mold of you get them... Mine were just fine, but I've seen others comment with issues.

It's amazing how quick the little bastard fills, though. I've only smoked a half dozen cigars, and mines already full...

u/osuneuro · 2 pointsr/saplings

Tightvac for sure

Tightvac - 1 to 6 oz Vacuum Sealed Storage Container, Black Cap & Body

u/Highlanderwolf · 2 pointsr/highstories

I started messing around with weed around the same age, so I'm not gonna just say "you're too young" or any of that shit. You'll still do it anyways, and I'd rather you were smart about it.

First, I would highly suggest finding someone who has experience with weed to be with you when you do weed. I'll give you all the advice I know, but it's still better to have an experienced person on hand. Maybe the person that made the cookies?

Second, be careful with edibles, and very careful with edibles when you don't know the concentration. It's really easy to take too much, more so when you've just started. I'd personally suggest you smoke instead of doing edibles, as you can feel the effects much faster, and better gauge how much to use. That being said, smoking isn't the most pleasant thing when you start, and you either need some sort of piece, or you need to be able to roll.

Third, the fun stuff: always have food on hand. Snack food and candy is wonderful, but actual food is also amazing. Really everything is. If you plan on smoking, I'd suggest having something to drink as well, such as Gatorade. Music is great, and you'll find that bass heavy music is really cool. Dubstep was really created for stoners, but I'd suggest Drum and Bass. Honestly, the type of music you choose really sets the tone of your high. Try something like Chillstep if you just want to relax. Just make sure not to play it too loud, headphones might be a good idea d-_-b. Another great thing to do: shower. Go take a really long, hot shower. It's great. Oh, and smoke with friends. It makes things so much more fun, and then you can play Mario Kart or something.

Oh, and if you plan on keeping weed in your house, and don't want people to know, invest in a vacuum seal container, like this one. The smell will go straight through any number of plastic bags. That being said, a mason jar works just as well.

That's all I can think of off the top of my head. Just remember: be mindful of how much you take, have food, and make sure you don't have anything you need to do before you get high. Also, if you have any other questions, I'd suggest making a post on r/weed. They're pretty friendly, and the community is larger than this subreddit, so more people will be able to help you out. r/trees is another good one, but they have an 18+ rule, so don't mention your age.

Anyways, have a good time!

u/John825 · 2 pointsr/EDC

I just use an airtight container I got from amazon. Link

I have two of them. One bigger one to hold grinder, abv, and tools. One smaller one to hold the bud.

u/anongamer1985 · 2 pointsr/trees

Best way to store
Tightvac - 1 oz to 6 ounce Airtight Multi-Use Vacuum Seal Portable Storage Container for Dry Goods, Food, and Herbs - Black Cap & Body

u/theITgui · 2 pointsr/vaporents

I bought a small vacuum can to keep it in. It holds abv, the metal tool, brush and my grinder as well. Amazon link

u/ThtDAmbWhiteGuy · 2 pointsr/saplings

I've used this one in the past. It works pretty well, smell leaks a bit more that a mason jar, but it works well

u/jaimeyeah · 2 pointsr/microdosing

Depends on what country you're in :) Does amazon ship to you?

Something like this, and then click through the related items too if you're not a fan homie

u/Egghead2568 · 2 pointsr/saplings

I got these airtight containers on amazon for a few bucks. Never have any issues with smell or quality degradation. As others have said Mason Jars are always great.

Tightvac - 1 oz to 6 ounce Airtight Multi-Use Vacuum Seal Portable Storage Container for Dry Goods, Food, and Herbs - Black Cap & Body

u/chemkara · 2 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

It took less than 40 minutes to prep.


  • Cherry tomatoes, Kalamata olives and Cornichons.

  • Vegetable Samosas bought from the frozen section in an Indian store (I love finding delicious food that makes it easy for me).

  • Energy balls : I eyeball everything, I don’t have precise measurements but this is a very forgiving recipe and you can customize it to your liking. The base is softened dates in water, then much them with fork or hands, I just use my hands. Add nuts (I used walnuts here), blended Chia seeds and Flax seeds, toasted old fashioned oats ( I toast them in a pan over low heat ), shredded coconuts and 1 big spoonful of peanut butter. Mix well and make little balls ( I used an ice cream scooper ).

  • mini sweet peppers stuffed with brie, put in toaster oven for 10 to 15 minutes, then I sprinkled them with Trader Joe’s Everything but the bagel seasoning.

  • Crackers: I get these from my Local Mexican Restaurant when I buy Ceviche.


  • Mason Jar Salad: I just use whatever I have in the fridge and stack them up.
    Tomatoes, cucumbers, corn, pears, purple potatoes and Romaine lettuce.

  • Simple vinaigrette in the small containers.

    I will pair this with Pan cooked Salmon ( not shown ).


  • Mason jars wide mouth 16oz. I bought mine from the dollar store.

  • U Konserve Divided To-Go containers: These are expensive but I bought mine at a discount store and I like how they are not too heavy like the glass containers.

  • Sistema To Go Salad Dressing Containers:

    I bought mine from TJMaxx for $1.99.

u/CeladonPanther · 2 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

Sistema To Go Collection Salad Dressing Container, 1.18 oz./35 mL, Pink/Green/Blue/Purple, 4 Count

Found these on Amazon, I use them for dressings all the time!

u/kyriya · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Of course! I got them off of Amazon

Here you go

u/mjskit · 2 pointsr/Cooking

If you do a lot of soups and stews, then I would recommend a good set of Rubbermaid storage containers. Amazon has a 42 piece set for $20. They are reusable, work great in the freezer and can also be used to store leftovers in the refrigerator. A lot less waste for the landfill.

u/p_qrs · 2 pointsr/xxfitness

I use these as my go-to plastic containers. The smallest ones are perfect for sauces and dressings. Never had an issue with leaks and I've had them for years!

u/xerexerex · 2 pointsr/Cooking

I like Rubbermaid's Easy Find Lid sets. I've had them for a few years now and they're still in great shape. A bit of scuffing and staining on the bigger stuff that I use a lot, but other than that still good.

u/Pierogi_Master · 2 pointsr/personalfinance

Doesn't really sound like a decent price to me. Wife and I bought this 42 piece Rubbermaid container set a few years ago around Black Friday for $15 or so.

It has different sizes so it is convenient for lunches, longer storage in the fridge or freezer. I've been using the smaller ones to hold salad toppings or dressing for example.

Medium size ones will be filled with a grain (bulgur, quinoa, rice etc) on Sunday and depleted throughout the week. Now that I'm getting fresh veggies from my CSA/Farmers Market I'll also chop an onion, pepper etc to toss on salads. This helps with my "I just got off work and don't want to do shit but drink beer" This way if I want something to eat there is just that much less prep to do.

Larger one gets filled with the meat of the week which is usually a larger cut like a boston butt, chuck roast or whole chicken or thighs/legs if they were on sale.

I've managed to cut our eating out drastically with the above.

u/Techwood111 · 2 pointsr/keto

Hey, you are already on your way!

Log everything you eat as accurately as you can. Get a cheap food scale if you don't have one already. I prefer MyFitnessPal for logging, and have this scale.

As has been said, use the keto calculator to get your numbers, then plug 'em in, and start eating and logging. As large as you are, you will have a pretty high food allowance; hunger should not be an issue for you. It may be helpful for you to spread your meals out over the day - smaller meals, more often.

You mentioned preparing stuff in advance. Get a ton of Rubbermaid and consider shopping for a deep-freeze. I LOVE having lots of pre-made, portioned out food to choose from. It makes it easy to grab something good when you are hungry, instead of bailing out and eating something you'd really rather not.

I prefer to weigh every single day, the very first thing in the morning. That helps me to begin each day in the right frame of mind. It is great to see the graph of my steady decrease in weight.

Consider getting a FitBit. I have a "One." I like it a lot; it syncs automatically with MyFitnessPal, and if I have walked more than normal, I get to eat more calories if I want to. A very small walk is a great way to earn a little snack if you are wanting one. Calories in, calories out... almost too simple to be true, but it works!

KCKO is a pretty good mantra.

Drop that weight, screw the gastric bypass. (I've seen plenty of those that didn't help). Once you are fit, get that hernia addressed, with a huge reduction in the chance that you'll die in the OR. Seriously, you are doing the right thing, taking charge of your health. If you just muster the courage to give it a solid try, you will be amazed at how easy it is, and you'll cuss yourself for not starting sooner.

Best wishes, and keep us updated!

u/thirdegree · 2 pointsr/Drugs

I'd recommend 1) getting some help because kicking addiction on your own is incredably difficult, and 2) getting one of these to stop the binging. This is going to suck. It will be ok.

u/altaccountthree · 2 pointsr/sex

It's something I have flirted with, but I'm too impatient and my SO is too lazy to stick with the regimen needed to make it work.

Doing it by yourself could be easier since it's just you and your keyholder source to keep you honest about your time in chastity. Some people get time-locked containers (like this one) to keep the key away from themselves.

That sense of powerlessness is heady stuff.

u/Anondude1317 · 2 pointsr/Femdom

Kitchen Safe: Time Locking Container (White Lid + Clear Base) - 5.5" Height

u/tomorrowistomato · 2 pointsr/Trichsters

I actually have another strategy. I use this thing called the Ksafe to lock up my tweezers for 1-2 days. Then I allow myself to groom my face/eyebrows and lock them back up immediately so there's no temptation to go overboard and start attacking my eyelashes. I think I made a post about the safe a while ago but I never followed up because it wasn't really helping much. But I think having the visual reminder on my mirror plus the promise of a reward is what's keeping me motivated this time.

Sorry to hear you're struggling and slipping. Trich is a very, very difficult thing to manage.

u/Secksiignurd · 2 pointsr/trees

Buy yourself a kitchen safe. They work wonders if you're weak in the knees, so to speak.

I own the solid white with blue lid. So fly....

u/pop-otter · 2 pointsr/eldertrees

I got one of these:

Kitchen Safe: Time Locking Container (White Lid + Clear Base) - 5.5" Height

I put my stash in there on Sunday morning and set the timer for 5 days 6 hours, so it doesn't unlock until Friday afternoon. Has been very effective for me.

u/bondage247 · 2 pointsr/chastity

Kitchen Safe: Time Locking Container (White Lid + Clear Base) - 5.5" Height

for the money i would buy

iKeyp Pro Smart Safe

remote unlock vis app

u/revmamacrystal · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

This Kitchen Safe was just recommended to keep kids away from electronics. I'm game.

u/beercruiser · 2 pointsr/DIY_eJuice

Great post.

Thought I would post this again as while I think it would be hilarious for someone to steep juice in, I also think it would actually work very well unless you get very desperate and destroy the thing.

u/bflaminio · 2 pointsr/LifeProTips

My daughter uses one of these:

It's a locking box with a timer on it. Until the timer runs out, you can't get in. She turns her phone off, drops it in the box, and sets the timer for the amount of time she needs to study.

u/whyenn · 2 pointsr/getdisciplined

Easy there. I'm not accusing you, I'm informing you. All right? No one's attacking you, and I wouldn't have brought it up if you hadn't made the claim- I figured you'd want to know.

Any Amazon link that has "ref=" after the product code of "/dp/XXXXXXXXXX" is a referral link. You linked to which means it's a referral link.

Now try clicking on the same link w/o anything following the /ref/ chain: ...same product, no referral link.

u/ilovescones · 2 pointsr/loseit

I bought one of these lockable kitchen safes - I buy a few small treats (all under 100 calories - milky bars, small kinder bars, cereal bars) put them in there and set it to look for 24 hours (or however long until about 8:30 am). After breakfast, so I'm not hungry, I wait for it to unlock, quickly grab one thing and relock it. Then I only need willpower for about 20 seconds instead of resisting them all day. I literally cannot get to my snacks so if I want something to eat I have to cook it and I'm lazy so I don't! I try and save my treat until 2pm, but if I eat it earlier it doesn't matter because I literally can't get another one.

Normally I would eat a multipack of my treats in one go, this has really helped me. But it is quite expensive and might not work for everyone.

u/drumsdrumsdrumsyea · 2 pointsr/eldertrees

Though I haven't smoked for as long as you or as much. I understand your spot. I enjoy smoking but sometimes I feel it can cloud my mind and it's important to draw lines. One thing that's helped me is a Kitchen Lockbox. It can lock up to 10 days. Now no need to go all out with 10 days right off the bat, just do a day or two. Build up to it.

Fair warning: You need to put EVERYTHING you have in there. If it's smokable or you can smoke from it, put it in there. If you need any advice or encouraging words, feel free to PM me :)

u/Arjunthedon · 2 pointsr/NoFap

OMFG... Same! I managed to reach 30 days streak with this plan I came up with:

I bought this timer lock - Kitchen Safe: Time Locking Container (Blue Lid + Clear Base) - 5.5" Height

You can lock anything from a minute upto 10 days. I always find the first week of NoFap really hard. After two weeks, it starts to feel normal. So, I locked my phone for ten days. Took the sim out from my smart phone and put it in the brick phone.

I used my WhatsApp through WhatsApp web on my laptop. And I had no way to browse porn. Helped me reach day 30. I broke it as soon as I started to use my smart phone normally like I used to.

PS: I have this rule where I don't watch porn on my laptop because I use it for studies. So, yh...

u/billandmelinda · 2 pointsr/Bitcoin

I've literally locked my hw wallet in a kitchen safe. It has 2.5 btc on it. Releases in 8 days.

u/No_Trouble_No_Fuss · 2 pointsr/Discipline
u/wang-bang · 2 pointsr/Dryfasting

Good, go for it

What I do is that I have a unique keyed lock on my kitchen and a kitchensafe time lock:

I put my payment cards in there and the keys to the kitchen as well. I set the timer to 24 hours + whatever is needed to get to 6 a.m. which is the hour I usually wake up for.

When the timer lock unlocks I also weigh myself for that day and pick out my clothes. If I hit my BF% or if I am satisfied with the amount of time that I spent fasting then I take the key and cards out.

If I want to continue I simply set the timer to ca 24h again. ¨

Its pretty good because I reinforce the commitment every day but I have only tested it for under a week now.

I am going to commit to a goal based dry fast right now and I am planning on using that organization to motivate myself through it.

I'd prefer to have a safe that simply opens between 6:00 am and 6:10 am but I havent found that yet.

The early time is important because all of the stores around here are closed at that hour. If I want to eat then I have to eat the veggies and meat that I have available in the kitchen. Its less of a temptation to pop off to the corner store for a cheat meal.

u/ReluctantlyHipster · 2 pointsr/BDSMcommunity

From some experience, realtor's lock boxes work well but are a pain to put keys into/take keys out. You can find a bunch of time-lock safes which are nice and easy but they take away a fun aspect of the keyholder having direct control over the key. The perfect option seems to be the ChronoVault but that is very expensive so I haven't tried it.

About some of the other devices. When I am in chastity I like to be completely trapped. Even if I tried my best, I don't want to be able to get out. The above 3 items work well and are relatively foolproof unless you know how to pick locks. I don't like the plastic locks because they are pretty easy to remove and re-do.

I hope this helped.. Good luck!

u/groveofcedars · 2 pointsr/loseit

Sunday is a great day for meal prep. I recommend glass containers like these. When I first started I made the same lunch for all five days of the work week and I was going crazy with boredom by day 3. Now I have at least two different lunches per week that I alternate. My favorite is quinoa and white meat chicken with veggies or quinoa and lentils on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. For Tuesday, Thursday, I make salad in a mason jar.

u/kindrudekid · 2 pointsr/personalfinance

Do what I do, Make your meal at work.

You need to push for your work to have a small toaster oven.

here is what you will need:

  1. a nice oven save containers
  2. Your own silverware if office only has pastic.
  3. those cooler aid thingy/ice pack
  4. a cheap thermometer but not needed after a while you know how your work oven works
  5. well insulated cooler. I'll recommend LL Bean
  6. kosher salt , prefernly somthing with large flakes

    Now go home and make a few dressings/marinade for meat.

    Now just go crazy mixing and matching the meat/marinade, throw them in the oven save container, put that in your cooler with ice packs and start baking them fresh at work.

    This has few advantages:

  7. You will be seasoning the meat for quite a while, the salt will draw out moisture, dissolve and enter the meat back in.
  8. you can mix and match all kinds of meat. I stick with salmon and tilapia, way healthier.
  9. You can mix and match sides too!, today carrots, tomorrow rice, day after asparagus.
  10. eat from the same damn bowl
  11. you can eat fish, baking wont stick up the kitchen like microwaving will.
  12. If you get a large enough cooler, you can bring fruits and drinks/soda if you have an expensive vending machine at work!
  13. You can bring frozen meat and let it thaw till lunch time if needed and slather the marinade on top later.

    Some cool marinades:

  14. Ginger scallion sauce
  15. Creole chilli WARNING: This shit is hot, better used as a side in small amounts for simple salt and peppered meat.
  16. various version of lemon pepper.

    offcourse this means starting the cooking 30 min before intended lunch time
u/actinghard · 2 pointsr/femalefashionadvice

I use the Madewell Zip Transport Tote and carry my laptop, wallet, couple of essentials, sometimes a notebook, and my lunch. I pack my lunch in flat containers similar to these so it will fit in my bag-

I don't have a long walk from the train to the office otherwise I would probably have to go back to a backpack. And I try to keep my bag light. For example- I keep a laptop charger at the office and an extra at home so I don't have to carry one around

u/bobby3eb · 2 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

Oh, I'm eating 2k cals per day. i eat things other than these.

Fitpacker Meal Prep Containers BPA-Free Food Storage and Portion Control (28oz - Set of 16)

17 containers with lids for $20, freezer, dishwasher (top rack), and microwave safe, bpa free

u/zxcv437 · 2 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

beginner I like these because they were relatively cheap, have had no issues hand washing them, and they were delivered to my house.

I've seen someone talk about how he was doing this for a while and got tired of $20 every other month or so, so he went and bought something like this and now doesn't worry when one warps or breaks he can just toss it and he's out a buck.

I'm not a guy who goes for the separated boxes, idk, when you eat on a plate it's all together, I just plan my meals the same way. Also invest in some good ziplock baggies, things like celery, jerky and sandwiches I don't like free floating in the container and it's easier to grab a bag or two when I'm running out the door.

u/inlover · 2 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

I can say that we (SO and I) bought Fitpackers and they have lasted us an entire year. Together we use about 8-10 packs a week. Some of them are a little beat up but for the most part they have lasted excellently!

u/NullTheFool · 2 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

What about these puppies?

FitPacker 16x containers

u/pggu1123 · 2 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

I bought them off of Amazon here This particular one is currently unavailable, but there are plenty of alternatives. I've been using them for 9 months now, pretty religiously and are starting to chip a bit on the edges. If these keep deteriorating, I'll be in the market for something nicer.

u/sloma27 · 2 pointsr/MealPrepSunday
u/ElectricDuckPond · 2 pointsr/loseit

I use things like these to store extra food for eating later as another meal or for another day. It also helpful if you want to cook a meal in bulk too.

u/leonardoty · 2 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

I bought them all from Amazon.
These are the round salad containers.
These are the 2-compartment lunch containers.
The single containers can be found on Amazon as well, but a Korean restaurant near my work has them, so I take them from coworkers otherwise throwing them away.
The 3-pack containers can be found here, but I would not recommend them. They are the most expensive (I paid $20 for 7, where otherwise they're a $1 a piece) and one shattered the first day I had them.

u/mealprepbloggirl · 2 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

I personally don't recommend the Sistema containers. Each container has five pieces you have to take apart to clean (main piece, lid, rubber gasket, and two clip pieces), and there are too many areas (such as under the lip of the main piece) that stay dirty. After a year of using them daily, I'm looking at getting either these or these.

u/zelmarvalarion · 2 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

Myself and a couple other people use the 750ml glass rectangular Pyrex containers. I think I got mine for $2 each from Marshall's, which is good for glass containers.

I think the Lift containers (e.g. are pretty popular, and I think I've heard that Costco has them even cheaper than Amazon if you have a membership (I haven't checked myself though)

u/xtina_a_gorilla · 2 pointsr/xxfitness

I toss my lunch in my purses so I need to know my food won't leak and I prefer glass so I use Glass Lock & Lock containers.

r/MealPrepSunday always recommends containers from Amazon like this.

u/khaleesii · 2 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

I bought these ones from Amazon: Lift Meal Prep Containers

u/vrykolakoi · 2 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

i just looked up food prep and this was the top rated one

u/zabblezah · 2 pointsr/mealprep

I was thinking of reordering these from Amazon because my mom lost 3/7 of mine, but then I found similar ones for a better value at Sam's.

I think the brand was Snap Pak. 50 count for less than $20. Same quality and size. Slightly rounded out on the long sides. Highly recommend.

u/where_are_your_shoes · 2 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

Here's an amazon link to a 7 pack with lots of good reviews! Not sure if this is what you're looking for exactly, but one compartment should be good for salads. It claims to be microwave, freezer, and dishwasher safe, though I haven't got them yet to try out myself. Hope this helps!

u/decentbeet · 2 pointsr/bodybuilding

Been using these

u/nexusxis · 2 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

I have these containers but they only have the middle divider. I'm also interested in where OP found glass containers with 3 compartments.

u/cbsx01 · 2 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

I've got 10 of these and they work well and the seal is tight.

u/SnyperPrincess · 2 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

I love these off of Amazon. I actually went back and ordered another set. They're so much better than the plastic containers that stain, bend, and are miserable in the microwave. ALso, they're reusable which is great.

u/rileyjw90 · 2 pointsr/1500isplenty

Idk if these are the same but I’ve had a similar one in my Amazon cart for ages, just waiting until we move at the end of the month to buy them since I don’t have enough room right now.

u/heyuguuuys · 2 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

It was one of the top hits on amazon. I think I just searched glass meal prep container.

u/PokeydaRedHorse · 2 pointsr/Cooking

Prep Naturals Glass Meal Prep Containers Glass 2 Compartment 5 Pack - Glass Food Storage Containers - Glass Storage Containers with Lids - Divided Glass Lunch Containers Glass Food Containers 29 Ounce

u/omnigasm · 2 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

Sure thing! I love these and since my go-to dishes don't usually need to he divided it's perfect for me. I lost a bunch of lids in a move and asked the seller if they could sell me just the lids. They said they couldn't, so instead they sent me an entire new set for free! So highly recommend that type of customer service!

u/PEE_SEE_PRINCIPAL · 2 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

I really like these meal prep containers (I have the single compartment ones)

And if you plan on making something like chili ahead of time I would portion it into your containers and refrigerate the ones for your first two days and freeze the rest.

u/Bunny_Ninja · 2 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

Like the other user said, Amazon!

[These] ( were the specific ones I bought.

u/abareaper · 2 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

Probably Amazon, I recently bought the same ones.

u/PM_ME_BrusselSprouts · 2 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

All I can say is I bought these:

(32 Oz. 2 Compartment Meal Prep Containers Durable BPA Free Plastic Reusable Food Storage Container Microwave & Dishwasher Safe w/ Airtight Lid For Portion Control & Bento Box Lunch Box)

I have been using them successfully and they are pretty good, but they are not leak-proof. Even brand new they weren't so "airtight" that dressing didn't leak out of them if they were accidentally turned on their side. I portion my dressing into once cups but a few times something like Thai sauce has leaked through onto my paper lunch bag. So I would be weary of that.

Also the compartment isn't quite big enough. I like it for chicken/rice since I don't eat a lot of that, but for something like a sandwich with normal bread or pizza (I meal prep for BF who eats a lot more than me) it's juuuuuuuust too small. I kind of wish we would have gotten one without a divider. But I know some people wouldn't have a problem, and the divider does come in handy when I want to separate a small side from a small meal. Just my 2 cents.

If we had more space I would get a set of ten non-compartmentalized containers for occasionally having bigger servings.

Overall I would give them a 4/5 stars.

u/sistinas · 2 pointsr/KetoMealPrep

I got mine from amazon.

They have 1 compartment, 2 compartment, and 3 compartment containers, all in 5-packs. I got one of each, so 5 1-compartment, 5 2-compartments, and 5 of the 3-compartments.

Cost is a little higher, but they're basically pyrex meal prep containers, so buying them once and getting it over and done with was worth it to me.

u/eskay8 · 2 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

A riff on Budget Bytes' chili garlic tofu bowls with steamed broccoli and some bean sprouts I sauteed with garlic and ginger and soy sauce and rice vinegar. I doubled the recipe, we ate two for dinner and I packed seven (only five fit into the picture) into dishes for lunches.

In the bags are breakfast sandwiches. I cracked a dozen eggs into a greased 9x13 baking pan and mixed with milk, salt and pepper, and 1/2 a block of frozen, thawed, drained spinach. Baked until set then sprinkled with shredded cheddar cheese so that it adhered into a nice layer. Then I toasted a dozen english muffins while the eggs cooled, cut the eggs into 12 squares, and assembled everything.

The glass containers are these ones, plus a pyrex dish in the middle that won't be traveling (the lid doesn't seal as well).

u/mswool · 2 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

Not ikea. I found a 5 pack on amazon. They seem to be pretty durable.

u/janhleesi · 2 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

[5-Pack,29oz] Glass Meal Prep Containers - Food Prep Containers with Lids Meal Prep - Food Storage Containers Airtight - Lunch Containers Portion Control Containers - BPA Free Container

u/grainzzz · 2 pointsr/sousvide

12 Quart Cambro. It fits my anova, and a bag rack perfectly:

Edit: I bought on amazon, although I expect you might be able to find it cheaper:

u/supervinci · 2 pointsr/sousvide

12quart cambro. Here's the link:

I also have a bigger one - with 5 chops and that ikea organizer, it was full. Didn't seem to be a problem though.

u/ryanmiller3039 · 2 pointsr/steak

It is super simple. Anova even has an app so you can monitor your cooker while you are in another room. They are on sale right now which is why I pulled the trigger.

anova precision $155 w the code SPRING25

12 qt container $24.95

container lid $11.08

apparently you can also just float ping pong balls on the top as well - having a lid insulates and slows the water evaporation

cheap adjustable rack to keep the meat in place $13.21

vacuum sealer $69.99

but for this you can just use freezer bags and water displacement to get a similar outcome

u/DiscoLollipop · 2 pointsr/vegan

I love it! I'm ordering some today!!! Thank you!

This is what I use for my lettuce and it works great! Also! Don't forget to use so you can donate, a very small amount, to your favorite charity!

u/wizkid32 · 2 pointsr/sousvide

You can pretty much cook as many steaks as you can fit in your container, so long as you keep them somewhat separated. I like to use cheap steel cooling racks for this. They'll rust, but that doesn't really matter.

As for container recommendations, get yourself a restaurant-style plastic food bin. They hold heat a lot better and are better shaped than a big pot. I have a 5 gallon Rubbermaid model, which works very well for medium to large cooks. I've fit four racks of beef ribs in there (barely!), and an 4-bone rib roast in that thing, as well as a metric butt-ton of kabobs (about 15 lbs!).

However, if you're just feeding yourself and/or a significant other, it's probably a bit overkill. In that case, going for a 3 gallon squarish bin is probably a good idea, since you can buy aftermarket lids for them to fit your sous vide cooker.

3 Gallon Container:

5 Gallon Container:

3 Gallon Custom Lid:

u/nyomnyom · 2 pointsr/sousvide

wow it looked so cheap.... but then i check on amazon canada T.T

the container is $33
lid is a nutty 50$
and the anova is 160+35 shipping
so it's a total of $278 :(

u/Rage321 · 2 pointsr/sousvide

I'm not sure what you have already, but I'll link what I've enjoyed using:

THIS or THIS or THIS or THIS or THIS or Vacuum Sealer and bags from Costco or I prep the food on this and use this to put it in the bag without touching the bag...much

u/dyzlexiK · 2 pointsr/sousvide

12qt is deep enough? These things are way more expensive in Canada, so im afraid to buy the wrong one since its an investment.

Like literally double the price:

u/gregg1e · 2 pointsr/sousvide

There are infinite options for setup so I'll simply provide what I use:

I have a cambro food container I cook in. Rubbermaid works well but I needed something bigger. I use an IKEA lid organizer to hold my bags in place (this didn't fit in the rubbermaid). I only put foil or lids on the top for extremely long cooks (18-24 hours), you won't lose much water in a basic dinner cook. I have a rubber mat on my counter for hotter cooks to protect it. I also use a vacuum sealer for my food and found that placing a pyrex dish in the water helps keep them from floating. Here are some links to what I have purchased

u/Stephanie_3D · 2 pointsr/sousvide

I have the joule, it's easy to use and small. Rated the best by America's test kitchen.
You can save $50 by opting for the non stainless steel version. The internals are exactly the same, just cosmetic on the caps.

I personally opted for the Rubbermaid Commercial containers the 18qt is perfect for most cooks. For long cooks you might want some insulation, like a wrap or something. A 12qt is likely too small for a turkey. My 18qt can barely fit a small one.

I don't use a rack very often. It can be good if you cook a lot at once.

Don't forget a searing method! I have an iwatani torch,
A good cast iron skillet, and a homemade yakitori grill (most just use a starter chimney).

The basic foodsaver is good enough, though some don't have enough sealing power for wet foods. Some models have a wet/dry setting. All else fails you can get an impulse sealer. I use mine to double the seals on Ziploc bags, which their quality has been questionable and leak sometimes.
So long as the sealer has an accessory port, you can get a handheld attachment later. I actually don't recommend the fancy models with auto seal or bag detect, they tend to have more issues and less control over the process.

If you're looking to do a whole turkey, you'll need to get a big bag, or a vacuum sealer with at least 15in width. Cheaper just to get a big bag.

u/BostonBestEats · 2 pointsr/sousvide

Ultimately depends on what you are going to cook. But Rubbermaid 12qt containers are quite flexible, not too large or too small for most applications.

If you are going to cook something really big, you may eventually need to get something even larger, but for starting off, this is the perfect size.

For longer or high temp cooks, you can also get fitted lids with the right size hole for a Joule (and presumably an Anova):

u/MoogleMan3 · 2 pointsr/sousvide
u/khenning · 2 pointsr/Coffee

Get an Airscape. That's what I use.

u/MyLifeIsPointless · 2 pointsr/Coffee

I'm using the Airscape Container.

u/HumanPlus · 2 pointsr/exmormon

I second the call for an aero press. Grab one, a coffee grinder, and a storage container (mason jars work fine too) for your locker or safe location.

After the initial investment (less than two weeks of your 5$ a day), this plus hot water gets you coffee at pennies a cup. The container keeps your beans fresh, and you only grind what you need every time.

u/neil454 · 2 pointsr/Coffee

I got an Airscape.

I'm not sure how much of a difference it actually makes, but man is it satisfying to plunge the air out of this thing.

u/jixie007 · 2 pointsr/Coffee

Honestly depends on priority: time/laziness vs coffee quality.

  • Quality: get the Hario Skerton and grind it before you make it.

  • Time / laziness: Getting the local roaster to grind your coffee will give you a better grind, BUT it will go stale over time. Since you're still developing your palate / just upgraded from grocery store (which is all stale), this should be fine for now. I suggest an air tight canister, like this. It won't stop it from going stale, but it'll slow it down. You'll notice the first cups will taste better than the last, but the last cups will still be better than what you were getting from the grocery store. This is how I do. #coffeesnobposer

    Edit: If you get the airtight canister, every time you open it, the grinds are exposed to air = goes stale faster. So you'll want to put a couple days to a week's worth in a separate container. Then you're only opening the large canister once or twice a week, vs. every day.
u/dUbiLL · 2 pointsr/Coffee

Wish they could sent one bag every 2 weeks. That would make more sense.

But if the beans are roasted a few days before you receive them the beans will still be good in two weeks. Some would say roasted beans achieve peak flavor 2-3 weeks after they are roasted.

I would buy a couple of these to maximize the freshness.

u/im_the_guy_who_sucks · 2 pointsr/funny

In the future, you might not want to store your beans in the hopper. Light and oxygen cause the tasty flavor compounds in your coffee to break down. You'll be better served by keeping your beans in something airtight, like opaque tupperware or a specialized container like this.

u/cgiall420 · 2 pointsr/nutrition

yup, put the oats and boiling water (and a pinch of salt) in one of these:

Let it sit overnight, and in the morning the oats are ready to go and even still warm. The only trick is getting the amount of water right, but that's just a couple days of trial and error.

u/fisheye32 · 2 pointsr/Frugal

I'm a big hot lunch person, which makes it really hard for me to pack anything. I really want this:
For soups and pastas, and other yummy things.

u/LetsTryScience · 2 pointsr/Frugal

Does your work have no power plugs? If your boss is ok with a microwave being there you may find one at a thrift store cheap.

You can also just store food hot in a container like this. If you put in a soup that was simmering in the morning by lunch it would likely still be hot. As I said elsewhere in this post when I put coffee in my thermos in the morning it could still be hot 12 hours later.

Stainless Thermos.

u/Anotherlisbongirl · 2 pointsr/Fitness

You're welcome! I have food allergies which makes buying things when I'm out super difficult. I usually take food with me when I go somewhere. In Winter you just need something hot.

Thermos is the best brand, that's what I've always used. Here's a link to one, see what else you can come up with, but this is what I mean. They go by all sorts of names. Insulated food container, vacuum sealed food container, etc. Jump around from this example:

u/nullomore · 2 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

I have this one ( and it never leaks. It keeps thick hearty soups hot until lunch. There are bigger models too!

u/homoeroticPigeon · 2 pointsr/Bento
u/gaminedreams · 2 pointsr/keto

I don't have a microwave at home and only have access to one at school so when I want something warm I heat it at home and put it into one of these. Depending on how hot the cup was beforehand, it keeps my food hot for 4-5 hours and pretty warm to around 6.

u/bananaboat22 · 2 pointsr/Frugal

Glass and hot

u/t_ran_asuarus_rex · 2 pointsr/Frugal
u/2comment · 2 pointsr/PlantBasedDiet

A wide mouth thermos will probably be easier to clean for food products vs pure liquids.

u/mizmalice · 2 pointsr/loseit

So I make a big crockpot of something, and then I bring this with me on the road - it has kept my food quite warm and very satisfying for up to 9 hours! Soups, chili, pasta, you name it.

u/justinsayin · 2 pointsr/Justrolledintotheshop

So they built in a 1 pint Thermos bottle?

u/TheWorstMedic · 2 pointsr/Paleo

Includes a foldable spoon and everything

u/SirRolex · 2 pointsr/cigars

This and [these]( ie=UTF8&qid=1484328279&sr=8-1&keywords=boveda+65%25) and you are all set! I am not sure if a whole box will fit in that one, its the biggest tuppador offered by that brand. But seriously, an airtight tupperware container and some boveda packets will keep any and all cigars safe for a long time.

u/coldsolderjoint · 2 pointsr/cigars

This one is pretty nice and is popular. Gives you room to grow

u/DunNahNahNahPatman · 2 pointsr/cigars

Sistema 1870 Klip It Collection...

The size is perfect for my trays because it allows enough space for two trays and room on the side for my hygrometer and two bovedas

u/Ric1917 · 2 pointsr/cigars

Buy a large plastic airtight container, like this one that is highly recommended

Grab a few boveda, I use 65% personally

2-3 will be enough. That will keep them good for a long long time. I would unwrap the boxes and prop the lids open when putting them in the Tupperware, just for airflow.

Also, congrats on the wedding!

u/oldlegbone · 2 pointsr/cigars

You know what I like to do with work emails?

Ignore them.

Welcome to the sub! Get verified and start trading, man.

Also, here's some links to your new overflow tupperdor that you'll need once you get verified:



u/FUHNAHTIK · 2 pointsr/cigars

Here is a $50 guide to making a tupperdor and outfitting yourself as a new cigar smoker. Lots of people on here now like the Sistema option which is about $12.

u/jakevkline · 1 pointr/52weeksofcooking

I finally got a better container for my Anova so “Searing” week seemed like a good time to try and sous vide something again. I recently grilled some pork chops (on one of the few snow-free days we’ve had this spring) with great success, so this recipe for Reverse-Seared Sous Vide Pork Chops was a natural fit. I cooked them at 140 for 4 hours and then seared them in a mix of butter and olive oil. These were a great success: delicious, tender, and juicy.

For my MetaTheme, I wanted to make some sort of flaming cocktail. I settled on a Flaming Dragon’s Blood because it looked delicious and the deep red color kind of reminded me of meat, which fit well with the theme. This was surprisingly tasty, and the flaming presentation is always fun.

u/beardnurse · 1 pointr/sousvide

I have 2, one smaller for my daily stuff:

Camwear Polycarbonate 12 Quart

And a second for higher volume cooking:
LIPAVI Sous Vide Container

I’d say you should start with the 12 quart but neither are very expensive. Also consider some ping pong balls for longer cooks to simplify any problems with evaporative loss.

I use as my resource for everything sous vide.

Welcome to sous vide, you’re going to love it.

u/HashKing · 1 pointr/CannabisExtracts

Why not put the chamber in a water bath set up with a SouzVide? That's what we use for our CLS systems on the recovery pot.

Here's what we use combined with a 22qt poly restraurant container.

anova sous vide $200

poly container

u/dirt-diver · 1 pointr/sousvide

Much like others, I've purchased a clear plastic food storage container (12qt) with a lid that was easily modifiable to fit the circulator. The Anova fits perfectly into the corner and circulation is great.

The 12qt is almost a perfect cube, where the 18qt and 22qt are the same width & depth, only taller. Previously I had a hacked-together cooler, but these clear food containers work much better imho.

edit: words

u/ukraine_not_weak · 1 pointr/Juicing

Get one of these. I've stored kale for close to two weeks before, works really well (takes up a good deal of space in the fridge, though).

u/ehwhybother · 1 pointr/Sprouting

In case anyone was following this thread. I bought this thing
and my sprouts are looking good after 5 days in the fridge. I also started using a salad spinner after de-hulling to get them dry.

u/MeghanAM · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

An odd thing that would improve my life, lettuce keeper on my house and home list. There's a fruit and vegetable keeper on the same list. I really hate to throw away food, but I don't have great luck with lettuce keeping.

Sort my priorities! I also love when people have prioritized wishlists.

u/VodkaFairy · 1 pointr/fatlogic

I have good luck with the plastic containers but I also bought a kind of Tupperware thing that has a compartment for water and a little vent, plus which veggies/fruits should have water or the vent open.

Mines sort of like this but it collapses for storage

u/vitalyc · 1 pointr/Nootropics

I wash the kale after buying it, use a salad spinner to make sure it is fairly dry, then I put it in a plastic bag with a paper towel or two. That seems to keep it for awhile. I also sometimes use my lettuce keeper which works even better. is the one I use.

u/NWSAlpine · 1 pointr/sousvide

I like the 12 qt size. Perfect for daily use. I have the rubbermaid version

u/nikkithebee · 1 pointr/sousvide

I got a 12qt Rubbermaid and a fitted lid for just under $30! (19.99 + 9.99, free prime shipping)

Edit: I wasn't sure about 12 vs 18 and I opted for smaller and couldn't be happier. I can cook tons of stuff in it without worry.

u/FatFingerHelperBot · 1 pointr/sousvide

It seems that your comment contains 1 or more links that are hard to tap for mobile users.
I will extend those so they're easier for our sausage fingers to click!

Here is link number 1 - Previous text "$33"

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u/Infinite_Health · 1 pointr/AskCulinary

I have one and I freaking love it. The app has worked perfectly for me too. Meat comes out tender and surprisingly, the steaks are to perfect temp just as the app shows.

I purchased this and this for the lid and container. They work great. I just set it on top of a cutting board so it’s not directly on the counter top and sous vide away.

u/random-information · 1 pointr/sousvide

Two different bins in the pic. 8(back) and 12(front) quarts. You can tell the diameter of the hole is different because the Anova is further into the bin. Waterflow is not restricted. Use the clamp to score/trace the hole. It is soft enough to cut with a sharp paring knife. A file to smooth out the edges would be helpful. Depending on how exact your hole is, it can be suspended via the holes friction.

u/livingstonm · 1 pointr/sousvide

Nomiku Wifi Circulator (am I the only one?!?)

Rubbermaid 12 Q Container

Foodsaver 2000-something Vacuum Sealer

Sous Vide Water Balls


u/jacbt99 · 1 pointr/smoking

I use a large one of these, leaves a few inches uncovered but I just rotate it: Rubbermaid Commercial Carb-X Space Saving Square Food Storage Container, 12-Quart, Clear (FG631200CLR)

u/kaidomac · 1 pointr/soylent

>How strongly do you recommend needing a sous vide setup to start? Can I make it work with just the Instant Pot or do you strongly recommend the sous vide?

So keep in mind that I started using the Instant Pot about 5 years ago (I have 4 of them now...3 I use on a regular basis, plus a jumbo 14-quart model for big cooks) & started doing Sous Vide about 3 years ago, so I've had a long time to save up & learn how to use the various tools that I use today for meal-prep, so don't feel rushed into anything!!

The first thing to discuss is a Mellow vs. an Anova. The Mellow has 2 primary benefits:

  1. Has a chiller
  2. Looks like an appliance (typical SV stick setups with tubs look more like science experiments, lol)

    The Mellow has 2 primary negatives:

  3. It's fairly expensive
  4. It has a limited space in which to cook

    Unless you specifically want a model with a chiller in it to suit your lifestyle, I typically recommend going with an Anova. This is the typical Anova setup I recommend:

  • Anova Nano ($100)
  • 12-quart tub ($20)
  • Top lid ($12)
  • Magnets ($20)

    This is roughly half the price of a Mellow, but has a much larger capacity for bigger items such as pork shoulders & babyback ribs, as well as a larger capacity for more food, so if you need to cook more than two or three steaks at a time, you've got a LOT more room!

    Second, let's talk about lifestyle integration. The Mellow is convenient because it can hold food in chilled water all day & then be scheduled to cook. So I can pre-chill the water, drop in a steak before I leave for work, and have it be ready to sear when I get home. As I typically meal-prep my breakfast & lunch (either muggle food or complete foods) because I work away from home, I prefer to have family dinner at the table, so I can walk in the door, throw some veggies or rice in the Instant Pot, throw my no-knead bread or rolls in the oven, and then sear my sous-vide protein.

    However, that is not the only approach! First, if you're not in a rush to eat when you get home, then you can get away with a stick sous-vide machine. I like to have dinner at 5pm, which is pretty early, so having thing ready to go is a really big benefit for me. Second, if you're willing to plan things out a little, you can actually pre-cook your food sous-vide & then sear it later to both reheat it & to give it a crust. I've been working with this book for some ideas:

    Basically, for most proteins other than shrimp, you can cook the food sous-vide, then shock it in an ice bath (this quickly gets it out of the 40-140F "danger zone" for bacteria to grow), then stick it in the fridge. Most foods are safe for like 48 hours (time varies, I've done chicken up to 5 days in advance) in the fridge that way, so if you know you want chicken for dinner tomorrow, then you can grab some breasts from the freezer after work today, cook them for a couple hours, shock them, and stick them in the fridge for a quick meal tomorrow!

    I use both my Mellow & my Anova throughout the week. Like, if I'm having people over, I can cook up a dozen burgers in my Anova tub, shock them, and then all I have to do is throw them on the grill the next day & I have perfectly-cooked burgers in just minutes. Side note, I went to Five Guys the other day: one single-patty burger, one double-patty burger, one soda, one milkshake, and one large Cajun fry was $31. For comparison, 80/20 ground beef is $5 a pound at the grocery store...I could have bought 6 pounds of meat instead & made 12 (much more amazing) giant 8oz sous-vide burgers for the same price. SV burger reminder: I make a wide variety of stuff as part of both my meal-prep approach & for my rotating family dinners, but most often, I use a combination of the sous-vide (mainly for protein, although it's good for so many other things like egg bites, dulce de leche, yogurt, tempering chocolate, etc.) & the Instant Pot for making perfect dinners on a regular basis. So if you an swing the cost of an Anova setup, it's a really nice way to go, and for most people, the cost-savings are easily realized within the first year, if not the first few months.

    >How do you sear a steak or burger? I know this is probably really basic, but cooking really isn’t my thing. Lol

    I literally didn't know how to boil water when I first started (I kid you not), so no worries! If you're not into cooking & don't plan on making it a hobby & view it as a necessary chore, then appliance-based cooking with freezer-storage is definitely an awesome way to go!

    So there are basically 3 ways to sear:

  1. Searzall torch
  2. Cast-iron pan
  3. Gas grill

    I have a tiny, unventilated kitchen, which smokes out easily. The problem with searing is the smoke. If you have a ventilated kitchen, then great! If not, you'll have to get more creative. The Searzall torch is a decent option for searing one or two items indoors; the downside is that it's an expensive setup ($43 for the torch plus $75 for the head attachment, and then just pick up a green one-pound propane canister from Home Depot or wherever). It doesn't crust up as nicely as like a 600F cast-iron pan, but it also doesn't generate nearly as much smoke. Plus it's super fun to use (firepower!), can be used safely indoors, and is useful for a variety of other things. I use it for melting cheese all the time! (cast-iron skillet + Searzall = best, most gooiest grilled cheeses ever!)

    I have a high-wattage induction cooktop (basically a portable burner) that I use outdoors when the weather is nice. It heats up super quick (1800w Nuwave model that goes up to 575F). I use a 12" cast-iron skillet with it for searing stuff like burgers, steaks, porkchops, etc. Smokes a lot, but it's convenient that I can plug it in outside because it can smoke out like crazy. A grill can serve the same function, whether it's charcoal or gas (gas can be preheated fairly quickly, so that's a convenient "weekday" option).

    For most sous-vide'd meats, searing is an essential part of the process. I've tried just eating sous-vide burgers without searing & they're terrible, it's like eating mush. With a crust, however? Awesome! So you definitely want a good searing setup, which will depend on how many people you cook for (a Searzall may fit the bill if it's just two people & you don't mind spending 2-3 minutes per side to sear), if your kitchen has ventilation, if you have a gas grill available, if you have a plug available outside (or if you have an outside deck or patio available at all), etc.

    Side note, don't get discouraged by the wall of text above...the process is pretty simple. My setup is:

  4. All meats are vac-sealed & frozen (flash-frozen on a Silpat-lined baking sheet first, to preserve the shape)
  5. I drop the meat in the sous-vide & cook it
  6. I sear it & then eat it

    Comes out perfect every time, once you nail down the formula for what you like!
u/_sandwiches · 1 pointr/personalfinance

Shouldn't really matter since only the water will touch it, but grab one of these. They're used in commercial kitchens all the time. I have a 12qt, I think, and can comfortably fit 2-3 ziploc gallon bags, each with 2 chicken breasts or steaks.

Grab a lid if you're doing long cooks, helps with evaporation. Cling wrap or ping-pong balls also works.

u/IwishIknewmorenow · 1 pointr/sousvide

Simple Rubbermaid. Looking for ideas to not have to use chip clips.

u/arth33 · 1 pointr/sousvide

I think I have that exact same one and it's great. The best part is that it has little feet on the bottom to protect the counter from the heat (something the ever popular rubbermaid countainer is missing). If you're thinking about getting the lid too (I'd recommend it), be warned that it's not as easy to cut without tools (I have a bandsaw so I used that, but a cheap handheld coping saw would work too).

Overall, works great.

u/newhopehunter · 1 pointr/sousvide


12 quart is generally fine but they offer larger sizes if you prefer.

u/YellowSea11 · 1 pointr/Sous_Vide

I got this:
It's got a hole where I can put the sous vide and it's got measurements. And someone said they went up to 210 degrees .. for 24 hours .. so that seems good to me.

u/MasterCookSwag · 1 pointr/Cooking

C/p from another comment:

I use a joule and am quite happy. It's compact and has a bigger heating element than most of the competition. The one drawback is it's app controlled only which can be wonky but I don't mind.

I use a Rubbermaid bin I got on Amazon with a lid cut for the joule and it works perfectly. The whole setup was probably less than $250 too.

here is a chuck roast I did at 135 for 24 hours. It was positively the best chuck roast I've personally made. Simple recipe too: salt, pepper, thyme, and rosemary and that's it.

E: here is the lid and here is the container. They also have different sizes if you want larger or smaller. I'll sometimes use a pot if I'm making something quick like eggs but for longer cooks this works pretty well. Plus I can just drop it in the sink which helps my paranoia about leaving it on all day/night.

u/edstewbob · 1 pointr/sousvide

For my Anova PC I use the Rubbermaid 3 gallon space saver: and the lid which is soft enough to cut with a knife: I may eventually get a larger unit but for now this is what I have. I also ordered the Sousvide Supreme rack but have not received it yet.

u/SchlongGarage · 1 pointr/sousvide

You should worry about the plastic first and foremost, and secondly that's pretty small.

I have this. Sometimes depending what I am cooking that isn't big enough.

u/CaptainTime · 1 pointr/sousvide

My first attempt at sous vide was on the stove top with a digital thermometer but I couldn't control the temperature prercisely enough.

So I purchased an Anova Precision Cooker and that worked excellent. Started with pots but found them not large enough so I purchased this Rubbermaid 12 quart commercial container:

This combo is working excellently for me. I use it about 2-3 times a week.

u/abd1tus · 1 pointr/Coffee

I don't know about two months, but you'll need something like this. If you buy the beans green, they will definitely last longer than two months and you can roast them yourself.

u/JavaGiant865 · 1 pointr/Coffee

This is what I do. I throw them in this [thing](Airscape Coffee and Food Storage Canister, 64 oz - Patented Airtight Lid Preserves Food Freshness - Stainless Steel - Brushed Steel and make a carafe of it when I have enough.

u/HenrysHouseOfCoffee · 1 pointr/Coffee

The biggest "threat" to coffee is oxygen. The better you can prevent oxygen from getting in contact with it the longer it will last. A nice option that I use at home is the Airscape canister. Really smart design. Here's the link: Airscape Coffee and Food Storage Canister, 64 oz - Patented Airtight Lid Preserves Food Freshness - Stainless Steel - Brushed Steel

u/my45acp1911 · 1 pointr/roasting

I've used the Airscape for years. I recommend the brushed steel. Reviews state the colors wear off. Mine still looks new.

What isn't obvious from some pictures is the plunger you push down to bean level, pushing out excess air. The clear lid has a valve to allow CO2 to vent.

u/ModernCannabist · 1 pointr/trees

One of the most common questions I'm asked as how to store cannabis for both short and extended periods of time. I keep most of mine in Thermous TherMax containers. You can find these in most camping stores, or even in the camping isle of most department stores. Here's one on amazon.

These are perfect for storage of buds from 1 - 8 months; you won't notice much loss in terpenes, and they won't become much drier. The main reason behind this is the vacuum seal lid, and the insulated walls, which will keep the inside from heating. Now, of course you want to store for long term in larger containers that won't be opened other than to fill the small ones that are to be opened more often. This will really help preserve their state.

For longer storage we can look too the food industry, which has been making huge jumps forward in preservation / freshness. You can use a chamber sealer, and add a flush of nitrogen to push the oxygen out, if you have a chamber sealer with a gas injection port. Although perhaps the best option is a rigid container that can withstand the atmospheric pressure caused by connection a vacuum sealer. A great example is Gastronorm containers which can have a special lid affixed to them, that allows connection of a vacuum hose. An example can be found here.

u/ThereisnoTruth · 1 pointr/AskReddit

You might want to consider some Thermos insulated food containers. They will not keep your soup hot for a year, but they should do quite well at keeping your food at safe temperatures through even a very hot day and at night it will go back to normal temp and then be ready for the next day again. Also look into your water storage - water will be a lot more important to your survival than food.

u/zem · 1 pointr/Frugal

invest in a hot food container with multiple compartments (like this one for example). put a hot starch in one container, and a hot gravy dish in the other. combine and eat. rice and curry would work well, for instance, or pasta and tomato sauce, or bread rolls and chili. just make sure to have it really hot before filling the thermos.

u/skeever2 · 1 pointr/EatCheapAndHealthy


Seems to work the best for me. I mix and match depending on what I have to pack, and I can really make anything without too much trouble. I love that they have cutlery built in. Most of the time I use the thermos for yogurt or soup and it's still hot or cold when I need it. I also have a larger food jar from the same brand, and I use it when I'm working a longer shift or When I want to pack chilli or pasta as my main course. I really can't recommend the thermos's enough. They never leak.

u/bgdish · 1 pointr/ketorecipes

I can't believe nobody has posted this... Trust me, this is the best way for you. Buy this (I found mine at Walmart) and put one of the spiral-sphere things that you use in blender bottles. Add your ingredients, close lid, shake, boom. Nice and frothy, just as if you had blended it - way easier, though.

Couple more points, just so you know. Make sure to use unsalted grass-fed butter. Period. Also, pure MCT oil is MUCH more effective (and overall not much more expensive) than coconut oil. You can find it for a reasonable price on Amazon (slightly cheaper the the BP website). PM me if you have any questions.

u/undecesquatre · 1 pointr/france

Sinon y a ça si tu veux éviter d'utiliser un micro-ondes tout en mangeant un repas chaud.

u/WChevett · 1 pointr/EatCheapAndHealthy

I have 2 thermos brand thermos's, and 2 mini crock pots. Here are links

So I will just start up a soup or whatever at like 10pm, comes out perfect by 6 or 7. Just throw it in a thermos, grab some bread or crackers or whatever and its perfect in there until about 2pm.

u/sphingx · 1 pointr/Cooking

Does she have access to a thermos or insulated food jar? I've cooked stuff like rice, eggs and even vegetable stews with no other tools other than boiling water and one of these It's basically thermal cooking without a purpose made thermal cooker. You pour boiling into the thermos, prep your ingredients, pour out the water from the now hot thermos then add your ingredients and pour in more freshly boiled water. Leave for a couple hours and food happens.

Even without a thermos, you can make soft boiled eggs on noodles with just a covered container and boiling water. I've made this with an Oktoberfest mug before. Leave whole eggs in covered mug of freshly boiled water for about 5 mins, remove, then soak noodles or pasta in mug after replacing with fresh boiling water. Drain, then crack the soft boiled eggs over the noodles in a bowl and coat the noodles with it like a sauce. Season to taste with anything you like, salt, pepper, chilli flakes, soy sauce, cheese, bacon bits, breadcrumbs...

u/Mortifier · 1 pointr/recipes

With something like this Thermos you can make food and it should be hot still when lunch comes around. Even comes with a folding spoon.

Soup or chili with a chunk of bread. Rice and beans with tortillas. Fried rice. Mashed potatoes.

u/lilyfische · 1 pointr/diet

I love bringing soups for lunch. I have a thermos container that I love (like this one), so I just heat up the soup while I eat my breakfast and then pack it to go.

For me the soup has to be hearty in order to fill me up for the rest of the day, so potato leek, corn chowder, or lentil soup tend to be my go to recipes.

This can be a really easy thing to prepare before work if you make a big batch of soup over the weekend. Once or twice a month I will make 2 or 3 soups at a time and freeze them in small portions (the size that fits my thermos) and then I have options to choose from instead of eating the same soup every day of the week.

Pasta salad is also a filling lunch - I love pesto pasta salad, with just some spiral pasta, cherry tomatoes, and pesto.

u/torankusu · 1 pointr/BuyItForLife

I also use the Mr. Bento by Zojirushi, which has multiple containers for a variety of foods, but I also have a Thermos food jar for when I only have one thing, typically something with a lot of liquid, like stew or chili. That link is for the one I got (16oz), but it also comes in 24oz and in other colors (the red one isn't on their site for some reason, but it is in the Amazon one). I've had my Mr. Bento for 9 years and the food jar for 4. They've served me pretty well so far.

u/Dashing_Snow · 1 pointr/pics

Most fast food places have their calories online.

However if you are worried about prep time here is a trick. What you can do is get a widemouth thermos and make a bunch of chicken at once then just reheat it. It lasts a few days so if you can find 2 times a week to make chicken thighs at home you can avoid the whole going out thing. I tend to have two chicken thighs on a bed of rice. I just really don't like greens; but I'm just maintaining weight. If you are trying to lose it you could absolutely replace the rice with greens or even nothing. Supposedly warm broccoli is good according to friends who actually like greens.

Here is a decent thermos it does take some getting used to slicing inside of it but you can preslice it which is what I do so it mixes with the rice.

16 is more than big enough for just lunch if you need more than just lunch you could get a 24 just keep track of how much you are putting in. If need be you could just fill it with greens as well it will keep cold also. A good trick is to put water of the temperature you want in for 15 to 20 mins before filling it and just wipe out the excess after dumping before sticking stuff in. I mainly use mine for chicken and meat but I know quite a few who put salads in and do the same thing.

I prefer thighs because they are smaller and easier to portion control but you can do the same thing with other cuts.

u/bears2013 · 1 pointr/AmazonTopRated

I would also recommend this for soups, pasta, etc. I bought it in like 2010, and I still use it virtually every day. Don't know if production quality has gone down since, but it's amazing at keeping stuff hot hours afterwards.

I also have Zojirushi's Mr. Bento. Tbh not the best at keeping stuff hot, but that's just because there are like 4 containers. Still a great way to transport lots of different foods.

u/pixelghost_ · 1 pointr/cigars

The one I see recommended all the time in US is the sistema, like this one :

But any tupperware with a good seal will do the job.

I've got mine from Ikea (Switzerland).

Someone here is selling the pupperdor, it's a sistema (I think) with boveda, hygrometer and spanish cedar trays, but you can as well source all items by yourself.

u/Heisenberg_r6 · 1 pointr/cigars

I have the same one and used aquarium sealer on all the joints and glass seams seems to help

Seriously though the best thing I did was buy this with the recommended cedar tray, wooden humidors look great but not always viable especially in dry climates or in winter

Sistema 1870 Klip It Collection Rectangle Food Storage Container, 236 Ounce

u/barbellsandbooks · 1 pointr/cigars

I was concerned that I had to keep things really, really stable temp wise. I can definitely find a dark spot in the house that will hold mid 60s within a few degrees year round, I was just worried because nowhere in my house holds an even temperature. If the temperature isn't staying where I want it to, that can definitely be the next step.

That's my next question. This is bigger and cheaper than the largest Brilliance that I can find on Amazon:

Any thoughts on that vs. the Brilliance?

As for that last bit, I figured, but I need to be careful with that. Thank you for the help!

u/TNT_Guerilla · 1 pointr/cigars

Might I also suggest this. It will help age them and repel tobacco beetles. I have this exact setup and you can stack 2 inserts on top of one another for organization.

Mantello Solid Spanish Cedar Cigar Tray, Adjustable Divider, Fits Large Humidors, 12.5"x7.5"x2.25"

2 of these can fit stacked in this container:

Sistema KLIP IT Rectangular Collection Food Storage Container,236 Oz

u/miketaff · 1 pointr/cigars

If you like that one you will love this one. Go down to what people also bought and get 2 of the spanish cedar shelves. They fit perfectly Nd have enough room for that hygrometer in the front and 2 bovedas in the back. I have 8 of them. They keep my sticks dead nuts at 63 which is perfect for Cubans.

u/314cigars · 1 pointr/cigars

You may need to go non traditional and get a ziplock box or something with a rubber gasket seal. These keep good humidity especially in such a dry climate.

u/firedogee · 1 pointr/cigars

This is the de facto standard for large tupperdors:

Just add a couple Boveda packs for humidification and some cedar strips or trays (optional)

u/Its_Sunny_Always · 1 pointr/cubancigars

I think this is the one you’re talking about:
Sistema 1870 Klip It Collection Rectangle Food Storage Container, 232 Ounce

It’s highly regarded on reddit haha. It’s definitely a great choice. I actually bought it and cedar trays (linked below) to be my set up. These cedar shelves are a perfect fit inside too! 2 can stack and fit like a glove. Unfortunately my apt is always outrageously warm so I had to get a wineador.

Shelves on amazon:
Spanish Cedar Cigar Tray, Adjustable Divider, Fits Large Humidors, Made with Solid Spanish Cedar, by Quality Importers

u/didymus_fng · 1 pointr/cigars

Ordered my standard Tupperdor set-up last week off of Amazon; Sistema 236 oz Klipit and two Spanish cedar trays. I have four identical set-ups already. It shows up, and the trays don’t fit. I chalk it up to manufacturing tolerances and order another set-up, but from different vendors. Same thing! I know lots of other people have used this, so I want to give everyone a heads up and see what other Tupperdor containers y’all are using. These are NOT the FESS trays, but again, ones I've used successfully for four other set-ups.

This is the tray I purchased:

And this is the Sistema:

u/realisingself · 1 pointr/cubancigars

Any idea on best size please? I’ve been looking at a 7ltr one like this.

Current one I’m using is smaller atm

u/LongTaco15 · 1 pointr/cigars
u/Major-Doink · 1 pointr/StonerProTips

Haha my bad man, [here ya go!](Tightvac - 1 oz to 6 ounce Airtight Multi-Use Vacuum Seal Portable Storage Container for Dry Goods, Food, and Herbs - Black Cap & Body

There's some different designs too depending on whatcha lookin for!

u/0numberz · 1 pointr/trees

There are some air-tight canisters on Amazon. I have used one for almost 2 years now and can confirm no smell. here

u/chronicfireworks · 1 pointr/StonerProTips

> 6oz vacuum seal container


u/diddy41 · 1 pointr/Marijuana

Yea, so at your and Doctor_Botany suggestion I found this

So might see if this will work

u/JonathanBlazewell23 · 1 pointr/trees
u/camsny · 1 pointr/trees
u/railedit · 1 pointr/trees
u/bortybear · 1 pointr/trees

These are what you need. Little plastic vacuum sealing jars.

u/DocJ2786 · 1 pointr/StonerProTips

Tightvac. You can find them on Amazon ranging from 1oz to 6 oz

u/jimmy_talent · 1 pointr/trees

I always bring this just in case I my dealer is using the shitty bags and/or in case I get pulled over on my way home.

u/Aop_or3o · 1 pointr/saplings

I got this for when I make or save up herb for my edibles, It is air tight and seals all the smell in as well, You can look at local smoke shops because all Ive been to have these : ( )

u/sjarosz5 · 1 pointr/eldertrees

here's what i use for smaller amounts, should be able to hold a month's worth-

u/the_sun_god · 1 pointr/trees

A vacuum-sealed container, e.g.

u/Depressed01 · 1 pointr/trees

As for gear how about these? Also what do you recommend



Smoke Buddy



u/Kcry · 1 pointr/trees this case and maybe a genaric metal grinder and possibly a small glass pipe from smokeday if you want to spend another 15. Hope this helped, that's what is personally buy.

u/RainbowCooleos · 1 pointr/saplings

Mason jars are great but as you said for an illegal state I would use this because it can hold a lot, it's actually airtight, and it's not stupid obvious.

u/fearachieved · 1 pointr/casualiama

Hey brother. I've been in similar situations.

Just try to buy a pipe in cash, then try to find a way (a friend's credit card, maybe?) to buy something like this:

To make sure you can store the pipe/herb/accessories in your room without the odor alerting anyone who doesn't need to know.

Good luck frient, and blaze on!

u/Gunga____Galunga · 1 pointr/barstoolsports

I've used this Tightvac I got off Amazon for a while, has worked very well.

u/dimildarko · 1 pointr/vaporents
u/weavesunlight · 1 pointr/keto

I mix up half salt half lite salt in one of these, add to water/mio as needed. Should last a couple days. the containers are great—screw tops so they don’t spill & a super small size.

You do not need a ton w/ a small water bottle.

u/FairyGainsMother · 1 pointr/onebag

I’ve repurposed a small condiment container, and put my hair cream in that. Saves a ton of space and they’re incredibly cheap.

u/alanmagid · 1 pointr/Cooking

Costco sells a great Rubbermaid collection. Look at Amazon. This looks like what you are seeking. $20 US.

u/belowbeloved · 1 pointr/keto

I have the Rubbermaid Easy Find Lids set and I LOVE them. I bought some extras of the sizes I use most. The tiniest ones are the perfect size for 2oz of mixed nuts.

u/puffinrun · 1 pointr/fitmeals

I really like these:

Rubbermaid 42-Piece Easy Find Lid Food Storage Set

I'm on my phone so I apologize if there a linkage issues.

They don't leak and they all click together for easy storage.

u/conception · 1 pointr/Parenting

Probably too expensive, but might be a good investment for when your kids get phones and what not too.

Better choice -

u/4895203894572349085 · 1 pointr/Drugs

I was a daily smoker for around a year; currently down to about once every 2 weeks.

The thing that worked for me was a time-lockable safe (This is the one I got). I'd get high and then lock all of my weed in there for some amount of time. I started out setting it to 2 days, then 3, then a week, etc. Doing that, I was able to build up discipline for keeping sober. Eventually I didn't need to lock it at all during the week; just over weekends I've decided to remain sober. I'm hoping to soon get to a point where I don't need the safe at all to make good choices about when to smoke.

Good luck!

u/MoosesOnTheLoose · 1 pointr/Drugs
u/satsumapuma · 1 pointr/Marijuana

I found that cbd made me want the real thing. Perhaps, the .03% of thc in the cbd was enough to spur my desire for more? I use this for cutting back and I use it for extended breaks.

u/lockedinside98 · 1 pointr/chastity

You could get one of these. It’s what I use to self regulate. You could always break it of course. However I find it hard to justify doing that because then it’ll hit me in the wallet. There are more expensive timed locks but I find that this one is enough of a deterrent for me.

u/DarciDrake · 1 pointr/fatlogic

I haven't seen this suggested yet, buy a Kitchen Safe! Seriously everyone I've recommended this to LOVES it. I can have Oreos and chocolate chips and almond butter in the house without any worries of overeating because as soon as I take my planned portion out, I close the safe for 5 or 10 or whatever # of hours and bam! It's locked and there's nothing I can do about it.

u/Hans_Brickface · 1 pointr/self

The most obvious thing would be to get rid of your game consoles. But if you don't want to quit altogether, just get one of these and put your game controllers in there for a period of time:

(Of course, if you're a PC gamer, this advice doesn't really apply, esp. if you play with a keyboard and mouse.)

u/jamesbrownscrackpipe · 1 pointr/kratom

I use this. Keeps me honest during my breaks. I actually don't keep my whole stash in there, that is in a closet in the house with it's own key/ deadbolt. I lock the closet, then put the key in the kitchensafe container.

u/onlyshecums · 1 pointr/chastity

If I was self-locking, I would buy a Kitchen Safe. I would set it for 24 hours or so, which would allow me to unlock my cage, shower, re-lock, and re-set the safe for the next day. If you feel like you might not be able to behave yourself, you can always take a very cold shower. :)

u/g8rman05 · 1 pointr/DarkNetMarkets

Use a Kitchen Safe ( It's a time lock with no way to open it until that time you set it for is up. I'll take a low dose orally in the morning and lock the rest away for the rest of the day. No redosing =)

u/greyrocks1 · 1 pointr/nosurf

Buy a ksafe and lock your phone in it. Probably the easiest way to go about it for you.

u/khal_Jayams · 1 pointr/Petioles

Kitchen Safe: Time Locking Container (White Lid + Clear Base) - 5.5" Height

There's the link. Not a bad price considering you don't want it to be TOO cheap. Cause you'll think twice about breaking it.

u/occasionalcuckold · 1 pointr/chastity

I love this. Can set up to a week. Costs just enough that breaking it unless absolute emergency is deterrence :).

u/throwaway98765ab · 1 pointr/starterpacks

This changed my life when it came to vices

Anyone struggling who doesn't want to outright quit, use this to take away from having to use your willpower. One of the things on all of those "10 things successful people do" type lists is to eliminate having to use your willpower.

I'm fixing to start putting my controller/mouse in there until well after work so I don't just immediately come home and veg.

u/kaschilexif · 1 pointr/chastity

Kitchen Safe: Verschließbarer Behälter mit Zeitschaltuhr (Blue Lid + Clear Base) - 5.5" Height

I use this one. It's really great, buuut the longest time you can choose is 10 days and it's not really cheap.

I hope I was able to help. Anyway, you're doin really good. Keep going and keep us updated, you got this ;)

u/4-FO-ShO · 1 pointr/researchchemicals

They make a $200 hefty steel safe version of this concept -- with straight dead bolts -- but I've considered this cheap child's kitchen-esque version for moorish things like a-PVP and U47700 -- but I know for a fact i'd find myself breaking the plastic over the floor

Plastic Kitchen Version:
Steel Addict Edition feat. Dead Bolts:

u/pumpkinwalnut · 1 pointr/dating_advice

If you're only 22, you should eventually just lose the weight. I know easier said than done. I myself lost 8 lbs from Jan 4th to now using an app (called noom, but I'd not advocating them, it's just what I used). What helped me was finding 'healthier' replacements for things I couldn't resist.

Like, over the span of 4 month I went from having Chipotle burritos, to the burrito bowls, to bowls with brown rice, bowls with half portion of rice, bowls with no rice, and now I get the salad bowls. I used to Always crave pizza, now when I crave pizza I put mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, garlic powder, and Italian seasoning on a whole wheat double fiber English muffin, microwave it for 10 seconds and it tastes Exactly like pizza!!! On days where I'm really craving it, I'll have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I also always used to get Cinnabon cravings (880cals per roll), so I started having Cinnabon's cinnamon swirl bread with cream cheese frosting instead (150 cals for 1 slice and 1.5 tbsp of frosting).

I went from drinking soda to drinking diet soda and now I don't drink soda at all. I also highly recommend getting this box from Amazon (snack box with a timer lid so you can control portion control). It's expensive but has helped me SO much!! If you start now you'll probably lose the weight within 2 years. You'll be 24, still young with plenty of time to date and play! Two years will pass anyway so you might as well start... also, walking is underrated exercise. I lost those 8 lbs walking 3-4 miles 2-3 times a week.

Good luck with your date and whatever you decide. At least you're still young :)

u/Dave_here · 1 pointr/leaves
u/Its_Kim_Love · 1 pointr/chastity

If you don't think you can trust yourself, maybe consider a Kitchen safe?

u/ImHerefortheArticles · 1 pointr/QuittingTianeptine

Went right back on it with work and class lol. Fortunately (kinda) I was forced to rapid taper after less than a week by running out. I have some f-phenibut coming in but that should hopefully be easier to manage. Getting low on tia as well. Wait, I can save money AND my brain by letting it run out! 🤔

I know this looks like stupid sharper image shit but it's reeeally helpful for forcing a taper or just using responsibly. Just lay out some mon-fri doses and toss the rest in there.

u/WarDuck- · 1 pointr/fasting

Kitchen Safe: Time Locking Container (Blue Lid + Clear Base) - 5.5" Height

This thing works

u/mdyguy · 1 pointr/opiates

How about a timed locked container? I think these are called Kitchen Safe

u/doobiesnackz · 1 pointr/researchchemicals

Mine is white lid/white base so you can't see what's in it. Don't need my friends seeing my stash in plain sight. Got it on craigslist used for $20.

u/aManPerson · 1 pointr/MealPrepSunday

glass lock is a great brand

you can take the rubber liner/seal out and clean it pretty easy. just not very cheap. otherwise i like mason jars for taller sealing things.

u/deceasedhusband · 1 pointr/femalefashionadvice

I just stick my Glasslock containers in my regular work bag. I don't see the point in having my food in a separate smaller bag inside my regular bag.

u/trust_me_im_a_turtle · 1 pointr/MealPrepSunday

I got some Glasslock containers similar to these and I really like them because they make it really easy to take out the sealing tube... gasket? That way they're easy to wash and I don't have to worry about getting remnants stuck under it. Plus the lids never come off unless I want them to.

u/gloverkcn · 1 pointr/recipes

I'm not sure. I picked them up from costco.

Something like this

u/SpikeyLemon · 1 pointr/MealPrepSunday

I got them from my local Korean grocery stores. These are not exactly the same but very close.

u/Breadlifts · 1 pointr/Fitness
u/CarADD · 1 pointr/Goruck

Sorry for the delay... LOKSAK info here -

Basically they're better than ziplock bags (more durable with thicker plastic and better/waterproof seals) and you can re-use them forever

Bento lunch box -

has a clip/clasp you can attach to MOLLE or a carabiner
Will fit exactly one of these (which I use for my meal prepped lunches) - (or these )

u/ChubbsMcLubbs · 1 pointr/MealPrepSunday

These have been my go to for the past year and I cant go to anything else. Perfect size, freezeable, the lid is super secure, and they stack perfectly. Highly recommended. (Note: for all the packs they include an extra container for free so its actually a 17 pack)

u/blackkittenpresident · 1 pointr/MealPrepSunday

As someone who does prep for a family of 4 every week I have been using containers like these for years. They're great in the dishwasher and far less expensive then glass. I feel safe with them, and I always have enough.

u/pistachioskiwi · 1 pointr/MealPrepSunday
u/aj0220 · 1 pointr/bodybuilding

I bought 48 of these bad boys...

Cost me $55 total but man am I excited to prep my meals for the whole week!

u/WeightLossHobo · 1 pointr/MealPrepSunday

I have 28 oz containers.

These are the perfect size for me. My normal prep is a protein (chicken breast, sirloin, salmon), rice, beans, and a vegetable. I can fit a 700-800 calorie meal easily into my containers. I only prep 10 a week but I have 16 for times if I forget a container somewhere, lose one, break one, or just don't feel like doing the dishes right away. It's nice to have extras and if I want to prep more I can.

u/nodig · 1 pointr/MealPrepSunday

So I can't speak for everyone but the ones I use are these and these from Amazon. They are microwavable, freezable and dishwasher top rack safe. The only issues I've had with these particular ones is the lids are so hard to get off that I've had a couple where the corners cracked but that's after 6 or so months of use. But look around on amazon, there are ton of different brands and sizes and shapes.

u/wickedr · 1 pointr/MealPrepSunday

I've been using these by Fitpacker and the version with a divider for about 1/2 a year and they've worked well so far. The only issue I've had is sometimes the lid snaps on too tight and it's tough to open back up - one of the lid's lip has cracked this way.

u/noneotherthanozzy · 1 pointr/MealPrepSunday

Got them on Amazon.

u/DearThief · 1 pointr/TeamFawn
  1. I have a crappy mechanical food scale and it's a nightmare. Would 100% recommend getting an electronic one. Salter are good.

  2. I'd never heard of a bullet journal. It doesn't look like it would be great for tracking food - myfitnesspal is your friend - but I'm seriously considering starting one for day-to-day stuff! Might help knock my procrastination on the head...

  3. My SO is bulking and eating 3000 cals a day, I'm eating 1500. He just eats twice as many meals as I do. So I'll go round on an evening, we'll eat dinner together, and then an hour later he'll have something else and I won't. Then the next morning he has an early breakfast, then a second breakfast when I have mine. So perhaps your SO could just eat an extra 300cal meal/a couple of 150cal snacks to make up the difference?

  4. My SO uses these and gets on really well. I just have a few cheap lunch boxes! Stuff like this and this only mostly bought from pound shops. Does the job.
u/RippingAallDay · 1 pointr/MealPrepSunday

How about these or these?
I've seen them floating around on amazon. I thought the price is fair, but they're more expensive than the MMG containers...and don't come with any food inside.

u/kriegshund · 1 pointr/BuyItForLife

I'm looking for some meal prep BIFL tupperware. I have these snapware containers (really like them)... but I'd like something like this....

Anyone have a recommendation?

u/xmonster · 1 pointr/MealPrepSunday

They look like these

u/overthedwaynebowe · 1 pointr/MealPrepSunday

In the black containers is a Hodge-Podge of vegetables I made in my slow cooker (sweet potato, brussels sprouts, onion, carrots, garlic, and zucchini), black beans/pinto beans with hot sauce, and edamame fettuccine with homemade Chimichurri. I'm not too sure on nutrition facts but it's fairly high in protein as this was my goal.

In the larger red containers is oatmeal I made in my other slow cooker (I substituted the milk for almond milk).

In the smaller red containers is hard boiled eggs.

In the mason jars is "Green Machine" I juiced myself.

I recently switched from an intermittent fasting type diet to 5 small meals type diet so I am still getting adjusted. I am also a vegerarian so that is why you see no meat in the pictures. My plan for daily meals is as follows (I work Monday-Thursday so that's why there is 4 of everything):

  • Breakfast: Oatmeal
  • Snack #1: Juice
  • Lunch: Veggie/Bean/Pasta Meal
  • Snack #2: Hard Boiled Egg
  • Dinner: Salad (not pictured)

    Any recommendations for this first-time meal prepper would be welcomed.
u/Dkelle4 · 1 pointr/MealPrepSunday

I personally use these Three Compartment Meal Prep Haven Containers

They also have them in Two Compartment and Single Compartment

u/lostinthesauuce · 1 pointr/MealPrepSunday
u/reclaimingmytime · 1 pointr/xxfitness

Full disclosure, I work from home now, so I'm in the enviable position of having a full-size fridge at my disposal all the time.

Depending on what you do during the day, you could keep food in a work fridge or in a cooler with a cold pack in it. Like the second photo at this link:

Although it sounds like you might be UK based?

Anyway, I would do:

  1. Add in protein powder (peanut butter flavor?) to oatmeal

  2. Depending on how much protein you need, keep the greek yogurt or greek yogurt + 1/2 scoop of protein powder or whatever + some fruit or granola for carbs

  3. Add chicken or cooked egg whites to carrots; add in some fruit for carbs, or a piece of bread/toast

  4. Lunch sounds good

  5. Apple, protein shake, peanut butter (to fit fat macros)

  6. Meat and veggies, add rice/grains/fruit as needed

    For shelf stable protein, you can either lean into protein powders, add in tuna like you said, or maybe do beef jerky or hardboiled egg whites. (Still, could be a lot of eggs depending on how much protein you get.)

    Today's a training day for me, but here's what I'm eating:

    (1) Waking: 1 1/2 scoops egg white protein mixed with iced coffee, 4 rice cakes

    (2) 9:30 Training: 1 1/2 scoops whey protein with 16 oz. Gatorade

    (3) ~1hr post workout: 4 oz. cooked chicken with salsa, 2-3 cups broccoli with lemon and salt (all my fats are at the end of the day right now), 60g jellybeans (because it's best to eat sugar during the post-workout period and also PMS)

    (4) Mid-afternoon: Something like (4 oz. chicken plus an apple plus cut red pepper), (more protein powder mixed into oatmeal plus cut red pepper), (more protein powder mixed with water plus apple plus red pepper)

    (5) Dinner: Probably ground turkey meat in taco seasoning, with a little cheese and 2 small corn tortillas, or over rice, plus peppers on the side--or skip the cheese and do cut veggies plus some veggie dip for fats if I'm sick of peppers (this is just what we have in the house today)

    (6) Bedtime: 1 1/2 scoops casein mixed with water to make a pudding, plus 40g peanut butter and some blueberries (in the pudding) or plums for carbs

    I realize it's a lot of protein powder, between whey, casein, egg white...but also, if it makes your life easier and you can afford it? Just try it out and see how you feel. It's shelf stable, you can down it with water, so it's great for traveling or if your job has you in the car a lot.

    Egg whites cook into oatmeal really nicely. They don't really have a taste, and you can get those refrigerated cartons of just egg whites (at least where I live) which makes it really easy to measure out. Then just mix in whatever else flavors fit your macros--peanut butter, cinnamon, vanilla, berries/fruit, whatever. You can just add the egg whites to the oatmeal before you microwave it. I like to stop it every so often and stir it together for texture uniformity.

    Oh, also, you could get protein bars to help supplement some of the mid-day meals. Like a Clif protein bar plus carrots--shelf stable and probably fits your macros. I think it's like 20g protein per bar...

    Does any of that help?

u/brontosaurus_vex · 1 pointr/slowcooking

I use the black-bottomed take-out containers from Amazon (link).
I like them over regular tupperware containers because you get so many of the same size (I'm often prepping 8-10 meals at once), so they stack well in the freezer. I could buy more durable ones, but that would cost more money. A lot of the time I feel like I use something like this for a while, then decide that I'd like a different size. Or I stop freezing meals for a while.

This way I can use these for a few months, stack them neatly in the freezer and then recycle them when my needs change, and I'm only out $10.

u/exercise4xtrafries · 1 pointr/1200isplenty

I bought a pack of seven on amazon for $10. Here’s the link!

u/MengKongRui · 1 pointr/vegan

True... Maybe you can just use this

u/Chef0053 · 1 pointr/recipes

I have a few for you that I think you could handle. First a couple of tips. if you are only feeding yourself. then recipes for 4 should be cut in half. only the ingredients not the cooking times. If you like them make sure you can freeze them and make a full batch. buy yourself some freezer containers you can freeze your own homemade dinners in. Such as these:

for things like spaghetti casserole etc...
[Single Compartment meal prep containers large]

I have these ones.. They can go straight from the freezer to the micro, and right into the dishwasher. (top rack) they are GREAT!
[1 and 2 compartment meal prep containers]

now for soups and stews etc.. these are great but will melt in the micro if you nuke them more than 55 seconds at a time. They Will NOT leak!
[soup stew and broth containers]

I have not tried these but I will probably get some
[Round Meal Prep]

a couple more tips. buy garlic already minced in the jar, also you can buy chopped onion at the grocery store but it will cost a bit more. will work though until you get the hang of chopping your own.

First lets start with Rotisserie chicken. they are cheap and will make at least 2 to 4 meals. depending on how many you want to feed. you can pick up some boxed mac and cheese, maybe some betty Crocker au gratin or scalloped potatoes to have with the chicken. then the remainder of the chicken can be pulled from the carcass. any full pieces you can put into the meal prep containers with leftover side dishes for lunch etc.. for the remainder of the meat. pick it as clean as you can. toss the carcass. Later you can learn how to make your own broth with it. but that is for another time. (or you can give it to your mom to make broth...)

the rest of the meat, put into a zip lock bag and freeze it for later. this meat can be used in soups, casseroles, tacos burritos etc..

I will post some recipes below for your chicken leftovers.

these could be nice for appy's, served to your friends? or for a dinner or just snacks. and you don't have to use the whole wheat tortilla either.
[Baked Pizza Taquitos]

Leftover Chicken recipes
These Freeze well
[Black Bean Garnachas]

this is made in the crock pot. and it doesn't make a whole bunch. you could probably eat it all in 2 settings if you are a big eater.

If you don't have one, get one they are not expensive. Walmart has them for 18 dollars most of the time. but you do want to get a 6 quart, as most recipes are geared towards that size and you won't have to scale a recipe down to fit in your crock pot.

[Creamy Beef Potato Stew]

you don't have to get the mini meatballs for this. you can cut the full size ones in half, they would work just fine.
[Dump and Bake Meatball and Casserole]

side dish, these can be done in the oven at 350 for about 20 minutes
[Parmesan Potatoes and carrots]

[Hamburger Cabbage Casserole]

[Overnight Meatball and Pasta Casserole]

These Freeze well
[Porcupine meatballs]

this is a soup that is easy to put to gather and you can use either ground beef, or leftover cooked beef such as pot roast or even steak if you want.
It makes a HUGE amount it is also freezable.

[Qiuck and easy Vegetable Beef Soup]

another very simple soup (this doesn't make so much, and is also freezable)
If you don't like kale use spinach or any other green you do like.

[Susage, Kale and Bean soup]

this is simple you make a couple of sides, mix this sauce and cook the thighs wow! and freezes fine too.
[Honey Mustard chicken]

Leftover spaghetti with meat sauce can be made into a very filling Spaghetti pie, by adding just a few things. the tricky part is placing the plate face down over the small skillet and turning the spaghetti out onto it then back into the pan uncooked side down to finish. it is so worth it though.

[Spaghetti Pie]

[Pizza Casserole]

for some of that leftover chicken,
[Caesar Chicken pasta Casserole]

[Chicken Alfredo Casserole]

[Adobe Chicken Wraps]

[Chicken Enchilada Foil packs]

Not sure why they call this Turkey Chili since it's made with chicken? but looks good and its fast. would also be freezable.

you could use some of your cooked chicken for this recipe, about 2 cups cut up.
[Fast Turkey Chili]

another use for those meatballs. it's good easy and mostly opening cans and measuring seasonings. and is freezable too.

[meatball Stone Soup]

Don't be afraid of this one. it's easier than it looks and comes to gather pretty quick. it will not freeze well though because of the half & Half. but it is soo good and doesn't make a ton.

[Zuppa Toscana]

I better quit or they will delete this post and you won't get any of these recipes. Good Luck! I hope some of these will work for you!

u/Syuk_Dat_Deke · 1 pointr/MealPrepSunday

I don't take my meals outside of the house either, but I think it's worth it for a few reasons.

You cook once instead of multiple times a day, and you know the calories for that meal.

I have my whole meal in one container. Next week I think I'm going to make burrito bowls so I'll put lettuce and tomatoes in a baggie to mix in after it's heated.

I'd say either a combo of both or go with the non compartment ones. I bought these and they're pretty good.

u/meandrunkR2D2 · 1 pointr/MealPrepSunday

Yes they are and the link is below.
I do believe that a person could find similar or better ones for much less through a restaurant supply store as they seem to be fairly similar to the take home boxes. But these are a good quality and clean very well and have held up to my meals and reheating the past month.

Healthy Meal Prep Containers - Certified BPA-free - Reusable, Washable, Microwavable Food Containers with Lids (7 Pack, 28 Ounce) with Meal Prepping Ebook

u/catsforchrist · 1 pointr/vegan
u/sfak · 1 pointr/xxfitness

Have you checked Amazon?

u/reestronaut · 1 pointr/bifl

I meal prep and store my food in these containers and only these containers. I've been using them since January and have only had one break. They freeze and microwave well, so I just eat straight out of the packaging. Maybe get a couple packs so you can use them as plates or bowls if you decide to make something else, and you can still use them for tupperware as needed.

They also store well because they fit together very snugly, unlike other bulky tupperwares.

*edit: how much room do you have for storage in your van? I want to renovate a van like this as I travel often and sleep in my car to save money, and I was hoping to take out all of the backseats and mounting my futon to the back, perhaps lofting it for storage and a fridge(?) underneath.

Also, perhaps get a yeti cooler to keep things hot if you make hot food and plan on eating it later?

u/bluecirc · 1 pointr/loseit

I have this one. Bought it in April and use it everyday Mon-Fri. I use these containers and these ice packs.

u/kcunning · 1 pointr/declutter

I use these:

We've been using them for years, and they're pretty much the only tupperware I'll buy now. If something is too big to fit in one container, I break it up, which ends up making us more likely to eat it.

u/Mtn_Goat · 1 pointr/MealPrepSunday

I got them from here on Amazon- I love them!

u/thisismyhawaiiacct · 1 pointr/MealPrepSunday

In most similar threads that I've seen, Amazon is the top recommendation.

Just doing a quick search, I found this 20-pack of two-compartment containers for under $1 each (NOT bad, considering the cost of normal tupperware, at least in my area): And a 10-pack for a little bit more per piece:

u/robo-tronic · 1 pointr/mealprep

Good suggestions here, but I might add to try and not overthink it when starting out. The first thing is getting into the practice of meal prepping. Get into the routine of batching your meals for the week first, then start fine tuning it. You'll find what works for you. I've found portion control works best for me more than anything. I use something like this.

u/thinkblue88 · 1 pointr/MealPrepSunday

Hello. Thank you :)

The containers are from Amazon and are one piece.

u/rlef · 1 pointr/mealprep

What's your budget? I bought this for 26$ for 5 containers and it works out pretty well. A bit on the smaller size but that's just portion control for me.

edit: forgot to add the link

u/shitshiner69 · 1 pointr/StudentNurse

Maybe some of those tiny little notebooks that fit in your pocket? I use those to write down vitals and such without lugging a clipboard around.

Hair ties since she’ll have to have her hair up, or if she would like them, I really love spin pins because I can have my hair up all day and never get a headache like I do from a pony tail.

Also don’t forget lunchbox stuff could be useful too because hospital cafeteria food is disgusting and generally not very healthy. Like maybe some glass Tupperware , a lunchbox, or a water bottle/cup.

Also if your friend is like me and likes to wear makeup, she will want a lipstick that won’t quit! This stuff stays on through my 12 hour shifts and I just love it!

Really depends on how much you want to spend, but I find that that these are the things that really got me through clinicals.

u/git_PushPull · 1 pointr/steroids
u/SlinkyDemille · 1 pointr/australia

Anybody do meal prep? I'm looking to get started with some containers.

Amazon has these ones for cheap, but they don't ship to Australia.

I'm struggling to find something of similar value that I can get in Melbourne or shipped here. It's so pricey. Any ideas?

Main reason for wanting to do meal prep is to save money, so I don't want to have to invest a shittonne of money and then realise I suck at this.

u/parttimependa · 1 pointr/MealPrepSunday

These are the containers I just got them last week so I'm not sure how well they will work though. They were an inexpensive way to try meal prepping in case I didn't stick with it.

u/AgonyWilford · 1 pointr/MealPrepSunday

I recommend glass ones like this.

They can be used in the oven as well as microwave, dishwasherz freezer etc. Plus you can see what's in them. (And less plastic, even though the lid is plastic.)

You can also get ones with dividers, but I've never felt the need.

u/sashamcladyfingers · 1 pointr/MealPrepSunday

I got these off of Amazon a few weeks ago. No complaints so far.

u/Ardhel17 · 1 pointr/4hourbodyslowcarb

I use these ones. They have little vents in the top for microwaving. I've had them for about 3 years and they're still in pretty good shape. Clean in the dishwasher.

[5-Pack,30oz] Glass Meal Prep Containers

u/ilovecarrotcakes · 1 pointr/ketorecipes

i'm sure they work fine, i'm just wary of heating/dishwashing plastic regardless of the "bpa free" label. think of how many times these puppies get reheated in the microwave and dishwasher.


invest in something along the lines of these and you wont go back. they're more expensive but damn, they are great and they'll live forever.

u/WorseBlitzNA · 1 pointr/MealPrepSunday

Thanks! I got my containers off Amazon, i prefer glass over plastic because i rather not heat plastic in the microwave.

I ordered ten 29oz containers, after tax, it averages to $6 per container, which i think is reasonable priced for glass.

u/WeAreTheMassacre · 1 pointr/MealPrepSunday

Pretty sure its Prep Naturals.

They dont stack with the lids off really, and if they do it's so minimal that I wouldnt feel secure with them since its heavy glass. With the lids on they stack okay, but definitely not "nesting" like you see from nearly every big brand of Tupperware. I have the one compartment and two compartment versions, and they're great if you have the space. I've never really seen nesting versions.

u/chaboimike · 1 pointr/MealPrepSunday

So I looked around town a bit, but couldn't find any sets of the same size containers, everything was a variety pack. I ended up going with this set on Amazon!

u/MatthewDM111 · 1 pointr/MealPrepSunday

Prep naturals. I have never put them in the freezer, but the covers are amazing. Lock securely in place.

u/kjb0419 · 1 pointr/MealPrepSunday

No, Amazon! We’ve had them for a couple months and really like them!

[5 Pcs] Glass Meal Prep Containers Glass 2 Compartment - Glass Food Storage Containers - Glass Storage Containers with Lids - Divided Glass Lunch Containers Food Container - Glass Food Containers 30oz

u/RoseartSpoonbill · 1 pointr/MealPrepSunday

These are 2 compartment, but they work well for me. Divided Glass Lunch Containers Food Container - Glass Food Containers 30oz

u/dinorawrsuarus · 1 pointr/mealprepsundays

Prep Naturals Glass Meal Prep Containers Glass 2 Compartment 5 Pack - Glass Food Storage Containers - Glass Storage Containers with Lids - Divided Glass Lunch Containers Glass Food Containers 29 Ounce

u/Mamachaos46 · 0 pointsr/AmItheAsshole

NTA. You are stressed, you were looking forward to something that you told him you were saving. But, people forget, or plan to replace something, or...whatever. It is still just a bag of chips. This may help you going forward.

u/KorayA · 0 pointsr/Cooking

I'm not sure but it kind of mimics this lettuce keeper which worked wonders for me.

u/SpaceManSpifff · -1 pointsr/sousvide

This is what I use at home. This brand is used in professional kitchens.

Camwear Polycarbonate Square Food Storage container, 12 Quart

Source: am cook

u/beeswax-not-urs-inc · -1 pointsr/Coffee

I keep roasted coffee in an AirScape like this:

I dont really vacuum seal per se like I would for freezing items but this works pretty well. This was before Fellow came out with their vacuum storage system which looks awesome. Id be interested to know from people on here that have them how well they work. Link to product here:

Air scape is cheap and has a very solid construction and one way valve system has help up for around 3 years no problem. It's not as effective as the Atmos would be in theory but it's more effective than re-sealing the bag.

u/globex_co · -3 pointsr/Coffee

this airscape is the best product I've seen for keeping beans fresh. I think after two weeks, it's practically impossible to keep your beans as fresh as you' d like, but I've had good luck with these things. It has a vacuum/ pressure seal.