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u/jeremywenrich · 55 pointsr/Ultralight

I've been doing A LOT of research over the past few months. I apply ultralight principles to my decision making, but also factor in quality of life and durability. I'm testing out different items (mostly clothing) on long day hikes in preparation for backpacking. Still collecting my gear. A lot of people will cringe at the below, but here are some things on sale that I picked up recently.

Altra Lone Peak 4 Trail-Running Shoes $89.99 (25% off) I hiked 10 miles yesterday never having worn zero-drop shoes before, these felt great despite that! Zero problems. I do hear a lot of durability issues...

Columbia Silver Ridge Lite Long-Sleeve Shirt $40.99 (25% off)

Columbia Silver Ridge Lite Plaid Long-Sleeve Shirt $44.99 (25% off)

Sawyer Squeeze Water Filter System for $29.89 (25% off) Darwin noted that the blue inline adapter can be used to back flush in the field. Place the sports cap of a clean water bottle against the blue inline adapter screwed to the Sawyer.

Black Diamond Trail Ergo Cork Trekking Poles $97.39 (25% off)

Native Eyewear Wells Polarized Sunglasses (gray lenses) $79.19 (20% off)

Buff CoolNet UV+ Multifunctional Headwear $17.99 (25% off)

Outdoor Research ActiveIce Spectrum Sun Gloves $18.69 (25% off)

Outdoor Research Sun Runner Cap $26.99 (25% off)

Patagonia Strider Pro Running Shorts - Men's 5" Inseam $48.29 (30% off)

Patagonia Nine Trails Shorts - Men's 8" Inseam $45.49 (30% off)

REI Co-op Multi Towel Lite (small) $6.89 (30% off)

Helinox Chair Zero $89.89 (25% off) Burn me at the stake, I know.

I also picked up some GOOD TO-GO, Backpackers Pantry and AlpineAir meals to try out. These are all 20% off.


I also found some items on sale at CampSaver, but found similar deals on other sites:

Sea to Summit Mosquito Head Net - Insect Shield $9.71 (25% off)

MSR Ground Hog Stakes $2.21 (25% off) 3 for Zpacks Duplex vestibules (only 2 required).

MSR Mini Ground Hog Stakes $1.88 (25% off) 7 for Zpacks Duplex tent body and guy lines (only 6 required).

Thermarest NeoAir XTherm Sleeping Pad (large) $179.96 (25% off) Yes, this is 8 ounces heavier than a regular XLite.

Evernew Titanium Ul Stacking Set $53.19 (~20% off) This is an outlet item and I used the SVSP2020 promo coupon code. I chose these pots because I want a stacking set, plus it will fit my Soto WindMaster stove.


The Therm-a-Rest NeoAir XLite Sleeping Pad (regular) is $118.95 (30% off) at these sites:

Backcountry Edge




Edit: Corrected a misspelling and explained how the Sawyer inline adapter can be used to back flush.

u/baggagehandlr · 12 pointsr/Ultralight
u/[deleted] · 8 pointsr/Assistance

That is a really awesome offer, brudda - thank you!

OP here are some Intex air mattresses like brudda is talking about. They are pretty durable - won't last forever, but it should get you by for a while until you can afford something more permanent:

u/phridoo · 8 pointsr/pointlesslygendered

Ok but those loungers are amazing. I call mine "my beach vulva".

Edit: formatting.

u/MademoiselleEcarlate · 7 pointsr/actuallesbians
u/GranolaSean · 6 pointsr/Ultralight

Just noticed that the NeoAir’s price dropped $50 recently on Amazon.

u/Benaviate · 5 pointsr/hondafit
u/Harleybow · 4 pointsr/Ultralight

I have a neoair xlite short for warm weather and a xtherm for colder temps.
Cheaper then rei with their discount.

u/jsmayne · 4 pointsr/Frugal

idk which therm a rest you were looking at but for the cost of their basic model

you could get a mattress topper

my cousin slept on a mattress topper on a piece of ply wood in a van when she traveled cross country and loved it. said it was the most comfortable bed she ever had

u/pheoxs · 4 pointsr/festivals

So basically you want to look for backpacking equipment. REI (US) / MEC (Canada) are really good starts but are on the pricey side. Mountain warehouse is really cheap and decent.

You want a basic 4 person dome tent like this:

Get a small thin air mattress like this. Skip the pump, you can either blow it up with your mouth (as a backup, takes 5 min) or just ask people around you and chances are someone will lend you a pump

Bring a minimal sleeping bag, it'll be warmer than a blanket:

For a pillow you can actually just stuff some of your clothes or a hoodie into the sleeping bag case and then use that as pillow. Maybe bring a pillow case so its softer against your face.

Thats about it, I usually skip the cooler and just accept I'll spent more $ on food that weekend but you can pickup a lot of food that doesn't need to stay cold. Pop tarts, nuts, PB&J sandwiches, fruits, etc can all be picked up when you land and get you through the weekend.

I usually skip the chair, just bring a nice little blanket and sit on the ground (though if its gonna rain thats not so much of an option)

u/cwcoleman · 4 pointsr/CampingGear

A basic inflatable queen mattress (like this) is 80 x 60 inches

The REI Half Dome is: 88 x 52 inches
The REI Half Dome Plus is: 98 x 56 inches

u/SayWhatOneMoreTiime · 4 pointsr/4Runner

I found it on Amazon. It was $89 when I bought it 2 days ago and it now says it's $99. It's a little pricey for an air mattress, but nothing compared to what those Airbedz go for. I set it up and it fits perfect and is really comfortable. The inflatable pillow section near the seats, is separate from the main mattress which is awesome.

u/eZGjBw1Z · 3 pointsr/aldi

Intex brand products are sold at many stores. Here are some links to similar products with reviews on Amazon.

u/Mayor_Bankshot · 3 pointsr/BurningMan

My wife and I sleep on this Coleman double size cot.

It comes with an air mattress but i've yet to take it out of the box because it's useless. The listing says it's a queen and it may be if using the air mattress but the cot itself is a dbl. We put an old 4 inch memory foam pad on top with regular flannel sheets and down comforter.

The cot has a carrying case and folds down to about 3'x 8"x 8". I found it for sub $100 open box/return.

It's just about as comfortable as our bed at home and we sleep great at burns. There is a metal spine right down the middle so you can't really sleep comfortably there. Also sex tested and approved!

u/heartbeats · 3 pointsr/Ultralight

FYI to all, the regular NeoAir Xlite is on Amazon for $119 right now. This is within four dollars of the lowest price Amazon has sold it for within the past eight months.

u/samm1t · 3 pointsr/bonnaroo
u/poestal · 3 pointsr/CampingGear

i think for a tent your looking for a teepee style tent for your headroom. also i would suggest something more along the lines of a sleep cot rather than an air matress to have a more rigid sitting position. or you can get something like this for the best of both worlds

u/latingirly01 · 3 pointsr/ElectricForest

FBSPORT Car Travel Inflatable Mattress Air Bed Cushion Camping Universal SUV Extended Air Couch with Two Air Pillows (Gray)

I didn’t think about the humidity. I know it would get hot in the morning... I figured I’d have the window open a little to let air in

u/2bbshow · 3 pointsr/wheelchairs

Eagle scout here and I've been thinking about how to get back camping almost weekly since I got my chair. The absolute best solutions I've come up so far involve a straight leg pop-up tent, this product which turns a 10'x10' pop-up into a walled tent (they also have a 12'x12' option), and something like this cot so I can avoid transferring to and from the floor.

Other options I can suggest would be to rent a yurt or contact a local renn faire/SCA group and ask if anyone is willing to rent out/loan a pavilion tent for the event

If the terrain is not wheelchair friendly and replacing the rear wheels with some "Sumos" or other mountain bike-esque fat knobby tire, and your budget allows I also suggest looking into the Rough Rider wheelchair from Whirlwind. It's a folding all-terrain wheelchair designed so most if not all parts can be sourced from hardware stores if need be, runs about $900 USD.

Good luck with the planning and wishing you much happiness!

u/AGoosey · 3 pointsr/ElectricForest

If you have room in your car and room in your tent I highly recommend picking this up!

Coleman Airbed Cot - Queen

Tried at Scamp last month and it helped me get some of the best camping sleep ever.

u/burgerga · 3 pointsr/Shambhala

I have one of these and it's awesome! Plenty of space to stash stuff underneath too. It is pretty big/heavy but it's worth it.

u/sneevley · 2 pointsr/CampingGear

Here is the mattress I got! Never had a problem with it, and the battery pump is super easy to use

u/WantonFlirt · 2 pointsr/BurningMan

This is what we have used for the last three years and it is great. The cot gets you up off the ground and it comes with a battery powered pump. If there were to be a problem with the mattress you would still have the cot to sleep on also.

u/trancelogix · 2 pointsr/CampingandHiking

That cot weighs 32lb, so unless you're only planning on car camping once in a blue moon, I'd say it's way too heavy.

I'm an ultralight fan, and I'm currently using the Therm-a-rest NeoAir Trekker. I'm 5'1" and I bought the regular size. It's really comfortable and you can couple 2 pads together with this.

u/OskeewowwowIL · 2 pointsr/Ultralight

Amazon is having a sale on the ThermaRest XLite right now.

Depending on your level of UL ness, you could get Reg or Even Small. Width is a concern for the Small given it is built for women, but it is possible to buy a Reg or XLong and then cut and seal it down to torso length and sleep with your feet on your pack. That's really counting grams though which you can always do later. If you are an average sized guy I'd say go with Reg sizing.

u/Ashlynanatomy · 2 pointsr/FireflyFestival

I just bought and received from amazon the following:

Perks: getting off the floor will help with heat trapping, underneath can be used as storage, comfortable mattress that comes with it.

Cons: it is kinda heavy, but it collapses down to a decent size. Think of the collapsed size of an EZ Up tent.

I haven't set it up yet, however. I am planning on doing that tonight to make sure everything is kosher.

u/sylviroo · 2 pointsr/bonnaroo

Is this the one you are talking about? Do you just use it without the air mattress?

u/DRsus · 2 pointsr/Ultralight

If you have time to wait try . I was able to create an alert when the xlite dropped below a certain price on amazon and I was able to buy it for $99 last month.

u/FatFingerHelperBot · 2 pointsr/Subaru_Outback

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u/Kalikoenig · 2 pointsr/CampingGear

Kelty Cosmic 20 with an additional blanket can be had for $120. I'd go with a 20 as it is much more versatile than a warmer weather bag and the last thing you want to is freeze your ass off.

There are plenty of air mattresses you can get for cheap. Or even a piece of foam you can roll up would do the job.

Any chair will do around a camp fire as long as it's comfortable to you. You never mentioned backpacking so my recommendations are for car camping and not backpacking. My list would change if that's the case.

u/bondagenurse · 2 pointsr/BurningMan
  • Tent fan. I went pro my first year and won't go back. 60 bucks is worth it. Course, then I had to buy a deep cycle battery, but it lasted all week (and a half). Plus it was awesome for the one year I did exodus (11 know what year it was). We could avoid using the blowers in the car and instead just used the fan to keep us from dying.

  • Fuck air mattresses. Fuck them in their little air hole. Foam is the way to be. I have a four inch full sized foam mattress that folds up, and yes, it's a bear to transport because of how much size it takes up, but I live on playa for three weeks. This thing is the ultimate luxury. I then place it on a "queen" sized Coleman cot. It's a full size cot that holds a queen size air mattress on it, and man it was loud. Much better with the foam. Seriously, sex on that thing was like sex on a megaphone.

  • Someone else mentioned it, but a sheet covering your bed during the time you are not sleeping in it is wonderful. Do you know how many times a day you say, "oh shit, I forgot [something dumb] in my tent, better go in!" If you have a raised bed, especially, you'll more than likely lean in the door of your tent and put your hand down on the bed and bam playa bed.

  • Someone also already said this (I think) but I take two sets of plastic drawers with me instead of bins for my smaller items. It's so much more fun to root around in a clear drawer than in an opaque bin. All my shit lives in those during the year, so if I randomly decide I need something from my burning man kit, I can grab it.
u/ParrttyPatt · 2 pointsr/ElectricForest

Her you go dude!
Coleman Queen Airbed Folding Cot with Side Tables and 4D Battery Pump

u/Aswas · 2 pointsr/AskReddit

don't make him sleep on the ground. Get a camping air mattress like this [Intex Classic Downy Full Airbed]( "Intex Classic Downy Full Airbed")

And unless you want to huff and puff until you are blue, get an inflater too--[Stansport Electric Hi-Volume Pump]( "Stansport Electric Hi-Volume Pump")

u/carissakayb · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I live for the beach. I specifically LOOOOOOOOOVE the outer banks islands of North Carolina. I love the community. I love the ocean. I love the sand. I even love the heat when I'm there and normally I hate the heat. I know people say you get tired of the beach when you live there but honestly I live in a land locked state right now and it's suffocating. I just. Need. Beach. I want to lay down in the sand and make sand castles and find tide pools and contemplate life to the sounds of waves crashing. That's all I want. Seems big but I think it's reachable someday.

I would legit use this chair on the beach lol. blow up chair

Please don't give me a Purple Nurple!

u/JMJACO · 2 pointsr/Ultralight

Pack seems good. Your largest weight savings would be your sleep system and shelter system, followed by dropping unnecessary items and swapping out some clothing for lighter versions.

  1. Quilt option examples: Nunatak Arc 20 ($360, ~21.2oz,, Arc 10 adds about 5oz), EE Enigma Custom 10 850 Charcoal 10D outside Orange 7D inside ($320, ~21.09oz,, 950 down option adds about $85 and drops 2oz), or Thermarest Vesper 20 Quilt ($380, 19oz,, 950 down included, street date 2019Q1).
  2. Sleeping pad upgrade: Thermarest NeoAir XLite ($170, often on sale for less, 12oz, rvalue 3.2, You can pair this with a GG Thinlight 1/8 foam pad ($18, 3oz), and then ditch sit pad and anything else. Between these two you have redundancy, a sit pad, and plenty of warmth value added to the quilt selections above. Another option that is coming in 2019Q1 is the Thermarest NeoAir Uberlite ($180, 8.8oz, rvalue 2.0,, which combined with the GG 1/8" pad would still have nice warmth, and come in at less than 12z total for 2 sleep pads (which also provides more versatility in future if you want to ditch one or the other at any given time).
  3. Shelter system upgrade: there are a ton of options based on how much space you need, if you want a fully enclosed tent, a simple tarp setup, etc. Popular tent option with lots of space but still not much cost would be something like Big Agnes Fly Creek UL2, at 31oz carried weight (2 person tent, $350 MSRP). Lighter but more expensive options can get you down under 20oz (like the ZPacks stuff, but be prepared to spend, and they are not as bombproof). Tarps can range from 5-19oz, depending on material, size, etc., but don't offer as much protection from bugs and weather.
  4. Puffy options are all over the place. Most popular one here for weight to cost and happiness seems to be MH Ghost Whisperer. The hooded version rings in around 7.5-8.3oz depending on your size, and can often be found for $175-250 depending on colorway (MSRP $350, but they are always available cheaper year round if you price shop). That coat packs down to nothing in your bag and maintains decent resale value if you want to sell it later to grab something else.
  5. For your clothing system, consider how much extra stuff you will often need if you just layer a few key items, and then you can trim down from there. That is why everyone will tell you to ditch X or Y from your packed clothing. Carry stuff that is multipurpose and works well layered together, and you don't need to carry much. The only duplicates that are worthwhile for most people are an extra pair of socks to rotate, and an extra pair of underwear to rotate if you're washing on the trail as you go. You can sub in something like a Patagonia Capilene Lightweight Long Sleeve ($50, 3.5oz,, and then ditch the 2 extra shirts you're carrying, saving about a pound for example. That would allow you to have a shirt to rotate or sleep in, or layer up underneath your main shirt if colder (it also dries extremely fast if it gets wet).
    Those changes alone should drop you down to 3-4lbs before you do anything else to dial in setup more (like add in a small first aid kit with leukotape, ibuprofen, etc.), subtract camp shoes, possibly add trekking pole or two, etc.
u/Sparkle_Claus · 2 pointsr/Assistance

Make an Amazon or Walmart wish list, so people can purchase directly off if it.

As for a mattress, I suggest an air mattress for now.

Intex Classic Downy Airbed, Queen

That one is a decent one and will last you a year or longer if you aren't rough on it. I also suggest an air pump, which run another 20.00 or so.

You can pick up a cheap shower curtain at most dollar (Dollar General type, not 1.00 type) stores.

For dishes, I'd hit Walmart, target, or dollar tree. Dollar tree has some surprisingly good dishes for 1.00 and you can just get a few cups and such instead of whole sets. Also most toilet items (tp, toothbrushes) you can get at dollar tree to start you up. Goodwill may have some dish options also, they seem to be hit and miss.

Do NOT get cookware at dollar tree. Don't even waste a buck on the spatulas.

u/madlyfoxy · 2 pointsr/camping

I'm just going to share my tent and mattress because I love them. I dont think the tent is quite what youre looking for.

Wenzel Klondike Tent - 8 Person

Coleman 2000020270 Cot Queen

This mattress rocks! My partner (200lbs) and I (160lbs) sleep on this thing together with no problem. It has a battery powered air pump that is not attached to the mattress. Ive noticed the ones that come attached to the mattress seem to leak more. We just pump it up so it's super firm before bed and when we wake up it's a comfy slightly deflated. No feeling the cot underneath. I chose one with a cot underneath incase something happened to the mattress; my partner has a bad back and cant sleep on the floor. The mattress is tough though! Our German shepherd tried jumping on there a few times and it never got any holes. Very happy with it

u/SGT3386 · 2 pointsr/rav4club
u/existboldly · 2 pointsr/carcamping

Yes inflatable. This one! Berocia SUV Air Mattress,...

u/cufa404 · 2 pointsr/ElectricForest

Berocia SUV Air Mattress,...

I used this at summer camp this year. It was ok for my Jeep I’m 6’ 250 lbs + my girl we were relatively comfortable.

u/DinosaursLoveCake · 2 pointsr/TXRenaissanceFestival

Heya, my group will be going Pirates weekend (best weekend IMO) and we'd love for you two to come hangout with us. We are all are 25-30 years old and work in various fields from medical, real estate, oil and gas, big transportation, and social media. We are very open minded, easy going, and prefer a really good laugh. I love to cook and we'll have 2 grills, a campfire, plenty of alcohol, cards against humanity, and tiki torches and music as well as drinking games and whatever comes to mind. We generally like to camp around 1A/1B , 2 or 3. We will have anywhere between 6-10 people as some of our group members won't be able to make it this year. We all dress up and would love to have you join us either on the camp grounds or in the fair. I know the grounds like the back of my hand and can give you advice for shows or anything else you two may need help with.

I know some girls prefer not to camp but I promise renfest does an AMAZING job keeping the porta potties clean, smelling great, and constantly stocked with toilet paper (although I still prefer to bring my own). On top of that there is showers and a better bathroom by the front gate that can be used to shower, dry your hair, and other such things. Air mattresses are pretty cheap, even for a queen size one. The one listed below I have been using for the past 3-4 years and it hasn't deflated over night and offers great comfort for a cheap price. If you end up camping feel free to let me know as I have an electric air pump that fills it up in about 30-40sec. I generally toss my big sleeping bag opened up on top, a giant fluffy blanket, pillow, and a throw blanket ontop that resembles fur so it looks very rustic and barbarian like. I sleep just as comfortable on it as I do on my queen bed at home. If you don't decide to camp, at least come to the bonfire, it is a whole new experience to camp though!! Tons of people to meet and tons of fun to be had. Sorry I wrote so much but I'm just so excited for ren fest!!! Let me know if I can help you with anything!

EDIT- Anyone else that reads this and want to come hangout just let me know! All I ask is that everyone have fun and not cause drama =)

u/j2043 · 2 pointsr/CampingandHiking

Thermorest sells coupling kits for attaching two pads together: Therm-a-Rest Universal Camping Mattress Coupling Kit

I’ve never used them but they have good reviews.

u/Sadie_for_real · 1 pointr/IFParents

You can do it! We had great success with this travel bed for Toddler on our last trip:

u/aslitinthesky · 1 pointr/Luxembourg
u/LCDJosh · 1 pointr/CampingGear
u/PM_Fake_Tits · 1 pointr/Trucks

FBSport Car Travel Inflatable Mattress Air Bed Cushion Camping Universal SUV Extended Air Couch with Two Air Pillows (Gray)

This may come in handy if the marriage doesn’t work out

u/waffletrampler · 1 pointr/CampingGear

Thats great! We used those bags driving 2500miles cross country and they held up great everywhere from the Tetons to the Badlands to Bryce. I realized I'm apparently a minority in that i LOVE dispersed camping in National Forests, far from anyone else. She had none of that and we ended up sticking to campgrounds. Glad my experiences seem to be so applicable to you! I found the straps on amazon here and they're a great cheap way to keep pads together. Obviously not as nice as a big expensive couples pad, but great and blankets help a lot.

u/NoWorries13 · 1 pointr/festivals

I got one of these

Its a double so if theres other people in the tent it still leaves plenty of room for them. Its definitely not the best air mattress I've used, deflates as the night goes on but I just use the battery pump to re-up before going to sleep each night. Small and easy to transport, does the trick and lets me get much more sleep than I usually would on the ground

u/gaofiore · 1 pointr/CampingGear

Marmot is great. I have a Scandium for my budget was perfect. But if budget isn't a problem the Helium is supposed to be a great bag.

[Therm-a-Rest NeoAir XLite] ( is awesome and light.

u/Why_SoCurious · 1 pointr/solotravel


The most important 40 bucks of the trip lol.

Second: since you are going to go up the east coast, I HIGHLY recomend going all the way up to Montreal, Quebec, CA and Quebec City. Not only will you feel like youre in Europe, but you will eat (imo) the best food in North America. Im talkin putine on poutine on poutine. If you are interest, I have about a dozen recs on restaurants in Quebec, Ca.

3rd: I would definitley try to be in Texas or some other Red state for July 4th. Say what you want about Conservatives, but you cant deny that they know how to do Independance Day.
As for the remainder of the trip, there are DEF some unique places I would recomend at least stopping at for a day, for example I would recomend a south stretch something like this: Malibu or some other fucking awesome beach on the pacific, then to grand canyon, then to Albuqurque NM to see some cool Alien shit, then to The Alamo (may need a night in between, I dont know the exact distance) Probably spend a day or two in Dallas or Austin, then head to New Orleans. From there, go to the coastal part of Alabama for a nice relaxing beach day, then head home.

u/kshucker · 1 pointr/FireflyFestival

Tried looking it up on Amazon. This looks like what Jill mentioned. Intex Dura-Beam Series Raised Downy Airbed with Fiber-Tech Construction and Built-In Pump, Queen, Bed Height 22"

u/blahblahwordvomit · 1 pointr/personalfinance

Hi there. May I recommend a blow up mattress microwave and maybe even some sheets and a blanket. (sorry my links are good prices via amazon prime, but i'm not actually suggesting the specific products, just giving examples)

As far as food and cooking goes. /r/eatcheapandhealthy might be a place for you to look into. I personally would recommend you get a big microwave safe bowl (so you can cook rice and other stuff in the microwave if it comes to that), a mug, a kettle, a frying pan, a pot, a knife, fork, spoon, and big wooden spoon. For the dishes and stuff, go check out your nearest salvation army or goodwill. You can buy a plate from 40 years ago that will work just fine for another 40 years for less than a buck.

For food figure out how much you eat and what circumstances you need to eat them in. For example, you take public transit to work in the morning and would ideally pick up coffee and a bagel on your way to work. You could brew you own coffee in a french press or regular coffee maker or make it with instant using water from your kettle. Maybe make yourself a homemade granola bar to eat instead of the bagel. Maybe you have a microwave at work, make some chili to bring in or if you can't nuke your food something like a veggie pizza or a tuna salad

u/mct137 · 1 pointr/CampingandHiking

I camp in the states (Midatlantic region) with the Eureka Apex 2 tent (

I've had this tent for 3 years now and camped in summer, spring, fall and winter (so anywhere from temps of 90 F down to 9 F. It is easy to set up, spacious for one person, and has great ventilation.

Major points:

  1. Ventilation: The tent its self has three sides that are almost all mesh/netting. The Rainfly attaches over the tent and can be taken off completely or rolled back to provide cover while allowing open air flow through the doors. Even with the fly on, the tent breathes very well. Downside: Although the tent holds up well in windy conditions, the wind will blow right up under the fly and through your tent.

  2. Tent is free standing. You can stake it down if need be.

  3. IT weighs about 6.5 pounds, so a bit on the heavy side.

  4. Durability: as I said before, this tent is super durable. All the materials has held up well, no leaks even in major rain showers. (I would recommend sealing the seams of the rainfly though as I did for precaution). The basin has a heavier lining and comes up about 3 inches off the ground, preventing standing water from working its way in). All straps and ties seem pretty durable. The poles are fiberglass, not aluminum, FYI, but I have not had any problems.

    As for a sleeping pad, I use a thermarest pad like this one:

    Has held up for several years. Slim, rolls up tight to save space, uses memory foam and self inflates once unrolled. Gives me a decent nights sleep even on hard ground.

    Good luck and have fun!
u/ravergreenlantern · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I mean who could really argue with an insanely comfy chair anywhere, especially perfect in dorm or apartment.

u/Baron164 · 1 pointr/camping

Thanks, I've looked at a few cots, including stuff like this:

I have looked at canned food, especially soups etc, but as you said, it gets bulky. But at least with the boat I can store a good amount of of supplies on-board.

u/SF_Lady · 1 pointr/GiftIdeas

What about the most comfy sofa you can imagine they fits easily into a backpack? He can take it to work. He can open it up in the living room. Outdoorsy outing? Here’s your sofa!

u/BuildBold · 1 pointr/Subaru_Outback

How about this one? It sounds like it fits in the 2016 Outback.

u/djmagichat · 1 pointr/camping

Never tried one but thought about picking this up:

Coleman 2000020270 Cot Queen

u/ihavenowisdom · 0 pointsr/festivals
  2. Search "blow up couches"
  3. Results