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u/weazx · 14 pointsr/IWantToLearn

Look into bodywork and exercises such as


Feldenkrais method

Tai chi, Baguazhang, or Xingyi -- martial arts specializing in posture and mechanics



Range of motion, like this or this

Nearly any exercise will help with posture. Do you like to play basketball? Go play. Skateboard? Go skate. The simplest and cheapest exercise -- and IMO the best for posture work -- is simply walking. Go for a lengthy walk multiple times a week, keeping awareness of your balance and mechanical efficiency.

Learn the basics of human anatomy: the shape of the spine from the coccyx to the brain, the major muscle groups, and explore / expand joint range of motion. A little gentle stretching goes a long way to good posture.

In the end, good posture comes down to this: Alignment with gravity at all times. Gaining awareness of how gravity pulls on each piece of your body is very helpful. In advanced stages sometimes it might feel like gravity actually makes you stand upright instead of pulling you down; this is ideal, or close to it.

Semi-advanced knowledge: the body's shape is held through a combination of bone/ligament structure (how we usually think of the body, as a system of levers) and tensegrity. While humans typically build things through the former method, nature almost always build things according to the latter, so it is an important concept to understand.

The fascia tissue is important in this concept (the thin white 'gristle' you see on your steak). These two clips offer a brief explanation of tensegrity as it relates to the human body. While looking for these clips, I came across this series of exercises. It looks interesting, but I cannot vouch for its effectiveness or ineffectiveness.

edit also, you may want to look into getting a new chair. 99% of desk chairs are horrible for posture. If you don't want to drop a bunch of cash, you can get something like this instead.

u/vulkman · 12 pointsr/PSVR

You obviously made a huge mistake by not buying the VR candle

u/veritaszak · 10 pointsr/BabyBumps

I started developing it early from bloating. I agree, Google searches were really unhelpful because in addition to almost everyone getting it, I couldn't find anything to support it during pregnancy; everything seemed to start at postpartum.

After talking to my doctor and sisters, they recommended this support belt which has been monumental in stopping the progression in its tracks.

I've also stopped lifting anything over 15lbs, and am really mindful of not using my abs (like getting out if bed or the car. I now roll on my side and walk myself up with my hands to sit up.)

I'm only 14 weeks but my DR was getting so bad I couldn't stand up straight because I felt like I was going to rip in half. I've been really diligent making these changes and feel vastly better already about a week later.

Edited: typos on mobile, sorry!

u/RiffyDivine2 · 9 pointsr/shittykickstarters

Or just spend 8USD like I did.

u/GEN_CORNPONE · 9 pointsr/uberdrivers

I got one of the CD-slot phone mounts for two reasons:

  1. By positioning the phone lower it keeps my forward field of vision clearer than a window mount, and
  2. Keeping the phone on the center line allows backseat passengers to follow their progress via the familiar Google Maps nav (which I bring up whether I need it or not, just so they can see I'm on the fucking blue line, which cuts down on backseat driving).

    Ed: This is the one I got. It holds the phone super-steady and has a quick-release right behind where your hand already goes to unplug when you're going mobile.
u/bigevil80 · 5 pointsr/xxfitness

In terms of exercises, the ones I would recommend would involve your shoulders retracting back (face pulls, pull ups).

The best method is just a mindset of keeping the shoulders back when sitting (it's hard, but it will help you over time). Also, if you have bands at the gym, use the bands to strengthen your rotator cuff muscles.

There are contraptions that help you with posture; but, I've never tried those.

u/PhillipMB · 5 pointsr/cars

I didn't know this existed, and it seems so much better than the air vent clips. What do I need to type into Amazon to find this mount? I need this in my life because fuck my car's shitty nav system.

Edit: found one! can't wait for this.

u/muffetskicky · 4 pointsr/AprilBumpers2018

Maternity Belt - NEOtech Care Brand - Pregnancy Support - Waist / Back / Abdomen Band, Belly Brace - White Color - Size L

I have this one. I did my normal size and don't wear the band over the top. It works great for me!

u/Calvo1 · 4 pointsr/AskMen

Some more suggestions

Tech Backpack Targus TBB013EU EcoSpruce Backpack for Laptops - 15-15.6 Inches, Black

8 plug extension with surge protection 8 Way Individually Switched Surge Protected Black Extension Socket with 2 Metre Lead

NEXCURIO 60W 6-Port USB Charger [Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0] Deskt...

Perry Ellis 360 Red Eau de Toilette for Men 100 ml

SanDisk Extreme 32 GB Flash Drive USB 3.0 up to 245 MB/s FFP

SanDisk SDDD2-032G-FFP Ultra Dual USB Flash Drive, USB 3.0, 32 GB

LE® Dimmable LED Desk Lamp, 7-Level Brightness,8W, Touch Sensitive Control, Eye-care Folding Table Lamps, Reading Lamps, Bedroom Lamps

u/SepsisRN · 4 pointsr/nursing

I can remember being young and feeling invincible which is how I hurt my back.

Always use lifting aids and additional help.

I use a back brace every shift now: this is my lumbar support brace.

I also use a posture corrector similar to this, I couldn't find the exact brace I use on amazon so I can't recommend this particular brace but I was surprised how much of a difference it made.

Both of these braces take some getting used to, especially the posture corrector but again I was surprised how much of a difference it made.

u/sonipa · 4 pointsr/lifehacks

I started wearing a clavicle support brace to force myself into better posture and it has worked great. I only wear it until it is uncomfortable (30-60 minutes at various times), but I've noticed even in 3 weeks my posture has improved. Wearing it while walking will help too because you can retrain your brain to walk properly. I can vouch for this one:

In general, if you can make changes to make sitting a luxury - you will reap the rewards. All of the soreness from standing or walking all day will eventually go away - and your default position will be standing/in motion. I've found I don't even like sitting on couches any longer - I just didn't realize that the human body prefers to be in motion - as a developer I thought "screens" and sitting was the norm.

Make sitting a special luxury and everything will change. Even if they won't give you a standing/walking desk - you can control your world once off work. Plus you can stand up at various times throughout the hour. Standing up on its own uses a lot of muscles as you work against gravity. Soon standing up will be easy - which makes mornings great.

The best change towards better posture for me was wearing the clavicle brace while walking on a treadmill at about 3mph (or outside works too) - trade your couch for a small slow treadmill and you'll find watching binge-watching shows to actually make you feel better - the hours fly by and when you walk out into the real world - you find yourself more in control of your body.

Just give it a few weeks and you'll find yourself standing better, walking better - and most importantly feeling better.

Just some thoughts based on my own experiences this past month.

Also: For the first few days - changing posture required me to keep my central core pretty much flexed while standing or in motion - but after a few weeks those muscles get used to it. If you feel uncomfortable with proper posture it will slowly become the norm. After a while, you can tell when you're slouching because it becomes the less-comfortable position. And my stress moved from my shoulders to my core - which seems more capable of handling stress than my neck and shoulders.

u/hibscotty · 3 pointsr/PS4

What about the candle? Resident Evil Official 4D Candle

u/SQUID_FUCKER · 3 pointsr/gaming

I still want to know what smells this emits.

I think the idea of a companion candle to aid in the immersion is actually a really cool idea.

u/Tulio_Tucci · 3 pointsr/airsoft

Try a Compression Sleeve or Neoprene Shoulder Pad

u/dontbeajerk · 3 pointsr/weddingplanning
u/RobotPixie · 3 pointsr/loseit

In the meantime could you get a maternity sling?

Something like this:

It's specifically designed to support the stomach (ok so you have no baby but the concept is the same). It won't be as hot and constrictive as a body shaper

Good luck!

u/sqqqqqqq · 3 pointsr/Posture

Don’t listen to the people commenting on this negatively. I have scoliosis and have tried everything, EVERYTHING under the sun to manage back pain. This device corrected my posture within a few days and has reduced my daily back pain from about a 7 to a 2. The device doesn’t “correct” your posture inherently, but rather helps you to remember to correct and shows you good technique so that you know how to do it yourself. Yes you absolutely need to work on it independently, but this helps so much starting out.

Posture Corrector for Men & Women...

The reviews are mixed, but if you’re of average size it should be ok. It’s worth a shot for 15 bucks.

Made this account just to leave this comment.. first Reddit post from a lurker woo! Hope it works out for you.

Edited to add that I didn’t do much research before buying as it was an impulse buy. There may be better out there with better design/ materials etc., but this one has worked out just fine for me so far. It is slightly annoying to wear, but definitely worth it.

u/Brainlesslyfalling · 3 pointsr/BabyBumps

Hi- I have an umbilical hernia and honestly the best solution for me was just not bending over and lifting unless absolutely necessary. So I had to give up some jobs for awhile such as picking up dog poop in the back yard, for instance. I bought this belt ( ) from amazon. I adjusted the band over where my hernia would bulge and I think it helped some.

I'm 39 weeks now and I will say that, at least for my umbilical hernia, it eventually moved as my uterus grew and I have not felt it bulge out in a few months now. So hopefully hers will do the same!

u/empanadamn_ · 3 pointsr/DJs

Vibo Care posture corrector, $17.99 USD
Inspired by the succession of people posting photos of themselves on this sub hunkered over their controllers, it reminded me of how oblivious we are to our posture when we're in the zone. A normal gig for me is 6 hours of playing, and I know I'm not practicing good posture the whole time. Instagram starting flashing these ads for this product, so I thought I'd give it a try for a measly $20. Used it a few times while at gigs, and I can't tell if it helps or not. It feels like a tiny backpack, and gets uncomfortable over a long period of time. That said, one is supposed to wear it for a short amount of time, day to day.

Pyle Pro PLPTS55 Laptop Stand, $45.99 USD
Purchased this for a club I'm a resident at, and a cheap replacement to the comparable UDG Creator Laptop Stand, at about $140 cheaper. Modular, folds for portability, and has a telescopic height adjustment.

Hudson Hi-Fi Isolation Feet, $25.50 USD
Purchased these for my Pioneer-DDJ 1000SRT to give it some lift and offer some shock absorption. Adhered some velcro stick to them so I can apply as needed. After a few uses, I find them a little too rubbery, so if I'm heavy on the jog wheels, I encounter some wobble on the whole controller. One who doesn't scratch or manually cue might have better results.

White gaffers tape, $20.81 USD (prices vary)
In providing my own gear, and working events in different spaces, I like to commit to the details, conceal any network of cables, and have a clean presentation. In this case, I use this in white rooms with white floors and /or walls; other venues call for other colors. Pro-tip: Write "DJ" or something as an identifier on the side of the tape or inside of the paper roll in the event it wanders off. I've accidentally permanently borrowed and vice versa.

u/CritterTeacher · 3 pointsr/ehlersdanlos

I found this awesome shoulder brace on amazon. It works really well and has a built in pouch for an ice pack. I usually wear it with a stick on heating patch with the brace over a T-shirt. I can’t say enough how much it love it!

u/real1g · 3 pointsr/Fitness

This Clavicle brace cured me of severe neck pain from hours of hunched LSAT studying. Also, it certainly pulls your shoulders back--improving posture. I'm 5'11, got the medium.

u/Typesetter · 2 pointsr/ftm

'nother bigger guy here! --I don't use a manufactured-for-binding binder at all. I use a Mueller brace. I just introduced the guys in my local support group to this, and how to put it on right, and they freakin' love it.
It's this one, if you're curious.

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/entwives

this shit is the best!

i keep it in my bathroom, and all you need is the tiniest little pfft of spray and dear god i can smell it through the bathroom and bedroom if the door is left open. i haven't had to buy a can in a year and yes i've used it to cover the smell of trees too ^-^

u/kezrin · 2 pointsr/BabyBumps

I went through a couple of belts before I found this one which I love.

Note: The top belt is supposed to help hold it in place. I’ve never used it and it’s always worked fine.

u/Pastprinciples · 2 pointsr/BabyBumps

ProCare Premium 9", 3-Panel Elastic Abdominal Binder, Small/Medium (Waist: 30" - 45")

I used this one because it was simple, easily adjustable, and a solid elastic as opposed to others that were strips sewn together and had a tendency to fold over. I also liked it because once I knew how tight I needed it, I could have it velcroed to the right size and slipped it on and not have to wait for someone's help.

u/Hanmertime · 2 pointsr/BabyBumps

This has been a lifesaver for me and pretty much cured my back pain.

Maternity Belt - NEOtech Care

u/pixie_ears · 2 pointsr/pregnant

I bought one from Amazon which did wonders for me (I'm having trouble walking and have been referred to a physio). I wear it 24/7 and the pain is already so much more bearable and only £20!

Maternity Belt - NEOtech Care Brand - Pregnancy Support - Waist/Back/Abdomen Band, Belly Brace - White Colour - Size M

u/SofiM27 · 2 pointsr/getdisciplined

Im sorry about that but look Check this out at
TRUWEO Posture Corrector For Men And Women - USA Designed Upper Back Brace For Clavicle Support And Providing Pain Relief From Neck, Back & Shoulder

Its called back posture sister used to wear one when we were growing up so I know it helps.

Be safe:)

u/Raymundoklementes · 2 pointsr/BabyBumps

This pregnancy support belt worked wonders for me! Under $20, too!

u/mannerlybassoon · 2 pointsr/Posture
u/Cruxling · 2 pointsr/secretsanta

Oh definitely! And thanks for asking! That's super thoughtful of you. Generally speaking, anything thats related to their animal(fursona) of choice will be a good idea! Such as plushies, art/photos, accessories, etc.

Here's some quick examples based off of common furry/animal preferences (all should be under $20 I think):

Husky 1, Husky 2, German Shepard, Fox, General furry ear hat with different ear color options, Dragon mouse pad for the furry who is also a gamer maybe?, Snow leopard print blanket

If they have a favorite movie/show with animals in it, any merch or collectables from that might be a good idea as well! I hope that helps some, if none of those examples fit their fursona or animal of preference and you're stumped, feel free to ask more questions or PM me their character for more ideas if you need for your gifteee.

u/periodicBaCoN · 2 pointsr/BabyBumps

I've never used one, but if you search for belly support band or something like that, amazon has options. This one has good reviews and the answers have opinions from people that say they've used it for running. I haven't noticed any bouncing of my belly when running yet at 17+4.

u/klutzikaze · 2 pointsr/ABraThatFits

I don't have any bra advice but I have back pain experience so I thought I'd share. Please pm me if you want to talk or have any questions.

I've just done a bit of research into t7 t8 discectomy and I had no idea it could be such a tough op. I had a discectomy at l5 s1 and I've learnt a lot about the back as a result. I have scoliosis with the turning point being t7 t8 so I get some pain from wearing a bra but luckily I'm not busty so I go without as much as possible.

I take msm which is a supplement but works as an anti inflammatory on different pathways to nsaids and paracetamol. Msm also helps replace collagen which I think helped what was left of my disc. Take it with vit c and slowly increase your dose. Use the crystals if possible or powder but I found tablets weren't as useful.

I used to get horse chestnut patches from the Chinese herb places which is another anti inflammatory. They work for a couple of days but I needed a break then for a day or 2 and then they work again.

Looking at your photos it looks like your shoulders are rounding in. Maybe something like this Posture Brace | Posturific Brace (Small, Beige) would help? (sorry, I'm completely ignorant on how to fotmat)

I met a guy who had his discectomy in Poland and it was very cheap. He was back to work as a tree surgeon with only 3 months downtime! I'm wondering if travelling for a breast reduction would be helpful? Looking on skiplagged you can get a return ny to Warsaw for $425.

I have some idea of the pain you're in and my heart goes out to you. I hope you can find some relief.

u/xWalmartCandyx · 2 pointsr/ChronicPain

I've had this one since February and i love it. I mainly use it for work and it keeps my posture straight and really helps me.

u/morriscode · 2 pointsr/AskReddit

About 9 years ago now, I was doing tech support for a Dial-Up ISP in Michigan. It was an awesome job, you could smoke inside, and we sat around playing unreal tournament all night.

It was Thanksgiving day and I was working I started at 4pm. I noticed I forgot to put on deodorant that day and was smelling pretty ripe. I sprayed some of this in my armpits. And experienced the worst burning sensation ever.

I had to call the number on the back of the bottle and talk to the lady that answered who couldn't believe what I did. She told me to rinse it out (which i tried unsuccessfully in the bathroom sink, I also tried putting lotion on it) Neither of those helped. So she told me to put Vaseline on it, there was a Walgreens across the street so I bought the largest tub they had.

So I'm sitting at work with greased up armpits Vaseline citrus smelling armpits. And a dripping wet shirt.

TLDR: Only put deodorant in your armpits.

u/tercerero · 2 pointsr/BabyBumps

I'm going to try the Medela Support Band when running starts hurting. I've heard good things about it.

There's also this Prenatal Cradle that looks kinda intimidating but probably helpful.

u/OldClunkyRobot · 2 pointsr/Fitness

I've had posture issues before. Has anyone used anything like this for support? I thought it would help improve my posture while I'm sitting at a desk for extended periods.

Deluxe Clavicle Support for Fractures, Sprains, Shoulder Posture Support- LG

u/GingerSizeQueen · 2 pointsr/sexover30
u/Kit-Kat1319 · 2 pointsr/pregnant

maternity belt

This is the one my husband got for me, and it’s WONDERFUL. He read the reviews and literally everyone said to stay away from a small. I’m a pretty small girl, and the medium is perfect for me.

u/electrocuted · 2 pointsr/fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu

I had the same problem until i bought this.

Back used to hurt a lot from sitting on my computer chair. This definitely helps.

u/82bazillionguns · 2 pointsr/Assistance

Would something like this work?

u/invalidated_username · 2 pointsr/Android

I've been using an Anker CD mount for a couple of years now and it's held up very well to very hot summer temps and very cold winters.

Edit: looks like Anker no longer sells that particular model. But Choetech sells one exactly like it.

u/strawcat · 2 pointsr/OctoberBumpers2017

Oh yes, it was a very scary situation for a 7th grader! I sure was one sick kid at that time. If you buy your own binder something like this is what I had. Nothing fancy, but it got the job done and aided tremendously in my recovery. Hope all goes well for you!

u/Bitsqu · 2 pointsr/pregnant

I bought a maternity belt. It was a complete waste of money. It was so uncomfortable to wear and didn't support my back at all. It just added pressure around my belly which made everything MORE uncomfortable. This is the one I bought:

u/notacrackheadofficer · 1 pointr/Cooking

Citrus oil works twice as fast with no toxins.
I've seen crews removing 1000s of stickers in retail resets with 100% pure citrus oil air freshener spray. NOTHING works better, for sticker removal, leaving a super clean surface. Retail reset people who are tasked with 1000s of sticker removals per week are the ones who have tried literally everything, from surgical tape removal fluid, to every product and secret internet trick ever conceived.

u/MeganRene · 1 pointr/BabyBumps

Similar size as you and I got this one in a medium:

That's the style my midwife recommended. The band that goes across the top is optional for extra support but I don't ever use it as it doesn't seem necessary.

u/rc1025 · 1 pointr/beyondthebump


I found working out at all really helped. I also find myself hunching a bit when I am holding my baby and standing so I work on not doing that.

u/Pfffffbro · 1 pointr/Vive

Almost wonder if the same one would work for Doom...

They do have a Resident Evil one!

And a Skyrim one, but that's probably just 'fresh spring clean' and pine. I'm interested in the dank stank o.O Or burning crop smell or something.. Fallout better smell anything but fresh though.

u/TotoroTomato · 1 pointr/BabyBumps

For your back, heating pad and maternity support belt. I really like this one, it is serious business:

Some kind of belly oil or cream to help with the itching.

Maybe a maternity photo shoot? Not my kind of thing but seems like a nice gift!

u/Marvelous4 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
  1. Blue Power Ranger Figure Billy the OG blue ranger. He is part of the rainbow of power rangers throughout the years--the 1st and best.

  2. Summer Children's Book Learning starts as young as babies. We all had to learn about the seasons and this book teaches babies/kids the season of summer.

  3. Durian Fruit Mask Not actually food but...a mask dedicated to the stinkiest fruit in the world. Why? I don't know. :)

  4. Genji Action Figure I want to gift this to my brother because he really likes Genji of Overwatch but this one is a little more than my wallet can take.

  5. All my Friends are Dead book If you enjoy dark humor this funny, laugh-out-loud, bust-a-gut little book is for you.

  6. YUGIOH Card $0.64 and a yugioh card, WHAT A DEAL! Even the king of the games would cower in fear with this card in your hand.

  7. Dog Sunglasses If you're rocking the shades, it's only fair that your furry friend is rocking them too.

  8. DBZ Vegeta Sunglasses I could wear regular sunglasses, but wearing Vegeta Sunglasses would be twice as better. Imagine wearing these at your grandma's birthday party--everyone frozen at your mighty power level.

  9. Speed The epitome action thriller movies that will keep the audience on the edge of their seats--one of the best in my opinion.

  10. Clean Water Straw If the zombies breech the ecosystem a drinkable water filter tool will help you survive the harsh climates, if needing a drink.

  11. Posture Corrector I have a really bad back and posture for someone so young, this would really help with my health and posture in everyday life.

  12. Lysol Disinfectant I always try to keep my house and workplace clean, so it's alwways important to have a clean environment.

  13. BBC Sherlock Shirt I enjoy the show and Benedict's Sherlock, every fan should have this shirt in the wardrobe.

  14. Lladro Nigara Chandelier Over $110,000 for a fancy chandelier. I thinkn I'll stick with my rusty light fixture.

  15. Cat riding a unicorn riding a shark shirt You get the best of both worlds plus a cat! Whats not to love?

  16. Orange scented stickers Love me some oranges. The scent of oranges are amazing and taste good as well--quite the deal.

  17. Football I played football a lot as a kid. You can't beat the classics.

  18. Aqua Notes You ever get great ideas in the shower but have no place to place them? Well this is for you writer friend. It helps future writers for those notes in their works.

  19. Kars Statue Basically as the fandom calls them AZTEC GODS OF FITNESS that's all you need to know about this anime and manga P.S. Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.

  20. Asia Old Man Wall decal A great masterpiece for an icebreaker when the neighbors visit. It gave me a good laugh.

    Whew, that was quite the task. Thanks for the contest!!!
u/WetNut420 · 1 pointr/workingatamazon

I work in Inbound for Amazon and occasionally scanning on the floor, I bought this back brace (link bellow). After i started wearing this , i had no back problems/nor pain whatsoever, it really helped me out. Also invest in some work soles and knee brace. YOLO take care of your body.

Mueller 255 Lumbar Support Back...

u/jamesdadawg · 1 pointr/PSVR

The charmed aroma candle will only help immerision in games like're gonna need to get a Resident Evil 4D Candle

u/ehds88 · 1 pointr/beyondthebump

In the hospital they gave me an abdominal binder like this (sorry for the weird link):

I used that for about 2 weeks or so and then got a bellefit corset type binder that I used for about another month.

I think they are a huge help especially in the first few weeks. I had no problem with my incision healing, the binders didn't bother or irritate the incision site at all. As long as I had the sutures (I didn't have staples) I preferred having something to protect that incision site and mentally to help me not feel like my insides were going to spill out (haha).

u/EntropyOrSloth · 1 pointr/piano

I have a long-term back injury as I was hit by a car while on a motorcycle at 60mph back in 2011 - broke over a dozen bones, screwed up my spine, and have permanent nerve damage. I don't think I was lasting even 60mins on a piano bench. I did two things which had miraculous effects. First, I also put on lower back and upper back braces before sitting down on the piano bench. Secondly, I now sit on a thick memory foam cushion on top of the piano bench. Your mileage might vary, but the combo of these three items has been nothing short of miraculous for me. The other day, I sat 2 straight hours at the piano and there was not even one peep from my back.

u/rannicus · 1 pointr/Philippines

There are some nylon back braces people can wear to correct postures.

u/Toad_is_god · 1 pointr/ibs

Posture Corrector For Men And Women - USA Designed Adjustable Upper Back Brace For Clavicle Support and Providing Pain Relief From Neck, Back and Shoulder (Universal)

u/Freddyfunkalicious · 1 pointr/Cello

My issue was due to sitting at a desk all day with poor posture. I bought this back brace thing that helped to correct the underlying problem. I would highly recommend it if you think the problem is from sitting poorly.

Also, I made a diy neck hammock for cervical traction. I felt like it gave me a little relief, but nothing extraordinary.

Finally, there is a neural glide where you make an upside down ok sign over your eye. You can find a bunch of videos on youtube, but these guys show it in the last minute of their video... they also have some other interesting insights that might be enlightening.

Best of luck, and I really hope you heal faster than I did!

u/JoeyDJQ · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

This stuff absolutely melts any sticky residue. It's 100% citrus oil.

It also doubles as badass air freshener. You might not use a whole bottle of goo be gone but that works too.

u/nice_t_shirt · 1 pointr/Posture
u/d8911 · 1 pointr/BabyBumps

I got this one from Amazon and really like it:

Helps with belly and lower back pain.

u/ericlikesyou · 1 pointr/StonerProTips

Awesome, trying to find it on amazon now

EDIT: Gottems, coach

u/NYSenseOfHumor · 1 pointr/backpain

I'm 25-35 and have had back pain for years, sitting makes it worse and driving is worse than sitting so your experience is typical.

If you have a medical emergency get to an ER and/or call 911 or your national equivalent.

I've found massages help a lot, more than chiropractic in my experience. Massages for me provide longer-term relief and the massage therapist also focuses on secondary symptoms in the arms and legs that can be caused by a radiated nerve.

Since your massage is not until Friday see if you can get a walk-in or at least short notice chiropractic appointment, many have them available for this reason and it might just help carry you over.

If you can get an appointment with your primary care they may write a prescription. You should do this anyway because back problems only get worse.

I've found that wearing a back brace while sitting at my desk helps a lot, [this one] ( is the number one best seller on Amazon for a reason, I wore it all day today.

Make sure to stretch, a lot. I am bad about it when I am working and get into a project but it's important. [Foam rollers] ( are great for before and after work since it may be strange to have in your office.

For while at work, look at these videos on desk stretching from the [Mayo Clinic] (

Heat and/or ice helps too.

u/Combatical · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

hahaha, I know they have a posture correction strap you can wear.. Its a little weird, but it may help?

u/_Captain_ · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

These. Because everyone needs these. Seriously. Amazing.

Here's a link to a piece of art that I really like. I'm up for everything, really. I do like geometric. And minimalistic. Ideally, I'd love for it to be sent, but I know that can be expensive, so whatever.

Thanks so much for this contest!!

u/Vorteth · 1 pointr/Nexus6P

I have that. It securely goes in the majority of CD drives, it hasn't fallen out, doesn't seem to cause damage and has a plug spot right in the bottom middle.

u/NattyMike · 1 pointr/steroids

Do these things work?

u/Adeno · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Wisdom teeth! I hope you feel better... I imagine you're on an ice cream diet now because of it? Lol :D

Hmm let me show you a super cute stuffed toy, Webkinz Husky :D I really recommend Webkinz when it comes to animal stuffed toys! I received a few of them 2 years ago and I still have them now, they're very cute and good quality! Very cuddly haha :D

Here's a super cute Webkinz Pom Pom Kitty. This Webkinz Gray Tabby Cat is also very adorable, just look at it haha :D

Hmm cute pitbull video hehe :D

When it comes to workout stuff, you can't go wrong with BOB the Body Opponent Bag :D If normal exercises and workouts bore you, BOB will be there for you to beat up :D

As for something else, here I am jamming with Gizmo the gremlin :D

Anyway have fun, hope your pain will go away :D

u/suckinonmytitties · 1 pointr/ChronicPain

You should ask your PT too! How is your form/posture when bending down to pick up stuff?

Also I like this one for low back only: BraceUP Stabilizing Lumbar Lower Back Brace and Support Belt with Dual Adjustable Straps and Breathable Mesh Panels (L/XL)

u/doggieblacks · 1 pointr/Advice

They sell those posture corrector braces that force you to maintain a correct posture. It’s annoying, but works as long as you consistently wear it.

Posture Brace

u/rocknasian · 1 pointr/LifeProTips

This helps me.

It allows for the air (either A/C or windows down) to cool your back while you drive because it keeps your back (obviously) off the back of the seat. Also, it has excellent support, so it helps you practice good posture.

u/ilikeboobpillows · 1 pointr/bodybuilding

Hi, hope my anecdotal evidence helps a bit. Take it with a grain of salt, everyone's body reacts a bit differently to an injury.

I herniated a disk in my lower back ~ 10 months ago. After the diagnosis I was in such pain that I didn't do anything back related for a long time. I could barely sit in a 10 minute car ride without having to take a break. About 4 months ago (6 months after injury) the pain had subsided greatly but was still present. I started doing very, very, very basic back work in order to strengthen it. My rationale was that staying off it wasn't working so I wanted to attempt anything to stop the pain.

First Month sets of 10 hypertension, no weight, nice and slow. Threw some planks in there, any core work that didn't aggravate it in any way i attempted. From there I took it about as slow as humanly possible and incorporated deadlifts (9months after injury). Keeping it very light around 135 lb. I'm planning on keeping it at that weight for ~ 2-4 months before i even attempt to put more weight on. I forgot to mention that I wore a back brace for every workout, starting with the hyperextesions. I think that was another crucial part. back brace.

10 Months ago I had a doctor tell me I could never do any workout that involved weight going down on my spine. I looked everywhere for any kind of hope that it wasn't true. I hope my story will give you a bit of hope for your future fitness wise. Just remember to take it slow.

Good Luck!

u/emit140 · 1 pointr/pregnant

I’m 28w and this back brace/support band has saved me so much discomfort. My doctor let me know the branded stuff (like Belly Band) is often over priced for what it does. Bought my close friend who is having twins the same one and she loves it. Pregnancy Support Band

u/xaudionegative · 1 pointr/intermittentfasting

This is the brace in question. It says it's unisex, but the way it adjusts makes it a lot harder for smaller women (it can't really get small enough for my wife, she's 5'5 and about 110). As far as how often, before I started IF and exercising, I wore it daily for about 6 hours over the course of 2 weeks, specifically when I was at work and sitting down, or when at home sitting down. My standing posture is pretty good naturally, but my sitting posture is really slumped, and this helped correct it.


After I started exercising daily (50 pushups in the morning, then 60 situps at night, 60 reps of freeweight bench or military presses, and every once in a while bicep curls or shoulder lifts), I found I didn't really need the brace anymore when sitting, I could just tell when I was slumping and corrected it. Still, I'm going to keep it around, its a really comfortable brace and it's easy to throw on and off at will.

u/NoShrimpTaco · 1 pointr/BabyBumps

Found this one:
The price was reasonable, the reviews were generally positive, but I just ordered it a couple days ago, so not sure how I like it yet :) I figured I can always cinch it up with my sewing machine if it's not quite perfect. My OB recommended one that has shoulder straps, which makes sense to me!

u/Hopalicious · 1 pointr/GooglePixel

I use this Anker CD slot holder and it works pretty well.

u/KingWestern · 1 pointr/Twitch

I use a c920 with this for lighting, literally one light. Two would be better, one from each side to minimise shadow but it works pretty well with one in a near front on position.

I wouldn't bother with a green screen unless you're really committed to that aesthetic, a nice webcam border with the cam a bit smaller looks just as good in my opinion, just minimise the clutter behind you!

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I just got operated for a lumbar disk hernia but it was much worse than yours. But also my problem was L4-L5 as shown into your picture.

I am not a doctor but I spent months of researching and trying to avoid surgery and I just did it right in time before it got worse because it started to affect me more.

I couldn't see your whole MRI gdrive on phone but based on the first photo I see it is a lumbar disk hernia without nerve compression (yet). I can not tell if yours is yet operable or not but for sure your actions will be limited for a very long time (i tried to stay positive and not say forever). You should avoid carying any weight at all and don't jump, don't run, don't do sudden moves. These are the things my doctor said to me. Also, a very good advice he gave me, I suggest you a lumbar chair support for your spine and the position to always be with your body standing on your back as much as you can and not in the 90 degrees position with your ass dirrectly on the chair. That puts a lot of pressure on the already damaged spine and this is why you have these pains. It is a serious matter because you can cause a bigger rupture and the disk can get out more and press on your nerves and trust me you'd chose death before those pains. It is incredibly, horribly painful and please forgive me i don't intend to scare you, i am about your age. I just hope you will learn from my mistakes. I also had an accident and i chosed to ignore the consequences that on the long term got me worse.

If your doctor recommends you surgery, do it. Your young body can heal much faster and on a long term you will be totally fine. Of course you'll go through a period of recovery as I am now, but you will feel much better and your spine will begin to heal.

this is the support i am talking about. Trust me it is so much worth it. You can search for this. My
Doctor recommended me this support and now i use it everywhere, i will use it in my car too when i will drive again!

Stay confident and be optimistic. You will be fine! Follow your doctor's instructions!