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u/library_pixie · 142 pointsr/WhatsWrongWithYourCat

My cat was doing the same. She ate so fast she wasn't even fully digesting it... according to the vet, it wasn't even hitting her stomach before she puked it up. (She said because it was "tubed and undigested" that implies it's not going past the esophagus.)

We bought her this, and it's really helped the problem. She still throws up about once a week, but it's no longer daily. It took her about two months to really start using it (putting treats in it really helped), and it helped that I took out the top level at first. (Once she got better at using it, I put the top level back.)

If your cat has the same problem, I recommend it!

u/cael_dranwylr · 38 pointsr/MadeMeSmile

Petlinks Mystery Motion via Amazon $24.49
Edit: It is Prime eligible as well.

u/silachan · 30 pointsr/LifeProTips

They make actual items like that now, nicknamed "snuggle mamas" for orphaned kittens/puppies.

He was on the right track with that!

u/oneqwkgt · 28 pointsr/funny

For those wanting one...
Volwco Cat Funny Toys Interactive Wooden Solid Whack A Mole Mouse Game Puzzle Toy

u/stitcher22 · 15 pointsr/LifeProTips

I love the Snuggle Kitty for kittens because it has a little heartbeat in it.

u/Twitch-Drone · 14 pointsr/CatTaps

I went onto amazon found the toy for $10 you can buy replacements for $5 Link

(Also TIL about

u/LakotaSilver · 14 pointsr/cats

Goodness, what a cutie! She looks like a Chloe or an Emma to me ;}

Pretend as if you're about to adopt a very mobile, active toddler/baby human. Try to look around your home and see any things the cat might get into/eat/destroy and tidy up those things as much as possible. For example, if you have blinds on the window in your room, you might want to tie up the pull-strings so a curious cat can't grab them, and tuck electrical cords away as best you can. If you have any houseplants, google them online to make sure they aren't toxic (a good place to start is ). Cats definitely won't stop themselves from eating toxic plants - my 19-year-old idiot decided the green onions in the backyard looked tasty one day and tried a bite, and my 1-year-old idiot had a go at a poinsettia I had inside (it has since been exiled to the backyard - the plant, not the cat!)

I also personally NEVER leave out any toys that my cats can easily rip up and ingest parts of - this means nothing small and nothing with feathers, string, leather, or straw. Cats can get VERY sick and die if they eat string/"linear foreign bodies".

I only leave out sturdy "interactive" toys that the cats can initiate play with on their own, such as these:

Putting normal toys away when it isn't "playtime" also helps keep the cat from getting bored with the toys. And cats CAN be curious about the strangest things - they'll want to open cupboards and knock things off tables and investigate every box and bag that comes into the house. So if anyone in your house takes medicines, make sure the bottles are closed very firmly, and put away in a cupboard, things like that. If you have things that you collect (like statues or figurines) or if you have anything breakable, make sure it isn't sitting on a table where a cat can paw it off onto the ground! A cat will paw at/investigate everything. You can't protect them from everything, and no one can put away everything in their lives, but you can take a few precautions.

Another general word of advice I can give, and it's perhaps the most important one, is do not feed her kibble. No kibble at all. Feed her canned food only (preferably grain-free). Kibble is terrible and leads to a number of health problems, including urinary tract problems, kidney problems, and chronic dehydration (which leads to constipation). Long story short, for the best health, cats should be fed a grain-free canned formula high in meat protein, which is closer to their normal, natural diet, and no kibble whatsoever. Even the worst canned food is miles better than the "best" high-quality gourmet kibble. Kibble has no benefits at all. It is worth the $$$ to feed a canned food diet, you will save money in vet bills and dental cleanings overall.

If you are interested, the reason for wet food is this - cats have a very low thirst drive, as they evolved from desert-dwelling animals, and have changed very little after our "domestication" of them - genetically and physically, they're still pretty much 99% their ancestors. A wild feline is designed to get almost all of its moisture needs out of its prey (meat, blood) and thus has very little "urge" to drink. Even if you think a cat is drinking enough, it's not. Any cat on kibble is in a state of dehydration - they simply do not drink enough to make up for it.

The other benefit of high-protein, grain-free canned foods is that they have actual MEAT proteins, and will provide good, usable nutrients to your cats, instead of useless bulky grains and carbs. Most kibbles are mostly grains, which means they pass through the cat's digestive tract without being digested. The cat derives no nutritional value from them. On a good meaty canned food, cats will eat their meals and feel more appropriately full, because their bodies are able to actually digest the food they're eating. With kibble, especially free-fed kibble, a cat will always eat more than you realize they are, because they can't digest half of what they're eating, so they constantly feel hungry, because they're literally not getting the proper nutrition from their food.

Also - having cats on a species-appropriate diet will have one other benefit. Their poops will smell a LOT less! (On a raw diet, the poops will be small, dry, whitish, and they will have no smell at all. No joke. I can stick my entire head in the litterbox seconds after my cat drops a deuce and I can't smell a thing.) Cats bury their waste instinctively to protect themselves from being found by predators and competitors (other cats), so their bodies are designed to digest protein very efficiently and thus they will produce less waste and less smell when on an appropriate diet. And every cat owner wants a less stinky litterbox!

Fish is not an appropriate diet for cats - do not feed a food that is primarily fish or high in fish. Cats build up mercury in their bodies far faster than humans do, since they are smaller, plus fish causes other issues:

Feed her A LOT. Kittens need to eat pretty much constantly as they are literally just calorie-burning growing machines ;} I've heard "feed a kitten as much as it will eat". Kittens usually need to eat up to 3x the recommended amount of adult food per day - when my younger girl was still a kitten, she would eat 6-7 cans (3oz each) per day. Keep offering food often - they need to eat every few hours.

Get vet checkups at least once a year (including dental checks/cleaning), and have her microchipped and have her wear a collar with ID tags at all times, even if you intend for her to be fully indoors. I have two friends, one in Arizona and the other in California, both who refused to put collars/ID tags on their cats because "oh, they'll never get out!" (One friend didn't even spay her cat, she was THAT convinced the cat would never escape.) Of course, both sets of cats got out - in Arizona through the carelessness of another family member, and in California as the result of a burglary that left a window smashed. One friend only found one of her cats. The other found hers, but the cat had gotten pregnant in the meantime. So, all cats should wear collars and ID tags, because no matter how careful YOU are, bad luck still happens!

Make sure you familiarize yourself with foods that are toxic to cats and keep them away from the cat - these include xylitol, chocolate, onions, garlic, and alcohol. As I mentioned before, many houseplants are toxic as well, such as poinsettias and lilies. Citrus fruits are toxic to cats. Many "essential oils" are also toxic to cats, so if you or anyone you live with uses scented oils or essential oils (such as tea tree oil), be careful.

Cats should instinctively use a litterbox. They do not want to "advertise" their presence to potential predators or rivals, so they should instinctively want to bury their waste to hide its scent.

You may want to get multiple litterboxes. The "general rule of thumb" is one box per cat plus one. Scoop every day! You can invest in rolls of "doggie-doo bags" like these - I open one bag and put it next to me when I'm scooping the box. I drop the poops and pee-clumps into the doggie-doo bag, then tie off the bag and toss it! It helps keep stink to a minimum inbetween trash pickup days, and it's more sanitary than just dumping the bits straight into the trash can.

I also have my litterboxes on litter mats. They will save your sanity. This is my favorite one so far:

A litter mat REALLY helps "catch" most tracked-out litter. I've also got one of these mats, which is great for its size but isn't AS easy to clean:

That's all I can think up off the top of my head for now :} I'm definitely no cat expert, but feel free to ask any other questions you might have!

u/A_Deflating_Runner · 12 pointsr/aww

I got one of these for my chubby cat. He lays on the floor and rolls the ball back and forth down the length of his arm, barely lifting his head to eat the pieces that fall out. Sort of defeats the purpose there, Fat Man...

We also got him one of these and he just hip-checks the damn thing, knocking half of the food out in a single shot. I'd be annoyed, but I'm too impressed by his ingenuity.

u/LadyDarkKitten · 11 pointsr/Pets

... I know this isn't what you want to hear, but for my idea to work it has to be said... Put the people food away. Sorry, it had to be said. Now we can move on, have you tried a puzzle toy with treats in it? There are a number of good puzzle toys for kitties, not only can it ease food seeking behavior but it will easy stress and loneliness when you aren't around to play with them. Something like this. Which you can make if you have some glue and extra cardboard laying about.

u/likethekeyonthekeybd · 11 pointsr/Pets

What about some toys that are like this? I use toys like these. They are prompted by the cat playing with it but are also encouraging them to keep playing by maintaining their interest.

u/scratchfury · 10 pointsr/StartledCats


u/Hazmat_Cat · 9 pointsr/CatTaps

Looks like it's a battery operated toy that flings a string out. Here it is on Amazon.

Edit: link

u/NatashaRomanof · 8 pointsr/AskWomen

Energy drinks are my favorite self-indulgent treats. Other little things for myself are cute earrings, stationary supplies like pens and washi tape, enamel pins, or makeup. I adore the Korean and Japanese makeup that comes in the cutest packaging. Most of that stuff I do not get on Amazon though.

I like getting stuff for my cats, too. I recently bought [one of these] ( One of my cats loves it, the rest are mostly indifferent. Still worth it.

I also recently bought this set of succulent gardening tools to help me manage my growing succulent garden. It's very handy!

u/how-sway-how · 8 pointsr/youseeingthisshit
u/nameless_miqote · 8 pointsr/CatSlaps

I got it on Amazon. :) The toy hangs off of door frames, though I actually haven’t used it much since that video was taken since my cat kept loudly flinging the toy into the ceiling, and I have neighbors upstairs. Here’s a link: Ethical A-Door-Able Bouncing Mouse Cat Toy , Assorted Colors

Another bungee toy that hangs off doorknobs and is much quieter: JW Pet Company Spring String Cat Toy I leave this out for the cats to play with without supervision, but I have to keep an eye on them when I use the one in the video.

u/snarkfish · 8 pointsr/lifehacks

i paid $20 for a wood version

last longer than a pizza box i am sure

u/TheLawIsi · 8 pointsr/newhampshire

To be honest this sounds like a terrible reason to give up your cat. If you can't be home much to entertain him make the house cat worthy so he can enjoy it when your not home. Give him some cat shelves plant some cat grass and use some automatic toys to play with when your not home.
toy 2

u/BigRedDawg103 · 7 pointsr/funny

amazon of course

u/bobbyjellybean · 7 pointsr/Advice

Get the cat some self stimulating toys like this which might help, especially if you put catnip on it. But that's no substitute for human interaction and the kitty might just have a higher need for socialization. My cat is 13 years old and she still whines when we close a door and she can't see us!

Having a roommate though, this might be a situation where you do need to shut the cat in the room if it's bothering them. As long as kitty has food, water, and a litter box, it's maybe not ideal but it's the considerate thing to do.

u/Turtle_Sensei · 6 pointsr/Pets

Get them to a vet for a checkup, and then yes get better food. But if they're overweight and have been on supermarket kibble they've likely got some health issues. Also, keeping something that smells like the grandmother around for them will help them transition into you and your hubby and dog moving into their home and her being gone. Feliway may also be a good idea to get as well.


And exercise them! I got this for my cats and they adore it:


They play with it for a long time! And there's also a laser thing you can get that moves without you having to do anything but turn it on, that way if you don't have time to play, or aren't feeling well, they still get their exercise! Cats also love bubbles and they make Catnip bubbles!


Lastly, if you'd like I can knit you a toy for them and send it your way. Shouldn't cost me too much to ship. (I'm offering to send it for free) I make Pokeball cat toys, F-Bomb cat toys, and little knitted mice. While they're safe for cats, as with any toy with parts than can be possibly digested, I advise you to monitor the pet when they're playing with them. You can see what they look like here:


If you want me to send you one for them, shoot me a pm!

u/CandygramForMongo1 · 6 pointsr/cats

These are a huge hit with our youngest: kitty springs
Buy a pack of several-- they disappear all over the house.

Also, Da Bird is a fun interactive toy that will help burn off some of that kitten energy before bedtime: Buy an extra "bird" or two for backup. They hold up surprisingly well for being made of feathers, but they still get pretty beat up.

u/KneeDeepInAMotelTub · 6 pointsr/funny

I suggest these, one of my cats is obsessed and likes to fetch them down the hall. He will literally play with it by himself for an hour though.

If you leave them on a flat surface they roll and bounce when the cats bat and play with them. They also really seem to like batting them back and forth underneath kitchen tables and chairs.

Best cat toy ever.

u/galfriday612 · 6 pointsr/StartledCats

It’s a cat dancer !

u/Imaurel · 6 pointsr/AskWomen

I have gotten a lot off of Amazon. Like a bunch of cheap cat toys. A screen for my deck door. A comforting book. The world's best chocolate covered cherries. My favorite coffee. This fur throw to go on this chair. And this playpen/sleeper for my been nephew. Amazon's so good.

u/brightgreyday · 6 pointsr/HelpMeFind

You can buy a similar one on amazon

u/Socrato · 5 pointsr/Atlanta

I see there's the smarty cat concealed motion toy (this one)

I actually have one that my cat has no interest in. Is it possible for me to donate it in person? I pass lifeline fairly frequently

u/Amonette2012 · 5 pointsr/NorwegianForestCats

This is on par for cats. Cats go to the secure place, then wait there until they have sussed out their environment from under the bed. They may be tempted out by an enticing robot toy, and for this I recommend this thing which is the only toy we have that gets my Tuesday to forget she's scared of stuff and want to kill the fluffy. This reminds her that she is a brave little hunter and that the bed is her hunting cave:

You don't have to get in on Amazon but I recommend it as a toy. Add catnip to the tail but for extra kittehbelleh.

Cats will stay in their cave until they are tempted out. This means a) leave them be, and b) put stuff near the place they holed up in that they have the option of being interested in, without pushing it on them.

If all noises and movements seem to freak them out, just leave the room to them for a day or two and let them come out when they're curious. Cats are curious creatures once their natural fear of bigger creatures has subsided enough for their cat-pride to remind them that they can manipulate us into... well let's just say that I haven't been to the bathroom, showered or slept alone for three years now.

Just give them time, things to be interested in (i.e. kill, at least for now) and add other bolt holes they can move over to, like cat trees with enclosures and cardboard boxes with multiple escape methods.

Ideally, to make a cat feel secure, add up-high retreats and getaways. In the wild, most cats prefer to have a little highway they can access that we don't step on - tree branches, walls, etc. For a cat to be at home in a human home, you have to give them a range of cubbies, gangplanks, shelves and hideyholes that let them live next to you, rather than on your actual plane.

Also if they have a way to move around the house that doesn't involve our couch, they won't scratch the shit out of it. As much.

For now, leave the cat alone but do interesting things that a cat might like (tying string to your ankle works well). In the long term, try to look at your home from your cat's point of view and give them an alternative way to get around that makes them feel safe and in control. Cats really like to be in charge, and they feel easier about that if they can get up high and look down.

u/animaladvocate · 5 pointsr/Pets

2 months old? And you are wondering how to "tame" him?! I rescue cats, mostly kittens and there is only one way to "tame" a rambunctious kitten-PLAY WITH HIM! Wear him out. He is a little body with all of this energy that he needs to get out...he is doing what every kitten does if someone doesn't play with them...he knocks over plants, he tears stuff up, he is a terror. Find some toys that are interactive for when you are not there but play with him twice a day for 15-20 minutes or more. I recommend a laser pointer for playtime with him. That wears a kitten out more than anything.

Use a spray bottle, squirt him when he does something you don't want him to do-BE CONSISTENT and don't let him see it come from you. You want him to think...gee, everytime I step on this table, water comes from somewhere and I don't like it. If he knows it comes from you, when you aren't there he will do it.

Here are some toys I like to use for these little guys.
Only use this one under your supervision since he's so small...I have had a kitten get their head stuck and it took a vet to get her out after putting her under anesthetic and using a saw to cut her out.

Also, do you realize that he will be this way for a few more months? Don't play with him using your hands (he will think they are toys and might bite you) and get him a scratching post. He is at the point, if he is two months old, that he can be neutered as well.

Good luck

u/Purple4199 · 5 pointsr/AskWomen

I second the playing tactics. I had to hire a cat behaviorist for one my cat (yes it was that bad) and she taught me how to correctly play with cats. Mimicking how a prey acts and behaves makes play time physically and mentally stimulating for kitty. Just changing how I played with him changed some of his misbehaving.

I totally got into the roll of the "prey" and actually really had fun figuring out new ways to do that. I've found one of my cats loves to catch things in the air and jumps super high. My other cat is super fast and after the initial stalking period he loves the toy to be whipped around like crazy.

This is the toy the behaviorist recommended and it is amazing. It's cheap, the cats LOVE it, so I always keep a supply of them in the house. The other thing is to make sure you don't leave these special toys out all the time. Put them away when you are done playing so it remains an exciting thing for them to do.

u/TheDrunkenGoat · 5 pointsr/mainecoons

I totally agree that it's not an excuse for the cat to misbehave but often they are still learning the boundaries of the house and trying to see what they can get away with.

Every cat is different, but would a loud hand clap startle her if she sneaks up on you when you don't have the squirt gun or a "hey!"?

I've personally had good luck with feather wands, cheap feather boas that you can swish around for the carts to chase and tackle, a ping pong ball (on the hard floors), squeaking prey toys, this mouse toy that runs away when your cat swats it and plastic rings.

I guess it depends on what sort of games your cat likes already. Since she's all about the sneak attack- maybe a remote controlled mouse? or maybe a puzzle box?

Some of these you can make at home or substitute to get an idea of how your cat will respond to it before spending lots of money on something that they aren't too enthusiastic about.

u/tyh64 · 5 pointsr/CatGifs

Looks like one of these:
Petlinks Mystery Motion Cat Toy Concealed Motion Toy, Colors may vary

u/lithelylove · 5 pointsr/Pets

Congratulations on a new cat! This is going to be long, but trust me, it'll be worth it.

Cats are simple and relatively cheap to take care of. They really just need six basic things to be happy on a daily basis.

  1. Quality food. Firstly, remember that cats are not omnivores like dogs. They are obligate carnivores which means they can't survive if they don't eat meat. Do not try to put them on vegan diets, and try to avoid feeding them too much grain. Don't be too quick to grab the cheapest food you can find because cheap pet food have low quality ingredients and lots of filler. Experts say that feeding cheap food to pets is the human equivalent of eating McDonald's every meal of the day. When it comes to feeding them human food, google "what human food can cats eat" and you'll get plenty of information. Also note that almost all cats are lactose intolerant. Giving them bowl-fulls of milk or cream can get very detrimental. Of course, no chocolate, ever!
  2. Clean water. Surprisingly large amount of people don't know that pets require clean water too. Whatever water is fit for humans is what you should be giving your cat.
  3. Scratcher or a cat tree. Ideally, you'd provide a multi-tiered cat tree with beds and scratching posts included so that it can be a one stop relief station for your cat. That's where they can destress by scratching, stimulate by play and exercise, and relax by sleeping. This is a really good example of an all-in-one tree. But if you want to opt for a simple scratcher, it would suffice as long as you provide alternatives for their other needs.
  4. Regularly cleaned litter box. Get a low dust litter to reduce the risk of allergies for both you and your cat. I prefer natural wood or walnut based litter because it smell less of chemicals and are environmentally friendly, but that's up to you. There are so many kinds of litter out there, but I recommend the clumping type. As for the size, the litter box should be big enough for your cat to comfortably turn around in.
  5. 10 minutes of interactive play time with you. Most cats just need 10 minutes of active playtime and they're good to go. You'll know when they had enough play because they'll let you know. The best toys are wand toys that mimic birds or mice. Avoid giving cats strings, ribbons, or yarn because even though cats LOVE to play with those, those are easily snapped apart by teeth and cats tend to swallow them. Opt for something like the cat dancer toy instead if your cat shows a strong preference towards ribbony toys. Watch some videos about how to pet or play with cats because they are very different from dogs! (Many people don’t realise this.) You’ll start to figure to out what works best as you get to know your new feline family member better.
  6. Regular grooming. This includes trimming their nails, brushing their fur, brushing their teeth, and the occasional trip to a professional groomer. Nails need to be trimmed for both the human's and the cat's safety. Just make sure you learn how to trim them by watching YouTube videos. I recommend nail scissors over other types. Shorthair cats can go with brushing once a week, but longhair cats have to brushed at the minimum once every 2 to 3 days to avoid matting and vomiting up furballs from ingesting too much loose fur while grooming themselves. Matting is when the fur gets tangled up so bad that it becomes a hard ball of fur that have to be removed by cutting or shaving. It can get painful for the cat so it's best practice to brush them as often as possible. Recommended brushes are slicker brushes and furminator brushes when trying to take out matts. As for their oral health, majority of pet owners aren't aware that cats (and dogs) actually do need to get their teeth brushed every single day even if you get dental cleanings (which are done under full anaesthesia) at the vet annually. Brushing can extend the amount of time between each full dental cleaning and also, reduce the risk of them losing their teeth as they get older. Works just like humans. You can use pet toothpaste and baby toothbrushes or specially made pet toothbrushes to do this. You can find everything you need at your local pet supply store.

    And of course, collar tags and yearly vet visits are always recommended for long term benefits.

    As for safety, most cat experts say cats do best as strictly indoor pets but a lot of owners prefer to let them come and go as they please. I’m a firm believer in keeping mine indoors so I keep windows and doors closed at all times. If they want to go outside, I'll accompany them with a cat harness.

    Phew, hope you made it all the way to the end. Good luck with your new pet!
u/glassgypsy · 5 pointsr/relationship_advice

In a bit of a rush, but some quick tips:

You might need to reintroduce to the cats. This site was a lifesaver when I adopted my second cat:

It’s also important to play with the rambunctious cats a LOT to wear them out. This is a great toy:

Cat Dancer Products Rainbow Cat Charmer

More places for them to climb - this is the cheapest but most well built cat tree I’ve found (you don’t need to be a Costco member to order):

u/frowny3 · 4 pointsr/OkCupid
u/andreablondie · 4 pointsr/Pets

Try an interactive toy like Da Bird (my cats love this one), Cat Dancer, or a laser pointer. He probably wants attention from you as well as needing something to do. Interactive toys are great for this and will help you bond as well. Playing with him for 30-60 minutes before you go to bed should tire him out enough to sleep most of the night.

u/dottiepalooza · 4 pointsr/funny

The recommended amount is often too much. If that amount makes him chunky, feed him less. Also, you can get him active with toys like these: link link link

u/Sewwattsnew · 4 pointsr/cats

Mine definitely play this game on purpose. The pantry door is their preferred spot but I bought them this toy and they use it a bit as well. They like to use table and chair legs as obstacles too. It's only fun if it's extra challenging, I guess.

u/[deleted] · 4 pointsr/CatAdvice

First, buy this. My cats are all indoor cats only, and I worried about their sanity too. They LOVE this. They play with it so much. You can set a timer too, so it can go for a while and you can go to work without leaving it on ALL day.

You might just have a cat obsessed with you. One of my cats is IN LOVE with me and whenever she even hears me come home, won't stop meowing. She follows me everywhere and hates my husband for "taking up" her mommy time (we assume).

Try the toy, it might really help. Good luck!

u/hstarbird11 · 4 pointsr/Pets

Order this toy. It won't solve all your problems, but every single cat I've introduced to it, young and old, go absolutely crazy over it

u/1bdkty · 4 pointsr/CatAdvice

absolutely. However a cat needs more stimulation than once every couple of days. Get a wand toy (like Da' Bird ), get some treat balls ( ) that you can put treats in for him to find. There is this butterfly toy that is very popular and pretty cheap ( $9.99 US) that most cats seems to love. Pet him, brush him, just talk to him (read him a book or reddit posts you think are funny or homework or whatever).

He probably don't want to go out but is bored. Cats can do fine inside and live long happy lives. Just find what he likes to do and make sure he gets his favorite activities.

u/llamalamaglama · 3 pointsr/AskVet

Vet student and cat lover here. Undersocialized kittens, kittens separated from their mom too early, and Bengals can all make challenging pets, so I'm not surprised you're having some trouble with that combination!

It sounds like your kitten has play aggression. Basically, he's bored and under-stimulated, and his pent-up energy is being directed towards you. Here's some information about play aggression from the SF SPCA, a well-respected behavior consultant, and VCA hospitals. I hope you'll find it useful!

My cat used to be play-aggressive, and here's what's worked for me:

  • Lots and lots of play. Aim for at least two sessions of 10-15 minutes per day of active play, and try to wear him out!

  • Try lots of toys! Kittens will have different preferences and may get bored over time, so switch things up. I'm giving some links of toys that, in my experience, cats go crazy over. They're not affiliate links, I don't work for the companies, and you can find them in pet stores as well: Cat catcher, Cat Charmer, Da Bird, and Cat Crazies A lot of cats also go crazy for foil balls and drinking straws if you throw them around. Try to have a variety of toys- wand toys, sparkle balls, bouncy balls, big catnip toys your kitten can kick, little catnip toys he can carry around, soft toys, plastic toys- you get the idea. If your cat is an ambush hunter, he may also like if you dangle a toy at one end of a cat tunnel so he can run through and grab it.

  • Try to engage in play before you see any signs of playfulness or aggression, and definitely learn to recognize those signs and act on them! I've found that while redirecting with toys is the smart thing to do, at that point, it's usually too late.

  • Cat tend to have a hunt-eat-groom-sleep cycle. Try to feed twice a day at regular times, and play for a bit first. Cats like being on a schedule.

  • More cat trees and build/buy cat shelves if you're able!

  • Wear shoes/boots in the house if you have to. Doing this saved my ankles, and I wonder if part of the reason he attacks you more than your BF is that you react more so it's more fun for him.

  • Food puzzles! Here's a site with a ton of options, including super cheap or free/recycled ones.

  • Look into clicker training! Good way to keep him physically and mentally occupied.

    I hope this helps! I realize I've just thrown a ton of info at you, and my main suggestion is to take just a couple little ideas and start incorporating them. Maybe find one toy he loves and use it twice a day, scatter his food over his cat tree or in an ice cube tray, and try to keep yourself covered so he can't hurt you.

    Also, definitely take him to the vet! I agree he can probably be neutered now or soon, it's always good to take new pets to the vet, and they may have behavior advice. Best of luck!
u/vbguy77 · 3 pointsr/Wishlist

These are the best thing to replace that milk jug ring. They're made out of tough pastic, and both my cats chase it more than they would a jug ring. :)

u/JavaMoose · 3 pointsr/funny

I've found these are equal to the plastic milk lid rings, at least as far as my cats are concerned.

u/jdmcatz · 3 pointsr/JustNoSO

I am glad you figured this out now rather than later. I can't imagine being tied to someone like that forever. It was such a low blow and you deserve an apology. She is acting like a spoiled, entitled brat and I'm sorry about that. It seems that her parents feel that they raised her better than that.

At least you got kitties! I can reccomend some toys my cat loves. They have these cardboard holiday houses at [Target] ( (Halloween right now) and they are also scratchers. My kitty also loves a [three tier ball thing] (

u/alienumnox · 3 pointsr/Pets

Not eventually. ASAP. Getting a female cat fixed will make her life, and your life, much easier. Please get her fixed. I know it seems silly, but if there are unfixed males in your neighborhood, they will sense her hormones and will spray the outside of your house and that will drive your male cat crazy. Get her fixed. If the cost is an issue, check out helpful funding programs at your local shelter.

Why don't you intend to have them indoors forever? Indoor cats live for 12-20 years, where as outdoor cats live for about 3-5. It's safer to keep your cats indoors. Please reconsider making them outdoor cats.

Indoor entertainment, besides interactive toys, is you. How often and for how long each day do you play with your cats? They should get at least a 20-30 minute play session with you each day. Preferably before you feed them at night. I realize you said you work long hours, but you need to make time for your pets. Here are some good interactive toys: One, Two, Three.

The male is wandering around talking to himself because he is bored.

u/theRacistEuphemism · 3 pointsr/Pets

I second a more elaborate tower or tree!

I replied to a post similar to this so I'm just gonna yank that answer because these products might be handy for you to consider too, especially if you don't have the time, space, or funds to get a second cat (it's also not a guarantee they'll get along):

What about toys you can hang off door knobs or the tops of doors that mimic you on the other end?

Then there are some good play toys that can be enjoyed solo or with you. Our cats love these Sproket straws because they're woven and bouncy, so the weave can catch in their claws as they bat at it, which lets them toss it around in the air and chase after it on their own, which is like a step up from normal straws (which can also be a good time):

Tracks like these can be a lot of fun for cats even on their own:

If weight/diet isn't an issue and he is food motivated, you can get a treat ball:

We got the purple Kong one with one hole from Petsmart for $6. I "reinforced" mine with tape so it takes longer and more rolling to get the kibble out, but a palm full (0.5 oz) of kibble keeps my younger cat busy for half an hour, and then she stops and goes back to it occasionally throughout the night for short bursts. Definitely keeps her busy.

Our cats really like hanging out and chasing toys in and out of this too:

u/auntiechrist23 · 3 pointsr/TwoXChromosomes

My kitty is also very picky about toys, but his favorite is cheap and awesome... Cat Dancer! It's just wire and cardboard tubing, so you could totally make one. Your little Boo will have some serious fun!

u/chloh · 3 pointsr/AskSF

I can't really speak for any institutions that are cat-friendly, but my cat is solely an indoor cat (he's FIV+) and I feel bad about having him in a small apartment as well. I try to exercise him every night with toys -- he really loves this one. I can sit on my bed and just bounce it around the floor and on the bed and he goes crazy for it! After 20 minutes he gets tired out, and it's somewhat of an arm workout for me as well.

u/Lemoncow · 3 pointsr/cats

It's cheap and simple, but my super lazy cat goes crazy for this thing called the Cat Dancer. And yes, it is just rolled up pieces of paper at the end of a wire. I have no idea what it is he loves about it.

u/stayingontask · 3 pointsr/cats

This. Freaking. Thing.

It's just a wire with rolled up pieces of paper on it that you wave around your cat. Mine are both 7 and lost interest in toys a few years ago, but they LOVE that thing. Plus, it's only $2.

Additionally, the only other toy they really play with is this feathered Kong catnip toy.

u/wingwalker86 · 3 pointsr/bengalcats

It’s called a “Cat Dancer”. They’re super inexpensive ($1.99 on Amazon last time I bought one). My bengal would make these adorable chirping sounds he didn’t normally make while playing with it. It’s also great because you can tape it to the wall when your arm gets tired and they can bat at it on their own time. I’ve given them as gifts to several friends and every cat seems to love it. Here’s the link:

u/dalesd · 3 pointsr/Pets

Maybe try some new toys?

I've been meaning to make a list of my cats' favorite toys. I have two cats, brother and sister, Millie and Smokey, now about 9 months old.

First, I can't explain it, but this carrot. I bought it on a whim at a pet store because it was on clearance and I thought it kind of looked like the Minecraft carrot and I thought it would be cute to see them playing with it. It comes with separate catnip container and you can fill the carrot with catnip, but I didn't use any. OMG, they go crazy for the thing. They get super possessive of it. If the other cat comes near, they'll growl and run away. Smokey likes to be chased when he has the carrot in his mouth. I lunge like I want to steak his carrot and he runs a few feet away, daring me to try to take it again. Millie will self-play with the carrot, batting it around on our hardwood floors. They've gone through two already. I think it's time to get a third.

Da Bird. It was recommended here and it's awesome. Something about the movement, the twirling, the colors, the noise. They can't ignore this thing. If the feather thing gets destroyed, replacements are available and cheap.

Cat Dancer 101. This is a stiff wire with some cardboard bits on one end. Move it and shake it a bit and I guess it looks like a flying insect. On the plus side, when they catch it, it's fairly easy to get them to release it.

Cat Dancer 301. This is Millie's favorite. She knows where I keep it and "leads" me to it at every opportunity. Like, first thing when I wake up and when I get home from work. It's a short stick with a long strip of fleece material. Wave it as you move in a circle and they're mesmerized. When they catch it, it's a bit difficult to get them to release it.

u/picklesthecat · 3 pointsr/cats

There are three toys I've found that cats consistently like, and they are all pretty cheap.

  1. A laser pointer
  2. catnip
  3. a cat dancer
u/zereldalee · 3 pointsr/CatAdvice

My cats have a ton of toys too, these are the only ones they really like now and still play with: (I was skeptical my cat would play with this but they all went INSANE with it - kicking up a storm and wrestling with it) (this one you have to play with them. I'd say it mimics flying insects and my cats NEVER get tired of it) (a wand toy. Mine get bored with wands after awhile but for some reason really like this one)

A laser pointer is always good for exercise and fun also.

u/miss_marty_mew · 3 pointsr/gifs

These are safer.

No I don't work for this company, my cats just love these. :)

u/Piperg233 · 3 pointsr/kittens

I recommend getting a companion toy like to mimic the heartbeat and warmth of their mother. I got the snuggle puppy version for my dog when she was a puppy because she had separation anxiety and it provided her with great comfort.

u/pizzasandplants · 3 pointsr/vegan

Get your cat some puzzle feeders that vary in difficulty and start meal-feeding your cat exclusively. Breakfast lunch and dinner, nothing else. My cats have never been overweight, but they used to incessantly beg for food.

Jackson Galaxy is an amazing vegan, cat behaviorist (who also had a gastric bypass for a weight problem, himself- so he’s got some empathy for overweight pets) and if you look him up you’ll get a lot of good information about how to parent your cat.

Here’s one of my favorite puzzle feeders because of it’s difficulty.
But I’d recommend a variety. You can also make your puzzles out of trash if you can’t afford to buy a bunch of puzzles.

If you feed him a late dinner in a difficult puzzle it’ll keep him occupied for quite a while. Then you’ll have fewer hours of whining to endure.

u/Pieuponieu · 3 pointsr/mildlyinfuriating

Sorry, that's hilarious! You should think about getting one of these:

Catit Design Senses Food Maze

Make him work for it. He might still make a mess, but it will be a lot harder for him to do so.

u/flutes_of_chi · 3 pointsr/Pets

This looks like a good design. I got this one a while back that I had to modify because my cats kept tipping it over to get to the food. I took off the base and replaced it with a wood post glued on top of a board (so that the cats would have to sit on the board to reach the food, which prevented it from being tipped). They hated it and would cry at night to bed fed.

u/Extreme_Archer · 3 pointsr/foxes

Petlinks Mystery Motion toy

US Amazon

UK Amazon

u/armaticon · 3 pointsr/aww

hey! I'm not u/BakingSoda1990 but I had a cat a few years ago that was a little overweight. She got down to a healthy weight when I transitioned her over to wet food instead of dry. Also getting her on a morning/evening feeding schedule seemed to help.

She passed away from old age (RIP, she was an awesome old lady) - so I adopted 2 new cats when I was ready. One of them prefers her kibble but I can get her to eat a little bit of the canned by microwaving it and mixing in some low sodium chicken broth. She's mostly on dry food now, but it is what it is.

It's ultimately your choice and u/BakingSoda1990 is definitely more knowledgeable but I wanted to add my two-cents. :) good luck!

also don't mean to spam you with links, but my cats LOVE this toy and I think it can easily be found at Petco or Petsmart:
Cat Dancer Products Rainbow Cat Charmer

more info:

u/lunacha · 3 pointsr/CatAdvice

Those are some big cats you got there! xD I bought this string stick toy and it's still in good condition as of now. I don't usually play with the ones with the little mouse on them because the strings are usually fragile but this works.

I don't play with the ones with the feathers in them as well because the feathers tend to fall all over the place and can get a bit messy.

u/omegaphora · 3 pointsr/aww

Yeah we have 2 cats. One FatCat, one SiameseDerpCat. The FatCat is very dedicated.

We also have one of these treat boxes and FatCat does the same thing - fishes out as many as possible before gorging on them.

It's quite unfortunate. She's fat, and also has a sensitive tummy so if she eats too much/too fast, or any variation of that, she pukes. :\

One time FatCat gorged on treats from the box, went to the Treat-Ball-That-Really-Has-Regular-Catfood, ate some regular catfood, and barfed ON the treatball. The DerpCat was upset since she couldn't get to the food either.


u/morgansometimes · 3 pointsr/AskWomen

My male cat LOVES LOVES LOVES hair bands and springs. You can buy little springs at the pet store. I was shocked how much they actually liked the springs.

My female cat loves pens and this little thingy. She can turn it on and off by herself, and she LOVES it.

u/jrex42 · 3 pointsr/CatAdvice

This one looks fun, but might be a bit noisy if you’re in a small house/ apartment.

My cats like this one:

u/monkeykins · 3 pointsr/Delightfullychubby

It was an amazon multipack purchase. I'll see if I can find it.

Ninja edit: Fashion's Talk Cat toys Variety Pack for Kitty 20 pieces

u/Sarabus · 3 pointsr/CatAdvice

If you’ve just fed him and he has access to water he might just be bored. My girl tends to sleep through the night but my friends would yell at night too. He ended up getting a few automatic toys to keep him occupied. This was one the things he got:

Other than that I can just recommend ignoring him so he’ll learn that he will only get attention when he’s quiet. Hope this helps, best of luck!

u/i_miss_old_reddit · 3 pointsr/Delightfullychubby

Got a cheap version of it in this multipack:

Ended up taking the ball and feathers off the end, and gluing magnets to the end of the stick and the ball. Now when the cat 'catches' the feather, they come off the stick. He triumphantly carries the feathers around the house.

u/Minemose · 3 pointsr/catbellies

They are in that big pack of cat toys on Amazon. My cats go nuts over that feather boinger.

u/lazer_potato · 3 pointsr/catproblems

The first thing to resolve is playtime. It's possible she just loves plastic, but the fact that she doesn't want to play with you at all suggests either a picky cat, or one that doesn't yet trust you. You're the food provider, but playtime is also quality bonding time for a cat. She's already fully grown, so maybe it's a learned thing, but it's something that you should be able to correct to some extent.

There are some motion cat toys that you could try using to get her playing more on her own.

like this



or this

It's also possible that you aren't playing with her the way she wants to be played with, cats can be very fickle about this. My own cat is very picky about how my SO and I play with her, and she picks one of us based on how she wants to play. She'll pick me when she wants to chase a stick toy, and my SO when she wants to wrestle, that kind of thing.

Have you tried using the straws to play with her? Maybe try hiding a straw under a blanket where she can see it move from wiggling it. You could also try new tactics with the stick toys like this, hide them under things and move them. My cat only likes the stick toys if I alternate between moving them very slowly while in her line of sight, slowly moving out of her line of sight, and then moving it quickly to get her to chase it when she tries to pounce it.

I'd also suggest looking up different playtime techniques for cats online, like on YouTube or what have you, especially related to more wild/feral cats, as they also don't really like playing with humans. I'm not saying she's wild of course, but because she's more standoffish from you it may be along the same lines.

If you can get her to play with you consistently, then you can very easily tire her out and get her on the schedule YOU want her on. The idea is that cats hunt/play and then eat the reward of the hunt, and then sleep.

My own cat used to be very similar with waking us up very early for food, usually by making lots of noise and biting if that didn't work. Once we were able to get her on the hunt/eat/sleep schedule with her timed meals, we basically stopped the bad morning behavior entirely.

Sorry for the long post, hope this helps!

u/ZubinJohnson · 2 pointsr/cats

SmartyKat has a few cheap automatic cat toys that you can use under supervision. In addition, you can look at pet ball tower or bergan turbo scratcher that require minimal supervision. Another one to check out is this one (only some cats like it)

A cat tree would also help.

You can check here for some more indoor toy options.

u/lameoldperson · 2 pointsr/HelpMeFind

Volwco Cat Funny Toys Interactive Wooden Solid Whack A Mole Mouse Game Puzzle Toy

u/Gadaeus1 · 2 pointsr/HumansBeingBros

Cats get creative when they are bored or want attention. I have a cat that will kick my chair leg when he wants attention. Some of them need lots of attention or something to play with, others are more happy with peace and quite.

This particular thing is a godsend. Sure, I play with them myself a bit but I can't be their sole form of entertainment. I can turn that on for hours and it distracts them and they get played out on it.

u/Osmea · 2 pointsr/cats


Cat toy

u/Runawaii · 2 pointsr/Pets

Look up toys that move around and you might try catnip toys at special times of the day as a treat. Here are some I have heard that cats enjoy (my cat just likes to steal my hair ties and throw them around the room... when she isn't flinging spiders at me anyway).

You could also hide treats in places he frequents to encourage his hunting instinct. My cat also enjoys chasing the laser pointer but we only play with it once a day before treat time because she gets a little too excited. Some cats love to play with a laser but they never get the satisfaction of catching something so what we do is hide a treat and have her chase the laser around until finally landing her on the treat. Even though she knows where the treats are usually hidden by now, she still likes the game and waits. Just find what works best for your kitty :)

u/KeepTheButter · 2 pointsr/aww

Moody Pet Fling-Ama-String Cat Toy

Moody Pet Fling-ama-String Cat Toy

It wraps around one door handle, under the door, then around the other handle. Has a motor for 2 speeds and takes AA batteries. The cat loves it!

u/amenodiel · 2 pointsr/cats

My cat is OBSESSED with this toy. He sits there for hours and begs for us to turn it on. We are on our second one bc it broke after three months of constant siege.

MOODY PET Fling-AMA-String Cat Toy

u/breezy727 · 2 pointsr/Pets

I have a string-a-fling toy - this thing that my cat goes nuts over. When I'm trying to cook dinner he's under my feet constantly looking for attention and this keeps him occupied for the hour I need to cook and clean up after work. My cat is a hyperactive hyperaffectionate idiot and this is the only interactive toy that has managed to keep his attention past a week.

u/Molecularx · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Here's my bengal kitty RichardParker TheSecond. First name, RichardParker. Last name, TheSecond. ;) He's name after the original Richard Parker who sadly disappeared one evening but I'm always hopefully his chip will be scanned somewhere and he'll come home!

[This would be nice](Pet Zone Fly by Spinner Toy, Large, Multicolor because he pulls mostly everything under the bed and I get to fish it out.

u/Fuxkily · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Allourah Juni (which is June in other languages), because with an exotic name like hers, you don't want the middle to over shadow it, and you're getting her in June! :)


Oh, and you'll need [these](Fashion's Talk Cat toys Variety Pack for Kitty 20 pieces!

u/beaujolais98 · 2 pointsr/cats

Sounds like you've identified the problem - she's bored. I would also guess during the week you do get up around 6 or 7, and that's what she's used to? Cats - sigh - they just don't understand weekends :-) Maybe get one of those mouse-in-circle toys and stumble out of bed when she starts hooting in the am and put it down for her?

u/NotSuzyHomemaker · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

It's this toy. Really great for cats with a strong hunting instinct. Dora goes nuts, Bug mostly watches until she's figured it out.

This is a similar toy and I think it would be cool too.

u/kolkolkokiri · 2 pointsr/Siamesecats

I assume he's a kitten? Up to three months old cats generally are super bitey because they are infants learning their litter mates limits and sticking everything in there mouths. This will likely end by like 6 to 10 months naturally, still worth training though.

Dogs and cats have kinda similar bite inhibition training (aka the big ones being dramatic like owie or like no bad and shoving off with a paw) so the dog may help but I would not keep them around each other without someone to keep an eye for a while.

I think that's enough but for the first 8 months his energy will be endless. So don't feel bad he's up at 3 am like hey play? You essentially have a 6 year old on a sugar high.

Depending on the size of dogs I'd get some toys, and a way to keep a dog out of a room like a baby gate or area so you can leave small cat toys out. For a kitten I highly suggest a box of random assorted toys to find what they like, and avoiding cat nip filled ones. You don't need all these but if your family wants to get the kitty presents for Santa these are my suggestions at a young age.


  • If your parents allow it maybe a climbing wall will make your cat happy as fuck.
  • Most cats in my experience prefer both those cardboard scratchers and one solid almost unmoveable one. Like the couch. Save the couch, get a wall mounted one or one that is weighted to keep from moving. Double sided sticky tape, or aluminum foil are both good things to keep a cat from going on something you don't wanna.
  • If you study at home lots or your cat likes cuddling you while on the computer get a shallow box or tray and fold an old shirt in it. They will like it better then most beds. Otherwise those USB heated pet pads will be super popular but obviously only if you trust cat not to chew on it. A cheap desk hutch also seems to work well as most cats will be happy to look down on your homework.
  • PS when you move if you get the generic cheap IKEA cube shelf / bookcase / tv unit there's DIYs for a cat climber that's hidden and stuff.


  • Bouncey springs milk jug rings and hair elastics (be careful with these) are super popular with younger cats because they move erratically.
  • Myler balls are super popular with one of my cats, paper bags and those cat tunnels that make crinkle sounds are also good.
  • A treat ball is a super great way to get some silence while studying.
  • They make laser toys that sit on a shelf and randomly turn on and off but my cats weren't interested. If you can borrow one before buying as those toys are 20$ to 40$. But a kitten might enjoy it more.
  • That ball with a tail will be adored I'm sure, they also sell remote control mice, Hexbugs for cats and other battery operated toys. These again should probably be used under supervision.
  • If your cat likes hunting, get a catnip kicker or fill a sock with batting and maybe a toy that makes noise. This is basically a long thing big enough for the cat to do those bunny kick things. It's a fucking sock, just sew closed a sock.
  • [Over the door cat toy](Ethical A-Door-Able Bouncing Mouse Cat Toy is probably also good.

    This is super long but tdlr, your doing good, he's a kitten, he wants to play a lot when he's nibbling, here's a shit ton of cool cat stuff.
u/melini · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

This one! It's a doorframe-attached dangly mouse. So fun!

u/ddesla2 · 2 pointsr/cats

These things are the BEST! Mine love it so much. Additionally, I have to say out of every toy I've ever gotten them...THIS is their absolute favorite that they NEVER get tired of. I highly suggest getting one and trying it out. Hours of entertainment and its hilarious to watch them play with it.

u/intermonadicmut · 2 pointsr/bengalcats

If you get one of those cheap wire Cat Dancer toys and bend the wire around one of those Da Bird bundles of feathers or something similar, it will drive your cat absolutely batshit insane. The Dancer toy on it's own is good for Bengals because it's basically indestructible given the fact that it's just wire and some cardboard. Adding in the feathers puts it over the top.

u/sillyputty116 · 2 pointsr/Pets

CAT DANCER It costs about $3 and is a 3-foot wire with cardboard bits at the end. My cat is obsessed - she will drag it from room to room with her.

u/Arshion · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I bought This and This for my super active, playful kitty last summer.. I realize the first one just looks like cardboard on a wire.. but.. she loves it so much, it's scary. She prefers it over any other toy I've ever gotten her, it's ridiculous. NOW, I bought these before they were addon items, so in case addons aren't allowed:

This has lots of different textures and includes drugs for your baby cat.

u/FaiMitchellArt · 2 pointsr/NoStupidQuestions

Not similar in style, but my cat goes absolutely wild for hair ties too and he loves this wire toy from Amazon as much (if not more).

Cat Dancer 101 Cat Dancer Interactive Cat Toy

u/bbdoll · 2 pointsr/cats

the Cat Dancer, this one. it's like a thin wire, simple but nothing else like it. every cat goes nuts for this thing i swear

u/SimplyBohemian · 2 pointsr/cats

I’ve bought my kitten this (I forget how to link on mobile so sorry for the ugly link) and of course it’s the cheapest toy I’ve bought, but he will play with this until he’s panting, go eat, come back and play over and over.

You can also kinda DIY some toys. My older cat (5 years) hates anything and everything I buy for her. I bought a bungee mouse toy you can hang on doors and stuff, and tied a long ribbon through the ring. She will play with that forever. (Also linked)

The one they both agree is with the Yeowww catnip banana. They go absolutely bonkers for it. (Linked)

Some also love little chirpy toys. You can find plenty on strings, or little strong free ones (linked).

Go to town with feathers, bells, and whatnot to figure out what your kitty likes!

Crinkle balls are also a hit with both. They love the sound and it’s their jam. My youngest will play with them for hours. Be careful of which brand you buy of these though, some people have issues with the dye.

If you don’t want’em scratching on anything, try getting a couple scratching posts and place them near where they scratch the walls or whatever else. They also love being up high, so a cat tree is always great! Preferably near windows since most cats enjoy looking outside.

Cheap toy: Cat Dancer 101 Cat Dancer Interactive Cat Toy

Mouse bungee toy: SmartyKat Bouncy Mouse Cat Toy Bungee Toy

Catnip Banana: Yeowww! Catnip Toy, Yellow...

Crinkle balls: 12 Mylar Crinkle Balls for...

Chirpy toy: Your pet will love this Pet Zone Play-N-Squeak Backyard Squeaking Raccoon Cat Toy:

u/anbeav · 2 pointsr/cats

Plastic spring toys and the cat dancer

Ethical Products 20 Piece Spot Colorful Springs Wide

Cat Dancer 101 Cat Dancer Interactive Cat Toy

u/brandnamenerd · 2 pointsr/Pets

I'm a fan of garbage toys - things that normally get tossed or recycled. Easiest is a toilet paper roll, or a tissue box (cut holes in the sides and pop a tin foil ball in).

Of course, heading to a pet store and grabbing a cheap pack of toys and tossing them around. Not all cats like the same kind of toys, but if you see something like this, I 100000% recommend. Pretty cheap, tons of life, easy to play with, and I haven't met a cat yet that hasn't played with it. I actually have to hide mine from the cat, as she won't stop playing with it and exhausts herself.

u/zangelbertbingledack · 2 pointsr/SiberianCats

I've bought a ton of toys for our kitten in the last few months, but these are his absolute favorites: Bergan Turbo Scratcher, a crinkle tube like this one, Cat Dancer, and the Go Cat mouse on a string toy. With the Go Cat mouse toy especially, he definitely lets you know he loves that toy. It's the only one he never ignores and the only one he will pick up in his mouth and carry to his "den" like it's real prey.

We also got him a fluffy mouse puppet that he loves to wrestle with. I might just be projecting, but it seems like it kind of makes up for the lack of another furry companion to play with. Bonus points: it lets you play hands-on without getting your hands scratched up.

The bitter apple spray doesn't seem to deter our cat much, but liberal application of Sticky Paws (double sided tape) and taping loose cords to the wall helps keep him away from scratching and biting things he shouldn't be messing with.

Also, if you have house plants, look them up to make sure they aren't toxic to cats. The kitten's interest in chewing on plants may vary, of course, but ours loves chewing and climbing on plants. The ASPCA has the most comprehensive list of plants that are toxic to pets.

u/sh3llsh0ck · 2 pointsr/aww

The cheaper, the better.. I've bought some expensive toys in my life, but I once went to petsmart with 1 dollar, and a plan to make my cat's life better.. I ended up with this (which cost $1 at the time, and is still for sale there to this day). This lasted over 6 months before they destroyed it, and I had a box laying around, which lasted over a year.

Honestly, somehow the simpler the toy, the more they love it. Add a $2 bag of catnip, and you're done. I'm able to afford high-end cat food because the entertainment fund is so cheap. My cat's are now aged 6 and 7 years old, and act like kittens to this day.

Add Costco cat litter, and a good de-shedding brush, and life is good. I do my own vaccinations through farm supply stores, flea drops through, and you're talking like $150 per year to own 2 cats who are healthy, vaccinated, and flea free. I still take them to the vet, but they don't ever prescribe anything more than what I already give them. I don't enjoy giving them shots, but it's so simple that anyone on a low budget could do it without a care in the world. Nobody should ever not own a cat due to "operating costs".

u/prnssleiao · 2 pointsr/cats

Garnet is almost 13--and it's so weird because even though she's a senior, she is as active and playful as a kitten. It's amazing what weight loss can do.

Actually, there is a toy that has really helped--she LOVES it and goes crazy for it:

u/paperbackedsea · 2 pointsr/cats

every cat i've ever had has LOVED cat dancers. it's literally just a slightly curved wire with little bits of cardboard on the end, but it drives them CRAZY. they're super cheap too. you can find them at most pet stores, or on amazon here

u/Thundershrimp · 2 pointsr/catpranks

My cats love the little puzzle toy that his came with.

u/jonilholt32 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Baby Josie is beautiful! I had a Maincoon named Tiki. He lived to be 16! BEST CAT EVAH!!!!

She would love this:

A Mini me for her to snuggle with:

A Kitteh tunnel!!!:




And more toys:

Maincoons LOVE to play and have that kitten play aspect to them for YEARS!!!Mine loved balls, and a good old laser pointer was the best thing ever. He would get running after that red dot, and couldn't stop well on our hardwood floors and would slide in walls....

Oh and a cat bed on top of the Fridge would be great for your girl. Tiki always slept on top of the fridge :)

u/illyrianya · 2 pointsr/JUSTNOMIL

I put my cat's food in one of these it makes them eat slower and has stopped the scarf-and-barfing

u/cheeseburger_humper · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

When you're in an airplane, the last thing you want to hear is "...I don't know, fly casual".

Cat toys. I obviously want it for my cats to play with.

Thanks for the contest. :)

u/extra_supervery · 2 pointsr/knitting

Bring him home and set him up in one room for a couple days, especially since he's little. Let him explore that room and get comfortable before you let him have free reign of the house, it can be really overwhelming.

One of mine really liked to bite- there are many cat chew toys of rubber/mesh/catnip/whatever at Petco/Petsmart. It doesn't hurt so much when they're kittens and it's cute but their adult teeth are not so cute. Also, he indiscriminately bit everything. Cardboard boxes? Yep. Power cords? Yep. Cushions? Yep. Toes? Yep.

If he is adventurous, once he's really settled in, get him a harness and leash and take him for walks! Much like dogs, cats have a bunch of energy, and walking satiates some of their natural curiosity.

These springs are some of my very favorite toys and they haven't gotten tired of them yet, but they have lost about 15 under the sofa and fridge. This bird wand is also amazing.

Also- start brushing/grooming him now. It's also recommended to brush their teeth, which I was never successful with (have two skittish cats). But at least brushing, so that they get accustomed to it.

u/ender17 · 2 pointsr/TwoXChromosomes

I recently bought these for my cat (cheap!). One of the reviews said that if you stretch them out a bit, cats will chew on them instead of wires. My cat has never chewed wired and was not very interested in them, but he gets bored easily so I have to keep trying new things. His favorite toys are these milk cap rings. Enjoy your new little buddy :)

u/banach90 · 2 pointsr/cats

How about springs such as these. They can both spin and bounce. If she's not into mice, you can also try plastic balls (some of them with jingle bells inside like these) or crinkle balls since some cats enjoy the sounds they make.

u/canolafly · 2 pointsr/aww

These springs are awesome for fetch. but I've woken up to a pile of them by my head.

u/Crockpotbob · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

You could get your kitty something like this or this and you could have her middle name ohana (means family) which she would be to you

u/Auri15 · 2 pointsr/CatAdvice

Maybe you could buy that automated toys and obly turn on in the mornings(like a treat, otherwise he'll get bored)

like this

We have a ball with a feather attached that rolls around and my cat is crazy for it but there are a lot options.

If nothing helps I guess thick socks and pants are a must, when I have them on and my cat do this, as soon as he realizes it doesn't get a reaction from us he stops

u/crowek · 2 pointsr/cats

I recommend the Feliway and various other products similar to it.
On top of that I'd also consider giving her a safe space that she recognizes as comfortable. Somewhere she'll enjoy sleeping. Most cats like a box with a blanket, for example.

You can also get various behavioural toys that may help. Here is an example. I had one for my dog that was a little stuffed puppy. It had an electronic beating heart and a heat pack you'd warm up in the microwave. They'd snuggle up to it as a companion.

Try one of these in her safe space with a fleece blanket.

u/krae46 · 2 pointsr/Pets

That. I thought it would be something our kitten wouldn't ever use, but I got it just in case as he was only five weeks old when we brought him home. He's six months old now and still carries it around the house.

It has a fake heartbeat and the ability to put a heating pad in it so the kitten will cuddle with it instead of you. It really is great.

u/adelaide22 · 2 pointsr/cats

I think you should buy one of these.
I got one of my kittens when he was 5 weeks old but didn't know these existed but wish I had gotten one. They will make him so much calmer and will make the transition much easier.

u/CodeBreakerr · 2 pointsr/Pets

So maybe it's not the digging itself, but the process of retrieving something that the cat likes? I'd try with one of those toys where you put (dry) food inside and the cat has to try and get it out (treat dispensers). They range from the basic ball with holes in it to more complicated ones. Here are some cool ideas I found:

If I were you I'd try to DIY the toys first, because the cat might end up not using them. Also, I suggest you put new food inside, so the cat will be more interested to try it. Or just not her regular food that it can eat without digging.

u/PokemonMaster999 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
u/LoveaBook · 2 pointsr/CatAdvice

Try a free-feeding puzzle feeder. My cat got to a chonking 16 pounds (which is large for her size). We purchased a Catit puzzle feeder and she lost the weight in a few months. And she’s maintained herself at a perfect (for her) weight of 8.5 lbs for over 2 years now. Because my girl is a natural borne ✨Diva✨ my husband was against it at first, but it’s cheap, so...what’s to lose? I spent a couple minutes poking my fingers in and knocking bits down to show her the idea and she took to it like a fish to water. We now have a second one, of a different style and different maker, that we put elsewhere in the house and fill with a different flavor/type of food. Both my cats love them. The idea is to prevent them from easily eating too much when bored and to make eating more stimulating, like a hunt.

They can eat as much as they want for as long as they want, but they have to earn every last kibble of it. My (former) fat cat seemed to live in front of the feeder at first - knocking food down most of her waking hours. But now it’s just a few times a day, and maybe a single tablespoon’s worth of food at a time.

This is another Catit puzzle feeder. They also have a variety of puzzle feeder toys - if you’re OK with bits of kibble all over the house. This is just one example.

(We actually just had to put our former chonker on a special renal diet. (She’s 18). We picked her favorite puzzle feeder and changed just it to the new, specialty food and left the normal food in the other. My two girls haven’t had a stitch of trouble telling which is which. I think the only downside - as they see it - is that they’ve lost the diversity of two feeders. (According to the stuff I’ve read, they recommend multiple feeders spaced around the house to engage their instinct to search out food.) But I’ll be damned if I’m going to have multiples for each type of food spaced around the house. After all, there’s only so much room in my house.)

u/Grey996 · 2 pointsr/funny

I had the same problem - one skinny cat and one fat cat. I had to figure out how to give them both food. I didn't want the skinny cat to starve, and also wanted the fat cat to not just be able to pig out until the food was all gone.

I got them a food puzzle - they have to navigate the food out of the feeder one piece at a time. Since we got it, my fat cat went from 18.5 pounds to 14 pounds!

u/lilac-ghost · 2 pointsr/cats

Look into catit feeders. They come in different shapes, we have one that looks like a cylinder sort of, and one with various height tubes. They have to work for their food and it seems to keep them from eating too much cat digger
catit tower

u/sigamalito · 2 pointsr/Pets

Walking is an excellent idea, particularly for an active breed like a manx!

I would also suggest a few extra things :

  • interactive feeding toys. She will have to use her brain to get food out of a toy, and that will make her less bored and get some energy out. Just be sure to adjust her regular feedings so that she isn't getting extra calories, or even replacing the food dish with an interactive toy or interactive dish.
    Example 1 .example 2
  • The SSSCAT training aid these work well to set boundries within the house for some cats. You could consider placing these next to your vents.
  • Try to wear her out mentally and physically. I'm betting she would probably be a good cat to try to clicker train to do tricks. Clicker training can be excellent physical and mental stimulation. It sounds weird to train a cat and I've never done it with mine, but I see people who do it all the time online. Karen Pryor (she popularized clicker training) has a ton of cat training tutorials.
  • This tape : Sticky Paws can be put on the slats of your vents. Most cats don't like the sticky feeling on their paws and will stop messing with what you put on them....this didn't work for my cat. My cat just licks the tape.
u/amyshulk · 2 pointsr/holdmycatnip

> Fleece on a stick

lol - no - but when I tried it AMAZON did show me this ;

Cat Dancer Products Rainbow Cat Charmer

u/koibumii · 2 pointsr/cats

Thank you so much kind stranger for the long and detailed response, this honestly made my night!! heheh

Yeah, I've been thinking about getting this for my kitty:

but because I keep reading reviews about how they can choke on it, it makes me so nervous about any toy I plan on getting her!! Also, that's a great idea. I also was concerned about her falling over or knocking things over, but lying the scratch post sideways is a brilliant idea.

Thank you so much for the lengthy respond, it means a lot! I'll definitely be posting pictures in r/aww when I get the chance :D

u/jaggededge21 · 2 pointsr/cats
u/supersonic_princess · 2 pointsr/cats

My young kitty adored this toy. He would chase it and jump really high and just generally be very active. It was fun for both of us.

Now that he's a little older, he tends to chomp down on the end and refuse to let it go, which results in us going for a walk around the house like it's a leash (though he's leading, not me). Still fun, but less active.

u/SenorDing_Dong · 2 pointsr/StartledCats


I also recommend this. The first time my cat played with one of these he spent about 15 minutes going crazy and then another 15 laying around panting.

u/gingysnap · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Do you have a shelter in your area? You might check to see if they have a little store, and if you can get some of the larger supplies (carriers, litter box, etc) there. Our shelter runs a store where they sell donated larger items that they don't need, and they're cheaper than buying them from a pet store.

Could also check Craig's List and such for things like a carrier!

Edit: Also, highly recommend one of these things! Both of my cats loved these as a kitten, and still love them now. Just don't leave it lying out when you're done playing with it, or the cat will drag it all over the house and chew the string to bits. Or at least, mine did :P

u/CourtingEvil · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon


I have a Fuzz Wizard and it's actually pretty good! I get a lot of those annoying fuzzies on my shirts, and shaving them off makes them look a lot better and I get a little more use out of them. The only caution is that you shouldn't use them if there is a snag, since it will just make it worse.

I also had this hair remover for a while. It wasn't very good, as expected. It worked the first 1-2 times I used it, then it smoothed itself out and stopped working. It's basically a very fine sand paper :/

I still want to try the Cat's Meow...

u/acciocorinne · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

My name is Leela!

I would like these treats. I also like this toy, but Mom says it's 50 cents too expensive. Whatever that means.

Viktor, tell your mom to get you this! I would like to play with that and you. Between my good looks (Mom says I have a one-of-a-kind face, which means I am the most beautiful cat) and your hypnosis, I think we would make a great benevolent dictatorship duo. Hanners can come too, I like dogs...but I think Viktor and I will see more eye-to-eye. Or I guess, have two of them, Viktor? How unusual!

I want to be friends with Hanners and Viktor :)

u/PurePerfection_ · 1 pointr/Pets

This approach may take some time, but my cat eventually learned that if I am in the bedroom with the light off and fan on (its an oscillating one that makes a fairly strong humming sound), I am down for the night and it'll be at least a few hours before I come back. After a few weeks of this routine, he gave up on screaming outside my door. The bedroom is off-limits to him at all times, as well. If I'm in there with the light on, he will meow at me, because he knows I'm likely to come back soon.

Mine's a door-rattler, too - he can fit his paw in the crack under the bedroom door and wrap it around the door. To protect the bottom of the door from his claws, I put some rubber weatherstripping on it. For the floor, consider getting a protective film to put down where she usually scratches. Hardware stores sell them to use during painting / construction, and many of them are affordable and tear-resistant.

It may be inconvenient, but do your best to cat-proof the house so you can ignore her acting out with minimal collateral damage. Keep anything fragile in drawers or cabinets unless you're actively using it. Consider making the bedroom a no-cat zone and putting as many valuables as possible in there. Don't leave food or drinks unattended - if you have to step away, stick them in the fridge or a cabinet while you're gone.

Also consider an electronic toy that moves around or something more interactive that will keep her engaged at night or while you're busy without the need for a human to facilitate playtime. Here are a few ideas::

Also, if she ignores the scratching post but loves to tear the crap out of your floor, she may prefer a horizontal scratcher. One wasted $30 scratching post later, I figured that out about my cat. Something like these would be worth a try: - doubles as a toy - this one is nice because you can lay it flat on the floor, prop it up at an angle with the cardboard flap, or hang it from a doorknob to see which works best. Also comes with catnip to sprinkle inside it. These have corrugated cardboard surfaces and don't last as long as carpet or sisal rope, but my cat seems more satisfied with something he can actually destroy. He'll jump on it, attack it with his claws, then roll around in the bits he tore off. You will vacuum a lot of cardboard flakes off the floor as it starts to wear out, but for me it's worth the trouble. If you don't like the mess, you can buy this one to test whether horizontal, inclined, or hung against the wall works best, then invest in a similar style of scratcher made from more durable material. That was my plan, but he just loves this stuff so much I order one as an add-on every month when I buy litter.

u/MissSatan · 1 pointr/Pets

I'm sorry, I don't know of a remedy, but I want to share that a friend's cat chewed through a lamp wire and electrocuted itself when they were out of the house.

Maybe you can find a string-type toy that hangs off a door or something and get him to play with that instead.

I know someone who has this and their cat really likes it.

u/theatre_kiddo · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Puppy and a trip to the groomer are the cutest!

Here is my cat [Cassie] ( and my other cat [Gracie] (

I'm sorry for your loss. I've only lost one other pet, but I grew up with her and I know how hard it is to see them go.

I think my cats would love [this] ( because we had one for my last cat and she LOVED it!

Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.

u/Bibbityboo · 1 pointr/cats

Yep, normal kitten behavior. My cat was like that until he was about a year or so old, then he was still like that but in shorter and shorter spurts. It can be both adorable and frustrating at once! (Especially at night!).

Redirection like someone mentioned does help a lot. The spray bottle never worked with my cat. He just figured out that if I didn't have the spray bottle in my hand he had X amount of time to misbehave and run. I also found that attention worked a lot too. Like making sure you spend a fair amount of itme playing and tiring them out!

My cat had a ton of toys to play with,, which kept him occupied. Simpler tended to be better -- small plastic balls to bat around were probably his favorite. The other thing he LOVED was Its a cheap toy. Nothing to it, but its a stiff wire and when he batted at it, it owuld move in an erratic fashion (like a bug). So that would be something he'd do to entertain himself all the time.

Good luck!

u/short_stack · 1 pointr/cats
  1. Make sure you are feeding good food. Wet food is better than dry, and high protein/minimal grain is best. Check here or search r/cats for the many threads on this subject. Grocery store brands like Friskies, and even brands advertised as "high end' like Science Diet and Purina, are not good foods!

  2. Slowly decrease the amount of food they each get until it is close to the recommended amount, and until their weight is ideal and stabilizes. Be careful not to reduce the amount too drastically as hepatic lipidosis is always a concern. If you're not sure of the ideal weight, check out a weight chart or consult your vet.

  3. Make sure they get enough play time. You should dedicate 15-30 minutes a day to getting them active! Try Da Bird or the Cat Dancer if they aren't very interested in play.

  4. Do not give in to begging!
u/alllie · 1 pointr/cats

Playing with a cat makes them more friendly than anything but food. I recommend this cheap piece of wire and cardboard. My cats LOVE it. The secret is play. They can't resist it even when they can resist food.

u/nerdalertdirt · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I'd love this toy for my baby! Flynn Rider is a pretty chill kitten. Sometimes he's a jerk, but when he's in a cuddly mood you can't help but love him <3. He loves toys such as the one listed. He recently broke his favorite toy :(

~I wub my animals~

u/Shufflebuzz · 1 pointr/Pets

A few more thoughts:

While she remained wary of us, she still liked to play.

Toys she liked are the Cat Dancer and the Cat Charmer and Da Bird.

She got so focused on the toy, she forgot I was there. Then she'd suddenly realize she was about a foot away from me and she'd panic just a little.

Now when she wants to play she leads me to the closet where we keep those toys.

A catnip blanket might be useful too. We got ours at a craft fair, but they are on ebay and Amazon too. It's a small 12"x18" blanket with catnip inside. This gets her so happy and relaxed. It's part of my plan to get her comfortable on my lap.

u/PJsAreComfy · 1 pointr/Pets

These are my favorite toys to exercise my cat: 1, 2, 3. We also play a lot of fetch with toy mice and ponytail holders, which is nice because it doesn't require my full attention; I pile up a stack of them to throw while I watch TV, make dinner, etc. When I'm lazy I just sit on the stairs and run the wand up and down as far as my arm reaches and she runs up and down chasing it until she's exhausted.

This one is also popular though I haven't tried it myself.

u/rabbitrider3014 · 1 pointr/CatTraining

Wow that a great job. My cat loves this cat dancer, I run around with it touching the floors so it looks like insect running. He would chase it. I also wave it around sitting down when I am tired out lol. Here's a link

Second one is a squeaking rabbit. I throw it and he would chase it. He would play on his own with this one.

u/flyinhyphy · 1 pointr/kittens

a cheaper alternative to da bird is the cat dancer. my cat prefers it to any toy. she first played with it when she was ~6mos.

u/M0nyz · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Honestly? the boxes the stuff comes in lol My boy will go into any box he can fit in. But hmm, cats seem to like this a lot especially if they're kittens/playful. A pet water fountain is also nice esp if they only eat dry food, I wanted to link the one I got in 2012 that's still going today but it isn't available anymore. Definitely get a cat tree of some sort so they have somewhere to claw and climb. A nail trimmer. If they have long hair a cat brush. And of course some sort of string toy, my cat went nuts for this one and it's so simple: but any kind should do it.

u/vanilla_chai_latte · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

My sisters cat love this toy she will play with it all day!! It’s so cheap too! For some reason she chooses this over any other toy!!

u/moosecatoe · 1 pointr/Catswhoyell

Too cute!! The Cat Dancer Toy is basically a guitar string with little rolled up pieces of cardboard. My cats go absolutely apeshit for it cuz it resembles the spazzy flight of flies.

u/critterwool · 1 pointr/cats

Please do not yell at your cat or spray your cat with water it will not teach it a thing and it will only confuse it and teach it to be afraid of you.

Increase one on one play time with your cat to get some energy out. Use a variety of toys and rotate them. Some tried-and-true favorites...
This is such a simple toy and a very cheap so order several as they are an add-on item and they’re great to have around in every room because kitties seem to always enjoy them whether it’s dangled from the air or drug along the ground for chasing.
Cat Dancer 101 Cat Dancer Interactive Cat Toy

Order natural peacock feathers off of Amazon for a super fun game with your kitty. The first time my girl are saw one she literally stood up on her hind legs walking across the floor trying to get out it. When you want to get the feather away pull it straight back toward you and it will slip through their claws and teeth. Eventually the quill will break from play so it's good to get a pack of them, they are not very expensive.
ALL in ONE 20pcs Natural Peacock Tail Feather

SnugglyCat The Ripple Rug - Made in USA - Cat Activity Play Mat - Thermal Base -Fun Interactive Play - Training - Scratching - Bed Mat My girl goes crazy for this one every time. Dangle a peacock feather or anything else outside some of the holes when your kitty hides in the rug and you’ll see little arms reaching out of holes all over the place it is hilarious and loads of fun.

Your kitty is a lifelong companion so please take a little time to make the most of that relationship and read this book by Jackson Galaxy- The cat daddy himself.

Total Cat Mojo: The Ultimate Guide to Life with Your Cat

u/drowgirl · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Bad Mr. Kitty loves this And its an addon.

I, sadly, do not like sushi overly much. Probably the limited types that are vegetarian, though. ;)

u/briv · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Batman Suit!

You absolutely need this grass pet bed because holy shit, that bunny in the picture is absolutely adorable. For that reason alone, you need to buy this. What kind of pet do you have? Is it a rabbit?! Because if you have one and it is at least as cute as the one in the picture, it deserves that bed.

I need this cat toy box for my kitty because I think it will keep her busy trying to get toys that are inside of it. I am desperate for ways to help her burn off her energy when I'm gone for the day at class and come home to study and can't always play with her for hours on end (seriously, she would play for hours and hours straight if she could).

u/PhoenixBride · 1 pointr/cats

My kitties love playing in cardboard boxes and paper bags. They also love plastic straws and go nuts for the cat dancer. For when you aren't home, my cats play with the Peek-a-Prize toy and Catit Play Circuit. If you can afford it, a cat wheel is also great to keep him occupied.

u/mamallama · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Closest I have is a cat toy box.

clearly i don't need this because we all know that cats are lame and don't like to be fun. I don't even know if I like my cat. he is totally not the cat's pajamas. I mean, come on people, have you ever seen an uglier cat than this guy?! he should not be allowed to have anything fun, ever!!!

u/eddieg007 · 1 pointr/Pets

I have Bengals and they destroy everything in seconds. Here are some toys that have held up for months:

  1. Vee Purrfect Leather Tassel toy
    get the leather not the feather one and make sure it's the one with the plastic tubing at the top. Can stand up to EXTREME play. But I would not recommend leaving it out when you're not playing with it. Did that once and our boy did manage to chew through the cord. That said these are incredibly durable.

  2. Cosmic Catnip A-Peeling catnip filled banana shape toy. In the past these have held up even to their teeth gnashing but the last one split open. Not sure if that was a fluke. The company actually sent a replacement and so far it's holding up.

  3. One of these wooden boxes: We stuff the catnip banana in it when we leave for work and they fish it out.

    Your probably already know this but avoid all toys with extra bits sewn on like eyes, whiskers, etc. Fake mice also bad - my boys would chew off the fur and eat it and once even swallowed the plastic form inside - so now we only give them toys that are 100% filled with the 'nip.

    Hope that helps.
u/kiralovescats · 1 pointr/Pets

My kitten is similar in that she sometimes wants us to play with her, otherwise she'll go off trying to climb on the dining room table or something.

She really likes these plastic spiral things. She LOVES them, she'll play with them constantly and she even plays fetch with them. I also got a Cat's Meow as a gift and the cats both like it. It's battery-operated so you can't use it constantly, but when it's on you can pretty much leave it on while they play with it. I know they also sell some automated laser-pointer and feather-stick-type toys that work on batteries/plugs. They're usually meant for if you want kitty to have something to do when you aren't home, but if she's demanding that much play then they may work for you. :)

u/glonq · 1 pointr/funny

BTW, these springs are from the same vendor, but a bit smaller and less than half the price. My lil' rascals love 'em.

u/bookishgeek · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

My cat Pixel goes bananas for these things! my favorite dinosaur is the triceratops. :)

u/MzScarlet03 · 1 pointr/fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu

I don't know why, but my cats go absolutely crazy for these cat springs. I haven't found them at any pet stores yet, but you should definitely get Elby some!

u/mr_jellyneck · 1 pointr/Pets

Sometimes it takes my cats (both about a year old, have had them for 10 months) a little while before they take to a new toy so if they don't like something now, they may grow to like it later.

However, two toys they absolutely love and never get bored with are springs and a ball track, similar to this but they come in many different sizes.

I also often give my cats pieces of meat as a treat- chicken, sushi, lunch meats. Only in small amounts and they've never gotten diarrhea from it. Keep the amounts small and it shouldn't be an issue for him. Pet stores also sell kitten milk for relatively cheap if you want to give him something special.

As for chewing on cables or scratching things he shouldn't, just be persistent in shooing him from doing those things. It can be a pain in the ass sometimes but just be vigilant. Spraying them with water or canned air is really effective. My cats had to learn that destroying certain things was wrong and it took some time. Now I just have to give them a "hey!" and they stop.

If you notice them scratching up your furniture, give him something of his own that he can destroy. My cats love cardboard boxes and those cardboard scatchpads. I also bought them this small cat tree that they absolutely LOVE.

I had never owned cats before and used to think they were all just assholes and that's just not true. They can be very loving and obedient pets. You just have to work to get the behavior you want.

u/ashleypenny · 1 pointr/bengalcats

We spent a lot of money on toys but our bengals Tend to play with them briefly and ignore them.

The things they want to play with for longer are the cheapest - potato chip bags tied in a knot, thrown for them. Tie string around one and they go mad for that too. You can get these too which are inexpensive and they love

Colorful Springs Wide 10 Pk Ethical Pet

Combine any of these with a cat tunnel that makes crinkling sounds and you’re probably set.

u/Kyoti · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Cheap kitty treats and cheap spring-y toys!

Get your zoo on gurl!!

u/Memitim901 · 1 pointr/Hunting

The one and only time I've ever seen a mountain lion in the wild, I was hunting yotes in Arizona setting up on a cat toy that would jumble around every once in a while (not the exact one I linked, but similar) and then I would make a distressed rabbit call. I was having a particularly bad day, not seeing anything and was getting up to move when something to my left moved suddenly. When my eyes finally figured it out there was a gorgeous mountain lion that had been stalking my toy, was easily in my field of vision, and yet I had no idea it was even there. She calmly slinked off into the brush without a sound when she saw me move.

I suppose you could try locating some tracks and then setting up a similar scenario with a predator call. I know that bobcats, foxes, yotes, and even raccoons, badgers, and bears will show up to one. I don't know if what happened to me was a fluke or if they also show up, but it may be worth a try.

u/aashequi · 1 pointr/cats

Others can answer better than I on what caused this, but I would strongly suggest you get the kittens this:

I've heard that kittens who weren't nursed/taken care of by their mothers this early can go on to have psychological and even physical issues. Perhaps this will help.

u/future_critterdr · 1 pointr/AskVet

In case he liked the blanket w/ rice, here are a couple links to different "snuggle mom" type products you may want to check out (the one we use at our shelter has a little battery-operated heart inside, which the kittens LOVE).

With heating insert + heart w/heartbeat:

No heater, but with purring feature:

Also, if you ever need additional fuzzy blankies for him, they sell small knubby fake sheepskin throws at petco for ~$5 (pretty good buy, IMO). My cats nuzzle into them and seem to like the texture a lot.

u/nuttmmeg · 1 pointr/Pets

How comfortable s she with touching her paws? I'd suggest soft paws if she's comfortable, or you could have the vet do it for you. They still allow cats to retract their claws, so they're humane, but they can't scratch up your apartment. I suggest this only because it seems so stressful & it's a quick fix for now.

For food, maybe a toy that forces your cat to play with it would fit her personality. Maybe a cat toy like this, or this? You'd have the problem of her knocking them around... but well, that's the point. It's meant to be enriching & fun for a cat like yours. You can put a food mat underneath it, so that when treats fall you don't have to worry about your floor getting dirty.

I don't have any advice for the water dish though, since you already switched it to a heavier one. Good luck!

u/nickydoiron · 1 pointr/Pets

Is it around feeding time? I read that cats have something in their stomachs that is produced around the time they are used to being fed to help break the food down so it may be being produced at that time so it’s giving them a tummy ache? Alternative to that if they just need attention what about an automatic toy to distract them so you can go to sleep? There is this you could turn on and leave on as a distraction - automatic spinning cat toy thing

u/darkest_hour1428 · 1 pointr/gifs

Here’s one on Amazon for $20


u/awsaum · 1 pointr/cats

Here are some of my cats favorite toys and furniture. He also loves wiffle golf balls and laser pointers. His bed is actually an old Serta neck support pillow we don't use anymore. A good scratching post built into a tree is also a good choice for his room. Hope this helps!

SmartyKat Skitter Critters Cat...

Cat Dancer Products Rainbow Cat...

Play King Cat Scratching Pad Toy...

SmartyKat Scratch Scroll Cat Scratcher Carpet and Sisal Cat Furniture - Assorted colors

SmartyKat Crackle Chute Collapsible Cat and Dog Tunnel

Kitty City Pop-up Cat Cube, Cat Toys

Edited to add two more links

u/pm_me_your_vdub · 1 pointr/mainecoons

When he starts play-hunting you or your girlfriend, it's time to take out a cat toy and redirect that playful or aggressive energy. The best ones are those multicolored felt snake looking things.

That will teach him that toys are for play, and once he's tired out he will be a lot more receptive to being pet or held.

u/dasistverboten · 1 pointr/cats

Pay attention to your kitty. Their tails and the ears will tell you a lot about their mood! If your kitty doesn't take to you right away give it time.

Cats are pretty hardy creatures and I doubt you'll have to worry too much about hurting one... if you put a collar on kitty make sure it's a breakaway. That's one danger people don't always think about. They can choke if it gets caught and they're scrambling to get away. Also, if you've got strings on your window blinds, maybe tie them up out of reach. Be mindful of plants and foods you've got out as a lot of plants and certain foods are toxic to cats.

I might humbly suggest this toy for your kitty. Every cat I've known who had one loved this thing to bits.

u/PandaKattt · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Pictures of my cat:

She's helping me do my math homework there.

Eva's wishlist: Cat Dancer Products Rainbow Cat Charmer

u/cavalier_queen · 1 pointr/cats

I wonder if some puzzle toys or a Turbo Scratcher might be good options for him? They shouldn't tax his heart too much, but they might provide more of an outlet for his prey drive. You could also feed him regularly via food ball.

Is he really food-motivated? If so, more mental stimulation could be had through clicker-training.

I don't know a ton about heart conditions in cats, so I'm not sure what activity levels would be safe for him. Your vet would know better. If more exercise (physical and mental) doesn't help, and he continues to be aggressive without warning, or it gets worse, I might explore medication options. I'm NOT advocating this as anything but a last resort, but sometimes mood stabilizers can improve everyone's quality of life. It doesn't sound like he needs this AT ALL right now, but it's not bad to keep it in mind if it ever does become an issue.

I hope your vet has some good suggestions and information for you! Good luck with everything, and if you feel like an update after the appointment, I'd be interested to hear how it went!

u/LadyVanya · 1 pointr/PetBehavior

The cat sounds like it's bored and has pent up energy. Pets are like little toddlers: If you dont entertain them, they will do it themselves and it can be destructive at times. Here are some things you can help redirect and expand say energy:


Perches/things to climb/scratch

These are just some ideas. Also go to your local pet store. If the cat doesn't like the new toy, usually they will let you return the toy for a full refund.

u/cutekick · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Ah she is one of those cats that likes hard to get things. Look into puzzle toys like this or this. You may also want to build her something to crawl through and play in out of cardboard boxes. Just take a lot of boxes, cut cat sized holes in several places and tape them all together. [Some people go a bit crazy]
(, some have magical ways to cut cardboard nicely, but normal people know the cat doesn't care if it is pretty.

It might just take awhile to figure out what toys she likes. One of mine only likes feather toys. He doesn't care about anything unless it has feathers. The other one doesn't like to be seen playing so he likes toys that are hung for doors, his cat tree, and my hair ties (which he steals all the time!!).

u/curiositywon · 1 pointr/Pets

I tried this:

It worked ok except the dog decided to get in on the action and shredded the cardboard... it’s a bit of an alternative on the treat ball...

u/ButtonsSeams · 1 pointr/cats

+1 to the cat tower.

I have 3 cats and their favorite thing to play with is packing paper! I have a ton of it in my house and they love to make tunnels and pounce in it. And it is free! I find the uses it the most (they know their clientele).

They also like to play with their crinkle tube and any sort of wand type toy. They also like a toy called "Cat's Meow." For me, I find the most helpful item is the Litter Genie. I know I could just take the waste to the trash every time I scoop, but that is really inconvenient. The Litter Genie really contains the cat pee odor so it is really worth the extra cost to me.

Kitty photos for proof

u/JHoNNy1OoO · 1 pointr/StartledCats

I bought mine in July of this year off Amazon. As you can see in the description 3 C batteries. If I would have known beforehand, the trigger would not have been pulled!

u/INMATEofARKHAM · 1 pointr/cats

Exactly, the cats not being aggressive its being playful. Give him an outlet for it. I suggest a laser pointer (for when you can play with him) and a track toy when he's alone.

(Something like the above has worked great with 6 plus cats I've known.)

u/NeighborhoodUnicorn · 1 pointr/cats

I just buy stuff at the pet store, but I can try and find a few recommendations. You'll want to avoid things with bells or small parts, at least while she's tiny. PetSmart usually has some pretty good stuff, or you can even find a good selection on Amazon. If you're gone a lot, it also might be a good idea to invest in something you can turn on and leave running while you're gone, like this:

Ironically, my cat's favorite toy is a piece of cut up fleece on a stick that I got from the pet store.

Here are a few homemade things that look fun:

And here are some more things from Amazon that I would recommend:


Just make sure she's careful with the string on this one. As long as she doesn't break it off and swallow it, it should be fine.

Some sort of a laser pointer is always a great toy for kitties, just make sure not to shine it in her eyes.

Finally, make sure to get her a cat tree if you have room for one. Cats like to climb. Something like this would be great:

Scratching posts are also important, so here's what I would recommend for a scratching post, if you don't want to get the cat tree:

Once you spay her, if she isn't already, feed her adult food so she doesn't gain too much weight. A good kitten food to start her on before the spay is Good Natured, at PetSmart. If she's spayed and you want to start her on adult food, I use this, and my cat loves it, and she's super healthy:

If you have any other questions, please feel free to message me. I have had my cat for two years, and raised her since she was three months old, so I can answer a lot of kitten questions.

One more thing, get her a bed. She may not always use it, but she will appreciate it.

u/crazycatalchemist · 1 pointr/CatsAreAssholes

I saw you’re getting a scratching post. Great! Make sure you follow the personality of your kitty. I have two - one loves to be up high, the other loves to burrow under blankets or go in holes. So I got an almost ceiling high cat tree with cubby holes that satisfies both of them.

My girl cat loves this ball tower. Its great for solo play and it’s cheap.

Personally I/my family have always had multiple cats but you have to consider her personality again. It won’t a perfect fix on its own and you should have a backup plan if they did not get along. My parents have introduced many cats over 25 years and only had to rehome two (due to violence) but it does happen.

u/LikeAGString · 1 pointr/Catswithjobs

This is the Amazon link: Volwco Cat Funny Toys Interactive...

u/pruney-candy · 1 pointr/Pets

Sounds like she's pretty domesticated. You should provide her some toys. A bored cat is a destructive cat . They don't have to be super expensive either, since they get "lost" real quick. You can get them from the dollar store, or Amazon or Ebay has a huge collection for cheap, like this listing You can even make toys with stuff at home, like toilet paper rolls, or left over yarn or tissue paper. Just google DIY cat toys.

u/Tippytom · 1 pointr/CatAdvice
u/SandboxUniverse · 1 pointr/CatAdvice

I'm a bit limited in my stuff because I have a dog who tries to play with the cat toys, but here are some I have now:



Basically, my challenge is it can't have anything the dog might eat to her detriment, and/or it has to be used only under my close supervision. For that reason, we don't use the Kong Glide and Seek anymore. The toys have feathers, which she loves, and magnets - which she should not swallow.


My cats have also loved Hexbugs toys, but those are dangerous around the dog. They make both cat toys and non-cat-toy versions that are still great toys. They also love feathers on a pole/string. I have basically this: , but I found that the end piece wants to come off too readily. I used duct tape for a while, but need to fix it right at some point. As it stands, it's not safe, because the string mine came with is basically fishing line, and I don't want the dog to swallow it. It's fun though when the cats play with it. Mine grabs the feather end sometimes and trots off, trailing the pole behind her, looking for a safe place to eat her prey. But I think she sees the pole as a rival, so she just ends up carrying it from one hidey hole to the next, looking very smuggly satisfied with her catch!


If you do not have a good cat tree (something with several perches and such, consider getting one - some have toys affixed to them, and that can become a favorite outlet for energy as well as a place to sleep.


Smart cats need lots of stimulation, and if you don't have one, you might consider finding him a playmate, ideally female (male cats get in competition with each other sometimes, and you end up with literal pissing - spraying - contests). A cat who can keep up with him will be the best possible toy! I have two females (sisters) and a male currently. They all play together quite a bit. This does help keep down the crazy. If I had my genius by herself, I'd have to meet ALL her stimulation needs, and that would take probably a few hours a day. The actual amount of stimulation yours needs may be different, and what excites him may be a bit different. But he will need some stuff to do, especially over the next couple years. By the time he's 4 or 5, he'll settle considerably, but some interactive, interesting toys and such will only increase both of your enjoyment.

u/insidious_siblings · 1 pointr/AskVet

This may help. Certainly did with my overactive cat.

Fling-AMA-string. Automatic.

u/vinceravivere · 1 pointr/BabyBumps

Oh man I know some about this one - cat enrichment is a passion of mine, as well as cat training through positive reinforcement!! Cats DO NOT learn from or respond well to negative reinforcement (actually a misnomer, but basically 'punishment' or deterrents), and this might increase his anxiety. Definitely begin this process before baby gets here, as others have said! For you guys, enrichment will be the name of the game. Buckle up, and apologies for the long post....

Give him as many things to do at night as you can - puzzle feeders, try feeding him right before going 'in' for the night with a puzzle feeding bowl, lots of toys. Hide little stashes of food around so he has to 'hunt' for it; you can even make little scent trails. Feeding on a schedule, not leaving it down all the time, makes food much more high-reward and fun to discover. You can also leave worn shirts or bras of yours out, either next to his favorite sleeping spaces or even in them (like cat beds) so he has some 'momma smell' to comfort him when you're separated!!

Put the toys and food away during the day, except for his breakfast!! Night time can become a 'fun' time for him, but only if you do it very positively! Exiling him from the bedroom with negative stimuli (picking him up and carrying him out, chasing him out of the room, shutting the door right in his face) will reinforce the negative associations; try to get a toy that he will chase out and then shut the door once he's left of his own accord.

Some major things to think about are - active playtime, not passive play. These are things that move (either on their own battery-operated or because you drag/swing/point them), versus balls or toys that sit on the floor. Cats have a LOT more energy than we give them credit for! They have an absolutely huge hunting instinct, and get a lot of satisfaction out of using that. Try toys like battery operated laser pointer stand, ones that move with very little jostling, mice that he has to 'hunt'. Here are a few I've used - a butterfly on a wire, a mouse that goes around a track for about 7-8 minutes, a laser tower. You get the idea. None of these are perfect, but they will be new and fun! You might have to come back out a few times a night to turn them back on at intervals, but hey, you'll be up with baby or to pee anyways!! Again, put these away during the day so they are 'new' at night. You can also try cat tunnels like these for fun new territory to explore.

Speaking of territory, try to get him using his 'vertical space' (shelves on the wall, cat trees, etc) as much as possible with treats and catnip. More places to explore means more places to hide food and toys!

In general, look into as much 'fun stuff' at night as possible. He's definitely going to want to explore and get to know baby; this is normal and fine as long as it is safe. Babies actually benefit from contact with animals as it helps their immune systems!! I think that night time is definitely going to be your hardest bit, but just be as consistent as you can and start small. Start with just 15mins locked out, but again, have him chase a toy out and then have something high-value (treats, a favorite toy/game) out there to keep him occupied. Just keep building those positive associations with 'outside the bedroom' and make the bedroom as boring a place as you can for him!!!

Another good page with a lot of the same info, a little better worded haha!!

u/englishamerican · 1 pointr/AskWomen

Aw man! That sounds so boring for them! Well my bf and I have an apartment and we bought these (link: and your cats like balls/mice/etc I would definitely suggest getting this. You could even introduce them 2 at a time and let them play with them for a few days and then add one and take one away so it's always new stuff!

u/boosted_monkey13 · 1 pointr/CatAdvice

Yeah, I'd move his play schedule just a bit to allow him to play between 8-10 and then go to sleep when you go to sleep. I'd also get him some interactive toys such as this one: Circle ball track. My cats love to play with the tunnel that came with this bundle: Insert random name for hyperlink.

u/writergeek · 1 pointr/kittens

Named after Duke Kahanamoku, this little dude is a ball of energy. Cat tree and variety pack of toys coming from Amazon today and tomorrow. Also, one of these things. Any other suggestions to keep him busy so I can get some work done are welcome.

u/WeathermanDan · 1 pointr/malelivingspace
u/sluttylunalovegood · 1 pointr/CatAdvice

My cat loves this toy. He plays with it independently so he is much less needy when I get home from work. Cat towers also keep cats occupied because they love to climb. You can also keep him entertained with a feeding puzzle like this one. You seem to have a good play schedule, but maybe your cat just needs more mental stimulation! I understand you need to respect your roommates space, so hopefully adding some of these things into the cats life will help!

u/lubrinota · 1 pointr/AskWomen

The new feathers are here and the stick comes from a previous order that I made here

And this is the ball tower thingy

u/Wolfenacht · 1 pointr/borderlands3

Yeah, I figured it was okay to post because everyone else posted really terrible crap/not really related. I got the "mute" lifted because the admin couldn't show an example where I overstepped my bounds on comments towards people telling me to kill my cat.
I've tried quite a few toys for my cats and this one so far blows the others out of the water in terms of "butterflies". The movement is pretty realistic but there are some cons.
Pros: Realistic Movement, Base item itself is fairly priced/cheap, replacing the butterfly is simple as hell, has decent battery life for only needing one AAA.
Cons: The base is really freaking tiny and I want to punch whoever thought that was a good idea. If your cat is even remotely aggressive they will knock it over and then get bored since it's not flying around. The replacement butterfly is not cheap, one replacement butterfly is half the price of the whole unit, the butterflies aren't exactly the strongest in the world and an aggressive cat could tear it apart fairly quick. So if you are going to give this a try buy a few replacement butterflies so your cat doesn't instantly get bored/upset if they get really excited and destroy the first one right off the bat (Mine did and now they play with it less aggressively since it's not new, but they still go hog wild over it). Next you want to do something about the base, either put some extended legs on it/weights on it or some sort of adhesive to hold it to the floor.

u/xDesolate · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

$0-5: these cute cat toys because all our kitties need lovings too.

$5-10: This funny dish scrubber because we all deserve to feel like a princess or fairy while making magic in the kitchen such as getting rid of grease gunk.

$10-20: This Sheldon Cooper shirt because nerdy humor is sexy.

$20-50: Adopt a Sloth because the money goes to donating towards the animal and you get to ADOPT A I really need to explain why thats so awesome?!

u/HempHouse · 1 pointr/RandomActsForPets

I think my kitteh would have fun with these crazy [toys]( "toys")! Thank you for the contest nerdaletdirt!

u/purrImacatpurpur · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I like to buy Shaanty things any time I am gone... doesn't even matter how long I'm gone, if I'm going to a place that sells cat items, he's getting something haha... but, he could always go with more toys If you go in to the options, they sell for cheaper even when they are new :) thanks for the contest! I love cats :)

edit: I, so far, still live with my parents so they have been watching him when I'm gone :)

u/definitelynother · 0 pointsr/aww

I think it's one of those track toys, similar to these except with rearrangeable track sections, like a Hot Wheels track.

u/YearOfYoshi · 0 pointsr/HelpMeFind

You’re very welcome! Your enthused review has sold me on purchasing one for my cat who is also picky about toys.

Completely different but here’s another suggestion: Mine has played with this toy at least once per day for the past year and a half in spite of how simplistic it is

u/JSeizer · -1 pointsr/AnimalsBeingJerks

Cat dancer is super simple, but even my sedentary cat goes nuts for it: