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u/varcas · 26 pointsr/science

Not sure, but I've been taking an oral drop in the morning every day for the past 6 months, my Vitamin D level went from below range to 57ng/mL which is near the max, doctor said to reduce my intake to every other day now.

Edit: A few people have PM'd me about what I take, it's Liquid Vitamin D3, 2,000 IU a drop, 900 drops, $20.

u/YahwehTheDevil · 11 pointsr/DebateAVegan

>it's like people are playing some kind of game, and they just want you to join their side

I completely understand this, and it makes it difficult to figure out what's true. I do think that vegans sometimes stretch the truth in order to try to win converts, but I look at that as a misguided act of compassion, because the new vegans are going to learn eventually and then they may very well give up.

Personally, I believe that we can absolutely be healthy on a plant-based diet as long as we supplement B12, D3, and omega-3 fatty acids.The first two are incredibly cheap: This supplement costs $20 for a three-month supply of B12, on top of giving a host of other useful nutrients in case you're missing anything, and for $12 you can buy eight months' worth of D3.

As for omega-3 fatty acids, they are unfortunately on the more expensive side. A lot of vegans say that we can get sufficient EPA and DHA by eating ALA, such as from flaxseed and chia, and converting it ourselves. While there was a promising study saying that vegans convert ALA to EPA and DHA more efficiently that omnis, flax and chia on their own are probably not sufficient.

At the recommended dosages, supplementing omega-3 FAs will cost you about $15 a month. I usually buy Ovega-3, although I recently tried Tesla and liked it as well. We probably need more than 500g a day, since we're meant to consume a somewhat even ratio of omega-3 and omega-6, which would push the cost up to $30 a month or higher. I take three grams a day for mental health, although I doubt that most people would need that much.

As far as needing eggs and dairy to be healthy, I suspect that that's the work of animal industries spreading fear, uncertainty, and doubt. Dairies have taken a huge hit lately as people switch to plant-based milk (now with 100% less pus!), and I think they'd gladly lie to the public in order to tourniquet their losses. For instance, we were all told that we need milk in order to have strong bones, right? But that's absolutely not true. First-world countries have higher rates of osteoporosis. And while I'm not sure how credible this is, the great Yourofsky believed that it was because animal protein is acidic, and to counteract that acidity our bodies draw calcium from our bones.

I'm going to wrap this up before I ramble any more, but in short, take B12 D12 and omega-3s and you will be all set!

*While it wasn't dairy, /r/vegan recently had a laughably transparent article about someone who was arguing not only that it was okay to wear fur, but that it was actually a
moral imperative* to do so. It was such a moving piece that I immediately drove to a mink farm and snapped those little fuckers' necks myself, because god damn it, I'm a patriot

u/dreiter · 9 pointsr/nutrition

D3 is generally better than D2 at raising blood levels of D but D2 is still effective, especially at the dosing you are taking.

50,000 IU is definitely a 'doctor prescribed' dosing and is likely just to get your levels back into a good range quickly. Most people take 1000-5000 IU per day as a maintenance dose. Once the D2 runs out just go grab a reliable brand of D3 (I like Doctors Best) and take that once a day with a meal containing fat (fat helps your body absorb the D).

u/the_acid_queen · 9 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

Yup, my physical a couple years ago showed I was vitamin D deficient. I started taking one of these every morning (vitamin D is oil-soluble and these gel caps use olive oil as a base, so the body absorbs them better). I went back for re-testing three months later and my vitamin D levels were completely normal.

u/fatetrader · 7 pointsr/Nootropics

I think your anxiety is very likely to be a psychological problem. You simply became very worried about taking "high dosage" of it, BUT I can put your mind to rest!

Last winter 2014/2015 I have been taking very high doses of Vitamin D3 for a little more than three months. I read some articles about possibility of healing some ailments in this way so I gave it a shot. Every day I took 50,000 BioTech Pharmacal D3 + 5 Life Extension Super K and I felt great and had no problems at all, important thing is to take Vitamin K2 with it.

My health problem has greatly improved and is now nearly gone. At the moment I'm taking D3 again since the beginning of December 2015 and will take it for another few weeks until my bottle is finished, this will be enough for me this winter.

So if you take it occasionally, it wont make any harm to you, but if you plan to take high doses of it regularly you definitely need to take K2 with it! this is very important as it redirects calcium from your veins to your bones, otherwise you'll calcify veins and this can create some serious problems.

u/WeWander_ · 7 pointsr/Anxiety

Garden of life vitamin D3 spray with omegas 3, 6 & 9 at sprouts! I don't know if sprouts is a national chain but I'm sure whole foods has it too. My mom gave me some patches to try that she can't find again which sucks because they were a game changer. I'm testing these ones out now, but hers had more ingredients and I had more energy and motivation with hers.

Edit: I prefer sprays because downing a bunch of pills every morning is rough, especially if I'm already nauseous. Patches are new to me, but again I like the idea of just putting on a patch rather than taking pills.

Edit 2: this is the spray. I'm leery of buying supplements on Amazon though with all the fake products on there. Garden of Life D3 Vitamin - mykind Organic Whole Food Vitamin D Supplement with Plant Omegas, Vegan, Vanilla, 2oz Liquid

u/DavidAg02 · 6 pointsr/Supplements

Went through the same thing as you.

I was prescribed 50,000 IU's a week for 2 months to correct my deficiency. You can buy prescription strength D3 supplements on Amazon for cheap. This is what I took: Only 1 pill a week, much easier than counting drops everyday.

Was completely back in the normal range after about 8-10 weeks. You'll want to have another blood test to confirm. After that, you can switch to a much lower dosage to maintain. Getting about 1000 IU per day is keeping me at a nice, normal level.

u/herman_gill · 6 pointsr/Supplements

In the future I would buy

this magnesium and this d3+k2 instead. Cheaper and the magnesium's likely more effective.

You can take all three in the morning if you want. Magnesium isn't inherently sedating, it's relaxing.

The ones I would personally avoid is taking D or ALCAR at night, everything else is fair game.

If you wanna do D, K, ALCAR in the morning, and Mag at night, that's perfectly fine also.

Also if you're at all interested in taking a multivitamin instead, I'd recommend Legion Triumph (disclosure: I've had some input on it's design, not receiving any royalties or anything like that, though).

u/dihard · 6 pointsr/Fitness

Good to see Vitamin K added, I've been curious about it. I found it interesting in Weston Price's writings that he found populations eating lots of grassfed dairy and/or natto seemed to have amazing cardiovascular and bone/teeth health. This 'x-factor' nutrient as he called it was later believed to be vitamin k. Have a bunch of questions:

It seems like mk4 (the animal version) is used a lot in the studies and I've seen some claim it's superior to the natto based mk7. But I'm curious why you stated mk7 might be "better than MK-4 at the same stuff" when it seemed like mk4 was the one specifically used in the studies that found bone growth effects, cancer fighting effects, suppression of negative vitamin d effects? From what I read in the article I would have come to the opposite conclusion, was this a typo or am I missing something?

I've been taking the mk4 (animal version) myself and the one product I've found that uses it (instead of mk7) is this vitamin d/k from Thorne. It has a ratio of 1000IU D to 200 mcg K2 (mk4), or 7500 D to 1500mcg if going by your recommended 1500mcg value. Do you think this ratio is too high on the vitamin D side? I might try their pure vitamin K drops so I can make my own ratio, but what would you say is ideal (it sounds like these two vitamins work closely together from your article)?

If too much vitamin D relative to K can cause issues like calcification, is there any harm in the opposite case, too much K relative to D? Particularly for the high dose mk4 (45000mcg) 'bone growth' doses you talked about. Were any side/negative effects noted at all?

Finally, I've read that grass fed dairy and animal products will contain higher levels of K. I'm not sure if there are any measurements but if you can find any it'd be interesting to see listed side by side with non-grass fed counterparts.

u/streptococci · 6 pointsr/BabyBumps

This list is excellent. One thing I would add, if you are planning on breastfeeding, is Vitamin D drops. Your breastfed baby will be advised to take Vit D, and the one that is easiest to find (at least where I live) is D-Vi-Sol, which requires a HUGE dose that baby hates the taste of. So don't get that one. Instead, get some of the ones that require just one tasteless drop, like these or similar. I put a drop on my nipple before he latches, or if I forget, I express a little milk into a spoon and add the drop, and then pour it in his mouth. Easy and much tastier!

u/glowytiger · 6 pointsr/vegan

A lot of people have answered your main questions. I just wanted to address your edit.

A) I use Daiya shreds. Honestly, the taste for me varies based on what I'm using it in. It is better in a recipe with lots of other flavors that it can complement. For instance, it's great on the Egg Trick Muffin and Vegan Pizza - I highly recommend The Vegan Zombie for recipes.

But I had it on just a Vegan Boca Burger and it wasn't so great. So, experimenting is the best thing you could do.

B) As for nutrients not including B12, I would look into a Vegan D3 Vitamin not because the diet is deficient in that vitamin but because most humans in the Western world are now showing a deficiency in vitamin D.

You can get your Omega-3 fatty acids from ground flax seeds, flax seed oil (I hate it but if you can stand it then go for it), and chia seeds.

I generally put a couple tablespoons of ground flax seeds in some of my favorite non-dairy yogurt and stir it up and it's great.

If you feel you are getting too much soy then try Almond milk (I get the vanilla unsweetened).

Other than that, if you are really worried then the only thing I would watch is your calcium intake until you get the hang of it. It WILL be present in the foods you eat unless you turn into a junk-food vegan. But if you want to supplement then look for vegan foods (such as the almond milk) that are fortified with calcium.

Other than that you should be fine. Remember not to chalk up every illness or deficiency to the vegan diet when there could be another explanation - the Standard American Diet is woefully deficient in nutrients yet no one questions it.

Anyway, I wish you guys the best.

u/Titiartichaud · 6 pointsr/vegan

>There are 3 vitamins that do not exist in plant foods.

>Vitamin B12

>Vitamin D3

>Vitamin K2

B12 in addition to being made by bacteria only can be found in non-animal sources. Example: korean nuns getting what they need from seaweed.

Or one can cut the middle man and get what is harvested from bacteria directly.


can be harvested from mushrooms.

K2: is made by bacteria once more AND can be found in fermented plant foods.

Vitamin A is more bioavailable from animal sources but...plant sources contain insane amounts of its precursors which are converted to vitamin A by your body.

Phytates will prevent the absorptions of certain like iron but this effect can be counteracted by eating vitamin C with iron rich meals.

Omg they cite incomplete proteins...You know an article is absolute shit when they do that. Like seriously:

>EPA and DHA are essential fatty acids not found in plants

You make your own. Eat your salads with flax seed oil, or look up other plant food reach in its precursor. Otherwise:

>Based on the fact that hyperinsulinemia underlies almost every modern chronic disease, it’s likely humans aren’t designed to handle high doses of carbohydrate.


> Cholesterol

You make your own....

u/stephtveg · 6 pointsr/vegan

They label their products as vegan and there are vegan sources of d3 (this one is from lichen).

Have you contacted the company about their vit d source?

u/VeganMinecraft · 6 pointsr/vegan

Take it for me as a vegan that had a serious vitamin D deficiency, and I only found out because my school was smart and tested for that when I came in showing symptoms of depression and also panic attacks.

My level came up as 17 (its supposed to be around 50)

My primary care doctor never tested for vitamin D and I would probably still be suffering with physical depression if it didn't click for me about the vitamin D. It made sense because I have stayed inside a lot and also stopped drinking non dairy milk for awhile. I have a theory about why they don't often test for vitamin D deficiency, because they want more of an excuse to throw pills at you to treat your "symptoms" but not the underlying problem. If they don't know vitamin D is your problem, they can put you on anti depressants and xanax.

Though my school doctor told me to just take a general multivitamin to get it up, it soon became clear that was no going anywhere and I had to look up the actual dosage I should take for a deficiency.

I took 10,000 IU for 3 months along with 300 mg of magnesium. The next time I got test my level was 55 and most of my depression and panic attacks had gone away, I could think clearly for the most part and I just felt better all around.

I went through HELL for several months though because I didn't figure out the early signs of the deficency, with my body letting me know something was wrong (bad headaches every other day, weird days I would feel like crying for no reason, mental confusion)

Also, vitamin D2 is not as bioavailable as vitamin D3. D3 is the preferred form. There is vegan vitamin D3 like this but they are definitely harder to find.

Seriously this opened my eyes to how much a nutritional deficiency can weaken us. You can eat right, and be healthy in every other way, but if you get low on vitamin D, you will have problems, and I was told by doctors too that they are seeing more younger people with vitamin D deficiency because our society is shifting to stay inside more.

u/Alexhite · 6 pointsr/vegan

This is amazing, I am so glad you are starting your journey to becoming vegan. My best suggestion is using to track your food for a good portion of time in order for you to get a handle on what foods have what properties and nutrients you need from them. Vegan diets can easily cover all your nutrients, I get all of the FDA's recommended doses of micronutrients daily and almost double their recommended protein amount. Here is a quick rundown of nutrients and vegan foods that are abundant in them


  • Fat- Avocado, coconut, oils, nuts, seeds, and soybeans (tofu, tempeh, edamame)

  • Carbohydrates- Fruit, Legumes, Grains, Vegetables

  • Protein- Beans, Lentils, Faux meats, Green Vegetables, Grains

  • amino acids are all present in all food just at different rations so eat a variety.

    You will meet all your macro-nutrient needs eating 2100 calories of any variety of foods. (eat and don't eat only fruit or drink oil for your calories, super easy)

    Micronutrients: (These are only the ones some lack on a vegan diet, take in consideration that less then 1% of the world eats all of their proper micro-nutrients and eating more vegetables and beans almost always makes people get more)

  • Omega 3- Ground Flax Seed, Chia Seeds, and, Dark Green Vegetables (roughly 10% per serving of dark green veggies)
    Omega 3's are the most challenging to get at the start of a vegan diet, basically you add in a tablespoon of chia seeds or flax seeds to your diet daily and it covers you or you take an algae based supplement. Omega 3 is not a necessary nutrient but it does greatly help you.

  • B12- Supplement this, here's a great article on it with recommended supplements you likely are already getting it from meat that got it from being heavily supplemented with b12, its a bacteria and we eat less bacteria now then throughout evolution so it's not exactly a vegan issue.

  • Vitamin D- The sun, supplements, or mushrooms left in the sun. I take this in the winter and in the summer I use the sun. Here's an article about it

  • Calcium- Nut Milk, Vegetables (Dark green especially), Chia seeds, Fruit, and Nuts.

  • Vitamin E- (which is less of a problem for vegans but still not easy) Nut Milks, Almonds, Vegetables.

  • Iron- It is a misconception that this is challenging I actually get more now then over, anyway Green veggies, Beans, Lentils, Grains

  • Selenium- Only an issue if you don't get a few servings of grains especially whole wheat, or eat one brazil nut, or 400 kiwis

  • Zinc- Beans, Grains, Nuts and Seeds. This is one most people don't expect.

    In short eat a few servings of grains, beans, fruit, green veg, nut milk, nuts, and seeds and you got it covered. Two servings of each daily will likely cover all your nutritional needs.

    Edit: I suck at formatting

    Ps. Also when doing your method I highly suggest doing the simple things on top of the x number of days a week you are vegan. By this I mean using plant milk instead of normal, and trying to have almost identical vegan products like chao instead of cheddar, and gardein and beyond beef instead of meats. The products I mentioned are best known for their phenomenal ability to replicate the original.
u/datagram · 5 pointsr/Supplements

I've been taking Nutrigold Vitamin D3 5000 IU sort of intermittently when I think about it over the past year, but I've taken it daily for the past 2-3 months (always with breakfast containing fat). I just had my Vitamin D level checked and it was at 31ng/mL, which isn't far from deficient (<30ng/mL).

My doctor recommended that I take 2000IU daily, so I informed him of what I was already taking and asked if I should double the dose or consider another product. He said to stick with 5000IU and have another test in a few months because it could take longer to get my levels up if I was pretty low already when I started my regimen.

That doesn't really apply to you, though, because you've been taking it for years. I've read that thyroid and autoimmune disorders can interfere with absorption. My doctor plans to test for gluten sensitivity if my next Vitamin D test is still low.

u/CumStainedButthole · 5 pointsr/Bombstrap


One a day vitamin, 10,000iu of vitamin D a day, magnesium, celery extract, L-citrulline, L-arginine, carditone, super greens, 150mg Test-E weekly, half a mg of arimidex a week, 150mg Test E 250mg Test P and 400mg Tren A during blasts. Nolva on hand if needed.

Solgar - Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) 10,000 IU 120 Softgels

Vibrant Health - Green Vibrance, A Comprehensive, Restorative, Advanced Daily Superfood + Vegan D3, 60 servings

Carditone 120 Caplets 60 X 2

Natural Factors - Celery Seed Extract, Circulatory Support, 120 Vegetarian Capsules

NOW L-Citrulline 750 mg, 180 Veg Capsules

Bronson Magnesium Complex Maximum Coverage 300 Mg, Non-GMO, Gluten Free and Soy Free Formula, 250 Tablets

NOW L-Arginine 1000 mg, 120 Tablets

Order whatever one a day you want.

u/drew1492 · 5 pointsr/SeattleWA

Vitamin D-only is probably best, or at least most cost-effective. Most people get enough of most vitamins and minerals from their diet, so supplementing everything else is a waste of money at best. Many multivitamins also contain D2 instead of D3, which is your body's preferred and more effective form. Vitamin D3 supplements are very inexpensive.

Edit: If you're already taking daily multivitamins, you probably don't need to add an additional D supplement. (But you might consider dropping the multi in favor of targeted supplementation.) But if you're not on a multi, consider a D3-only supplement.

u/vgisverbose · 4 pointsr/Fitness

158 is quite low for your frame so I'm not surprised that you have a natural propensity to under-eat. To have enough body fat to obscure at least an unflexed 2 pack at 158 after 6 months of working out is absurd and suggests that you're doing something wrong.

There are some supplements that can help but I think the primary problem is likely lurking in your diet, man. The secondary problem is likely your training regimen, as the words "different machines which train every muscle group" send up a big ass red flag.

The calorie deficit you're working under is too steep. 1700 is somewhere around 400 calories short of your daily maintenance need. That means you're not eating enough to fulfill your daily energy needs while idling. By the time your day is over, you're likely using over 3,000 calories.

So, the cool thing about cars is that if they run out of fuel, they have the common decency to shut down. Your body, should you not feed it, will either convert its fat stores to energy or sometimes, it will prefer to hang on to the fat and break down muscle for what it needs instead. The annoying thing is that you won't be able to tell which it's doing until you post to Reddit 6 months later.

When you create too steep an energy (calorie) demand over an extended period of time, your body will slow its metabolism (the rate it burns calories) to accommodate. It's essentially preparing you for a famine because you're not eating enough and it thinks shit's about to go down. It doesn't give a single fuck about your appearance: your body's primary concern is survival. The next step is to prefer to maintain its fat stores instead of converting them to energy. Instead, it breaks down muscle tissue, which is the opposite of what you want.

Because you've probably been under-eating your entire life, I'll assume you don't eat big meals, and I'm going to guess that those 1700 calories are being spread out across several (5-6) meals. With a carbohydrate intake of over 200g a day, spreading them out over several meals, you've probably got elevated blood sugar all day. That means that you'll have insulin roaming about in your body all day that will also tell your fat stores to stay put.

When you put all of that together, you've got a recipe for a skinny-fat dude.

Definition comes from the relationship between your muscle and skin. When your skin stretches tightly against your body, it will dip into the crevices in your muscle tissue. Body fat is the layer between the muscle and skin so the less body fat there is, the more defined you become, just as long as you've still got muscle there. That's all definition is. The reason your stomach looks like a rolling meadow is because you're essentially talking your body into keeping its fat stores, while breaking down your muscle.

u/RealNotFake · 4 pointsr/Fitness

I've been taking vitamin D for a couple months now and there has been literally zero difference in any aspect of my health/mood/fitness. I'm not sure if I should keep taking it just for the heck of it or if it's a waste of money? I work a desk job and don't get much sun most days except on the weekend so I thought it might be good to take, but now I'm questioning if I really need it. For reference, I'm taking one of these daily.

u/ilostmyumbrella · 4 pointsr/beyondthebump

We do vitamin D drops, and I highly recommend getting some where the full dosage is in a single drop as opposed to having to fill a dropper and shoot it into their mouth. Then you just put a single drop on your nipple before they start feeding rather than having to get them to swallow a bunch.

These are the ones we have: Ddrops Baby 400 IU, Vitamin D, 90 drops 2.5mL (0.08 fl.oz)

u/cilucia · 4 pointsr/breastfeeding

Hmm that one isn't on the recall list.

We use Baby D Drops brand (amazon link), you just need one drop instead of 1mL syringe. I usually just put a drop on my finger and rub it on LO's gum line, but sometimes I'll apply to my nipple before breastfeeding.

u/riricide · 4 pointsr/PCOS

While I did not notice anything drastic with Vitamin D supplementation, it's definitely one to look out for overall health. People are also often deficient in vitamins K and B12 - so make sure you get those. Spinach and leafy greens are amazing for Vit K and most hard to get micronutrients. In terms of Vitamin D, this helped me raise my blood D3 levels from deficient to normal in about 3 months of daily use.

u/Ludakrit · 4 pointsr/MGTOW

Try taking 5000 IU of vitamin D daily. It's like 15 bucks for 360 pills.

I read about it in a book on treating depression without medication and it's one of the most effective methods. Really helped me alot.

u/before-the-fall · 4 pointsr/vegan

Hey there, awesome!!

I have some spirulina powder that I occasionally put in a smoothie or something, but I don't use it that often.

I have some advice that I wrote up for a guy asking for tips on being vegan yesterday, hope it's ok if I copy and paste:


Some of my tips:

  1. Spend as much time in vegan online communities as you can. You learn a lot about nutrition, how to handle questions from non-vegans, tips on cooking, humor, commiseration, and other very important things. I prefer this very reddit sub r/vegan, but some people join facebook groups as well. Check out facebook or to find other vegans in your area. I dig the facebook group ‘what broke vegans eat’ for meal ideas on the cheap.

  2. Use it's a free website that lets you track your food and it shows you how much of each macro and micronutrient you're getting. It's based on your height and weight, it calculates your RDI (recommended dietary intake) from that, and most foods are pre-loaded with nutrition info, though you can enter new ones that aren't found- you just need the nutrition facts section from the box. It really helps to know what your RDI are, even if you don't feel like using cronometer, though I suggest using it for the first 4 weeks of being vegan- honestly, lots of new vegans simply don't eat enough calories. I still use it, have been off and on since being vegan, almost 12 months ago.

  3. Along the same line, if you don't really want to use cronometer, at least look up your RDI here. It helps to know your targets for calories, protein, etc. It is also a helpful aid when non-vegans give you shit about protein, you can ask them, "How much protein do you need in a day, in grams?" They won't have a clue most of the time.

  4. One last nutrition tip: You'll probably want to start taking a B12 vitamin. There are tons of vegan B12 vitamins on the market, in pills, sprays, etc. It's the one nutrient that doctors agree on is not available on a vegan plant-based diet (although it’s actually from bacteria, and lots of livestock are given B12 shots anyway). I started off with one I got at Whole Foods, by Garden of Life which is a mouth spray and I also bought a D3 one while I was there because I had read somewhere that it was a good idea. They last a long time, I still have them. But I recently decided that I didn’t need to prove that I needed very few supplements just because I was vegan (which is true), but I don’t always eat a perfectly balanced meal 3 times a day, so I grabbed a vegan multivitamin and take that now.

  5. Recommended reading: The China Study by Dr. Colin Campbell, How Not to Die by Dr. Michael Greger, Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer.

  6. Recommended viewing: Dr. Michael Greger's videos, especially this one. This one is a long one, but extremely worth it and a good preview of what you’ll learn when you read his book, How Not to Die. But his nonprofit website has tons of amazing videos on youtube. There is a short version of the first one I linked but I can’t find it right now. Anyone want to help me out? Dr. Melanie Joy's video on the psychology of eating meat. This one in particular will make you feel a lot better about how you’ve been able to think you’re a good, compassionate person and still eat meat. Seriously, it’s 14 minutes, give it a watch! Good documentaries: Cowspiracy (on Netflix- environmental impact of eating meat), Veducated and Forks Over Knives (both on Netflix- health aspects of veganism), and most people suggest Earthlings for the ethical/moral aspects. I… would only recommend this when you’re craving meat. I also highly recommend this Gary Yourofsky vid though some vegans find his attitude distasteful and off-putting. Hell, I think it’s an excellent video.

  7. You might want to look into joining the Veganuary campaign, it's going on right now and has access to lots of helpful info/resources, as well as daily emails of support if you want them. Another helpful website is as they have tips, recipes, free guides, meal plans, etc.

  8. You will possibly experience some extra gas during the first two weeks of eating more fiber and beans, but that’ll ameliorate itself soon as your gut flora change. Also, you will probably crave cheese more than anything else. Some good vegan cheeses: Daiya Cheezy Mac which I get at Kroger in the ‘health food’ section, Follow Your Heart Mozzarella shreds, and Chao slices by Field Roast (both of which I get at Whole Foods or the local co-op. Beware that ‘Go Veggie’ is apparently not really a vegan cheese.

  9. Get yourself a pinterest account if you wish to find lots of awesome vegan recipes, but if you don’t feel like searching through a ton, I recommend the following websites: Minimalist Baker , Reddit r/VeganFood , r/VeganFoodPorn, r/ShittyVeganFoodPorn, It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken , Where You Get Your Protein , and The Edgy Veg .

  10. Check out Happy Cow to find vegan restaurants in different cities. There’s also an app. And if you want to order, you can easily get vegan food at pizza places , taco bell , and other fast food restaurant chains.

u/TheMeerkat · 3 pointsr/TrueReddit

5000IU, $11 for eight months if you go for 240 softgels. Until the FDA/your country's equivalent gets their act together, pick this up somewhere and give the middle finger to cancer. :D

Edit: damn you, Amazon link structure.

u/gogge · 3 pointsr/keto

You could switch to a vitamin D supplement. A quick look shows that Costco sells a two year D3 supply for something like $12 (600 softgels at 2000 IU, actually 3-4 times the RDI/RDA).

u/blahable · 3 pointsr/keto
  1. About .4 to .9g of protein per pound of lean body mass per day (Lean body mass = total body weight minus fat weight + (fat weight x .25)). So if you were 250lbs with 35% body fat, that would be 87 pounds of fat, so lean body mass would be 250 - 87 + (87x.25) or 184 pounds. So your protein intake would be between 74g (absolute minimum per day) and 165g, higher protein requirements are needed the more active you are especially if you do high-intensity or weight training exercise. If you need help figuring this out, then reply back with your height, weight, and BMI if you know it and i'll do it for you.

    As for carbs you should be aiming for 20-30g of netcarbs per day (a netcarb = Total carbs minus fiber carbs). So if you were eating 15g of fiber per day, your total carb intake would be 35 to 45g.

    The rest of your calories should come from fat. So if you were eating 1600 calories per day, 100g of protein, and 20g of carbs, that would leave 1120 calories for fat, or 124g of fat. To calculate this yourself: fat in grames = (total calories - (protein in grams + carbs in grams)x4) / 9. Using the above example numbers that would look like: (1600 - (100+20)x4)/9 --> (1600 - 480)/9 --> 124g of fat.

    If you need help figuring out how many calories you should be eating, provide the numbers requested above for calculating total protein intake and i'll help you figure that out as well.

  2. It really doesn't mater when you eat your carbs. Spread out throughout the day is probably ideal, but it's really not important. Eat when you're hungry and have time.

  3. It really depends on the type of exercise. If you're just doing low-intensity cardio (such as walking or biking or any other form of exercise under 60% of heart-rate max) then a post workout really isn't necessary.

  4. I'm not sure what the question is here honestly.

  5. As many or as few as you want. You shouldn't purposely eat multiple small meals. Eat when you're hungry and when you have time. Some people only eat one large meal per day (usually as their post-workout), others eat only two (usually skipping breakfast and/or only have fat-calories for breakfast such as MCT oil). Most people would probably be best starting off with three meals per day as they're used to and then transition to fewer (or more) meals depending on hunger levels throughout the day.

  6. You should be getting about 3-4 grams of total salt per day. This usually means either drinking salted water (1/2 teaspoon of salt twice a day) or a salty consume or bouillon broth (be sure these are MSG-free) or even a home-made bone broth with additional salt.

    I would also recommend a magnesium supplement, somewhere between 300-400mg per day. If you get diarrhea, then you should probably take two smaller doses of ~150mg twice daily (use a pill splitter) or switch to a slow-release version. If you still have issues even with two smaller doses, then reduce the dosage until you no longer do (usually after the first month of magnesium supplementation you'll probably need to reduce the amount to 200-300mg per day depending on how much you're getting from food). Also be sure to get a chelated form of magnesium (magnesium aspartate, magnesium citrate or magnesium citrimate). And when determining how much magnesium is actually in each dose, you will need to calculate it based on the RDI (the RDI is 400mg per day). So if the dose is 50% of the RDI then you would know that it's only 200mg per dose.

    If you decide to take a potassium supplement, make sure you aren't on any other medication that might interact negatively (such as blood pressure medicines). If you plan your low-carb diet well you can get enough potassium from food. If you do decide to use a supplement or a potassium-salt, be sure to stay below ~500mg per day and preferably spread throughout the day. Excess potassium, especially from quickly absorbed supplements, can cause serious health problems.

    The last two supplements i would recommend would be 1g-1.5g of Omega-3 fish oil capsules (or liquid) and ~2-5000 IU of vitamin D3 per day. There might be cheaper/better brands of these two supplements out there, but the two i linked are what i personally use.
u/kiln · 3 pointsr/nutrition

I had a similar situation to you and it was suggested to me by my doctor and nutritionist to take Vit D liquid drops instead of capsules. They are easier for your body to process that capsules.

u/weelittlebabyforme · 3 pointsr/beyondthebump

Hey fellow mom! My baby was just shy of 10lbs and 23 inches long. LO's head, height, and weight were all in the 90th percentile into 6 months. LO is now around 10 months and in normal-ish (50% weight, but still tall, 70%) measurements.

I think crawling really helps, I don't think your LO is fat. My pediatrician said to keep breastfeeding, and I did, and everything is healthy.

>He told me my baby needed to have his feedings restricted.

I asked about this around 6 months with my LO. My doctor said they never restrict for breastfed babies.

>They also wouldn't let me breastfeed him during his shots

During shots or after? I had my boob out several times in our appointments...not during the shot, but after (I don't know why this would matter, but maybe reducing pin pricks?). Everyone at the Peds office was very happy I was breastfeeding my child.

Also, I did vitamin D drops too. [These] ( only take one drop instead of a mil.

u/johnny-utah-busey · 3 pointsr/Fitness

Give DAA a try if you want to. It's cheap and I feel a slight difference with it after a while. I just got done an 8 week 'cycle' and am very happy with it.

Keep in mind while DAA has been shown to work, it does not do anything near what actual juice will do, but it's most likely 100% safe and it's much much much cheaper, and legal.

Also for Creatine I use regular old monohydrate, I am going to try a monohydrate made with Creapure creatine. CreaPure is german micronized creatine which makes it more water soluble. Some say that helps absorption, others say its bullshit, IMO the price difference is pretty negligible and even if all it does it make it dissolve easier then its worth it for me.

and Vitamin D, here's your supply for the YEAR.

u/BlackPorcupine · 3 pointsr/vegan
u/Carmack · 3 pointsr/veganfitness

Just realized I didn't answer your scale question.

I use this scale:

WAOAW 500g/0.01g Digital Pocket Stainless Jewelry & Kitchen food Scale, Lab Weight, 0.001oz Resolution

This beaker:

Emsa Perfect Beaker

This blender:

Blendtec TB-621-25 Total Blender Classic with WildSide+ Jar, Black (Certified Refurbished)

And this jar:

Takeya Airtight Pitcher, 2-Quart, Black

Happy mixing. :)

Also you asked elsewhere on the thread about D3. Here's what I use:

Doctor's Best Best Vegan D3 Vegetarian Capsules, 60 Count

u/Re_Re_Think · 3 pointsr/vegan

You can increase the amount of iron you get through diet in a number of ways, by eating iron and Vitamin C rich foods together, avoiding oxalate-rich foods (Dark leafy greens are very healthy and contain some iron, but they also contain oxalate which can lower iron absorption. However, cooking them lowers the oxalate content, so if you're using things like spinach, collard greens, kale, etc., have them at a separate meal or cook them well), cooking in cast iron, or using a lucky iron fish.

> Anyone out there with healthy nutrient filled recipes that a teen would love?

Some recipe ideas are in the links, but:

  • Oatmeal (or muffins or granola made with oats) or iron-fortified breakfast cereal with orange juice, or melon fruit salad.
  • Pineapple black bean salsa (or made with white beans or chickpeas). The sweetness of the fruit may make the boringness of the beans a little better.
  • Dirty mashed potatoes (or other potato dishes with the skin included) with bell peppers or tomatoes.
  • Dark chocolate has relatively high iron, and it's usually easy to get teens to eat

    > and her vitamin D is low

    Vitamin D deficiency is surprisingly common (among vegans and non-vegans), especially since so many people spend so much time indoors nowadays. Luckily, there are Vitamin D fortified foods like plant milks, and vegan Vitamin D supplements (even Vitamin D3, the form which may be absorbed better). After taking a higher dose for a few weeks, she should get another blood test to see if it's been effective.

    Here's much more comprehensive information on vegan Vitamin D supplementation, if you're interested.
u/LightRuby · 3 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

I take this one . And I agree with everyone else- it's making a huge difference!

u/GeminiVI · 3 pointsr/conspiracy

Benefits? I went from almost falling asleep during the day to bursting out of bed in the morning to still having energy into the evening. Although ZMA (Zinc, Magnesium, B6) has improved my sleep quality 1000% which helps a lot, but I just started taking it regularly recently.

My current daily stack is:

u/baby-spice · 3 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

Pretty much everyone has a deficiency unless they spend a ton of time outdoors and eat a lot of fish. Just get a quality supplement. These are good and are very highly rated on Amazon:

u/drake6k · 3 pointsr/zerocarb

I use "NatureWise Vitamin D3 5,000 IU in Organic Olive Oil, Non-GMO, USP Grade, 360 count" (I gain nothing from this link)

u/MegaManSE · 3 pointsr/FoodNerds

Those are ridiculously high dosages as far as I know. K2 goes well with D3 which I take together via drop form for bioavailability:
Per 1000 UI D3, it only has 25mcg of K2 (MK-7)... With these dosages my serum vitamin D levels are right around 40ng/ml which is in the ideal range for longevity (40-50).

Edit: I take 2 drops/day with a lipid containing meal (2000 IU D3 / 50mcg K2)

u/Rarvyn · 2 pointsr/AskDocs

It might be D3.

D2 is falling out of favor with a lot of folks due to it not being readily picked up on commercial assays, so that even when the patient is fully replete they can still look deficient. It's really only been used historically because while there are no high dose prescription D3 products, there are for D2.

You can easily buy 50,000 international units D3 capsules though. Biotech Pharmaceuticals is $23 for 100 capsules of 50k D3 on Amazon and is a reputable manufacturer - Some physicians even stock 50k unit D3 capsules in the office and sell it to their patients - though that's potentially a conflict of interest.

The only thing I don't like about it is most patients don't need anywhere near 100 capsules.

u/saltedcaramelsauce · 2 pointsr/MultipleSclerosis

> you'd be taking a lot of pills to get 50,000

The 50,000 IU kind also comes in tiny pills that you can buy on Amazon, no prescription needed. I take one every 10 days; works well.

u/lampworkz · 2 pointsr/ptsd

This might seem like a stretch, but what has helped me deal a bit more over the passed few days is...vitamin D3. I'm not a doctor nor do I play one on TV, but you might want to consider this small thing you can do to possibly make life a little more tolerable. Of course everyone is different and this may not work for you but being in the same situation, I was going to try anything.

I'm going to say it... I could've written most of your post, except I am female. I was also in this position and started scouring the internet for anything I could do to get out of that hell. I started talking to people too.

Most of the answers I got made me so fucking mad. Mostly because people will just blindly say, "Why don't you go on medication, just to get you over the hump?" As a person who has tailored their diet so that food is medicine for my body that is in chronic pain 24/7, adding more chemicals/toxins to the mix didn't seem to make sense to me. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure pharms help people, they've just never helped me. I've tried many, many different ones and they've only made things worse.

This is what helped me. I started taking this brand
2 in the morning (10,000IU a day). After the third day, I didn't wake up with the nauseousness I feel toward life. I get this because I hate my life and myself so much, I get nauseous anytime I am awake, thinking about almost all the things you had written in your post.

I know it may seem like a simple vitamin such as D3 wouldn't even touch this hell we live in, but it has for me. It is easy to overdose on vitamin D from what I've read, but D3 is another story. Here's an article on what the difference is between the two, how it helps your body as a whole and also the dosage to get your levels up.

On my third day of taking this, I was able to fucking laugh!!! I couldn't believe it. That hasn't happened in about a couple of years, genuinely. I woke up, not dreading what the world was going to be like and was able to function with more of a clear mind. Not that it made all worries and despair disappear, but I was able to even go out to a grocery store and not feel so debilitated at the mere thought of being hearded into lines at a store we HAD to go to in order to survive, buying food and feeling like a sheeple. I also have been able to be more active which causes me to be more tired at night, allowing for easier sleep. I usually get 2 hours a night. Passed couple of days, it's been 4-5 hours. It's only been a few days so I hope this is a growing trend. I have been dealing with insomnia on and off in my life, but my most recent stent is 5 years and counting.

I know this isn't much, but it may prove to be helpful for you and is not too expensive. You know, "Just to get you over that hump."

Take it easy man, message me if you need to vent more. I really hope this can be of some help to you.

u/pbourdyk · 2 pointsr/Fitness

Hmmmm... Got some minutes today, so let's type out some questions!

  • I'm slowly developing a suspicion that I am mildly lactose intolerant (despite not being genetically predisposed to it in the slightest, pretty much every member of my family consumes a broad range of dairy products, sometimes in excess, without any adverse effects), or at the very least, my small intestine is not producing sufficient lactase. Either way, I'd like to supplement it in small doses when I do consume excess dairy. In my mild case, to avoid the discomfort, what dosage would you recommend and how long before/after intake should I supplement?

  • The 2nd question is related to vitamin D supplementation, now that winter is looming and my hours in the sunlight are limited even further. I'm currently taking 4-6 Life Force® Multiple (I know, should've got the men's one with no iron), as well as 1-2 Cod Liver pills daily (2500 IU vitamin A, 200 IU vitamin D). I've read many anecdotal reports of increased energy and elevation of mood with vitamin D supplementation and I think I could benefit from it with my daily work/school stresses. What dosage would you recommend and is this a decent deal on some D3?

  • Lastly, given the above Life Force multi, could I benefit from Zinc micro addition? My diet is clean and fairly varied, but of the common natural sources of zinc, I really only consume products from the lower half of this table along with beef. In searching for zinc supplements I've found several types (gluconate, picolinate, glycinate) and it would be nice if we had a brief description of the distinction between the types, as well as, which would be more beneficial than others.

u/psychiconion · 2 pointsr/Fitness
u/Rage321 · 2 pointsr/AskReddit

Well, an easy one is to pop a vitamin D pill in the morning and at night. Will improve your memory, mood as well as concentration. Like this.

u/Mach3Maelstrom · 2 pointsr/productivity

Not really a supplement, but Bulletproof Coffee is incredible for keeping your energy high.

If you're not one for coffee, you could always try Yerba Mate Tea (

In terms of supplements, I personally take Athletic Greens, krill oil, iodine, vitamin D, and vitamin K-complex (links below). You can set them on a subscription and never think about them again.

u/starstough · 2 pointsr/Hypothyroidism

This is what I take every day:

  • Zinc

  • Iron

  • B-complex

  • Hyperbiotics Probiotics

  • Magnesium citrate

  • Selenium (This is to lower my antibodies, which were nearly 600 at one point, and are down to under 150 now after several months on Selenium. I will stop taking selenium when the bottle runs out which I think will have been 6 months.)

  • Omega fatty acids

  • D3 5000iu

    As far as I know, based on the research that I did on these, this brand and these formulations are easiest to absorb.

    I also take 2.25 grain Nature Throid, at night, 4 hours after my dinner.

    In the past two weeks I've actually felt better than I have in years. I notice right away if I forget to take my vitamins or if I run out of one of them and miss just one of all those, it definitely is noticeable as well. I added magnesium in the past week and it has been incredibly encouraging how much more energy I've had on magnesium. But whatever you do, DO NOT get magnesium powder. It is absolutely disgusting. I'm usually able to choke down things if I know they're good for me, but magnesium powder is supposed to be mixed in liquid. Well... it clumps... and turns juice brownish green... and it tastes like poison... So ... get the caps lol

    I hope you get results soon.

    One thing I was thinking about with Hashi's is that absence of antibodies doesn't always mean no Hashi's. I mean, if my antibodies went all the way away due to treatment, that doesn't take away the diagnosis, and doesn't mean that I am "cured". It would just mean my Hashi's wasn't active.

    This doesn't mean that if your ultrasound comes back normal and your full thyroid panel comes back fine that you should act as though you do have Hashi's, just that, it can't be ruled out just because at the moment your antibodies were low. But I really think that the Celiac thing is worth thinking about. Despite medicating hypothyroidism, the vast majority of my pretty recent recovery came after removing gluten and soy from my diet.

    Good luck!
u/andrew_kirfman · 2 pointsr/Supplements

This is the one that I'm taking right now:

It's expensive, but it's extremely high quality. Be warned though, the pills are only 100 mg each which means that you'll need 4 of them a day. At least it's nice for splitting up doses.

The one I used to take is this one:

Much easier to get down, and much cheaper. I don't know too much about the purity, but I trust the Viva Labs brand enough.

As far as vitamin D goes, garden of life makes some of the best supplements out there. They use plant based sources for everything, so it's all incredibly absorbable (i.e. all of the natural enzymes that your body could use to process the vitamin are included in the pill). They're more expensive, but like the metagenics ones, incredibly high quality.

If money is a concern, however, either now foods or viva labs make a much cheaper D3 that should work fine.

u/jtpinnyc · 2 pointsr/Nootropics

Here you go, 2000iu per drop, 900 drops per bottle. So that's 5 drops to make 10,000iu, that's 180 servings for $18.95. Plus liquid vitamins are always better than capsules.

u/fenderbender · 2 pointsr/vegetarian

Multivitamins really aren't worth it. The past few years some research has emerged showing that they really don't do much for you. You'll often hear that the only thing multivitamins are good for is to make really expensive urine.

The three most important supplements you can take are:

Vitamin D

If you don't have an issue with taking FishOil supplements, purchase some for the essential Omega3s and 6s.

And if you think you're low on Iron, purchase some Iron pills and take 1 everday or every other day(if it bothers your stomach). To help with absorption, take it with Vitamin C.

These are really the most important ones to supplement with since you're probably not getting enough of them. Vitamin D is probably the most important. Definitely buy that vile. It should last you about 5-6 years. Take it every other day with a meal taht you know has some fat content as Vit.D is fat soluble.

u/pepperconchobhar · 2 pointsr/carnivore

Supplements I use:

Potassium Citrate:


Vitamin D topical oil:

The CBD rub that really does work for localized pain:

The CBD drops (I use two bottles a month because I take it twice a day):

The CBD drops my mother uses (It's less potent than mine, but it is effective):

The bourbon glaze that I use for the salmon with crumbled bacon (this is the only brand that I don't react to and I use many of their products):

The betain HCL I use to help with digestion:

Here's the clay (but any brand will do):

Here's a video on how to make the clay. (I use a blender and add a TBSP rubbing alcohol as a preservative.)

I get the melatonin at Walmart and I do need 10mg. I've tried the lower doses and they don't work for me at all.


I must add that I use blue light blocking glasses in the evening on the recommendation of my doctor and it really does work remarkably well. I put them on around 7:30PM and I'm out by 9PM.

There are a ton of them out there. Just make sure they have orange lenses. These are the ones I use with my glasses.


A link to a post I made about skin care.

u/slycon · 2 pointsr/USPS

All of the routes in my area are mostly mounted, so I can't relate to you CCAs that have walking routes, but even so my feet ached terribly for the first year, so much so that I woke up every morning and limped to the bathroom to start my day. I took Ibuprofen, tried $45 Superfeet insoles that someone suggest below, bought so many pairs of shoes and boots to deal with New England weather and none of it really helped.

All of a sudden leading up to Christmas the pain went away. Personally I think it was mind over matter, I got so caught up in the hectic Christmas schedule that I forgot to even think about my feet hurting.

I worked at a factory for 7 years and was on my feet for 8 hours a day on a hard cement floor and my feet never hurt like they did with this job. I'm also in a small town (30 city routes) and was farmed out to other towns for work until recently. I do believe the trick is just to stick with it until the pain disappears. And it will. Magically. Just one day.

I can't tell you how much I relate to your story. Up until November, I had little CCA work and was always on call if I wanted to work, was never scheduled. But busy season came, people retired and now I'm 2nd in line to become regular and am able to get hold downs and whatnot. The CCA slogan should be "it gets better".

The one thing I recommend, especially if you live in a wintery area like I do, is liquid Vitamin D. I use this stuff and swear by it. You don't realize how low you are on Vitamin D and your energy suffers and you feel every body ache. It is highly concentrated, I take 4 drops every morning and after a month or so felt a great improvement. It's a bit pricey at $20 a bottle, but it lasts a whole year.

If you want to continue the ibuprofen route, I found Advil and Walgreens generic brand to work best.

u/GET_UP_AND_CODE · 2 pointsr/keto

Yes I usually had low D.

I took Optimal Vitamin D3 Liquid for 2 weeks, then stopped to see if it helps me.

Besides that, I don't take supplements. (do you?) I eat mostly salmon and beef rib. I think they have omega-3, DHEA, don't they?

Maybe I'm not eating enough?

u/SparklingLimeade · 2 pointsr/soylent

The calcium/vitK/vitD pills? You could replace those with any other sources of vitamin D and K that you like. The calcium portion is unnecessary. There are several other supplements that would work. Thorne research and NOW are two popular options. You may be able to find others that are easier for you to get.

To give you an idea of what would be missing, if you omitted that ingredient entirely you'd only be short about 1/3 your vitamin D and 1/2 your vitamin K. The D can be made up with sunlight and if you eat greens with any regularity that would make up the K.

u/owlbeyours · 2 pointsr/breastfeeding

I definitely think they are necessary and I live on the EC as well. I would definitely not get the Enfamil drops, though--they have all kinds of additives. What baby cares about color or added flavor!? I give my LO these!
It's one drop compared to a whole eye dropper since it is just Vitamin D and coconut oil..I feel so much better giving her these than the Enfamil ones! Ends up being cheaper, too, in the long run.

u/BobTheParallelogram · 2 pointsr/beyondthebump

Yup it's gross and notorious for being so. My pediatrician recommended it too,but the reviews on Amazon were so poor that we went with this iron supplement and this vitamin d supplement instead.

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/vegan
u/dmikalova · 2 pointsr/vegan

Amazon to the rescue! D2, 2400 IU, and Vegan D3 5000IU. You can definitely get the vegan D2 at Whole Foods, and if you're lucky find the vegan D3.

u/chaddyj64 · 2 pointsr/vegan

I know my diet isn’t amazing so I typically take a multi vitamin, iron supplement, vegan omega 3 supplement, vegan D3 supplement, and biotin (for non health related reasons).

Edit -
I can’t remember what my multivitamin is but here’s the other ones. I got them all off amazon


EZ Melts Iron as Elemental Iron, 18 mg, Sublingual Vitamins, Vegan, Zero Sugar, Natural Orange Flavor, 90 Fast Dissolve Tablets

Omega 3:

Vegan Omega 3 Supplement - Marine Algal Source of EPA & DHA Fatty Acids - For Joint Support & Immune System - Heart & Skin + Brain Health Booster - Fish Oil Free Formula for Men & Women - 120 Softgels


Natures Plus Source of Life...

u/whatarewedoing- · 2 pointsr/vegan

Similar to /u/Mississimia, I take these, its vitamin D3 from mushrooms! I also take a Deva vegan multi that has D2, so I get both.

u/relevantme · 2 pointsr/Nootropics

I've heard good things about Jarrow, but I've never tried any of their products.


Fish Oil:

Vitamin D:

You'll see in the examine article for Magnesium that I linked why I suggest it and Vit D; people are a lot of times deficient in one, or both. Fish Oil is just generally also seen as a good thing to supplement, and it also helps the Vit D be absorbed.

These things, in my experience, give you a much better baseline. Unless you have a really solid/varied diet/lots of sun exposure, these can really help.

u/Sp00kyW0mb · 2 pointsr/stilltrying

6000IU is a random dose. I’ve seen 5000 but I can’t say I’ve seen 6000 specifically unless you’re just supposed to take multiple of a smaller dose? Or maybe that’s the total in case your prenatal already has Vitamin D in it? I did find 10000IU on Amazon. My doctor wrote me a prescription for mine, it’s a 50000IU pill that I take once per week.

u/zombiiee · 2 pointsr/breastfeeding

My son was born in the middle of winter and we live on the East Coast. We didnt get out to see much sun for the first few months because of all the snow so I supplemented with these drops. They are super easy, just one drop on your nipple while he breastfeeds and that is enough for one day!

u/MZ943 · 2 pointsr/breastfeeding

hi! so originally we were using one i got at cvs with a 1 mL dropper, but it smelled and probably tasted horrible, and made baby spit up a few times after giving it. so i got one on amazon that is just one little drop, so i hover it over baby's mouth on the changing table and when it is about to drop i just tickle his cheek and he opens his mouth. it is such a small amount it must be a concentrated dose, but it works great and is so easy. here's the link.

u/elerra · 2 pointsr/breastfeeding

We use Carlson Vitamin D drops as well. The dropper method is a pain in the ass but it is literally one drop per day and babe seems to like it. It has zero additives. My led does not recommend iron unless there is a known issue (anemia, etc.). I think it would be worth a call to your ped to determine if this is a blanket recommendation for all BF babies or if there is something specific to your LO. If it is blanket, use your best judgement as to what you are comfortably with.

These vitamins are carried at Whole Foods and Harris Teeter locally in NC, but are also on Amazon. Carlson is $7 for a whole years worth of vitamin D.

u/End_Of_The_Internet · 2 pointsr/beyondthebump

I use the one drop a day Vit D. No hassles!

Carlson Super Daily D3 for Baby -- 400 IU - 0.37 fl oz

I exclusively pump. My pediatrician said I don't really need iron supplements until 6 months and then I could just give him the fortified cereal.

u/JrDot13 · 2 pointsr/vegan

My apologies, that still wasn't the correct link, jeez. Here is the vegan D3, $8/60 caps

u/Stinky_McDoodooface · 2 pointsr/vegan

doctor's best d3 is vegan and cheap.

u/LetThemEatKale · 2 pointsr/vegan
u/veganeatswhat · 2 pointsr/vegan

I buy these, which seem to work well!

u/nice_t_shirt · 2 pointsr/vegan

Some are, but a lot (if not most) aren't vegan. A really common animal ingredient is the capsule itself - a gelatin capsule. Other things are amino acids (often derived from hair, feathers, etc), lactose (milk sugar), stuff like that.

You can find plenty of vegan vitamin D and multivitamins.

u/Lightsandbuzz · 2 pointsr/Hidradenitis

I actually found a brand where they are inside of extra virgin olive oil inside the capsule. I'm going to try this!

Product link:

u/bunsie_booshie · 2 pointsr/TryingForABaby

There’s one near me where the swim part is in a pool so that might be a better place for me to start. 😋

I’ve been taking this Vitamin D and I really like it. Remains to be seen if it’s actually helped though! I had been taking a prenatal that had much less vitamin D, but my GP suggested I take a specific one with a higher concentration.

u/akmco14 · 2 pointsr/pregnant

I had lower end of normal vitamin D on my pre-pregnancy blood work so I've been taking D 5,000 UI since pre-conception. Now at 26 weeks my nurse midwife says my D levels are the best she's ever seen. I take it in the morning and so does my SO as his levels were low too.

NatureWise Vitamin D3 5,000 IU for Healthy Muscle Function, Bone Health, & Immune Support | Non-GMO in Cold-Pressed Organic Olive Oil & Gluten-Free (Packaging May Vary) [1Year Supply - 360 Count]

u/ceeface · 2 pointsr/infertility

This is the brand I use, and I take one daily.

My levels have been around 60 since supplementing, which I’m told is great.

u/pulled · 2 pointsr/Michigan

High Potency Vitamin D3 (5000iu/125mcg) enhanced with Coconut Oil for Better Absorption ~ Bone, Joint and Immune system support ~ Non-GMO & Gluten Free, 360 Mini Liquid Softgels

I got these which happen to be on sale at Amazon now, very affordable for how many pills you get.

u/saxnbass · 2 pointsr/vegan

The one you linked says 100% vegan.

Personally, I use the Garden of Life Spray and my GF has the VegLife D Tablets, because she hates the taste of the spray.

u/jbrs_ · 2 pointsr/vegan

To add onto this, some people have a problem with the unmethylated versions of vitamins. I would advise either one of the following: seeking health or ghc b-12. Also, there is a vegan Vit D3 which as far as I know is preferable to D2.

u/TriggerHippie0202 · 2 pointsr/vegan
u/mimajo · 2 pointsr/vegan

I'm not sure if you're joking or not, but if you're not....vegans can get B12 deficiencies because they're not eating as much animal poop as omnis or something like that. Joke's on them, I was B12 deficient before I went vegan. Most everyone in the US is, including omnis.

But I'm supplementing now and my levels have gotten better. Something else to look out for is vitamin D, especially if you don't get much sun. I've started supplementing that as well now that the weather is turning and it's getting cloudy and cold. A deficiency in either can cause moodiness and low energy. I don't need an another excuse to be moody or lazy.

And you can't just assume that any B12 or D supplement is vegan, unfortunately, I think a lot of them are derived from animal products. I'm using these.

K2 + D3


u/SpinsterTerritory · 2 pointsr/Interstitialcystitis

Um, most brands, as far as my experience has been.

This is what I take for vitamin D: Amazon Brand - Solimo Vitamin D3 50 mcg (2000 IU), 365 Softgels, Value Size - One Year Supply

Natures Bounty Vitamin B-12 1000 Mcg Tablets, Value Size - 200 Ea

u/hayekspectations · 1 pointr/Supplements

I go tanning a few times a week and do have some D3 that I take occasionally. Why the drops rather than pills? I have these: NOW vitamin d
Thanks for the recommendations though, I have saved your threads to reconsider when I run out of certain supplies.

u/zszugyi · 1 pointr/Fitness

The Now Foods D3 has pretty good reviews on amazon.

u/rw0804 · 1 pointr/TryingForABaby

I take this. One pill, once a day.

u/allmyducksintheroad · 1 pointr/MultipleSclerosis

Oh man, that's rough. MS can be a shitty disease for everyone - those who have it and their family/caretakers. You may want to check national MS society for support for yourself.

Also, link to Vitamin D on amazon if you want to buy some for your mom while she's waiting on the Rx.

Hope things get better for both of you.

u/Fire_in_the_nuts · 1 pointr/CrohnsDisease

I don't know anything about supplements in the UK; I have a "NOW" brand that has 5,000 IU per capsule.

I know the UK had some problems way the heck back when they fortified foods with too much vitamin D, and poisoned a bunch of people- aching joints, that sort of thing. The regulatory agency there may be touchy about marketing a vitamin D supplement with anything more than a tiny amount of the stuff. 5 ug would 200 IU, or what some people consider sufficient to stave off rickets- barely.

u/wynyx · 1 pointr/todayilearned

Kirkland is almost the same price, and is more compelling if you really want the 2000 IU size.

Edit: Forgot to mention that the Kirkland stuff is even cheaper if you buy it at Costco (you don't have to be a member to use the pharmacy, and I think the pharmacy will sell you vitamins).

u/LiveAndLetLift · 1 pointr/Fitness

They don't provide any benefit if you aren't deficient. You can get nearly a 2 year supply of vitamin D pills for around $30.

u/SoonerAndrew · 1 pointr/Fitness

Thoughts on my current layout?

E/C: 25mg/100mg 3x a day

Fish Oil : 1800 mg 3x a day

Vitamin D: 1000 UI/day (In the morning)

Vitamin K: 100 mcg

ZMA: 3 caps (before bed)

Creatine: 5g a day

Beta-Alanine: 5 g PWO

Whey protein: ~100g a day

u/Hypetic · 1 pointr/AskReddit

-Squats and Oats

-CeraVe Moisturizing Cream

-Vitamin D

u/Di-eEier_von_Satan · 1 pointr/KidneyStones

Yeah I don't take a multivitamin, just a vitamin D. My urologist says that he has prescribed up to 50,000 IU a day, so you really can't overdue it.
He has also told me that the bodies metabolism changes over the course of 3-5 years, so you many not be stuck with them forever.

u/Cellophane_Girl · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I take it over the counter. Mine was 7 when my doctor checked it. I started taking 2,000 IU's everyday. Then when I got it rechecked 3 months later is was still really low, 27. My doctor said it should be AT LEAST 50. So I got the 5,000 IU pills that I found on amazon ( I take one everyday, except Wednesday I take 2) and after a couple weeks at that dose I felt soooo much better. I haven't gotten it rechecked yet (will get it checked in July when I go to the doctor again,) but I'm pretty confident it's in range now. I'd say go for the 5,000 IU pills once a day. These are the one's I use 240 days worth of pills for $12. And they work really well. Can't beat the price.

My mom has a prescription for hers. It was like 50,000 IU's once a week, but they were like $20 a pill. So she started taking the 5,000 IU ones everyday and said she felt a lot better that way, because getting it in everyday didn't give her mood swings like the once a week pill did.

Good luck getting your levels up. It can take a while but once you get them up, as long as you keep taking the pills everyday it will stay up and you will feel sooo much better. It's really amazing what a difference it makes.

I also take 1,000 mg of magnesium everyday because it helps with the vitamin D absorption (from what I've read) and I realized that when I started taking it the random muscle spasms that I had for YEARS all over my body stopped almost right away. My doctors never mentioned that it might be a magnesium deficiency they just gave me a muscle relaxer to take at night so the twitching wouldn't keep me awake, but even with that I still got twitches all over. A lot of people who are deficient in Vitamin D are also deficient in Magnesium, so you might want to get that checked as well. :)

u/Crotch_Snorkel · 1 pointr/TheRedPill

Chiropractor here: Vit D Deficiency is EXTREMELY common and taking an inexpensive oral supplement usually combined with vit K can help with all sorts of health issues. Personally I was diagnosed with psoriasis at age 19 and was immediately put on steroid creams for about 3 years. I ended up developing stretch marks as a result of the steroids and my psoriasis was no better. After noticing my rashes were improved in the summer time, I started researching auto immune diseases and vit d deficiency. I'm currently 30 yoa, take no RX for my psoriasis and have not had a rash since I was in my early 20's. If you live in a cold weather place (i live in Iowa) it is especially important to get it checked. Also when you do go out in the sun, make sure to wait at least 10-15 minutes before applying sunscreen as to not block any natural vit D you can get for free from the sun.

Edit: Here's the brand I like personally as not all supplements are the same.

u/skajoeskawork · 1 pointr/bodyweightfitness

Two a day keeps the rickets away.

u/The_Good_In_Things · 1 pointr/Fitness

I can't recommend actual doses as I don't know enough about them, but the consensus from /r/supplements led me to believe that this D3 supplement and this K supplement are proper and safe doses.

u/DevastatorIIC · 1 pointr/AdviceAnimals
u/Talltimore · 1 pointr/baltimore

Hey, you may already know this, and if so, sorry, but maybe it'll help someone else.

Vitamin D is super important to preventing and minimizing SAD, and it takes your body a really long time to build and use up VitD, so start getting as much in you now as you can. Lots of time in the sun for all the sunny days we have remaining is the best way to do this. Depending on how your body processes VitD, that might be able to get you to early November, maybe even late November.

After that VitD supplements are the way to go. You should start those around Daylight Savings Time. They can be gotten pretty cheap, and if you're only taking them leading up to and during the SAD season, you run less of a risk of VitD toxicity. (Consult your doctor, obviously, before taking any supplement, much less more than the recommended daily allowance.)

All that said, it's a great idea to have a therapist on hand as well. Best of luck in locating one. I wish I had more info for you there.

Source: My wife has SAD, her VitD levels are around 10 nanograms per mililiter in summer months without taking supplements (normal people have 20 nanograms per mililiter or higher), so she takes about 10,000 IUs a day during SAD months (normal people maybe take 600 IU a day).

EDIT: Just thought of They might be worth a call.

EDIT EDIT: You also might be able to access free/cheap counseling services if you're in college.

u/HPLoveshack · 1 pointr/NakedProgress

You're probably a lot better on D than most people (deficiency is extremely prevalent), but moderate supplementation like 5000 IU per day could be worthwhile. It's not very expensive off of Amazon or my personal preference iHerb.

Also it's perfectly fine to pop 10,000 IU every other day rather than worry about getting the perfect sized capsule for daily supplementation.

Hell, I think I even have a coupon code for like 5 bucks off at iHerb somewhere if you care about saving 5 bucks.

u/MrsSpice · 1 pointr/Hypothyroidism

My husband was deficient and uses this one 2-3 days per week. It keeps his levels in range. You want to be rechecked after you’re on it for awhile to be sure you’re not overdoing it. Low vitamin d caused my aunt to feel how she did when she had zero thyroid hormones (ablation).

u/headband · 1 pointr/AdviceAnimals
u/driftw00d · 1 pointr/AskReddit

Dat D3 can help with your winter blues.

u/MaximilianKohler · 1 pointr/Microbiome

> It is a fat soluble vitamin, so if you are good about taking a little too much per day, eventually it will catch up with you if you live long enough.

Why? What do you mean by this?

>That's 4 pills.

Number of pills seems pretty irrelevant... I get 5k iu in one pill.

And this is the k2 I take with it

u/lkjdfkkkkkk · 1 pointr/AskReddit

> you want a DHA/EPA to make up at least 1/3 of that supplement

Sorry, can you elaborate what you mean by this? (perhaps with an example?) What do you think of the Nordic Natural brand of fish oils?

Also, what do you think of these?

u/getoffmyreddits · 1 pointr/blogsnark

No wonder yours affect you more! I use these.

u/packet_wrangler · 1 pointr/Supplements

I'm currently taking this one, but I appreciate the post for viable alternatives to add to my list.

I find that most multi-vitamins lack sufficient quantity of electrolytes and Vitamin D, and usually lack K2-M7, so I also supplement:

u/sesameena · 1 pointr/Supplements

Thorne Research - Vitamin D/K2 Liquid (Metered Dispenser) - Dietary Supplement with Vitamins D3 and K2 to Support Healthy Bones and Muscles - 1 Fluid

u/Tenaciousgreen · 1 pointr/Supplements

I use a D3/K2 liquid from Thorne. That is a lot of D3 and K2 though, I'd be more comfortable taking a lower dose daily, but he's the doctor. Keep in mind that K is a blood clotting agent, so don't go adding large amounts without a lot of research.

As for magnesium, I recommend ionic, glycinate, or malate. 400mg per day is the recommended, but you can get your RBC Mag levels tested to see if you need to add it as a supplement. Most people are deficient.

u/priseambolina · 1 pointr/keto
u/LBluth21 · 1 pointr/beyondthebump

I think you can still just use the infant drops? Like these.

u/virtualmanin3d · 1 pointr/PlantBasedDiet

Natures Plus Source of Life Garden Organic Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) - 5000 IU, 60 Vegan Capsules - Gluten Free, Whole Food, Plant Based Supplement - Bone & Immune System Support - 30 Servings

u/Vulpyne · 1 pointr/vegan

> There’s no vegan D3 supplements, D2 is unusable

I don't think it's true that D2 is useless. However, there are vegan D3 supplements. Here are two examples on Amazon you could buy right now if you wanted to:


u/ZeeBail · 1 pointr/AsianBeauty

This is what I use and recommend, my follow up levels after 6 months were within normal limits.

u/bruinbabe · 1 pointr/acne

Thanks for this post! I can attest to at least the vitamin D clearing up acne. Here is the vitamin D I've been taking.

Zinc has helped too. Other vitamins seem like they don't do much for my acne.

Going to start cutting out dairy and see what happens :)

u/Tjerino · 1 pointr/Supplements

Not an expert, but if you want my opinion, after doing some research I went with these:

Thorne Research - Basic Nutrients III without Copper and Iron

[Life Extension Super K with Advanced K2]

Nutrigold D3 5000 IU

u/moon_tulip · 1 pointr/AsianBeauty

Solgar Vitamin D 10,000iu. I had really low vitamin D levels and this raised them to normal within a month. Afterwards, I switched to 5,000iu. Been on it for years with stable levels.

u/jawalking · 1 pointr/fitness30plus

I take these 10,000IU soft gels, it's what my Dr. recommended.

u/nbtscan · 1 pointr/MultipleSclerosis

Solgar, Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) 10,000 IU 120 Softgels This is what I got. How much is too much in a day??

u/DestroyingLight · 1 pointr/Fitness

Does anyone know about this Vitamin D3 brand?

Doctor's Best:

  • Is 5000 IU too much? I live in Argentina and there is a store which has only this version.
  • My diet is on the low side regarding veggies, Vitamin D3 and Fish Oil would be enough? What about Magnesium and Zinc?
  • Does anyone know about the Good N' Natural brand?

u/CatEarsAndButtPlugs · 1 pointr/vegan

Vegan athlete here who bikes, runs, rock climbs, and lifts. I get about 90-100 grams of protein a day (I'm also very small) and it's not hard.

There's a ton of brands that make plant based protein powders instead of whey. Vega is a very common one, but the consistency is a little thick. Orgain protein powder is tasty but doesn't have the best protein to carb ratio for my macros. I'm currently working through the Kaizen vanilla vegan protein powder which is 140 calories a scoop and 25g of protein I think. I also have a ride based protein powder that's 110 calories a scoop with 31g of protein but does need to be mixed with some fruit to make it taste good. Also make sure to mix your drinks with plant/nut milks for a better taste. You can buy large bags of protein powder off myprotein and there's a few vegan options. A lot of these protein powders list amino acid ratios on the tub and all of them are fairly decent. I've used a variety of brands and they've all done the trick.

I drink a lot of cashew and soy milk (2-3 cups a day, mostly cashew milk) so I tend to get my calcium and what not from that. I also take a daily vegan multivitamin, but you only really need to suppliment B12. I've also always taken a D3 suppliment in the winter for emotional support and there's even vegan versions of that just make sure it's from lichen sources.

It can be hard getting in omega-3s but luckily there's lots of options. One option is Gardein fishless fish which is fortified with an algae based omega blend. Another option is adding ground flax or chia seeds to a protein shake. There's also hemp seeds which not only have omega fatty acids but also have a decent amount of protein.

I get my iron from leafy greens. I like making green smoothies with lots of spinach and some berries for vitamin c to boost absorption. I track my intake daily with myfitnesspal and tend to meet my iron goals, if not go over them. Lots of greens in general have iron, even broccoli which is fantastic roasted with a little nutritional yeast. You can also get iron from beans.

u/portrayalofdeath · 1 pointr/proED

Yeah, just google vegetarian/vegan vitamin D capsule/softgel (example: But why do you need to take the 2,000 IU ones? You can just take 2 x 1,000 IU, unless you're talking about the higher cost per IU for the lower concentration ones. But even that isn't too prohibitive.

u/Sajor1975 · 1 pointr/vegan

I just purchased doctors best D3, in the ingredients it says as Cholecalciferol / vitashine D3. I hope it's vegan lol.

u/volfyd · 1 pointr/vegan

People say d3 is easier for your body to absorb. Vegan D3 is harder to find but it exists.

u/slayerming2 · 1 pointr/nutrition
u/sabrefudge · 1 pointr/pics
u/ace_alive · 1 pointr/arma
u/luvtwoeat · 1 pointr/keto

Thank's for the replies :)

I have one more question

Would these vitamins be ok to take while on this Keto Diet:

u/madeano · 1 pointr/Supplements

NatureWise Vitamin D3 5,000 IU for Healthy Muscle Function, Bone Health and Immune Support, Gluten Free & Non-GMO in Cold-Pressed Organic Olive Oil,1-year supply, 360 count

Life Extension Mega Epa Dha Softgels, 120 Count

Been using both for some times and seen improvements in my bloodwork.

u/Advanced_Selection · 1 pointr/tressless

Thanks. If I were tight on funds and time, I'd probably narrow it down to these three.

NatureWise Vitamin D3 5,000 IU 2x a day in the morning.

Now Supplements Glycine 1000mg Between 1-6 grams per day, depending on your stress levels. Probably best used before bed.

NOW Solutions, Castor Oil 1 tbsp per day (5 mL)

As I learn more about Glycine, I'm starting to think it may have been the difference maker. It's relieved chronic stress that I was stuck under the past few years.

I'd also reccomend avoiding strict, low-calorie diets. Don't avoid or cut out carbs.

u/kzrsosa · 1 pointr/Nootropics

Which brand do you take? I take 5000iu daily in mornings:

But I'm realizing this is a shit brand; they offer free bottles for good reviews. Fuck companies who do that. So I've doubled the dose with k2 to get any benefits

u/heyitsketchup · 1 pointr/Hypothyroidism

I use this brand and take two a day for 10,000iu. There’s a coupon in the box for a free additional bottle of vitamins as well.

u/epilepc · 1 pointr/soylent

Hi, sorry about the late reply there.

Check out this recipe I made for someone. I've been experimenting with athletic Soylent hybrids (more protein, salt, potassium).

Full Day


Calories 2335

Fat 105 g

Carbs 205 g

Protein 178 g


5 bottles Soylent 2.0

200 ml water

84 g whey protein isolate

5 g potassium gluconate

3 g salt

20 g granulated sugar


Kirkland Daily Multivitamin

Kirkland Fish Oil (1200 mg Enteric Coated)

Kirkland Calcium + Vitamin D

Vitamin D 10,000 IU

Vitamin K2

Magnesium Glysinate/Lysinate Chelate (Take before bed)

u/O_Son · 1 pointr/TheRedPill

Taking it before bed doesn't seem to cause me any problems but maybe it depends on the source you use. I use this kind below bc it has no binders or excipients unlike most tablets or pills. Maybe it's something else in the pills or source that you take?

u/theoldthatisstrong · 1 pointr/xxfitness

If you want to supplement, this Vitamin D3 brand is relatively inexpensive, highly reviewed, and made in the US.

u/cal1forn1a · 1 pointr/afinil

Good to know about D3 early in the day. What brand do you take? I was checking out this brand (SportsResearch).

From what I've read, the L-Theanine helps with excess anxiety brought on from the Mod or Arm +caffeine, and has "focus" qualities in of itself.

If you haven't seen this video yet, Dave Asprey talks in depth on his decade of Mod use while kicking ass in business school and building/selling a startup:

u/muci19 · 1 pointr/vegetarian

If you aren't vegan you should be ok with getting your vitamins from food sources. I had been a very healthy vegetarian for over 30 years and went vegan less than a year ago. I never took vitamins as a vegetarian. I am 48 years old and just started taking B12 which is in dairy products and a vegan Vitamin D that has omegas in it because my D levels are low.

You probably should have your blood drawn if you have concerns.

u/shinebright_shinefar · 1 pointr/vegan

I don't swallow pills but I take a lot of vitamins. I take this b-12, pour liquid iron in my OJ (I get it from my local pharmacy), and spray vitamin D. I also eat a chewable turmeric. I used to get my b-12 from all the nutritional yeast I ate but I don't eat it as much anymore so it's easier to take the vitamins. If you get your blood checked every 3-6 months you should be able to keep tabs on what you're lacking if anything.

u/morecilantro · 1 pointr/vegan

I like these sprays (from Amazon):

u/jboygold · 1 pointr/Supplements

Phenylpiracetam is more of a nootropic/stimulant... it sounds like you are looking more for supplements to improve your general health/mood/well-being. Phenylpiracetam is great for a one-time pick me up but tolerance to the stimulant effects builds after a couple days (quicker than even caffeine), and there is even a minor crash (nothing in the realm of amphetamines but a crash nonethelesss). I would steer clear of this -racetam for daily use.

If you want supplements to improve mood and energy levels, cordyceps is great. I take 1g a day in the mornings and I can really notice a mood boost and increased wakefulness throughout the day. It can be a little pricey, but it is one of the few supplements that has a noticeable impact on my day. And unlike with phenylpiracetam, the effects appear to get better and better the more you take it - no crash, no tolerance. Make sure you pick a good, reliable brand. Nootropicsdepot is the only place I use for mushroom extracts. They also have some of their items listed on amazon if you prefer to purchase using that route, just search 'nootropicsdepot cordyceps' in the search bar. They source from RealMushrooms, so you could also go that route if you want. You really want pure, unadulterated, tested extracts, so I would highly recommend paying the extra money to get their products.

As for D3, I usually take 5000IU a day but it is generally recommended to take 2000IU (I just personally think that is too low, especially during the winter months). Check out Examine's article on it. I take this brand from amazon. Its cheap, has around 500 doses (if you want to take 2000IU, their bottle has the dosing around half that), and has Vitamin K2 MK7, which pretty much everybody is deficient in.

I don't take ZMA, don't really think anybody needs to but if you want to take it and find that it helps you, I'm not stopping you!

As for other additional supplements you might want to take - I would look into Rhodiola Rosea (great for reducing fatigue particularly related to physical activity and stress, minor stimulant effect, reduces anxiety), and of course the good ol' fish oil. Maybe look into yohimine and ALCAR as well! Creatine is great, definitely good that you take that.

Let me know if you have any questions!

u/Milksteak_cook · 1 pointr/GERD

I linked both probiotics and vitamin D which I use. For vitamin D, just place 2-4 drops per day under tongue. For probiotics, take one per day 30 minutes before meal. For me, I still think the probiotics was the one that made a difference. Also, I'm trying this new thing with oil pulling with coconut oil. Some people say it has antibacterial properties which can kill bacteria in the mouth and prevents the GI from further infection. I doubt it will make a huge difference, but it's just something else to try.

u/blerner3 · 1 pointr/DebateAVegan

No, vegans can get D3. It can be derived from plants and sold as a supplement.

u/newguy8908 · 1 pointr/Supplements

Thanks for the info! I have some patches and teeth problems too. Currently I am using teeth Whitener to get rid of stains. And OraMD Original – Gingivitis for my gums. I was looking for some supplements for teeth. I heard of Vitamin K2. I am gonna try this and see how it works

u/icepick314 · 1 pointr/funny

give them a bottle of this and go about your business

u/dory42wallabyway · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Please put this on your wish list STAT

u/AlfamaN10 · 1 pointr/AskDocs

NAD - Same issue here though (~9months ago. Took about 2-4 weeks to start feeling symptoms secede. Now I'm healed up and energy is back, + no joint pain!)

Dr. Told me to take Vit-D supps, around 4000IU/day until levels are normal and then keep taking 2000IU/day.

IMPORTANT: Vit-D is Fat soluble. This means three things:

  1. Be sure to take it with food that has fat, e.g.: eggs, most meats (that are not super lean like Chicken or Turkey Breast), cheese, nuts, seeds, greek yogurt, cottage cheese, etc....

  2. Fat soluble vitamins are stored in your fat and therefore you can have too much, so be careful. In the case of Vitamin D it takes a lot for it to be too much. Like 50,000IU/Day for weeks. So don't worry to much but still note this.

  3. Vit-D is a fat-soluble vitamin, so if you miss a couple fo days of taking it, it's not a big deal. Your body can use the existing Vit-D that's been stored in your fat. What I usually do, if I know that I'm going somewhere for a couple days and I'm not going to have vitamin D on hand, is to take extra (like 8000IU/day) for like 3 or 4 days prior.

    The supplement is really cheap (~$6 for 1 yr supply):

    Amazon Brand - Solimo Vitamin D3 50 mcg (2000 IU), 365 Softgels, Value Size - One Year Supply
u/ofimmsl · 0 pointsr/worldnews

Assange, bro don't give up.

$10 and your deficiency will go away. If you can't afford it I will pay for it myself. Please email me. I know all about Vitamin supplements.

u/Heretical_Fool · 0 pointsr/gaming

Oh, too bad this isn't a thing.

u/scharvey · 0 pointsr/weightlifting

Might I suggest

Thorne Research - Vitamin D/K2 Liquid (Metered Dispenser) -

u/m00k0w · 0 pointsr/explainlikeimfive

It is 100% our diet and lifestyle that causes tooth decay.

Two factors:

One is physical damage to the teeth from microorganisms + carbohydrates. Things like stress causing tooth grinding contribute as well. All of these can be controlled behaviorally.

The second potentially more important is the lack of fat-soluble vitamins in today's food. Vitamins A, D, E and K are necessary for many of the processes involved in dental health, everything from saliva's and other tissue's ability to regular microorganism spread/ratios, to the actual function of tooth remineralization. We have processes intrinsic to our body which repair tooth decay. No products are necessary. But, these processes have been shunted and stopped by today's "norm" diet, leading the average person to never get enough of what is necessary to keep their teeth healthy. Neither your doctor nor your dentist knows this because it isn't taught in their schools.

There is a good book called "cure tooth decay naturally" and the information within in 100% correct and scientific. However it suggests some impractical forms of getting certain vitamins which may be kind of expensive. Here's a good way to get what you need:

Vit A: Natural cod liver oil from a brand such as Carlson's

Vit D: Supplement 5000 IU/day no matter how much sun exposure you get. Unless you're naked outside all day, you're deficient.

Vit E: Specific nuts and sees, search google.

Vit K: Supplement this one because vegetables contain Vitamin K1 while we need K2 from animal sources instead.

The reason why older civilizations got normal amounts of these vitamins is due to their radically different and wholesome diet. Eating greens, and/or the meat of animals who ate greens, provides huge amounts of all of these. Our beef today has barely anything good in it because it's grain fed a crummy empty died. If a cow has grazed and eaten what it naturally does, the vitamin levels in the meat are 10 or 100 times higher for certain substances. Still, supplementing has shown complete benefit and even reversal of tooth problems.

A third factor is the theory that applying certain dental products also contributes to the problem. Look up something called "oil pulling" to replace some of your mouthwashes and other substances.