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u/cigr · 368 pointsr/interestingasfuck

When I was a kid they sold this stuff as a toy in a little genie bottle. It was a lot of fun to play with.

You can apparently get it on amazon.

u/[deleted] · 135 pointsr/gifs
u/MRR1911 · 117 pointsr/oddlysatisfying

I think it’s Kinetic Sand

u/gaardyn · 60 pointsr/pics

Less than $5 is expensive?

u/just_testing3 · 54 pointsr/BeAmazed

They are water beads (link to amazon).

They are a crystal polymer water substitute for plants and flowers. The beads absorb over 100 times their weight in water to form glass-like pearls that slowly release water back into their environment.

u/Daamus · 48 pointsr/pics

you can make little figures and stuff out of em. heres an amazon link

u/Seldain · 45 pointsr/pics

You could buy the water beads they use for weddings and put those in the soil.

You can buy a pack of dehydrated ones at Wal-Mart for like, $1.50. You soak em in water and add them to the pot.. they'll slowly release the water back over a few days.

edit: The clear ones are also fucking awesome to play with.

u/shyiaguy · 32 pointsr/pics

Bunchems. Read the reviews.

u/kane2742 · 31 pointsr/PeopleFuckingDying

After some searching, I found a site where you can buy these ($10 US, plus shipping).

Edit: Same price on Amazon, but eligible for free Prime shipping.

u/Hitokiri_Ace · 27 pointsr/AnimeFigures

Not OP.

Like the first picture shows, it's those water absorbing beads. Then when the jar is filled with water they become transparent.

Neat idea OP. :)

Not sure how long figures should be submerged, but it looks cool for a picture! (I'd imagine long term submersion would cause paint damage.)

u/Mr_mcchocolate · 18 pointsr/interestingasfuck

Reason it didn't work is you used glass beads, you need this

Because these are 90% water that's why they appear invisible when in the jar of water.

u/PrettyDecentSort · 17 pointsr/NoStupidQuestions

My childhood would like a word.

u/UnsinkableRubberDuck · 16 pointsr/nostalgia

Amazon Canada link

Amazon USA link

I had a pack a few years ago and they smelled every bit as awesome as when I was a kid. Don't remember what happened to them, probably gave them away.

u/revdon · 16 pointsr/oddlysatisfying

Shrinky Dinks available at craft stores.

u/Hanginon · 16 pointsr/oddlysatisfying

The "S" is made from multiple guide pieces from this kit, the cardboard is a (handmade?) guide for pinning the separate pieces.

u/kmccoy · 12 pointsr/IAmA

As a wheel with natural googly eyes, do you find Emergency Googly Eyes to be a flattering homage or an offensive mockery?

u/embf103191 · 10 pointsr/funkopop

Saw this on /r/beamazed and thought that something like this would be great for PSH or Mini's.

The small balls are water beads

u/Surveyorman62 · 10 pointsr/whatisthisthing
u/DieEeneGast · 9 pointsr/BeAmazed

If you're interested or want to make/buy it yourself: It's the Mechanical Paper Toy by Haruki Nakamura. He also has a super fat one

u/WhiteHeather · 8 pointsr/mylittlepony

Where does one procure a telescoping crayon tower?! I had the 96 crayon set back in the day, but I've never even seen anything larger than that.

Found it! though I've never seen it in an actual store.

u/Dissidence802 · 7 pointsr/nostalgia
u/arieadil · 7 pointsr/DnD

Seconded. Polymer clay could work well for this. That way you could cure it in the oven. Air-dry clay would work well for this too and may give you a more rugged appearance like they belong in-game.

u/MuffinPuff · 7 pointsr/ArtisanVideos

If the video would have referenced one of these I'd agree with you, the beginning of the video is on the cusp of parody.

u/jsbabbles · 6 pointsr/dndnext
u/timeywimeystuff1701 · 6 pointsr/Supernatural

The "Carry on my Wayward Son" part sort of looks like it may have been written on this type of shrinking plastic. If you want, you could pick some up on Amazon or at your local craft store and easily replace that charm.

u/StevenGannJr · 6 pointsr/DnDIY

They most certainly do.

However, you may find the off-brand stuff more economical.

u/fearain · 6 pointsr/blackmagicfuckery

I think they’re just water beads

u/WhiskeyandKittens · 6 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

My team consists of /u/both_of_me and /u/eatingdust. Our team is the best for two reasons. Because we're awesome and JUST BECAUSE!

If we must be armed with something off my wish list, our first line of defense is googly eyes. We will stick them on zombie jesus and his minions and they will just look silly. They can't be scary or eat our brains if they look funny! Then we will throw brains at them if they get rowdy.

Ladies! Add some weapons to our inventory of silly!

Don't worry guys, we got this! Zombie jesus is going DOWNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!

u/EldritchCarver · 5 pointsr/NoStupidQuestions

Try this:

It's non-toxic, since it's meant to be used by kids, so it should be safe for what you're planning.

u/chronolibrarian · 5 pointsr/Whatisthis

Orbeez or water beads , used in flower arrangements

u/midwintermoons · 5 pointsr/childfree

If you're looking to drive some parents you know to the brink of insanity, torture their children, and possibly kill their pets, have I got the toy for you!! Presenting Bunchems, essentially an enormous tub of plastic burdock burrs! Nothing says "FUCK YOU, FUCK ALL OF YOU STRAIGHT TO HELL" like Bunchems!!

u/frdcm1984 · 5 pointsr/Satisfyingasfuck
u/sb11345 · 4 pointsr/Teachers

The huge pack of sharpies or felt tip pens or the big smelly markers! These are teacher tools that we use all day every day!

u/ttustudent · 4 pointsr/pics

Ooooh Now they have an 18 pack!

-Black is Licorice

-Brown is Cinnamon

-Dark Green is Apple

-Dark Blue is Blueberry

-Green is Mint

-Lavender is Cotton Candy

-Magenta is Raspberry

-Mint Green is Tropical Punch

-Orange is Orange

-Peach is Peach

-Petal Pink is Bubble Gum

-Pink is Watermelon

-Purple is Grape

-Red is Cherry

-Sky Blue is Blueberry Slushy

-Sunny Yellow is Banana Split

-Turquoise Blue is Mango

-Yellow is Lemon

u/victoryvines · 4 pointsr/Pathfinder_RPG

Color on a Shrinky Dink Sheet, using bold lines (I like Sharpie), and colored pencil, and cut it out.

Make sure you draw it big enough, they'll shrink to 1/3 of their size in area after you bake them, and will thicken up considerably.

u/The__IT__Guy · 4 pointsr/BeAmazed

Amazon Smile link for those interested.

u/Br1ggs · 4 pointsr/beadsprites

It is just a standard jar I picked out at hobby lobby that was a hard edged cylinder. Lucky for you I posted a write up in /r/metroid. (I probably should have sold them as kits!)


  1. It starts with making a baby metroid perler. You can find the original sprite at the spriters-resource Pick your favorite!

  2. Pick out the colors you require. Here is a handy chart. You can get perler beads at most hobby stores (Joanns, Hobby Lobby, Michaels)

  3. Acquire pegboard. here's an example It comes with parchment paper. follow the directions for melting with standard clothing iron (Steam setting should be off)

  4. Pick out jar. Choose cylinder with hard edges.

  5. Acquire Water beads here. Note that you only need 1tsp for 16-20oz. They expand 300x their size.

  6. Fill jar 1/3 full of water beads and place baby metroid centered in and level in the jar.

  7. Fill remaining portion of jar with water beads so the sprite stays still. Now fill the jar slowly with bottled water so all voids are filled. Go ahead and give it a couple taps / shakes for the bubbles to be released.

  8. Pick up base light. I really recommend this one. It has a rubberized sleeve that has good tacticity so the jar won't slip off.

  9. ENJOY!
u/Mesub · 4 pointsr/HelpMeFind

Like this?

Here is some information about it:

Here is a link where you can buy the beads on Amazon.

u/Allisonmac · 4 pointsr/aspergers

I don't like onesies; I prefer the feeling of a waistband.

I'll second the Tangle and add Downbeats earplugs. Kinetic sand is cool. I can't find the one I have but sensory chews like this or this are great.

u/shawtypaid · 4 pointsr/TheSilphRoad

For those of you still trying to get your hands on a Go Plus, Amazon Spain has had them pretty readily available since initial release. It appears to be unavailable until the 22nd now, but all the way up until last week or so, they were in-stock. I even bought one the day after Black Friday with no issues.

I live in Cali and the order came in less than a week. You can use your preexisting Amazon account, and you're only paying slightly more than the USD MSRP (40EUR ≈ 40 USD).

u/SlippingAbout · 4 pointsr/origami
u/digisake · 3 pointsr/teachinginjapan

I teach at the elementary level, so for student souvenirs I ordered some scratch and sniff stickers and also scented markers to grade their worksheets. The novelty of smelly stickers and markers is something they really don't have much of or even know about here in Japan, so the kids are always mystified that these stickers smell like mint chocolate chip, cherry, nacho cheese, etc. It's kind of a culture point too since I tell the kids that I received these stickers all the time from my homeroom teachers growing up :)

u/greenandbluefish · 3 pointsr/lotr

I did buy it. Here's a link to the clay I like to use. But that's kind of a lot of clay if you've never tried it before. (Plus I had a lot of paint lying around.) If you buy something like this you can get a lot of colors, and it will work just as well. You can also get a similar package at Walmart for cheaper. You can bake it in the oven at home. I might recommend wearing some gloves if you can, because I've found that some of the colors come off on your hands, especially the red. I used acrylic paint to make the eyes, which you can buy at Walmart for like 50 cents/bottle. You could also use a sharpie if you want. Hope this helps!

u/jwords · 3 pointsr/dndnext
u/El_Braineater · 3 pointsr/Parenting

I keep a stock of these. Work great for boy or girls for $15.

ALEX Toys Artist Studio Fantastic Spinner

u/spook30 · 3 pointsr/BeAmazed

This is the adult toy of a version that I used to have as a kid.

u/overthemountain · 3 pointsr/KingdomDeath

It takes a lot of time. You need the right tools. Id' have an exacto knife, some clippers, some files, a good glue, and probably some gap filler. Oh, and a cutting board to work off of.

I linked some examples to give you an idea, you can feel free to find a particular product that works for you, although I do really like the Tamiya glue. There are a lot of little pieces so some people might like some tweezers as well. I use cupcake wrappers to help keep the pieces in one place as I'm assembling and keep them from getting lost. I'd recommend not working over carpet as a dropped piece might get lost forever in there.

As others have said, Vibrant Lantern has some great build guides, which are probably required for more complex models like the Phoenix.

Otherwise, don't let the amount of sprues overwhelm you. Pick a miniature to assemble and finish it before moving on to the next one. Most of them are fairly straightforward. I would really recommend you take your time in assembly, as getting the edges filed and gaps filled will pay off in the long run - nothing worse than a well painted model with gaps and mold lines showing. There are plenty of videos out there on how to do this if you aren't sure or just want some additional instruction.

Start with the White Lion and starting survivors. The Screaming Antelope and Butcher will be the next ones to tackle. All of these are fairly easy to assemble.

u/grimdarktales · 3 pointsr/Warhammer40k

Yeah! So green stuff is a form of epoxy putty that can be used to shape into objects or fill gaps in models. You use it by combining two sides of epoxy to form a new chemical compound, which will eventually harden dry. I don’t really know my way around it that well but it’s very useful! There are many brands but here’s a link to one: The Army Painter 2 Part Modelling Clay, 20cm - Mouldable Model Putty Modelling Compound for Miniatures, Easy-to-Knead Green Putty Epoxy Clay for Sculpting - The Original Green Stuff Kneadatite :)

u/tehlon · 3 pointsr/guildball

Green Stuff is your friend.

Basically you take a little green and a little blue, roll it up into a ball until it is play-doh consistency and use it as tack. It is great for attaching arms/legs/weapons to models, but also for sticking them to bases. I do not prefer going straight super glue to model as the joints will be weaker, but pinning a model with soder or a paper clip is kind of a pain the butt. Green stuff is a happy in between method. Good joint strength easy to use.

Regarding bases specifically, I always fill in the gap of the base with green stuff before proceeding. Roll out a small line, then superglue it into the gap. Smooth out the underside of the base and scrap away excess. You need to work fairly quickly as the green stuff starts to harden after about 5 to 10 minutes. You’ll have enough time, just don’t go walk away and bake cookies or something.

Next decide if you want to keep the flash on the base of the model (rectangle attaching the feet). Some models, Obulous or Brisket for example, should keep the flash because their models will be less stable as they only stand on one foot. On a normal model, standing on two feet, I prefer to cut the flash off.

If you kept the flash on, glue up the flash and just stick it right into the green stuff you used to fill in the base, then remove any excess from both the top and underside. If you removed the flash, roll up two tiny balls of green stuff, super glue them to the feet, then superglue that to the base. Its ok if it is a little sloppy or some of the excess is left over because you'll want to cover it up with a good flock.

Easy peasy!

u/_PM_ME_YOUR_PELVIS_ · 3 pointsr/gadgets
u/Keilantra · 3 pointsr/AnimalCrossing

You should print them on shrinky dink Inkjet paper and make them into little charms.

u/Esull · 3 pointsr/ECEProfessionals

water beads are by far one of my most popular options.

Home made fingerpaint (without the coloring), moondough, rainbow rice, beans, pasta shapes, beads, marbles, dirt, cotton balls, shredded paper, acorns, golf balls and color sand are all huge hits too. Adding glitter to anything also adds a lot of fun!

u/littledinobug12 · 3 pointsr/TrollXChromosomes

OMG. I have a funny story about why my SO doesn't want to take me anywhere anymore.

Last night was his squadron's Christmas party. There were These Things on the table. I'm getting a bit on the tipsy side from Vodka and Cran, and I grabbed one.

It was squishy and gross. I looked at my SO, and the other dude next to me and started to grin evilly

I pulled out the titanium spork from my purse (Yes I have a titanium spork in my purse, it's a spork and you never know when you're gonna need on) loaded the water bead into the spoon part.

I held the handle in one hand, and I pushed down on the tines with the fingers of my other hand, and

PEW!!!! I sent that motherfucking water bead flying and PLOP onto a pilots head.

glad he was a good sport.

My SO stopped me before I could shoot the CO, Wing Commander and Wing Chief.


u/timinim · 3 pointsr/interestingasfuck
u/Taddare · 3 pointsr/gifs
u/WillowPhoenix · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Kinetic sand

Backstory... I'm a bit of a geek. Seriously. I've also got Gallium And ferrofluid.

BEST april fools prank. I have one I just did, so not really april fools but still wonderful. My coworkers helped me saran wrap one of my employee's car. It was fantastic, yes I have photographic evidence if anyone is interested. Truly. Another is taping an airhorn to the underside of my GM's chair.

Fin or embarrassing fact or story... um... wow. Okay, this is fun and embarrassing. OK, here goes....

I like Zumba... Like REALLY like zumba... I would do it every day if I had time. Lots of panting and sweating with my wii controller strapped to my hip. So fun.

u/ooomphlaa · 3 pointsr/electronic_cigarette

If you aren't yet 18 I can't condone getting into vaping regardless of if you are using 0 nic or not. At the core of it you are inhaling substances that still has not been fully researched and the long term impact of using is not fully understood. I won't go into how you go from being a child to an adult overnight when you turn 18 but 18 is what we all are stuck with as being the age in which you can use these types of products.

That all being said if you suffer from severe anxiety and clinical level (or any for that matter) depression you need to seek professional help. I say this with all seriousness. These are diseases and need treatment. Whether that means cognitive or talk therapy or medication or herbal/alternative treatment. Please take it from someone who knows. You've taken an important first step in recognizing you have a problem so please take then next important step and ask for help.

I love vaping. It helped me quit cigarettes after my first vape. And currently I don't see myself stopping any time soon. However, would I vape if I had never smoked? Probably not, in fact most likely not.

All seriousness aside check out this stuff Kinetic Sand it is amazing and hours of fun to play with.

Things can get better, but unless you ask for help and take that step they will not get better on their own.

Please take care of yourself. There is only one of you and we'd hate to lose you.

Now, if you turn 18 and decide to try out vaping please feel free to come back here and we'll all be happy to help you to vaping nirvana.


u/allcohol · 3 pointsr/humorousreviews

Link to product (but not review permalink since it's posted here via imgur).

u/excessively_diverted · 3 pointsr/autism

(Posted this on your r/christmas post, but sometimes they remove things with links, so I'm posting here too!)

I really like the Grimm's toys. They are kind of expensive, but super cool for kids to stack and build, organize by size/shape/color, and they are made out of wood which is a nice different texture than all the plastic toys kids have. My 4 year old son loves playing with all his Grimm's stuff. We have the large rainbow, some of the little peg people, the trees, fairy houses, and some blocks. I would also suggest kinetic sand, play silks and costumes, a rocker board, and water beads. All the above are great sensory toys and are big hits with kids with or without autism!

u/Dramlin · 3 pointsr/TheSilphRoad

PSA to anyone lucky enough to see this post. Amazon France has been going in and out of stock periodically over the last 24 or so hours. They are currently taking pre-orders to ship on 10/10:

Purchased two units with 2-3 day shipping to the U.S for ~$103

-- EDIT -- now out of stock as of Sep 30 - 12:29 PM EST

u/xxsilence · 3 pointsr/PokemonGoArizona

Edit: and if you really want one, plenty of international retailers have them in stock, like

u/TomEThom · 3 pointsr/ofcoursethatsathing

You can get this exact one [here](Kamikara Penguin POP! Action Paper Craft kit by Haruki Nakamura

u/TeresaLyn · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Just Breathe I have coloring book no pencils this helps me relax

Thanks for contest

u/amazinggracee · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Sonya, Your Momma wouldn't tell you this but remember to share to your classmates. Sharing is caring. Treat others how you would treat yourself.

u/TrollznLolz · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon


My item from my add-ons list.

Thanks for the contest!

u/hyperbolasquared · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

My favorite birthday memory is from two years ago. My future boyfriend (we weren't "officially" dating... You know dudes) threw me a surprise birthday dinner at my favorite pizza place. I thought it was going to be just the two of us, but when we got to the restaurant my friends were there to celebrate. It was very sweet of him.

Happy Birthday! Here are some markers I need for my classroom!

u/purebredginger · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I am so incredibly sorry for your loss. Losing a pet is probably the hardest thing someone can go through. Even though you were there, I know she thought of you and didn't blame you. Dogs are awesome like that =) Here are some of those smelly markers that are pretty much notorious for kids getting high off anything they can.

u/martysthreegirls · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

If I had this... I could be ALMOST as cool as you.

I love the animals you make. Maybe you can make a rainbow maned unicorn... THAT would be sweet as hell. Like this SOOO damn cute.

Here's a dragon you could try...

That's turtley awesome!

u/LollyLewd · 2 pointsr/funny

I have a 120 box right now but I'm lusting after the telescoping tower of glory

u/apileofpenguins · 2 pointsr/AskReddit

I have this and a great multitude of coloured pencils (I'm not good with markers). I also have some excellent colouring books (mostly dinosaurs).

This is the best party ever.

u/ninjaDance · 2 pointsr/kingsofwar

I've run into this with a lot of Mantic stuff as well. Usually just have to patch it up with 'green stuff' epoxy (eg,
GW has some liquid green stuff, too, that might be easier, but I honestly haven't tried it. The gaps are kind of annoying, but you get used to it and it's not too hard to stuff some of the putty in there.

u/librarian-faust · 2 pointsr/minipainting
u/Makaseru · 2 pointsr/minipainting

I generally achieve this by using "green stuff/kneadtite" (or more typically for weaponry...) milliput and sculpting the weapons.

I feel like actual wood might not be as durable as I'd prefer for regular tabletop use, especially if you have players that haven't been taught to be gentle with the miniatures or if you don't have a case for transport purposes. It should hold paint alright tho...but to be fair I've only ever used it for an actual basing material.

u/PacManDreaming · 2 pointsr/Warhammer40k

It's just usually called "green putty". There are several different brands. GW carries a two part putty, but it's the same as other brands, but way more expensive.

This is a two part that's really good. You can also use it to mold and sculpt parts, like purity seals and the like.

This plastic putty has a nozzle so you can control the bead.

Tamiya and Squadron both make white/green putty that's good for filling small gaps and cracks.

u/tragopanic · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Washable fingerpaints! Let 'em be artsy! I recommend doing this in your kitchen or somewhere with tile, though, just to be on the safe side. Plus you can give their finished artwork to their parents, who will see that you entertained them without just plopping 'em in front of a TV.

u/LimitlessAdventures · 2 pointsr/rpg

Note: Inkjet printable Shrinkydinks make great plastic pieces and tokens (just print X2 size so they shrink to the correct size)

u/LongUsername · 2 pointsr/gardening

Mint is a pretty durable plant, and this advice is spot on.

The only thing I might add is next time you repot it, add some Soil Moist" or Water Gel Beads which will allow you to go a few more days between watering.

u/TomTheHermit · 2 pointsr/space

These are the ones my daughter uses for her plants, but OP may be using a different kind. His seem to blend together better.

They are really handy for not having to remember to water as often if you mix them with soil. Otherwise, they can take the place of soil, but you have to remember to feed the plants as well when you do it that way.

u/turbo_time · 2 pointsr/terrariums

Maybe using water beads would help retain the moisture for longer. They're usually used in flower vases, and are nearly invisible when submerged.

u/PhilipT97 · 2 pointsr/whatisthisthing

You can buy a pound of similar, uncolored "beads" here:

u/szor · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
u/ToadLord · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I do not want a boat like this.

20 pairs of GOOGLY EYES that I can stick on artwork when visiting friends homes it has been on my $10 and under wishlist for over a year now :)

u/Pan-Am323 · 2 pointsr/gifs

Magic Sand (Blue) by Educational Innovations
You're welcome!

u/AJPowers17123 · 2 pointsr/rarepuppers

Oh yeah! Here in the states we have as many chalk colors as we do crayon and pencil colors!

look here. 48 colors!

60 here. Advertised bright colors!

u/lightzalot · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Happy girls are the prettiest girls. :)

Every 5 year old should have sidewalk chalk!

Sonya, Your Momma wouldn't tell you this but

u/MCubb · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

[Kinetic sand]( is some really weird and interesting stuff.

It feels so odd but pleasing lol.

Halloween Hijinxery

u/Skov · 2 pointsr/DIY

If you are still looking for it, it's called kinetic sand.

u/redydg · 2 pointsr/Trichsters

I like to use kinetic sand. I have it in a container and when I'm on my computer or watching TV I just play with it absent-mindedly. Link for reference

u/niiimmaa · 2 pointsr/Drugs

I love these lights so much. They change color at different speeds/ patterns depending what you select and they're super cheap.

Also I have a rain stick that I made which is super fun to use.

Also kinetic sand

u/itsdavidjackson · 2 pointsr/spirograph

No, that's a more basic set. This one looks more like the one in the picture.

Edit: Also, this set is more intricate, and has smaller parts that are easier to lose, and are a choking hazard. It has track pieces for the outer ring that can snap together to make many shapes, but that means this one might be more delicate.

u/sheaness · 2 pointsr/bakedart

I want to get the super deluxe version now.

u/setitandforgot · 2 pointsr/breakingmom

Haha, I remember all the knockoffs that followed too. Almost as bad as bunchems

u/Goorashii · 2 pointsr/PokemonGoIndia

Amazon India. I'm not sure if this is genuine.

Buy at your own risk.

Pokémon GO Plus, 1 Smartphone-Spiel

u/Tworlix · 2 pointsr/TheSilphRoad

Don't know how long you would be staying in Milan, but PoGo plus is available for pre-order on Amazon IT at €39.99 free delivery. Dispatch on 29 Dec. Saw that it costs a lot in other Amazon sites. Other trainers in Europe may opt to get theirs from Amazon IT.émon-Go-Plus/dp/B01HQ55NPI/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1482308374&sr=8-1&keywords=Pokemon+go+plus

u/KarmaBotKiller · 2 pointsr/Unexpected

I googled it and found it on amazon:

There. You can plainly see where my link is taking you, and it's not some unknown "source" like several other links his this dude's history.

u/Legasia · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Alright, so if I understood right than here we go!

$0-5: Panda Decal because everyone loves pandas!

$5-10: Colored pencils, for grown-ups who love to color (or those with kids)!

$10-20: Puppy chow

$20-50: Bad-Ass Grill

u/Hahahaharley · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Yo! Happy early gift day! How old are you going to be?

As for the contest, this is what I'd like. I'm in desperate need of some new colored pencils.

u/broken_ship · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Pesky AddOns

Thank you!

u/tha_snazzle · 1 pointr/pics

> I would have been more than willing to skip food for a couple of days if it meant we could spend the extra money on Crayola.

Roseart 64-pack: $3.99

Crayola 64-pack: $4.50

I hope for your sake that the price difference was much greater when you were a kid.

u/zaikenandzeppelin · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Congrats on being sober, that is awesome!
FUN???What could be more fun than CRAYONS

u/MillenniumIce · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Thank you for the contest!

add-ons are pesky

I could use either this for $3.99

Or this for $4.97

Happy Thursday to you too!

u/djsanchez2 · 1 pointr/funny

Til this day is use those scents as a base of reference for random things I cant quite place!! Yellow Fruit Loops taste like the yellow marker smelled, etc.

edit they still sell them.

u/LiesALittle · 1 pointr/WTF

I can't stand getting date coupons made with highlighter. I'm a Mr. Sketch kind of guy.

u/mostoriginalusername · 1 pointr/politics
u/RachInNH · 1 pointr/politics

Mr. Sketch!!!

Scent Markers

u/unicorn_factory · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Hanging out all day at the park with my dog makes me happy.

this along with this would
make me really happy.

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When I was a kid I used to get Highlights magazine sent to my house every month. It was MARVELOUS! My favorite thing about it was the search and find. I would suggest these magazines for your daughters because that are fun and educational and everyone loves getting things in the mail. It's really awesome. I currently do it for my son who is 2. We are still getting the year 0-2 because they also send books. Which is great. My grandmother just signed us up on Christmas.

  • Adela - Spirograph I remember these used to be so much fun. They were amazing. Make sure to get colored pencils, a pencil sharpener and lots of fun paper too for this present.

  • Isla Sculpey clay. Since she likes play-doh, clay is a superior product and doesn't "spoil" so to speak. You can buy it on amazon. The best part about sculpey is that when you shape it to what you want, you can then bake it. Then it becomes a hard like figure which she can then paint. I feel like this would be a super fun project to do with both the girls. Get them set up on the table to roll and play with their clay. Get some of those molds for clay to help them create something and then have them bake it and paint it! Can keep them entertained for a few hours with a resulted finished product. You might be able to have a preplanned product to make before going into it. For instance, Try to make real simple animals. There are easy tutorials of balllike animals that are wicked cool. Type that into google watch the video. I would link it but I"m in class right now and this guy is just going on and on and I'd love to have a video interrupt my Ben Stein teacher but... I'd also like to pass the class so.. Sorry you'll just have to google that. Anyway, so

    For Isla I would suggest: Sculpey clay, molds and presses for the clay, and kid paints. This is great for gifts too.. have them make stuff for others. It helps improve dexterity skills which makes it a really great idea.

    Both of these gifts are interactive and are able to be used by both of the Princesses.

    EDIT:: Sculpey clay

    Sculpey with colors in it already

    Fun molds

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>I had soo many of them

bet you didn't have a motherfucking crayon tower

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My daughter is 6! She likes Legos and Lego video games. Does your daughter have any consoles? You said she is getting in to video games. I can recommend Lego Harry Potter and the Lego The Movie video game. Spring is coming. Does she like birds? She might like a set of binoculars and this bird book. My daughter has that book and loves trying to find all of the birds listed in our area. Peeler beads are something your two girls can do together. They might also like a spin art machine.

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I don't think we had any duds this year, but I was surprised by how much of a hit the "spiral paint kit" was. They would do it all day long.

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Depends on how faithful you want to be. I didn't want to do too much cutting and modeling, so I only made additive changes using green stuff, like doing a smooth coverup of the face to look more like the faceless hood.

Then I left the sword off of the left arm, and rolled some green stuff into thin long vines to wrap around the arm starting from the shoulder and ending just below the current hand to create the long branch claws.

I ended up not doing the claws on the other hand because i liked the pointing, but you could essentially do the same thing here. And thats pretty much it, as I feel like I will be able to get the feel of the leshen close enough with the paint job.

quick edit: you could probably also do some smaller vines coming off of him at the shoulder or elbow to simulate branches, kind of like this guy

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"Green Stuff" Kneadatite sculpting putty by Army Painter

I get mine from my local hobby shop. I like Army Painter brand, but Citadel is probably easier to find locally.

I can't stress enough how important it is to take a little rough sand paper or a file or knife or something to the exposed plastic where you intend to bond it together with the super glue, and let it get tacky exposed to the air a few seconds before pushing the parts together.

Edit: link fix.

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Have you checked out Green Stuff? It's basically modeling clay for minis

u/UnionJack1989 · 1 pointr/wyrdwars

Glad you found some minitures you like!

As for getting the right parts for the minitures, I'd recommend using BitzBox it has most parts both 40K and fantasy, might have the bits you need.

Also I'd recommened getting some Green Stuff, some cheap sculpting equipment. With this you'll be able to edit, or even created new items for the warband. My friend and I use it quite often.

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> greenstuff

This putty seems really expensive for how much you get, is this what you're using and are you buying it in bulk?

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Did you know Amazon will donate a portion of every purchase if you shop by going to instead? Over $50,000,000 has been raised for charity - all you need to do is change the URL!

Here are your smile-ified links:


^^i'm ^^a ^^friendly bot

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I buy it on Amazon because it's usually cheaper than any craft or hobby store. Unless you don't want to wait for shipping.

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It's Green Stuff, let it cure, hit it with progressively finer grit sand paper until everything is smooth and then top it with two thin coats.

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This stuff "Green Stuff" : Kneadatite (sculpting putty) - Army Painter

u/MrWilseh · 1 pointr/ageofsigmar

Whatever you do, don't but the GW green stuff. Firstly, the liquid stuff is terrible as mentioned above. I like the idea mentioned above but can be tricky to get right. The regular putty style green stuff is far more forgiving. I bought a pack of this for £8 about a year ago. Still got more than half of it and it's exactly the same stuff!

Army Painter ARM05007 20 cm "Kneadatite Green Stuff" Tabletop and Miniature Game Accessory

Whichever route you take, the finish will be much better patching the gaps, especially if you get a good paint scheme on the model when you're done. Shame to have it let down by a kit miss match. Good luck!!

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I mean something like this. It's small. Accidentally wiping it off is not a major peril.

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I don't use a planner, but a dry erase board was a great tool for me to draw out a month calendar and see everything graphically. It's also good for random lists around the house you want to write down before you forget. There are some cheap ones or you can buy a big one with a calendar built in

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  1. Get a dry erase board for your fridge! It's great for notes for reminders, shopping lists, telling your roommate to do her dishes, etc.

  2. The Art of Manliness is a funny site that has a lot of great life tips and skills. Think Ron Swanson type advice. It's geared towards men obviously, but ladies should have these skills too!

  3. Keeping a notepad and dry erase board (see above) in the kitchen has helped cut down on the clutter. My kitchen is kind of the dumping ground of random stuff and to-do-lists, so having a dedicated "notes" area helps consolidate the random bits of paper.

  4. Improving my posture and effort in clothes has helped me a lot with confidence. Just looking alert and put together makes me feel so much better, and I make sure to always throw on a pair of jeans or similar before going out. Wearing athletic clothes/leggings/sweats out always made me feel sloppy, but just wearing actual clothes instantly improves my attitude. And people respond better, which is an added boost. Loose skirts are super easy ways to dress up an outfit.

  5. Check out r/awww. It's my favorite source for smiles :)
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I use this as a notebook + some fine tip dry erase markers

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Happy birthday to your kiddo! Mine will be two during the first week of May. This is on his wishlist. Thanks, UPS!

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I don't wanna grow up. I need this to give my sister in law a heart attack when I show up to finger paint with her girls!

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Anything colorful will work, and plushies tend to last a while this Alice and Wonderland set is a good example of long lasting plushies that will take some wear and tear.

Artwork for her room in bright colors would also be really cool.

Crayons, paints, art supplies. Crayola makes a lot of colorful art supplies for kids, like these washable paints. Then just get some giant paper to go with it and you've got some entertaining supplies!

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When I was about 6, I loved to draw but I was always bummed to use the "kid supplies" to draw with like crayons and markers. My mom went out and got me "real" art supplies because she said I was a "real artist" and needed the "big people" supplies. It meant the world to me, not only because the stuff she bought me was good but that she also believed in me... so, I would recommend for Adela:

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Umm... I think you should buy this cause I know you like doing crafty bits and bobs and also being a kid, so FINGERPAINTS :)

and this for your furbaby or babies :)

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> some magic shrink plastic I don't know about?

Why yes, there is

(before people start saying how this wouldn't work to make this game - it's a joke, calm down)

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As /u/stupidhusky pointed out above, here. They aren't the same size as the gif but still cool.

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Another user posted Amazon link for the beads:

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Your not supposed to use glass spheres. You are supposed to use these.

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A friend of mine who used to do event planning recommended I use water beads instead of water. Here's an example, but they come in all kinds of colors as well. She said that they're nice for in case vases are tipped over.

u/TheCrash84 · 1 pointr/tarantulas

Also check out Water Beads. That is how I water my Ts and my Dubias.

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I'm doing my taxes today

Googly eyes I hear are fun

these plugs light up

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How about googly eyes for $7.50?

Milkshake, yummers!

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As a wheel with natural googly eyes, do you find Emergency Googly Eyes to be a flattering homage or an offensive mockery?

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/u/glanmiregirl because it seems like she is having a sad day, and she deserves to have a happy day, because of all of the things she does to help make RAOA an amazing place to be. I think she needs Googly Eyes because googly eyes = smiles. It's on her Miscellaneous list. She also needs something to put googly eyes on. It's on her Home & Kitchen list.

u/nahcabmA · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Emergency Googly eyes

Because why would that ever be an emergency?

Lorises rock

u/stephyt · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Yay for getting one's financial house in order. It is such a nice feeling.

The last thing I licked was ahem my husband's wang dang doodle.

This emergency googly eye kit would be great, especially to put on aforementioned wang dang doodle. I can totally type penis, I just find the term "wang dang doodle" almost as funny as googly eyes on a penis. Almost.

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I'm not sure if you've ever seen this stuff before or if it is WTF worthy but it is still pretty fucking cool Magic sand. Here is a video of how it works... Always dry

u/UWannaSeeADeadBody · 1 pointr/gifs

Just purchased enough to fill up my bathtub. You can too.

u/Paciphae · 1 pointr/interestingasfuck

If you decide you actually want to try, here you go:

u/ICreatedSomeClones · 1 pointr/gifs

Thanks, I've been looking for this stuff for the past 25 years or so. Had no idea what it was called.

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Sidewalk chalk for my girl

Fantastic summer item for my daughter
It will keep her fabously entertained
She can draw furry animals with it
Fast sidewalk drawings made by Ellie
They may be frail if left outside when a fierce storm hits
Family fun all packed into a case
Father ( and mother) approved!

u/Alasaell · 1 pointr/darksouls3
u/nicnicnotten · 1 pointr/daddit

My kid goes through sidewalk chalk like lightning, even when we catch it before its gets left out in the rain. I've found that either this or this are the best prices.

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But all the cool kids have one!

I always wanted a Furby but my mom thought they were a waste (especially after the recall). [This] ( is something I've been asking them to get me for the past 3 or 4 bdays/ Christmas and it still hasn't happened.

Thank you for the contest. I love this idea :)

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Oh man, this kinetic sand kept my 26-year-old husband enthralled for about two hours (along with everyone who was watching him). It'd be awesome for kids!

Kinetic sand is just sand mixed with polymer, so it is fun to form and it sticks to itself, so it doesn't get everywhere. It is mesmerizing...

u/PairOfMonocles2 · 1 pointr/gifs

Nope, not for decent stuff. We've bought three times because we have a small sand table on our porch (so it lives outside uncovered) but after a couple months our three year old has lost half of it through the floor. Twice it's been perfect like this and doesn't change, one brand was crap but it was crap from day one. Oddly, he liked it at least as much, it just wouldn't hold shapes well. Anyway, all three were different brands from Amazon so if there's differences it seems to be more who made it than changes over time.

Btw, I'm pretty sure this is the one we bought last time and it's been great:

Waba Fun Kinetic Sand (2.2lbs/1000 gms)

u/_LeggoMyEggo_ · 1 pointr/jackrussellterrier

Interesting but 25 pounds of kinetic sand would cost $225+

Or, here at, 5kg for $85 so 3 packs w/shipping hit $250 for the best deal I could see ... or $988 for the worst deal :)

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picked these out for landon this and this found this for noah dis found this cool ass toy site called fat brain toys there over priced but finding them else were cheaper lots of things landon will love he likes to build thing loves things like magnets what have you oh yes! :D

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The resonance makes the pattern start and end with them in the same point every 8 earth years/13 venus years, after which it repeats. 8 years from today, Earth and Venus will be in the same spots relative to the sun as they are right now. If they weren't resonant, that wouldn't happen.

But they aren't exactly resonant, so if the simulation continued for another 8 year cycle, the next pattern would look the same but be a teensy bit offset from the previous one. If they were perfectly resonant, then the pattern would draw right on top of itself for the next cycle.

If that's not enough, I dunno man, buy a spirograph.

u/Discoverinq · 1 pointr/LSDTripLifeHacks

A couple suggestions, I might add:

Metal Puzzles:

Super Spirograph :

I've used these as well as other variations for fun. I also play with uv reactive paint or markers and a black light

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Hey there,

I ended up ordering two from Amazon Spain a few months back (one for me and my friend). They took a little longer to ship (like 2 weeks), and I had to pay an extra 10 for shipping but they arrived in working condition with our Andoid/Iphones. They are still up on the website (maybe this is a new stock or something)-

I have also heard of people having luck with Amazon Italy, and France!

u/LoveBeBrave · 1 pointr/TheSilphRoad

It looks like you can order it off for only £40 including UK delivery. Just tried it now, says it should be here by 17th December.

u/meltedsquirrel · 1 pointr/HelpMeFind

Appears to be called Kamikara Penguin POP! Action Paper Craft kit by Haruki Nakamura

I found it on Amazon