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u/foreignfishes 路 41 pointsr/ffacj

My body type is Erlenmeyer flask and let me tell you, it is extremely difficult to find clothes that fit when you have size 15 feet, huge cankles, and size 20AAAA boobs. So glad wide leg pants are coming back in because they鈥檙e perfect for my inverted ice cream cone legs 馃槏

u/smithincanton 路 24 pointsr/LearnUselessTalents

Definitely a useless talent as you could just buy some.

u/tasari 路 22 pointsr/bestoflegaladvice

Hell, they even make fake tampons designed to sneak alcohol into venues in. It's totally possible.

u/farptr 路 19 pointsr/whatisthisthing

It is an unblown plastic soda bottle preform. They're sold as water tight small containers so this could have been used for anything.

u/TastefulDrapes 路 14 pointsr/chemistry

Not a great idea... Go buy something like this instead.

u/boulejean 路 12 pointsr/plantclinic

I water mine with this: ACM Economy Wash Bottle, LDPE, Squeeze Bottle Medical Label Tattoo (250ml / 8oz / 1 Bottle)

It鈥檚 awesome!! Good luck 馃憤

u/rexanimate7 路 11 pointsr/atheism

Even if they aren't, it's awfully easy to remove the cap from a bottle, empty it, fill it with something else, and then replace the cap with a new cap that has an unbroken seal.

A couple bucks on Amazon could go a long way for trolling your religious family members and friends.

u/TouzleWoozle 路 10 pointsr/oddlysatisfying

Have to use an Erlenmeyer Flask, much better distance.

u/Absoludacris1 路 8 pointsr/wine
u/jake_kulp 路 8 pointsr/whatisthisthing

Definitely looks like a geocache made from a soda bottle preform. would explain the 'fish eye lens' and the soda bottle style cap.

u/OkMeasurement7 路 8 pointsr/Ultralight

has anyone used this style for butt washing? most ul bidet solutions are just nozzles that attach to water bottles, but I cant get over the mental hurdle of getting my water bottle near my asshole everyday. thinking I want something with a dedicated bottle: ACM Economy Wash Bottle, LDPE, Squeeze Bottle Medical Label Tattoo (250ml / 8oz / 1 Bottle)


how's the squirt? what size would be best? any lighter options (this one says 1.12oz)?

u/Vandiyan 路 7 pointsr/Warhammer40k

I can type up what I did really quickly.

  1. Ensure your dropper bottle is clean, the top is off, and this is over a stable surface. Also ensure the surface is easily cleaned if there is a spill. I have a glass desk I use as my hobby station, yet for those who don't do what you feel you need to.

  2. Use a funnel so that you can pour out and capture as much paint as possible.

  3. Open up the GW paint and add in some medium to thin it as much as you feel you need to. I do this to get it the consistency that Duncan has and then pour it out into the bottle.

  4. Once the paint has been transferred put the GW container to the side, remove the funnel, cap and close the dropper bottle, and you are done! If you want to remember what kind of paint it was just peel off the GW paint label and put it on the outside of the dropper bottle.

    Hope this helps anyone who is interested in using dropper bottles.
u/zymurgist69 路 7 pointsr/chemicalreactiongifs

I work in a shop where sheet metal is readily available, and scrap is ok to use for whatever we want.

A 120v muffin fan came into my possession by means I do not remember. I glued a neodymium magnet from a dead hard drive to the fan, and built an enclosure to which I mounted the fan, and a 120v dimmer switch to control the speed of said fan.

I then purchased stir bars, to stir the starter in a 2 liter Erlenmeyer flask.

I bought a dimmer switch at Home Depot, and I get an amazing turbination in my starters.

The result is an inexpensive alternative to commercially available stir plates.

Paid $45.00 for the flask, $7.00 for the switch, maybe $9.00 for the stir bars, but the satisfaction of seeing the thing work, and work well, was so validating and fun to do!

u/MemorableCactus 路 7 pointsr/funny

You guys are all trying waaaay too hard with this. Let me introduce you to REPLACEMENT CAPS!

u/dannothemanno 路 7 pointsr/washingtondc

> Soak the cut off bottle top in the hot water for 30 seconds or so. This will make the plastic pliable enough that you can pull off the intact cap and sealing ring without breaking the seal.

All that work for a 28 cent cap?

u/Pac_management 路 7 pointsr/Homebrewing

They are actually made for soda bottle production. You can usually find big packs for cheap.

u/MachinatioVitae 路 7 pointsr/Survival

Hey, thanks! Yes, that's the one I was thinking of. I just couldn't find it. Idk about better though. They're different for sure, but they're both made from bottle preforms, so the tube strength should be the same.

The pocket reel comes with:

  • 1 pocket reel
  • 4 fishing hooks
  • 4 removable sinkers
  • 2 metal spinner lures
  • 3/4" bobber
  • knot guide with directions
  • 45' spool of fishing line

    The one I linked comes with:

  • 1 Heavy duty plastic tube with screw top lid.
  • 24鈥 of 20# monfilament fishing line
  • 3 #2 Eagle Claw Hooks
  • 3 #4 Eagle Claw Hooks
  • 4 #3 Split Shot Lead Sinkers
  • 4 #7 Split Shot Lead Sinkers
  • 2 Slip Bobbers
  • 2 Attached Bobbers
  • 2 Various colored Jigs

    So, with the pocket reel, you get 4 hooks instead of 6, 1 bobber instead of 2, 4 sinkers instead of 8, metal spinners instead of jigs, but almost twice as much line and a "knot guide".

    Seems like about a wash to me. I should note that I don't have a horse in this race, I've never used either and am not affiliated with either shop. The kit I posted was one I found a month or so ago while looking for the one you posted.

    Personally, I went with neither and just bought some bottle preforms for about a buck a piece, filled a couple with the fishing gear I already had and used the rest for other camping gear: spices/oil for cooking, match case, pill bottles, tinder case, etc.
u/slappingpenguins 路 6 pointsr/intj
u/grass_fed 路 6 pointsr/Lollapalooza

Order this and you'll be golden. Add some vodka or white rum to the bottle and you can get in scott free. 8 bucks for peace of mind is worth it IMO.

u/neuromonkey 路 6 pointsr/geocaching

They are soda bottle preforms (or "baby soda bottles,) which are uninflated 2 liter soda bottles. Available here and on Amazon, and other places.

I must say that posting a "these just arrived in the mail" without providing a source is a little less helpful that it might be. OP? Your source?

u/aphoticinullity 路 6 pointsr/electronic_cigarette

Finally I can't not sound retarded tonight! Yes!

Check our /r/diy_ejuice great community lots of info and recipes!

Order the nicotine and your STARTER flavorings from

Order either 60 or 100mg pg based(if you aren't allergic) nicotine for math reasons, they both calculate pretty even. Also the 100mg one will last a lot longer but it kind of depends on what is in stock.

For the flavors it's best to order your beginning ones there too until you know what you like,because they sell like same size ones for $1.99 (prob about enough for 80-140 milliliters depending on your preferred flavor %

once I knew what I wanted I started ordering from high desert vapes

(they resell flavorings so you get a GOOD discount)
P. S. On HDV ellas=capellas (you have to order ellas sweet strawberry, my most ordered and one of my faves. I also recommend fruit stripe gum, but I forgot who made it it's a newer one I just picked up!)

Don't forget to order syringes and I accidentally ordered a shit ton of size 14 needles for them and it's really hard to pull up VG since it's so thick so get a bigger one for that. Also make sure before you use them that you put tape over the numbers because they will come off really fast if you don't.

I actually buy all of my PG and VG locally Walmart sells VG (if you are interested let me know and I'll send you a pic of what the bottle looks like) but it's in the skin ointment aisle.

Tractor supply company sells a gallon of PG for $23 best deal ever. I'm never running out! Lol

You'll need bottles as well (way more expensive than you'd think, there are some cheapish options on Amazon for like 50 10ml bottles.

Download the program ejuicemeup that's your calculator. Love it.

Uhm.... I'm probably forgetting something any questions, just ask.

Edit: holy novel

Edit 2: I remembered something else, try and get familiar with the list of flavors known to crack tanks

Edit 3:links!

u/OysterVase 路 6 pointsr/researchchemicals

Amazon! You can find packs of 12/24/48/etc. vials / amber bottles for extremely cheap. You can also get very cheap (in a good way, they're all high quality) nasal sprayers, as well. I have SOOOO many left over amber bottles and such.

Here are some examples!

1oz Amber Bottles 12pk

Same thing, but 2oz.

12 Amber Vials with Droppers

Larger Clear Round Pyrex bottle

2ml amber dram bottles (these also come in 24-36+ counts, too

...and there's so much more! Amazon is a goldmine for research materials in my experience! Hope I could help!

u/deceptiveat70 路 5 pointsr/minipainting

This is a copied comment on paint thinning from a previous post of mine:

Here's what I do. It saves paint and gets a nice paint consistency.

Buy some 30ml dropper bottles (

Fill a dropper with distilled water (available at most grocery stores)

I use a piece of poster board cut into small 6"X4" "pallettes"

I put down a drop (two max) of paint. If using paint that isn't in droppers it's usually a brushfull or so... Or you can move your paint into the dropper bottles mentioned above)

I then put down an equal amount of water right on top of the paint and mix until it's all combined, try to avoid too much spreading around on the paper to minimize wasted paint.

Each time I draw paint onto my brush from the paper I then wipe a bit of it off on the paper to make sure my brush isn't over loaded.

The paper pallettes are nice because you never have to mess with cleaning them. Use the paint you need and when the sheet is full throw it out (or sometimes you can even flip it over and use the back to get a little more life out of them)

u/SnowHawkMike 路 5 pointsr/vaporents

For those of you whom would like to make one of your own you can purchase the magnetic stirrer hot plate here ($210), and the Pyrex Erlenmeyer Flask here ($15.95)! Total investment cost: $225.95.

Alternatively you can purchase this magnetic stirrer hot plate for significantly less, bringing the total cost down to $175.90.

u/AlphaAnt 路 5 pointsr/Homebrewing

I got my erlenmeyer flask on Amazon. I strongly encourage the actual Pyrex brand, I have an off-brand 1L flask and bought a Pyrex 2L flask, the quality difference is pretty staggering.

Here's the one I bought.

u/JackanapesHB 路 5 pointsr/Homebrewing

Since others have already said BIAB, I will go with 5 gal. HDPE can for no-chill brewing. I don't do a whole lot of no-chill batches and usually reserve it for beers without late hop additions, but cutting out the entire chilling step saves a boatload of time, and can sneak in some night time brews without having to stay up too late.

u/thatthatguy 路 5 pointsr/TalesFromRetail

Not full to the very brim, just full to the fill-to-here line. It's obviously a graduated beaker rather than a glass, per-se. Otherwise, how would we know it was exactly half-full, rather than slightly over, or slightly under half?

u/strikt9 路 5 pointsr/CampingGear

My problem is its always easy to 鈥渋f I have that it鈥檚 hardly any more to include this鈥 myself into a monster pack

Mine is a 3.5 x 5.5 x 7鈥 soft pack that weighs 30.5 oz

Byrd Rescue 2 serrated knife
Pill case with Robax, Motrin, antihistamine.
1 roll each medical mesh tape, paper tape, electrical tape.
1 med ziplock freezer bag with a handful of bandaids.
Rite in the rain note pad.
Scissors (klien 2100-7, no idea where/why i got them but they鈥檙e a great size for this)
1 med ziplock freezer bag with 1 8x10鈥 compress, 8 antiseptic wipes (provodine-iodine & benzalkonium chloride), 2x iodine ointment, 4x cool jel packets.
Small container with imodium, tiny tube of polysporrin, and a strip thermometer.
Small tube of Q tips.
Small tube with a dozen UCO stormproof matches.
Exotac nano striker.
Travel pack of tissues.
A pair of vinyl gloves (wrapped).
2x unlubed condoms (wow those expired a while ago).
Thumbprint 4 in 1 screwdriver
3x pairs of foam ear plugs (dont remember the reasoning but they weigh nothing)

Gauze roll.
Unflavoured dental floss.
Large sewing needle.

Bottle preforms are great small tubes for keeping things dry

For a while you could buy redbull shots. They were a great small container as well

edit:correcting formatting.
Edit 2: always put rolls of tape in a baggy. When theyre hot they can ooze adhesive and make your kit a mess

u/Davec433 路 5 pointsr/Homebrewing

I use Soda Preforms and freeze by filling half the container with yeast and topping off with a 50/50 solution of starter beer and glycerin.

I then put in an insulated bag with an ice pack to protect from freeze/thaw cycles.

The only thing I鈥檇 change would be to MAYBE use 1.5 ounce glass jars. Which you could keep longer and straight up boil to sanitize.

u/Souless04 路 5 pointsr/houseplants

Don't know why you got down voted

Soda Bottle Preforms and Caps (30/pk)


They are commonly called test tubes, and used as such in an amateur setting. They are also known as this other thing though. The original intended purpose.

u/ElitistRobot 路 5 pointsr/funny
u/squired 路 5 pointsr/DIY_eJuice

Have you already ordered?

If not, I would also recommend Capella's Cool Mint (3.5% as a pairing, ~1% as a component). It is a very sweet mint that also adds body to mixes; almost like a mint honey. It is good to have on hand and would work well with several of your proposed recipes. That's different than say Gorilla Mint which is the straight-up mint you know in Mojitos or Inawera Shisha Fresh Mint that gives a dry but tasty cooling effect (not koolada) with little to no flavor (think TVC's Frosty/"Cool" juices).

One of the most common intermediate questions here is "How do I give my juices body?" Cool Mint is one of the flavors that does that well. Passion and stone fruits often have the same effect at very low levels, as can /u/Mercy404's suggestion of Strawberry Ripe in the right mix (which opens a whole other conversation on popular flavors vs affects).

You may also get some sucralose. It is a different type of sweetener and some people prefer it. It is harder on your coils, but it doesn't mute the flavors like EM. I use them both for different recipes.

[edit] - On the sweetener subject... I'd suggest using them at first. Building sweetness and body is really difficult. I don't consider any recipe complete until it is absent of sweeteners, but they certainly make them more enjoyable for regular vaping until you find those last 'special' bits.


Second, you are going to want A LOT of bottles. Just trust me. One of your primary concerns when starting should be to make mixing fast, fun, and extremely low maintenance. A big-ass bag of new bottles is an excellent, cheap step in that direction. Down the road you may want fancy Cobalt, but something like this is perfect to start.


Lastly, I do not see a scale in your order. I HIGHLY recommend you begin mixing by weight. I can't stress that enough. It is probably the single most important factor in how much you will enjoy mixing and the likelihood that you'll stick with the hobby. I have been mixing a long while and I've used all the different methods. Mixing by weight is soooo much nicer. It is faster, easier, more accurate, and there is zero cleanup. Most people will tell you that they started mixing more often once they switched. I personally found myself wandering away from the hobby until the switch. I had become tired of the cleanup and mess. Now it is pure joy again.

It is also cheaper than your alternative hardware budget. Even if you brush off everything above, please, buy a cheap scale.

u/Alcyone85 路 5 pointsr/minipainting

I just recently transferred my citadel paints to these kind of bottles , worked perfectly.

u/ValkyrieValor 路 5 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

Washing my face while getting everything wet irked me too, so I looked on ebay and found my solution. I nowuse a "lab wash bottle" with a bent spout. Mine is around 500ml. Here is one similar @ amazon. I fill it up once then turn off water at sink. Once I wipe off my oil cleanser, I lather up my foaming cleanser in my hand & after massaging my face to clean it, I just bend over sink and point the nozzle at my face & squeeze bottle to rinse my face. It's super easy & I don't waste water. No wet sleeves or floor. :)

u/smalltransitorylife 路 5 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

I haven't been backpacking but I'm a total evangelist for decanting into tiny containers! I got these and these and printed little labels for everything!

For backpacking, you may need to minimize the things you bring that need water, so I would look into patch testing some cleansing wipes rather than cleanser. You could also pre-soak cotton pads in serums so you don't have to pack the bottle.

u/reverendj1 路 4 pointsr/Homebrewing

Here's a post I wrote detailing how I slant yeast. The process is pretty simple, and only requires mason jars, test tubes, an innoculation loop, stove and pressure canner and a few consumables. I've tried several other methods for storing yeast, but this is by far the easiest, cheapest and most compact. You only need a pin prick's worth of yeast to create the slant, and you only have to maintain them every 1.5-2 years (which is also very simple). This makes it so you can accumulate quite the bank! I currently have a bank of 23 yeasts, and it fits in the size of a shoebox. The only thing I will note is that the test tubes in my blog can be expensive. I recently switched to these centrifuge tubes instead, as they are much, much cheaper, and they should work just fine, reading the comments, but I have not tested them personally yet, so have not updated my blog. The only downside to doing slants is it does take about 7 days to get a pitchable amount of yeast, so you have to be able to prepare ahead of time.

u/Marksemus 路 4 pointsr/Homebrewing

I'm in Calgary and I got these to try.

5 Gallon Plastic Hedpack with cap

Haven't tried yet though. I want to seal up the small vent.

u/gnomad_home 路 4 pointsr/vandwellers

We didn't like the idea of keeping our drinking water in a plastic container, but had trouble finding other options. That is until we stumbled upon this stainless steel fusti tank from a winemaking site:

It's more expensive than a plastic tank, but it works great. We have it hooked up to a Whale MkIII foot pump and a Whale telescoping faucet using 1/2" and 3/8" beverage tubing.

For the sink, we got a free bar sink from our neighbor but there are plenty of smaller bar sinks on Amazon. For drainage, we use a 5-gallon container that we bought off of Amazon:

Hope that helps! We have info on everything we used in our van conversion on our blog:

u/Reinheitsgebot43 路 4 pointsr/Homebrewing

If you鈥檙e going to do that you might as well freeze it in soda preforms (take up less space) and slowly create a yeast bank.

u/LegalizeGayPot 路 4 pointsr/vaporents

If you don't have a vape yet, get an Arizer, you won't regret it.

As far as containers go, check out bottle preforms. I bough a 100pk of these years ago and still have half

u/philthebrewer 路 4 pointsr/Homebrewing

is this a shitpost? or do you just really like soda blanks?

I'm all for whatever reduces WL's cost but doesn't harm me.

u/graaaypes 路 4 pointsr/Homebrewing

Personally, i bought some soda bottle preforms ( and overbuild starters, save a vial or two, and use that to rebuild starters. Havent bought yeast in a hot minute.

u/Morejazzplease 路 4 pointsr/Ultralight

I don't like Skurka's method. I use force.

Enter this bottle: [backcountry bedet]( )

The top cap screws on perfectly to a smartwater bottle. That is the only thing I bring and I think it weighs .4oz. When I have to do the deed, I dig a hole, poop then have a smartwater bottle with this thing screwed onto the top. I just invert it, aim and blast my b hole. Using about .25L I can get squeaky clean in all but the worst conditions. I generally use 1-3 squares to dry up and make sure that I am GTG.

WAY more effective than just waterfalling down your ass crack.

u/Ard0324 路 3 pointsr/Ultralight
u/Epsilon748 路 3 pointsr/Seattle

You don't actually need a dark room, it's a common misconception. You only need that if you plan to use an enlarger and make your own prints. I don't, but only due to lack of space in my apartment - I scan them in and order prints at Costco or Bartells like any normal digital scan.

If you get one of the Paterson Reel tanks like I have in that photo, you just need a changing bag. Put your 1-2 rolls of film, a bottle opener, a pair of scissors, and all the tank pieces in the bag. Seal it up, pop open the film canister with the bottle opener, then spool the film onto the reels. Put both reels back in the tank and seal it up. Everything else can be done in daylight. (you can skip the bag and do this in a pitch black room like your bathroom or a closet if you want. I prefer the bag- I can sit on the couch and watch TV while I spool rolls).

Then you're just dumping in chemicals on a timed schedule and then unspooling and hanging them to dry when complete. B&W is roughly 13 minutes a batch at diluted 1+1, or 6 minutes at stock (full strength) solution. Stock just uses it up twice as fast, but saves time.

B&W = developer (12-15 minutes for most films at 1+1 - check the massive dev chart -> stop bath (1 minute) -> fixer (1 minute) -> rinse (2-3 minutes) -> hang to dry (2ish hours or until totally dry).

Color = developer (6ish minutes) -> blix (2-3 minutes) -> rinse (2-3 minutes) -> stabilizer (1 minute) -> hang to dry (2ish hours).

I'm pulling those numbers from memory, but the unicolor kit has a good guide with it.

Stuff you need

u/brulosopher 路 3 pointsr/Homebrewing

Here's what I've found so far. The search continues...

Refractometer with Brix + SG scales - $19 Br眉losophy link | non-affiliate link

5 gallon No Chill cube - $11.50 Br眉losophy link | non-affiliate link

pH Meter (starts 3:15pm) Br眉losophy link | non-affiliate link

40x-1000x Microscope (starts 3:50pm) Br眉losophy link | non-affiliate link

u/ccurzio 路 3 pointsr/photography

> First time for b&w. Just feels bad pouring it down the drain when I鈥檝e been using my c-41 chemicals for two years lmao.

Aaaauuuggghh DO NOT pour it down the drain! Particularly the fixer. You're throwing silver as well as nasty chemicals into the plumbing which is terrible for the environment.

Collect the used chemistry in a container (I use these) and take it to your local hazardous waste disposal facility.

u/chino_brews 路 3 pointsr/Homebrewing

Yep, that's what they use for no-chill. I picked up two of these in February for $12.78 each -- for RO water storage not no-chill in my case. They're $3 cheaper than the one you linked.

u/psicorp_co 路 3 pointsr/nfl

I have used this at a few Broncos game. Buy a big water bottle empty fill with vodka, bring in tea and mix. Broncos allow sealed bottles.

u/Kevbot93 路 3 pointsr/DIY
u/Brittonator 路 3 pointsr/Sasquatch

try these just drink the water, refill with clear liquor and screw a new cap on the bottle.

u/Whittigo 路 3 pointsr/Homebrewing

It won't be impossible, it will just mean using a different container. I've been holding onto a ton of the tubes for a while for saving yeast. Also:

if you need more and want to stick with vials.

u/bplipschitz 路 3 pointsr/Homebrewing

I use either mason jars (grabbing total yeast cake from fermenter) or bottle preforms (remnants of starter).

u/dev_c0t0d0s0 路 3 pointsr/BuyItForLife

This is going to sound crazy, but hear me out.

Soda bottle performs. Soda Bottle Preforms and Caps (30/pk)

These things are insanely strong and I've gotten one to hold over 200psi. And if you lose a cap you can get a replacement at any gas station.

u/desktop_version_bot 路 3 pointsr/preppers
u/vinpaysdoc 路 3 pointsr/Homebrewing

Soda Bottle Test Tubes is what I use. Mason jars would take up way too much space in my fridge.

u/d34thw41k3r 路 3 pointsr/trees

For any fam that wants this, Amazon's gotchu!

EDIT: They're actually a bit cheaper at Educational Innovations, its the second link when searching for where to buy unformed soda bottle.

u/rcharliesam 路 3 pointsr/DIY_eJuice

I use this 8 oz bottle. It works well.


u/tranceinate 路 3 pointsr/DIY_eJuice

I see your wishlist...VG...& these & these squeeze bottles. That was confusing as fuck for a minute. Are those squeeze bottles you meant?

u/xXwhite_whaleXx 路 3 pointsr/DIY_eJuice

I've solved your problem for you. Low density condiment bottles. They work like a dream for both VG and PG

Lay off the cock sauce.

u/stophauntingme 路 3 pointsr/fandomnatural

>so I have just had a brilliant idea for hiding booze: inside a fake tampon applicator. They'll never know! I'm so grossed out at myself for even thinking of this.

it's literally a thing! lmao

I wanna bring this in... lol

u/wonderboy37 路 3 pointsr/AskMen

These are a thing

u/benmagoo1 路 3 pointsr/maybemaybemaybe

Smart to have an actual tube of lotion.

If I was a girl I鈥檇 use these tampon flasks

u/Kush420coma 路 3 pointsr/trees
  1. It's a tube where you pour alcohol in it and put it in a faux tampon wrapper so you can sneak it around. In my case, I've used it to put my blunts in it for my boyfriend and I for Mad Decent Block Party this Saturday. (Currently on a t-break, excited to smoke again in a couple of days!)

  2. Yes! I love that picture. I bought it from Salvation Army a couple years back. I use it as my blunt rolling station.
u/hupa 路 3 pointsr/DIY_eJuice

If you're looking for bottles these have been working great for me and are super cheap. Someone on this subreddit linked them before, so thats how I found em. Good to know about mixing small amounts though. I've been mixing with 8ml to make sure the ratios turn out.

u/forestlady 路 3 pointsr/Indiemakeupandmore

Do you happen to have a vitamin shop or a science supply store near you? I believe both of those should have similar caps, but I'm not sure about the specific threading and sizes.

Also: Though that is a 12 pack of both bottles and tops. There might be something in the recommended section?

u/Brian_MB_05 路 3 pointsr/Scotch

There are a few options on or the 2 oz option here. That is if you don't mind splitting the last bits of the bottle up...

u/rockstaa 路 3 pointsr/Scotch
u/bvndwidth 路 3 pointsr/bourbon

I've ordered these in the past. Take your time, it's the holidays, busiest time of the year. Glad to help, and I look forward to the swap.

u/millerhkl 路 2 pointsr/Gunpla

Plastic Pipettes

edit: Plastic Dropper Bottles Personally wouldn't store prethinned lacquers and solvent-based acrylics (Mr. Color, Gaia Notes, Tamiya) this way long term, but definitely okay for water-based acrylics or acrylic-polyurethanes like Vallejo, Badger, Citadel, etc.

u/bluesman99999 路 2 pointsr/minipainting

I've had this set of 30ml and the 2014 version of this set of 15ml for over two years now, and haven't had a problem with either. They've stayed sealed and haven't dried out, no issues with either the tips or the lids. I would recommend the ones I bought from Amazon. I may have gotten really lucky, but so far, so good.

u/brianpi 路 2 pointsr/minipainting

12oz bottles for medium and flow aid (though these do NOT have caps, so personally I'd find something else at a local Michael's or art supply store).

30ml bottles - these are perfect for individual washes.

u/austinp02 路 2 pointsr/Warhammer40k

Ha, I get questions about this any time I post something. The rack is from Back2base-ix they have all sorts of good stuff. Not the cheapest solution but it really is amazing for organizing the hobby area and adding some aesthetics to the area (which helps spark my creativity a lot personally). It does ship from the UK so expect some time for delivery and be aware that since it is acrylics there is always the small chance of damage. I had a tiny crack in one of the drawers that I just glued back together as it wasn't worth it to try and return/exchange.
The dropper bottles can be found on Amazon and Ebay. I pre-thin my GW paints to brush thickness and then transfer them to the droppers. So much easier for using a wet pallet and also for mixing into the airbrush. Hope that helps!

u/CyborgSunset 路 2 pointsr/Drugs
u/amnesiac854 路 2 pointsr/trees

Science and Surplus stores, ftw

edit also Amazon

u/nxnja 路 2 pointsr/Drugs

glass vials in a dark place at room temp (not sure if either one of those makes a difference, but it couldn't hurt)

u/DistinguishedSpirits 路 2 pointsr/cocktails

Cheers. Glad you liked it. Yeah Old Grad-dad 114 is good too. I find that it's much easier to find than Bonded Granddad, but 114 might sneak up on you pretty quick. It's super potent!

As far as the mixing glass goes, I like it. It has a wide mouth which makes it easy to muddle and a bit of a lip, which helps for pouring. The measurements aren't super helpful because it's in milliliters and I'm not usually mixing 200ml drinks. Haha. But the best part is the handle. It keeps my hand from warming the mixing glass by keeping it off the mixing glass.

They sell them on Amazon:

u/MrFluffyThing 路 2 pointsr/Breadit

Turns out they're fairly cheap on Amazon but I don't see the exact one.

Alternatively this beaker mug is pretty sweet too.

u/Lizzy_Blue 路 2 pointsr/muglife

In case you need a permanent handle plus, its a little bigger, and I would be worried about cross contamination. All that being said, I like your solution and the idea of drinking out of a beaker!

u/redaniel 路 2 pointsr/wine

same price, much better looks, plus allows for swirling/shaking without spilling here

u/txnative 路 2 pointsr/Homebrewing

Here it is:

  • 1" Stir Bar
  • Computer fan with speed controller
  • Rare earth magnets

    (optional) Erlenmeyer flask

    I used a spare project box I had for the container, but a cigar box etc would work. If you want a more detailed description of the actual process let me know. I also used a spare 9v dc adapter I had lying around. Even the fan and earth magnets can be found in an old computer tower, knocking your price down to a whoppin' $5.45 for the stir bar.
u/antaymonkey 路 2 pointsr/Homebrewing

I would think not. If you have a Radio Shack near you that hasn't gone out of business yet, you can get:

u/j3w 路 2 pointsr/wine

I guess I should share this pro tip, which I came up with while lamenting a broken decanter when I was opening a bottle of Monte Bello for the S5 finale of Breaking Bad:

$25, nearly indestructible, dishwasher safe and I got 2 for less than the price of a new Reidel.

u/LlamaFullyLaden 路 2 pointsr/Homebrewing

In this case I would take it off the stir plate and use a sanitized funnel to transfer the whole starter into a sanitized growler. Stick the growler in the fridge and reclaim your flask for the next starter.

I bought this flask and it has served me well. I highly recommend it (& free shipping to boot).

u/downvote_syndrome 路 2 pointsr/Homebrewing

Cheap 50ml tubes and a rack for them.

They aren't pressure safe like the preforms are, so make sure you're all gassed off before you seal it for long term.

I usually keep it in a jar with the lid loose for a while before I decant and move the slurry over to a tube for longer term storage.

Right now I've got only six strains, but I only recently started harvesting from starters. My go-tos tend to be:

  • WY3711
  • WY1010
  • WY1272
  • WLP007
  • WLP090
u/SubjectPresentation 路 2 pointsr/Homebrewing

Buy a 10G cheapo AL pot, and a couple of cheap FV's capable of doing 5G. Buckets or whatever. Personally I like these but they don't really have adequate head space for a full 5 gallons without a blow off, and they're not that cheap in the US anyway. Now you have everything you need for 5 gallon extract. Add a $3 paint strainer bag and you have everything you need for all grain.

u/rui3hui534jr54feuhfh 路 2 pointsr/Homebrewing

Best fermenter you'll ever have

Small sealable opening, HDPE so you can fill it with hot liquid and actually sterilize it, solid handle that doesn't feel like it'll snap off when filled with 6 gallons of liquid (and is comfortable), stackable when empty, good shape for fitting in a chest freezer.

You can't watch your beer though. EDIT: Well, you can watch a little, they're a lot more transparent than buckets, just not fully transparent. I can definitely watch light coloured lager churn for instance.

u/supersciteach 路 2 pointsr/weddingplanning

I agree with /u/notsweetenough that a 2L flask is way too big. If you a variety of other items at the table, you can get away with 250mL or 500mL flasks.

One issue I can see is that real lab ware can be pretty pricey. The first inspo photo you posted (which I love!) could easily be over $100 in lab ware alone. There are some sets on Amazon that are affordable-ish. If you want a mix-and-match thing going on, you could get this set. I would envision the larger 1L and 500mL flasks filled with fairy lights, and the smaller flasks with flowers in them. To save on costs, I would split them between two tables (with the 1L + 250mL on one table and the 500mL, 150mL, and 50mL on another). Likewise, there are equivalent beaker sets if you want to mix-and-match flasks and beakers.

If you wanted a more uniform theme, like in your second inspo photo, something like these 250mL Erlenmeyer flasks might work.

If it were me, I would probably go with mix-and-match sized flasks and beakers, with the largest ones holding the lights and smaller ones with flowers. I'd also have a separate table number with whatever science-y reference you want (plant, animal, elements, etc.). If the two candles didn't feel like they were enough, I would add on some 50mL beakers as bud vase, or colored wired balls (like in inspo #2), or fake succulents.

u/project_twenty5oh1 路 2 pointsr/electronic_cigarette

I went on a little shopping spree for my DIY/rebuildable stuff. Picked up the following:

5 glass beakers, 50-1000ml
4 oz amber glass boston round bottles, pack of 12
2x pack of 6 2oz amber bottles w/droppers
2x 2pack 8oz amber bottles
[labels for bottles] (
100count transfer pipettes
2 10 packs of 5ml blunt tip syringes
Heated ultrasonic cleaner (for quick steeping)

100ft A1 32 AWG kanthal
100ft A1 30 AWG kanthal
100ft A1 28 AWG kanthal
12ft 2mm braided hollow Ekowool
Pair of locking hemostats
butane pencil torch (for torching ekowool)
This genius little invention - everyone should buy this, it was like six bucks

other than that, a couple anyvape mini davide glass clearos because the protank 2 group buy I organized will likely not have a replacable drip tip, and I need at least 2 mini glass tanks that can take my bds60 from captivape.

i need me a fucking workshop, not sure where I'm going to put all this stuff...

u/mks113 路 2 pointsr/mildlyinteresting

2 litre soda bottles actually are shipped as preforms that can be expanded before they are filled. I guess heating them up without pressure returns them towards their original size?

u/Drakonaf 路 2 pointsr/CampingandHiking

I use a small Coca Cola bottle they used to sell. 150ml I think. I also know you can buy a 2L bottle in it's pre-inflated state. Soda Bottle Preform

u/JustPandering 路 2 pointsr/Homebrewing

I built this for about $20 (not including the erlenmeyer and the stir bar).

I got the cigar box a while back at a second hand store.

Here's the USB powered PC fan I used:

I chose a usb fan so that I could power it with an android usb phone charger and not screw around with splicing wires.

Here's the magnets I used (just needed one though):

Aside from that it just took a few odd nuts, washers, and a bit of superglue. I had to bore the hole in top of the cigar box because the box turned out to be a bit too thick (sorry Pepin Garcia!) to get enough attraction between the magnet and the stir bar. I think I might have had better luck with stronger magnets or a different stir bar but oh well.

As someone suggested I first glued a washer to the fan so that I could move the magnet around a but to find the sweet spot where it didn't shake too bad then I glued the washer in place.

I used the long bolts/nuts that came with the fan to attach it to the lid (you can see the bolts in the first picture). Between the top of the fan and the lid I had to add washers to keep the fan from rubbing on the cigar box.

That's pretty much it. The fan has a variable speed control but I get a small vortex on the lowest setting, and higher settings throws the bar off the magnet.

Now I just need to wait for my soda preforms to show up so I can start saving a bit more yeast after I use the stir plate!

I got the idea for using the soda preforms from here:


u/rainmanak44 路 2 pointsr/Homebrewing

Have you considered bottle blanks? Pretty cheap option and just like what White labs used for years. Bottle Blanks

u/jamesvreeland 路 2 pointsr/Goruck

Are you looking for just the pouch or a complete kit? Bumps and bruises or blowout kit?

I don't run it on the outside of my bag, but my EDC medical setup is a CAT, Israeli bandage, trauma shears, and some everyday meds (IB, benadryl, etc) in a crush-proof tube shoved into an M16 magazine pouch.

Mag pouch -
Pill tubes -

u/Elk_Man 路 2 pointsr/Homebrewing

Assuming your pints are partially filled with spent wort, you can siphon that off and just fill old White Labs tubes with the yeast. If you don't have any old tubes kicking around you can just grab some of these

u/esseffgee 路 2 pointsr/CampingandHiking

Oh wow, I'll have to give these a go. I've been using a few of the Nalgene Travel Bottle Kit bottles for olive oil, hot sauce, etc, and soda bottle pre-forms for batteries and some other stuff. But they're too big for most things like seasoning/spices, and not big enough for stuff like pancake mix.

u/Stinky_Fartface 路 2 pointsr/Homebrewing

I do a similar thing, but these are the tubes I use. I bought two sets of them several years ago and they still work great. I replace the caps every so often. For the rack, I just keep them in six pack holders and put them in the keezer. I fill the unused vials with StarSan solution and store them that way.

I'd also like to add that, after I have racked a new beer into the fermentor, I pour the leftover trub into a mason jar, and then let it sit in the fridge for a day. Usually the trub separates to the bottom leaving a fair bit of usable wort. I give it another quick boil just to make sure its sterile and then make a small starter of something. After pouring off much of the beer, I can usually get about 10 vials of slurry.

u/Vurve 路 2 pointsr/DIY_eJuice

I guess it was actually 8oz bottles, but it really doesn't matter. The mouth is wide enough to transfer without a funnel. Just pour, then squirt.

u/lunaticfringe80 路 2 pointsr/DIY_eJuice

I transfer all of my flavorings in to 1oz glass dropper bottles. My VG, PG, and nic are transferred to 8oz squeeze bottles so I can easily add it to my mixes. There's no waste, nothing to clean up, and I can make a 20ml batch in just a couple minutes and a 125ml batch in only a couple minutes more.

For recipe calculation I just use an Excel sheet where I have every flavor's specific gravity referenced for use in a formula to automatically adjust for my batch size.

I really don't think it could get any easier than this.

u/Talltimore 路 2 pointsr/baltimore

Anywhere has booze if you try hard enough.

u/SloppyJoeBeaver 路 2 pointsr/OutlandishAlcoholics

Have a guy place it next to the frank and beans. A bulge is normal and the door man isn't likely to touch there. Or there's always the Wine Rack or the tampon flask.

u/Maeby78 路 2 pointsr/funny

These fit nicely in your purse, and security never messes with them too closely.

u/baconbabe456 路 2 pointsr/weddingplanning

I am struggling with this too, so I will take notes from this thread (thank you).

What I am doing thus far:

tampon flasks because I found them online and thought they were hilarious, and my girls are similarly natured

A mini bottle of her favorite alcohol for each lady (they are all of age)

Custom compact mirrors that I found on etsy; I can customize one for each gal based on her interests (one is getting a disney themed, one is getting PSU, etc)

A necklace to wear for the wedding (so technically not a gift, but they are beautiful so hopefully they will like them anyhow)

Also providing mani/pedi the day before (well my MIL is gifting this to us, so SHE is providing that), hair and makeup for the service, and getting ready food (breakfast and lunch).

As far as other gift ideas though, I am completely clueless. I wanted to make little gift boxes or wedding survival kits for each of them, but I dunno yet.

u/Omfgthatguy 路 2 pointsr/minipainting

I did not use a funnel. I did use some flow medium but only like 1-2mm to make it run smoother.
Vktech 50pcs 15ml Empty Plastic Squeezable Dropper Bottles Eye Liquid Dropper LDPE
Liquitex Professional Flow Aid Effects Medium, 4-oz

u/EEGRS 路 2 pointsr/DIY_eJuice

Let's see.. my 5ml sampler bottles are these from FastTech though similar ones can be found elsewhere. The problem with those is that the needle is too small for 50/50 liquids when used to fill a tank. I haven't been able to find these needle tip bottles with, say, a 16 or 18 gauge. But I only use these small 5ml guys for testing (read: dripping) so they work just fine (no need to dispense 1-2ml at a time).

I've also got a ton of vktech bottles via Amazon. I couldn't pass these up for 12-15 cents each. They're not high quality, but they get the job done. The dropper plugs flow very well and they can be easily modified for faster flow (dispensing VG). They aren't great for filling tanks with the larger than normal tip, though. Quite a few people have received unusable, poor quality bottles, but I think that has a lot to do with the source. The ones I bought were "shipped and sold" by vktech, though you'll notice other sellers on that Amazon page - there must be a range of quality available from these different sellers. All the reviews get lumped together, adding uncertainty.

My favorite plastic bottles for normal use are these from Heartland Vapes. It's all about the plastic needle tip on those - so nice for filling tanks with smallish fill ports. I believe the plastic bottles that Wizard Labs carries currently also have this plastic needle tip, though it's not reflected in their photos.You can also find this style of tip over on FastTech. If they fit your existing bottles well, a nice retrofit. Though the longer tip will probably hinder your existing overcaps.

u/MarsHuntress 路 2 pointsr/researchchemicals

I use a 30ml (1oz) dropper bottle. Recipe:

鈥ut 4ml propylene glycol into bottle

鈥dd 1g 4F

鈥ut thumb over bottle opening and shake vigorously until completely smooth, with no lumps. Might take a minute.

1 drop is 5mg. Shake well every time before use (product will settle out).

u/Mr-Good 路 2 pointsr/DIY_eJuice

I buy mine on Amazon Prime. I probably pay a few bucks extra but I like Amazon and I love my free two day shipping.

u/Indrasunrise 路 2 pointsr/minipainting

It's not supposed to happen.

I use these bottles.

EUBUY 15 Ml Empty Plastic 50 Packs Dropping Bottles Dropper Bottles For Eye Drops Solvents Light Oils Essence Saline Etc

u/RodBlaine 路 2 pointsr/modelmakers

Ok, while I support the responses you got from others, you seem to still need a solution to your dilemma.

Your description seems to be the paint drying before it hits the plastic. Perfect is the paint dries shortly after it hits the plastic.

You likely have too much thinner, and need a retarder to slow down the drying. It takes very little (like 2% by volume) and it makes a huge difference. Another option is to use Mr Color Leveling Thinner as it has a retarder already in it.

Mix separate from your paints. I premix in a dropper bottle so I can put as much as I need for each job.

u/Krispyz 路 2 pointsr/minipainting

These are the ones I bought and they work fine! I don't have any basis of comparison, though, since these are the only ones I've used.

u/MaxPowerzs 路 2 pointsr/3Dprinting

As the other comment said, Isopropyl Alcohol. It's recommended you get something higher than 90%. A bottle of 91% IPA is available at Walmart for $2.50. I bought that 32oz bottle when I first got my printer and I've maybe only used about 2/3 of it so far so it'll last you quite a while.

I dispense mine from a squeeze bottle like this onto the print bed and then wipe it down with a clean paper towel. Feel free to ask more questions if you have any. I'll be happy to answer :)

u/healerdan 路 2 pointsr/buildapc

Maybe stop by a laboratory supply store and grab a lab squirt bottle, I hate rubbing anything on a pcb that might leave little bits behind (even though people use q tips all the time,) though it's likely this residue won't simply lift away. Spray bottle will be good for in the pci-e slot and such.

Totally disassemble everything and spray it down. Consider doing it over a tray to recapture the alcohol for reuse if it's not overly cloudy, and finish with a rinse using fresh alcohol.

Pretend like this is a brand new PC. you just acquired all the parts to put it together, but there's one tiny jumper SOMEWHERE on the board that will short everything and brick it. You just gotta clean it all and it's a perfect PC again!
Also a chance to redo that annoying bit of cable management that you didn't notice you messed up, and was too minor to take it apart for.

u/Km_the_Frog 路 2 pointsr/Warhammer

Here you go

For less than the price of two shade bottles you can ensure you鈥檒l never lose another drop. 2 because you purchased the one that spilled and the one that you鈥檒l replace.

Happy painting.

u/XxGingerSharkxX 路 2 pointsr/minipainting

I prefer citadel over all. I use the citadel Colour app to help with the color choice and how to apply. I do use Vallejo when I need an air brush version of a color that Citadel doesn鈥檛 have or for priming.

I understand the stance you have on the pricing with citadel, but you can make that line of paint last longer.

Head to amazon and order these items
15ml dropper bottles
1ml needless syringe
flow aid
small stainless steel ball baring

By following the steps in this video on YouTube I was able to transfer all my base and layer paints to dropper bottles. Now I can limit how much paint I鈥檓 wasting to a minimum. Because like you said, they can be expensive

u/changminlv 路 2 pointsr/AsianBeauty


i recently got those for my trip to Vancouver. i think those are great for serum and FTE.

Tip: While you in California, you should visit Daiso. They have cheap air pump container and also regular decant stuff.

u/Razzafrachen 路 2 pointsr/whisky

They're called Boston Rounds in the US. They come in various sizes and are commonly used in swaps and splits. Similar options exist in Europe

u/_T_K_J_ 路 1 pointr/DIY_eJuice

ha no doubt. I ended up pouring VG into plastic 30 ml bottles I found on amazon

And pour mine into a syringe upside down instead of messing with a blunt tip. That was taking forever.

u/BeepBeps 路 1 pointr/DIY_eJuice

What about these?

u/sociallyawkwardhero 路 1 pointr/electronic_cigarette

Then why not get a bottle with a dropper? Like this

u/raven-ai 路 1 pointr/DIY_eJuice

I'm glad I'm not alone at least, lol. Does yours also start after a while of vaping (30-90min) rather than immediately?

No unicorns, I am using the bottles in the link below.

Let see if we can find commonality, I am using:

u/tehzephyrsong 路 1 pointr/EDC
u/mike_sans 路 1 pointr/funny

Really? Is it like an invasive species thing? That would make sense...

Maybe he's just been good at hiding them - they're REALLY small vials, like these.


u/awmaster10 路 1 pointr/vaporents
u/mariamartini 路 1 pointr/tulsa

[Amazon bottles](Glass Vials, 1 Dram, Pack of 12

u/TrollsRLifeless 路 1 pointr/Drugs
u/Walrasian 路 1 pointr/Homebrewing

Your local university might have a glassware and supplies shop.

Next easiest option is amazon

u/niner2107 路 1 pointr/FLMedicalTrees

You can pick up some of these vials from Amazon. Mix and distribute using blunt needle tip.

u/Joey_the_Duck 路 1 pointr/Teachers

A beaker mug. A friend gave me one when I told him I was going to become a teacher, I am a former research chemist so it was perfect.

Like this.

u/DioTheory 路 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

:D Yay! I already have a regular beaker mug, now I just gotta complete the set! I totally want that Erlenmeyer flask one. It's just so fabulously geeky.

Also, the one I have is surprisingly sturdy and well made. I was a little worried when I got it that it'd be thin, easily breakable glass, but it's held up to quite a lot of abuse so far! So they're totally worth it.

u/globalvarsonly 路 1 pointr/Vaping

Take it to the next level with these bad boys. A 1L flask is light enough to weigh your flavors into without other ingredients, and big enough to easily swirl/mix 500ml.

u/TibEco 路 1 pointr/beerporn

This is the one i got. i thought it was a 1000ml flask but when i got it it was 2000ml.

u/chemistry_teacher 路 1 pointr/Coffee

If you will allow me a little tangent in the direction of /r/wine, then this one (warning: Amazon link, in case you don't want it in your history) works well as a wine decanter. It's large enough for a magnum, but wide enough for aerating a 750mL bottle, which is why I prefer it for the regular sized bottles.

u/Mr_Stinkfinger 路 1 pointr/Homebrewing

Outside of basic equipment like pots, fermenters and chillers, the 2 most impactful things that will make his beer better are the following:

  1. The ability to control the temperature of his fermenting beer. So, if you can get a cheapo chest freezer to put in the basement (if you have a basement) and a cheap temp contoller ( You can find a new chest freezer for around $150 or even less if you search craigslist.

  2. Pitching the proper amount of yeast. You can get him a 2 L flask ( and a stir plate.... I think these are cool ( He'd need a stir bar too.

u/chadladen 路 1 pointr/Homebrewing

I have a Pyrex 2L flask ( looking to upgrade for larger starters. Mind if I ask what you're using for the 3L starters and if you would recommend it?

u/KTBFFHCFC 路 1 pointr/Homebrewing

I overbuild starters by 500ml and let it ferment out then cold crash and decant off the liquid to about 200ml remaining. I will then swirl the remaining liquid and yeast and pour into 50ml centrifuge tubes. I usually stop at about 45ml per tube. Once the yeast settles out, I typically have 25 or so ml of clean, fresh yeast. I have stored in those tubes for upwards of 9 month with no noticeable issues beyond the expected decrease in viability. I use these tubes I bought on amazon.

u/_mycelia 路 1 pointr/MushroomGrowers

Have you looked into something like these?

u/CzedM8 路 1 pointr/shrooms

You need to make some slants. Petris in the fridge dry up and end up with water matted on the surface.

check these out . I haven鈥檛 used they yet, and make sure you get a tray so you can PC them. I鈥檝e used the glass ones, but those are really expensive.

u/flying_trashcan 路 1 pointr/Atlanta

I actually bought myself one of these for when I do oil changes at my house. Allows me to safely store ~4 oil changes worth of used oil before a drop it by a recycling center.

u/fdsf3rewvdsfsr23r2 路 1 pointr/Homebrewing

From amazon

Most HDPE is opaque and food grade. Most people ferment in opaque (I assume PET) food-grade buckets. etc.

u/boatsnbros 路 1 pointr/HurricaneIrmaOfficial

My wife and I made the same mistake. Have a couple of these coming tomorrow with 1 day shipping - not a bad idea for peace of mind.

u/butt-guy 路 1 pointr/Homebrewing

Of course! Here you go.

Most reviews use the container for motor oil, but it seems to be safe for brewing.

u/comptiger5000 路 1 pointr/Rochester

Personally I use these for waste oil at home:

They're cheap, easy to fit a few of in the garage and easy enough to pick up and take to a store, etc. to dispose of oil. A 55 gallon drum is a little more unwieldy to transport if you don't have a forklift or something to pick it up and move it.

u/hecticdialectic 路 1 pointr/Sasquatch

Alternatively, don't be the kind of person who thinks this is a wild invention by a price-gouging company and pay a fraction of the amount:

You can also buy PET bottlecaps at any homebrew shop.

u/Grimsterr 路 1 pointr/funny

bottled water + homebrew bottle caps, you can put them on and they're unbroken after you replace all the water with vodka.

This is how I'll go on my next cruise.

u/diet_coke_with_lime 路 1 pointr/atheism

You can buy fresh lids for water bottles on Amazon:

When you screw them on, they seal and the ring breaks when you unscrew the lid.

Not only are they useful for faking miracles, but for smuggling booze into festivals that only allow bottled water. Also for poisoning idiot coworkers who try to steal your bottles of water from the office fridge.

u/thirstyross 路 1 pointr/Waxpen

I bought a set of these and use a smaller one for decarbing my shatter in the oven, and one of the larger ones for cleaning my coils. I only go through the extra step with the flask so that my ultrasonic cleaner isn't getting gunked up with oil remnants.

u/Animatey 路 1 pointr/eldertrees

I actually use a set of beakers I got on amazon.

I use the 500 size to boil it down to about 50-100 ml then pour the remaining into a smaller beaker and finish there.

The reason to not boil it all in a smaller one is the larger sizes boil it down faster since they have more glass in contact with the stove.

I wonder if you could boil it down though in the mason jar... I may try that at some point, but I don't recommend it haha...

It sucks that you need something outside the kitchen for this part when the rest can be done without stuff readily available. Maybe we can find something to replace it from the kitchen...

u/Supahvaporeon 路 1 pointr/3Dprinting


(Link to 5 pack of non pyrex, normal pyrex is only 1 for the same cost)

u/Skram333 路 1 pointr/CannabisExtracts

They are cheap too. Beakers!

u/zigmus64 路 1 pointr/DIY_eJuice

Another thing that helped me was getting a cheap set of beakers in varying sizes off Amazon. Weigh and mix in the beakers, SLOWLY mix with a silicone spatula, then pour the mixed juice into 6 120 mL bottles

Here鈥檚 what I have

Karter Scientific, 3.3 Boro, Griffin Low Form, Glass Beaker Set - 5 Sizes - 50ml, 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml

Apparently ordered them 2 years ago, almost to the day. They鈥檝e been a godsend. I didn鈥檛 even realize I鈥檝e been mixing that long, lol.

u/savage4618 路 1 pointr/geocaching

THESE are cheaper and more durable/waterproof. A little bit of spray paint or camo tape and it blends in just as well as the other mentioned containers. In my area we have a lot of waterways and these make GREAT paddle caches.

u/ridedpu 路 1 pointr/trailrunning

2-liter bottle blank? Amazon

u/darksidesar 路 1 pointr/mildlyinteresting

Soda Bottle Preforms and Caps (30/pk)

鈥淎ll plastic soda or "pop" bottles start as a small plastic tube called a preform. When this preform is heated and blown into a bottle shape, it is ready to be filled with your favorite carbonated beverage.鈥

u/hrafnkell 路 1 pointr/mead

Just buy some if you like them...

I run a homebrew store and absolutely hate the damn vials. Bags are much easier to keep track of, arrange and take less space.

u/glitterpumas 路 1 pointr/IllegalLifeProTips

my roommate uses these


they're called soda bottle preforms and he keeps joints in there and instead of the caps he uses corks, keeps the smell locked in

u/andersonmatt1125 路 1 pointr/Homebrewing

Here's a link to those tubes. They're pretty common, you might be able to find a better price than that.

They're food-grade (obviously) so they supposedly work well. Haven't used them myself though. These should only be used for starters though. After storage you're likely not going to have enough viability in a single vial for a healthy pitch.

u/legolasmyeggolas 路 1 pointr/Ultralight

Something similar to the vials are [soda bottle preforms.] ( I heard about them recently, but can't remember the exact context. Might be heavier than necessary.

u/phekylmadder 路 1 pointr/Homebrewing

I've heard somewhere somebody suggested soda bottle preforms. I've no experience with them but seems a good idea for making slants.

u/RESDEP 路 1 pointr/mildlyinteresting

It鈥檚 a Parison, or preform.

Soda Bottle Preforms and Caps (30/pk)

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I usually go 100 billion - same as comes in a commercial yeast pack.

I save them back in my original White Labs vial, or in one of these.

u/Paupy 路 1 pointr/pics

Amazon. Soda Bottle Preforms and Caps 30/$23.39 USD

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Thanks. I'm placing an Amazon order for pipettes and these bottles.

Anything else you recommend picking up? I was going to use pipettes for flavorings, and the bottles for PG/VG/Nicotine.

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i use these to dispense my pg/vg when mixing by weight. much much easier than messing with syringes.

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If you're going with a girl use these tampon flask

u/moxievernors 路 1 pointr/toronto

Female friends coming with you? Load up on [these.] (

Wear a kilt, daring them to feel you up, while wearing a garter flask, or make your own.

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why dont you buy this. I know a few of my friends did it plenty of times and got it all in flawlessly

u/Ryuuzaki_L 路 1 pointr/DIY_eJuice

Get these bottles here:

Extremely cheap and perfect for your first batches. You will make a lot of juices you don't like. I went through so many bottles and these are perfect for it. They aren't the most amazing bottles, but I haven't had any leak, and they suit my needs.

I of course use amber glass boston round for recipes I have worked on for a long time. But those do great for a newbie. (Also worth noting, I did add a few glass bottles in with my Wizard Labs order so I had them for my favorite mixes.)

They also make 30mL ones if you want a set of them for your ADV mixes too if you're on a budget. Keep in mind that they take about a month to ship, so I would order them in advance.

On a side note, if you are ordering small amounts of flavor to test for your first time, if they happen to be TFA, try to get them from your Wizard Labs order. Wizard Labs sells TFA flavors as well, but they are actually cheaper to get from Wizard Labs than TFA themselves. (Only at the smallest size that is, TFA is cheaper if buying 1-4oz).

Other than that, I would get my PG/VG from Essential Depot. Wizard Labs gets it from there and just rebottles it. It is cheaper from Essential Depot, not to mention its very good quality.

edit: In fact, I spent about $150 in my first order. You can see copies of my orders here:

I honestly wouldn't change too much other than maybe getting more 1mL syringes. Also, flavor is subject to taste, so you will most likely pick the same flavors as me haha. I am very happy with my first order. I had a great selections of flavors, and still do. I have since only ordered 4oz bottles of the mixes I ended up making that have become ADVs. I still have tons of PG, VG, Nicotine, and a lot of the 4mL-8mL flavors left.

In the future however, I would love to move to mixing by weight. I'm getting my calculator all set up with correct weights of all my liquids so I can make the transition very easily after that. Syringes are a bit of an annoyance to clean and maintain. Mixing by weight will solve that, not to mention it is more accurate, and faster.

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These? Vktech 50pcs 15ml Empty Plastic Squeezable Dropper Bottles Eye Liquid Dropper LDPE

I ask because the reviews are pretty bad and I don't want to get screwed.

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I recently purchased some on Amazon. With needle or without.

u/TheSheDM 路 1 pointr/minipainting

Ordered them off of amazon. The seals are tight. I got the 15ml but you may want to get the 20ml, I kinda wish I had but its no big deal.

u/Ubel 路 1 pointr/DIY_eJuice

Empty drippers?

I've been using these

Some people say they don't like them, they're a bit cheap and they're not child resistant, but they are cheap and work well and I haven't had any split or break. I've carried some of them in my pocket for months.

Or you can spend quite a bit more and get these

Which are the same kind name brand bottles that Mount Baker Vapor and many other juice companies use.

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Order some alprazolam powder from Oxymorpheus (evo... he's my go to guy, might be out of stock for a week or 2 though) or JimmyTheGent (spelling? but heard good things about his stuff) and volumetrically dose it into a solution of PG ( in a dropper bottle ( so that one drop = 1 mg or whatever you prefer.... I believe there is a FAQ on volumetrically dosing on /r/drugs (sorry I'm lazy you can find it yourself using that search thingy haha).

u/steenface 路 1 pointr/MakeupAddiction

Also, I use these 10ml dropper bottles for certain liquids. They're great for decanting foundation and skincare!

u/Treefiddyt 路 1 pointr/Gunpla

For storing paint, i often keep my most used colors in these.

that way i can mix drop for drop. If it is not in one i usually just eyeball it. Sometimes use droppers, or just pour it out of the jar. Never really had a problem. After a bit of painting/experience you'll be able to eyeball it.

The only time you should have have color consistency problems is if you are mixing a custom color. Otherwise you should be fine. I usually mix half a cup and just keep add/mixing more in my cup as i go til i finish the project.

2nd. I usually always mix it in the cup by putting a paper towel lightly over the tip. This should cause bubbles to go back into the cup and mix the paint. (this can get messy it you have a lot of paint in the cup.

If you are using acrylics, i would suggest you getting a retardant or a flow aid. This will slow the dry time and decrease tip drying. This is insanely helpful with some acrylics. They also make retardant for lacquers ect. Just make sure you have the correct one, acrylics is the most useful.

u/KingGuardian 路 1 pointr/DIY_eJuice

I've purchased these a couple of times. Good price and quality.

Edit...there were 5 left in stock when I posted....down to 3 now.

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That sucks. You may be able to just cut the tops off and transfer them to dropper bottles. I transferred all my Citadel paint to dropper bottles and did the same with the few P3 paints that I own. Used these dropper bottles from amazon. No funnels or pipettes were used as I wanted to conserve paint best I could so it was just a steady hand. I transferred as much as I could without thinning and then used 10-15 drops of airbrush thinner and 10-15 drops of flow improver to get the most I could from the pots.

u/Draxx01 路 1 pointr/Warhammer40k

yeah, i ordered about 100 last time, got like 40 left. I also got some nail polish agitators which work in these well enough. I just ordered another 250 agitators as I need to add them to my Vallejo and Army painter paints. Plus there's some paints where the consistency makes me want to toss like 2 in.

They aren't perfect - I largely discard the lower ring that the cap is attached to. Also sometimes the caps are fused and might need to be cut free. So your likely going to loose like 4-5 to attrition. Plan accordingly. 15ml should be sufficient, I believe the other companies are using 17ml for theirs. Also don't fill it past the upper area. To make life easier I also processed all the caps, put the tips in a baggie, then put agitators in all the bottles and capped them. This makes bottling stuff later pretty easy.

u/IndraSun 路 1 pointr/Warhammer40k

Put paints into dropper bottles, with a tiny bit of flow improver. Use only what you need.

EUBUY 15 Ml Empty Plastic 50 Packs Dropping Bottles Dropper Bottles For Eye Drops Solvents Light Oils Essence Saline Etc

u/encinarus 路 1 pointr/minipainting

I've found I don't use my GW & PP paints nearly as much as my Reaper paints (yay kickstarter), simply because of form factor. So I bought these:

I'm slowly migrating my paints to droppers this way. When I want to use a color I have from GW / PP, I pour the bottle in. I'm sure I'm wasting some because I can't pour it all out, but I'm actually using them again. So yay!

u/hghpandaman 路 1 pointr/Warhammer40k

These are the droppers I used. Used a few drops of liquitex flow aid in my base colors since they didn't flow well out of the pot

TOPWEL Excellent Quality 50pcs...

u/jesdestruitx 路 1 pointr/houseplants

ACM Economy Wash Bottle, LDPE,...

I use this to keep the plants that like their soil to stay moist, or plants that don't like moisture on their leaves! Really handy little tool

u/bull0143 路 1 pointr/succulents

That's my assumption too, that the roots are still shallow. Perhaps alternating between top and bottom watering for a while would help encourage them to grow out without causing dehydration? I use a precision squeeze bottle like this and it does help with avoiding leaves to an extent:

u/HashSlingingSlashur 路 1 pointr/DIY_eJuice

I've bought from ieasysexy, 10ml bottles and 50ml bottles.

And I got 30mls from vktech and they were also good.

Both quite cheap and I got them with prime shipping

Edit: the vendors change their name or stop selling all the time. Just search for whatever size and put dropper bottle: 10ml dropper bottle

Like these

u/Reeper73 路 1 pointr/Scotch

LabStock LB165-2 Boston Round Bottles, 2 oz. (Pack of 12)

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Nice collection man. Interested in Aberlour 12, Amrut Fusion, Balcones Single Malt, and Laddie 16. Afraid I don't have any of your ISO's, but here's my inventory. Lemme know if you like anything in there, I could work with you a bit.

EDIT: ok, checked you out a little and I see you're pretty new to not just this, but the whole Reddit thing. Forgive me if I'm telling you anything you already know. I'm talking 2 oz sample sample swaps, we use these around here. And just so you know since you're new you would be sending yours first, then I'd send my end of the swap after recieving yours. We've all started this way. If you're who you say you are, and your collection is legit, I'd love to try me some of that Laddie 16 and Amrut! Hopefully I got something you wanna try.

u/Ethanized 路 1 pointr/ScotchSwap

No worries - I've got your Octomore poured. Check out my open inventory and let me know if you see anything else you'd like as a swap for 2 samples of the Kavalan. If not, I'm good just doing the singles. Inventory:

As for the sample bottles, here's the stuff I use:

When filling, only fill to the bottom of the neck (just below where the thread starts, and tighten that cap well. You can also use this stuff to put over the top of the cap:

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Or just buy soda caps and put a new one on...

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