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u/sr90at405 · 44 pointsr/Cooking

I resigned myself to less searing. More stewing. Baking. Etc. Opening window when weather permitted at all times. Using a twin fan, with in/out for airflow in window such as this. The crockpot was my friend. So was sousvide. Experiment with raw dishes. Limitations only expand your palate and skills, my friend. Edit: Also, grease in the air is one of those things that traps scents, so if your decor is minimal and has limited fabric, or fabric that you can air out, that helps. Clean as much as possible.

u/Sickwidit93 · 28 pointsr/OSHA

Stanley 655704 High Velocity Blower Fan, Yellow

Just bought another one yesterday actually.

u/abisco_busca · 19 pointsr/videos

Combine this


and this

Your mileage may vary, but it is a lot cheaper.

u/KougatChunks24 · 14 pointsr/BuyItForLife

I have a vornado at my desk - I use this one:

It doesn't have the variable speed like OP requested, but it is SUPER quiet and gets the job done.

u/mrsic187 · 13 pointsr/INEEEEDIT

Heres the one I>I don't normally condone buying the stuff I see in this sub... But this thing is a whole nother level. I own a bed jet, which is either the last Model version of the item in the gif or a different brand all together. I bought it on Amazon for about $450. It was by far the best money I've ever spent in my entire life. It has an app that lets you control the temperature, anywhere from 72 degrees to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. The turbo heat portion alone changed everything with jumping into a cold bed and being able to immediately make it warm or vice versa.
>Anyway, what I'm saying is this is totally worth the money.
>BedJet V2 Climate Comfort for Beds, Cooling Fan + Heating Air with Biorhythm Sleep Technology (Single Temperature Zone Any Size Mattress)

Heres the one Ican afford

Comfort Zone 6 Inch Clip-On Fan | Great for Table Tops, Night Stands and anywhere you need Light

u/sirblastalot · 12 pointsr/fursuit

General Storage:

Get a big storage box, one of the ones that looks like this. (Not recommending that particular one, just an example of the style I'm talking about.) You'll probably be traveling with this, for furcons and such, so make sure it fits in the trunk of your car and/or meets the requirements for a checked bag on your airline of choice. I also highly recommend getting one with wheels so it doesn't take both hands and brute strength to move it around.

Head Storage:

Get one of these styrofoam heads, and keep your fursuit head on it. I got one for a buck or two from a nearby Ulta. This will keep the inside in shape. If your real-life head is bigger than the styrofoam one, you can bulk it out some with duct tape and scrap cardboard. Wherever you keep your fursuit head, make sure it's not squished at all. If your box is big enough, you can just leave it in there. I keep mine on top of a bookshelf.

Bodysuit Storage:

You want to hang your bodysuit up. If you fold it, the fur can get kinked, and it will never brush out soft and smooth again. I use one of these wetsuit dryers, and I highly recommend them. It's made for holding heavier clothes than a regular coat hanger, the shoulders are rounded such that you won't stretch it the same way a regular coat hanger would, and, most importantly, it has a built-in fan in the top of it, which really helps your suit dry out before it can get funky. Which leads me to suit care...


Getting your suit dry after you use it is really really important. Get a cheapo desk fan ( I have one of these ) and put your head on it after you wear it. (Without the styrofoam wig head inserted, of course.) Hang the bodysuit up (ideally using the wetsuit dryer mentioned above) and lay the paws and miscellaneous bits out where they can dry. Never EVER just take the suit off and leave it in a pile, or stuff it in your box. Stuff will grow in it right away, and you will stink to high heaven.

It may be overkill, but I also keep some of these desiccant packs in my box, just to make sure it stays dry.


Get a little spray bottle from a drug store and fill it with a 50/50 solution of rubbing alcohol and water. Whenever you take your suit off, spray every surface down with this mixture, especially the inside. This will help keep unpleasant things from growing in it. Don't use undiluted rubbing alcohol, because it will actually evaporate too quick to finish killing everything. Don't use febreeze, perfumes, or other sanitizers. The febreeze and perfumes will just (badly) mask all the nasty smells without killing the source. Other cleaners can leave residue, and most of them you really, really don't want to be breathing in the next time you wear your suit.


You'll want to brush your suit after you wear it, so that the fur doesn't get kinked and you don't look mangy. Get a wire cat brush and run it down the fur with the hooks facing backwards, such that they don't catch. You'll still pull out a little fluff, but it shouldn't be real bad, and you'll end up yanking out a lot more if you let the fur get matted anyway.


Washing fursuits is hard, and to be avoided if possible. If your fursuit smells noticeably, you need to wash it, but if you're letting it dry and spraying it with alcohol, you can go a long time before it needs to be washed. Everytime you wash it, you'll inevitably lose a bit of the fluff.

Anything with foam in it is going to be problematic. If parts of your costume are just fur fabric, you can machine-wash them. Washing temperature depends on the fabric your suitbuilder used; consult them, or the store you got the fabric from. Turn the pieces inside-out. To dry, you can machine-dry them on NO HEAT/AIRDRY, or you can hang them up to dry. Never use a dryer with the heat on; it's pretty easy to melt the fur together, ruining the suit. You may be able to get away with the 'low heat' setting, but it's highly dependent on your dryer and the fabric, and I don't suggest risking it.

Pieces that contain foam should be spot-cleaned. (Get a damp washcloth or something and just dab the insides, rinsing the washcloth out repeatedly.) If that's not enough, you can submerge them in your bathtub and do some cleaning there, but don't do so if you don't have to. You run a good chance of messing up your head if you submerge it. Also, it will take a very long time for foam to dry; spray it with the alcohol and use whatever fans you have around to expedite the process. Never machine-dry any foam parts; they'll likely break from the tumbling.

u/Excelius · 11 pointsr/pittsburgh

It really depends on the design of the house, too.

I grew up without AC, but it was a single-story house beneath a gigantic shade-tree. It got warm inside, but fairly tolerable with some fans.

Then I moved into a two-story house without A/C, and without any shade. Heat rises, so upstairs retains a lot of heat. My upstairs bedroom would get to 90 degrees at night and I would be absolutely miserable and unable to sleep. Even if night-time temps would drop into the 70s, it would stay in the upper 80s in that room, even with the windows open.

I eventually mitigated the issue with one of those in-window fan units, to exhaust the hot air and pull in cool night air. Simply opening the windows did nothing, even putting a fan on a table in front of the window did nothing. The in-window unit at least managed to cycle enough of the air to equalize the indoor and outdoor temperature.

u/DJsupaman · 11 pointsr/CanadianMOMs

> i basically just need a light and thats it? if i want to grow autoflower only

oh boi... alright here we go.

youll need duct fans for both ventilation and heat dissipation, especially if you go with HPS/MH lights 600/1000watts will require reflectors with ducting so you can connect to it. This will need to exhaust out of your tent. Then you will need a intake fan coming preferably from outside. Youll most likely also need a Carbon filter attached in series to your exhaust fan. Your light will have a ballast as well, which creates a good amount of heat so plan for that to be located outside your tent. Youll also need smaller fans in the corners so you can keep a good air circulation going (hurricane fans are great). Also consider using T5 lights when starting your seeds off as your higher wattage lights are not good for seedlings. Also get a few supplies like gorilla tape and duct clamps and anything else you might need to secure everything together.

When it comes to growing, even if you are only doing autos youll need smart pots, fertilizer, promix HP, perlite plus both vegging and flowering nutrients. Have access to PH up and down solution, and also get a Ph Pen + PPM meter (TDS).

Ive only linked amazon, there are probably other local options for you.

u/seattletter · 9 pointsr/Seattle
  • Build a 5-gallon bucket air conditioner
  • turn on your bathroom and kitchen fans to draw hot air out
  • Pick up a blower fan (this one is a beast) and a big box fan. In the evening, when its a bit cooler outside than inside, place the box fan in the windows to pull in cool air and the blower fan on a chair a few feet away to turbo-boost the flow. You can also point the box fan out to push out hot air during the hot afternoon. The blower fan pushes a lot of air with a good 15-20' range, so you can experiment with the best placement.
  • Keep your windows closed with black-out shades (or, even better, thermal shades that reflect light) drawn during the day, keep the lights off, don't use the oven or stovetop, don't turn on your audio receiver, etc.--anything that generates heat adds to the net rise in temperature
  • wrap ice packs in a towel and, when you go to bed, place them on your neck, in the small of your back, etc. Really helps drop your core body temperature
  • Drink hot tea and eat spicy food, like curry. Both stimulate the blood vessels in your skin to dilate and release body heat into the surrounding air faster. Sounds crazy, but it works.
  • Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Castile Soap. The peppermint has a cooling effect.
u/KAM1KAZ3 · 8 pointsr/Seattle

Get a couple window fans. Put them at opposite ends of your apartment and set one to blow air in(shade side of the building) and the other to blow air out. That will get air flowing though the apt/condo.

Hopefully that helps :)

u/Dude_Hold_My_Bear · 7 pointsr/EtherMining

Looks like I left everyone hanging with an explanation of how this is setup.

I am using a twin reversible window fan that is connected to an 8 to 6 inch stepdown venting pipe. From here, I am using 6 inch dryer vent to a 6 inch stop.

I used 4x8ft foam insulation to create the box. It's super light and pretty durable. I taped all the edges of each piece after I cut it because I had styrofoam balls everywhere. After I taped the edges up, I attempted to glue the sides together to create the box. That turned out to be a waste of time and tape would have been sufficient.

Finally, I use the fan to create negative pressure in the box. I put "feet" on the corners to raise the box 2 inches above the ground, but they stick in a bit and it sit on the corners of my rig. I went with negative pressure as I figured it would be more efficient than anything else.

The piping gets warm and my rig is running a couple degrees warmer than they do out in the open, but my office isn't 100 degrees anymore. In fact, it works pretty well as my office might be a degree or two warmer overall with the door closed.

u/impecuniousyouth · 7 pointsr/college

Is your apartment unfurnished? If so you will need some basic furnishings:

  • a table
  • some chairs to go with that table
  • comfortable seating of some sort- possibly a couch (a futon is nice if you are going to possibly have guests sleep over) or love seat or upholstered chair of some sort
  • a TV if you feel like you want one (optional)
  • a bed and a mattress and some bedding and sheets (obviously)
  • a bedside table (optional)
  • somewhere to store your clothing if your room does not come with a closet already

    As far as basic living supplies go:

  • 4 spoons, knives, forks
  • mugs
  • 2 dinner plates, bowls
  • some knives for cooking
  • cutting board
  • mixing bowl
  • spatula (HEAT RESISTANT) and turner and spoons for mixing. Also possibly a whisk but really you could usually get the job done with a fork
  • cheap set of pots & pans
  • a cookie sheet
  • a fan is usually useful for some airflow
  • microwave if this is already not included
  • books just for fun
  • cleaning supplies: shower cleaner, clorox wipes, swiffer, toilet cleaner, dish soap, windex
  • plunger & toilet brush

    School supplies in college are pretty basic- you don't need much, but depending on your major this could go waaay up or down. But as far as I'm concerned your basic supplies are as follows:

  • laptop (optional- there are always computers everywhere anyway, laptops are just convenient)

  • notebooks and folders OR binder with looseleaf paper, depending on your organizational preference

  • stapler

  • pens and pencils (I like to have two different colors for pens)

  • calculator (if you will be taking math courses- go for scientific because a lot of the time graphing is not allowed)

    Things to consider:

  • Will you be paying for wifi and/or basic cable (if you want a TV)?

  • Is your lease for a year or X months? If it is a year, will you have to sublease while you're away for the summer (if you are going away)?

  • How far from campus do you live? What does the general area look like? Are you going to have to take public transportation different places? Know the area.

    I know its scary, but living alone is great, and studying in a university is really not a huge deal once you get into the rhythm of things. You'll do great, kid.
u/Helicopterrepairman · 7 pointsr/OSHA

I own this exact fan. It weighs 7.6lb. Its not very dense at all. You would have to beat someone with it to cause any damage.

Fantastic fan though.

u/mulder911 · 6 pointsr/BuyItForLife

I have and love this Vornado 660 fan. If you understand how it works, i.e. put it in the a place on the floor or a desk and point it to the opposite diagonal corner of the room and turn it on, this thing moves air around the whole room and the room feels cooler because of the constant air movement. It is within your budget, order one and try it out, if you do not like it you can always return it.

u/terpaholic · 6 pointsr/UMD

I was on Ellicott floor 7. The heat was sweltering some days. Here are some solutions I used:

  • Find a friend in La Plata
  • Spend a lot of time in the ERC/Diner/Outside
  • The mini portable fans don't really work. Use one anyway for mental comfort.
  • Big cups of ice from The Diner
  • Cool down cold-packs in your floor's fridge
  • Big, big box fan. We had one that looked like this
  • Remember that people before you went through this and it sucked, but they survived. I very clearly remember how bad the first few weeks were.

    Some people get fancy and hook up water buckets in front of their fans and other things. I don't remember any of that made a difference, apart from having a really high volume fan. You know, one that sounds like a plane taking off at all times.
u/theenriquesuave · 6 pointsr/Velo

I have an abnormally large number of roommates and our walls are pretty thin. I use two of these and start my workouts wearing a windbreaker until I’m generating more heat:

I’ve had no noise complaints from my roommates so far.

u/UpTheDownEscalator · 6 pointsr/trainerroad

I adopted 2 basic honeywell desk fans that I hooked up to a smart socket. It's nice being able to say "alexa, more wind!" and then have them kick on instantly. The pair moves enough air to keep me from overheating so I'm relatively happy with the setup.

If I was starting from scratch, I would explore using one of these utility fans. It looks like a poor man's headwind at 1/5th the price.

u/kevin2357 · 6 pointsr/triathlon

Suggest one more addition; a better fan, like this one:

Good airflow makes indoor work soooooo much more bearable

u/IAmAPhysicsGuy · 6 pointsr/Cooking

Best thing I ever got was simply one of these little countertop fans that will simply blow the onion vapors away while I cut, plus it's nice to have some airflow.

u/scratchfury · 6 pointsr/Clemson

Only works when you get to a cooler space though unless you like a hot breeze.

u/burtgummer45 · 5 pointsr/LifeProTips

You can try something like this exaust fan

The good ones can let you set the fans for different directions, so one blows out and the other blows in.

I have two of the ones I linked to, they are pretty good. Having a remote is nice, and having an automatic setting with a thermostat is highly recommended.

u/Aethenosity · 5 pointsr/pcmasterrace
u/je1008 · 5 pointsr/aww
u/LazyGrower · 5 pointsr/microgrowery

I have a 1000w and this is what I have gotten to after many hours of pain and grief:

  • Have the bottom vents open on the left and right side
  • Have one fan for light going fast
  • Have one fan for the carbon filter going slower
  • Insulated ducting on the lights for heat and sound (on carbon filter for sound)
  • To mix the air properly I have an expensive fancy floor fan in the corner shooting air straight up. Think of how a ceiling fan works better than a box fan in a room. I am replacing this fan with 1 or 2 cheap light-weight fans that I will hang front left and right. The fans will hang just above the canopy high enough not to affect the light footprint.
  • Having the fans shoot up means I don't have the fans directly blasting air onto the canopy and the air goes through the canopy to the floor. This works much better than blowing directly on the canopy and having a supplemental fan under the canopy when the tent is full.
  • For heat I have gotten a Heat Bud Personal Heater and an Inkbird controller for when the tent goes below 65.

    These are the fans I am waiting on:
u/r2002 · 5 pointsr/answers

Hi Professor. I've been dying to ask this question but never met the right person. Hope you don't mind me asking an impromptu question. Let's say I have a standard two car garage that I use for an home office. I also have 4 small fans like this one.

I can open the garage door almost as far as 4 feet tall, but no taller (for privacy reasons).

What should I do? For example, do I:

  • Put all the fans on one side and blow OUT?
  • Put all the fans on one side and blow IN?
  • Put two on one side to blow OUT and two on the other side to blow IN?
u/marthor · 5 pointsr/NiceHash

Just put one of these directly in front of your video cards. You'll probably need two for a 6+ GPU rig.

u/Tuuulllyyy · 5 pointsr/malelivingspace

It doesn't look like much but I got this fan in college and I still have it a few years later. A few of my friends also had it and everyone always says how powerful it is for such a small fan.

u/vedicvoyager · 5 pointsr/AskElectronics

invest in an AC fan and use the thick hakko carbon filters. this combo does magic at cleaning up the air and keeping fumes away from your face. also: if you decide to buy the genuine hakko fume fan, know that it has limited power (20cfm) and that you need to bring the fan right up close to your iron for it to be effective.

personally I use a hakko fume sucker that I've upgraded with a 110cfm fan.

fan upgrade for the hakko fa400:

edit: link

u/Javin007 · 4 pointsr/DnD

The setup was STUPID easy. You attach the door knob, then just follow the instructions (videos are available online) to "level" it, which basically just involves: 1.) Putting a piece of paper on the screen. 2.) Pressing the "home" button. 3.) Lowering the platform a tiny bit at a time until there's "resistance" on the paper enough that you can't push it back in. 4.) Tighten the platform with the provided hex wrench. 5.) Hit the rezero button. Whole process takes maybe 60 seconds. What's more, it seems like once you've got it locked in, even removing and replacing the platform doesn't screw it up.

For tips:

1.) A lot of people bitch about the slicer software that comes with it, and say to use the ChiTuBox. I tried this, and it jacked up my first prints. I don't recommend it. I ended up going back and installing the software that comes with the Photon, and it's perfectly fine. It's not great at auto-strutting, but you can add struts manually to "low" spots.

2.) So far, the most reliable "auto-strut" settings I've found are 30% "light" struts. Literally ALL of my medium / heavy strutting (haven't gone above 30%) have failed and fallen into the vat. 30% light seems to pretty reliably do the trick, though.

3.) Obviously this is going to require some tweaking based on the temperature you keep the house, and which resin you use, but I'm sticking with the clearish green that comes with it. Go with a 4 layer base, at 50 seconds, then a 7.5 second "light" with a 3 second "off". Finally, the layer thickness is 0.025mm. Those are the settings I used for this model. Makes for a slow print, but clearly seems to get the job done. If your temperature is colder, you may have to go with a longer "off" and "light" setting.

4.) Definitely start with tiny test prints. Get some calipers to make sure everything is sizing correctly, and verify that the text is oriented correctly. I wasted a stupid amount of liquid trying to do a big print off the bat.

5.) Use some fingernail clippers/files/buffers to remove and then polish off the "nubs". If you break them off by hand, which is easy to do, they can "pit" your model. (The pits can be fixed by adding a tiny dab of glue and re-curing, but it's more hassle.) If you use a razor blade, you can cut the files/buffers into thin strips that allow you to do detail buffing work.

6.) EVERYONE online complains about the smell of the resin. Get yourself a good window fan (this is the exact one I bought) and put the printer in front of it with the fan blowing the air out the window and you practically won't notice it. Just make sure the rest of the window is covered well enough that sunlight doesn't shine through trying to cure any of your liquid.

7.) Their software will give you a print time estimate, but always seems to be short by roughly 25-35%. So if it says 6 hours, give yourself 7.5-8 hours for the print.

8.) Do... Not... Get... The... Resin... In... Your... Eyes. Wear glasses at the very least, but you should probably keep gloves on, too. I had washed my hands, and hours later touched the corner of my eye, and that burned like hell. I'd imagine even a small drip in the eyeball could cause ulcerations. Water doesn't seem to wash it off very well, either, so even flushing your eyes with water won't stop it immediately.

9.) If you have additional money to spend, buy a decently powerful blacklight, and cut a hole in a box big enough for it to shine into. Then line that box with aluminum foil. It's an extra one-time expense, but the hassle of waiting until you can get enough sunlight to give your models a good cure makes it well worth it (especially here in Virginia where all we're getting is rain, sleet and snow.)

10.) Again, if you've got the money to blow (bear in mind, I already had most of this gear due to other hobbies, so had accumulated it over time) an airbrush is a VERY nice-to-have. Putting on your primer coat with an airbrush will give you a MUCH better quality final product when you go to paint it. (I'll show pictures of this in a couple days.) Though now I'm probably getting more into "painting minis" tips than Photon printing tips...

11.) You can prevent resin overflow (and I don't know why this wasn't on a SINGLE video that I watched about the photon before buying it) by simply moving your platform to the "home" position before filling the vat, adding the resin, then raising it 10cm or so before starting up a print. If the resin over flows, it can destroy your LCD screen. And you'll be surprised how much resin the platform will displace when it lowers into the vat. If you put the platform into the vat (the home button) and THEN fill it with resin, you can be sure to never get an overflow.

Hrm. This list got longer than I expected. I'll let ya know if I come up with any others.

u/OutOfTheLimits · 4 pointsr/AskCulinary

Really depends you'll have to measure your window or just experiment. If you can't get one specific as a window fan you can always get a small, square or rectangular fan and find a way to shove it in there.

Forgot to mention I also open a window on the other side of my place so fresh air enters there and takes the smokey, smelly air out on the other side

edit.. /u/Muskellunge120 , I got this one 4 yrs ago. Expensive but running well as ever. Bet the cheaper ones are fine too though. Recently took apart to clean (so oily from cooking/ dusty from where I live) and it's doing just fine. A while ago I opened it up and disconnected the speaker so it doesn't make annoying beeps anymore.

It's really key to have the fan directly in the window and blowing air out, and to have that cross flow by opening a window on the other side. It would be great if one of these window fans fits since they move a lot of air and they cover the whole window opening. Used to smoke a lot of pot in college and never got caught thanks to these things. Truly got good at ensuring our place was aired out well and the smell never hit the hallway ;) Later in life those skills are still useful.. heh. Generally speaking I don't think cooking should make excess smoke (except searing like mentioned) but it definitely creates a lot of smells and smoke even if things are going well. Hence why I always use the fan, I love to cook but hate to have my place reek. Deep fried potatoes in batches yesterday and it's pretty fresh in here today. Can't even imagine how long it would smell otherwise.

If you go the outdoor route also look into the Coleman Classic. It's like $40 from Walmart or similar, propane bottles are cheap (but kinda wasteful), or a big propane tank connected to that would last a long time.

u/TheSnop · 4 pointsr/DIY

I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss a fan as a solution. I live in Florida, too, so I bought a Vornado Air Circulator and it quickly made that room the coolest in the house. I just point it out the door so it pushes the warm air out. It's noisy, but very powerful for the money.

Smaller, cheaper model that I own.

u/LifeWithAdd · 4 pointsr/GoRVing

I'd choose the small or medium Vornado fan before the Dyson. I've been using it fulltimeing for five years now and it really does make the whole room feel cooler.

I'd also recommend:

a washer/dryer combo if you have room.

Square Pizza stone and thermometer for the oven.

LED Bulbs for everything 12v and 110v

Shark Rocket Ultralight vaccum

Water Filter

Better mattress

Ninja Pro Blender/Food Possessor/Chopper

Mini Dish Drying rack

u/Mackin-N-Cheese · 4 pointsr/askportland

I should probably pull this post for not being Portland-related, but it's really hot and I'm sorry you don't have a fan. For researching stuff like this I really like The Sweethome and its tech-related sister site The Wirecutter

Here's their picks for The Best Fan. I actually recently bought their runner-up pick, the Vornado 630 (although the price has gone up, it was $60 when I bought it.) It's a great little fan.

u/rinsed_dota · 4 pointsr/pcgaming

My idea for the ultimate cooling solution is taking two 20" box fans and, pointing them in the same direction, mounting the motherboard in between them. /s

u/0letdown · 4 pointsr/microgrowery

I would say that some small clip-on fans would be your best bet in that space. They are nice for size but they push out very little air. If you take this route I recommend you purchase at least 3-4, one for each corner of the tent. Something like this perhaps.

Sorry, you said oscillating...

u/piggychuu · 4 pointsr/UCSantaBarbara

I've used this fan for the past few years. Quieter than a lot of other fans I've used, and a bit cheaper than my last one that the maintenance crew stole.

u/Brokensix · 4 pointsr/madisonwi

A patio ceiling fan works the best. I use the 99$ vornado floor fan works great. Pricey but I am a big fan.

u/RainManMJ · 4 pointsr/SpaceBuckets

I use plug-and-play Fans with greater CFM.

u/Crocketteer · 4 pointsr/BurningMan

My camp mostly does yurts and I've stayed in one three years in a row. Here's my hottest (coolest?) tips:

  1. Two tarps! One tarp on the bottom that the yurt sits on. In 2014 it rained balls Sunday night and everything, including my bed and rugs got wet. Now I use another tarp on the inside, that I roll up against the sides.

  2. Tape up the outside tarp. In 2015, a huge dust storm kicked up the morning after I got my yurt setup and covered everything inside in dust. Now I also run yurt tape all the way around on the outside tarp to seal it up. Vinyl tape would also work for this. Either way, just be sure to wipe the dust off the tarp and yurt before you tape so you get a good stick. However, all the tape you have holding the roof and wall panels together is unlikely to be totally waterproof. If it rains (which it just did literally yesterday), water will still run down the walls and pool inside, hence the extra tarp inside keeping everything dry.

  3. Secure your yurt immediately. Once you get the roof taped on, tie that thing down right away before it becomes a kite. The halo rope method is popular, though I've switched to ratchet straps so I can easily tighten them and I suck at knots.

  4. Get a fan or a swamp cooler. While the yurt is much cooler during the day than any tent, you should at least have a fan if you want to sleep past 9-10am. This O2COOL 10-inch Portable Fan is a good option and runs on batteries (bring extras to get you through the week). If you have the budget and time to build a swamp cooler, here's an improved version that some engineer friends designed and tested. It's easier to make and is more efficient than the figjam bucket model you usually see.

  5. Invest in a quality air mattress or, if you have space to transport it, a memory foam mattress that you can roll up. I've heard Kelty makes some good air mattresses that don't leak. I've been using some sleeping pads under a decent air mattress. If and when the air mattress deflates the sleeping pads provide extra cushion. I also highly recommend some decent ear plugs and an eye mask (if you're light sensitive).
    Sleep is so critical to having a sustained enjoyable Burn so get the best option you can afford and transport.

    Other tips:

  • Get the 6 inch bi-filament tape and order right away because it can take time to get to you. Like right now, if you haven't already ordered.
  • One roll of tape per standard 6' hexayurt is recommended.
  • Use foil tape for making repairs - cover any spots on the panels where the silver coating has come off (especially from where you've had to peel off previous years' tape) to prevent moisture damage.
  • Get a 6' squeegie to help you stick and smooth the tape on the last roof seam.
  • Have 4-6 people available to help hold the walls up (especially with wind gusts) and lift the roof on.

    Enjoy your luxurious accommodations!
u/whotherooareyou · 4 pointsr/bassnectar

this fan saves my life every year at bonnaroo. i have no shame holding it up to my face for nearly entire sets when im feeling overheated.

u/c0de76 · 3 pointsr/LifeProTips

The only way to get rid of humidity is with an AC unit, a dehumidifier will get rid of moisture in the air but will also act as a heater. If you want to be cooler, at least at night in the FL summer, get a window fan like this. You need two windows in your room. You place the fan and one and open the other so it can pull in or exhaust air. The idea is not to move air across your body to cool you like a room fan, but to constantly exchange the air in your room with fresh air outside. This prevents heat build-up in your room that is inevitable even with the windows open. Or for a bit more money buy a window AC unit.

u/audiophilistine · 3 pointsr/AdviceAnimals

When I was in college the dorm was either arctic cold in the summer or camping-on-the-sun hot in winter. I kept my room comfortable with a thermostat controlled window fan. I highly recommend something like this when you have no control over the thermostat.

u/goodfellaslxa · 3 pointsr/PipeTobacco

(repost of my reply to a different thread)

What worked for me when I shared a house with several other people was to use a box fan in the window. Now that I have my own house I still use a fan, but actually bought a proper window fan (

My den/smoking room doesn't stink despite several cigars and many evenings smoking pipes in the past few months.

The secret to using a fan in the window is that it MUST make a decent seal. You want the fan to create a vacuum in the room that you are smoking in. I have done this with cardboard and scotch tape, but the window fan has panels built in that accomplishes this. If you can create a vacuum in the room, either keep the door closed or cracked, depending on how much air can flow under it. You should be able to hold your hand near the door and feel the air being sucked in. This is called negative-pressure. If you can achieve negative pressure in a room that doesn't have an air-conditioner intake in it, you should not only keep the smell in that room to a minimum, but also prevent anyone on the other side of the door from being able to smell the smoke. I was able to smoke cigars in a room and no one else in the house could tell, but that only worked once I learned to create a seal on the window. To really test it, you must get a non-smoker to do a sniff test, since a smoker won't notice a faint odor that non-smokers will. Any faint smells may be eliminated by using an ozone generator. Lampe Bergers with neutral oil work well too.

u/NevaDoWatItDo · 3 pointsr/cigars

Have you tried this? I have this for my place and I just put them on the window, click exhaust and let it rip. Not too loud and it moves alot of smoke. I suppose you can get 2 and have them alternate(awesome setting) between in&out.

u/PoorlyShavedApe · 3 pointsr/NewOrleans

Do you have problems being backlit by your window with that camera?

Also have you see the zippi fan with cloth blades? Great for work desks because you don't need the guard around the blade so you can move it around the desk more easily.

Glad to see somebody else still uses trackballs also.

u/pukelman · 3 pointsr/BuyItForLife

This thing is almost silent. Quieter than the background noise of the AC in my office.

u/Bamboo_Harvester · 3 pointsr/mildlyinteresting

Very interesting!

I’ve used this Vornado travel fan for years. Similar design (but less awesome). My kids love sticking their fingers in the “blades.”

u/gingermilkshake · 3 pointsr/pelotoncycle

I have the Vornado 630 and really love it! When I forget to turn it on, it’s a noticeable difference!

u/SamsonMcNulty · 3 pointsr/techsupportmacgyver

Behold! The Pinnacle of Cooling Solutions

This 609.6 mm Case fan is the only fan you will ever need!

u/LtMooch · 3 pointsr/gadgets

I just use a $27 box fan and that knocks me ouch each night.

u/iSMOKERFACE · 3 pointsr/microgrowery

Holmes 8-Inch Fan | Lil’ Blizzard... they should be these.

u/leonardskinner33 · 3 pointsr/JAHSeeds

This is my first time growing, so please feel free to critique/rip into my setup, as I really appreciate all the help and knowledge! I actually ordered my seeds from JAHseeds a year ago, but never got my shit together enough to actually do anything with them.


I do want to take a quick moment to thank u/AFK_ing for the seeds first, as they were actually gifted to me for free. I placed an order on a whim one night, and then completely forgot about it. Turns out that JAHseeds never ended up depositing the interac transfer I sent them, so it inevitably expired. I had forgotten about the order completely, when out of the blue one day I received a letter in the mail complete with 12 free seeds and a handwritten 'apology' letter. This absolutely floored me, and left me feeling super warm and fuzzy inside. I've been cherishing the seeds up until now, so I'm really really happy that I can finally bring them to life :) Anyways....thank you JAHseeds!


Onto the setup! Currently running:


2x alibaba 240w QB


Promix HP + 2inch layer of worm castings on the bottom


Strain is The Best My seeds are not feminized however, so still unsure of sex.


Right now they are in 1 gallon pots and I'm planning on moving them into 7 gallon fabric pots when the time is right.


I kinda went ham one night and bought the entire GH nutrient lineup (including all the additives....) so I'm planning on sticking to their schedule (halved) throughout the grow. I know I could have done without a lot (most) of them, but yeah it was still cheaper than buying an Oz from the LP....Currently only feeding them water.


The tent is a GA 48x48x80, with a Vivosun 6 inch duct fan and carbon filter


Holmes Lil' Blizzard fan (this thing moves a lot of air)


I originally had a smaller tent so I started out germinating 3 seeds by dropping them in a glass of water for 36 hours. After they all popped, I planted them directly into coco pots. At that time I decided to change to a larger tent, so I dropped 2 more seeds into a glass of water to germinate. 36 hours later one of the seeds had popped, but not the other. I planted the one that popped, and left the other in the water for another 12 hours. At this time it still hadn't popped, so I just dropped it into a pot with the others. The one that never popped didnt end up coming through the soil until about 2 days ago (I was actually just about to give up on it). It's the tiny coco pot in the middle. Pretty sure it's gonna be a retard plant but whatever, I'll give it some love and care. Don't tell Justin. The nice healthy plant on the bottom right is the other seed that I germinated with it at the same time.



Close up shot 1

Close up shot 2





tl;dr i love you all

u/Geawiel · 3 pointsr/PSVR

I got over my sickness with a small clip fan. I clipped it to my coffee table that is always a bit close to me when I play VR. I angled it so that it pointed up on my head and turned it on high. It helps keep me cool (I overheat easily, which turn into migraines) and helped keep the motion sickness down. Before the fan, I couldn't go for more than 30 to 45 mins in Skyrim or Farpoint before the motion sickness and it's other symptoms stacked too high for me to continue. Now I usually do 3 hour sessions in either game. Even without a fan.

u/shadowbanningsucks · 3 pointsr/preppers

I have a stove like that for emergencies. I have used it a few times outside and it works great.

Do you have an area outside where you could use it? That would probably be best. But, I would think it would be ok for use indoors near an open window, with a Carbon Monoxide detector and maybe a battery powered fan. The fans are also handy if you lose power and AC during hot months.

u/traphoopqueen · 3 pointsr/ElectricForest

just got [this fan] ( and it worked wonders this past weekend at flower of life. can't really bring it with you into the forest but perfect for chilling at camp. get big ass tapestries for your ez up too since the sun moves and shit. other advice: get her a nice snapback and/or pashmina to protect against the sun. i'm a very pasty individual so sunscreen reapplication/chafing can be a bitch with all that dirt so if i have to be in the sun, they are the perfect protection for my shoulders and face. but a lot of the time im hiding in the forest where there is shade everywhere so these items are easy to just snap/tie to my fanny/camelback bc you don't wanna carry much if anything at all while you're there <3

u/RickyShade · 3 pointsr/homeless

The best way to keep your cat happy is to let her sleep on the dashboard so she can subathe alll day :D

Is your cat an outside cat or inside cat? Because you can still set up a litter box for her if she's an inside cat. If she's an outside cat, you'll have to find some sort of enclosed area to let her roam around in and do her business.

For keeping her comfy on hot days:

u/kurosagi · 3 pointsr/Frugal

I know what you're talking about but I couldn't find the post either. However I believe the person bought something like this.

Does that look familiar to you?

u/BetaCoffee · 3 pointsr/uwaterloo

lived on the first floor of a UWP court during fall and spring term. highly recommend bringing a fan or two, especially a (reversible) window fan. had a small honeywell fan to circulate air around and a reversible window fan that fits in your sliding window.

i used my window fan to exhaust the air out in the morning or when it got hot. at night past 12:00 AM, the temperature would dip to below 20 degrees so i would use my window fan to blow air in to cool my room down by a huge factor. my room went from a sauna to a standard room with AC in 20 minutes. a window fan is very useful for a decent amount of temperature control in your room. very helpful for sleeping at night.

general ways of beating the heat would be to only go to your room to cook, shower, drop stuff off, or sleep. go to a place with AC (like grand commons or CMH) to study or do whatever instead. close all of your blinds and keep the lights off to keep your room as cool as possible. sleeping without a blanket became a necessity during the first couple weeks of september and all of july and august.

TL;DR - buy a reversible window fan

edit: formatting

u/GaryGeneric · 3 pointsr/Maine

My advice as well. Doesn't even have to be a big fucking one, though. This is a good fly-b-gone with some really decent power, and the base allows for various mounting options.

u/Nparallelopposite · 3 pointsr/axolotls

I'll just give you my generalize copy/pasta I usually hand out in situations like these so if you wanna read it when you got a chance, then you have it! Also has tips and purchase links for Amazon as well for different axolotl stuffs.


  1. Set up tank with clean conditioned water. 2. Add recommended amount of beneficial bacteria per label

  2. Add "waste" to the tank, so a little bit of say fish flakes ( they're cheap and you need a waste source since you DO NOT put a fish or axolotl in a uncycled tank. The flakes are gonna break down into ammonia. The goal with cycling is to get benefical bacteria to build up so they can change (eat) the waste & breaks down the ammonia into nitrite then finally break it down further into nitrate. All these chemicals can hurt axolotl.

  3. Test tank a couple days later with a testing kit ( avoid strips, they will lie to you and give false results) if there is ANY ammonia or nitrite present, you arent cycled. If there is no nitrate present either, you arent cycled.

  4. If you find ammonia or nitrite, take 50% of the water out and add clean treated water. Add more seachem stability ( benefical bacteria) ( add these each time you change water. Even if it's cycled)

  5. Add a pinch more flakes & Continue to do this until your tank is cycled. Meaning you have no ammonia, no nitrite and a presence of 40ppm or less of nitrate.

    1.If your tank isn't cycled, you are going to chemical burn them with ammonia in the water. And they will suffer. Nitrate ( the final of the chemical process) can also burn the fish/axolotl. This is why we keep this number under 40ppm. If it is higher than 40ppm, change the water 75%.

  6. This beneficial bacteria lives in the filter. If you change your filter, you just ruined your cycle. Don't do this. If it gets nasty/clogged & you have to replace the cartirage, leave the old cartirage in with the new one for a few days so the beneficial bacteria can inhabit the new filter. If you can avoid replacing that, just rinse/gently squeeze out the filter in old tank water when you do clean the tank to keep from murdering the bacteria
  7. Letting the filter dry out will also kill a cycle.

  8. *NOTE: Most bottles of beneficial bacteria say they cycle a tank in a day. Cycling can take up to a month in some cases but usually just two weeks if you keep on it. This requires constantly monitoring, testing and replacing most of the water in the tank when you get high ammonia/nitrite levels. You need ammonia/nitrite to be 0 and nitrate to be more than 0. Definitely less <40. If all your levels are higher than this, or if nitrate remains 0, your tank isn't cycled.***

    So basically, cycling builds beneficial bacteria which makes these waste breakdown chemicals go through a cycle of breaking down into a less dangerous form which keeps fish/axolotl from getting sick/dying. ... Most new fish people don't do this. And fish store employees try & tell them just adding something like seachem stability fixes this. It doesn't. An uncycled tank is basically new tank syndrome and it kills animals.

    You still are going to need to keep an eye on chemical levels after the cycle..Occasionally different things can cause the cycle to "crash", like changing the filters or a high tempeture, or the filters becoming dry..

    Once your tank is cycled, and you have an axolotl, honestly it's not that much work. The cycles the worst part. I feed my adult axolotls once every other day, I change 75% of their water twice a month, and add water to top it off / spot clean occasionally two-three other times a month due to the water I lose due to evaporation.

    Stuff you'll need:
  9. Air stone+ airline+ air pump ( cheap ones are at Walmart.
  10. Seachem stability ( beneficial bacteria)
  11. Seachem prime ( it's a water conditioner I just prefer seachem)
  12. A tank, 10 gallon minimum for 1 axolotl. But the bigger the better.
  13. A filter
  14. Hides for the axolotl
  15. A syphon / water vacuum ( to suck out the poo/change water easy. I have a long food grade plastic hose I got from Ace hardware. I syphon and let it drain into the yard
  16. A bucket
  17. A Tupperware
  18. A fan. Literally any fan you can put on top the tank and point at it will work. I have a table fan sitting on top my tank and blowing at the water to help keep it cool. A chiller is best, but they are expensive.
  19. A tank thermometer ( don't get the thermometer strips, they lie
  20. A master fresh water test kit.
  21. Worms or repashy or pellets

  22. Test kit

  23. Fan suggestion

  24. Tank thermometer

    Air pump + line + stone.

  25. Filter ( basic the tank you have probably already has one)

  26. Shower poof ( hang these so they slow the flow of water coming out of filter. Axolotls don't like a lot of heavy water flow. Get these at the dollar store and rinse them before going in tank. You don't have to get these online. I'm just showing you)

  27. Seachem stuff


  28. Food


    Ice cube trays for repashy( frozen is better. It's a jello. It will really trash your tank. So frozen is better):

  29. Hides. Here's a good example..I soemthing similar. Just go to the reptile section at your pet store. Get one that's not rough but smooth. Plastics a good option. Just rinse it well before you put it in tank

  30. Water vacuum. This is what I have + I have a big long hose for big water changes. I use this to spot clean poo and "vacuum' it into a 10 gallon bucket

    Feeding tongs: They're actually tweezers for planting a planted fish tank. These can grip worms very well.. The Amazon ones that are silver suck and will make your life hell. Don't waste your money on ones on amazon unless you can find these on Amazon.
u/Brom42 · 3 pointsr/woodstoving

It doesn't even need to be a big fan. I use one of these on the floor to push the cold air back to the room with my stove. Small and quiet and it does the job.

But like you say, it works better to move the cold air toward the stove than to move the warm air to the other rooms.

u/the_chols · 3 pointsr/Beatmatch

I have a portable fan I put either on my table or down on the floor. Link to item on Amazon. I get lots of compliments on it from guests and photographers.

I also bring 3 changes of clothes. One to setup in, one to perform in, and one to tear down/drive home in.

I pack a roll of paper towels, but my next gig this weekend (outdoor barn venue in Georgia) I am bringing a small towel. The paper towels get soaked instantly and sometimes leave lint on my face.

Lastly, I would recommend dressing up in vest, shirt, and tie only if the clients requested it. My go-to is dress slacks and a golf style polo (the dry thread type). I got 3 of them at Sam's for $20 each and they are sharp. I have some long sleeve button down shirts that don't show sweat much I will wear if I want to really dress up. I have yet to wear a tie.

Don't be shy about how hard you are working. Other vendors and guests understand. If they see you pushing through it and not letting up they will be more inclined to party, too!

Good luck and stay hydrated!

u/tbest3 · 3 pointsr/microgrowery


Few packages of these to hang lights and filter:

Extension cords
Plenty of options


Fabric pots:

Air control


Outlet timer:


Carbon filter

4 inch duct
Can find anywhere

Jewelers loop (super important)

To dry your buds

Surge protectors and ext cords
Find anywhere

Inline fans

Soil probe

A few other things I got locally from grow shops. Quality seeds are important. is always having bomb sales, ship from Colorado, and are top quality. Soil from local grow shops but can also buy from online. I went cheaper on light, but I wouldn't do that again. Get good quality lights.

u/byttle · 3 pointsr/headphones

DIY yourself a redneck air-conditioner.

Or get a Vornado off amazon. I have one of these

u/AbsolutelyPink · 3 pointsr/HomeImprovement

You didn't mention the full measurements of the window but...Here


I'm trying very hard not to judge the fact that you are vaping in a home with a child.

u/RugerRedhawk · 3 pointsr/BuyItForLife

I would call lasko about the problem with your current fan. The dyson isn't going to do anything that the lasko can't except cost more. If you want to get serious about moving air around try one of these:

u/Raptor5150 · 3 pointsr/SpaceBuckets

Im using 2

for my tote build 27 gal as well. We shall see how good it works :D moves ALOT of air buy themselves but my exhaust will have a DIY Carbon Filter on it so I need it to.

u/kewps · 3 pointsr/SpaceBuckets

This $40 ufo worked wonders for me
Make sure you get a high speed exhaust fan for ventilation and a low speed intake fan to stimulate trunk development
Use smart pots to hold the soil and plant - you should start in a small pot and graduate up to larger ones, but you can also just pop your seed into the big one. Be sure not to overwater.
Amazon brand power strip for 4 dollars

Buckets and reflective tape from Home Depot

u/cigarQ · 3 pointsr/cigars

What about good old fashioned masking tape?

Or a small fan to circulate the air?

I use this one -

AC Infinity AXIAL 1238, Muffin Cooling Fan, 115V AC 120mm by 120mm by 38mm High Speed

u/Tri0ptimum · 3 pointsr/SpaceBuckets

I have a similar light/bucket/filter. The intake and exhaust for the light are both positioned above the bucket - only thing exposed to the bucket is the glass plate with the LED's under it. So not much moisture would get in unless it's moist outside the bucket.

Personally, I had much better luck (more air exchange) when I changed my DIY carbon filters to pull through the filter, not push through as I had it originally, yeah :). Also switching to AC Infinity 120mm high speed AC fans really helped:

u/innob · 3 pointsr/SpaceBuckets

With a strong exhaust fan passive intakes work great on these bigger builds.

An AC infinity muffin fan would work perfect if you have no plans for a carbon filter.

u/thehauntedgod · 3 pointsr/ElectricForest

I'm no physicist, but perhaps the principle of putting it in your car could perhaps apply to putting it in a trash bag and sealing it air tight. As long as you get your stuff in the bag while it's not humid it probably should be good and dry when you open it later in the night.

For while you're sleeping you should try to keep your tent well ventilated. Keep the rain fly open (if it's clear weather of course) and any extra "windows" open as well as a small camp fan to keep air moving. This will help move your breath moisture out of the tent. However the very very humid Michigan nights will keep everything quite moist until the sun rises. Alternatively, just stay awake until the sun rises then you don't have to worry about the humid nights :)

u/happybadger · 3 pointsr/MushroomGrowers

Fanning is just a pain in the ass and when you're opening the container and drastically disturbing the air you're also going to tank your humidity levels which will more negatively impact fruiting. Same goes for removing polyfill I'd wager, in addition to allowing contaminants through since the polyfill filters them.

If you get fuzzy feet and you think you have enough holes in your container, putting a fan in the room would probably be the safest step. I have one of these running at full blast in front of my window which usually has a slight breeze coming in. It faces the same general direction as my tubs and the airflow is just enough that I can see individual polyfill fibres lightly blowing in it. With that, they've got consistent humidity levels and no fuzzy feet.

u/WubbaLubbaDubStep · 3 pointsr/shroomers

Yeahhhh ya gotta fan those good. Great advice.

It's always a long process, though. You don't start growing shrooms to have them in a few weeks... you gotta plan 3-4 months out.

Takes me about 12 weeks from start to finish for even just the first flush.

Edit: I forgot... CONGRATS! Seeing them first sprout the first time is such a cool experience. Happy for ya bud!

Edit 2: Speaking of fanning... this bad boy has been working wonders

u/cassalassa · 3 pointsr/beyondthebump

I got this stroller fan and it works pretty well to circulate air. We originally used it when we went on vacation someplace humid in July, and it worked well then. We still use it on long trips, or to keep my cats cool if they are in their kennel in the car for a trip.

u/Sarcasticorjustrude · 2 pointsr/whatisthisthing

Patton doesn't make them anymore, but Holmes has a t-stat window fan.

Amazon Link

Bionaire makes some, too, but they're more expensive.

u/loneflanger · 2 pointsr/mflb

Ever since I've been smoking and have had to clear the smell out, I've used one of these:

I don't have that exact model, but I have one similar to it. Most if not all of them have switches for each fan to change from intake to exhaust. They fit in your window pretty snuggly and can clear a room of smoke pretty quickly. I usually blow hits directly into it (both from the MFLB and a bowl) and have never had any problems with smell. Of course, it will smell on the other side of the window but it seems to dissipate quicker than just simply blowing it out of the window.

Plus you can use it for its intended purpose during the late spring/early summer when it's too cold at night to use the A/C but warm enough during the day where you need to do more than just open a window to keep a room cool.

u/gooberfaced · 2 pointsr/homeowners

> Do you mean semi-permanently open it and have a fan fitted into it?

How you choose to do it would be up to you and how well you were able to match fan size to window size.
Any way you can exhaust the hot air- getting rid of it and bringing in cool air from other areas in the house is much more efficient that trying to cool air that is already hot down.

Open the window and measure the width and max height you have available then google "window fan" and find the one that matches the size opening most closely. These types of fans typically have side panel extensions to fit odd spaces.

Example here, here, and here.

u/Momentumjam · 2 pointsr/GoodValue

OP, I know that this is old, but if you're still looking for something to cool you down, I'd look into a window fan. I own this model, and I can't imagine I would be able to function without it. You can set one fan to blow air in, and the other to blow air out. It keeps air constantly circulating. I can't say that it will work as well as a window AC unit, but it is much cheaper to buy, and run.

u/rbrgr83 · 2 pointsr/Pareidolia

Window fan to be exact :)

u/larrylemur · 2 pointsr/SubredditDrama

I got this one. It's good stuff, I'd highly recommend it.

u/Khelek41girl · 2 pointsr/craftymighty

I have the Crafty and the vapor does smell. It's most definitely not as bad as combustion, but it is there. Someone suggested a smokebuddy but you can also get something like this...

Bionaire BW2300-N Twin Reversible Airflow Window Fan with Remote Control

You can reverse the airflow to suck air out of the room so that would definitely help. Especially if you are vaping and blowing into the fan. I don't find that the unit smells enough on its own to cause a problem. It's mostly the exhalation of the vapor that smells

u/borisst · 2 pointsr/zerocarb

Use a fan set to reverse on the kitchen window to draw all the smoke outside. This solved the problem for me.

The first window fan I've tried was too weak and broke easily, the second one was more reliable but still too weak, so I eventually settled on a regular box fan like this. The box fan is cheap, powerful, and easy to install and remove.

The downsides are that it is not very practical in cold climates and harsh winters, the fan gets dirty quickly and it's hard to clean.

u/AlohaKim · 2 pointsr/BabyBumps

I like Vornado fans (just got a third one at CVS with my 40% off coupon). I have one within a few feet of me most the day. We also use this window fan ( which is especially helpful at night to bring in cooler air. We figured out we could run one of the Vornado fans for nine hours for the same price as running a small portable A/C unit for one hour. These fans are also much more efficient and effective than ceiling fans.

I'm also thinking of getting one of these: I've read great things about them and with a hot, cuddly newborn this summer, it might be really helpful.

u/_BrianL_ · 2 pointsr/HomeImprovement

Costco sells (sold?) a window opening fan deal with two fans in it. They could be set to run both the same direction (either in or out), or one in each direction (to exchange air). Found it:

It has a timer and temperature setting (so it will run until desired temp is reached -- although it's not an AC so I'm not sure how well that works). Not a dimmer, though. I think it has high/medium/low speeds, though.

u/goramuth · 2 pointsr/cigars
u/smoke_trees · 2 pointsr/trees

I wouldn't mess with smoking inside until you get a VERY good feel for how things work at your campus. You never know who will stop by and when. Once you get a feel of how things work, get a window fan that sucks air out. [This is the one i used] ( and just make sure you smoke by the fan. Wont need anything other than that. Until then, just venture around the campus grounds to find a chill spot. Good luck and don't get caught!

u/seattleque · 2 pointsr/Seattle

I have something like this, but not quite so fancy:

The key that really helps is that you can have the blades run for both inbound, or one each direction. Really helps circulate the air with the outside.

u/Kes255 · 2 pointsr/hookah

I smoke in my office, pretty standard 10x10 room. I heat the coals out in the garage with a coil heater and blow on them outside before bringing in.

I also have one of these that I put in the window and set on exhaust. (both fans blow out) - And just to finish it out, I have this amazing thing that scrubs the air for whatever doesn't get pushed out the window. I close the door and let the air gap bring in fresh air from the house.

If I have to blow on the coals, I pull off the HMD, walk to the door, and blow the ash outside. I still have to wipe down my desk and vacuum every now and then but at least the house doesn't smell like smoke.

u/RedditAccount2416 · 2 pointsr/Homebrewing

I've got some of those cheapos that OP linked, but I really like this one

It can have 1 fan reversing and 1 fan blowing to exchange the air in the room which is a nice feature to have. I'm not sure how common that feature is, but might be good to have in a bathroom.

u/NotThorny · 2 pointsr/vancouver

I'd at least double all those numbers and leccy at step 2 is $0.12870 (this extra use of electric will be step 2). But yeah this is good advice, offer to pay for the electric you use, show the calculations and not to run the thing non stop.

Very popular LG 8000 BTU air con, 1040 Watts, $299:

And I calculate it at 100%, I've not seen a small air con unit trying to cool a room stop working in the Vancouver summer.

Or, I would invest in one or two of these instead:

u/gjs520820 · 2 pointsr/HomeImprovement

This is a good fan, but it only goes to 38" wide, but you could replace one slide with a wider piece.

u/PeterC18st · 2 pointsr/BuyItForLife

Try to use a whole house window fan.
[Whose House Window Fan](Air King 9166F 20” Whole House Window Fan

u/Han_Swanson · 2 pointsr/Seattle

Love the concept and execution. PSA to the lazy, try this instead:

Edit:Whoops, cut off the link. Fixed it.

u/ChefJoe98136 · 2 pointsr/Seattle

Looks interesting. I am particularly amazed with the $36 thermostat-based outlet control module that amazon recommended at the same time as looking at the AirKing.

u/Looseeoh · 2 pointsr/gpumining

AirKing 9166 20" Whole House Window Fan

I removed the plastic casing from it.

u/CyberDeity · 2 pointsr/NiceHash

I have that mounted on the window behind the rack where my miners are (spare bedroom upstairs). I leave the other window in that room open, and have this fan set to exhaust. It can pull a tremendous amount of air through that room. I have not been mining long enough to know how it will do in the summer, but if you think you can get by with a fan instead of AC, then this is the fan to get - don't waste money on those cheap plastic window fans sold at local stores, get this one and be done with it :-)

u/EatMoreCrisps · 2 pointsr/bikecommuting

Nope, I don't change. However, I can work in shorts in the summer. The key to remaining fresh is not whether you sweat a bit, but how clean you and your clothes are when you do.

If you sweat with a dirty body or clothes, you'll foster some pungent smells. If you shower in the morning and ride in in clean clothes, you're unlikely to generate any unpleasantness.

Some people refuse to believe this and get quite irate at the suggestion; I don't know why. My wife knows that it's very important to me that she tells me if I smell, and I've even asked our small children about it, with their sensitive noses... And believe me, they don't hold back their opinions.

The sweaty time is the time immediately after getting off, when the heat you generated isn't getting blown off by the breeze. For that a fan at the desk is good. I like these Zippi fans - nearly silent.

u/TootinOnPutin · 2 pointsr/battlestations

This fan. I didn’t want a fan with rigid blades because I didn’t want to have to worry about cleaning it.

u/aldokn · 2 pointsr/microgrowery

> Vornado fans

The Vornado Zippi, like this one?

u/doctor_hooha · 2 pointsr/nursing

I used a sleep mask in addition to my black out curtains because they don’t keep all the light out. I really love this one. And honestly you could just just this for a while and throw some blankets or whatever over your windows until you can afford black out curtains. It’s pretty comfortable and really blocks the light. I also have a powerful but small fan I run for white noise and just point it at the wall. It cancels out the construction been happening - similar to this one.

I’ve been working nights for two years and sometimes I am on a good schedule but mostly I feel like my sleep is always kinda messed up. I can make it with to for now but if you are really suffering get to days as soon as you can.

u/spacemannspliff · 2 pointsr/Frugal

Vornado fans- I don't know how they do it, but a medium Vornado circulator moves more air in my apartment than 3 old box fans. They are quiet, and last forever. Don't buy the knockoffs that look similar, they don't work nearly as well.

u/telepathetic_monkey · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
  1. The most amazing bed!. No explanation needed.

  2. The perfect snack. It'll full your belly up and it's a light snack compared to sweet and savory stuff.

  3. Cupcakes!

  4. Elephant night light.

  5. For my son, a box fan helps him stay asleep. If it's turned off in the night, guaranteed he'll wake up 5 or 6 times, with it on, he usually wakes up once, if that!


    She used to say she could taste sleep and that it was as delicious as a BLT on fresh French bread.
u/heavyhitter5 · 2 pointsr/dogs

Have you thought about getting a box fan like this one?

You'll be able to leave the window open, get extra air circulation, and block the opening from derpy Evel Knievel dogs all at the same time.

u/ch0riz0 · 2 pointsr/Frugal

Buy a 20 inch box fan such as this model.

Buy any 20 inch by 20 inch air filter such as these examples.

Get some duct tape and affix the air filter to the back of the box fan.

It may not look that pretty, but your wallet will be happy.

u/Kabong · 2 pointsr/3Dprinting

I've tried a number of different ducts (this one and this one along with fans of various sizes and CFM ratings and haven't found anything that works satisfactorily. I've gone all the way up to mounting a 40mm x 40mm x 28mm fan on the x-carriage and that gives the best result, but still not good enough. I also tried putting a big 120mm fan on the back of my printer, but that didn't do much either.

The only thing that's given me acceptable results is taking a small desk fan like this and sitting it right in front of the printer.

u/Freeflyer18 · 2 pointsr/microgrowery

I've been using (4) of these 8" Lil' Blizzard fans 24/7 for about 3 years straight, and they have been nothing but rock solid(knock on wood). You would have to customize a mount for your tent pole, but it's completely doable and has a really ideal amount of airflow(2 speeds) in the 4x4 or smaller environment. This is my setup in veg. I also run this same thing under my flowering tents canopy.

u/arsfarsy, u/Jortear thought you might be interested as well

u/SeafoodDuder · 2 pointsr/Advice
u/soproductive · 2 pointsr/technology

It's not quite small enough to be a desk fan (it could fit, it might be too much), but it's compact and still moves a lot of air for its size. I've had this same fan for over 7 years now and it still works great, I'm using it right now.

u/quacktards · 2 pointsr/AirBnB

I would suggest having a friend or family member stay in your unit for a night or 2 and provide feedback about everything (temp, amenities, etc). To me 78 feels crazy high for Florida but I'm in the midwest. Even here I sleep at 70. Also sorry about the link. Maybe this one will work but if not, I was referring to a 6" clip fan.

u/onebigsmile · 2 pointsr/DentalSchool

I'm a current D2. I don't think it needs to be dental specific (like a tooth keychain or something silly like that). More practical gifts seem to be better like a contigo mug ( ), these are like the best mugs and they keep your coffee or drink warm for a really long time. You could get her a mini fan to take with her into her operatory clinic or simulation clinic. Our's get really hot and sometimes people bring in their own fans and put them on the counter next to them: something like this .
Other than things like that just get her small things that will make her comfortable like fuzzy socks or better yet, buy things for you both that will create experiences. Examples would be concert tickets for you both, a trip somewhere, bed and breakfast for a night or weekend, etc.
hope some of this helps

u/KindaMexican · 2 pointsr/microgrowery

Here's a shopping list for my current set-up. It's an extra small closet grow, but that's what i have to work with. You don't have to get exactly everything on this list, but you can use this for reference for your own grow!
Ill be running 1 plant at a time for now, with this set up.

Clip On Circulation Fan 6" -

Ventech 440 CFM Exhaust Fan + Carbon Filter

5 Gallon Fabric Pot -

Programmable Digital Timer Switch -

pH Calibration Solution -

Digital PH Meter -

130w Cheap-o LED (TEMPORARY) -

2x2x4 Grow Tent -

Seaweed Extract 11% -

Thermometer/Humidity Meter -

u/DailyDabs · 2 pointsr/microgrowery

After more research im looking at

For Veg I will get a 2x2x4.5 tent Topo grow kit

I plan to run a CMH at 4200k (Phillips).

For flower I will get a 3x3x7 ( I’d increase to 8)

I plan to run a CMH at 3100k (Phillips)

Air pump for the DWC ( I would one for each tent)

I found -

For circulation I found ( I would buy one for each tent)

And would add two of these fans into each tent

Have a basic titan mechanical timer ( 2 of them) 4 vivosun air stones 4x2 2 Digital humidity / temp reader 4 - 5gal buckets

Any concerns ? Thus far purchase is at $1600

u/snmnky9490 · 2 pointsr/microgrowery

Oh it looked pretty far in pic #29. You can still probably lower it to just a few inches away if its only a 90 watter, especially because LED and fluorescents are a more diffused source of lighting. I have a 400W HPS only 12 inches from the tops of mine with no burning, and CFLs and T-5s less than a half-inch away with no burning.

Regardless of how close they are, I'd also recommend a cheap small internal circulation fan like this or whatever you can find at a store near you, for the flowering area. It will improve stem strength, reduce chances of mold/mildew/algae/some types of bugs, and often keep temperatures down by helping your ventilation system.

u/stay_shiesty · 2 pointsr/bonnaroo

Here you go. Only ~$7 right now too.

u/amanzarak · 2 pointsr/camping

Here are two different sized fans I have used. Both have run at least 3 nights in a row without running out of power. The larger one especially moved a decent amount of air in my opinion. I was by myself, however, and not in texas in the summer.

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/ElectricForest

Don't do the 6 for $45
Just add 5 of them to your cart and they will come out to around $30

u/Le_Steve_French · 2 pointsr/vandwellers

Leaching onto parent question:
Say i had a 12V car battery like this

and a blower fan like this or more simply an oscilating fan like this

How do I figure out how long the battery would let the fan run on a single charge? As in not hooked up to solar or the car battery.

Any help with how to calculate this would be very appreciated, a fan seems very crucial

u/anonym0ose · 2 pointsr/bicycling

Blower fan in front of you would help, maybe have some DIY vents in the goggles.

u/aspenextreme03 · 2 pointsr/triathlon

Lasko 4900 Pro-Performance High Velocity Utility Fan-Features Pivoting Blower and ...

u/smithtys · 2 pointsr/Velo

I use this one (~$90). It works so well that I sometimes have to turn it off as I get too cold w/it even on the lowest setting during all but the hardest workouts. Very happy w/ the purchase.

u/ZombieRapist · 2 pointsr/microgrowery

You might want a fan speed controller, unless you just want to always run it full blast.

Ratchet rope hanger can be helpful for adjusting light height. Also something to hang your fan... I went with paracord since I already had a bunch.

Smart/fabric pots are a popular option.

Some sort of fan(s), the small clip on ones are popular, can also go for the standing oscillating ones or a small one like this

A tent that small will limit you, I'd spring for a slightly larger one unless you really have space constraints.

u/nonconformistnugget · 2 pointsr/college

Swiffer's are pretty great for cleaning floors and they aren't expensive. Also get a small vacuum for any carpeting. If you like coffee, definitely get a Keurig. If you're in an area that has cold winters, a comforter for your bed will be important (there are some really cute ones at Target). For when it's warmer out, having a small fan will help the air in your room circulate better. As for LED light strips, this one from Amazon worked really well for me.

u/Pseudogenesis · 2 pointsr/ADHD

Okay, listen. I know The Truth. The One Great Truth. and I'm going to share it with you. Ready? Here it is:


Yes, fans. Those things that push air around. Get a reliable little 10+ inch personal fan for ~15 bucks, like this or this. It'll last you years.

Now, I know what you're thinking. Fans, really? That's the ultimate truth of the universe?

Yes. Fans are everything.

You only need one. Put it on a stand next to your bed, about 1-2 feet away from where your face will be. Aim it properly, turn it on, wrap yourself up and enjoy pure bliss. Your body will be warm and your face will be caressed by a pleasant cool breeze for the entire night. Hot flashes? Who gives a shit? Just turn that baby up one notch and go back to sleep. Boom, done.

It's not an exaggeration when to say that for me, sleeping with a fan is at least twice as easy and enjoyable as without. I've been sleeping this way for at least a decade.

Here are just a few bullet points in case you're not completely head over your heels in love with fans yet.

  • They practically block out all noise, cutting through distractions and allowing you to sleep through everything but your alarm clock.

  • They keep your face pleasantly cool, and provide a little cooling to your upper body as well, depending on how many covers you have.*

  • They make it easier and more comfortable to breathe

  • They astound your friends and make your enemies jealous

  • They provide a soothing canvas of white noise for you to project your dreams upon.

  • They cure cancer

    Don't listen to the Koreans. Sleeping with a fan on won't hurt you. If anything it will make you stronger. Praise the fan.
    * ^(Note: Depending on your climate this may not necessarily be a good thing. I am not responsible for any bodily injury, psychological damage, or freezing you may incur)
u/Deathnerd · 2 pointsr/misophonia

I use just a standard Lasko box fan in my current room. Back when I was relegated to a desk fan, the black Honeywell fans are awesome machines that won't break the bank.

u/Cyno01 · 2 pointsr/interestingasfuck

Yeah, once i saw them in person it took about five seconds to figure out how they worked and were instantly less impressive.

I think maybe without even realizing it Dyson is playing on peoples memories of that Sharper Image thing from a while back and they think its some crazy sci fi stuff with charged wires moving the air.

If you need a small fan i can guarantee this is better than the dysons by any metric.

u/AhmadCBR · 2 pointsr/Trackdays

It feels much better when you put the helmet on and it is very cool. This is the one I have, it rotates up and I just place my helmet on it until the next session.

u/Doomnahct · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

How about one of these? Bigger is better right?

u/johnnychronicseed · 2 pointsr/microgrowery

You might want a little bigger fan for flowering. Something like this maybe.

What is your plan for controlling the smell?

u/Hazreal · 2 pointsr/Cruise

Something I rarely see suggested is bringing a fan for your room. Something like this. depending on your room some can get a little stuffy and having the fan to help circulate air around really helps.

u/yellsie · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

This one is pretty nice Also Target has a box fan for 15 bucks and works well.

u/CBML50 · 2 pointsr/Dogtraining

Have you tried specifically desensitizing him to the noises? I know this can be hard in an apartment where there are SO MANY noises and some that the pup can hear and you can't but it can be a start. Kikopup has a good video.

I live in an apartment as well and after about 2 months of "settling in" time my dog started barking at everything. How much exercise is he getting? What kind of dog is he? Sometimes they bark for boredom or attention when they normally wouldn't if they're too wound up. Honestly, upping exercise and general stimulation will likely help a lot.

Another we did that helped A LOT was the relaxation protocol. My dog is far more relaxed inside now, even if his needs haven't been 100% met in terms of exercise and training for the day.

In the mean time, I would get a small fan and run it in wherever he is hanging out. It'll create some constant, consistent noise and drown out some of the other things he's hearing (neighbors tuning a key in their apt 3 floor up)

u/i_heart_blondes · 2 pointsr/AskMen

I got one of these off of amazon and it's pretty good for the price. There's a larger 15 inch model.

If the factory is super hot + humid and you'd probably want to invest in a blower fan.

u/boomerFranck · 2 pointsr/Fitness

Get a small fan for under your desk.

I'm in Florida and workout before going to a professional office. Also, I am a world-class sweater. This made the difference for me.

u/Jessiesmind · 2 pointsr/Teachers

I have two of these in my house. They're small, powerful, quiet and can be angled up/down to push the air where you need it to go.

I bought them several months back for about $13.00 each and see they are now $10.00 each. I felt the price I paid was excellent - for $10.00 these are a steal.

Edited to add - I bought the black, 11 inch ones.

u/2capp · 2 pointsr/Seattle

My place is almost always warmer inside than out :( I got a Vornado 660 last year and have not regretted it one bit. It's pricey but it's built like a tank and there's nothing like having a constant breeze in your place on demand. I replaced a three fan setup that was noisy as hell with that and a box fan.

u/ApocalypseTroop · 2 pointsr/malelivingspace

I use the Vornado 660. Not exactly super stylish but it recirculates air around your room.

u/IamAbc · 2 pointsr/INEEEEDIT

Because they’re cheap. I have this Vornado CR1-0121-06 660 Large Whole Room Air Circulator Fan, Black and it works way better than any shitty tower fan, oscillating fan, box fan etc.

I just have it in the corner of my room pointing up towards my bed and it pushes a lot of air

u/ihaveascreenname · 2 pointsr/hackintosh

I ended up getting the Hyper 212 Plus because I read some reviews that said it was quieter than the Evo. I've never had an Evo, so I have no basis of comparison, but I just installed the Plus last night, and it was definitely quieter all day today than the stock cooler I took out of there.

On a separate but related note - I have a quad monitor setup, with 2 GPUs, 3770k, and WD Black, so my office gets pretty hot. The old fan I was using to cool the room was too loud for me to keep it on when having meetings on Skype. So I ordered a Vornado 660. On the lowest setting, it keeps me nice and cool, and is damn near silent, even from up close. So quiet in fact, that after I bought it, that's when I decided to replace the stock CPU cooler, as that was then the loudest thing in the room. So, I definitely recommend that Vornado - worth every penny.

u/drewskey · 2 pointsr/cycling

Cheap? Check.

Works well? Check.

Long life? No idea.

It's worked well for me.

u/joethehoe27 · 2 pointsr/BuyItForLife

Stanley 655704 Multi Purpose Pivoting Utility Fan

for circulating air I would recommend something in this style rather then a tower. if you just want a breeze on you then other styles are better

u/arise420 · 2 pointsr/SpaceBuckets

I'd have to dig up the posts but you need to hit at least 70-90cfm in high static pressure design, and you have to pull through the filter for it all to work. By "pull through" I mean your air needs to get sucked into the filter's walls and pulled out the flange. It is most efficient that way. I personally use this fan and run it at about 70-80 cfm. The reason why you don't need a huge fan is because a 5-gal bucket is less than one cubic foot of space, compared to 48cf in a small tent, or hundreds for a small room.

I also think that you're defining "stealth" a little too broadly and it's skewing your expectations. It almost sounds like you're upset at us for false advertising or something. Spacebuckets designed a certain way could sit next to other stuff in a garage or closet and not stick out. Smaller ones can be taken out to your car in a pinch without disrupting the grow too much. Not wanting to broadcast your grow by hiding its smell and sound -- definitely falls under OpSec.

If price is a huge concern, I'd save up more and start with a bigger budget.

u/h22lude · 2 pointsr/Homebrewing

Muffin fan. Comes with plug instead of PC hook up.

I installed this on top of 4" diameter piece of duct or PVC. I cut a slot in the bottom. This pulls the cold air from the bottom and pushes up top.

u/Sammy42 · 2 pointsr/SpaceBuckets


2 black 32 gallon trash cans from Home Depot

black gorilla tape

1 black lid

1 grey brute lid- has actual flat top on lid which makes light mounting easy...

rotary tool- drill bit and cutoff tool

3 cans of white spray paint + primer

300w mars

24 hour timer

surge protector


90 degree black PVC elbows(top one is 5" pvc I think??? street style(?) has longer bend, bottom one is 4")

bottom half of brute is set up as drain pan

With the lids, I wanted some way to keep the light well ventilated and cool, but also not slide around so I made hole just big enough for the lights to shine through on bottom flat lid and then I cut off everything sticking up on black lid and mounted that on top with a larger hole.

Bucket is in closet where temps are currently 77 F inside and outside bucket. The temp of the room connecting to the closet is about 2-4* cooler and the closet door is open. However I am running a 40w CFL way above the rooting clone which probably isn't helping temps.

I currently have my original clone in the bucket but since it is not the healthiest plant and I've learned a lot since getting it, I have a clone on the side that I'm waiting for to root and then I will put it in smartpot with coco, throw out old plant, and start fresh with my new setup and knowledge.

Biggest issue I'm having is the exhaust fan is rather loud and I'm not sure what product to buy to slow it. The fan has an AC plug on it. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Big thanks to this sub for inspiration, knowledge, and help with my builds!

u/Wyo-Patriot · 2 pointsr/Homebrewing

I actually found one on Amazon that has a normal AC plug on it. Others are USB. I've tried ones that you wire yourself but seems like I can never figure it out.

u/Seto_Sora · 2 pointsr/Gunpla

I got it on Amazon.

u/Guslet · 2 pointsr/microgrowery

I use this hurricane in my 1.6x3 ft tent: and I have a couple of these in my 4x4 with another tower fan.

u/xnoom · 2 pointsr/Homebrewing

>Another tip I'll add is don't use a muffin fan for circulating air. Something like this:

clicks link

"You purchased this item on December 17, 2018."

Well shit.

u/Gideon_Drake · 2 pointsr/SpaceBuckets

If you ever care to look at numbers to give you an idea (the next time you build a bucket or upgrade perhaps?) check for CFM (cubic feet per minute, higher=better.) Some fans will be better despite being USB, PC might be tend to be stronger due to the 12V vs. 5v issue discussed below.

That said, why limit yourself to USB? I didn't feel like doing any wiring (aside from reversing the fan in my LED UFO) and so bought two of these and am planning on plugging them in directly to my power strip, as I am currently building.

u/UpstairsChange · 2 pointsr/camping

I ordered this fan from Amazon based on a couple of youtube videos that I watched looking for a tent fan, runs on D batteries. It's fairly large, so only consider it if you're not traveling far.

u/zLx22 · 2 pointsr/ElectricForest
u/CannabisPrime420 · 2 pointsr/microgrowery

If you get a clip on fan like this:

you can move it around to get the best angle on the plants, also is really quiet

u/Wiley_Jack · 2 pointsr/haworthia

Most of my indoor growing has been in a cool garage under some old 24” T-12 fixtures with a combination of daylight and ‘grow spectrum’ tubes. A couple of years ago I wanted to try LED, so now I also have a small (10”x22”) flat of misc succulents and bulbs under a Fluence Bioengineering Ray22 in ‘PhysioSpec Indoor’ spectrum.

I mainly got the fan in order to cool the LED lamp, and I have it mounted at the end of the setup, directed downward at a low angle over the lamp. Even though it’s on ‘Low’ and doesn’t blow directly on the plants, the air movement completely changed indoor growing for me. I can water with impunity now, the tops of the plants dry off quickly, everything is healthier, and the plants tolerate a soil mix with more moisture-retention. At first I had some rooted cuttings in that flat with an all-mineral soil mix, and they required almost daily watering.

Edit; The fan is on the same timer as the lights. I can run the fluorescents as close to the plants as I want, some are under 3” away, the leaves of others grow up between the tubes. 6” seems to be good for the LED, any closer and I start to see a lot of reddish coloration.

u/jasonbrown23 · 2 pointsr/microgrowery

two in the back there ok

intake this one is better

u/vagabondadventure · 2 pointsr/GoRVing

I have two of these that work well enough as clip-in and can stand on a flat surface.

SkyGenius Battery Operated Clip...

I’m sure there are a lot of similar types, this is just one such model I picked up.

u/camelia1926 · 2 pointsr/beyondthebump

We recently did a trip with our 4-month-old, and it was fine! I brought her chair and SnuggleMe pillow that she sleeps in. I LOVE the sit-me-up chair, and it's lightweight and folds up easily, so it's not a hassle to travel with it. It was good to pop her in when I was getting ready and to bring her in the bathroom with me. The hotel had cribs available and set one up in the room for us. To bring all the stuff up to the room, I used a ring sling and asked for a luggage cart that I loaded up. Backpack on my back. You can unload everything and then put baby back in the carseat and go park.

If you're pumping or using bottles, you might want to have an AC adaptor for your car and bring travel size soap and an on-the-go drying rack and bottle brush. I also brought a small fan for LO, since I've dealt with a lot of wonky AC units in hotel rooms.

Ask for your room to have a microwave and fridge! I would order from Ubereats/GrubHub/Favor or something like that instead of room service. Or if the hotel has a restaurant, call in your order to pick it up downstairs and save some $$$.

Good luck!

u/Nezrite · 2 pointsr/RVLiving

Clip-on fan, some cute RV thing from Etsy (there's a TON, I was shopping there today), floor mats for inside and/or outside (we're ALWAYS stepping on gravel from our shoes inside), a cinnamon broom because it doesn't take up space and makes things cosier, all the Command hooks you can grab...

u/workingsn · 2 pointsr/WaltDisneyWorld take that. i just came back a couple of days ago - july heat. most people i spoke to said the cooling towels did not work. and please use sunscreen. get a good stainless steel water bottle and go up to quick services to ask for a cup of water.

u/Boilermaker7 · 2 pointsr/WaltDisneyWorld

A battery powered hand fan (Like this one: It maks a huge difference on those 100 degree, 100% humidity days.

u/purgedreality · 2 pointsr/orlando

My SO gets hot very quickly and would love to keep the A/C at 70-71, but for the last two summers she has been spot cooling with one of these and it's worked out -very- well. Like I can bump it to 76. She rarely needs to use the high setting and doesn't need to recharge it that often. Great to take to the theme parks too. Don't forget to keep those blinds closed and don't use the oven!

u/amethystjade15 · 2 pointsr/washingtondc

Bookmarking this for the great ideas, because I am also a gross sweaty mess by the time I get to work.

My suggestion is a personal fan. I got this one from Amazon ( and was impressed at how effective it actually is. (It’s blowing on me RIGHT NOW at my desk).

u/ShinyAltec · 2 pointsr/rccars

Hey no problem, open the transmission area, see what size pinion is in it - and let us know, it's usually printed or stamped on it somewhere. Also take note of the size of your motor shaft, some are 5mm some are smaller.

It should be a 48P setup, most redcats are, but the owner could have put something different in it...

I can likely link you to a spur / pinion that should heat it slower but you will lose top speed a bit. So if you want that speed, you're gonna have to buy a rechargable field fan, just a little pocket fan and stick it under the lexan every 5 minutes or so for 5 minutes or so : )

the one I got was like 11 bucks(14 my bad), lasts 3 hours on the highest speed, and puts out a ton of air it just cools everything, sometimes I even strap it in and just leave it running lolz while I bash (also if it's a hot day, some water on the neck / forehead and the fan is tits bananas!) this what I use on my rigs that are tuned to temp out if bashed hard - I just use some velcro straps and hope for the best, seems to work better than little tiny dedicated fans.

u/UserM16 · 2 pointsr/flashlight

I decided to wrap it clear incase I forget that there's no markings on the body and try to peel off the wrap to peak inside again. One down side is that if the wrap starts to wear out, it's hard to tell without a close inspection. Luckily that battery came with and lives inside the handheld fan which gets charged via micro usb. What's crazy to me is that the fan has a overcharger/discharge circuit built in. Best $13 I spent this summer!

u/ClosetCaseGrowSpace · 2 pointsr/microgrowery

I dry for ten+ days at 60%, and IMO it's almost impossible to get a bad result if you do it like I do. I use an Inkbird RH controller connected to a blower and a humidifier to hold my dry tent very steady at 60% RH. I hang my colas for ten days plus. My herb is ready for trimming and jarring at 10 days, but it doesn't matter at all if I leave it in there for ten weeks. I don't check stems for dryness- I just give it 10 days or more. My herb usually ends up spending 14 or 21 days in the dry tent because I do most of my garden work on weekends.

I trim my bud in front of the TV with the room humidified to 60%. I keep a hygrometer on the coffee table. That way I don't have to worry about my herb drying out as I trim. I use clear 1 quart wide-mouth Mason jars. I fill them to 3/4 which is about an ounce. You need enough room in the jars to shake free the nugs when they stick together.

Good luck, brother. I hope you get a real nice result.

Burping/curing: You want a dark place to store your jars that you can easily access each day. Ideally you want temps at 55F-75F. Curing isn't magic. It's mainly just the process of chlorophyll breaking down and gassing off. Here's how I burp a pound of weed in 5 minutes- Pick up jar, shake, loosen lid, put down jar, repeat for all jars. Remove all of the lids and set aside. Use a personal fan like this to blow out the jars. Re-lid and your done.

I burp daily for the first two weeks. Every other day for the next two weeks. Twice a week for the next two weeks. One a week from week 6 to 12. Once a month after that. You will have harsh but smokeable weed that probably wont give you a headache after three weeks of cure. You will have weed that smokes like like decent street/dispensary weed at six weeks. Your shit really starts smoothing out at 3 months. At six months you are at peak cure and quality.

u/jetah · 1 pointr/gpumining

there are window unit dual fans that work similar to a window AC.

here's an example:

tagging /u/SleetonFire too.

u/leavesontrees · 1 pointr/funny

Growing up, I had this window fan. You can set the thermostat so it shuts off when the temperature drops below a certain point.

Growing up without A/C, it was GLORIOUS.

u/myownalias · 1 pointr/homelab

I would consider at least sheetrocking the inside of the comms closet (no need for mud and painting). Exposed insulation will generate a lot of dust from air movement and vibration in the house. Your equipment and your family don't need it. Second, exposed studs will transmit some noise. A cheap way to improve the sound isolation is to build a double stud rock wool wall, basically 2x4s on a 2x6 sill. Let the interior sheet rock absorb the sound.

400 watts of heat in a 35 sq ft room is a lot (imagine 4 people spending several hours in that room, in summer). You're definitely going to need ventilation if you don't want equipment fans to ramp up, especially being in a well insulated room. I would suggest playing around with your layout so you can have the closet ventilate into the unfinished area without ducts, which restrict flow.

You probably want to run cable conduit where you have a finished ceiling, so locating the panel near the unfinished area may cut down on that expense.

The electrical panel will also require a minimum 3 ft in front, 30 inches wide to meet electrical code. With the rack in place, the 5 ft of that room probably isn't enough.

In your diagram, you haven't made it easy to access the back of the rack. If you're working on the rack, you will soon appreciate having 30 inches of space behind it. You would probably also enjoy a workbench big enough to hold a rack mount server, in front of the rack. You could build storage above and below the workbench. A wall mounted screen would be nice.

If it were me, I'd extend the closet all the way to the brown bench(?) and drop the reading nook. Put a low and a high vent by the laundry equipment side for ventilation. Maybe instead of the top vent, get a dual fan with thermostat. I'd put the rack against the exterior wall, with the back of the rack close to the electrical panel, so you can use the access space twice. I'd put a work bench on the outside wall where the chair is (leaving enough space to install a server in the rack). I would leave the patch panel where it is or mount it between the electrical panel and the back of the rack, and run a cable tray overhead from the patch panel out to the unfinished basement. You could easily drop cables for the rack, etc. I'd have the door to the room open into the office, opposite the work bench.

If you put the 18' wall closer to the orange thing, the extra space would let you make a W arrangement for desks instead of a J. This will be very useful if you ever have someone working with you, or maybe two people playing games. Instead of the top part of the J, you could have the reading nook there. If the storage closet is all shelves of computer stuff, I'd move the space to the comm closet and save a wall and door. If it's other things, I'd open it to the unfinished area instead.

From personal experience, I'd avoid square inside corners on the desks. Definitely spend the time/money on circular shapes on the inside corners as it will make it possible to arrange a keyboard and mouse at any angle. You probably want about a 20" radius.

Just my thoughts. You have a fun project ahead!

u/pearlhart · 1 pointr/pics

I feel you. As a city dweller, I have come to love a window exhaust fan so I can have my windows open. It's not ideal, but it works.

u/boklos · 1 pointr/gpumining

That's very insightful advice for grow tent.
But what do you think for (without tent) solution? I have 2 small windows in my basement. If I put 2 windows fan like these:
Bionaire Twin Reversible Airflow Window Fan with Remote Control

And a strong large fan at the end of basement ( close to door) like this:
Vornado 660 Large Whole Room Air Circulator Fan

Would it work?

Like I said I really wanna find other solution other then the tent IF POSSIBLE.
Considering that I don't have like 100gpus, but only 9 up to 27.

u/Costco1L · 1 pointr/Cooking

I don't have a vent at all (nor a dishwasher--stupid NYC rental apartments), but I do have a window near the stove. So I bought one of these window fans, which can blow air pretty forcefully out at the flip of a switch. Real lifesaver; I used to smoke up the hallway something fierce if I made steak. Still not as bad as the lady upstairs' fish.

u/enkrypt0r · 1 pointr/lifehacks

I would tend to disagree as far as the window fans are concerned. I have two windows upstairs and each of them has one of these fans in it, and they're incredible.

The windows are on opposite sides of the house, but there is a straight path between them, and I've found that having one intake and one exhaust keep it extremely cool in the summer. I used to be unable to sleep upstairs in the summer because of the heat, but now it's super nice.

u/jonnichols · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Something like this:

They sell some at Walmart for like $20 (that don't have a remote and fancy control screens). It allows you to make one fan blow out and one blow in, which circulates the air a bit.

u/Pays_in_snakes · 1 pointr/AskNYC

Your best bet is one of these

u/sideshow_em · 1 pointr/news

Window fans are your friend. Check amazon. You want one that reverses direction so you can bring the cooler air in at night, and then if you can circulate the air during the day, it will prevent your apartment from turning into an oven.

This is the one I have.

u/pavlov101 · 1 pointr/HomeImprovement

If it cools down in your area at night, I would get a window fan. Cant recommend this one enough.

u/kimmmmmm · 1 pointr/NoStupidQuestions

Do you want a solution or just BlahBlahBlah?
If you want a solution.......

u/Semi-Pro_Biotic · 1 pointr/orchids

u/sabrasaver · 1 pointr/lifx

Would I be able to use this to control a non-smart device like a window fan that is operable with a remote control. I just would like to be able to turn it on and off. I know I can use a smart plug to turn the fan off, but a smart plug isn't able to turn it back on. For reference, this is the fan I'm trying to make into a "smart fan" with the flic hub:

u/TheAnusOfSauron · 1 pointr/HomeImprovement

If there is a window in the garage, I cannot recommend a window fan enough.

I have this fan and it is great:

Since it is in the window, it is forcing air in, or out.

u/SirWebster · 1 pointr/Pets

Came here to suggest that. Though this model Bionaire Window Fan with Twin 8.5-Inch Reversible Airflow Blades and Remote Control, White

It's wirecutters top pick for a number of reasons. Other than the digital controls it also is more powerful and quieter than cheaper options.

The biggest thing for me is that switching it from pulling air in to pushing air out is just a push of a button instead of having to flip it around.

u/BlueBottleTrees · 1 pointr/trees

You're totally fine.

I used to use an exhaust fan similar to this that fit in a, partially open window. Blowing the smoke straight out when you are smoking is especially good when heating/cooling costs are an issue compared to leaving a window open for longer periods.

Bionaire Window Fan with Twin 8.5-Inch Reversible Airflow Blades and Remote Control, White

u/agent_of_entropy · 1 pointr/HomeImprovement

Get a window fan. This one is reversible w/ a remote control. Blow out when smoker is smoking, blow in otherwise.

u/KoreaKoreaKoreaKorea · 1 pointr/buildapc

Ok few more comments!

  1. Yes, small AC units are expensive and have high monthly electricity charges. But! A dual fan window unit can do wonders to suck hot air in that room out, and draw more cool air in from the rest of the house. Link: Dual Window Fan.

  2. Can you bring the PC downstairs since this is a source of income? It kinda sucks you have to sit in 85 degree heat while playing, especially if it's making you money.

  3. Caselabs cases are well under $2,000 haha. Their big monster case is like $800 or something. And that could probably fit like 4 pcs if you really wanted it to.

  4. That higher room temp is really killing your cooling temps isn't it? I know there is the thermal wall, but call me ignorant, I'd think you'd hit heat issues first if your ambient is 85f. I could be wrong though.

  5. You are correct about water cooling. A lot of it is for sound purposes. Link: Anantech Conclusion. I just wasn't sure on what other games you are playing.

  6. I'd find out if there are any other sponsors out there. Over at Bit-tech they are flooded with them. BUT you just have to be the right person. A streamer who already has sponsors is a damn good start.

  7. Companies I'd look into for sponsorship that constantly sponsor others

  • Swiftech
  • Corsair
  • EKWB (If you decide to water cool)
  • Bitspower (Another watercooling company)
  • Cooler Master

    Just to name a few off the top of my head. I would try to spruce up your Twitch page a little more first though, to show how you represent sponsors. Or make a dummy version of your twitch page to show them what it could look like with them sponsoring you.

    I've got millions of comments, but don't want to flood all at once.
u/TellTailWag · 1 pointr/NoStupidQuestions

I mean the simplest and most straight forward is better air circulation(unless the air outside is bad). Not sure whether it would be better to push air out or pull it in... Or you could get one that does both.

Bionaire Window Fan

I imagine that you could find a cheaper one, found this one with 30 sec of googling.

u/Justintime4hookah · 1 pointr/hookah

I think I was just gonna do this fan, that way it can really just pull the air out of the room, and then on the other window have a different fan that pulls air into the room.

I was also gonna set up a small lounge type area with some kind of divider probably.

u/cooksfor40humans · 1 pointr/internetparents

I use a whole house window fan. It moves A LOT of air, much more air then a couple window fans could. I run it all night with all but one window closed, at the opposite side of the house from the fan. In the morning the house is usually 65ish and I turn off the fan and close window, it stays at least 10 degrees cooler then the outside until the evening.

u/cheatonus · 1 pointr/HomeImprovement

I have a 2000 sq ft house, I put this in a 3rd floor window and it pulls air for the whole house. Don't buy the Lasko plastic fans (this one has steel blades). The plastic blades warp at high speed and don't push(pull) as much air.

u/cinred · 1 pointr/ecobee

I ended up installing a Air King fan into my attic crawlspace entrance. It's a powerful fan and you need good attic ventilation. I rarely turn it on more than low.

u/Ginger_IT · 1 pointr/electricians

Why don't you save yourself the trouble and buy this:

u/hath0r · 1 pointr/homeowners

Dunno if that would work for your situation, but it will remove all the hot air from the house rather quickly i think there is also a 16" version

u/Zirillian · 1 pointr/gpumining

These work well for me as a barrier in my window. Not sure how good it would be at capturing the dust you describe, but I have a giant 20" house fan as an exhaust pulling heat from the rig out of my house, and air flows through it just fine.

u/beowulfpt · 1 pointr/headphones

Isn't that velour like the 598? I found it much more tolerable and airy than leather or PUleather with warm weather (had 30c indoors a couple of weeks ago).

Buddy, you need a Vornado Zippi; It helped me on my listening sessions when there was no AC in the room/desk.

u/kateh01 · 1 pointr/HelpMeFind

Hello there!

Here's a small, personal fan that I've found for you.

Most of the reviews talk about how quiet and effective the fan works.

Costs £32.65 on Amazon UK

u/jbishop216 · 1 pointr/mildlyinteresting

It is - Vornado Zippi Personal Fan, Black

I own 3 of them and love them.

u/BoogerPresley · 1 pointr/washingtondc

It's much easier for guys- a lot of men's dress slacks are usually lightweight & breathable polyester, I'll wear that with a polyester polo (like a golf or soccer shirt) and then change into a collared work shirt at the office. That's probably not as viable an option for you, but if you can it makes a big difference. On really hot days you can hit it a few times with a spray water bottle and stick it in the freezer for 15 minutes prior to riding in. a soft-bladed desk fan works wonders. In addition, I have a small towel or two at the office and use baby wipes/rubbing alcohol + cotton pads. I also keep a can of soda in the office fridge- not to drink, but to press against myself to help cool down:/ A more upright cycling posture means you're less aerodynamic, but that also means more airflow and sometimes helps cool, but does little when it's 90℉+ and humid.

u/dposluns · 1 pointr/FFBraveExvius

I have one of these guys at home and may see if I can attach some sponge or something to one of the fabric blades:

u/JasonZX12R · 1 pointr/DIY

I bought one of these many years back. It would work well in the application, though it doesnt move quite as much air as a traditional fan.

u/neutral_cadence · 1 pointr/microgrowery

I have a Vornado fan in the mid/back of my room pointed to the ceiling. Room is 4'X4'X8' enclosure with two 300W LED lights (I'll get more watts in the future) and a 6" in-line exhaust with passive intake.

Circulates well, room is temp stable at around 82f degrees, humidity ranges from 38-60% depending on when I'm watering and misting. Tends to fall in the mid 40's most of the time.

u/jackjackj8ck · 1 pointr/Advice

I This fan is awesome

Like others have mentioned, keep your place as dark as possible, and make sure you have ice in your dogs water bowl.

The Vornado helped me a lot in LA, it felt way cooler (maybe 10 degrees F) after having it on for about 30-60mins

u/usedmyrealnamefirst · 1 pointr/NoStupidQuestions

If you don’t like the breeze and want to cool the whole room try one of these

I’m gonna get one before summer and from what I’ve read they cool the whole room better while also not blowing directly on you

u/workredditaccount5 · 1 pointr/techsupport

It should. I've actually got this problem now. I installed an Ryzen 2700x along with one of my GTX 1080s into an NZXT 200i as a test a couple of weeks ago and it overheats and shuts down almost instantly as soon as I try to launch a game. This is with the biggest AIO I could fit in it along with four 140mm fans installed. With the side off and this fan fan blowing in, temps stay low to mid 30s, even at full load.

u/theleverage · 1 pointr/vancouver

One of the Vornado fans up against the opened window would help a lot - I used to think they were overpriced normal fans but they're legit a huge help for room circulation, read the reviews.

u/KikiTheArtTeacher · 1 pointr/AskNYC

This is the fan you want. I had one gifted to me by a fellow fan officianado. It is extremely loud and drowns out all other noise. It’s fan function works well too

u/ifyoucantakeit · 1 pointr/Velo

Are you talking about this? I got one in addition to this Vornado and I have to admit I'm a bit underwhelmed, but it's so cheap that I really can't complain. The vornado on the other hand it's pretty good, but maybe not as powerful at the Lasko that they suggested you below.

u/ShittingOutPosts · 1 pointr/microgrowery

I can't really help you with a clip fan, but I've had a Vornado 630 running on full speed in each of my tents for over a year now, with zero issues. They're very well made. I won't hesitate to buy more in the future.

u/ChornWork2 · 1 pointr/SleepApnea

First suggestion is to address the snoring... not only bad for you, but good chance it is terrible for his/her sleep. Tried nasal strips or positional therapy (ie, learning to sleep on stomach, etc) yet? Beyond that there's oral appliances or cpap machines or more invasive procedures.

As far as addressing noise, suggest ear plugs and white noise. IMHO best is decent mid-sized fan, vornado is my pick after trying a few (like this one). Also there are a bunch of white noise machines if you don't like the breeze... probs can find an app that does it over speakers if you want to try it out.

u/Slukaj · 1 pointr/Purdue

Like others have said, the lack of AC is only really a problem for the first 2-3 weeks and the last week. It's best to bring a pair of box fans (like so) between yourself and your roommate and set them on the window sill blowing in.


  • Tark-Mart (Boiler Junction). Holy hell the Tark-Mart. You can literally walk to a mini-grocery store in nothing but your PJs without going outside. Want 12 packs of soda? Got it. Donuts? Got it. Frozen foods? Got it. Milk shakes? Got it. Chips? Condoms? Shampoo? Office supplies? Candy? Power Aid? THEY GOT IT.
  • Dorm-wide WiFi. Tarkington (at least in 2012-2013) was the pilot for a WiFi implementation of ResNet. If you're too cheap for a wireless router, this'll save you some money.
  • Excellent community. Seriously, easily one of the best, most open communities of all campus res halls. Made some great friends in my time there.
  • The CoRec is right across the street, making for easy workouts.
  • Wiley and Ford, the two closest dining courts (within 3 minutes of the dorm by foot) are hands down the best on campus.
  • ~10 minute walk to the Engineering campus if you hustle.


  • The AC issue is probably the largest.
  • The building is a bit on the older side, so don't be surprised when facilities (like plumbing) choke or get dirty rapidly. Then again, it is a men's dorm.
  • The Boiler Special will drive up Jischke and N. Stadium every Saturday morning during football season, blasting its horn and party music. It will wake you up, I guarantee it.
u/zenbyte · 1 pointr/vandwellers

Personally - this is the best bang for the buck - Here

u/BOLDtv · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

I am not sure I understand. Is it too hot in your room? Is the PC running too hot?

Just buy a box fan and makeshift something to make it airtight in your window.

Something like this:

Or try a hanging fan:

u/Enikay · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

Here you go

premium cooler, not sure why it wasn't included standard in your build tbh, seems like a major oversight.

u/jokochimpa · 1 pointr/techsupport

this should do it Laptop Cooling Fan

but seriously, you want something with a mesh. The bigger the fan the more air it can push and be run quieter. Nothing short of running it in a refrigerator is going to make too much of a difference if it's caked in dust. Get a can of air and try blowing it out in the vents.

u/masamunecyrus · 1 pointr/BuyItForLife

Have you considered one of these Holmes window fans? I've seen a ton of them at Goodwill, recently. Perhaps you could check your local Goodwill.

I have this Lasko box fan. It has a lot of power. It'll blow air, for sure. You aren't going to want to sit directly in its stream, though, or it'll dry out your throat and give you a headache. If it's cool outside, you can stick it on HIGH in the window, and your room will cool down in a couple of minutes.

If you need simple air circulation on the cheap, get a knock-off Vornado Honeywell air circulator. It'll move air around your bedroom fairly well. Just make sure you aim it across the room at a corner, like this.

You can also get a high velocity fan if you don't mind the noise.

u/pacamara · 1 pointr/beyondthebump

Oh, absolutely! I'm so glad this helped you. (I've got an October baby that's 5 months old now. It's a great month! Congrats!!)

Here's a bonus tip on peacefully quarantining cats: I came up with it because my husband and I had two cats who would keep us up all night, and if we shut them out of the bedroom, they would rattle the door and shred the carpet (in an apartment!!) until it had a big bald patch on it:

Shut the door and put a box fan in front of it. So easy! Here's an example, although I've seen them for around $20 other places

Some cats may not care... But this stopped ours from clawing under the door and making noise. They didn't like the air blowing in their faces. Also, bonus white noise! It was so simple, I was mad at myself for not thinking of it before permanent damage was done. Still, it saved us from losing our deposit on two subsequent apartments. :)

u/SKREAM · 1 pointr/litecoin

$27 for a 4" fan? He'd be better off with some of these, less noise and more airflow.

u/SkunkNinja · 1 pointr/SpaceBuckets

i've been doing some research myself and there's it has pretty wide area coverage, i used to have a cabinet grow using these fans. :D

u/Vierzwanzig · 1 pointr/cannabiscultivation

I have 2 of these, they are push a decent amount of air and I put a few holes into the base and have them zip tied to the walls.

u/ryan199523 · 1 pointr/microgrowery

Holmes 8-Inch Fan | Lil' Blizzard Oscillating Table Fan, Black

This one is working great! Doesn’t seem to run hot and has been on for about 3 weeks straight now

u/RogerStonesSantorum · 1 pointr/microgrowery

Half the price, doesn't need charging
blows hard

refurbished; even cheaper

u/Taiva5 · 1 pointr/hockeygoalies

Honestly a couple small fans do the trick for me.

I hang or lay everything out so that it's get some air flow, spray everything with an odour killer, and let the fans do the work.

This is the model I use:

I found it on sale in a local home store for like $18, bought two ten years and never looked back.

u/kizzle69 · 1 pointr/microgrowery

If you read my other comments, you will see that I have all 5 vents/holes open and in the 6th, I have this 8" fan blowign inward, on high.

It is still suctioned to the max.

I just went ahead and bought a 6" AC Infinity Cloudline T6 last night. It is only 330cfm vs the 750cfm the 8" inline fan is.

u/KevinSun242 · 1 pointr/NEU

The beds have little shelves that you can attach to the head (or you can request one from facilities if you don't have one.)

Or you can install a window fan, or I personally just had one of these that I put against the window.

u/sk9592 · 1 pointr/buildapc

This is a bit larger than those USB fans, but still able to reasonably sit on a desk. It moves a lot more air.

u/goofyskatelb · 1 pointr/microgrowery

Here is a small 8" one:

They work pretty well, I was using two for a good while. I recently upgraded to a tower fan

The tower fan is more powerful, quieter, and more efficient. It's worked super well for me! It takes up a good bit of space in my 2'x4'x6' tent, but I think it's worth it to have a fan, and it doesn't really take up much more floor space than the small 8" one (2x 8" fans take up more space than 1x tower fan). I hope this helps!

u/_sea_weed · 1 pointr/microgrowery

You mean Li’l Bleezy? You’ve got it, friend!
Holmes Lil' Blizzard 8-Inch Oscillating Table Fan

u/LustyRazor · 1 pointr/HomeImprovement

That is a small area.

Maybe a doorway fan would work (it's 7x7 inches)?

Or a clip-on fan you could mount to the window sill?

u/Numberoneallover · 1 pointr/microgrowery

Are they sucking air out of the tent or just out of the room?

Fans like this

Comfort Zone 6 Inch Clip-On Fan | Great for Table Tops, Night Stands and anywhere you need Light

Or like this?

VIVOSUN 4 Inch 203 CFM Inline Duct Ventilation Fan with Variable Speed Controller

Also, are you exhausting from the ports at the top of the tent or the bottom?

u/William_Carson · 1 pointr/microgrowery

4x4 tent with 4 plants and a decent veg time and you could get about a lb or maybe a little less every 5 months.

4x4 set up is a lot less than $1000

tent $100

light $170

exhaust fan $100

clip fans $20 - $40

You still need buckets and soil as well as seeds or clones, but the bulk of what you need is right there.

You could swap out the HID lamp for some leds easily enough. Or upgrade to slightly better quality items, but you can get started for pretty cheap if you want.

Add a second set up like this and you can go perpetual grow and harvest several times a year.

u/Delucabazooka · 1 pointr/microgrowery

Something like this? And huh I must have missed that :/ Thanks for bringing it up but still I don't think i need it for this grow and I don't feel like it would make anything easier either. still good to know tho.

u/jenesaisquoi · 1 pointr/ptsd

When I was living in West Africa, I had a little battery powered fan that I set on the mattress facing my head (and if I had had 2 I would have put one at my feet). That would be my first step. Put 2 fans (one top, one bottom) on the mattress facing him ( And don't use a top sheet at all. Any barrier will prevent the sweat drying. This is my "evaporate it as fast as possible idea"

The other idea I had is sweat-wicking fabric long sleeved shirts and pants? Not sure if it would help the issue but if it absorbed it instead of the sheets, then you would only have to wash those. Or like lay down a microfiber camping towel? This is the "pick your barrier" method.

The final idea I have is to invest in clinical grade deoderant and slather it on at night. No idea if that would be harmful though.

Full disclosure, I don't have night sweats. I just wanted to brainstorm.

u/eyesontheskydotcom · 1 pointr/camping

I've used these battery powered fans when it's been really hot while camping. With two set up to circulate air around the tent (it helps to have a large enough tent that there's room to place the fans on the floor), it's been fairly tolerable when the temperature here has been in the upper 70's / low 80's and very humid (25C to 28C). Not sure about much warmer than that - where I live it generally isn't over 82F (28C) at night.

u/Masterandcomman · 1 pointr/Seattle

Try something like this:

It's about as loud on the low setting as a normal box fan on medium, but the air flow is next level.

u/RhindleLAK · 1 pointr/Velo

I use a very similar Lasko blower, which I chose after seeing them at my LBS's CompuTrainer studio.

But if you really need the power, try what my buddy at work uses: Power Cat 1200XL.

u/Starbike666 · 1 pointr/Zwift

hmmm . . . . fans . . . . essential for indoors (you don't get the airflow you have biking outside) .. ... these are pretty good value one is good, two are ideal.

u/aManPerson · 1 pointr/AdviceAnimals

i meant to comment on this days ago. get him a small centrifugal/blower fan


they take air in from the side, and shoot it out in a straight beam. they are very direction. kinda neat.

or tell the parents about them. they could get him one as a present. keep in mind, the cheaper battery powered one is cheaply consturcted. after a week or so, mine developed a bit of a buzz/rattling noise while it's on.

u/goneBiking · 1 pointr/Velo

My fan looks similar to the Airking you mentioned. However I still find myself wishing I had more airflow, and tweaking the left/right angle of the fan to get max airflow on me. Where do you position your fan? Is it elevated, or floor level in front of your front wheel? I've been thinking of getting some like this air mover to compliment (or replace) the axial fan I have. I ride inside all year around, and probably spend total 60% of my training time inside...

u/kapkema · 1 pointr/woodworking

> I've seen a lot of discussion about the squirrel cage fans. I hadn't considered adding a fan and ventilating through the front and back of my garage. What fan do you recommend.

Something like this?


u/Mr_McGinty · 1 pointr/BitcoinMining

I have something similar to that setup but the fan wasn't enough to keep 4 7970's cool so I had to step it up a bit. I bought a fan that's used to dry floors and circulate air during home improvement projects. It works pretty slick and it's adjustable, not to mention it moves a boat load of air. I just have it blowing the heat out a window for the most part when it's not raining. Also got some risers of Amazon that work well.



^ Full disclosure, affiliate links

u/downztiger · 1 pointr/BuyItForLife

I don't know what type of fans you are interested in. The fan in the link is the one I have and its the best I have ever had the experience of using. It's quiet on its low setting, and it's high setting is very strong, and feels amazing after being in the heat all day.

u/bloodguard · 1 pointr/oakland

This fan. Turn it on high and aim it at you. If you want to be downright frigid get a spray bottle of water and mist yourself. The evaporative cooling will ice you down quick.

If something like the Noria ever actually launches and is reasonably priced I'd be tempted to get one for the bedroom.

u/Craysh · 1 pointr/KitchenConfidential

Looks like one of these without the stand.

u/Woraug · 1 pointr/gadgets

Fuck that. I'll spend $15 and get the same damn thing.

A 12" device that moves air.

u/snorkelbagel · 1 pointr/overclocking

Run it with the side panel off and the fan pointed inside. It is 100% going to fuck up the airflow in your case, but the static pressure of a desk fan is going to be orders of magnitude higher than most case fans, that the sloppy airflow matters a lot less.

I'm assuming you mean something like this:

Honeywell HT-900 TurboForce Air Circulator Fan, Black

u/ggggbabybabybaby · 1 pointr/nononono
u/AspiringNoobGrower · 1 pointr/microgrowery

Thanks for all the suggestions!

I was originally going to go on amazon and get a grow tent. My living situation changed since then which is why it took me a few months to get to this point. I now need a smaller solution which is why I thought about building the grow box. I looked for pre-built ones but anything half-decent is $500+ which is unacceptable for me at the moment.

Regarding the nutrients, I found plenty of "weed specialized" nutrients on the internet, but they are incredibly expensive to ship here and it's just more fluff. I read the same about the "time released" nutrients being no good, I will try to see if I can find that Fox starting soil everyone says is so great at ACE Hardware, and then see if they have non-time delayed nutrients like Dyna-Grow, but I doubt it.

I wrote down what you said about the pot sizes, this is what I've done least amount of research on, will try to get at least 4 plastic 10+ inch pots in the box. I really only want 4 plants max in this, so the biggest 4 pots I can squeeze in there will do.

Regarding the inline fan, I responded to /u/Cuicos above and I think I will get this inline fan instead:

Using the same ducting technique I described in my post.

I will also have this fan somewhere in the middle of the box or at the bottom where the intake is:

I really really can't spend anymore on this box, we're looking at 300 dollars now for the entire setup with the new fans. CFLs would be a good extra for my next grow, if my first grow is successful.

Thanks for all the advice!

u/breakbread · 1 pointr/AskReddit

Get a good fan. Something like this, though I'm sure there are cheaper alternatives. I don't even live in a noisy environment anymore but I've conditioned myself to sleeping with a fan on. I just turn it toward the wall because I don't want the air blowing directly on me, and let the noise drown out everything else. It's very peaceful once you get used to it.

u/EastWhiskey · 1 pointr/hockeygoalies

I have open plastic shelves in my laundry room that I store all of my gear on. I just run one of these smaller fans to keep the air flowing. I run it over night and turn it off in the morning.

u/grump_patient_0 · 1 pointr/mobileDJ

Alternatively, a semi-powerful desk fan in front of a fog machine filled with translucent haze fluid works well in a pinch. Directional Honeywell Desk Fan let's you point where things go too.

u/sandybarefeet · 1 pointr/Cruise

As mentioned, on many ships there is a retractable line. If there isn't I also recommend getting some heavy duty small magnetic hooks on Amazon (at least 25lbs strength or so probably) and some paracord and use that. The hooks come in super handy for other things too...we hung our key card lanyards on them so they didn't get lost and we'd pass them on the way out reminding us to grab them.

Anyway, no matter where we hung our clothes, they never seemed to dry. So the last time I cruised I brought a small fan in my carry on LIKE THIS . Best decision ever! Worth the spot it took up in my duffel bag. Very light, doesn't weigh much.

I'd aim the fan to where the clothes were hanging overnight, it helped give some nice air circulation in the cabin and also helps drown out hallway noises. We brought a small extension cord to make it easier to aim it where we wanted (in our case into the bathroom) And that was handy as well for the extra outlets to charge phones too. Just a regular extension cord, make sure it does not have a surge protecter.

With the fan the clothes would get dry no prob! You can leave fan on when you leave your cabin as well, just make sure to have a peace of paper or card in the switch by door so your elec doesn't turn off while gone. Our room steward said this was no problem.

u/Refractive_Recursion · 1 pointr/Amd

Pull the side cover on your case off. Point a fan blowing into the case ( something like this ) Raise your CPU fan to max speed.

Play your games and see if they crash.

If not you know your problem is temp related. If they continue to crash you have another problem.

Also check out this video

u/Chaos_Out · 1 pointr/MousepadReview

I'm actually using this right now to try and keep things cool on my desk/hand, as well as a giant tower fan to cool the area. Thankfully the extreme summer heat is coming to an end and won't have to worry about it as much, but then I'll be able to complain about my joints being so cold that it slows down my play! The joys of being an older gamer.

u/Lsdcrumbs · 1 pointr/SwagBucks

How about this one

12.59 with free shipping on orders over $25.

u/eriffodrol · 1 pointr/beermoney

get some wood or even cardboard

make a simple frame box with vertical slots to hold tablets

attach pc fan to the end so it blows across the surface, or use small desk fan; this is good

u/AbsoluteZeroes · 1 pointr/oculus

I bought a $23 desk fan from Amazon to help with the sweating issue when using the Rift. It works reasonably well...

It is only $13 USD from

I am using the thin velour padding upgrade for the Rift's face plate from I no longer get the red ring around my face, even after a couple hours of gaming.

u/MaapuSeeSore · 1 pointr/vaporents

You will be fine, if anything , get a small fan.

My personal fan I have been using for years .


u/_good_apollo · 1 pointr/microgrowery

NPK: AN Sensi A+B veg. Si: Dyna-gro. B52: AN. Ca+Mg: Botanicare. H+ : General Hydroponics

Yes, oscillator in the back and the /r/microgrow prescribed Honeywell at my feet pointing up. This one is great for the price so I'll need to get a couple more for bloom room.

thanks for looking!

u/R3bel · 1 pointr/microgrowery

The Background:

My tentative setup right now has a two gallon reservoir watering a three gallon Smart Pot. I have a 5-10 gal fish tank filter that I've also added an [activated carbon/ammonia neutralizing crystal] ( filter and leveled filter to. I let my water set at room temperature (cycling through the filter) for several days before giving it to the plant. The water is exposed to 388 watts (~84,000lm) of warm and cool white LEDs in a Carbon Dioxide rich environment with filtered airflow.

My city water report is as follows, with ideal levels, followed by current city water levels:

  • Haloacetic Acids (HAA5)(ppb): <60, 25.1
  • Bromate (ppb): <10, 1.8
  • Total Organic Carbon (% Removal): TT, 52.57
  • Barium (ppm): <2, 0.3
  • Flouride (ppm): <4, 0.7
  • Nitrate [measured as Nitrogen] (ppm): <10, 2.4
  • Sodium (ppm): MPL, 16
  • Thallium (ppb): <2, 0.8
  • Alpha emitters (pCi/L): <15, 4.7
  • Uranium (ug/L): <30, 1.4
  • Copper (ppm): <1.3, 0.257
  • Lead (ppb): <15, 0.003

    I presume the Haloacetic Acids are the chlorine they use in the water treatment.

    The Questions:

  • My hope is that the Chlorine will evaporate off over a few days, and that the filters I have will grab onto other problematic elements. Is this reasonable to assume?
  • Should I add anything to my water (pH balance, nutrients, things to help filter contaminants)?
  • How will temperature of water affect my plants? Should I try to cool or warm it before being added to the grow?
  • Does light have any effect on water (or microbial life in the water)? Is it just UV, or can wide spectrum or white lights also have an effect?

u/eleanor110781 · 1 pointr/overclocking

It's not powerful at all, it's a little $12 fan. The blown air is definitely cooler than the air in the case, the air is simply coming from the direction of the living room.

u/Michaelscot8 · 1 pointr/buildapc

Open up your computer case and install one of these badboys just outside of it, I just saved you $80.

(But in all seriousness just install some corsair Case fans for about $10 per fan, the AF 120 series is all you need. Here's the Link)

u/cmcg1227 · 1 pointr/breakingmom

My SO sleeps significantly better with a loud fan or white noise. When he travels he uses an app on his phone. I could take the fan or leave it. The fan just simply keeps me from waking up because it drowns out noise. I'm definitely not "addicted" to it or anything like that. My kid doesn't appear to be addicted to it either, but I have a small fan (specifically this one) in her room that travels with her. Its small enough that it travels easily, but loud enough that it works.

u/nickferr · 1 pointr/sleep

Not sure if these are loud enough for you, I wouldn't consider them "quiet" but they last for years even using them every night:

u/HighStrBlues · 1 pointr/microgrowery

This is the filter I was gonna buy for flowering. What do you think? I know its probably not the best but its affordable plus delivery to my country :) I hope it will be enough for a very small grow room for 1 or max 2 plants at a time. How does it work really? Do I just put it top of the room and leave it there so as to "circulate" and purify the air inside the grow room?

Do you think a similar fan to this would be enough or shall I buy 2 of them just in case? (I will buy a 250W HPS light so that would make up a bit of heat)

u/Poowatereater · 1 pointr/microgrowery

Im not a fan of those clip fans. I have one in my tent and next grow i'll have none. They don't move enough air imo.

this fan is better than almost all the clip fans

I have one of those now and a big boy version of it. Your tent could get away with this and the clip fan.

Most new growers are terrified to cut their plants. It can, most of the time, be beneficial. The plant has a natural response to any type of mutilation that causes it to heal and grow slightly stronger.

for topping, this guide may help. im too lazy atm to do a full write up on how/why/when i top. AVOID MAINLINING IF YOU CARE ABOUT SEED TO HARVEST TIME! that site promotes the shit of mainlining and its silly imo.

u/frolf_for_daze · 1 pointr/microgrowery

I just have this fan in the corner of the tent and run the light at night so it stays cool.

u/Ducman69 · 1 pointr/Vive

A much better investment would be any regular tower fan or vornado.

  1. It adds no weight or awkwardness to your headset.

  2. Its going to move waaaaaay more air, and cool not just your head but your whole body.

  3. It provides you situational awareness of where you are in the room since you'll be able to feel the direction of the breeze.

  4. The room fan will be generally useful, even outside VR.
u/JaylewAF11 · 1 pointr/roasting

So I use this large sieve...

And this fan...

I have a HG/BM setup and just dump the beans into the sieve then hold the sieve over the fan which I have pointing straight up from the ground. Gently swirling the beans around cools the beans to room temperature in less than a minute. I normally roast 1/2 lb at a time, but I've done up to a lb and the setup still works well. I pretty much have to use it on the back porch or the garage because any chaff that's still with beans will get blown out almost immediately.

You could definitely get away with a less expensive fan, but I found it on sale for $50 and I use around the house for other things when I'm not roasting so win-win.

u/sporobolus · 1 pointr/BuyItForLife

we had a Vornado 723B (no longer available) substantially similar in design, except all black and without the handle; the Vornado 783 looks like a taller version of 723B

our 723B lasted us about ten years of heavy use during summers, and simply stopped working late last fall — i will attempt to revive it this summer; the feet on 293 are a good idea — ours had just the bare loop of aluminum pipe, so we improvised with foam pipe insulation to reduce vibration on a hard floor; once that was fixed it was pretty quiet; i really like this design because it can be aimed precisely and it is a good use of materials

in comparison, it looks like the replacement model for 723B is the Vornado 660; Sweethome likes it but based on imagery, i think the base may be more prone to breakage and it doesn't look nearly as good (i prefer matte plastic finishes)

we also have a smaller Vornado, plus a small Vorrnado heater-fan, and both have survived 10+ years but with a lighter duty cycle

u/ggk1 · 1 pointr/CasualConversation

Holmes HBF2010A-WM 21-Inch by 4.5-Inch Box Fan, 3 Speed-Settings, Metal Frame, 20-Inch Blade, White

u/Capt_Kirk10 · 1 pointr/VirginiaTech

Yes totally bring it, you will more than likely buy Box Fans to help with air flow if your in a dorm without AC. Probably my biggest mistake was buying a expensive laptop when what I should've done was buy a decent small laptop and spend the main amount of money on an actual PC.

u/bdotx · 1 pointr/electronic_cigarette

Like everyone else says, you should abide by his rules. If you insist, this in the window should do the trick.

u/skwolf522 · 1 pointr/HomeImprovement

You can use a powerful fan to blow into your room after your shower. It will spread the moisture out and the ac will take care of it.

Like a air mover

STANLEY 655704 High Velocity Blower Fan - Features Pivoting Blower and Built-in Outlets

Point it up in the air toward the room.

A dehumidifier is going to heat the room up, then the ac will have to cool it back down.

u/spokesmanfornoone · 1 pointr/Zwift

Get a small blower type fan that is normally used by carpet cleaners. They move a lot of air in a concentrated path. You can set it up just far enough away to hit your entire upper body. I have this and it works well :

u/KingGojira · 1 pointr/ReefTank

this thing?

also, which other user? Just me, you, and the price bot here

u/BeachsideGreen · 1 pointr/microgrowery

Its only practical if you have the capability to get power out to them. After a search for this one amazon

I realized it may be easier just to use a leaf blower on them! Just start far back until you realize the strength. 😎

u/Mark_c_pugner · 1 pointr/woodworking

Probably not the best solution for your situation but I want to point out this awesome fan I got.

Stanley 655704 High Velocity Blower Fan, Yellow

I don't have my own shop I'm renting space in a furniture shop. I do CNC work so I mostly just sit around, drink beer, and watch YouTube while my CNC machine does all the work. Since the shop isn't air conditioned it gets pretty hot during the middle of the day here in Hawaii. The fan also has two outlets on the side, I normally just have my spare rechargeable AA battery's for my Bluetooth hearing protection charging off of it.


u/AzZubana · 1 pointr/Amd

I like to use these high power centrifugal fans from Amazon.

u/PocketMotherMonster · 1 pointr/Teacher

My School is a bit different. Because we're in Hawaii all of our classrooms are open air all year round. But it's already getting to be unbearable and will be unbearable in like August.

I'm not sure where they sell these other than hardware stores and amazon. But these fans are STRONG and amazingly quiet. I have two in my classroom, soon to be three for the next upcoming school year. If there's anyone else that has a better solution I would love that as well. Our buildings are so old we can't get an AC because it would short circuit the building.

u/murdurturtle · 1 pointr/OpenPV

i kind of feel terrible after a long soldering session so came up with this.

before I was using one of these..

You can do the same thing with this with an output side adapter similar to mine.

u/4xalot · 1 pointr/gpumining

I like the little shop style turbine fans like

Mind that you don't have fans fighting against each other so to speak, nor should you be over-revving them... just feed them air, dont help or hinder the fan on the GPU itself or you may risk damaging them.

u/thin_rolling_papers · 1 pointr/microgrowery

It's an AC infinity muffin fan, more bad ass than a computer fan

u/ticklemyelm0 · 1 pointr/SpaceBuckets

Probably not because then you will have stale old air sitting in your bucket when plants need fresh air in order to grow properly. I'd 100% recommend getting a cheap pc fan for intake man, at the very LEAST drill some holes lower down for passive air intake(and I don't mean small homes, 1/2" at the bare minimum, and a lot of them). What do you mean carbon filter? The fan I was talking about is this one:

It is very sturdy, simple, and moves a shit ton of air. There is no real use imo with adding a carbon filter on the intake unless you have really gross smelling air or something outside of your bucket. You COULD add a carbon filter to the exhaust if you wanted to help keep the weed smell down later in your grow, but that isn't until late veg/all of flower.

This is the exhaust fan I got, crazy powerful.

u/i_dont_translate · 1 pointr/SpaceBuckets

I found this. If I were to get two of them and divide the space into two separate chambers for flowering and vegging, would that be enough? Or would I also need an intake fan as well?

u/Inquisitive_Cretin · 1 pointr/DIY

8.7 sounds low, either way though 225 cfm sounds easy to get from a cheap fan and 225 is way higher than what the engine will put out. I think its a good plan. Maybe use a 120v square cooling fan. Not saying this is the one but:

This is what I'm talking about. I don't think heat would be too big an issue if the the cfm was high enough to pull extra cooling air. Maybe put the fan as far from the engine as possible and maybe use like stove pipe?

People won't be sleeping near this right?

u/callingyougoulet · 1 pointr/homelab

Thanks for the recommendation. Any reason why you didn't go with the 38mm that are recommended for server racks?

u/InfernalHero7 · 1 pointr/Gunpla

Will this fan be a good one to use for a DIY spray booth?

u/MetalHead_Literally · 1 pointr/SpaceBuckets

I am using this fan with a 4" carbon filter and it works great.

u/SantiagoSentMe · 1 pointr/SpaceBuckets

I put my intakes towards the top of the bucket and my exhaust fan in the lid. It mostly depends on what type of pot you're going to use. If it fills your bucket then you'll want to have them high enough so the air isn't blocked. If there's some space around it then you could go lower but be sure to leave a little space at the bottom if you plan to make a drainage tray. I planned my bucket with a 3 gallon smart pot in mind so i kept the intakes high enough to not be obstructed. There's a link to my first bucket in my profile as Ekropf was kind enough to put it on I haven't taken pics of my 2nd bucket yet, but it's similar. That site has lots of great pictures and info. If you do end up using an intake fan you'll want to mount it somewhere that doesn't blow directly on the top of your pot as it will dry out the top layer of the medium too quickly so the wet/dry cycle will be tough to maintain.
I can't stress the passive intake enough. I was very much of the opinion that I was going to have 1 intake and 1 exhaust fan but some very good people here pointed me in the right direction before I started building. You can see the thread and comments in my profile. (Hoping I can pass along the knowledge I gained. The people on this subreddit are awesome and helped me immensely.) I was very pleasantly surprised by the pvc elbows. They're only about 80 cents each and since I had already ordered 2 fans I made a 2nd bucket. Also, if odor control is important to you then you'll want to maintain negative pressure in your bucket. Intake fans can lead to positive pressure and air leak whereas passive will guarantee negative pressure. Just Google it if you haven't read about it yet.

Regarding the fans; here's what I bought. They're plug and play for a regular outlet.
I also got lamp dimmers for my fans and they work great. Here's a link but I found them for 7 bucks at a local home store similar to Lowes or Home Depot.

I'd recommend getting a temp/humidity weather monitor and try your bucket with 1 fan first. You can always install a 2nd if needed. It's important to check temp/humidity with your pot and medium in the bucket...I found its much different than an empty bucket. Something like this...

I found cheap bricks of coco at Petsmart. It's also used for bedding/substrate in reptile terrariums. Roughly 6 bucks for 8 quarts...add about 30% perlite or vermiculite and you can easily fill a 2-3 gallon pot.

Here's what I did for led side lighting and power supply. It's not an absolute must, but definitely helpful from what I've read.

If you have any more questions, feel free to pm me. I highly suggest looking through'll give you lots of different ideas and you'll be able to see how they work before building your bucket.

Hope this helps!

u/DaveMApplegate · 1 pointr/Sauna

I've tried re-arraigning my stones a few times to no success. It does effect the efficiency of heating -- but not the heat difference.

I've been thinking a bit of the fireplace fan and worry that it is going to be oddly placed and directed (might not accomplish it's goal), slightly dangerous since I'd have to take off the rock guard or might not even get hot enough to really get spinning

I've been researching more and thinking of getting something like this:

Maybe even something that is a little slower spinning but dead silent. It would be SUPER easy to wire a few of these into the sauna to get the air moving around a bit more. I feel like computer fans might do a good job since computer temps regularly get in the hundreds and I can locate the power supply outside of my sauna. Something like this:

I'll keep you updated.


u/disgustipated · 1 pointr/airbrush

You'll want something more like this.

u/Wheresbaldo09 · 1 pointr/Homebrewing

Sure thing here's the link this one isn't quiet but isn't noisy, don't notice it unless I try hard enough.

u/throwasdfaway123 · 1 pointr/microgrowery

I just finished my first pc grow, 19 grams after a week dry when it went into the jar, so with some LST you can easily make that 3.5 grams a month mark.

Yeah my case had a window too, I scuffed it a bit and painted the inside with black spray paint, and used that same reflective material. I painted the reflective material black as well before gluing it on. Paint didn't do that great on either piece but it turned out acceptable once they were glued together.

Fans, I used these and I mounted a power strip on the inside of the case, it runs those 2 fans 24/7 and a timer for my lights, which are CFLs plugged into a 2nd strip. They are really noisy, though no splicing needed and they move a lot of air. I'm in a humid environment and didn't want mold. I did use a less powerful PC fan spliced into a cell charger hung inside the case to blow on the plant when it was small to help strengthen the stem.

If that case is steel and not aluminum, you may look at using mylar instead of the windshield bubble wrap and mount stuff using magnets. I used the windshield stuff it's too thick, so I split it using a razor blade so it'd be thin enough that I could put magnets on the back of my power strips and stick them to the back panel. If it's aluminum you'll have to mount with zip ties of screws or something.

You're gonna want a light trap. I used this style I got some PVC/vinyl "outside corner molding" or "corner guard" from the local hardware store for mine and left it white instead of black. This was just on the front intake, the rear exhaust had a carbon filter taped over it.

For exhaust filter I used these the smoker ones have actual chunks of carbon in them, there's also lots of cheaper diy versions out there, but I found taping one of these over the exhaust to be easier. I used some regular black AC foam over the front behind the front face plate but in front of the intake fan.

Can't help with that light, may order one myself, just make sure when looking at LEDs that it's not too wide for the case. Also see where the plug comes into the back, you may loose a good bit of vertical room due to cord and mounting. I used CFLs that were plugged into a normal power strip that was stuck to the back wall with magnets and it worked well. I could raise and lower the lights easily, but could only get 3 23watt (100 equiv) bulbs in that one strip.

You'll also want a roll of reflective foil/hvac/duct tape to seal all the corners and whatnot.

That soil has a PH of 6.6 so it'll probably be great.

u/Dent7777 · 1 pointr/microgrowery


 |/u/Dent7777|Shady Angel Investor|Total|Strictly Necessary Costs
possible to replace or modify|32G Wheeled Trash Can|20||
fabric bags also work|Air-Pruning Pot|13.98||
 |Mylar Blankets|6.69||
NSN|Velcro tape|16.49||
 |Plant Ties|7.99||
 |Happy Frog Soil|11.95||
 |FoxFarm Trio|33.95||
 |Fem Blue Dream Seed|23.68||
 |2 Free Fem Seeds|0| | 
 |pH control & testing kit|18.5||
not strictly necessary (NSN)|Submersible pump|7.99||
NSN|2Liter bladder|12.99||
NSN|Clear Tubing|7.99||
NSN|tubing switch|7.95||
 |Humidity & Temp Sensor|12.82||
NSN|Rechargeable AAs|13.8||
 |Inline Fan|17.95||
 |Carbon filter|33.99||
 |Ducting hose|10.99||
 |ArcMyn Vent|14.99||
 |Axial Fan|11.99||
NSN|Fan Speed controller|17.99||
 |HGL 100w|149||
NSN|Smart Power Strip|32.99||
may keep for lights, might get rid of it.|Light Timer|12.99||

u/EliteMist · 1 pointr/3Dprinting

Do you think this fan would be enough if I am going to only have about a foot and a half of tubing? My printer is right next to the window. If not that one is not much more expensive and does have more than double the CFM rating.

u/entrpn · 1 pointr/microgrowery

If you are going full stealth, I think it will be hard to find a fan that doesn't make any noise (or barely makes noise).

I own 2 of those fans I sent you the link to and put them inside this tent and it keeps things cool enough. In the winter time I only need to run one of those in the exhaust fan.

Here is another option. These fans are AC powered so you just need to plug them into an outlet. They have lower decibel noise but also bring only half the CFM.

u/bskzoo · 1 pointr/Homebrewing

Another tip I'll add is don't use a muffin fan for circulating air. Something like this:

It generates a surprising amount of heat. I once unplugged my temp controller but left the fan going and it got the inside of my chest cooler up past 95F. Heck of a diacetyl rest.

I used one in my keezer for a while as well and my compresser kicked on and off far more than it does now with something like /u/Wadofmeat69 suggests.

u/basura_trash · 1 pointr/airbrush

I went ahead an replaced the fan after all. I bought a fan and a power adapter for it. I now have a working booth.

u/Beenjamin · 1 pointr/Homebrewing

I bought this fan and mounted to the back of the enclosure I built. Moves a lot of air and recirculates well.


u/77Yamachop · 1 pointr/Homebrewing
u/magicmushie · 1 pointr/SpaceBuckets

np. I did accidentally link one that uses USB, though they do sell an adapter. AC infinity does have fans that plug right into a wall, like this one that I thought I linked. Unfortunately, the ones that plug straight into a wall outlet don't have those variable speed switches.

Shameless plug: I posted my own space bucket two days ago, which uses AC infinity's USB 80mm fan. since you're not planning to use a filter, I would recommend their larger USB fans with their AC adapter: bigger fans means more CFM, and then you can tune the fan setting to be as quiet as possible while maintaining safe temperatures inside your container. I personally keep my own fan at its quietest setting, and I obviously wouldn't have been able to do this without the speed switch.

u/dtoaconverter · 1 pointr/bonnaroo

I second the vote for a Schumacher unit. I have an older one that continues to work great (someday it will need to have the battery replaced...) I've read that these units can be charged from a 12 volt car source but you have to disconnect it when it gets to "100%" to prevent damage from overcharging. In any event, you'll be able to charge everyone's phones (which take more power than you'd guess...)

Here's a 22 Ah power pack unit at Lowes for $113. Amp-hours (Ah) are the total power the battery can deliver - higher is better. These units will shut off before the internal lead-acid battery is drained so that you don't ruin it.

For a fan, I'd recommend one that runs on batteries. I have a couple of 10 inch fans and they'll run for days on batteries.

Large, plug-in, box fans take more power - about 1 amp on "low" and 2 amps on "high". With a 22 Ah battery you'd get 22 hours on low and 11 on high.

If you plan to charge a couple of 2.6 Ah phone batteries, you'll have to cut down the fan usage accordingly.

u/bunna4 · 1 pointr/awardtravel

You can always buy that one and try it out and if not powerful enough return it to amazon. I have one similar to one below, but it requires D batteries and doesn't have usb hookup.

u/ljmunoz · 1 pointr/Coachella

I ordered a bunch of stuff for this year. I went a little amazon crazy.

I stubbed my toe on a tent stake last year so I ordered these glow in the dark tent stakes.

I figured this blow up couch would be a cool addition to our campsite.

I got one of these battery powered fans for my tent.

I ordered a few of these batter powered led lights in different colors for decoration.

I ordered like 4 of these portable fans for our camping group to clip onto their camel packs for the daytime heat.

I ordered this portable battery pack to keep my phone charged.

I ordered a 300 pack of glowsticks 100 for each day.

I ordered these light shooter things. They are fun to play with in the camping grounds.

I ordered one of these anti chafe sticks for my fat legs. It's truly a life saver.

Also I ordered The Watterpuff for obvious reasons.

u/groregon · 1 pointr/microgrowery

Clip fan

Go to your local garden center and pick up some drip pans.

Also, you don't need to pay 50 dollars for FFOF. You can almost certainly find a soil that will work just as good for much much less. I pay 12.50 for a bag of ffof at my local hydro store....


u/aerogrower · 1 pointr/microgrowery

Alright, here is everything in my shopping cart. I think this should cover everything I need, basically everything but PH test liquid and up/down haha(already have those):

General Gear:

u/Mackelday · 1 pointr/3Dprinting

I have a clip on fan like this one that I use with my Creator Pro. I'd recommend lowering your temperature and lowering your speed.

u/sk8er4514 · 1 pointr/bikecommuting

I use a small fan to dry out my shoes after playing disc golf, same concept for wet shoes after biking. I just put it on top of the shoes and let it blow into the openings. Works really really well.

u/waful77 · 1 pointr/shrimptank

yeah its weird but if you just have a fan blowing over the surface of the water, it actually will help cool it down. mine would get up to 85 too but now it doesnt go past 78..... I bought this fan cause of the awesome clip it has but its pretty pricy.
I have it hooked up to the same timer as my light so that it would be off at night.
Also this method requires you to replace water at a much higher rate than you're used to

u/Tyler_Burr · 1 pointr/aquaponics

I was thinking of getting fans like these:
Lasko clip fan 6 inch or West point 4 inch
My growbed is 15 in by 18 in. What do you think?

u/VollcommNCS · 1 pointr/microgrowery

12th day after switching to 12/12.
It vegged for approx 60 days, and was showing signs of pre-flowering.

Edit: sorry I forgot to give info on the fans. I have two in this tent. They are Hurricanes ordered from Amazon.

u/0ctav · 1 pointr/vmware

Good answer though, free is free.

My lab had 5 of these sitting around when I started working here:

Super handy, I bring them around back behind the racks whenever I need to do some wiring to stay a little cooler. Also nabbed one for my desk. They were a life-saver when we lost AC for 6 hours one day... recommend if you're looking for a fan or two to replace the USB ones.

u/nbdsv96 · 1 pointr/pelotoncycle

I bought this and clipped it to handle bars. Puts out a lot of air surprisingly. Hurricane 736520 Fan, Classic Clip 6 Inch

u/Incognito_Joe · 1 pointr/golf

This what I got and was surprised by I how small it was. Funny thing is I’ve used twice on a cart. The clip it is a nice feature cause I can attach it to the handle of the cart and have right at my head. It gets the job done

SkyGenius Battery Operated Clip on Mini Desk Fan, Black

u/enormoustrousers · 1 pointr/uuni

I picked up a cheap clip-on fan from Amazon (similar to this) that has proven indispensable for maintaining pellet-fueled fires.

u/crodensis · 1 pointr/Bowling

Get yourself a nice fan with a rechargeable battery. I got this one and it works great

u/demmammaries · 1 pointr/beyondthebump

I’m pretty much you! My 4 month old also runs hot in general and absolutely cooks in the Mesa car seat. My A/C on max doesn’t seem to cool her all that well so I bought this clip on fan ( ) to use while in the car and while she’s in her stroller. Works great! I also added a stroller toy arch for a little distraction. I also keep her in her car seat instead of the rumbler for smaller errands like Target runs so that she positively associates car seat with getting out of the house and looking at new people and things. It’s gotten better little by little. I suspect she doesn’t like the Mesa car seat too much. She protested less when I rolled up a blanket and put it under her butt. It made the seat a little less deep so she wasn’t contorted/folded in half as much. Good luck!

u/J662b486h · 1 pointr/Cooking

THIS WORKS. I bought a mini desk fan ( this one ) and simply put it beside the cutting board, pointing it away from me to blow the fumes away as I chop. I used to have an absolutely terrible time cutting onions, in fact I would often have to walk away for a while and then return to finish the job, but not anymore.

u/unsubtlety · 1 pointr/beyondthebump

Everyone else has given a ton of good advice, only thing I wanted to add is we bought a small rechargeable fan and use that to make sure his butt is nice and dry before putting on any cream. He is SUPER prone to diaper rash and it has helped a lot.

Mini Handheld Fan, VersionTECH....

If you don’t want to DIY simple wipes, the ones I’ve found with the absolute shortest ingredients list are the wipes from Dyper (they’re mainly a subscription diaper service) - bamboo, water, and aloe, nothing else.

u/kuyacyph · 1 pointr/rapbattles

Only time I got VIP was at Vendetta, and you got access to bleacher seats. Compared to general access who had to stand the whole event, fucking worth it. Went to another event, the one with the Oxxymiron battle, and VIP just got closer standing room to the stage, so not worth it that time.

All I can say is bring cash for merch or the bar, wear comfy shoes since you'll be standing, a charge battery for your phone, and if you got one of those handheld electric fans, might wanna bring one because the body heat of the crowd turns the place into an oven later

u/PastramiSwissRye · 0 pointsr/videography

Many years ago, I had that issue with a T2i. The screen backlight is part of your problem. On newer cameras you can flip out the screen, but for you turning down the brightness may help. I used an articulating clamp fan a few times as well, kinda like this just to keep air moving over the camera body.

Once we switched to cameras with articulating screens, the problem went away entirely.

u/carmen0042 · 0 pointsr/femalefashionadvice

Not sure if you're up for an electric one, I LOVE this, rechargeable, portable, and last more than 2 hours.